12/15. Republican debate: THE RED CARPET (CAMPAIGN).

Bernie Sanders for President

Dear Bernie Supporters –

If you’re watching tonight’s Republican presidential debate, then you’ve heard a lot of talk about « carpet bombing » cities, sending our men and women into another endless war, and completely closing our borders to women and children who have lost everything but the shirts on their backs.

In short, it was a debate designed to scare you into voting for candidates who want you to forget what this election should be about.

It’s about keeping our families safe, it’s about fixing an immigration system to unite families, restoring our broken economy, and taking back our democracy from the billionaire class.

We bet everything you’ve heard from Republicans tonight makes you feel like supporting a Democrat right now.

Poll after poll shows that Bernie does better against Republican candidates than any other Democrat in this race. And right now, we are on track to reach 2 million individual contributions to our campaign by tomorrow’s midnight deadline — an absolutely unprecedented achievement that we can only reach with your help.

Make a $3 contribution now to help us meet our goal — and to show the country you want our campaign to take on Donald Trump, or whomever the Republicans nominate.

In solidarity,

Team Bernie.