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Silicon Valley Myth : from the promise land to Hell. Where is the original Freedom promise ?

Liberalism is another communism. Watch Silicon Valley Myth turning around as an open Valley to jail the entire World.

« World As Global Sin: Knowledge As ‘Margaritas Ante Portas’ – Essay » 

What is knowledge within the world of developed society?

What does it mean for us to be aware that every 11 hours the knowledge in the world is doubled?

We are so developed and yet so uncivilized. How it can be? It all depends on how you “read” an understanding of development and civilization.

Especially, if development and civilization means neo-liberalism, and the “exporting” of “my way of thinking-democracy” as it “should exist all around the world” and let the markets to do everything – to liberalize the liberalism. It is amazing that those who were fighting against Mao Zedong’s “flourishing of thousand flowers” are doing nowadays exactly the same thing, but instead of operating with the system of “communism” they are doing it now within the guise of “capitalism”.

This is amazing. This very morning, while having a walk, I was thinking exactly about the absolute necessity for the World to be cleaned from the stinking forces – the  « 1% bastards » ruling the World like Hell. If you would like to have a preview of how Hell looks like, the World today provides a perfect idea. That is why we need nothing less than a Revolution to cut down the Big Trees.

Each vote is a Guillotine to cut down manipulations, devotions and destructions.

Sabahudin Hadžialić has nailed it for us. I approve this message – from EurasiaReview – a hundred per cent plus.

Next Tuesday, « as you go, so we go » (Read our previous post). Stand up for your rights and for your very existence. Stand up against the vultures of the World. How do you want the World to move forward, with this incurable wound. Those 1% bastards are plain obstacles to Growth, wellfare, well-being and togetherness.

Unless set aside, at the place where the bandits used to be, our future is doomed.

« We are so developed and yet so uncivilized ».


Bernie Sanders for President

Sisters and Brothers –

In just about 72 hours, we’ll be watching the results come in from North Carolina, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, and Missouri.

We’ve come so far — too far to come up short now.

Because when we win against the most inevitable candidate in decades, every single campaign after ours will be forced to think twice before accepting big checks from Wall Street, the pharmaceutical industry, and people who profit from destroying our environment.

And when that happens, we can start to break free of a corrupt political system that results in Wall Street regulating Washington, D.C., and not the other way around.

Those are the stakes on Tuesday night and in this primary. And I know that if we stand together, we are going to do very, very well.

Contribute $3 to our campaign today and we’re gonna win the delegates we need to win on Tuesday night, we’re gonna win this primary, and then the White House in November.

We are closer in a number of the states voting on Tuesday than we were at this point before our historic victory in Michigan. But time is running out for you to contribute to help put us over the top.

That’s why your donation matters so much, and why I have to ask you to make one before it’s too late.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016


Bernie Sanders for President

Sisters and Brothers –

I want you to think back over the last five weeks. I want you to remember how it felt when we won New Hampshire. Then how it felt when we won four states on Super Tuesday, and then three more the week after.

And of course, think about how you felt when we staged the greatest comeback in political history when we won Michigan.

Now let’s do it again this Tuesday.

Success in Tuesday’s huge elections in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, and Ohio will be possible only if everyone who supports our campaign joins together again. We’re up against super PACs and the billionaire class, and the only way we do well is when our supporters stand together.

Please chip in $3 to our campaign now and get ready to shock the political establishment on Tuesday.

What we are doing together is only possible because millions of people decided that enough was enough. And if we continue to stand together, anything is possible.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders