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Hitler legacy. Tyranny is back. Nazism is in sight. Hello D.C. You are besieged by your own Establishment. Join the Front.


REMEMBER THE Desert Storm Invasion.

Using crises and terrorism to justify its dictatorial powers. It’s an old but highly effective strategy employed by totalitarian regimes.

Tyranny Over There but Not Over Here


Trump Make America Great Again



Democrats have absolutely NOTHING to offer our country.

After their BILLION-DOLLAR election loss, all Democrats have done is OBSTRUCT President Trump and maniacally scream the word “RUSSIA” until they’re blue in the face.

They’ve sparked protests in the streets, refused to approve White House nominees, destroyed our health care system, and used the media to spew vicious rhetoric against the President.


Tell Democrats: It’s time to stop obstructing the AMERICAN PEOPLE’S MANDATE.

Add your name to our official petition now. >>

By refusing to work with President Trump, Democrats are choosing to IGNORE the millions of Americans who voted for our America First platform last November.

Democrats had no problem rigging their primary against Bernie Sanders and his supporters — and now they’re choosing to strip the Silent Majority of their new-found voice in our country.

You will NEVER hear the media report this. But this is the truth that America needs to hear.

Please sign our official petition telling Democrats to stop obstructing our America First agenda.

Thank you,



When you have lost an election and can’t win another one, engineer a crisis as a trickery, as a way to grab Power illegally. Use Justice as a shelter.

Throughout history, governments have used crises to justify the adoption of totalitarian powers. In the model totalitarian regime — Nazi Germany — Hitler used the terrorist attack on the Reichstag to ask the German Parliament to grant him emergency powers — temporarily, of course (although, not surprisingly, they lasted to his death in 1945). That’s what the Enabling Act in 1933 was all about. And don’t forget that Hitler had another threat to justify his “temporary” totalitarian powers, one that might seem familiar: communism and the Soviet Union, including Russia. Essay on Tyranny.

Democrats are dying to set a coup and a totalitarian regime, the Kiev Model. Their presence is vital to protect white collar gangsterism engaged into arms smuggling, drugs trafficking, money laundering, and all kind of illegal businesses including the violation of civil liberties.

For those of you who were still considering Western medias as the Press, the unfolding events are telling the truth story, behind the masquerade. Western Press is an ANTI PRESS. Those were convenient stores to implement a hidden agenda.

But why is it so urgent for them to put the mask off ? NOW ? What is the emergency ?


By essence, democrats are opposing anything related to Foundations and Heritage : Origins, Identity, family and nationality, meaning the frontiers. Globalism and  nomadism inherited by most of Democratic partisans and defining them is the exact opposite.

That said, they are missing the point : it is not about imposing its own values on the other, using strenght, false accusations, manhunt process, harassment, Murders, threats, distortions, obstructions…

Elections are the Referee. The People is the Referee. Even the Institutions and the Justice, are standing in the name of the People.

As the first choice of the People, the President is the voice of the People.

Sleeping sentinels are trying to impose their rule : it is either you vote for their gangsta machine or be under their endless fire. A tactic of the Devil equating to an Impeachment.

Big cats have been eating the Administration and the State from within for a long long time.

Big Cats have been sucking the people for so long. Asking them to stop sucking the blood of the people will kill them by starvation. So the devil is struggling to survive.

Criticizing a president is free, but harrasing him is unacceptable.

The result of this depiction is a supporter taking a gun to kill lawmakers –  elected by the people through fair and open elections – just because they are not democrats.

Read. New Russia Sanctions: The Deep State Unifies Congress


Read. The War In Afghanistan Is A Racket. Opium and so forth.

Trump Make America Great Again


On this day two years ago, our movement began. CNN gave us a 1% chance of winning.

Think Trump has a chance to snap GOP nomination? Analysis gives him just 1%(CNN, 7/9/15)

But YOU saw something that the media couldn’t.

Thanks to you, our movement to REBUILD America, RESTORE dignity to the American worker, and RECLAIM our country from the suffocating grip of global special interests WON.

And without your support, without your sacrifices, without your hard work, our country would be stuck in a downward spiral of no return.

But the battle isn’t over. The ruling class will fight tooth and nail until the swamp is completely drained. On the second anniversary of our movement, I’m asking you to make a Commemorative Contribution to help us keep fighting.

Our victory was only the beginning of the battle against forces that want to see our sovereignty surrendered, American jobs shipped abroad, your tax dollars wasted on foreign countries you’ve never even heard of, and our American way of life under assault.

They haven’t stopped, and neither can we. It’s up to the honest citizens of our country to keep fighting the good fight against liberals, the fake news media, and entrenched bureaucrats who have their own personal agenda for our country.

Please make just a $1 Commemorative Contribution on the second anniversary of our movement to help us keep fighting the GOOD FIGHT.

Thank you and God bless America,

President Trump Signature Headshot
Donald J. Trump
President of the United States

Our victory was only the beginning of the battle against forces that want to see our sovereignty surrendered, American jobs shipped abroad, your tax dollars wasted on foreign countries you’ve never even heard of, and our American way of life under assault.

… Tyranny is back. Witch Hunt is its vehicle.


The President added this statement since he last emailed you.

Trump Witch Hunt Tweet

It’s a WITCH HUNT with one simple goal: to overturn the PEOPLE’s election last November.

We can’t take this lightly.

From here, it’s only going to get worse. We need to start as early as possible preparing for the attacks coming our way.

Please make a contribution to help us keep fighting to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!


Trump Headquarters.


Planning a coup ? The modus operandi is under our eyes.

From Kiev to D.C., the Institutional coup is boiling.

D.C. You are besieged by your own Establishment.

To Trump’s supporters, I’m warning YOU : YOU ARE UNDER ARREST ! Wake up and take care.




IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HAVE A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF THE MESSAGE BEHIND D.C. SHOOTING AROUND THE POTOMAC SITE, HERE A REMINDER. ON JANUARY, THE 21st, 2015, I was victim of a car crash around the Potomac site. Think that this site was choosen by coincidence for a shooting flash ? And there is even more : there is a global worming agreement to suck my shootings. This is done systematically. The message is for me to stop making those shooting and showing up, inside their Jewish occupied land and world. They are the only ones autorised to pave the way to anybody’s visibility or value.

In other words, their Order and System represent the Ultimate value, even their lies are valuable with the same criteria. Valuable and irrefutable. Anyone against this shall be killed. Democracy ? Rubbish. The Rule of Law ? Rubbish. The Constitution ? Rubbish. Freedoms ? Rubbish. Accountability ? Rubbish. Respect for Life ? Rubbish. Fairness ? Rubbish. Civilisation ? Rubbish. Free Enterprise ? Rubbish. Private Properties ? Rubbish. Respect ? Rubbish. Love ? Rubbish.

Tell me, what are those people respectful for ? Lies, Money, wars, crimes, hate, dividing people, empoverishing trhem, weakening them, sickening them, separating them, humiliating them, killing them…

Out of their Hollywood, Cannes, fake press and TV’s, music awards and reality shows celibs, fashionable politics, musicians and sports stadium or financial temples, including the writers and academics lands, anything non-jewish is forbidden first. Secondly, everything non-jewish must be enslaved to be allowed into the Jewish land and world.

Their methods are barbaric and satanic. No competition from anywhere. No contestation. No opponents. No debate. No different opinion. Compared to this Jewish-led rule of heat, Hitler was tolerant and friendly.

If your shootings are beautiful, they come and grab it and you must shut up or suffered a witch-hunt. Witch hunt or harassment. Actually, I’m under a permanent noise from the upstairs where I’m staying. The noise is conducted the soviet union style. It is a permanent torture. This first floor is supposed to be non-occupied. When you show up to the door and ring the bell, the sleeping sentinel inside the unoccupied flat never shows up. He is hiding inside.

And the noise goes on and on, on a daily basis, including the W.E.

Say a word, and they will send a mob to terrorize. And those are people talking about Muslims Terrorism. Unfortunately for America, the gang have managed to take control of the State. And this is a fight for the American people to take on. America have come a long way fighting its own demons. That is why I’m confident Big Brother Era of domination and days of sorrows covered behind a White Veil of fake entertainement shows of nullity are BEHIND US. THIS IS A TURNING POINT.


Guess why the demon is furious. Its stolen world is scrambling into pieces. This World was created by God. But Satan, unable to create his, have taken the oath to rob this one. This is the generic pattern you should bear in mind? as the absolute informant, a compass to get the pros and cons of the democratic tragedy taking place actually in America.

You think democracy is in danger ? Yes and no. Yes, if you stay out of the drama.

No, the Truth awlays prevails over the lenght of darkness. During the presidency race and the parliamentary session, french fake medias did everything they could to silence the debate. Killing the debate is eviscerating Democracy from its vital energy. This is how they are killing politis and citizenry alike.

What is going to remain is a global system of piracy and murderous hijackings conducted under Tyranny, censorship. And a barbaric culture.



We wanted to be sure you saw this note from the Speaker.

The Democrats are doing everything they can to drag our President through the mud, and are using the Fake News Media to project their DANGEROUS narrative onto the American People.

Elise, it’s up to us to cut through the noise and fight back.

Because of the overwhelming response, our generous double-matching donors have extended their deadline through 11:59 PM TONIGHT!

We truly appreciate your support.

Please make a contribution of just $1 today to defend President Trump, cut through the noise, and fight back against the FAKE NEWS.

Thank you,

Team Trump

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Newt Gingrich
Date: June 16, 2017
Subject: Like nothing I’ve ever seen

What Democrats are doing is unlike anything we’ve ever witnessed in American history.

They have vowed to drag our nation through years of a phony witch-hunt without having a single piece of evidence — and will use the mainstream media to distract from any mention of the President’s achievements — all in order to take down a constitutionally-elected president.

They’re attempting to overturn the results of a national election to stop President Trump from delivering the change he promised the American people.

Because we’re going through such an unprecedented moment in American history, a group of loyal supporters are stepping up to DOUBLE MATCH all contributions made by TONIGHT at 11:59 PM.

Please make a contribution to help us fight back against these attacks and succeed in getting our message past this despicable witch-hunt.

Thank you,

President Trump Signature Headshot
Newt Gingrich

Make America Great Again


We all agree that we are blessed to be Americans, that our children deserve to grow up in a nation of safety and peace, and that we are strongest when we are unified, working together for the common good. We remain united as we work together for a safer America.

We may have our differences, but we do well, in times like these, to remember that everyone who serves in our nation’s capital is here because, above all, they love our country. We pray for Congressman Scalise, his family, and all those affected by this week’s inexplicable assault to democracy.

Praying For A Swift Recovery

Many lives would have been lost if not for the heroic actions of the two Capitol Police officers who took down the gunman despite sustaining gunshot wounds during a brutal assault. President Trump is grateful for their heroism and praying for the swift recovery of all victims.

Make America Great Again

Ensuring Our Veterans Receive The Care They Deserve

A bill to improve the Department of Veteran Affairs has passed Congress and will now go to President Trump to sign into law. President Trump is committed to ensuring our veterans have access to the care, services, and benefits they have earned. To achieve this goal, it is critical that employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) are held to the highest performance standards, and that they are accountable when those standards are not met. With the Department of Veteran Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Act accountability, at the VA will be enhanced and the department will be provided tools that it needs to improve the care our veterans receive.

Make America Great Again

Honoring The Symbol That Reminds Us We Are One Nation Under God

On Flag Day, we honor the symbol that reminds us that we are one Nation under God, united in our pursuit of liberty and justice for all. On June 14th, we celebrated and recognized this day in 1777 when the Continental Congress formally adopted the Stars and Stripes as the official flag of the Republic. “I am blessed to have shared my birthday with the Star Spangled Banner and the U.S. Army for 71 years now. Again, on Flag Day, I am deeply grateful to live under the red, white, and blue, and all for which it stands,” said President Trump.

Make America Great Again

Making America Great Again

President Trump held his first full Cabinet meeting since being elected this week. In the meeting, President Trump discussed healthcare reform, tax reform, infrastructure legislation, defeating ISIS and much more with his team. « When I ran, it was ‘Make America Great Again,’ and that’s what we’re doing. Believe me, » the president said. « We’re doing it and we’re doing it at a much faster pace than anyone thought. »

Make America Great Again

Earn While You Learn

During the campaign, President Trump talked about the importance of vocational training. That’s why this week, President Trump has signed an executive order to expand apprenticeships and vocational training to help all Americans find a rewarding career, earn a great living, and support themselves and their families. Teaching young people skills, crafts, and trades are vital to our economy and our success as a country. America must not only teach, but celebrate the skilled laborers that produce and maintain the world’s greatest machines, buildings, products and infrastructure.

Make America Great Again

Fighting For Freedom

President Trump took a trip to Florida to announce a new policy on Cuba that will undo Obama’s one-sided deal as President and will begin strictly enforcing US law. The new policy will not lift sanctions on the Cuban regime until all political prisoners are free, freedoms of assembly and expression are respected, all political parties are legalized, and free and internationally supervised elections are scheduled. President Trump’s action bypasses the military and the government to help the Cuban people themselves form businesses and pursue much better lives.

Make America Great Again

Congressman Scalise – America is praying for you and all of the victims of this terrible shooting.

Please take a moment today to cherish those you love, and always remember those who serve and keep us safe.

Thank you for your continued support,

Team Trump-Pence



You think democracy is in danger?

Yes, if you stay out of the drama.


Excerpt. The election of Trump provides a unique opportunity to create partisan battle lines. Social media is rife with venom and hatred as the alt-left faces off against the alt-right. Factions are established and receive support behind the scenes from George Soros, the Koch Brothers, and the Democrat “resistance,” a ludicrous moniker cooked up by the Democratic National Committee under its new chairman Tom Perez. The DNC announced it will throw a million dollars at its Summer of Resistance. This will further widen the political divide. Polarization is increasingly intense and the establishment propaganda media is fanning the flames. Violence is escalating. Antifa leftists attack Trump supporters and they respond in kind. Activists are now openly carrying weapons.



Bill de Blasio for Mayor

Elise –

On my first day of office, I promised that we would take dead aim at the Tale of Two Cities. That we would fight, daily, to make our city better and fairer, no matter how much money you make or where you live.

There’s still much more to do, but after the first two years of our administration, the share of New Yorkers living in or near poverty has fallen by almost two percent, and we have the lowest share of New Yorkers living in or near poverty since the Great Recession.

I wrote an op-ed about our work to cut poverty in New York City. It’s below. I hope that you’ll read it, forward it to your friends, and chip in $3 to my re-election campaign so we can continue this work to move our city forward for the next four years.

– Bill de Blasio

I came into office determined to use every tool available to a Mayor of New York to fight the inequality that is threatening the city I love. There’s still much more to do, but New Yorkers should be proud that we have taken big steps forward.

Our city is now measurably fairer. By the end of the first two years of our administration, the share of New Yorkers living in or near poverty fell almost two percent. We now have the lowest share of New Yorkers living at or near poverty since the Great Recession.

This did not happen by accident. It was the result of choices we made every day. We chose working families over corporations. We chose seniors over developers. We chose neighborhoods over hedge fund billionaires. The income inequality that has been strangling us is the result of choices made by the 1 percent, for the 1 percent. We made choices for the 99 percent.

We made those choices on a massive scale. We added an entire grade to the country’s largest public school system: nearly 70,000 4-year-olds now receive free, all-day high-quality pre-K. That saves the average family $10,000 a year, and frees parents to pursue their careers and education.

We marched with workers and won a $15 minimum wage. We set a goal to build or preserve 200,000 units of affordable housing, the biggest program in a quarter century–and we’re ahead of schedule. We’ve seen the first rent freezes in city history, affecting 2.5 million New Yorkers. We are rewriting rules to make employment work for everyone, including guaranteeing paid sick leave and placing restrictions on potential employers inquiring about salary or criminal history.

These choices are producing results.

Poverty is now at its lowest level since the Great Recession and a broad cross section of New Yorkers are reaping the benefits. Many groups saw significant declines in poverty or near poverty including: single parents; seniors; adults of working age; people with high school educations; blacks, Latinos, Asians and whites.

We are already five years ahead of schedule on our goal to lift 800,000 people out of poverty by 2025. We project that by the end of this year more than 280,000 men, women and children – about the population of Newark, New Jersey – will rise out of poverty or near-poverty.

Given the tired and phony arguments conservatives so often trot out to oppose policies like these, it’s important to state clearly that our decisions have helped our economy. Let me repeat that: We’ve helped working people and our economy is stronger than ever.

Employment is at a record high. Just 4.1 percent of New Yorkers were unemployed in April 2017. That means there are a quarter million more people in the workforce today than in 2013.

The jobs New Yorkers are finding are good jobs. The share of New Yorkers earning more than $50,000 a year grew to more than 48 percent in 2015. That is its highest level in a decade. Comparing 2015 to two years before, almost 125,000 more New Yorkers are earning more than $50,000 per year.

There are many reasons for Americans to be worried these days. We have a president and a Republican-controlled Congress that want to take us backwards. Their plans would give tax breaks to billionaires and corporations, let Wall Street write its own rules, and gut health care for millions to fund handouts for millionaires.

At the same time, I’m hopeful. Big, bold progressive policies are working right here in New York City and that matters now more than ever. People are watching us. They’re looking for an antidote. They’re looking for a different way forward and we are proving that an economy by, for, and of the people can be a strong and growing economy, too.

P.S. This campaign is powered by lots of people giving small donations. Please chip in $3 today to help ensure we have the resources we need to win re-election. It’s important.

NOW If you are a black slave here is a shooting to grab, for the sake of your jewish masters.
Lesson Number one, take the hat and change the color in white, after all, my collection of hats is so desirable, especially for the impostors and the opportunists.

Another example of a hat.

Lesson 2. Then wear a white dress or something. And don’t forget the black touch.

Call all those shits Fas….hion. Don’t you see it sounds like Fascism.



Our flash of the world and the beautiful song is cause for the sortie of the slaves praised by their slavers. Poor black people, lost in the Jewish desert. For 40 years. Expect many black slaves or white women married to black men – for a short time – to come out soon.
The master shit is open for a fake promotion. Intox and nothing else.
YOU know what ? It is about the Voice and the Speech.

When a snake can not compete, he retracts to the Body. The zero degree of sense.

The body (prostitution and slavery combined) and THE witch-hunt or the rats. Latest targets : Melanie Trump and Leonardo. Django, Leonardo I love you both.

The Jewish model is the Saloon Neger, Shaft.

Django and shaft are the Savior and the Devil. The winner and the looser.

Say Django and see what happened next…with the Big Cats.

Leonardo di Caprio is one of the Best actors of those Modern Times.

The New Age of Humanity. A post-Citizens United world.

Sisters and Brothers – There are two ways to run a campaign in a post-Citizens United world.

The first is one that many politicians know well: courting millionaires and billionaires for very big checks, constantly holding big fundraising events, and ending up beholden to your donors. This method now also means being OK with super PACs.

The other way is quite different, and honestly, much more difficult. But it’s the path we chose, and we believe it’s the right path.

No super PACs. No billionaire class waiting to step in and save us. What we have is millions of people willing to stand together and say ENOUGH is ENOUGH. Our movement has made more than 4 million individual contributions to this effort, at an average of about $27 apiece.

Tomorrow night’s FEC fundraising deadline might be the biggest yet of our campaign. If you can, we need you to stand with Bernie.

You are a part of something that is unprecedented. We’re so glad to have you at our side.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016

Bernie Sanders for President


I’m Elise, the subliminal target of Trump’s prankers. For them to see me laughing and living is an insult to their ill being. Those are destroyers, not builders. And don’t forget, an election is not a blank-check given to the leaders. Your watch should and must stay in alert now and after. So, in any cases, we are going to win the transformation of politics in America. It is not a question but a certitude. Be positive. I can not count the number of unavowed  personal attacks in Yahoo’s selection of french bin outlets – teleguided from America’s Citizens United campaigners, of my labtop and the CD I’m listening since yesterday and right now with this post. Those people are insane. They can’t live without following you as vampires.  To perform their underground businesses, the entire humanity can be destroyed. And even then, they will not find peace of heart and joy. Needly to say Freedom. Be Happy : we’ve already WON THE SHOOTING. A chance, actually, I’m no longer in Cameroon where each post the hidden people would not like will be met by energy shortage for days, in my street. And they have the nerve to cite Mussolini, just as if they were different. Lol. Debate and campaigning is not threatening. It is an open exchange of ideas. Free.

Tuesday is a moment of truth. There are two options. It is either you take back our democracy into your hands or let it lying under the other foot.

Whatever your choice will be, what is for sure is America will no longer be the same, after this Political Revolution SPOTLIGHTS. View the Oscars Prize, as a premonition.

Don’t buy the hidden threats of crimes behind the trap into which Trump has fallen, due to his undeniable enthusiasm, I praise here. It tells a lot about the initiators ill-intentions, the incarnation of the past humanity. Low basic and criminal instincts. Criminals never change. They may change their methods – as those are alliens – but in the end, you can spot them through encrypted messages of death threats. This is the meaning lying into the Mussolini quote.

Guess who is the target ? I’m Elise. Remember. Their hope is to see me dying within a year as I’m a Lion – Cecil you remember. I wrote yesterday that they were sheeps and they try to do some morbid research and here it is. They have discovered Hitler and Mussolini were sheeps  hunters. What a discovery !! It is like discovering hot water exists. Being a writer is not on auction. You are a writer or you are not. You are a thinker or a researcher or you are not. You can not buy  it through corruption or book editors new perversion of litterature – ass litterature I call it or dollar edition – good for the prankers.

Those cowards and mean spirit is what should be erased from the surface of the Earth : a spirit conveying death and only that. Death, poverty and mediocrity. Remember, a criminal always hide itself behind all  sorts of macabre scenarios. And you wonder why the World is in a so bad shape and mired into such a huge burden.

Mediocres have hijacked leadership.

Laughs and criminal jokes are just a cover up for hiden threats, robberies and lies.

If you can Turn the clock and this ugly page of misery, you’ll help the entire Humanity to get its head out of dirty waters.

This is your mission : A post-citizens united world.



⇔ Big News. Congresswoman quits Democratic National Committee, endorses Bernie Sanders. The outcome of S.C’s big cheatings. Shamefull for Democrats. From the very beginning this was a rigged game organised by the DNC. After the election, we  are going to learn that some bold candidates were discouraged to compete. That is why vampires are searching personal lives and hunting people of interest in order to find something  useful to blackmail, threaten and at the end of the day discourage men and women to compete, under threats of denounciation. It looks like Inquisitorial or  Occupation times. Those are our prankers mocking Mussolini. Lol.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democratic National Committee Vice Chair Tulsi Gabbard resigned from her post on Sunday to endorse Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, following months of rising tensions within the group.

« I think it’s most important for us, as we look at our choices as to who our next commander in chief will be, is to recognize the necessity to have a commander in chief who has foresight, who exercises good judgment, » Gabbard, a U.S. representative for Hawaii, said on NBC’s « Meet the Press. » (Reuters)

« Congresswoman Gabbard is a role model who embodies the American ideal that anyone can dream big and make a difference, » Wasserman said in the statement. Comment here. See the difference in thinking with the Trump’s prankers. Dreaming big to make a difference is positive in Congresswoman Gabbard view, whereas for the prankers, it is a Lion attitude  which can shorten your life to one year.

Lol. Toxicity. Get it right. Brothers  and sisters. Manipulators are out there to bring confusion into your minds. Confusion brings abstention. And this is how they are going to win, demobilizing you by introducing doubt and confusion into your spirit. Science.

Remember Evils dress in Prada. Always, to hide their truly nature.

OSCARS. Di Caprio in the spotlights. At last. Perfect choice which can reconcile me with Hollywood Judgement.

For a global picture, read our previous posts.


We STRONGLY recommend the FOLLOWING  to you

The red lines.

Ambushing The Donald – OpEd

Lesson number one. When you can’t win, ambush and organise a scheme to cheat or rob the election. Past World. 

Plus. ENCRYPTION FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOMS IS OUR CONSTITUTIONAL AND HUMAN RIGHTS. We should support Apple’s refusal to bow to the FBI’s dangerous demands, and we should join forces to defend of our precious liberties without compromise. If the people lead, the leaders will follow.

Ron Paul: First They Came For the iPhones – OpEd

« Every year, the Department of State spends more than $ 1 billion for “public diplomacy” that’s a euphemism for outward propaganda. It’s aimed at journalists and civil society agencies, including some US human rights agencies so that they serve as conduits for the cause of the State Department ». J. Assange, actually jailed in U.K.

The WikiLeaks Files: The World According To US Empire – Review

Question over Transparency. « Hillary Clinton is not “levelling with the American people,” when she keeps the transcripts (which she requested at the time) of her secret speeches (at $5,000 a minute!) before large Wall Street and trade association conventions. Her speaking contracts mandated secrecy. Clinton still hasn’t told voters what she was telling big bankers and many other industries from automotive to drugs to real estate developers behind closed doors ». Ralph Nader.

Ralph Nader: Hillary Clinton Sugarcoating Her Disastrous Record – OpEd

Foreign Affairs. But it is in the area of foreign and military affairs that “Hillary the hawk” is most vulnerable. As Secretary of State her aggressiveness and poor judgement led her to the White House where, sweeping aside the strong objections of Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, she persuaded President Obama to bomb Libya and topple its dictatorial regime.

Gates had warned about the aftermath. He was right. Libya has descended into a ghastly state of chaotic violence that has spilled into neighboring African nations, such as Mali, and that opened the way for ISIS to establish an expanding base in central Libya. Her fellow hawks in Washington are now calling for U.S. special forces to go to Libya.

Ask for accountability.

The transformation of Hillary Clinton from a progressive young lawyer to a committed corporatist and militarist brings shame on the recent endorsement of her candidacy by the Congressional Black Caucus PAC.

Ignorance and Adult  infantilism are worse than sickness. Lack of political tracability and historical conscience are big handicaps. Political disabilities and readings of the Sublime Congressional Black Caucus PAC is digging the tomb for Black children, men and women alike and for the Youths in general, blacks or whites. In fact this hellish endorsement is an attempt to capture the future of America in hostage. We are looking for a society of adultity to bring young people up and high.

For a global picture, read our previous posts.

« Considering the importance of the cables, Hillary Clinton’s email traffic as Secretary of State via her private server should be considered a crime and is going to be investigated by the FBI ».



Cornel West Says Black Leaders Who Endorse Clinton Instead of Sanders Are Misguided. 

I wasn’t expecting less from Mr.  West. Dankeschön.

« After Hillary Clinton won the vast majority of the black vote in Saturday’s South Carolina primary, academic and social activist Cornel West said that black leaders endorsing her instead of her competitor, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, were wrong to do so ».

Oh my God. At last. Read the echo in my previous post about loss of moral and intellectual compass due to extreme corruption in politics.

Should I beg humility for pleading for exactitude – loud and clear – to deserve the medal of honor ? Thank you so much Mr. West for your honesty. John Lewis ? I approve this message a 100%. You just need eyes to cry for Mr. Lewis transformation to the worst.

« There’s no doubt that the great John Lewis of 50 years ago is different than the John Lewis today, » West noted. « He’s my brother. I love him, I respect his personhood, but there’s no doubt he’s gone from a high moment of Martin Luther King-like struggle to now [a] neoliberal politician in a system that is characterized more and more by legalized bribery and normalized by corruption. »

« That’s what big money does to politics, » he added. « And the Clinton machine is an example of that. »

I dreamt to hear this for such a long time that I really feel good. Wow. What a wonderful world ! Love you Mr. West.

Love you Julien A. Love you Ralph N. Love you guys and Eurasianews digest staff. Love you Everybody. Wherever. Whoever. Including Mr. John Lewis, former Martin Luther King friend.


After Trump’s bumpy Virginia rally, sometimes shaky, but inoffensively juvenile, It is worth noticing that « black lives matter » is the confirmation of « all lives matter », not its opposite.

Take care of populism and propaganda in politics and of poor simplistic reporting or interpretations. Those are easy and lazy talks.

All the more so, security agents are now aware the beasts and the jungle were not who and where they initially (due to culture manipulation) thought they were. Just turn your eyes the other way and see behind the angelical masks.

DSC_0354Now, Rubio, the former senator is telling « Trump is not going to make America great again, but orange ». I really love orange as a color and as a fruit.

Let’s talk about symbolism. Consider this short folder.

When you look at the sky, you easily spot three dominant colors : blue, orange and the mix of them, grey. You just need eyes for the experience. Not the State’s department email underground experience, but a wide opened one. The State Dept is going to release some of those emails that have survived the erasement in the darkness. Remember « Men in Black » blinding laser flash function. Right.

Question. Which color is the Sun ? In fact, it is a spectrum going from yellow to orange and vice versa.

As a fruit, Orange is juicy and bright. Something difficult to hide. That’s why prisoners are dressed in orange to be easily spotted. This is a remarkable identity.

With this jailing exception, orange is Joy and peps. It brings you energy and vitality, for its Natural Vit C.

Orange is one of the colors of Greatness. Kind of passport to the Sky. Science.

Vote Bernie !!! GO. Do you know the song « Blue Sky » from the Cool Crooners of  Bulawayo ? Here it is. It sound like « King Lion » at the beginning (hot  like Orange color) ; thereafter it starts flowing soft in choir like the Blue color.

Orange is a hot color. It brings heat.

Blue is a cool color. It brings calm and peace.

In practical, we need the two colors in our lives. Life is Orange and Blue in fact.

Blue Sky. Enjoy and try to find a better sounding version or buy the DVD. Sometimes, it sounds like Louis Armstrong with the bum bum bum…

Hello, Sir Muhammad Ali, the Greatest of all times !


The Palestinian ordeal. A remnant of the colonial era. + Lybia free fall into chaos. Wall Street’s perversion and the State of the Union Speech preview.

As a nice sounding echoing our previous post on « The perversion of the World », here is a case study over Palestine « On Wibisono’s Resignation As UN Special Rapporteur On Occupied Palestine ».

Previously, we wrote this :

You see how Gaza is run ? Through submission – a key word. This is a miniature of the World governance. While they are claiming to be too-big- to jail or to fail, because they are the elected people or somehow free to harm and kill and cheat on the entire World, they set themselves as World enslavers and jailers. And beleive me, they spare nothing to achieve their goals. Those people  are soulless. Their God is Money. All the contrary of the notion of being « blessed » by God.

« sooner or later, Justice or Nature (as a supra and invisible rule or law) always prevails ». Sooner or later.

Now, read the ECHO.

Makarim Wibisono announced his resignation as UN Special Rapporteur on Occupied Palestine, to take effect on March 31, 2016. This is position I held for six years, completing my second term in June 2014.

The prominent Indonesian diplomat says that he could not fulfill his mandate because Israel has adamantly refused to give him access to the Palestinian people living under its military occupation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

It is worth recalling that when Wibisono was selected as my successor, several more qualified candidates were passed over. Although the selection guidelines stress expert knowledge of the subject matter of the mandate, Wibisono apparently gained the upper hand along with the acquiescence of Israel and the United States precisely because of his lack of any relevant background.

I can only hope that now the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) will redeem its mistake by reviving the candidacies of Professor Christine Chinkin and Phyllis Bennis, both of whom possess the credentials, motivation and strength of character to become an effective special rapporteur.

The Palestinians deserve nothing less.

What I discovered during my six years as special rapporteur is that you can make a difference, but only if you are willing to put up with the heat.

What both shocked and surprised me was the willingness of both the UN Secretary General and US diplomatic representatives (Susan Rice, Samantha Power) at the UN to bend in Israel’s direction and join the chorus making these irresponsible denunciations focused on a demand for my resignation.

Although periodically tempted to resign, I am glad that I didn’t.

Get the whole story here.

Wa also portrayed the horrific landscape of the World today as such :

Wall Street is ending its stifling road that has caused millions of people sent into poverty, the corruption of political power everywhere especially in America and in Europe and in Africa and in the Arabic World – nearly everywhere in the planet, the murdering of Gaddaffi, the invasion of Iraq, 9/11, the destruction of Lybia, Syria and Afghanistan and Yémen, the impoverishment of Africa, the crippling of South America’s economy, the splitting of Ukraine, the Maidan coup, and the descent of the nation into chaos, the Malaysian airlines downing and other flyings, the rising of terrorism around the World,  the Arab Spring nearly destroying Egypt and Tunisian economies… In short the perversion of the World.

Get more at El Watan with those two articles :

⇒ First. Expeditionary Justice. Quatre jeunes palestiniens liquidés en moins de deux heures – Israël poursuit sa politique d’exécution extrajudiciare. 

⇒ Second. Lybian free fall into Chaos. Because of Terrorism.

⇒ Third. No more parachutes for Wall Street bankers. It is long past time to crack down on the legalized bribery of golden parachutes. We need to raise our voices and demand that President Obama act. Tell President Obama: Ban golden parachutes for Wall Street executives for the rest of your term. Click here to sign the petition:

Four. « Those who cannot remember they were screwed by Wall Street are condemned to be screwed again ». By Robert Reich.

Excerpt. « The only way to contain the Street’s excesses is by taking on its economic and political power directly – with reforms so big, bold, and public they can’t be watered down. Starting with busting up the biggest banks, as Bernie Sanders proposes.

More than a century ago, Teddy Roosevelt broke up the Standard Oil Trust because it posed a danger to the U.S. economy. Today, Wall Street’s biggest banks pose an even greater danger. They’re far larger than they were before the crash of 2008.

Unless they’re broken up and Glass-Steagall resurrected, we face substantial risk of another near-meltdown – once again threatening the incomes, jobs, savings, and homes of millions of Americans.

To paraphrase philosopher George Santayana, those who cannot remember they were screwed by Wall Street are condemned to be screwed again ».

California and L.A are so trendy those days.  Non authentic people are there for some laughable parades. When you were born to be a copist, and have been living over a false and fake merit, you end up desperately floating like a feather in perdition. Depersonnalised and desindentified.

Besides, behind ex political women, there is or was a man. Always.  Men are women political career enablers. The rest are exceptions to the rule. And as all of us know, a rule stands only when there are exceptions.

So, if you know the man behind the polical woman, then you can start the profiling. It is as simple as that. Do you want a Bill Clinton bis ? That is the question for this election.

In France, we will not have a Hollande bis, neither himself nor his female characterized = non identified – version. A blessing.

We need real authenticity and authentic people, not the cheap panurgic and lazy leadership of the past, lacking courage and authority ; needly to talk about morale clues to lead the World and the Nation properly. This campaign is about overhauling the criminal and oppressing system that have caused so much woes and misery to the people around the World and in America.





I’m not going to try to guess the content of the speech, whether people are exausted by politicians greediness, corruption, selfishness, weakness, complicity and genuflection to big firms, corporations and banks.

When times come for campaigning, two types of candidates are out there : those looking to making up big money for themselves and their dynasties ; flucking together with big thieves known as Billionnaires. And those strong enough to stand with the strenght of fundamental values and cored principles of governing the people, with the people and for the people. Two different prototypes. The « State of the Union » speech will not underline and insist on the essential variable needed to clean politics : public fundings campaigns to get rid of the greedy fake candidates, looking for money in disguise of a candidacy for the presidency.

More importantly, will this State of the Union final show tell  the tale or the narrative – in the air – of the World ? Which one ? The relativist version or the absolute Truth ? The differences between the two versions are huge. Relativism is the place where everybody can stand and talk. Talk not write, contrary to what they beleive they are doing or performing. Reporting is not writing. Journalism is not scripture. Lots of confusions between those gestures.  Reality and the Truth are not equivalent.

You can build your own reality and argue that you are not imposing it on the others, because it is yours. If you are a little bit honest, you’ll add « this reality is there to make propositions ». If you are a manipulator, you’ll even argue for guns possession while condemning guns violence. Two opposite stands.  As long as you bring up realities, you are beneath the challenges and the Truth. Approximations and asymptotic analysis would be the outcome of what some expertises are hinting at.

The fact is: so many false prophets are out there to talk endlessly without shaping or influencing Progress, one way or another.

The new word I contributed to popularize: « Approach(es) » allows and opens the possibilities. Nevertheless plurality of opinions can work for the best or for the worse. Actually, it really goes to the worse. Objectivity can only be reached when you make abstraction of yourself and stick to the intelligibility of the facts.  In other words, Facts bear their own logic. Facts not your subjectivity, even though there is an universal or a collective subjectivity comprising easy talks, bargainings, racial biais, mediocrity, cliches, and so forth.

To get to the truth, you first need to desentangle personal subjectivities, or to distant yourself from them, as today, the Internet has mounted a chain of mountains of such individual subjectivities.

To cut it short, I can’t help to convene Shopenhauer, a German Philosopher as Germany used to be home to,  stating the « World as Will and Representation ».

Bernie Sanders is on the side of the World as Will . As such, he is a Builder, a Founder.

So far, we have gotten a lot of candidates talking about the World as Representation, meaning a place where you can suggest like anybody else a reality including a reality show, or a comedy one. Those are not founders or builders. They are much more clowns-like, lacking authenticity and depersonnalised.  Important to underline the word « suggest » here, as those are the people who are going to say about truly analysis that we are imposing our rationale upon them…

I agree with those actually writing the speech of the president, that this exercice – The State of the Union scripture –  is not there to tell the Narrative of the World. Frankly, I wish it were the case. Having said that : it is a despair to see that, this story, should it be told,  would come to this. The Truth of the World today is a Huge Hypocrisy leading to underground, thus invisible, censorship.

This story will be concealed as usual for a more presentable version, smooth, bright and light. Tonight, it will be about « the reality of the reality ». (Watzlawick).

While awaiting a Sanders to relaunch the Obama’s partly forgotten 2008 Will : « Yes, we can ».


⇒Oh, Congratulations to Leonard di Caprio, the best of the best. I advocated for that and there it is. At last, truly and authentic merit is awarded. « The Revenant », the title is so ambiguous and it tells the real story of the World, following « lector in fabula » by Umberto Eco narrative patterns. To some people trying to use the Word « narrative » like they are having a cup  tea, they should know this is a college studies. Words mean something, just like concepts. The correlation between concepts and ideas is tight, you permanently move to one another to be sure you are approaching objectivity.

⇒ And farewell to David Bowie.

⇒ Watch the State of the Union, before we are back for extra comments off or post-narrative.

⇔To end with « here is a perfect  quote by Ms. Lagarde, the IMF Managing Director », highlighting the progressive road and dream as one where the «  the politically impossible becomes the politically inevitable.” This is superb.

I would like to leave you with this thought from Milton Friedman:

Only a crisis – actual or perceived – produces real change. When that crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around. That, I believe, is our basic function: to develop alternatives to existing policies, to keep them alive and available until the politically impossible becomes the politically inevitable.”8

Follow the link. The Case for a Global Policy Upgrade

By Christine Lagarde, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund
Farewell Symposium for Christian Noyer, Banque de France, Paris, January 12, 2016

As prepared for delivery

8 Milton Friedman, 1962. Capitalism and Freedom. University of Chicago Press.