The establishment is the Matrix.

⇒ After Brazil, Venezuela is the next coup! Venezuelans stand firm against your highly desirable oil reserves. Oil is so sexy.

⇒Journalists are learning lessons on writing here : the platform, unique are words to use everywhere and anyhow. Seniority is powerful and beautiful! Wow ! This is a free contribution to Education.

But take care of extreme redundancies, it brings fatigue and disinterest.

Malika Menard is a rat or a stooge. Poor something. Desperate (1).

⇒ 27 percent of likely voters do not understand how the primary process works, and 44 percent do not understand why delegates are involved at all. This alone is the signature of the inutility of the press and the intellectuals’ retreat from the public stage. Education is concerned again and again. How is it civic instruction is so weak ?

Intellectuals’ retreat and mercantilism is a key explainer. The circularity mentioned in our previous post – yesterday – is a double-bind. Intellectuals and books-publishers were tied to each other. To be recognized as such (= an intellectual), you need to show your publications. Problem: the medias, the best of the mediocres. If your writings are not politically correct, meaning in line with the establishment way of doing things, the medias – the establishment dogs and invisible army – will ignore you. The book publisher is a merchant. As such, he needs a return on his investment on you. The pre-condition for this return on investment is the medias talking about the book ; the more they will be talking of it, the best chances for the book to become a best seller, to get the awards, and critics appraisals. Books editors take no risk on publishing an « author ». He must be one of their affiliates, bowing down to his knees to His masters, to receive the stick in his as, crying « yes Sir ». Then the book is born.

As a consequence, cronies and medias-promoted empty « celibs » are our new authors. Underdogs politicians and intellectuals also. The central place occupied by the medias in the cultural world and exchange is just as huge as our own compromissions to the System. This is how mediocrity feeds the entire society abusing everything including intelligence and letting people down and hopeless. The medias was lecturing intellectuals and politicians. Crazy ! Power in the hands of the mediocres.

Kill somebody today and a book editor will rush to contact you rapidly to get your story first. Sensationalism will do the rest and the people’s brainwash to voyeurism will follow like Pavlov’s dogs.

Their model is Gilderey Lockhart, the magician book writer and his poses (Harry Potter).

To oppose this, I initiated a project of education on citizenry, times ago, just to encounter the big hurdle named « The Establishment » that destroyed the project, leaving young people the project was designed for without lens and compass for a perfect navigation  in the sea of Politics.

This was done on purpose : the less people know about something, the better you can cheat on them, manipulate them and lie to them.

The project was successfully experimented in France in 2002-2004. Its success was its tomb. The establishment sworded it. Today, France is feeling the heat with its labor law’s fight on the streets. This is the outcome of a long long anger fueled by the immuned and irresponsible political board.


⇒ Brexit Or Not: The EU Needs To Make Itself More Competitive – OpEd

(1) Watch a piece of mediocrity here : when you can’t sodomize an intellectual, track him and come out with articles. Yahoo is a prostituted site :Capture bw

Yesterday, I went out with my daughter wearing a black and white look.

Bingo, Yahoo, our worms, are discovering it. And to look as intellectuals, they cite Simone de Beauvoir.

 Malika Menard is a rat looking desperately for something to write on. And it is a permanent trend from Yahoo. Taking your look and transferring it to a member of their bands. After « repeat after me », the microsoft robot tried to copy, their new pick is « wear after me » or « follow me like my shadow ». And those are people conducting fashion ? Where is Vogue and so-called fashion-makers and magazines? Those elected people are so miserable. I told you they know nothing except banditism, mercantilism, robberies and corruption. Their flag is « take and run fast with it ». Those are gangsters-born, making money out of other people creativity/conversations/ listening behind the doors nobody invited them for a visit/ standing and way of life. It is a global pattern, ranging from the cooking – that is why they are sitting in my kitchen – to the bathroom and bedrooms, everywhere, the rats and worms can hide in your work offices or homes, in the malls, in the trafic, you find them. 

1985 in Cameroon working as the Assistant (of the Director) inside Brasseries du Cameroon (Yaoundé) – This Chinese restaurant’s (located at Nsam Efoulan – at the time -) moment was the closing of a training session on leadership performed by a Polish Instructor. The man was as tall as Lebron.

Here are more of my pictures for a photocopy and misappropriation. Band of Big Thieves and desperated people. You thought you could buy everybody, or sodomize us all or force us into prostitution. Error. You are out and done. 

 From the moment those pictures of  me younger where present in my laptop, yahoo started Cher before and now. 

Hello Cher, wish you the best.

That is how they infected and captured the establishment in hostage, turning it muddy.

« Non au sionisme » mentioned on the wall was a premonitory message I didn’t noticed at the time, until February, 2016.Click to enlarge before the picture is hacked.

I suppose you have seen a lady wearing blue sun glasses, like my daughter did two days ago. The horizon is getting clearer. Who is next ? Using Serena Williams picture kissing a girl or another black woman, without her knowing what the rats are doing with her pictures.  Celibs should take care of the misuses of their images by mediocres so-called DSC_0511journalists taking inspiration here while attacking Sanders supporters. Microsoft has sent a message to me « how chameleons (me) are doing to stay without changing color » ? I’m asking them in return « how is it the rats can not stay without invading other people’s lives, places works and homes » ?

In the office
On the office desk, 1985. Yaoundé.

Today is one of the most important days of our campaign: the final FEC fundraising deadline of the Democratic primary.

If every supporter who has signed up to join our campaign made one $2.70 contribution before tonight’s midnight deadline, it would ensure we have the resources we need to win in California and make our strongest case possible at the Democratic convention.



ps. For the activists, friends of animals, our friends, qualifying some human beings as beasts – as mentioned in our previous post – is not an insult or a deconsideration for animals.  After all, Cecil, the Zimbabween Lion, was defended here loud and clear. Remember ? Litterature defines « the beast » within Human Beings as devils and evils.

Bernie Sanders for President

This was amazing the first time we showed it to you in October, sisters and brothers, and it’s just as amazing today.

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In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
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Bernie 2016

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