Carpet’s merchants diplomacy : threats, sanctions, corruption. A unipolarised world is an absurdity.



 Threats of sanctions against Russia following Ukraine Coup. A darkness philosophy and retrograde diplomacy. Tic for tac, Russia is firing back, holding European and American assets. The Zimbabwe model. 

The World needs multipolarisation like fresh wind. One NATO/America/EU’s way is the road for Hell. Arrogance, lies and mischiefs are their poor vehicles destine to cheat on the law and to mislead people.

International law is not an adjustment depending whether you are on the West post-imperialism side and focus on fooling the people of the World  as always, or not.

 Eventhough the World is a representation coming out of a Will (Schopenhauer), facts are real and dismissed what we have heard yesterday from president Obama and Secretary Kerry who are always wrong, when it comes to repair the evil consequences of their petty businesses consisting on destabilizing foreign nations abroad, in total impunity.

 Obama has been elected to change this Wrong Standard, but he is absolutely incapable of ; part of the explanation resides on his incompetent administration ; mainly the void advisors and the cabinet ill-inspired to the point of following Mc Cain criminal arrogance and doublespeak. Queing like sheeps, Samatha Power, today and Rice, yesterday.

 America is already dismissed in Ukraine and Syria and… in Israel/Palestinian conflict. Everything is not about money as the dollarization of America has landed helplessly and pitifully in dishonor.

 As a consequence of all those downfalls, people of the World need to be told the truth to avoid them succumbing to the scammers. People of Kiev and whoever may feel concerned, this is a letter for you.

 To Citizens of Kiev and Ukraine

Yesterday, president  Obama and Secretary Kerry came to pave the way of corruption of your “self-proclaimed unfunded and groundless authorities” with the principal tool America is leading the World with, dollars. To credit their walk, they have diffused this :

>>Kerry: U.S. ‘will stand by the Ukrainian people’.

We have heard this during the Arab Spring to speed up the falling of Strong laic Regional leaders who were rendering Israeli so-called threat about its security by Mad Muslims integrists and terrorists void.

President Karzaï   just dealt a final blow to this false narrative. He said “al Qaeda was a myth”, a pretense to invade Afghanistan who found itself in the midst of a war he got nothing to do with.

President Barack Obama said there is a « strong belief » that Russia’s actions in Ukraine violate international law.  He added, « President Putin seems to have a different set of lawyers making a different set of interpretations, but I don’t think that’s fooling anybody, » Obama said.

Echoing that assertion, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, speaking in Kiev, advocated Russia had made up reasons to intervene in Ukraine, saying « not a single piece of credible evidence supports any one of these (Russian) claims. » He added that « Russia has been working hard to create a pretext to invade further » in Ukraine.

Facts speak for themselves, no use to build interpretrations.

If any, Russian federation Ambassador Churkin expressed it out and had destroyed the kind of unprovable arguments president Obama and Secr. Kerry are trying to sell – as usual. That president Obama can go on like this is unspeakable, unless you add the “Neger factor” to clear the frog overthere.

Question. Homeless, food stamps, minimum wage unable to lift people from poverty, instead they maintain them in and the Congress refusing to pay unemployment benefits to American people, on one side. Where the States had found money to fund Ukrainian’s stooges they brought illegally into power ?

Now, concerning the EU, initially, a leak from a London officer with knowledge of the draft showed that the EU was preparing a nearly 900 hundred million of euros, the equivalent of 1 billion in dollars to hand to Ukraine.

Today the EU is announcing 15 billion euros. Coming from a vaudoo economy, nothing new. Fabrication of false money and speculation are in the air. Where does the money come from knowing that we are talking about astronomic indebted states, crunching under deficits and crippled by madness unemployment with youth struggling hard to survive in the Jungle.

Meanwhile Ukraine is a priority. Russia could have taken the funding of Ukraine up and easily.

European Union to Offer $15 Billion in Aid to Ukraine

A top European Union official said Wednesday that the group is prepared to offer an aid package to Ukraine worth as much as $15 billion over the next two years.

Jose Manuel Barroso, president of the union’s executive arm, said Wednesday it will include 1.6 billion euros ($2.2 billion) in loans and 1.4 billion euros ($1.9 billion) in grants from the E.U. as well as 3 billion euros ($4.1 billion) in fresh credit from the European Investment Bank.

The aide will buttress the $1 billion in loan guarantees that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry pledged to Ukraine while visiting Kiev on Tuesday. The economic lifeline is expected to help Ukraine’s embattled interim government amid spiraling debts and the threat of rising Russian gas prices. The funds will also help cushion the blow as the International Monetary Fund is expected to demand tough austerity measures as a condition of its own expected aide package.


Look Kiev, now you resemble the princess to marry and the prince charmant coming from abroad like Father Christmas is ready to pay any cost to get you. This is where we actually stand. When He had got you, it will not take too much time to find yourself abandoned inside a harem with the previous conquests and spouses. There, you will be ranged on the second class citizenry shelve before becoming a slave or a police informer unwillingly.

In le Figaro,  a young Russian woman has been obliged to spy on a manifestation called by French people opposing gay marriage. You will never guess who ordered this… The French police. She was instructed to do this, if she wanted to be granted legal papers to reside in France. Prostitution and denunciation. Her spying mission was her Tymoshenko to exchange to obtain residential papers in France. If you don’t feel sickness, you are a robot. The Police of police  has launched an inquiry. As usual, there would be little outcome or sanctions.

This Russian young woman could’nt resist. Would you resist those situations ? What would be your Tymoshenko stuff to find your way out easily in the costly city of the World – Singapore is not yet there. I warned you, be prepare to sell an eye or a kidney, perhaps an arm or a leg or enter all sort of organs selling business for rich Old Westerners. Actually, the business is managed by a Jewish doctor who takes on the surgeries in clandestinity – cutting here to transplant there – and just manages a butchery on a World scale – Arte – French/Germany TV has aired a chilling documentary on this criminality Obama and America have turned a blind eye to. So did they concerning the pleas the World is encountering.

If you need some more proofs. Look the nightmare created in Nigeria by Boko Haram going mad. Look at the interminable cycle of corruption :

>>>In Nigeria, the Governor of the central bank is asking the president and the state to bring the money of oil in the bank. 10 to 50 billion are missing. Nobody can explain where has the money evaporated – not even the Financial Minister – and if Nigerian people is still leaving under the threshold of poverty despite the insolent wealth of the Oil producer nation, it is entirely the responsibility of their corrupt leaders. The Governor is under threat by the government. During a TV CNN ? reportage, he said he did not care. In Nigeria, people like him are normally afraid to talk or react. Because, if you do speak up, you are fired, members of your family are threaten, you can be jailed or even killed. Where is Obama ?

Times ahead, America will rule them “responsible but not guilty”, the Zimmerman verdict. The French Republic Court also.

Fela has told Germany people, during a concert in Berlin, the story of Kwansa Kwansa. He said to them that any critic of Nigerian politicians and policies could cost you a lot. After many intimidations, his house was burnt down. His friends rushed to the phone to hear about him “eh Felah, are you well” ? He kept on answering “yes” and smiling. Those friends told him to stop criticizing the government, “they will kill you, next time, this is probably their last warning”.  Listen what he has to answer “kwansa kwansa”. Kwansa Kwansa, you are reading well. No mistake. What is kwansa kwansa ?

Kwansa kwansa means « they have not heard yet, they will hear more and more and more until they can no longer hear », Fela explained to Germany people attending his show.  I like that kwansa kwansa melody. Really.

Hear more and more and more until they can no longer hear, where is the money of oil Mr President of Nigeria? Nigerians are waiting.

Under the shelter of religion, Boko Haram is just a consequence of that oil nation public spoliation going unpunished since the independence. Guess where the money is hidden : in Swiss, in Europe or in America and perhaps in Asia. In the end, African money taken away from Africans’ welfare and healthcare could well be the money the EU and the US are actually lending to Ukraine. It is breathless. And they have the audacity or the stupidity to freeze others assets.

This is a prayer to Boko Haram, please stop killing African non muslims people. Please stop killing innocent young boys and girls in their dormitories. Those are kids the same age of your kids and other members of your family. Stop the dissemination of the Neger Factor with Negers going extremists more than the Arabs themselves, the original Muslims distancing themselves from  that criminal path format Boko Haram has dangerously taken and is sticking into.

If you have legitimate claims about the sharing of  wealth in Nigeria with the population like Gaddafi initiated it before being assassinated, then we are here to help you in this fight. But, please stop murdering innocents and the weak people. It is too easy to kill defenseless people. This is not an ultimatum, but a prayer. May I say a supplication. Please. Please. Please.

Fight the official army, not people who carry no responsibility and had no voice in your suffers. Where is Obama ? Lost in Ukraine. Where is the emergency between that Boko Haram terrorism and Ukraine coup ? How is it black people can die in mass and nobody cares ? Not even Obama, the Master of the World ? or the Israeli Puppet pretending ? Israeli racism being an apartheid, black people have got no chance either in Israel or elsewhere and count for nothing, like Palestinians.

Again President Karzaï has summed the scheme up for us to comprehend. As a first hand witness and negotiator, his opinion worth gold. Here is the “scam smatched” – title from CNN about the Wolf of Wall Street. I have a message for Di Caprio. Next time you are interviewed in France in the midst of a hot debate concerning French gov,  abstain to rush to take the wrong side. Remember how you use the word “litterature”.  You remember. The day you came in France to promote that Wolf of Wall Street, I was looking at France  2 happy to see you. But you messed up in the end. “The rest is litterature”, you said, showing similar contempt the ghost French gov spokeswoman is used to.  Asked at the time if a reshuffle of the gov was in the air, she said “this is just litterature” in response of my request to do so. Previously, I insisted this was not about litterature but an emergency. And the ghost spokeswoman rebounced on it as a parrot. That day, you smatched yourself out.  Nevertheless, I was a fan and still am.

For your information, French gov is characterized the worst incompetent in French history… by the people…polls after polls. The same gov is sectarian and too big to work out.

Back to Karzaï describing the scheme at work in the international diplomacy :

First, America and its allies will create a mess in a nation. To do so, they will hire stooges inside a sovereign nation ; usually persons of little interest knowing that they would never be president or member of a government without being traitors of their nations. Historical strengths of hate are encouraged to go on with the fight on the ground while, on the international corrupt stage, they will speak as and for “the international community” they are in no way, along with their submitted medias, they will give an extraordinary echo to your fight for democracy and liberty inside your country where you were previously hired and ordered to topple a democratically elected leader your job is to turn into a tyrant. Tymoshenko’s model.

The media are there to multiply their echo until you could hear no more. This is Brainwashing operating in full scale. Meanwhile they and their associated medias belonging to their friends corporations would forget to tell that it is the West the disturbing factor.

Second, those coaxial forces will come and present themselves like mediators or healers of all kind, including NATO’s weapon. General de Gaulle, a high French historic political profile hated the NATO’s project. He was a visionary and, until the Jewish obedience president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, came into power, France was out of NATO commandment and opposing the methods of the cruel imperialistic body. We should recognize that the socialists made the first move of rapprochement.

Third. America and its allies don’t care about the people, nor their own,  but about the business of the upper 1% wealthy leading those nations along with their bankers associates. Qatar, Saudi Arabia are the latest stooges in the process. They are the ones who funded the Arab Spring, the Negers of War in Lybia and behind the Arab spring.

For American corporates, people are cattle. If you resist them, they will starve you, hunt you until death, stand across your path wherever you go, destroy every business you will start up or block it. Eventually, like in Africa or through Israel secret intelligence, they burn your house – the case of fela in Nigeria or kill you : suspicion of this surrounds the death of a critical writer in Cameroon recently : his name, Ateba Eyene, a journalist also who wrote a book about the toxicity of “sects inside Cameroon”. Homosexuality being one of them. He was strongly opposing gay marriage and denouncing incompetence and money stolen from the nation.

Corruption again

>>> France is mired with too many scandals; the funding of political partis has surpassed anything imaginable : from double accountability (classic business) to crony capitalism, the red line was crossed with the scheme co-starred by Sarkozy and Obama in Lybia no-fly-zone : another patent lie. If the cost of living is so dissuasive in France, it is because of the general corruption through the institutional building. Universe of opacity.

>>> In UK, the latest revelations of Rebecca Brooks confessing News Of the World did pay some British officers in the past are awful.

More,   Today, Mehdi’s Morning is revealing this terrible news.

–         Mehdi’s Morning Memo: Cameron’s Cover-Up? Here are the five things you need to know on Wednesday 5 March 2014…

The Daily Mail, which yesterday broke the story of Downing Street aide Patrick Rock’s arrest and subsequent resignation last month, today suggests there may have been a government ‘cover-up’. From the Mail’s splash:

« Downing Street was last night facing allegations of a cover-up over the child porn arrest of one of David Cameron’s oldest friends. Patrick Rock, 62, deputy director of the No 10 policy unit, resigned and was arrested almost three weeks ago. But Downing Street said nothing, only choosing to confirm his arrest and departure after being questioned on Monday by the Daily Mail… Yesterday, Labour insisted it was extraordinary that a senior figure could resign in such circumstances without any public announcement. No 10 faced also awkward questions about why Mr Rock was confronted with the child pornography allegations and allowed to quietly resign hours before the police were called in. Incredibly, outside Mr Cameron’s close circle, only Home Secretary Theresa May was informed of Mr Rock’s resignation. »

The paper quotes David Cameron as saying: « First of all, I have to be careful what I say about this issue because there is a criminal investigation underway. Obviously when I heard these allegations I was profoundly shocked and I remain profoundly shocked. In terms of the release of this information, I do not think it would be right to pre-emptively speak about a criminal investigation and that is why we did not do that. »

The Mirror’s editorial, however, asks: « Of course Patrick Rock remains an innocent man unless a court of law decides otherwise. But why was he allowed to leave Downing Street so quietly by the back door? Please explain, Prime Minister. »

At this stage of my letter to Kiev, place Maïdan, it is worthy telling you this : for a while, we as citizens, have abdicated our duties, letting a cooperative of medias and politicians in command to rule the World, while we were enjoying easy life of welfare state, following Keynes IMF settlements.

Overtime, the medias and politicians have built a private club to decide alone and for their solely profit the orientation of the world. Progressively, they start ruling beyond the law, then out of law and ignoring superbly the people’s voice and choice. Now, to cheat an election, medias and pollsters are the new tools to use upstream. They just have to chant how big and smart a runner is, backed  with false polls to build up a president. Any insignificant man can access the function, without even fighting : instructed and partisan medias would do the job for him. The mutton people believing lazily the TV and other comments in the press, share the responsibility for this. Having succumbed under entertainment and voyeurism, they are easy to persuade. The welfare state seems to have erased brains and courage, on one hand, while increasing clandestine persuasion and pression of all sorts, on the other hand.

 In a sense, you have been manipulated by the members of the Opposition and Tymoshenko, albeit respectable as a person, is a western mediatic fabrication. So was the 2004 orange revolution you thought you were controlling. It was also a western-backed construction before time.

How ? Read this : Ukraine: Israeli Special Forces Unit under Neo-Nazi Command Involved in Maidan Riots.

So, where do we go from here ?

Read Part 2 here.

Good News coming the day after : Crimea Parliament is announcing a referendum on March, 16 to decide whether or not to join the Russian Federation.