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The New Age of Humanity. A post-Citizens United world.

Sisters and Brothers – There are two ways to run a campaign in a post-Citizens United world.

The first is one that many politicians know well: courting millionaires and billionaires for very big checks, constantly holding big fundraising events, and ending up beholden to your donors. This method now also means being OK with super PACs.

The other way is quite different, and honestly, much more difficult. But it’s the path we chose, and we believe it’s the right path.

No super PACs. No billionaire class waiting to step in and save us. What we have is millions of people willing to stand together and say ENOUGH is ENOUGH. Our movement has made more than 4 million individual contributions to this effort, at an average of about $27 apiece.

Tomorrow night’s FEC fundraising deadline might be the biggest yet of our campaign. If you can, we need you to stand with Bernie.

You are a part of something that is unprecedented. We’re so glad to have you at our side.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016

Bernie Sanders for President


I’m Elise, the subliminal target of Trump’s prankers. For them to see me laughing and living is an insult to their ill being. Those are destroyers, not builders. And don’t forget, an election is not a blank-check given to the leaders. Your watch should and must stay in alert now and after. So, in any cases, we are going to win the transformation of politics in America. It is not a question but a certitude. Be positive. I can not count the number of unavowed  personal attacks in Yahoo’s selection of french bin outlets – teleguided from America’s Citizens United campaigners, of my labtop and the CD I’m listening since yesterday and right now with this post. Those people are insane. They can’t live without following you as vampires.  To perform their underground businesses, the entire humanity can be destroyed. And even then, they will not find peace of heart and joy. Needly to say Freedom. Be Happy : we’ve already WON THE SHOOTING. A chance, actually, I’m no longer in Cameroon where each post the hidden people would not like will be met by energy shortage for days, in my street. And they have the nerve to cite Mussolini, just as if they were different. Lol. Debate and campaigning is not threatening. It is an open exchange of ideas. Free.

Tuesday is a moment of truth. There are two options. It is either you take back our democracy into your hands or let it lying under the other foot.

Whatever your choice will be, what is for sure is America will no longer be the same, after this Political Revolution SPOTLIGHTS. View the Oscars Prize, as a premonition.

Don’t buy the hidden threats of crimes behind the trap into which Trump has fallen, due to his undeniable enthusiasm, I praise here. It tells a lot about the initiators ill-intentions, the incarnation of the past humanity. Low basic and criminal instincts. Criminals never change. They may change their methods – as those are alliens – but in the end, you can spot them through encrypted messages of death threats. This is the meaning lying into the Mussolini quote.

Guess who is the target ? I’m Elise. Remember. Their hope is to see me dying within a year as I’m a Lion – Cecil you remember. I wrote yesterday that they were sheeps and they try to do some morbid research and here it is. They have discovered Hitler and Mussolini were sheeps  hunters. What a discovery !! It is like discovering hot water exists. Being a writer is not on auction. You are a writer or you are not. You are a thinker or a researcher or you are not. You can not buy  it through corruption or book editors new perversion of litterature – ass litterature I call it or dollar edition – good for the prankers.

Those cowards and mean spirit is what should be erased from the surface of the Earth : a spirit conveying death and only that. Death, poverty and mediocrity. Remember, a criminal always hide itself behind all  sorts of macabre scenarios. And you wonder why the World is in a so bad shape and mired into such a huge burden.

Mediocres have hijacked leadership.

Laughs and criminal jokes are just a cover up for hiden threats, robberies and lies.

If you can Turn the clock and this ugly page of misery, you’ll help the entire Humanity to get its head out of dirty waters.

This is your mission : A post-citizens united world.



⇔ Big News. Congresswoman quits Democratic National Committee, endorses Bernie Sanders. The outcome of S.C’s big cheatings. Shamefull for Democrats. From the very beginning this was a rigged game organised by the DNC. After the election, we  are going to learn that some bold candidates were discouraged to compete. That is why vampires are searching personal lives and hunting people of interest in order to find something  useful to blackmail, threaten and at the end of the day discourage men and women to compete, under threats of denounciation. It looks like Inquisitorial or  Occupation times. Those are our prankers mocking Mussolini. Lol.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democratic National Committee Vice Chair Tulsi Gabbard resigned from her post on Sunday to endorse Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, following months of rising tensions within the group.

« I think it’s most important for us, as we look at our choices as to who our next commander in chief will be, is to recognize the necessity to have a commander in chief who has foresight, who exercises good judgment, » Gabbard, a U.S. representative for Hawaii, said on NBC’s « Meet the Press. » (Reuters)

« Congresswoman Gabbard is a role model who embodies the American ideal that anyone can dream big and make a difference, » Wasserman said in the statement. Comment here. See the difference in thinking with the Trump’s prankers. Dreaming big to make a difference is positive in Congresswoman Gabbard view, whereas for the prankers, it is a Lion attitude  which can shorten your life to one year.

Lol. Toxicity. Get it right. Brothers  and sisters. Manipulators are out there to bring confusion into your minds. Confusion brings abstention. And this is how they are going to win, demobilizing you by introducing doubt and confusion into your spirit. Science.

Remember Evils dress in Prada. Always, to hide their truly nature.

OSCARS. Di Caprio in the spotlights. At last. Perfect choice which can reconcile me with Hollywood Judgement.

For a global picture, read our previous posts.


We STRONGLY recommend the FOLLOWING  to you

The red lines.

Ambushing The Donald – OpEd

Lesson number one. When you can’t win, ambush and organise a scheme to cheat or rob the election. Past World. 

Plus. ENCRYPTION FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOMS IS OUR CONSTITUTIONAL AND HUMAN RIGHTS. We should support Apple’s refusal to bow to the FBI’s dangerous demands, and we should join forces to defend of our precious liberties without compromise. If the people lead, the leaders will follow.

Ron Paul: First They Came For the iPhones – OpEd

« Every year, the Department of State spends more than $ 1 billion for “public diplomacy” that’s a euphemism for outward propaganda. It’s aimed at journalists and civil society agencies, including some US human rights agencies so that they serve as conduits for the cause of the State Department ». J. Assange, actually jailed in U.K.

The WikiLeaks Files: The World According To US Empire – Review

Question over Transparency. « Hillary Clinton is not “levelling with the American people,” when she keeps the transcripts (which she requested at the time) of her secret speeches (at $5,000 a minute!) before large Wall Street and trade association conventions. Her speaking contracts mandated secrecy. Clinton still hasn’t told voters what she was telling big bankers and many other industries from automotive to drugs to real estate developers behind closed doors ». Ralph Nader.

Ralph Nader: Hillary Clinton Sugarcoating Her Disastrous Record – OpEd

Foreign Affairs. But it is in the area of foreign and military affairs that “Hillary the hawk” is most vulnerable. As Secretary of State her aggressiveness and poor judgement led her to the White House where, sweeping aside the strong objections of Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, she persuaded President Obama to bomb Libya and topple its dictatorial regime.

Gates had warned about the aftermath. He was right. Libya has descended into a ghastly state of chaotic violence that has spilled into neighboring African nations, such as Mali, and that opened the way for ISIS to establish an expanding base in central Libya. Her fellow hawks in Washington are now calling for U.S. special forces to go to Libya.

Ask for accountability.

The transformation of Hillary Clinton from a progressive young lawyer to a committed corporatist and militarist brings shame on the recent endorsement of her candidacy by the Congressional Black Caucus PAC.

Ignorance and Adult  infantilism are worse than sickness. Lack of political tracability and historical conscience are big handicaps. Political disabilities and readings of the Sublime Congressional Black Caucus PAC is digging the tomb for Black children, men and women alike and for the Youths in general, blacks or whites. In fact this hellish endorsement is an attempt to capture the future of America in hostage. We are looking for a society of adultity to bring young people up and high.

For a global picture, read our previous posts.

« Considering the importance of the cables, Hillary Clinton’s email traffic as Secretary of State via her private server should be considered a crime and is going to be investigated by the FBI ».



Cornel West Says Black Leaders Who Endorse Clinton Instead of Sanders Are Misguided. 

I wasn’t expecting less from Mr.  West. Dankeschön.

« After Hillary Clinton won the vast majority of the black vote in Saturday’s South Carolina primary, academic and social activist Cornel West said that black leaders endorsing her instead of her competitor, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, were wrong to do so ».

Oh my God. At last. Read the echo in my previous post about loss of moral and intellectual compass due to extreme corruption in politics.

Should I beg humility for pleading for exactitude – loud and clear – to deserve the medal of honor ? Thank you so much Mr. West for your honesty. John Lewis ? I approve this message a 100%. You just need eyes to cry for Mr. Lewis transformation to the worst.

« There’s no doubt that the great John Lewis of 50 years ago is different than the John Lewis today, » West noted. « He’s my brother. I love him, I respect his personhood, but there’s no doubt he’s gone from a high moment of Martin Luther King-like struggle to now [a] neoliberal politician in a system that is characterized more and more by legalized bribery and normalized by corruption. »

« That’s what big money does to politics, » he added. « And the Clinton machine is an example of that. »

I dreamt to hear this for such a long time that I really feel good. Wow. What a wonderful world ! Love you Mr. West.

Love you Julien A. Love you Ralph N. Love you guys and Eurasianews digest staff. Love you Everybody. Wherever. Whoever. Including Mr. John Lewis, former Martin Luther King friend.


After Trump’s bumpy Virginia rally, sometimes shaky, but inoffensively juvenile, It is worth noticing that « black lives matter » is the confirmation of « all lives matter », not its opposite.

Take care of populism and propaganda in politics and of poor simplistic reporting or interpretations. Those are easy and lazy talks.

All the more so, security agents are now aware the beasts and the jungle were not who and where they initially (due to culture manipulation) thought they were. Just turn your eyes the other way and see behind the angelical masks.

DSC_0354Now, Rubio, the former senator is telling « Trump is not going to make America great again, but orange ». I really love orange as a color and as a fruit.

Let’s talk about symbolism. Consider this short folder.

When you look at the sky, you easily spot three dominant colors : blue, orange and the mix of them, grey. You just need eyes for the experience. Not the State’s department email underground experience, but a wide opened one. The State Dept is going to release some of those emails that have survived the erasement in the darkness. Remember « Men in Black » blinding laser flash function. Right.

Question. Which color is the Sun ? In fact, it is a spectrum going from yellow to orange and vice versa.

As a fruit, Orange is juicy and bright. Something difficult to hide. That’s why prisoners are dressed in orange to be easily spotted. This is a remarkable identity.

With this jailing exception, orange is Joy and peps. It brings you energy and vitality, for its Natural Vit C.

Orange is one of the colors of Greatness. Kind of passport to the Sky. Science.

Vote Bernie !!! GO. Do you know the song « Blue Sky » from the Cool Crooners of  Bulawayo ? Here it is. It sound like « King Lion » at the beginning (hot  like Orange color) ; thereafter it starts flowing soft in choir like the Blue color.

Orange is a hot color. It brings heat.

Blue is a cool color. It brings calm and peace.

In practical, we need the two colors in our lives. Life is Orange and Blue in fact.

Blue Sky. Enjoy and try to find a better sounding version or buy the DVD. Sometimes, it sounds like Louis Armstrong with the bum bum bum…

Hello, Sir Muhammad Ali, the Greatest of all times !


France, l’autre cité Israélite. Il faut désenjuiver la France et le Monde afin de libérer l’humanité.

Désenjuiver = désioniser. Le monde est pris dans une toile diabolique, conçue pendant que les mêmes concepteurs pleuraient devant vous, à genoux devant le spectacle du mur des lamentations et faisaient semblant de faire pitié, de jour. La nuit, ils étaient occupés à construire le plus grand vaste de domination que le monde a jamais connu, alors que vous dormiez de votre sommeil du Juste. Pendant que vous cherchiez désespérément un crédit bancaire pour vous lancer dans le business et que toutes les banques juives de la place vous disaient systématiquement que votre projet n’était pas viable, que vous n’aviez pas de garant ni de garantie, que ci, que ça pour justifier le refus, ils finançaient les membres de leur « communauté Juive » sans compter. L’Etat Français, remarquez ce sont les mêmes, appelle cela l’Egalité Républicaine et assène à l’envi que « le communautarisme est uniquement et strictement l’affaire des immigrés englués dans leur banlieues ethnicisées » et vous vous croyez à toutes ces fables de la « Belle au Bois Dormant » . La Bible dit « il faut veiller ». Voir la liste du réseau mondial tissé méthodiquement depuis qui n’est pas le fait du hasard, ni même celui de la nécessité historique.

L’économie planétaire et l’humanité sont prises en otages. Eux ils le savent. Vous, vous ne saviez pas à quel point, si jamais vous l’avez su. Et dire que les dirigeants politiques nous font croire qu’ils tiennent le gouvernail.

La question est Qui a laissé faire ceci ? Quels responsables politiques ont collaboré à ce vampirisme mondial ?  Qui a aidé à la construction de la pieuvre géante ? Qui a tué Kennedy ?  Tout cela a commencé au lendemain de la seconde guerre mondiale, il y a 70 ans. Presque un siècle. Il est plus que temps de réagir. Les Alliens étaient et sont avec et parmi Nous depuis tout ce temps et Hollywood faisait semblant de regarder le Ciel. Vers un E.T. habitant déjà sur terre.

El Watan, France : Charlie Hebdo, de l’opération médiatique au coup commercial.

Ainsi donc, après le zèle juridique motivé par un racisme juridique qui ne se cache même plus – Dieudonné en Justice pour « apologie du terrorisme » – pendant qu’on y est disons carrément que c’est lui qui a commandité les crimes de Charlie Hebdo, la condamnation ira plus vite – on a passé sous silence, le mauvais goût et l’imbécilité de Charlie Hebdo, ne trouvant rien d’autre pour son journal marketing post-mortem que de revenir sur le prophète Mohamed. Les Juifs dans toute leur mesquinerie qui ne trompe que les gueux. Leur spécialité est de transformer tout ce qui tombe dans leur escarcelle en fric de merde. Ils n’ont aucune compassion, aucun respect ni pour les autres qui ne leur sont pas semblables, ni pour les propriétés et symboles des autres civilisations et individus. Où sont les dénonciateurs pour rappeler à ces dessinateurs de rue, avec une imagination de mouche frétillante, souvenez-vous du film « la Mouche », où sont-ils ? Trop occupés à déformer la réalité et à dire aux Arabes ce qu’ils doivent faire de leur religion.

Les arabes disent-ils aux Chrétiens comment faire avec leur religion ? Non, en général. A l’exception de ceux qui tuent les chrétiens ou veulent leur imposer une République Islamique. Marginaux au demeurant. Et puis, une provocation facile entraînant une autre, on a le climat de détestation religieux que nous avons.

Les dessinateurs de Charlie hebdo sont minus et trop nuls pour s’attaquer aux vrais sujets de société. Caricaturer l’Islam c’est trop facile et surtout totalement inutile. Cela ne fait rien avancer. Or, l’humoriste ou le caricaturiste avait un rôle de transformation sociale que Charlie Hebdo, contrairement au Canard Enchaîné, n’a plus.

Si la France est en panne ce n’est pas la faute aux musulmans.

Si la guerre existe partout dans le monde, ce n’est nullement la faute des musulmans uniquement qui réagissent plus qu’ils n’agissent  : l’Occident partage la responsabilité de la barbarie au monde. Il en est même le principal responsable. Donc, les occidentaux sont très mal placés pour donner des leçons de barbarie, de sauvagerie, d’irrespect, de destructions, de criminalité, d’apologie du terrorisme, de troubles à l’ordre public, de déstabilisation, etc, pour la bonne raison qu’ils en sont les Maîtres et les Instigateurs.

Ce numéro vert est un numéro maudit. Même que c’est une honte. La réponse admirable du monde musulman est le MEPRIS de telles bassesses qui se veulent imaginatives. C’est une belle leçon du monde musulman aux lâches enjuivés de la société française.

Lisez le communiqué de Al Azhar dans El Watan qui commence comme suit :

L’appel d’Al Azhar aux musulmans

Al Azhar, l’une des plus prestigieuses institutions  religieuses basée en Egypte, a appelé hier les musulmans à «ignorer» les nouvelles caricatures blasphématoires du Prophète Mohamed, publiées dans le journal français Charlie Hebdo, visé la semaine passée par un attentat  sanglant. «Al-Azhar appelle tous les musulmans à ignorer cette frivolité haineuse», a affirmé l’institution dans un communiqué.

Après cela, on ira condamner Dieudonné dans un Tribunal de foire, jouant au cirque du Théâtre Juridique Juif de France. « Au théâtre ce soir : les Enfoirés ». Les mêmes Juifs propriétaires des salles de spectacle ont repris leur jeu de blocage du succès des autres qu’ils s’empressent toujours de détruire. Après tout, seuls eux, le peuple mensongèrement élu, sont dignes d’être honorés. Dieudonné a battu tous les humoristes de France au jeu de l’humour. Il est le meilleur et ça, les Juifs ne peuvent pas le supporter. Ils ont fermé leurs médias, leurs journaux, leurs salles de spectacle, se sont organisés en bandes pour le lynchage médiatique, juridique et personnel.

Et la France veut aller loin avec un système clandestin pareil.

Avant 1981 et l’arrivée du socialisme enjuivé en France, la France était accueillante et belle. Les immigrés arrivés en France avant cette date, entre 1960 et 1981, témoignent de cette France qui voyait le racisme s’étioler et la chance de mobilité sociale qui existait à cette époque.

Cela s’est poursuivi jusqu’aux années 1985-1990 où, tout d’un coup, Bernard Tapie emmené par Jean-Louis Borloo ont introduit la France dans les années Fric. En fait, ils ont mis en lumière ce qui se passait dans les coulisses. Plus la France s’enjuivait, plus elle devenait discriminatoire, raciste, haineuse et clivée. C’est que ces gens-là n’ont aucune mémoire de l’histoire de la France avec les territoires de son ex-empire. Ils n’ont que faire des êtres humains. La valeur humaine n’est pas un capital à leurs yeux.

A propos, Jean-Louis Borloo a délaissé l’UDI qui ne décollait et ne décolle toujours pas – parce qu’il (il = lui) devait/allait mourir. Là, il ne meurt plus. Même qu’il a retrouvé toutes ses forces : il est au Mali pour affairisme dans les réseaux françafricains (il fait dans la livraison des panneaux solaires). Je l’ai revu à la marche juive rebaptisée marche républicaine. Bien vivant. Pendant ce temps-là, l’UDI est comme orpheline. Mais ce n’était plus un bon filon, il devenait toxique, il pouvait tuer son créateur, Borloo de pauvreté. Donc, il est allé  revivre ailleurs. Là où ça paie cash, beaucoup et hors contrôle et vu.

Loin d’être un accident, le conflit entre la Palestine et Israel, est la matrice définitionnelle de la conception Israélite du monde.

Capture Achtung comedy
Brice Baphiwe Chaka a partagé la photo de Ariane Walter. 13 janvier, 09:39 · LA MARCHE, Saison 2015. Un film de François Hollande et Benjamin Netanyahu. Regardez bien comment Netanyahu, qui n’avait pas été invité par l’Elysée, est venu de son propre gré et se comporte en Terre Conquise et en Maître des Lieux. La gestuelle conquérante et la mine ultra satisfaite ne trompent personne. Après tout, comme feu le président Bongo jadis, au plus fort de la Francophonie, c’est lui qui oriente les nominations du gouvernement français et sa politique d’immigration qui ressemble comme deux gouttes d’eau à celle qu’Israel mène envers les Palestiniens. Les immigrés en France sont enclavés dans les territoires exclus de la République et ségrégués, exactement comme les Palestiniens dans la bande de Gaza et du côté de West Bank. La présence de Abbas à ce défilé n’en était que plus sordide. Pour les leaders Turcs présents, ce n’était guère mieux.

Pas plus tard que récemment, Israél a tué 1400 Palestiniens et rasé une bonne partie de Gaza. Cela est passé en pures pertes et profits. On a gesticulé avec des enquêtes des Nations Unies. On a dit qu’Israel avait commis des crimes de guerre. Israél a fait semblant d’être indigné, tout en riant en coulisses de ses crimes et destructions d’Etats. Photo (enfant Palestinien tué à Gaza au cours de ce raid meurtrier et abandonné sur la plage. Tué par Netanyahu défilant à Paris aux côtés de Mahmoud Abbas, egaré). Sa présence (d’Abbas) n’avait qu’un seul et unique objectif : remercier Paris qui a magnifiquement joué son rôle en reconnaissant le principe d’un Etat Palestinien aux Nations-Unies. « Le principe d’un Etat » pas « l’Etat ». Le même simulacre s’est tenu au sein des Parlements Français et Britannique. Naturellement, Israël a parfaitement joué le sien : il a protesté contre le vote Français. Le temps des comédies.

La France et ses banlieues sont dans une situation identique à la colonisation Israélienne en Palestine. Plus que tout autre pays occidental, la France est l’autre territoire où se joue(ra) ce conflit, car, de part et d’autre, ce sont les Juifs qui sont au commande et on connaît leurs priorités, leurs méthodes et leurs calculs sanguinaires sur l’humanité.

Plus la France s’est enjuivée, plus elle s’est déshumanisée et a sombré dans le racisme et la déclassification citoyenne.


Capture Dieudonné en cellule
« Il n’appartient à aucun Pouvoir, quelle que soit la nature des évènements, de susciter des émotions artificielles et éphémères qui conduisent ine fine à conforter les uns dans leur victimisation légendaire et permanente , les autres dans la spirale infernale d’une diabolisation injustifiée » (

J’ai entendu qu’au moment où ils organisent ensemble – en soumettant les Institutions nationales – le lynchage de Dieudonné, ils ont accordé la protection à Zemmour et Houellebecq dit « avoir peur ». Mais voyons ! La peur, le fonds de commerce éternel. Mais, dites moi, le fric à gogo « en veux-tu, en voici »  ne protège pas son homme ? Quelle misère, être riche et avoir peur. Quelle misère, être l’auteur du lynchage collectif des immigrés et de Dieudonné et de dire qu’on a peur. Les champions d’un misérabilisme historique sont à la manoeuvre.


Peuples de France et du Monde éclairé, je ne parle pas de l’Occident uniquement, ne vous laissez pas berner. OUVREZ GRANDS LES YEUX ET VOUS VERREZ.

Rappel. France : Charlie Hebdo, de l’opération médiatique au coup commercial.

Je ne l’ai pas acheté ce numéro. Et même si on me le donne gratuit, la destination serait  : direct poubelle. Il paraît que le numéro est épuisé : pourvu que ça dure. Mais les Juifs financeront à l’oeil leur nouvel objet de martyr, le nouveau capital. Un de plus.

Il paraît que la France sans les Juifs de France ne serait plus la France… Dixit le gouvernement Juif de France. 

Moi je vous dis exactement le contraire. Et dans votre for intérieur, vous le savez très bien, car la France a perdu son âme depuis… avec… LES JUIFS DE FRANCE.

Hollywood et Wall Street sont les deux temples Juifs Mondiaux. Et il y en a d’autres. Donc, Woody Allen est éternel. Il a épousé sa fille adoptive, ce Maître de l’Inceste et de l’infamie familiale et conjugale. Parait-il que c’est le Maître d’un certain art. Le 7ème, qui précédait le 8ème : le temple gay.  Heureusement que Clint Eastwood est là pour sauver l’essentiel.

Boycott : liste des produits israéliens et des firmes qui soutiennent Israël. Et comme la France est l’autre cité Israélite… le boycott est un acte citoyen… POUR LA FRANCE. LA VRAIE CELLE LA OU IL Y AVAIT UNE VRAIE VIE ET NON CETTE CULTURE AMBIANTE DE L’ETOUFFEMENT QUI A UNE CONCEPTION A GEOMETRIE VARIABLE DE LA LIBERTE D’EXPRESSION ET CE CULTE DE LA MORT QUI DETRUIT TOUT CE QUI N’EST PAS ISRAELITE.

clandestin, un destinQuant à la citoyenneté française accordée au héros Malien qui a sauvé des vies juives dans une supérette Juive, encore une opération de propagande. La nationalité française est donnée comme des petits bonbons  à n’importe qui et pour n’importe quoi. L’avoir aujourd’hui, c’est rien du tout. Les putes, les analphabètes, tout ce qui vient du village africain peut l’obtenir…à l’oeil et parfois même avant de mettre le pied ici en France, pour la première fois. Propagande politique sans plus. La nationalité française n’est ni une promotion, ni un honneur. Elle est vendue à tous les coins de rue de Barbès.  Fausse valeur. Désolée.

Vous pouvez trouver toutes les preuves de cela ici même. « Clandestin, un destin : le marché des adoptions en France » – Tous les chemins mènent à la nationalité française.



Suite à un « Je suis Charlie (et) Coulibaly » Dieudonné a été interpellé à son domicile au petit matin puis placé en garde à vue. Comme un dangereux criminel qui aurait pu risquer de s’enfuir.
En comparaison, voici ce que pouvait vendre Charlie…liberté d’expression garantie! On parle bien de ‘Mohamed Merah’ ce nom tristement célèbre.

Capture apologie du terrorisme

Ce que je pense ?
La France d’antan, celle qui fut longtemps le porte-étendard des libertés humaines, la France de la tolérance universelle, je crois qu’elle est finie.
Globalement, elle est emportée par une idéologie de la stigmatisation communautariste et affairiste…Laquelle n’est jamais mieux efficace que quand elle avance sans complexe.

« Plus c’est gros, mieux ça passe »
Dicton de bistrot français.


Mohamed Merah
Apologie du Terrorisme et du Morbide. Liberté d’expression.



History. Normandy. All the Empires and fairy tales are doomed to Die from their own Poison. Indecency and Extravagance.

Normandy. France. 70th commemoration of WWII. All this PATHETIC Show of Power this year because of….Snowden first, Ukraine and Crimea second. But also because of the returning of Hitlerian rationale from the Westside story. We should always remember WWII is a written scenario by Sir Churchill first, not by America. The commemoration doesn’t reflect that exaggerating role of America inside Churchill masterpiece’s partition : Overlord, the name of the WWII disembarkment operation.

Each year of the Allies disembarkment’s show, staging in Normandy, we have the same showcase. Hosting : France. Starring, America. Co-Starring, Britain. Moscow, the forgotten pawn without which the story could have been written differently, always sidelined for the XXL extra promotion of the American Heroïsm and Liberation of the World. In the name of Freedom and altruism. This is the partly fairy tale version of the story.

Behind the scenes of unspeakable numbers of young soldiers who lost their lives – 9 000 that D-DAY only – Eisenhower was already thinking at something Hitlerian : conquering the World through waging wars and, WWII offered ground for a Big Size experimentation and an opening session to the multiple wars American has engaged in so far.

With WWII, while Winston Churchill was thinking about democracy first and end, Eisenhower was already projecting America’s next wary campaign around the World. The race for armament was launched and, as President Poutine recalled it through an interview with TF1, a French channel, “America’s arms spendings and war logistic and machinery are the equivalent of all the entire world’s put together”. It tells you about the ambition of the Nation : leading the World military.

Ukrainian 1billion dollars promise by President Obama is intending to pursue this weaponing politics on the Ukrainian soil. Next Target : Russia.

Diplomatically, General Eisenhower invented the United Nations as a legal cover up. An instrument invented for peace would serve as another sophisticated weapon and excuse to war long planification. By America.

 Unreliability : specific trend of West side.

When Russia gave asylum to the Guardian-backed Edward Snowden’s croisade denouncing the NSA large scale espionage even on its own citizens, the entire journalistic planet of the World praised Putin and dubbed his temporary asylum granted to Snowden, utterly civilized and an example of freedoms’ protection.

Nobody gave credit to America tears of anger. In retrospect, the mediatic support used President Putin or Russia as pawns on the mediatic agenda trying to take the place of the Calife.

But, they presented it as if the credit was given to Russia. In the wake of this, President Putin was awarded the “most powerful man of the year title” by the Times.

Why Ukraine ? What is America doing in Ukraine ? Officially : protecting Ukraine from Russia.

The real answer is simple. Because of Snowden. Tired of asking the returning back home of Snowden to Russia, America, the greatest, deployed his tentacula to the weakest and deeply corrupt nation on the borders of Russia. Ukraine is that State. Tomorrow, the comedy of the instalment of the “new president elected” by Kiev only, is the prolongation of that state of high corruption named Ukraine.

Don’t play fool with a state like America. This is the game they master at perfection. What America couldn’t foresee and preview is the resistance and the rejection of the Eastern and Southern Ianoukovitch – ousted by an EU-American-coup backed using stooges like Porotschenko, the president elected to continue the game of inviting foreigners inside the country, without the consent of the People.

This is Hitlerian Western militancy at work. In France, Hitler realized exactly that, corrupting the regime of Vichy to collaborate with German soldiers. French normal people and patriots were left without no choice but to resist to Death and their resistance also helped enormously the advance of the allies, by derailing trains of logistical delivery to the Germany fronts that never received them on time. Those resistants’ sabotages were strong blows on the Germany logistic.

While in Canada, Prince Charles compared Putin to Hitler, for what the allies considered as “grab land” from Russia in Crimea. And this week, former Secretary of State, totally discredited with Lybia and Benghazi fallout, repeated the stance to insult Russian president like a prince Charles’ Parrot. If forcing people, by corruption, to enter a scheme of collaboration as a vehicle for foreigner occupation is Hitlerian, then America ranks first here. And before pointing fingers at the others, be sure your back is clean. Otherwise your standing would be seriously damaged.

Asked to comment this by the French channel (TF1), President Putin minimized it by a “sign of weakness”, from Sec Clinton. Kind of zero degree of argumentation. But, he said, and I like that one, for it could mislead some people to cry “machismo”, president Putin said that “coming from a woman, weakness is not a default”. Meaning it is comprehensible and excusable. End of the story : Putin is excusing Sec Hillary for her weak argument. This is highly diplomatic.

Ukraine was destabilized by the EU-NATO-American pact in the first place. As an immediate consequence, Crimea seceded and rejoined Russia. This is the Will of Crimea people and not of Putin. But, being familiar with the non-democratic EU’s governance, source of deep crisis and revival of the far-right nationalists, the rule of people by themselves is something strange to the Western oligarchs.

Again, Putin explained it as well. Asked to detail the meaning of “the Soviet Union downfall was a human catastrophe”, he responded “yes, it was a humanitarian tragedy” for separated families and this was simply heartbreaking. In Crimea, this parameter went neglected by either the Kiev’s gang and its backers. The attempt to erase Russia as a second language in a nation that used to speak and be Russia and comprising many of them, already enduring the separation with their brothers and sisters was an incredible mistake and a political dismissive fault.

What was the gang of Kiev looking for by decreeing this nonsense and insanity ? Identities never die. Never. Because, this is house for souls. Any attempt to kill them lashed back as fierce Resistance. Lessons from History.

America created the Ukrainian mess along with the EU. Gerard Shröder is one of two proeminent EU’s figures who blamed the EU for this, because of poor knowledge of international affairs and history. How is it, today, Putin is responsible for this ?

 Bigotery and ignorance

Inviting and ousting unilaterally Putin in the G7 is the latest bigotery on the raw. Deep wounds of this will phase the next relationship on the international stage. If I were Russia, I would step aside definitely from this useless G7 show of power.

 From CNN. President Barack Obama and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, spoke today on the sidelines of a luncheon held for leaders as part of D-Day commemorations in France, Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes said. 

It was an informal conversation, not a formal bilateral meeting, Rhodes told reporters, adding that it lasted for 10 to 15 minutes.

The two leaders are at loggerheads over Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

The next day, you’ll see all those men from the Westside or sitting in the G7 named more powerful and influential men of the world : a redundancy and a big instrumentalisation of the Civilisation values.

Then you’ll have those fomented-coup actors of chaos and warmongerings earning Nobel Peace Prices, such as Obama and the EU.

All this is sickening and pathetic. Beyond the shame and disgust, Indecency.

 The revival of the Non Aligned movement is an emergency.

About the debarquement, the exact ranking is number one : Britain ; second, Russia and third America. This was a Churchill scenario. But, because British empire has slipped behind the American, the US stand at the first step.

I’m happy, the Nouvel Observateur, a French newspaper stated it rightly. It is rare from French press. In a long historical article, the author of the article I invite you to consult wrote this. Excerpt :

 11. About British soldiers…

When French people recalled these words « They have disembarked ! », of course, they are refering to the GI (Americans) and less to the Britains. In the generic of the movie “The longest day » by Darryl Zanuck, the close up of an abandoned helmet on the beach is dramatize to express the suffer of the soldiers. This helmet is American. 

The top three films about D-Day « Beyond the Glory » Samuel Fuller, « Saving Private Ryan » Steven Spielberg and « Band of Brothers » by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg are about American units. Yet, the first place of the legend should have been for the Britain.

Of the 155,000 soldiers of the D-Day, half of them bere british soldiers and the others were Canadians.On the 5 beaches, three were not under american commandement : Gold, Juno and Sword. If the commander-in-chief Eisenhower is american, the general of the armies on the ground, is Bernard Montgomery, a British. The assaults of the beaches under British commandement were better prepared and executed than those who took places on american beach’s control.

 Google translator helps for this last paragraphe.

Operations had been studied well in advance in Britain under the leadership of Lord Mountbatten, a member of the royal family and Chief of Combined Operations. Artificial harbors that have delivered reinforcements, the « Mulberries » were invented by Winston Churchill. A British officer, General Hobart, had developed specialized tanks allowed to open minefields without loss or shear hedgerows of Normandy Bocage. The Royal Navy and Royal Air Force took a decisive part in the assault.

Finally, Fortitude, who deceived the Germans brilliantly operation, was designed and built by the British Intelligence Service and Staff. It is only thereafter that the U.S. military took the ascendancy over the British troops, thanks to the strength of the industry in the United States and because the British Empire had exhausted its resources fighting alone against Hitler during over a year.

Nouvel Observateur. 70 years later : the 12 mysteries of the disembarkation 

What about French involvement ? I would say, a lot of it rested with their Resistance. On top of it : De Gaulle. French participation with men of arms is too small.

Normandy’s remembrance ceremonies tell this : Your place in a legend is apparently proportionate to your power at the moment that legend is replayed. This power is more correlated to your power of information (culturally speaking)*.

Why did British movie makers failed to give their own version of the facts ? What about Polish, Canadians or Russians ? Those are lands when The cinema industry has dried up. Revive this Art overthere. Russia and Britain used to be great lands of cinema. 

(*) Culturally speaking may refer to :

– the storytelling and its highly dramatization

– the ability to myths’ creation

– the emotionnal charge of a fiction

– the American way of life just captured the spirit of French people and they immediately felt connected to those GI’s ; there was something delightful in this coca-cola and chocolate consumption.

At the end of the day, French people and the World adopted the GI’s image as the model of Nazism Savior. Interesting. May be the World is about narrative, storytelling and myths. One of the unsurpassable is the Good and the Evil. God and Satan. Close to that, brotherhood and friendship. And above all, Heroism and the final confrontation.

In a sense, WWII was calibrated for Hollywood.

Culturally speaking may also applied to the demultiplying power of Westerner medias and to their coordination in chanting the same bis. During the Snowden’s leak, Putin was the Hero. After the west-backed coup in Ukraine, Putin is the Demon and the Dictator. Noone out there is ashamed of lying publicly. No, they will tell you, their story is always biblical and self fulfilling.

Putin should learn a lot from China, India and Asia or South American that endures  (SA) the hard way with American Imperialism. He, Putin, has repeated the same mistake Kadhafi, Saddam, Mubarak, President Assad and others leaders made,  captured by the propaganda discourse of international overture to the West, staged by the medias and International institutions playing their role of bridgeheads. General Eisenhower is the masterminder of this post WWIII scenario which applies strenuously, on every part of the World.  Staline, Mao knew about this and stayed at a secure distance. By the time you are at reach, you are trampled down. Putin,  a specialist of Judo, had made a mistake  in taking part in the Snowden empoisoned case. Now, he is struggling to get out of that American ippon grip.

 Reflecting over power is essential to understand the World, its challenges and its flaws. For the best and the worst.


NEW YORK . Brooklyn will seek to host 2016 Democratic Convention.

Brooklyn, a nexus of the new Democratic left that has morphed from working-class enclave to a gritty, global arbiter of cool, will vie to host the Democratic National Convention in 2016, Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City said on Friday.

Read at the NYT.


Ukraine. The day after. CNN is announcing :

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko took the oath of office Saturday in the nation’s parliament in Kiev. He says at his inauguration that the path to Europe is « irreversible. »

You could’nt expect him to say something different. Bowing down to His protectors is a path for survival for those kind of false elites who should be in jail, if Ukraine were a State of law.

I’m glad to announce to that president, that, since reaching out to the discontent people in Ukraine is not a priority, whereas running after the EU is, the path to Ukrainian partition and separation is unstoppable. American billion of dollars won’t stop this. I may say, it will just aggravate the tension and the discontent.

Here is a reminder for Mr. Poroshenko : in Sudan, Georges Clooney played the clowny role of tensions’ exacerbation between Sudanese, translated into a religion conflict opposing Muslims to Christians. Those people were leaving together for a long time. The partition of the Nation impoverishes Soudan. The Nation is no longer a Big Oil producer. The case of Lybia, impoverished all the same.

This Thursday,  three days ago, I got the chance to meet a Sudanese, here in France, while visiting a friend. As we were discussing, I asked her what is the situation inside the country. She really was distraught for the separation, she told me. She said, she can not buy the storytelling of a division between Sudanese because of religion. I deduced it was about power infighting and not religions’ irreconcilability.  She is a Christian and she went to scholl with muslims girls, some are friends of her. There never was a problem, she added. She told me about the International University of Khartoum where you could meet a lot of african students from diverse nationalities,  including cameroonians as well.

This is the reversible path : presently, some Christians from the South are taking the road back to the North to make a decent leaving. Really ? She confirms Yes. South Sudan is under American guardianship. One day, I’m sure the Sudanese will wake up and realise they were duped and reunite.

Sometimes, disconnection is necessary for a better reconnection. And nothing is irreversible. This is extravagant language. Call it Militancy. A president of a nation is not a militant.



Concerning the suffocating and impoverishing governance without the consultation of the people, Africa ranks on top of this political scam. Today, The Nouvel Observateur, is revealing elements of an inquiry over AREVA’s uranium sites acquisitons in Africa. Areva is the french pilot of French Uranium business in Africa. In 2007, Areva bought 3 mines of uranium in Africa for $2,5 billion (1,8 milliard d’euros). You’ll first of all raise eyebrowns to discover, a Pakistani was a councelor for the then Central African  president – today the land is in a total messy war translated into a religious conflict by Western nations in place to do business – While in Cameroon, two months ago, I have been told by a Justice Official, French presence in Central Africa is motivated by some businesses in the North of the nation. Meanwhile, the border with Cameroon is sold to Chinese diamonds extraction, on both sides : in Eastern Cameroon and in Central Africa.

More, you’ll put your head in your hands noticing that Africa is an open field for every foreigner consultancy over African raw materials, including diamonds, oil and so forth.In fact, Africa is a place for every westerner to handle a jackpot, on the exception of the Africans, firmly kept at a distance from their wealth by their crook leaders, ill-elected. The next day, when you’ll see Central Africa, Mali the other uranium sites and elsewhere in fir,  the EU and the US observers would tell you « it is about civil illnesses » or « religious conflicts », to silence the untold truth : fight for power between the scammers and African resistance. Precisely the case with Boko Haram the EU enlisted cynically as a « terrorist group ».

Will the EU continue its loosely business of enlisting everyone opposing its dark interests as terrorist by entering Eastern Ukrainians territories in it ?

Back to the scandal of Areva at the French New Observer journal. It appears that Mr Durbar, the Pakistani advisor of a president of Central african civil-war torn, was a resident  of Holland Park (London). The man was condemned in France for 3 years in prison for scams and was under a threat of extradition by Britain. This man met with a french geopolitical consultant  he called for rescue, specialised in the selling of diamonds, at his London residence. He asked that french man to serve as a go-between for him and the french government  at the time – under Sarkozy I guess – and proposed his silence over the Uramin Affair to avoid emprisonment.

Uramin. After the OPA of Areva to acquire this group, acting in South Africa, in Namibia and in Central Africa, a rumor propagated that former president Thabo Mbeki made a lot of money in this operation and the central african president, François Bozizé felt crushed.

Furious, president Boziza asked his Pakistani councelor we spoke about before, Saïfee Durbar,  to investigate. The french consultant described his meeting with Durbar like this : all the day long we met, Durbar gave me all the details of this affair – Uraminn – I knew nothing about before. He showed me documents, banks transfers I was unable to confirm the authenticity of. I had the feeling he had put many people on surveillance.

Durbar was incarcerated in a VIP cells at la Santé. Three months later, the 18th February 2010, he was out of jail with an electronic wristband. He then occupied an immense flat in the 9è arrondissement, rue Taitbout, before leaving France on September 2010. Free.  On the eve of his departure, he told me « this is a book for you to write in a few years » – I never saw him again.

Hardly will you find a place where people are totally excluded from the administration and accountancy of their wealth like in Africa. Ruling without your people is the surest way of perdition. Ask the EU in jeopardy. Lost in post-Hitlerianmania, due to non-democratic bullying leadership.

Poor Africa. Poor Ukraine. WAKE UP TO HISTORY !

Read this exclusive story on the takeover of Uramin by Areva French DCRI is investigating into at the Nouvel Observateur. You’ll understanding clearly why Africa is so poor and where its money flows. Sickening, I warn you.

From CNN. South African President Jacob Zuma admitted to hospital for tests, his spokesman says. President Zuma has promised to hand economic power back to Black People, for his second tenure. Hopefully that God hears.

Do We Really Need to Re-Start the Cold War? With the inferno Nuclear threat ? Read at Global Research to grasp the truth facts and the real History, not the rewritten one.

Example, quote : ….Furthermore, Russia’s Black Sea fleet had been established in Crimea in 1783 and continued being based there till the present day, so that to allege, as Obama and his minions do, that kicking Russia’s Black Sea fleet out of Crimea wouldn’t constitute a highly aggressive move against Russia, is a lie that befits only a Hitler or a Stalin, not a leader of any democracy, such as Obama claims to be.