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« The region can’t afford another war » : Amr Moussa (BBC)

Two days ago, the former SG of the Arab League,  Amr Moussa has a « hardtalk » with the BBC over the situation in Egypt. He reaffirmed Egypt was undergoing a Revolution not a coup.  As such, he stressed « no one would hijack Egypt Revolution », an allusion to those opposing the people will.

Ask whether Muslims Brotherhood would be dissolved, he  prefers advising them to change by themselves. Was it relevant to go after their militants, Amr Moussa answer was « Egypt has to go back to normalcy » and the duty of the army was to « bring back discipline ».

We are not going back to Moubarak’s era or Morsi’s. The way is forward.  Of course, the situation is fragile. The first step of the path for reconstruction is « maintening peace and security ».

What about El Bareidei that has left the country ? Amr Moussa responded the former transitional PM is facing interpersonal affairs and none of them is linked to any governmental requisition.

At the end of the interview, Amr Moussa was asked about a military intervention in Syria. « The region can’t afford another war » was his answer. Until now, Iraq has not recovered from 2003 bombings. Deaths and bombs are ticking daily. Did America ask Iraq for forgiveness over  lying about WMD, invading unjustly a nation, killing millions including hanging Saddam Hussein high and short ?

Were the NATO’s allies punish for those crimes and lies ?

History and the rule of Law

Today, president Obama has announced his desire to bomb Syria as a punishment for having used chemical weapons.  The  British Join Committee  Intelligence reported those allegedly use of chemical weapons for 14 times.

After 14 times, what is the accuracy of a supposedly « red line » defined in the first place ?

No doubt, the U.N. team will  confirm America’s stand in form and substance. The question will still remain, why 14 times without any action or warning ? Why this time ? Some are answering the scale of deaths. So what is sanctionned ? The use of chemical weapons or the number of victims  ?

Because the president announced a consultation of lawmakers at the end of the recess, the 9th, we are going to wait until then. In the meantime,  president Obama should also consider something bigger than military strike : compassion, forgiveness and long-term vision along with mistakes made in Iraq, if really, evidence are compelling over Assad’s responsibility or the rebel’s side.

Personally, I don’t believe Assad is behind this. He was winning the war over the rebels. The rationale is on his side. As all of us are looking for a way out, it’s time to opt for calm, apeasement and a way forward which is not fire power. Not at all. Let’s put it like this : set the counter at zero.

Military action looks quite simple and blind.

President Obama has promised change in America. This is Times for that following British Lawmakers that have paved the way in a Churchillien manner. This is a Great Job I salute respectfully. A sign of hope and change.

Read also :  What happened to the rule of Law  ?  The NY Times.

Excerpt. Mr. Obama came to office as a “rule of law” president who pledged to respect international and constitutional law much more than his predecessor did. As a candidate he said that the Constitution prevented him from using military force in situations like Syria, and in his Nobel Prize speech in 2009 he insisted that all nations must respect international standards on the use of force. Syria will not be the first time, and probably won’t be the last, that the exigencies and responsibilities of the presidency cause him to eat these words.

And Obama : Military response warranted in Syria (Newsmax)

Obama: We should strike. CNN

Syria. « Evidence should preceed decision, not the opposite » : Ed. Miliband.

Today was marked by the publication of a dossier from the Intelligence Joint Committee to sustain evidence PM and his coalition tried to put forward during those two latest days. The dossier coincided with the date of discussion of the MPs reconvened earlier. The document was targetting a total adhesion of MPs. Unfortunately, that objective failed short. Few MPs Labour were convinced by the argument brought forward in support of the evidence.

The Shadow of Iraqi’s terrible error is haunting the MPs and discrediting the Intelligence report. If Cameron was able to convince the MPs of something, that something is to wait at the conclusion of the UN team who are awaited on Saturday, Ban Ki-Moon announced.

Lack of compelling evidence 

Throughout the day, Skynews was a theater of MPs delivering over the issue, ahead of the Parliamentary session. So many interesting opinions along with those of some experts that were not convincing with the evidence either.  Inside the streaming, Ed Miliband asked to act with calm  and avoid knee-jerk reaction. He is wary about a « superficial timetable » looking like a « political timetable set elsewhere ». He also insists on non compelling evidence and upon the respect of the UN Law and protocols.

Ed Miliband refused to deliver a blank check at the coalition and is asking for more – specifically considering the consequences of the intervention –  before considering any military option. The Labour expressed reluctance to enter a round of condemning the use of chemical weapons before even proven irrefutably by the UN investigation’s team. This vote could be interpretated as a preacceptance of the second vote to come authorizing a military intervention.

Skepticism was the dominant sentiment of the MPs.

View the debate at the House of Commons.

From the Vatican, we have got the information Pope Francis is against any military intervention and thinks any solution should be political. Former Deputy UN SG, Marc Malloch Brown, has been saying that since the beginning of the conflict.



Syria. « Just because you can do something doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do » : Luke Coffey, Former UK defense adviser.

What is going on today concerning Syrian crisis ?

Yesterday, the White House (Jay Carney) made it clear « it was not about regime change » and we are grateful for that precision. So is the case for that other mention : « president Obama hasn’t ruled yet over a military action » meaning we need much time to sort things out.

What is disturbing are the assesments and certainties « Assad has used chemical weapons on his own people », France as usual, UK as classical and the U.S. choir voiced  so loud that in the end of the auctionning day, president Hollande declared arrogantly, as it is the habit in France « Assad must be punished ». Punished ? Like a child ? By who ? France/UK/Germany/U.S. backed by the eternal corrupt and traitor’s Arab League ?

Punish me

If I were bad tongue, I would recall french president the treacherous conditions that have led to his cheated elections in 2012. But I’m not.  If I were, I should have been asking who is going to punish him ? Has he ever been punished for that crime of democracy inside a presupposed developed democracy ? No.

Here is it : since his election, the french president is trailing into the abyss of polls for political paralysis, nepotism and a non-married woman sitting at the Elysee Palace in total contempt of the protocol and the tradition. I’m not going to tell you how poor politics have come to be in France with two presidents following each other and sharing the particularity of « wedding » or being in couple with « mannequin » and a « journalist ». The accointances of politicians looking for election with press in particular or the « society of entertainment » in general go without saying.

Like President Sarkozy, president Hollande is trying to gain some credibility on the international field to compensate the poor performances at home. In other places, we call it opportunism. In France, correctness in politics call that cheating « being wise ». General  wisdom considers it is wise to cheat and circumvene some cardinals principles of democracy to win an election. No matter how you get there, only the winning outcome counts. With such a mean and thin moral benchmarks, you can rush out in arrogance shouting after Assad « killer, thief« , just to hide yourself behind the outcry.

Punishments ?

Who is going to punish the killing blood sold around the Arabic and African nations under the then French PM, the actual Foreign Minister  that has decimated millions of Africans with HIV ? Nowhere on Earth, even in totalitarian nations, would such a Premier be scrolling in politics again at high level ? Except in France.

When it comes to democracy, France is dismissed. Totally.

Now, what about Britain ?

Tuesday, when the debate was ragging, Skynews granted us with an interview of Luke Coffey, a former UK defense adviser. Responding to the « contingency plans » made by UK in order to plan a military « punishment », Luke Coffey stated it clearly « not because you can do something implies it is the right thing to do ». Of course, the NATO alliance can strike Damascus. But will those strikes solve the problem ? That was first.

Second, he delicately questioned the Obama’s administration talking about drawing a « red line » = use of chemical weapons. Once this red line is drawn, the president has given a stick to beat him back or has exposed himself to all sort of devilish and perversive manipulations. Luke Coffey used a clear picture to describe the situation : the president is « back on the wall ».

Third, as a conclusion, bombing Syria is not going to resolve anything.

As we have put it previously, it is just a matter of flexing muscle or mastering the game just like in a jungle. Ironically, Russia figured it out in a colourfull way :  « America was playing geopolitics in the region like Monkeys with Grenade ». Inside the  Jungle.

 « We have to move deliberately and cautiously » : David Owen.

Another interesting analysis was given at Al JAzeera by David Owen, a former British Secretary who advised the UK to go with it steadily and deliberately, endorsing the procedures of the UN, which means trough the security council and under the UN Charter. « We have to move deliberately and cautiously », he said.

Asked to react to the announcement of the UK governement saying « acting on humanitarian ground » will be legitimate, David Owen answered of course, the use of chemical weapons is considered a crime against humanity.  But we all know so far the responsibility of Assad is not proven yet.

David Owen regretted that the UK will bring a resolution at the UN. He said, he would have liked Russia to draw a resolution asking for an immediate cease-fire in Syria and for talks. This is a window open for Russia to clear its own position which is not that clear.

In fact, time after David Owen or before, Al Jazeera aired a debate between a US representatuve at Washington, DC, an International Lawyer in London and a Defenser of Human Rights in Syria who happened to be a woman. Understandably, passionate and angry. She also questioned the Russian position along with Iranian. Russia has always expressed its rejection for a military intervention without articulating to which extent the nation would go to support Assad. Indeed, Russian position is fuzzy.

Her feeling is she is suspecting Russia and Iran to be holding Syria as a field of confrontation between them and the U.S. Should this come true, Syria is also manipulated in the game. In the end, Rebels could well wake up one day just to find themselves embarked in the same manipulated military geopolitical games floating above their heads.

As for the International lawyer, after seemingly agreeing with the US representative of surgical strikes within a short period of times, he concluded « a long term state building system » is needed in Syria with all the players involved.

Meanwhile the US representative kept on insisting over the necessity of a punishment because of some violations of international norms which he dated the last use from WW1.

Read also the position of « Chuck Hagel: No U.N. approval needed for Syrian strikes ».

Press conference of Brahimi, the UN-Arab League Envoy. Highlight of the Day.

Concerning Geneva II.

It was worthy hearing at Brahimi. First, he recalled that, either Russia or the US, the two leading forces of Syrian crisis, have confirmed  their interest and commitment to Geneva II. Geneva II is framed by a principle :

All parties come in without preconditions.

This was a response to a question asking whether Assad will be associated  to peace talks leading to a « Government Body with full executive powers » for a transitional period, until elections are held, as Geneva II is targetting it.

Brahimi insisted that the last event of August, 21st makes it urgent to hold talks.

Concerning the use of chemical weapons, if the US/UK/France detain some evidence, Brahimi is interested to see them : « Evidence has not been share with us ». In any case, international law states that any military intervention be conducted under the security council. A response to those questioning the ability of the trio UK/France/US to bomb Syria, without any UN’s mandate. So far and without a miracle, this is an impossible mission. China and Russia, veto’s nations inside the security council, will never shift their positions.

Parliamentary or presidential regime.

Brahimi, the special envoy in Syria has raised an important point concerning the real change demanded in Syria : shifting from a presidential regime to a parliamentary’s one. « A large consensus among Syrians exists whether or not to give up this presidential regime ».

If this can help Mr. Brahimi, here is a comment : France, a country I well know the political system is said to be a Republic, meaning with a strong parliament. Nonetheless, French institutions are still ones of a Monarchy. The President being the first Monarch. Among democratic nations, French is all under Public  sector domination. The private sector is tiny. Unions are politicized (leftists) and every thing is under political control. You can’t escape the Gigantic Spider State. Nowhere. Once you are spot, you are dead. Democratically and in a civilised manner. Discriminations, poverty, injustices, nowhere to escape.

It is easy to say parliamentary system. In the end, achieving it is a permanent challenge and needs a long term vision and many ambushes are lying down the road.

There are many undead in France, parked in peripherical areas. Next time you are in France, ask where is the departement 93 – Seine-Saint-Denis that has become smybolic of that nightmare immigrants in France are trapped in. Name Africans and Arabic.

Killing people can take many patterns. Discriminations and exclusions are some of them.

The Fight for Human Dignity everywhere remains number one priority. Syria is a sample of a global challenge concerning people in the two Hemispheres. We need to think boldly and deeply.

Conclusions so far :

1. A symbolic  attack in Syria would be a sign of despair. By the way,  a military attack is a military attack ; short or long. The Syrian Human rights defenser we previously mentionned here in the debate, argued that « Unlike Lybia, Syria is a society where military plants are not isolated. Bombings them would inevitably hurt civilians ». So think twice. She added people are demanding what America or Russia or any other countries think. What about asking what the Syrians need ?

2. Humanitarian grounds ? Use of chemical weapons ? We are still waiting irrefutable evidence. The UN investigation mission still have 14* days to go. (* correction : 4 days)

3. The remedy will be worst than the disease, if Syria is attacked, whatever the motives.

4. French president has called back the MP’s.  France voice in the region counts for zero. That is first.

Second, only French governement (the coalition socialist party and the Greens) is supporting the war in Syria. The entire forces of opposition are against any involvement of France in Syria. So it is false to mention France is supporting war in Syria. It’s the coalition with polls quoting 28 % of French approval rate : the highest score since one year of governance. 

Third. Can France act differently from UK and the US since they let France invade Mali ? This is a give and take deal. Business as usual.

Tomorrow is another day.

At this stage, we have got a terrific problem concerning democracy as a whole : Destituting a President. How to send home a deceiving sitting  president ? This is the headache Egypt has dealt with lately. It may well be the problem of tomorrow challenging our Civilisation.

Let Freedom ring.

 About Humanitarian pretext, « NATO’s war in Libya was proclaimed as a humanitarian intervention — bombing in the name of “saving lives.” Attempts at diplomacy were stifled. Peace talks were subverted. (From Global research)

A massive rocket carrying a new U.S. spy satellite has lifted off from California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base. (CNN)

Syria. For uncountable reasons, the West is responsible of the failure of the Arab Spring.

Is Obama a McCain’s puppet when it comes to military intervention abroad ? Whether yes or no,  President Obama and David Cameron are said to be about to launch an attack on Syria, having made up their minds over Syrian official army’s use of chemical weapons, before the U.N. investigation team has come up with some conclusions we all know in advance will be biaised. Everybody can be struck by the dog’s attitude of President Obama in following McCain footsteps abroad. This has been the case on multiple occasions : either to topple leaders like in Egypt and Yemen or to kill them like in Lybia and now in Syria.

How is it GOP’s representants and senators are the most contemptuous towards president Obama they miss no occasion to treat like a « Negro » not deserving the presidency and this is what is lying behind the Obstructionnist art of the GOP in Washington ; how is it the same president is ready and has kept being doggy each time McCain has asked for a military intervention abroad ?

Is the president feeling and conceeding weaknesses over military action handling to the veteran senator McCain ? Vietnam was 60 years ago even more and McCain is still the barometer for the US military actions. How is it ? I mean this is total nonsense. From every side of foreigner politics and military actions abroad, senator McCain is definitely off the modern tracks. His solutions are outdated. They lack any relevancy. Here is why.

First of all, Western powers’ accusations of lack of democracy inside Arabic countries or African relies upon underground motivations and untold stories. Western powers don’t care about democracy inside those countries ; they don’t care about the people over there. What they care about is for their interests and only that. What they care about is for the preservation and the reinforcement of their power on the World’s affairs. What they care about is being the Masters of the Game.

On the way to accomplish this and only that, they don’t accept to share power with strong leaders from other parts of the World. Gaddafi was a strong leader. So was Moubarak and Saddam Hussein. So is Mugabe (Zimbabwe), Assad from Syria, Putin of Russia. If one proof, here is it :  Former Iranian President Ahmadinejad was permanently accused of all the sins. Did you notice that since he departed the Presidency, having served twice, according to the Constitution, nobody among Western leaders is talking about nuclear weapon and the possibility of Iran to have one is less and less a heat topic and a matter of dispute  inside the Atomic Agency. This tells us that, the problem was not the acquisition of the nuclear weapon from Iran, but President Ahmadinejad himself. So was Chavez and Castro.

Historians may object this is nothing new. A flash back in History provides  us with plenty of examples of strong leaders toppled and killed in Africa, in South America and in the Middle East during the process of decolonisation or the fight for that. The Herculeen liberation of India, led by the Mahatma Gandhi came accross at a terrible human toll. Neverthless, Gandhi didn’t give up. Instead, he kept on encouraging people to marching on.

On those days of Martin Luther King remembrances, we have a deep thought for the Standing Man asking to keep marching on. He learnt from Gandhi that « sometimes, some fights may look unwinnable because of the Gigantic dimension of your adversaries. But don’t bow down, sooner or later, those Giants would fall down. Allways ». This is another variation of the Religious advice saying « don’t be afraid ». Dr King would add, keep on marching on.

This is a message for Syrians. Don’t believe in big oil interested superpowers will free you from a so called tyrannic president. If you do, be sure  you’ll be returning into slavery. If any, better be enslaved by a Syrian than by a foreigner. Look at Irak, Lybia and Egypt how the so-called transition and liberation of those nations from their presidents has turned into a triple nightmare : no more democracy but a mockery of it  – no sign of reconciliation anywhere ; instead those states had reached a breaking point of a durable deadlock fueled by hate and divisions – and above all a tremendous chaos and relegation back to years of colonisation if not even before those dark ages.

Huge past Mistakes of the U.S. – U.N. – Western powers alike

In Irak, we have had those same claims of WMD (Weapons of mass destruction). America attacked Irak for that. Years after, it appears clearly that the whole operation was a pretense to punish Saddam Hussein. President Bush, the son, wanted to avenge his father crossing the frontier between family life and American standing around the World. The operation was presented to the American people as one for democracy export. It ended in a big flop.

The worst part of that unjustified war is NATO’s bombs were made of depleted uranium that is still killing people in Irak. Al Jazeera has got a report to show this hidden and silenced reality. So, who has used chemical weapons over Iraqi people ? Western NATO superpowers. They did it on total impunity. They left the country without looking back to heal the people contaminated by those depleted uranium that is causing cancers and many other terrible diseases the Iraqi Health Secretary is helpless before the gigantic size of the consequences.

Who is going to compensate Irak and the people affected by depleted uranium as victims of bombs ? Who is going to bring the NATO’s alliance to the UN or any court for condemnations ? And these are the sames who want us to believe they have got a high moral standard and any consideration of any human being apart from the Westerners.

Snaked tongue and double standard as allways as the developments on the ground  in Syria show again. A gang of commandos comprising troups from the CIA, Turkish, Jordanian … is said to be moving to Amman to kill Assad. The gang has been operating long time before the chemical weapons’ investigation was launched. So what is the use of that UN team on Syrian soil ? To confirm the commandos operation to come ?

Apparently, things were planned long time ago to this purpose. First, you mount a rebellion supplying them with all the tools and ammunitions they need to set a civil war. You bring them your international support along with the dominant western press worldwide as a tom-tom. You organise a massacre alledging this was done with chemical weapons. In the meantime, a gang is ready to accomplish the dirty criminal job of a president of a State. By the time the UN team is out there testifying « yes, chemical weapons were used by the governement », the commando will be back at Amman.

Read in the Huffpost. Bob Corker, GOP Senator, Says Syria Action ‘Is Going To Occur’ In ‘Today’ Show Interview.

The same scenario in Irak and Lybia is being applied in Syria. In Egypt, the transition was cut short by the same West calling for Moubarak to go. They even added « Now ». How many times have we heard this  song « Moubarak must go » – « Gaddafi must go » – « Saleh must go » from the West, in total indifference and irresponsibility.

« Now » was the ultimately fatal mistake. Nowhere did the West allow those nations to enter a peaceful and strong transition of power ; little time or none was left for the election and for the political partis to organise. In the end, all that precipitation brought most troubles than the previous ones.

Yes, for uncountable facts, the West is responsible of the failure of the Arab Spring.

America took side earlier in the process ; they failed to help any dialog fueling the revolt by irresponsible calls of leaders to defect without delay. Eventually, the door was open to any opportunistic political formation like the Muslims Brotherhood.

Either in Lybia or in Yemen, America and its allies put their hands together with those of terrorists and al-qaeda-backed rebels. Not only this was the kind of unacceptable business America must never get caught into for it breaks down the moral compass, Al Qaeda has strenghtened its positions and has grown with ammunitions taken from arms smuggling senator McCain advised to land into rebels territories inside Lybia and elsewhere. It is a real shame for America.

Saudi Arabia eyes opening – at last -promising to compensate American aid for Egypt looks like a light out of the tunnel. America was not aiding the military in Egypt : they were selling arms. This may inform those in America debatting whether the situation in Egypt is consistent with American Aid. By the way, Saudi Arabia has dismissed US Aid to oil nations which are not in need of money. Not at all.

All this put together speaks for Russia and China’s positions not to allow the repetition of the past mistakes made by the U.S. in the Region ; especially for the wrong interpretation of the events and the bad decisions taken at the time.

Watch CNN. Russia issues warnings to US over Syria. 

From Press TV.  According to president Assad, Saudi Arabia is arming the rebels. The president has made the following statements :

“The comments [accusing the government of using chemical weapons] made by politicians in the West and other countries are an insult to common sense… It is nonsense,” Assad stated.

The Syrian president also said his country is dealing with both individual terrorist groups and entire terrorist armies that are similar in terms of ideology and are backed by the same sponsors. 

Assad said Saudi Arabia is both the ideological and financial sponsor of terrorists, propagating Wahhabi ideology and supplying money to insurgents

Get more in the « Total Collapse ».

Hysteria around chemical attack suits those who want military intervention in Syria – Lavrov.


La France exige son « droit du sang » en Syrie.

Cette élite politique française qui prétend aimer les Syriens plus qu’Assad, le Syrien.

Il n’y a que des gogos de la politique internationale pour penser que la dernière mise en scène des crimes Syriens – soi-disant avec l’usage des armes chimiques – est le fait du régime d’Assad.

Depuis que Barack Obama a dit qu’il faisait de l’usage chimique la ligne rouge dans cette guerre civile, impulsée par une coalition des pays de l’Occident qui agissent clandestinement en Syrie avec le concours de la Jordanie, de la Turquie et d’Israel (qui ne manque dans aucun coup de déstabilisation d’un pays Arabe), les rebelles Syriens ont déjà joué le coup des crimes de masse en invoquant l’usage des armes chimiques par le gouvernement Assad.

Certains [Mc Cain en tête. Suivi de Laurent Fabius et d’Alain Juppé] veulent nous faire croire qu’Assad serait acculé par des commandos et ferait donc ainsi usage de méthodes de désespéré, semant la mort partout. Disant cela, ils se positionnent comme les amoureux du peuple Syrien qu’ils aiment plus que le Président Syrien lui-même, dans le genre, plus royaliste que le Roi. Disant cela, ils oublient de dire qu’ils sont les acteurs de toutes les divisions au sein du monde non occidental, encore naïf et assoiffé du pouvoir pour le pouvoir, c’est-à-dire pour le fric.

Ces divisions leur permettent de rester et d’occuper ces pays qu’ils ont au préalable contribués à déstabiliser. La division est la seule façon de justifier leur présence et, pour cela, la guerre et l’aide aux rebelles et à la rébellion, labélisée guerre de libération contre un Dictateur et un régime anti-démocratique leur va si bien.

Montés sur leurs grands chevaux, ils arrivent claironnant la démocratie pour asseoir une autorité usurpée.

La démocratie c’est lorsque cela arrange leurs intérêts au point qu’on va remettre le droit positif en cause, pour des motifs discutables et non prouvés.


1. Pour cela, le degré de mépris des Occidentaux envers les autres dirigeants est à proscrire. Pensez même qu’un Chef de l’Etat puisse faire usage d’armes chimiques sur son peuple par ceux-là mêmes qui ont mensongèrement accusé l’Irak de détentions d’armes de destruction massive et qui ont fait usage de bombes à uranium appauvri qui tue les Irakiens et les Afghans à petit feu et détruit une population (voir le reportage al-Jazeera) ; ceci dans l’indifférence généralisée y compris des donneurs de leçons de démocratie et pourfendeurs d’Assad, donne un haut le coeur.

2. Qui a dit et de quel droit les occidentaux pensent-ils qu’ils ont le monopole du coeur, alors même que ce sont eux les fossoyeurs des libertés et des droits dans les pays qu’ils incriminent et jettent à la vindicte publique ?

3. Assad n’ira nulle part et si les Syriens sont suffisamment traîtres pour cela, alors, la guerre civile sera longue, très longue et sans répit ni pour les occupants Jordaniens et Turcs corrompus, Israélites, les semeurs professionnels de la haine, ni pour les autres occupants qui attendent en se frottant les mains.

4. C’est l’intérêt de la Syrie qui compte et non celui de l’Etranger. La Force importée ne résoudra rien.

5. Quant au « gangstérisme international » prôné par l’UMP, cela fait peine à entendre. L’UMP n’a apparemment pas tiré les leçons du passé de sa politique étrangère calamiteuse. Certes, elle s’en glorifie aveuglement. Tant mieux pour elle. Simplement, à ce jeu-là, qu’elle oublie 2017.

La France n’a plus d’hommes d’Etat, c’est dommage. Elle ne peut penser que de l’ancien et du déjà vu, les yeux rivés sur le rétroviseur. A Gauche comme à Droite, cela semble être une constante. Si les choses et les propositions de l’UMP et du PS restaient en l’état en 2017, alors il faudrait que le prochain président ou la prochaine présidente soit issu(e) de la formation Europe Ecologie les Verts, seule encore capable d’inventer et de penser quelque chose de nouveau.

Cette rentrée nous a servi une Grande Duflot et une non moins Grande Eva Joly. Contrairement aux partis sclérosés et gangrenés par le conservatisme, EELV a la particularité de ne pas être composé uniquement des professionnels de la politique, carriéristes sinistres et ennuyeux, membres de tous les clubs Bilderberg-riens imaginables Grands Maîtres des statu quo frigorifiants.

Si en 2017, le napalm électoral pour reprendre la formule du « napalm médiatique » (Duflot) pouvait nous rendre ce service et faire un nettoyage au Karsher, alors, le véritable changement aura pris pied en France. En attendant, on tourne en rond avec les mêmes rengaines d’exigence de « droit du sang » par la France partout où elle intervient à l’Etranger. Ce goût du sang est effrayant.

Y a-t-il une relève crédible à l’UMP ? Voilà la question que doit se poser ce parti au lieu de s’intéresser à un inventaire sans intérêt, puisque couru d’avance.

Allez plus loin. Les bombes de l’OTAN contenaient de l’uranium appauvri.

Mali : smoke democracy. What Egypt should avoid to be in the future to come.

We have to start here by a brief from the NYT –

Mali: Leader of a Coup Gets a Promotion.

Mali’s departing interim president promoted to the rank of general an army captain who led a coup last year that plunged the nation into crisis and allowed fighters linked to Al Qaeda to seize the desert north. The surprise decision, relayed by an army spokeman, came just days after the West African nation held a critical election to choose a new president. The promotion was criticized by rights groups. Amadou Aya Sonogo, the newly promoted general, has maintained influence despite officially handing power back to civilian leadership last year, and the move this week appeared set to bolster his position.

In case Senator McCain came to have missed the information, we are pleased to bring it to him as a present during the recess. On the gift paper we have noticed some questions for the senator :

–  How the senator feels about the promotion of a Leader of a Coup by a so-called new elected president in a country under the total France submission and occupation ?

– Is it Democracy he has been dreaming at for Africa while leading the Lybian Coup that caped the failing so-called Arab Spring ? A smoke democracy ?

– In case the Senator missed the Al-Jazeera reportage over French-African connections mounting coups in Africa and multiple cases of embezzlements of oil money stolen organised into a Mafia organisation for the wealth of political parties in France and their leaders along with African presidents which got a guarantee from Paris to stay in Power as long as they desire, since Paris is there to assist them in esclavagizing their people…democratically, according to the West. We have made some comments available here (unfortunately, they are in French – but ask a translator to do the job) over that excellent reporting from Al Jazeera aired the 15th August. That was recently. I highly recommend that investigation to anybody as a study of case on relationships between the North and the South mired with Corruption. The documentary worth too many comments and a watch. You will probably need a seat near by, in case you are a novice in African and international issues.

What the documentary couldn’t get in touch with are those others develish connections coming with African presidents’ enrollment into that scheme. On top of this is the export of the masonic lodges. An obligation to adopt the sect. Unless you are a secret member, you won’t have a post at the highest political or administrative levels. That is first.

Second, and this is the untold story, masonery sects came in Africa with a clandestine passenger : homosexuality ; the new imposed order to succeed either in politics or in the editing world. Naturally, this goes with male prostitution. The chain is not a fatality, but a well tought trought upstream the bringing in of oil corruption and freemasonery sect. All this ends in Massive tax evasion. We praise Great Britain and Chancelor Osborne for the Wanted List of people hunt as Gross Tax Evaders. It is a milestone. I really great the valuable and responsible decision.

What is disappointing is this is the same GB, author of controversial ads calling immigrants to leave GB or face arrest threats. After the disappointment, you start laughing for you need much more to destabilise or frighten illegal immigrants. I may say, once an immigrant has already landed in a place, it is difficult to turn him out. Questions concerning the respect of the State of Law, Human Rights, International Solidarity, Human dignity and sometimes the respect of family life assemble into a kind of Tour for the Administration. Many leaders are facing the dilemma : either you go straight into it like president Obama is doing right now with the immigration reform or you take the Britain way : impasse.

To deal with illegal immigration, you have to take the problem upstream, before giving the visa or follow into it like in Switherland. Once the immigrant is on the soil, it is usually too late. How do you cope with this, with regard to the freedom of travelling and freedoms of people.  May be a new framework is needed here. Most importantly,  we need good governance on Poor countries, especially in Africa. Raw material is becoming the center of all this as they impact trade, aid and development of those countries where many illegal immigrants came from. That’s why dealing with corruption and tax evasion is the best way to fight illegal immigration.

Once those horses pull the cart, you can move on with the issue. Mali represents a summary  of all this. Look at the sequency :

– Fake election with a president under French imposed order exploiting raw material without taking care of Malians : one of the poorest country in the World with big natural ressources. Nobody can explain why and how is it ?

– If France is leading the nuclear industry in the World, thanks to Niger and Mali (apparently uranium has been found in the country explaining a boost of interest for France)

– In the end African Wealth is enriching the West side and African elites enrolled into the raw material french-african connection : usually presidential families and friends and  members of homosexuality and freemasonery sects alike.

– Africans are more and more poorer and this is where Illegal immigration starts as a survival. You can have a look at my e-book for those matters. Ask a translator to help with the traduction. I’m sorry. I’ll manage to provide one in the future.

We started with a letter to Senator McCain. We’ll end with YOU.

International Corruption throught  the Race for Natural Ressources is linked to some amazing cults and practices. Gay marriage and the Triumphant international homosexual lobbying are out there promising the worst nightmare to Putin during the  Winter games to come in Sotchi. This is how the Snowden’s gate is ending with President Putin trapped into gay’s nets. When president Putin welcomed Snowden, he couldn’t foresee this : like in Africa, homosexuality is a clandestine passenger inside the cases or the lab or the USB devices. Putin couldn’t see this : he came from so far behind that he couldn’t apprehend how vicious the World has transformed while he was Premier and exclusively concentrated into Russian interior affairs.

Gay lobbying is kind of furtive scheme requiring expertised eyes to catch in its earlier rampant stages. The media are their best channels. At first sight, you’ll be listening and reading the media as neutral tools. In the end, you’ll have Gay loobbying hidden inside those channels. Many of their personnel are either gays or under freemasonery obedience ; if not belonging to those two affiliated cults, their employer is one of them. We shall go on with this discussion some times ahead.

For now, what was important to see is how interconnected things and the World are ; how an event in Mali could inform the rest of the news even Egypt we will talk about in another note ; how gay marriage is a product of a smoke democracy and global corruption of leaders under mainstream outlets and lobbying pressure necessary for their re-election, popularity and symbolism  ; how the chant of democracy under the « oath » of mainstream’s media neutrality has turned Egypt down, how illegal immigration or not is directly linked to poverty due to poor countries’ governance, how homosexuality lobbying is utilizing mainstream’s media channels to grow up or diverting the notion of civil rights equality to explain all and nothing.

How is Putin going to do with the legacy of Snowden-mainstream media’s backend announcing some sabotage and a showdown against Russian antigays propaganda’s laws towards the youth under the majority age ? I’m eager to see that scene. Previously, we alerted President Putin Snowden was a hot potatoe : you carry it you get burned. Inevitable.

Next stage : the burning down of Putin. Sotchi Winter’s games. Cool. 

Book a seat.

 Concerning International Aid and the institutionnalisation of the double standard, read « Haïti recovery : white supremacy and slavery are still alive and well in the “pearl of the Antilles”. Global Research offers a best and clear confirmation of what has been advocated here. Follow the link.