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Wiping Israel of the map. Explainer.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech at the UN General Assembly is announced for today. Apparently, he has promised to tell the World the truth about the real nature of Iranian Nuclear programme.

– Knowing that Iran and the US have somewhat agreed on the matter – president Rouhani  said his country is not seeking a nuclear weapon ;

– Knowing also that Israel has never signed the nonproliferation nuclear treaty or any binding treaty over chemical weapon’s elimination as Syria have done recently ;

What is the legitimacy of the Israeli PM to come and tell the truth about Iran nuclear programme whereas we don’t have the same transparency Israel is demanding from Iran concerning Israel nuclear weapons’ stockpile ?

In the Bible it is written “clean your own house before cleaning the other’s”

You know, whenever you talk with mainstream people struggling for a living, you’ll always have this reflection : ‘you know what we are living under Israel and Jews domination’. ‘They are the one in command’. If you oppose this, they will retaliate arguing ‘look at the banks, look at this, look at that and finally, look at the president of the US, they are under Jews obedience ; they are not the people in command’. I’m unable to confirm all this, but just a part.

France was somewhat on the sideline of this Jewish domination. Until the socialists came to power in 1981 when the country started its slippery slope to Hell. Consider only this example ; behind Kosovo, Lybia’s bombings and Syria pre-condemnation by an Israeli-backed US, blowing fire on a red line crossing, you have got one man manipulating puppets Presidents  in France, all along the way, Bernard Henri Levy, known as a philosopher. Sure, in France, Edition is on the hands of Jews. They publish their brothers and crown them with any title, subtitle and awards imaginable. The various committees in charge of delivering those awards are co-opted inside the Jews obedience or appartenance.

The philosopher convinced president Sarkozy to attack Lybia, after an encounter with the Lybian Opposition. In the same move, he convinced president Sarkozy to welcome the Lybian Opposition at the Elysee, as the first step to destroy Gadhafi’s regime. Later on, President Sarkozy convinced Germany and his other European counterparts: UK, Italy and so forth to go warmongering. And they went. Unshamely.   The second reason behind President Sarkozy defeat is the Lybian fake war. You know the first reason as well : a Cheated election carried out by journalists and the whole mediatic corporation system over-advantaging candidate Hollande while perverting and caricaturing Sarkozy – all this under the rule of Israeli press owners and players.

Naturally, the same Jew philosopher has worked to push president Hollande in Syria using any pretext. It started the day after Hollande’s election, with his foreign minister’s activism inside the region. French socialists are all under Jews influence. Two former PM socialists have divorced French (form origin) women to take a Jew wife. One, the actual foreign minister is Jew (origin) and three quarter  of Hollande’s government are Jews (origin). Hollande himself have followed the same path, abandoning his first wife with 4 children for a divorced Jew journalist female.

Naturally, those people are adepts and worshipers of gay marriage. These are the set of rules established by Israel the World has the duty to wipe of the map.

Naturally, only Iran was able to challenge Israel at this level. Iran is the nation that has invented  the Chess game.

Israel is losing ground for extreme immorality and inhumanity. What is the PM Netanyahu going to tell the World today ?  Get more here.

‘Democracy is strunk’. (Charlie Chaplin playing the Dictator (Hitler) of Tomania.

Read also. Netanyahu Warns Obama: Don’t Be Fooled by Iran. By Newsmax.

The World Today

Lybia in shambles.

Lybia, the unfinished Revolution. Benghazi is the field of permanent crimes. By El Watan.

Lybia in Anarchy. By Global Research.


People are heading to the polls stations for parliamentaries and majoral elections.

USA .  Polls over the US shutdown.

From CNN.   More people say Republicans in Congress rather than President Barack Obama would be responsible if the federal government shuts down starting Tuesday because of a bitter partisan battle over the new health care law, according to a new CNN/ORC International poll.

With just hours before funding for the federal government runs out at 12:01 a.m. ET Tuesday, the poll showed that most Americans also think congressional Republicans are acting like « spoiled children » in this fiscal fight, with the public divided on whether the president is acting like a spoiled child or a responsible adult.

The poll was conducted for CNN by ORC International September 27-29, with 803 adults nationwide questioned by telephone. The survey’s overall sampling error is plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

On Mid-day. The Democratic-led Senate on Monday again rejected a proposal by the Republican-led House to derail Obamacare in must-pass spending legislation.

The action sharply raises the chances of a government shutdown beginning at midnight. The Senate vote was 54-46.(CNN)

In the NYT. Senate Rejects House’s Terms on Budget With Shutdown Near.




« Anyone who begins a war in the Middle East will never end it”. An Iranian Member of Parliament.

The parliamentary is a Jew, born and living freely and peacefully in Teheran. You may have thought it impossible, in accordance to the noise around the “denial” of Holocaust blamed on president Ahmadinejad along with his provocative prophecy announcing to “wipe Israel off the map of the World”. Two decrees that provoked the outcry of all the journalists and politicians in the “international community’s” side of the World.

What ? Wiping Israel from the map ? The only arm capable of this announced Holocaust 2 is the Nuclear weapon. That is why the “international community” has been hunting Iran to dismantle any ongoing nuclear project, if any. Because, they could not go to attack Iran so diligently, like they may have done in Syria, they started with round of sanctions getting tougher and tougher. Israel, a nation which misses no opportunity to replay the Holocaust’s victimisation role – the one they excel upon – kept on pushing hard the back of its American allies. Any time Israel’s estimation was the “international community” was slowing the momentum, the Jewish State would increase the hardship of sanctions on Iran. Times over times, Israel would threaten to go it alone and bomb Teheran.

How disruptive was the Jew Iranian Member of Parlement speaking at Fareed Zakaria this Sunday ! Listening the ugly mediatic and political campaign against president Ahmadinejad, wrongly portrayed as an anti zionist, it seems pretty certainty to everybody Iran was a country where freedoms were in danger and Jews people living a hell. Absolutely wrong. The Iranian parliamentary said he and his fellows Jews are totally free to worship, to put their students in schools of their choice : 5 Jews schools are available in Iran. They can choose to put their children there or in public school ; they are not discriminated. Their life is better today than yesterday, because, the president considered their demands.

Whenever they were dissatisfied with the president in the past, they would reach out to him to expressed their disagreements. At the same time, the Jew parliamentary was explicit in acknowledging they don’t systematically agree with Israel conducts and behavior. Mr…. recalled a word of the Tora “love your brother and sister as yourself”.

He further mention He was a volunteer during the 10 years’ Iraq-Iran war to defend his country, Iran. If his country faces another situation of war, he would volunteer again. Unless you have listen it, you could not believe that, as the contrast with endless comments was blinding. I invite any of you to go to CNN, Fareed Zakaria to listen the untold story. One of the many silenced ones.

Now, let’s deal with Ahmadinejad two decrees over Israel.

First of all, the so called denial of the Holocaust.  Ahmadinejad didn’t frontally deny the Holocaust. What he pushed forward – I remembered following an Interview of him at CNN with a retired CNN star, Larry King – president Ahmadinejad was questioning the fact that Holocaust is not subjected to a scientific study or overview to confirm its assertion of 6 million Jews killed. Because it was unable to let any study to go into this, as it is the case for other historical facts, it looks like the same fatwa over the Holocaust itself adds suspicious under the same axis : fact checking under university’s protocol for instance. No more no less.

Just because anybody who is asking for fact checks over Holocaust is stamped “revisionist” and antizionist – as media and other elites have always entertained us – was enough to denounce the kind of blackmail and censorship exerted to threaten people instead of encouraging transparency over that criminal part of Human History.

Then you have that second Ahmadinejad, my favorite ‘wipe off Israel of the Map”. Former Iranian president explained it very spiritually. He said the “Soviet Union was a reality, where is it now ? Apartheid was a fact. Where is now ? “. One you translate Ahmadinejad’s enigmatic face, smile and language, and attitude superficially, you may ask yourself “is he announcing the Apocalypse for Israel” ? And if you do, it is exactly the wrong way his smile wants you to go into and he would smile at your lost trajectory and misinterpretation. It is kind of game.  Who is to blame ? The quick and easy comments and commentators. Not Ahmadinejad.

You know the saying : when you point a finger to the Moon, the idiot looks at your finger instead of looking at the sky.

What Iranian president was always pointing at is the spirit of Israel and the values Israel has set and imposed to the World. Partial argumentation, blackmail, corrupt rationale along with threats, savage capitalism coming with recolonisations, cheatings … in fact, the World today is led by those values Israel has contributed to implement and strengthen either throught banksters without any moral code of conduct or through politicians lobbying captured in the nets : over victimization leading to over protection and extreme censorship towards Holocaust. The paradigm has been imposed upon journalists ; some of them, the zelots just embrace the scheme and here we are : the only people of the World that have suffered any Historical nightmare is Jews. Their woes recovered all the others, as they have managed to buy politicians, medias, banks, journalists, edition outlets and so forth, nearly everywhere decision are making to rule the World.

That is exactly what should be wiped off the World, as this is the tomb of poverty ; the credo of Evil. Look how over-protecting Israel has led to tolerate the intolerable Palestinian condition under Israel law of fire.

Look also the fake war in Iraq, the Iraq-Iran 10 years fight, the derailment of the Arab Spring with US supporting religious groups and jihadists to topple secular regimes. Saddam’s regime was a secular regime. Syria provides us with another case Israel is pushing hard to topple. Israel has vowed Iran can not be allowed to have a nuclear weapon. If PM Nentayahu was mindful, he would admitted his nation have got the nuclear bomb before adding he has the right to possess and hide the fact. America will keep silence over that disturbing truth, just as a dog.

This is what Ahmadinejad has asked to wipe off the map. The spirit of lying, cheating, corrupting every think, manipulating the data, false and baseless accusations, …

Israel is communicating over the arrest of an Iranian spy on its soil. Israel the master-in-chief of Spying in the World, associated with America, could not forget how they have killed an Iranian scientific in Teheran, blown up in his car. An Israelite Spy did the job, in the sake of halting Iranian nuclear enrichment – if any – programme.  The two standards of the USA, when it comes to Israel on one hand and to the other nations of the Middle East, on the other, go without saying.  In the meantime, official versions of the fact remains at the headlines of some medias as incontrovertible proofs, times after the real version is known. Look Syria. Global Research has brought a striking proof the videos provided by the rebels in connection with the August 21st attacked was fake. No one single mainstream media has corrected the assertion. Journalism today is the voice of Superpowers. Few check the facts. Lazy journalism is tendency. So is lazy music.

Now, to make your voice heard, you should throw all your clothes off, pimp your bust and pump your booty and walk in bikini to make the music flow not through ears, but through eyes. And from then, you know the rest of the story… Since Lady gaga told us that when she started moving her clothes in a bar where she was singing for a while in total indifference, she started drawing men attention to her body, then to her voice. From that moment, she knew exactly what to do next. Staging nude and going anorexic. The more you are into, the greater artist you are and money flew high in the air before falling into your pockets.

About manipulating the audiences, read also. Fight the Enemies of Truth by Global Research.


Iraq. From one dictator to another

Before I listen the parliamentary at Global Square (CNN), I was about to write something about a documentary aired by Canal plus (France), two days ago, over the Iraqi war –Inside the decision-making to Obama ending war. What was achieved in Iraq is this : replacing one dictator Saddam Hussein by another (Al Maliki). Many criticism voiced against Saddam can be addressed to Al Maliki.

Take Nepotism. Saddam governing with his sons. Al Maliki is doing the same. Think also about how dynasties are built up in America.

Take the brutality vis-a-vis the Opposition, more of the same.

Some members are taking the road of exile after falling into disgrace due to false accusations mounted by the System in order to force them out of the country.

The government is sectarian. Al Maliki is not a power sharer.

The Canal plus documentary brings us inside the making of a war under distorted facts and data manipulated reporting from a member of the CIA. We learnt that, before the Iraqi invasion, there was no one single member of al Qaeda in Iraq. Days after the invasion, al Qaeda militants began operations and they got bigger and bigger, with arms and heavy weapons available everywhere.

Witnessing how Iraq has gone from there to a place of daily bombings, we take the assertion of the Jewish Iranian Parliamentary as absolutely inspired. “Anyone who begins a war…’. (see the title)

The war in Iraq has cost 170 000 lifes. All those for nothing. Syria must not be the next in that blind foreign policy where the president of the USA can decide unilaterally to give 48 hours to Saddam and his sons to live Iraq, their homeland, for exile without any sensible reason, then bomb Iraq, invade it without any clear roadmap for a peaceful and successful transition, and, in the face of that chaotic scenario, set in urgency a Governor of the colony who set himself Calife replacing the former Calife, Saddam. That ignorant Governor has worsened things. Consequently, the situation in Iraq slept out of control. Militias grew up quickly. Where national unity was expected, divisions between communities and inside them deepened and, in the middle, Al Qaeda fighters reemerged from the rubbles of Saddam.

Since 2003, Iraq is far from having recovered its unity. It’s a real desolation and failure.

No one should be allowed to wage that kind of power of nuisance.


The World today.

US. Shutdown.

Political games are staging inside the US Congress between the Republicans, partisans of a shutdown and democrats. In the middle, the president and his veto right. The Mikey Mouse movie is well oiled now. Shutdown or not, this is not the Apocalypse. Tomorrow will tell. What is for sure is at the last minute, there will be a compromise. No panic.

Kenya. Some critical news.

  1. The government has been informed earlier by Kenyan intelligence of an imminent attack of the Mall.
  2. The response of Kenyan securities forces may have been chaotic and added to casualties
  3. The attackers of the mall rent a shop one year ago ; they had time to organize and to inflict the maximum damages. So they did
  4. Somalian president told Fareed Zakaria, young desperate men was the bulk of al Shabaat fighters.


Nigeria. Another voiceless atrocity. Boko Haram Islamists are in plain confusion: killing students is a curse that undermines any fight, even for better redistribution of oil revenues to Nigerian people. Nigeria is getting closer and closer to the Sudanese scenario. At a certain stage, the muslim and Christian communities would have to sit down to examine whether they want to live separately or not.

Centrafrique. The silent civil war nobody is talking about.

I’m Elise Mbock. 


Health care. Food or medicine ? The unhealthy choice in Kentucky.

In the state of Kentucky, ‘people roll the dice and pray they don’t get sick’ : Gov. Steve Beshear. Article of the NYT.

‘His  state ranks among the worst, if not the worst, in almost every major health category, including smoking, cancer deaths, preventable hospitalizations, premature death, heart disease and diabetes’

Tignore checkups that would catch serious conditions early. They put off doctor’s appointments, hoping a condition turns out to be nothing. And they live knowing that bankruptcy is just one bad diagnosis away.

Furthermore, their children go long periods without checkups that focus on immunizations, preventive care and vision and hearing tests. If they have diabetes, asthma or infected gums, their conditions remain untreated and unchecked.

For Kentucky as a whole, the negative impact is similar but larger — jacked-up costs, decreased worker productivity, lower quality of life, depressed school attendance and a poor image’.

Right now, 640,000 people in Kentucky are uninsured. That’s almost one in six Kentuckians.

Some 308,000 of Kentucky’s uninsured — mostly the working poor’.

Ohio, Arizona and Michigan seem to be following the same pattern mismatching the Big Starring character of their senators at Washington DC.

The Kentucky of Mitch McConnell, the filibuster-in-Chef is ranking worst than Ohio which is on the bottom file. The two Republicans leaders of the Senate Minority and the House Majority ‘s huge impact in Washington is in total contrast with the deadly and dreadful performances of the services due to the people.

Check the whole story at the NYT with this call  of Gov. Steve Beshear ‘My State Needs Obamacare. Now.’

Lybia. Chaos in oil industry.

Infant mortality. Cleveland, the worst place to be.

 Health crisis disparities. The broken warfare system in Ohio.

Al Jazeera has aired a reportage today over the infant mortality at Cleveland, the worst in the United States. During the reportage, we followed a pregnant young woman, homeless in America, struggling until his delivering of a baby girl. But when the reporter came in to see the mum and the new born, he found a girl with a malformation right in the middle of the mouth, like those we have seen in poor countries lining up for a repair surgery. Is it America today ? Pinch me.

Unless you have seen the report, in those days of Chemical Weapons and hypothetical Iranian nuclear weapon, aiming to distract the people from their very basic needs and the very essence of engaging in Politics along with the nobility of ‘political missions’ – you couldn’t believe this possible in the 21st century, inside a nation calling itself the Number One in the developing World. So what is wrong ?

An expert explained it through high rate of premature born mortality. Root causes are to find out of the hospital. America has the best care taking and doctors to save a premature. But, the task is impossible mission because of extreme poverty and a broken warfare situation. Cleveland, Columbus in Ohio brought perfect examples. In those places, infant mortality is worst than in country like Botswana, Guatemala or North Korea. Pinch me twice.

Then we got the explainer from a community health worker. The problem is one of poor choices. The system has failed to deal with the root causes of the problems that it was design to resolve and is inapt to help people in need of good assistance.

Consequences :

– More families tragedies

– More babies dying

Echoing this, listen what the Director of Cleveland department of Health has to say, when asked by the excellent al Jazeera reporter, if she was aware of the fact that Cleveland was at the last position in health care assistance. She disagreed with the last ranking as the worst performer of the USA. Then the reporter opened a way out changing the qualification of the ranking into “a bottom file”.

The Director of Cleveland department of Health’s response was, ‘we are not looking at the numbers but at the effort we are making’. Indeed. Intrigued by the type of answer showing little awareness at the figures, the reporter collected more information inside the department and came to the conclusion that they don’t know how bad those figures were and though the Director has been waiting the al Jazeera team, apparently she was not prepared to face straight questions. If this can help al Jazeera, it is about, institutional reflexes and code of behavior. But they know it as well.

In the hospital, a Doctor expressed indignation over further caps to health care politicians at the high level are announcing. ‘They have decided to play politics’. The reporter had to check it out at the local senate, but every senator ran away. What did you expect? Those people will not contradict the Speaker and the GOP’s fight : The battle for Obama care funding. We learnt than an amendment to bring better care and protection to the minorities in Ohio (the Speaker’s Home) was brought down in the local senate floor. Black women are badly hurt.

In the end, the young woman with a new baby girl said ‘she wishes his daughter will find out a better society to live in’. She, the mother, is still homeless. A story from America no one could believe it possible, right now., inside the constituency of the Speaker of the USA opposing a better health care system along with an improved warfare’s one. (Watch on Fault lines, Al Jazeera).

The more you think about this story, the more you wonder how rare stories like these are brought into light proportionally to the hair cut of the first lady. How superficial and distractive the story of a teen hair cut like is looking, compared to the sufferings of those black women. Apparently a first lady hair cut surpasses all the misery and suffers of black women minorities still trapped into extreme poverty. Poverty or extreme poverty is a double chain. Don’t forget.

The World today.

Soudan. President Bechir has ended oil subsidies causing the price to double overnight. “Ending subsidies vital to reform”, the president has argued. Sudanese people and the Opposition disagree with the president. Oil stations are set on fire in Khartoum. Cars are burnt. Public buildings are attacked. Transports are disrupted. Schools are closed. The hardships are on Sudanese people and the situation has worsen since the partition of Sudan diminishing public revenues.

Opposition are contesting this version blaming the responsibility of the situation to 20% decrease in public revenues on the government. The opposition is accusing a ‘Dictatorial regime’ looking for money to fuel its political businesses and to continue waging war in Darfur. Because of a ‘dictatorial regime’, foreign investors have escaped the country which is finding itself isolated. Those are the reasons behind the economic downturn in Soudan, according to a leader of the Opposition speaking at al Jazeera. The Opposition is refuting being behind the riots he qualified as spontaneous. So far 29 persons have been killed, after 4 days of demonstrations.

Kenya. The mall is cleared from al Shabat attackers.

The search for bodies, unaccounted for, believed to be underneath the rumbles mixed with the bodies of al Shabat fighters, is underway. Al Shabat vow to continue the fight inside Kenya until their forces are out of Somalia. Al Shabat organization is funded by Ivory trade’s trafficking.

Poaching. ‘Global trade in wildlife concerns rhinos, tigers, gorillas and elephants killed by the thousands. China, Vietnam and Thaïland are the biggest participants of that illegal wildlife’s trade’. The trade worth $10 billion annually. Poachers are more equipped and heavy armed, and best organized than the officers tracking them. Look the reportage at al Jazeera.

Mums at work. Skynews (Boulton and Co).

Families and taxes. (An interesting debate today in Sky). A mum inside skynews’ studio made this point : some mums are sacrifying a career to take care of their children. In the meantime, families with one income are paying more in taxes than families with two incomes. She concluded that this British government was the most family unfriendly ever.

All in all, would you call, like some, for a woman as president ? For all the nations ? Come on. This is not about woman in power. It’s about social justice, high moral and human values and common sense.

Regarding the condition of the poor, some commentators are suggesting the poor are responsible for it, because of the bad choice they consistently make. This supposes poor people are free to make choice whereas nothing is more wrong like this.

The system is backfiring.

Nevertheless, do you really think a woman as president of the USA could change the course of the World and set a new cycle? Suppose you say yes. Do you think there is any difference between being a first lady and being president ? If you say yes, do you think women in politics act differently to men ? If you say yes, show us. If your answer is no, you have got it : politics is not about gender. It’s about Leading by Exemplarity all the times.

Syria. In an interview, president Assad underlined the US has not ruled out the possibility of a military intervention. ‘US has proved disrespectful of human and moral values and of the UN body’. That is why they are insisting to consider the chapter 7 of the UN, opening the possibility for a strike any time soon or later. Syrian president mentioned the nation is prepared for an attack. Russia is working to neutralize the chapter 7 automatic enforcement asking a mention saying that no use of force occurs without reconvening the security council for decision, should the US and its allies come to consider that Syria is not obeying them at their will.

Indeed. President Obama campaigned in 2008 over ‘no pre condition’ ; ‘no ultimatum, ‘no threat’ inside diplomatic negotiations. In 2013, here we are : threats, ultimatums, preconditions, options far remote from Geneva 2 philosophy. Some of you would object, Iran didn’t murder 1,400 people with gas. On this chapter, look also at al-Jazeera – today is the al-Jazeera day – to listen a military expert associated to the UN in investigating the CW fire of Augurst, the 21st. She is assuming the UN report is one-sided and needs to be completed. Time spent on the ground was too short to come up with a definitive conclusion. That is why the team will return on the field.

To add to the imbroglio, a part of Syrian opposition fighters are now contesting the legitimacy of any Opposition group speaking on behalf of the Syrian Opposition with the Western nations willing to topple Assad.

This is an equation I’m happy to let you with the resolution, knowing that the data can change tomorrow with the Syrian rebels.

Charles Taylor. 50 years in prison confirmed during its appeal audience at the ICC.

Exclusive. Look at the staging of the scene of August at Global Research (Picture). « The Ghouta Chemical Attacks: US-Backed False Flag? Killing Syrian Children to Justify a “Humanitarian” Military Intervention ».


A surprising bilingual Ban Ki Moon has opened the 68th General Assembly.

The last time we have heard French language resonating loudly inside the UN’s assembly, it was with Dominique de Villepin, a former French PM, sent by president Chirac to advocate a ‘no war in Iraq’. Yesterday’s sounding of French by the SG was kind of subliminal reminder of the message sent at the time by Mr. Dominique de Villepin : no military intervention as military intervention has never been a solution for a lasting peace. Nowhere.

Those words were on the speech of the SG Ban Ki Moon who took the stage to recall the world its commitments of reducing extreme poverty by 2015. A goal set in common, years ago. 2015 will also mark another deadline related to climate change. Inequalities, human exploitation were also marked on the SG’s speech. It was worthy insisting on economic and social issues as key roads for long lasting peace.

The Millennium programme is rarely put forward. One of the reason why is wide spread terrorism either in scale of violence and in occurrences. In Iraq, it has even become a daily reality. Alas. Nairobi and Pakistan’s horrors have been recalled. So was the rule of law and the International criminal court that should be strengthen.

Indeed it was refreshing hearing the SG.

Then the ball of Head of States started with president Dilma Rousseff (Brazil), angry because of the spying round revealed by Snowden’s leaks. Mrs Rousseff is asking for a new internet protocol. She claims 20 millions of Brazilians out of extreme poverty. We will not comment more on this speech: the backbone of it is deeply rooted in a history of malversations inside the continent. An internal affair first, eventhough the Snowden row embodies global ramifications.

Just after Dame Rousseff, president Obama was announced at the stage. This was the moment everybody was waiting for. Rightly. The speech matched the expectations. To avoid a comment which could lead to misinterpretrations or look like a debate with the president, I suggest this is not a debate but a friendly discussion.

Who am I to dare discuss with the president of the USA ?

Looks like the Pope’s question about protecting the new basilica : homosexuality and gay marriage.

Basically, I have the privilege of the skin of color. For once, it is helpful. Thanks GOD. This is a short explanation, would you say and I’m the first to agree with you. So forget about the color of the skin.

Think about consistency and substance.

Think about American exceptionalism.

Think about how many times we have been promised a two-states Palestinian and Israeli inside an agenda of endless peace-talks to guarantee the security of Israel – ‘which is there to stay’, president Obama said – and to mark the commitment Palestinians would not be displaced.

Think about the silence over what is happening right now inside Lybia, where apparently a de facto partition of the nation is silently taking place. Far away of the World sight. In the darkness.

Think about the root causes of terror.

Think about ex Egyptian, Tunisian, Iraqi and Lybian Western allies in the region protecting Israel from any Arab’s aggression ; think about those leaders (Ben Ali, Moubarak, Gaddaffi) are now presented as ‘Tyrants’ and abandoned on their own on the field of war, facing a crowdy angry public in thirst of blood.

Think about how Mrs Rice under G. Bush reintegrated Gaddafi in the UN, in exchange of his help as a go-between to end its nuclear programme and nuclear proliferation and others in the region : a Reason of conflicts and detestations between Gaddafi doing the bad job for the West and president Ahmadinejad, the great absent of the day. President Hourini will have too much to do to get out of the shadow of  Ahmadinejad.

His ‘advanced conciliatory’s words’ are just the first step of a long and shaky road ahead. Here is an advice for president Hourini : Gaddafi has played the game of ‘Je t’aime moi non plus’ (this is French)  with the West, pouring his money and Lybian inside Italian economy, Switherland and everywhere in the World especially inside the EU that has frozen his assets and in the USA. Lybia was even given a chair in the Human Right’s council of the UN.

In the end, guess what he has received : a shot in the head. Bang !
Isn’t it High Hypocrisy ? Machiavelism perhaps ? Or a Greek Tragedy ?

The good point of president Obama’s speech was the explainer he brought to the World. Despite the holes and the jumps, it was the right thing to do to show :

– first, that the president is listening  the critics of the people members of his cabinet don’t know who they are to ask for the reason why
– second, the president was and is not disconnected of the reality and

– third, the president is still determined to take any action necessary, if needed. Here the tune left no doubt or hole except that a word was loudly resonating in silence : TERRORISM. Nairobi was the code name of that unpronouncable word the like of ‘You-know-Who’ (Voledemort – Harry Potter).

The ban of the word terrorism is a tactical approach. Naming Nairobi attack a terrorist act would have lessen the charges on chemical weapons. But even Israel, in the name of who, all this chemical weapons’ obsession is conducted, is no longer there. Israel is already helping Kenya to fight terrorism in Kenya. By the way, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the ultimate horrors ever and will remain as such, before the Holocaust. The crossing line was not red, but deep black.

Times ahead, the president will thank us asking for explanations and for a roadmap dressing.

The World was waiting for it.

Africa was waiting for it.

America was in need of it.

America will provide the 1 Billion required to destroy Assad chemical weapons and an additional $340 million in humanitarian assistance.

Who I’m ? The unauthorized wild voice of the silent or silenced majority. Polls confirm.

Yesterday, Ban Ki Moon was delightful hearing ; just like good music played with two cords in harmony to tell a story : the story of the World today. Kind of barometer. And then, we recall, this is precisely the intonations the Obama’s 2008 promises were driven towards the people and we voted for that.

5 years later, the president is looking tired, probably of political correctness. It is even more, the status quo has never been so accurate and the president may feel it in the bellicose and manichean outdated rhetoric always put forward for at least 20 years now by American presidents. In the meantime, Putin has changed a lot as well as Russian leaders as a whole. Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister looks far progressive than Secretary Kerry.

Cleary something is wrong inside the WH’s  write speech and the WH’s staff is desperately White and White and White,on the exception of the exception. Crazy. On their insistence to keep intact the White Supremacy Machine gun even through the rhetoric and with the help of some journalists outside the WH I will not named, they are keeping the president behind his 2008 promises of real changes. The World has not come as it should be. Instead it remains an insecure place :  Financial terrorism, Racial Terrorism, Spying Terrorism, Social, economic and Inequalities terrorism, Poverty terror, Men exploitation terrorism, Slavery terrorism, democracy turning into an oligarchy confiscation of powers and wealth. All these woes are still operative. The World has never been so rich, but nearly everything is turning wrong.

Radicalisation is the main result of it. Even more so is the age inside which this radicalization is increasing. Kenyan horror, if any, is there to remind us of our irresponsibilities.

Kadhafi ObamaPiers Morgan (CNN) has asked some questions to Tony Blair who looks astonished how now people ‘kill without mercy and massively and die without regret’. Here we are, how many people were massively killed in Iraq (under Tony Blair’s tenure) and in Lybia by bombs pouring on them ? Did he regret going in Iraq, ordering the massive killing and, in the end, being rewarded by a post of special envoy in the Middle East ?

Leaders failed to lead by example. Instead, they made evil choices and passed them on to the young who have learnt one lesson of how the World has been ruled specifically since the 80’s when money and corruption were established as Kings of the world. One of Fifty cent’s song tells ’get rich or die trying’. Alternatively, you may say  ’get rich or kill trying’.

‘Who are we to turn a blind eye when a dictator is gazing its own people ? This is not a regime change, but Assad must understand he can’t continue with a country so much divided ?’ Words from president Obama’s speech. In the meantime, the US has claiming they are not the ones who are going to chose Syrian leaders at their place. The message contradicts itself and leave no doubt over the White House intentions insisting it is not taking side like during the Arab Spring. Messages like this don’t help apeasement. Eventually young people are not attacking to get rich, but to pay back for their painful conditions of living.

The World Today

Earthquake in Pakistan. God has punished the nation after the massive killing of Christians inside the Church. Some coincidences are not.

Everybody assessing how bad the World is shaped today will agree chemical weapons are not the top priority particularly when a Palestinian State has been promised by president Obama since 2009 and nothing in sight. It even started with president Carter and until now the only thing left is too much fake promises. Neither Israel nor its eternal American ally have moved one inch. Talks and talks and talks. Zero action. But the president criticized the UN of slowness over Syria.

Who are we to turn a blind eye when a Head of State is killed by an unidentified source and order ? We should never tolerate what happened to president Gaddafi and until this question is sort out by a proper investigation, Gaddafi’s blood would be calling for Justice. The same goes for Ambassador Stevens and the other diplomats killed in mission awfully and illegally. When will the new leadership in Lybia bring them to the international court ? The ICC has not been created only to be met by wield killing of people who should be judged there, if Guilty. Killing Gaddafi was a red line crossed in total impunity. Killing the American diplomats in Benghazi also.

Kenya. The operation is over. Three days of national mourning has been declared by president Uhuru Kenyatta. 11 suspects are in custody. 61 civilians killed and 6 security officers. More to come.

Mandela was jail for 27 years, the president recalled. Today’s jails are civilized so that you can be jailed in plain air, looking free of your movements and decisions. To which extent ? Invisible chains and prisons are still at work. I promise you to talk about me and I have started so – here in French – I have already spent 28 years in France where I came in 1985. I sustain here that I thought I was totally free whereas I was not. I didn’t know for example people of my color couldn’t be journalist, writer, politician, teacher, in short hold any position involving talking to a public or addressing students in a University. On the exception of the exception tolerated. Those places were already booked by the ‘Who-You-Know’ : the Aryen race.

I didn’t know that, generally speaking, people of my black race origin were persona non grata on any board of directors, researchers or managers. I did not know black people in France were second zone citizens, etc… I really thought I was free until I discovered the invisible barriers of those invisible prisons hidden in plain sight.

It is really sophisticated. The same as peoples of the World discovering with the Financial crisis they were nothing but slaves and meat. By the way how many people, Greeks or elsewhere have died because of bankruptcies caused by that Financial crisis. Mass murders have changed nature. Wherever chains are still existing, there are killing people and their dreams rendered impossible in the process. Social Discriminations and Injustices are chains. Inequalities are chains. Racism enchains. The crook Financial system is chains. Political Oligarchy’s rule is chains. High cost of living Ed Miliband has raised up in the Labour party’s conference yesterday, enchains. Ed Miliband is asking ‘temporary price freeze’ for businesses and consumers. He is announcing a cap over gas and electricity prices, should he be elected to give British people a respite. Poverty is the ultimate chain. The extreme poverty being a double chain.

Obama was elected because he was not a classical politician. As a lawyer and an Intellectual Figure with a social community knowledge along with a teaching background and his sensibility to the History of Black people, we projected in him all our hopes those chains would, at last, be broken. ‘Unkept promises’, American people told polls.

So ‘Who are we ?’ We are People fed up of politicians leading far away from the promises upon which we elected them. French president is encountering the same opposition for the same reason : fake promises.

How are we still talking about chemical weapons as an emergency amidst those scandals?

Is it to say nothing new happened during Obama 1 ? Not at all. Regulating Wall Street is a huge achievement. Fining the cheaters-in-chief eventhough some are still running is a considerable achievement. But fondamentally, structural reforms related to economic working and social mobility are still at stake. American Foreign Policy has still not lifted its wheels from muddy tracks. American leadership has remained conservative. We were expecting a Revolution and Exemplarity on that critical issue, because, for the World to change, America must switch on the New Light.

Al-shaabat terrorism in Kenya. Horrifying !

Since Saturday midday, the World is suspending to Kenya’s Mall attack in Nairobi. Each minute passing since then has heightened our tension and the feeling of sickness. When 9 names of some members of the group of 10 to 15 al-shaabat terrorists were issued, on Sunday, the horror could not be worst. Young lost people, most of them around the 20’s years old, coming from America, UK, Finland and even Somalia and Kenya in support of a crazy illegal group responsible for widespread acts of terrorism in Somalia.

The toll is devastating : 62 to 69 people dead. Nearly the same amount unaccounted. 177 persons injured. Compared to the 1,000 rescued safe, it may look as a miracle. Unfortunately, each life lost is a tragedy to all of us, Kenyans and the families first.

Solidarity in Kenya has never been so higher :

– people lining up to give their blood at the hospitals in need.

– Muslims Kenyans leaders condemned the terrorist attack denying the al-shaabat’s militants and their masterminders the Jihad claimed.

– The two final contenders of the presidential race : the president, Uhuru Kenyatta and former PM, Raila Odinga, joining hands and voice to condemn the horrendous criminal act, calling for Kenyan solidarity and unity as a nation. And the president himself announcing the ‘death of his nephew and his fiancee who were shopping at the mall’, that very day. Were there specifically targetted ?

Also, the president has expressed his will not to let this terrorist attack unpunished. His Minister of Interior has been more precise : ‘they will take it to the the doorsteps of the attackers’. Back to Somalia.

–  President Kenyatta added two remarks of  great importance.

First, he deplored that ‘nobody should lose his life so needlessly and senselessly’. Second, he stressed the obligation for the international community to come and deal with the terrorist issue. In fact, Israeli, UK and US experts and advisors were already on the ground, to help Kenyan securities forces in conducting the rescued missions of hostages, still held in the mall, without  casualties and little damages : a real challenge.

Terrorism, an international fight.

We have noticed that, for once, Israel is on the forefront in an attack concerning another country than Israel. Huge surprise : Israel can help another nation not named Israel. Thereafter, we learnt that Israel and Kenya are old friends. Another surprise. We are eager to see Israel coming in the front line of the fight against terrorism, not only where its nation is looking for regional leadership and using any tools to diminish the influence of its neighborhood. What Israel should know is a weak Syria doesn’t serve its interests. An Al-Qaeda infested Syria neither.

Israel is missing the right target : it’s not the chemical weapons its best enemies – whether located in Syria or elsewhere, but international terrorism. Reminders of Holocaust gazes are  holding Israel hostage form its past. By the way, chemical weapons belong to the past. Buried or sealed, they are no longer a threat, unless in the hands of terrorists. Back again to the real target.

But, sometimes, legitimate powers and international community also carry out acts of terror : destabilizing sovereign nations abroad [by  setting rebels and assisting them to topple the regime in place, the cases in Lybia and Syria, Yemen also] and signing contracts over raw material behind closed-doors with leaders, to the detriment of the people are another pattern of the same ilk.

In a sense, what is happening in Nairobi today has something to do with the Lybian/Yemen/Syrian configuration. In pactising with al-qaeda or rebels linked to that group, western powers have reopened the can of worms and reinforced terrorism. Either you are friends of terrorists either you are not. Once you have walked with terrorists in Lybia, Yemen and Syria, crossing the red line, then be prepared for the worst elsewhere. Kenya is the outcome of the day. Whose turn is it tomorrow ?

If, I may, I could not help – hearing Former PM, Raila Odinga – to go back to 2011, with Laurent Gbagbo’s ousting and Kadhafi killing under the Former PM Odinga’s watch handing a kind of blank check to the US/UK/France’s axis. The former PM was not alone in this. The president of Burkina Faso and Jacob Zuma were on board of that AU’s green car. They were acting to please the ‘international community’ leads by the US-UK-France veto nations that have settled themselves as representatives of the international community, because they have the majority inside the veto nations club.

If African peacekeeping mission acting under a UN [the World] mandate is going to end by retaliation inside countries participating to help the World to be a peaceful place, then, it is really an international business. French president, F. Hollande has made a breakthrough with the ongoing chaotic situation in Centrafrica were Rebels have took power illegaly, self installing themselves as rulers of the country and terrorising the population.

Oh, mon Dieu, I couldn’t believe I will be saying good things for president Hollande. But here I am. Having asked for it, I can not stand up and oppose a right decision. For the sake of peace in Africa and in Centrafrica only ? No. Intellectual honesty commands to recognize a good and strong move of a leader, even though you don’t agree otherwise.

Blind terrorism

On the exception of Boko Haram in Nigeria where the share of the Wealth of raw material, especially oil, is a critical issue that worth a fight, in Egypt, in Pakistan, in Kenya, in Syria, and previously in Lybia and in Yemen, terrorism is no longer supported by an attractive cause. The fight for power grab only is not a reasonable excuse.

The dreadful Church attack in Pakistan was stupid and needless. Some Muslims of Pakistan has condemned it as nonsense. How can you kill people because they are Christians ? The killing mission is blamed to the Talibans.

Today, Egypt has ruled out the Muslim Brotherhood as a non-governmental organisation. The movement is banned and all its activities are concerned, as those are installing ‘chaos which in turn brings terrorism’ (a word of president Hollande). My Godness, here I’m in it again : citing the french president as an example.

The urgence may not well be in Syria with chemical weapons agenda, but FIGTING TERRORISM, not only in Somalia to restore Hope that failed short, in the 80’s, but everywhere.

The clock is ticking.

On the front of the economy

Kenyan economy seems to rely overwhelmingly on tourism industry. If true, isn’t it time for diversification ? First, there was the international airport, today, it is a mall. Watch out.

Minimum wage is cause for the garment industry’s workers huge demonstrations in Bangladesh. They are asking an increase of national minimum wage from £38 to £100 per month. Exploiting the poor to enrich the happy few of the upper class is another form of terrorism. Financial terrorism.

Merkel has been reelected for a third term. Her election was clouded by the Kenyan horror. But, at the same time, her victory has not been in danger all along the election course. She is looking for a new partner, as the previous one has collapsed. People who were waiting a change of course, kind of ralliement to a plan for ‘growth vs austerity’, inside the eurozone crisis debate, will have to fall on their knees and, even so, Angie has already ruled out : « Nein. Entschuldigen Sie » is the invariable answer of the Chancellor.

Our prayers go to the mourners in Kenya. Hold on. French people say ‘tenez bon’. We are in this together.

(From CNN). Six British nationals were killed in Nairobi mall attack, British PM David Cameron tweets.

UK’s PM has had pretty strong words to condemn the horror of the siege of Nairobi.

Le contrat social brisé.

Suite du billet politique de la semaine intitulé : « la France entre République fantasmée et laxisme démocratique ».

Il y a deux jours, on a posté le billet politique – mentionné ci-dessus – défrichant des parcelles de terrain, comme autant de champs politiques ou de chantiers à mettre en route ou à labourer. Fort heureusement, certains thèmes sont entrés en résonance du côté du Royaume Uni et des USA, mais aussi dans l’actualité du Monde Musulman et des BRICS.  C’est l’heure du Global Village annoncé par Marshall Mc Luhan, le Canadien, spécialiste des Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication.

Une phrase synthétise la pensée de ce visionnaire du champ du Tout Communicant :

« Le Médium est le Message » et le « Message c’est le Massage ». Massage comme Moulage. Moulage comme Education. Malheureusement, les médias ont pris en charge ce rôle de moulage, par le bas (société du spectacle) et non par le haut (la pédagogie, l’enseignement, la sensibilisation aux logiques  politiques, financières, économiques, bref des acteurs). En privilégiant la facilité et l’immédiateté, la mise en perspective a disparu, la libido a été érigée comme norme pensante et, avec elle, le discours saccadé, sans lien entre la tête et la queue, a pris racine ; l’après diluant l’avant dans un flux et flot incessants de paroles et d’images qui se succèdent sans fil conducteur autre que la programmation du média.

On passe ainsi du coq à l’âne. C’est la loi du médium télévisuel, par exemple, carrefour médiatique qui s’est imposée (la loi), réalisant la prophétie de Mc Luhan : le médium c’est le message. La dilution ayant triomphé, le nihilisme s’est imposé comme état de fait et ses agents, le relativisme et le voyeurisme ont fait le reste. Le message c’est le massage. Le massage ici étant le relativisme et le voyeurisme.

Au nom du relativisme, du voyeurisme et de la dilution du tout dans tout, disons plutôt du n’importe quoi dans le tout (le flux des messages), le mariage homosexuel vaut le mariage canon entre un Homme et une Femme, dilution du genre ; l’égalité entre Hommes et Femmes est décrétée, conduisant à ce que les Hommes de 40 ans, bien portants sont suivis à l’assistance sociale comme des femmes avec enfants, avec cette particularité que ces hommes de 25-45 ans et plus, bien portants – couverts par la CMU – sont sans emploi, n’en cherchent pas, car ayant succombé aux images polies et lisses d’une télévision qui étale le succès de plusieurs arrivistes tout aussi illettrés qu’eux. Ces hommes s’abîment dans l’alcool et/ou le sommeil décalé au moment où les femmes sont sommées de se lever à 4 h du matin, de laisser les enfants aller seuls à l’école. Tout cela pour aller décharger les camions dans la zone industrielle de Saint-Quentin-Fallavier (qui va être notre emblème du retour de l’exploitation des pauvres, chair à canon du nouveau prolétariat dénoncé par Karl Marx).

Le poids des colis à décharger peut atteindre les 50 kgs. Elles les déchargent au même titre que les hommes. Après, les dégâts en termes de santé (dos broyé) et la masculinité que confère ce type de boulot rend les couples ingérables. Trop de testostérone. Bientôt, avec les muscles qu’elles auront pris dans ces soutes de bateaux, véritables navires des galériens, que sont ces dépôts des sociétés de logistique, ce sont les hommes qui seront bientôt battus, comme en RDA, à l’époque soviétique.

Pour vous donner une dernière image sur l’exploitation des pauvres dans nos zones industrielles, non contrôlées, imaginez le bateau des négriers en provenance de l’Afrique pour l’Amérique, il y a 3  siècles en arrière, imaginer les galériens qui rament et souquent ferme, des corps transpirant la sueur et la suie, à la musculature saillante requise par l’effort quotidien, des hommes qu’on interpelle « Eh toi l’Arabe, viens par ici » dans les boyaux des sociétés de logistique de SQF. Devinez qui interpelle ainsi, contribuant par son imbécilité à décourager ledit travailleur de travailler, si jamais il en avait envie encore pour sa « dignité » que les socialistes veulent nous servir dans un prochain emballage baptisé « pacte de dignité » valant  « pacte de compétitivité » et élaboré par un agent promu par un autre pacte très opérant au sein du parti sectaire qu’est le PS, le Népotisme et  le clientélisme Isérois.

L’Isère toujours et encore. Territoire de l’infamie de la gouvernance territoriale et des combines et autres magouilles politiques au sein du PS.

Mais devinez encore qui est le nouveau Maître de ses nègres des champs à sucre de la zone industrielle de SQF? C’est simple, comme dans le bateau transportant les esclaves, les administrateurs sont tous bien et bel blancs, confortablement installés dans les bureaux, de préférence à l’étage et les soutiers sont  dans les cales. Vous avez dit République Fantasmée ?

Pacte de dignité ? L’Etat première cause des insécurités.

Lorsqu’on parle de « pacte de dignité » pour les sans papiers qu’on veut régulariser à tour de bras et les acquisitions de la nationalité qu’on va accélérer pour voter PS, en guise de reconnaissance éternelle des imbéciles tombés dans le piège tendu et agissant comme des zombies, exactement comme ce qui est attendu, il faut déjà de la dignité pour les travailleurs pauvres, pour les femmes et pour les enfants. Ce mépris pour les enfants est ce qui conduit au mariage gay et à l’adoption en vue.

Ce mépris pour les femmes est ce qui sacrifie les familles et compromet l’éducation des enfants.

Ce mépris pour les pauvres est ce qui encourage les fraudes, cultive la haine et la violence qui reviennent comme un boomerang aux forces de police, malheureusement, comme un ultime sursaut d’humanité.

En méprisant les pauvres, l’Etat est la première cause d’insécurités.

Logement d’urgence ?

Pour qui ? Quelle est l’urgence aujourd’hui ? C’est celle qu’on vient de signaler : l’Intégration sur une Base égalitaire et de Justice sociale. Rien à voir avec les concepts creux tels que la dignité qui n’a pas lieu d’être ici. L’urgence aujourd’hui c’est moins l’accueil des clandestins – je soutiens que les sans papiers sont des clandestins pour 98 % et le droit d’asile est détourné de sa fonction – cf le livre « Clandestin, un destin » et son texte de présentation.

L’urgence aujourd’hui, c’est de travailler à la jouissance du Bien commun pour tous.

L’urgence aujourd’hui consiste à réduire le fossé entre les valeurs et les pratiques.

Les conditions de travail en usines, sur chaînes d’exploitation voire en réseaux d’exploiteurs doivent être strictement encadrées et surveillées.

Il n’y a qu’à voir le nombre de boîtes d’intérim installées dans la zone de SQF pour reconstruire la trame du racket des exploiteurs. Pourquoi l’intérim existe-t-il d’ailleurs et se fait payer des sommes folles par des employeurs qui trichent. Au lieu de payer ces sommes indues aux boîtes d’intérim, il faut les consacrer à faire travailler les individus et à assurer leur formation obligatoire au sein des ateliers qui les embauchent, afin qu’ils puissent rebondir, en fin de contrat.

Pôle emploi est là,  il faut lui confier toutes les offres d’emplois y compris d’intérim et supprimer les boîtes d’intérim. Ou alors, répercuter le surcoût pour les entreprises qui y recourent, sur la fiscalité. Après tout, si elles ont tant d’argent à dilapider pour entretenir leurs réseaux d’exploitants, c’est leur problème.  Il n’en reste pas moins que l’Etat doit sanctionner cette fraude. Les supprimer c’est encore mieux.

Les sans papiers, spécialistes et bénéficiaires de la fraude illimitée à l’aide sociale.

Dans le billet politique qu’on poursuit ici, on parlait tantôt du coût du logement exorbitant des jeunes et de l’imposition racketeuse qu’ils subissent. On indiquait, à la suite de la logique du vice premier Ministre britannique, Nick Clegg, qu’il fallait refonder les équilibres. L’aide sociale et/ou la fiscalité doivent favoriser et encourager toutes les catégories.

Trois exemples.

Il n’est pas normal qu’un jeune qui travaille – quel que soit son salaire – paie un loyer de plus de 500 euros auxquels il faudrait ajouter les charges, alors que pendant ce temps-là, les clandestins demandeurs d’asile sont logés dans des hôtels (2 000 euros voire plus de loyers), dans des foyers, perçoivent des allocations hebdomadaires, vont au restos du coeur et à la croix rouge et bénéficient des transports gratuits ainsi que de la gratuité des soins médicaux.

Il n’est pas normal que ce jeune qui travaille soit matraqué fiscalement et que son alter ego qui est au chômage perçoive une APL de 300 à 450 euros, en étant au chômage ; règle 100 voire 50 euros de loyer. La logique veut que tous les jeunes soient logés au même taux d’APL, qu’ils travaillent ou pas. Il s’agit de récompenser aussi l’effort, surtout à cet âge.

Il n’est pas normal qu’un jeune qui gagne 1 300 euros, salaire moyen en France paie 1 000 euros de loyer et charges et se retrouve avec 300 euros en vrai pour vivre, alors que son ami perçoit la même somme au RSA, en étant au chômage, sans rien payer de sa poche, ni impôts, ni loyers, ni charges, ni soins médicaux. On ne peut pas parler d’égalité ici. Jamais.

Il n’est pas normal d’imposer les jeunes exclusivement sur une base salariale comme les plus anciens à l’emploi. Le barème fiscal doit intégrer cette variable : l’ancienneté à l’emploi.

Mais poursuivons sur l’aide sociale.

L’assistance familiale fonctionne de la même manière. Il y a des professionnelles qui demandent toujours de l’aide et les assistantes sociales accordent toutes sortes d’aides au pif. Si vous ne demandez rien, vous n’avez rien. Au même moment celles à qui on verse les aides  à tout va sont dans la même situation locative, financière et familiale que celles et ceux qui ne demandent rien. Il faut là aussi des barèmes. Je m’explique à travers deux cas :

Premièrement, soit l’argent est insuffisant pour telle famille, et celle-ci a droit à l’aide, soit cet argent ne suffit pas. Il est donc normal de considérer que toutes les familles de la même catégorie doivent être renflouées de la même façon. Une famille de 3 enfants ou 2 qui a reçu 2 000 euros d’aides annuelles au titre de x demandes ; ces 2 000 euros devraient également être versées aux autres familles du même format.  2 000 euros aussi pour un profil familial identique au travail. En crédit d’impôt ou autre dispositif de réduction d’impôt.

Deuxième cas. C’est l’histoire d’une ancienne clandestine, réfugiée puis devenue française, qui est passée par tous les foyers imaginables. Récemment, elle a été prise en flagrant délit de fraudes des allocations chômage et du RSA qu’elle cumulait. Elle a 4 enfants et un époux qui, lui aussi, fraudait au même moment. Lorsque le contrôle est arrivé, elle a introduit une demande de divorce, soulignant que cette demande  venait à la suite de la séparation de fait d’avec le père de ses 4 enfants.

Pendant la période de l’enquête, de l’instruction en Justice, les allocations et l’APL étaient supprimées. C’est le conseil général de l’Isère qui gérait tout ceci. L’assistance sociale lui versait l’intégralité de ses allocations supprimées par la CAF en plus des aides ponctuelles. L’argent volé entretemps a servi à un voyage endiablé en Afrique. Mais passons. La Justice a conclu que Mme ne sachant pas lire, ainsi qu’a plaidé son Avocat – elle sait parfaitement lire  bien entendu -, le juge a conclu à trois mois avec du sursis et condamné la CAF à lui faire le rappel de ses allocations : Montant, tenez-vous bien : 28 000 (vingt huit mille euros).

Question : Va-t-on soustraire toutes les aides perçues entretemps ? Et le restos du coeur et la croix rouge qui alimentaient chaque semaine ? Cantines scolaires ?

Troisième cas.  C’est l’histoire d’un sans papier encore, venu d’Angleterre pour la France qui épouse une française d’origine africaine avec laquelle ils ont 2 enfants en très bas âge. C’est une histoire récente. 3 ans bientôt. Depuis ces 3 ans, la préfecture n’a délivré que des récépissés de trois mois sans autorisation de travailler et qui traînent à être renouvelés. En fait, ils sont renouvelés trois mois plus tard pour la période déjà écoulée. Parfois, le sieur en question doit faire des lettres de rappel et parfois se déplacer et aller brailler au guichet en préfecture : autre lieu de négriers. Allez savoir pourquoi ? Moi, je n’en ai aucune idée, car c’est tout simplement incompréhensible.

Le couple touche un RSA pour la famille de 4 personnes. Pourtant, Monsieur travaille avec les papiers de quelqu’un d’autre dans nos plantations de canne à sucre dans l’horrible  zone que vous connaissez désormais. 1 300 euros par mois, non déclarés. L’assistante sociale règle les factures d’EDF, d’eau en plus. Restos du coeur et croix rouge chaque semaine et, pour couronner le tout, Mme est coiffeuse à domicile et Mr est expert en bricolage et fait des travaux après le boulot. Au Noir.

Ce couple avec un ancien clandestin tourne avec 2 à 3 000 euros par mois dont 850 connus. L’argent du boulot arrive sur le compte de celui qui a les papiers et qui parade certainement en Afrique, puisqu’il doit recevoir disons 300 euros pour la location de son titre. Il n’y a pas que des négriers Blancs. Ils sont aussi Noirs et Arabes et Turcs et Asiatiques (voir le Sentier à Paris) et Pakistanais-Hindous (voir le quartier de la Gare du Nord et ses multiples annexes disséminées un peu partout sur Paris).

L’ironie du sort, c’est que Mr. est un bon bosseur, comprendre un bon nègre extrêmement productif,  et son employeur voudrait lui établir un contrat à durée indéterminée. Comment lui dire qu’en fait, il n’est pas lui sur le papier et lorsque la préfecture lui délivrera son titre de séjour, comment dire qu’en fait lui c’est maintenant l’autre. Il envisage de démissionner, il n’a pas le choix et alors commence une autre recherche. De zéro.

Ce qui est dit ici est connu de tous les membres de la communauté qui se passent le mot et reproduisent les schémas.

Quand vous mettez tout ceci en rapport avec le non financement des véritables créations d’entreprises et ce qui se passe dans notre zone industrielle emblématique des autres zones similaires en France, il en ressort qu’il n’y a ni pacte de compétitivité ni de dignité autres que déclamatoires et/ou fantasmagoriques. Mensonges.

Quand vous repensez à cette jeunesse qui démarre sa vie alors qu’on distribue les aides sociales de cette façon-là, c’est immonde. Une société qui traite sa jeunesse comme du bétail ne mérite pas de tenir des conférences environnementales en guise de mise en scène propagandiste. C’est proprement écoeurant et insultant pour l’avenir.

Quand on parle de fiscalité, il faut se frotter à la vraie vie, aux trajectoires réelles et non, encore une fois, se fier à une idéologie fantasmatique.

J’évoquais hier, l’idée du Contrat Social brisé. Lorsqu’on entend que les Sénateurs veulent prolonger le cumul des mandats pour eux, on pense à cette Cour Suprême Indépendante qui nous manque et à toutes les déformations de la loi.

Un parlementaire ne doit pas cumuler. C’est un principe qui ne peut pas souffrir d’exception, à moins que les sénateurs n’en soient pas. Les sénateurs nous disent qu’ils sont une assemblée des collectivités territoriales. Si on suit leur raisonnement, ils ne devraient légiférer que sur les questions qui concernent les collecvités territoriales, sur la décentralisation par exemple et c’est tout.

Sont-ils d’accord de s’exclure pour tout le reste ?

Mensonges encore.

Quid du Parlement et du respect de la règle de la séparation des pouvoirs entre l’Exécutif, le Judiciaire et le Législatif ? Les sénateurs français prennent-ils le peuple de France pour des cons ? Où est le Conseil Constitutionnel pour faire respecter la lettre et l’esprit de la Constitution ? Ne sert-il que de décorum ? Ou de caisse d’enregistrement du mariage gay ?


Du côté de l’International

A l’international, l’actualité est vaste, bien évidemment, mais on va retenir trois faits. L’élection d’une Nigérianne comme Miss du Monde Musulman. Une « Nigerian Girl ». L’événement a eu lieu à Jakarta. La Nigérianne l’a emporté sur 50 finalistes. Elle porte le foulard tout en étant à visage découvert. Maquillage minimaliste. Le jury aurait privilégié la beauté naturelle, sans fards en lieu et place de la beauté artificielle prônée dans les concours miss monde où on a le droit de refaire tout. Ce qui fausse la compétition, car la perfection n’est pas de ce monde.

Idéalement, les concours de beauté devraient exclure les femmes qui ont subi une chirurgie esthétique. On aurait une compétition sans triche, où on viendrait avec ses défauts et ses atouts. Après tout, il n’y a pas de mal. Cette élection d’une Miss du Monde Musulman est intéressante, car au lieu de vouloir toujours s’aligner sur les critères de l’Occident et de venir se plaindre par la suite de racisme, il faut faire les choses et non se contenter de les subir.

Si les asiatiques sont de plus en plus présentes comme top models, c’est parce que des couturiers asiatiques arrivent sur la place. C’est cela la compétition saine et souhaitable.

L’autre actualité concerne l’interdiction du port du voile pour les infirmières au Royaume-Uni et relève du protocole compassionnel. Cette actualité entre en résonance avec la volte-face du Pape sur l’homosexualité qu’il voudrait recouvrir de spiritualité et protéger de l’infamie, au nom de la Tolérance biblique et du théorème du « Tous pêcheurs » contenu dans cette formule « Qui suis-je pour juger mon prochain » ? Relativisme encore.

Nous avons commencé par ce relativisme, on va conclure au même point de massage, des âmes, des corps et des esprits.

Que dire ? Sinon que l’Eglise se trompe et se trompera toujours à chaque fois qu’elle viendra sur le terrain laïque qui est un terrain mou et sablonneux, presque dangereux, car la laïcité aujourd’hui est un point de massage antireligieux. C’est comme si le Christ tendait la Main à l’anti-Christ. Or, nous savons que dans la Bible, il est écrit qu’il n’y a pas de compromissions possibles ni de compromis avec le Diable. Cf les  40 jours de la tentation du Christ sur la montagne.

Certes, l’homosexuel n’est pas un Diable, il a fait ses choix et la société tolérante l’a laissé faire. Tout gay qui veut venir à l’Eglise trouvera toujours la porte de l’Eglise ouverte. Est-ce une raison pour aller draguer les gays ? Dans quel but ? Les absoudre d’un pêché qu’ils ne reconnaissent pas comme tel ?

Au demeurant, le problème n’est pas le gay, mais le mariage homosexuel qui n’a aucun sens. Ni théologique, ni du point de vue de l’Humanité. Ni même Juridique. S’agit-il des libertés et de justifier l’adoption par le biais d’une garantie des liens et des droits conférés par le mariage, le droit de l’enfant suffit à lui tout seul à délégitimer toute l’entreprise du mariage gay et à en saper les fondements.

Dans l’esprit du contrat social, la liberté commence avec autrui ou plutôt cet Autrui en est la limite. Cet Autrui pour les gays, c’est l’Enfant. C’est la frontière indépassable que l’Eglise devrait tenir, car la mission de l’Eglise sur terre est de  marquer le permanent, l’intemporel sur le temporel et les effets de mode. C’est en cela qu’elle a été déclarée Victorieuse sur tout, y compris sur le Temps.

Rien à voir avec la spiritualité qui reste accolée à l’individu. Il s’agit de Transcendance et de la Vérité qui est un Absolu et non un Relatif. Un point d’ancrage hors duquel tout n’est que Moi, égoïsmes et corruption de la pensée, des codes et des moeurs. L’anti contrat social.

La question homosexuelle n’est pas une question Ethique voire Morale ou même Religieuse d’emblée. Elle relève du Droit Canon. Lorsque ce droit canon rencontre l’autre loi canon de l’Evangile (ou de l’Eglise), on est dans le Vrai. L’Eglise n’est pas directement concernée, mais elle est appelée.

Même si l’Eglise arrivait aujourd’hui pour nous dire que finalement, elle pense qu’elle s’était trompée et qu’elle est pour le mariage gay et soutient les homosexuels qu’elle est prête à purifier et à absoudre, elle ne convaincra aucun croyant, car elle serait en porte-à-faux par rapport au message Evangélique.

L’Eglise ne peut que porter la vérité, mais cette vérité la transcende, car elle est Christ.

La tiédeur de l’Eglise et son retrait du champ social sont causes de la déchristianisation continue en Occident. Ailleurs, l’Eglise progresse, car elle tisse encore du lien social et donne du sens à la vie des gens, au travers des multiples activités de l’Eglise. Les gens se sentent utiles à quelque chose dans la vie commune. L’Eglise participe beaucoup de la cohésion sociale et de la paix sociale dans les pays où elle progresse.

En Occident, cette même Eglise est devenue cause de conflits, en même temps que les fidèles la désertent. L’une des explications, est qu’en s’institutionnalisant, l’Eglise a oublié sa vocation missionnaire. En se pervertissant avec les différents scandales pédophiles et homos, elle s’est dégradée. Face à la concurrence des  missions Evangéliques protestantes et de l’Islam, l’Eglise n’offre plus de perspectives.

Le prêtre n’existe plus que comme l’ombre de lui-même retranché derrière les façades de l’Eglise, pour servir l’institution. Le fidèle est invité à alimenter financièrement cette institution ou à participer aux spectacles géants de la Foi mise en scène au Vatican et ailleurs, aux jubilés. C’est bien, mais cela reste insuffisant à nourrir la foi au quotidien.

L’Eglise doit réinvestir le champ du social qu’elle a abandonné aux associations caritatives désincarnées. Jésus et ses disciplines étaient des Etres Vivants, des messagers et non des institutions. Jésus allait auprès des gens pour leur prêcher la bonne parole et mettre sa foi à l’épreuve. C’est par l’exemple qu’il prêchait.

Tous les vendredis dans les mosquées, les femmes apportent à manger et  chaque musulman de France est assuré de trouver un repas ce jour-là. Ce repas mime celui de la multiplication des pains et des poissons.

Le Secours Populaire le fait, hors mission et cadre d’Evangélisation. Du coup, il perd sa force missionnaire et son oeuvre messianique, puisque devenu un repas païen et rien que cela, vide. Tout le contraire du repas à la mosquée.

Comment l’Eglise va-t-elle reconquérir ses fidèles, enrayer la perte de vocations qui ne voient plus pourquoi aller s’enfermer dans une institution sans relais avec le vrai monde, coupée de la vie et donc de Jésus, car il est écrit que Jésus a dit de lui qu’il « était le chemin, la vie et la vérité ».

Si Jésus est ce chemin de la vie et de la vérité, le mariage gay, son antithèse ne peut pas l’être. Sauf si le Pape et l’Eglise nous le démontrent. Auquel cas, on est preneur.

Ceci pourrait être un avant-goût de votre homélie de Dimanche prochain.

Bon week-end et priez pour moi pour que je reçoive un chèque d’Amazon et de Google, même d’un euro. On en reparlera au prochain billet (suite et fin) dont je vous annonce déjà les couleurs. Le titre : L’ETAU SOCIALISTE. UNE ECOLOGIE HUMAINE.

Tiens, il paraît que, selon le conseil général de l’Isère, je ne travaille pas. Ces textes que j’écris en Français et qui sont traduits dans le monde entier où on suit ce qui se dit ici, ne relèvent-ils pas de la promotion gratuite de la Francophonie ? Entre son versant Institutionnel protégé comme une forteresse catholique, invisible et son armada de fonctionnaires coiffé d’un SG, ex président d’une ancienne colonie et Elise Mbock, qui est à la pointe de la francophonie et de la diffusion de la langue française dans le monde actuellement ? En ces temps de perte de l’aura de la langue française et d’auteurs français non traduits dans le monde.

Quel est le prix de cette promo gratuite de la langue française dans le monde ? Ce sont des choses qui n’ont pas de prix et je ne travaille pas… Vous avez dit « société de la reconnaissance » (dixit Hervé Morin) ou société de la médiocrité généralisée, du racisme imbécile et de l’aliénation scélérate à tout ce qui soit vous dépasse, soit vous dérange, car étant au-delà de tout ce que vous pouvez comprendre ou de ce que vous ne voulez pas vous avouer comme étant du Mérite Républicain et de la Valeur. Oserais-je dire Ajoutée et non Usurpée au sein d’un cadre corrompu par le népotisme et le clientélisme partisan voire du milieu de l’édition qui n’est plus qu’une parodie où les prétendus auteurs se succèdent dans une procession funéraire de pantomimes dont l’eau fait couler la craie du visage pour laisser transparaître ce qu’ils sont en vrai : des « faux-amis » (au sens premier du mot) ?

Que vaut l’édition aujourd’hui ? Qui est auteur ? Ecrivain(e) ? Les vieilles lunes resservies à satiété dans des plats réchauffés ? Quelle émotion nouvelle ? Rien. L’édition française s’est retranchée comme une forteresse institutionnelle pour se spécialiser dans la production du Rien. Heureusement pour elle, les Français se contentent  de peu, comme pour leurs artistes musicaux.

La vérité, c’est que pour rien au monde, je n’échangerais  ce que je suis, ni ce que je fais pour une condition de Misérables ni pour un salaire de galérien. La France a promis la République du Mérite, il est trop facile d’ériger des obstacles à ceux qui ont ce mérite pour les présenter par la suite comme des personnes sans salaire, désoeuvrées. Personnes à qui on coupe les minimas sociaux et les vivres. Normal, on n’est pas des sans-papiers ayants-droit à tout. Ni clandestin, de près ou de loin.

Que du médiocre, cette gestion petite France.

Moi, désoeuvrée ? Je crois qu’il y a confusion avec la Maîtresse de l’Elysée qui, pour le coup, perçoit un salaire à tenir les murs ou le lit, éventuellement une queue, voire à faire du photoshop pour des photos du style de « Nous Deux », à l’eau de rose, adressées directement à Paris Match, sous-fifre médiatique, dans un geste d’aliénation ultime. Pendant ce temps-là, la République nourrit tout ce petit monde d’improductifs professionnels doublés des professionnels de la fraude électorale de haut vol. Je devrais dire en vol plané vertigineux, nécessitant le port d’un masque d’oxygène.

Au fait, Soulage, notre auteur du « pacte de dignité », vous connaissez ? Je ne sais pas pourquoi, mais ce nom me rappelle un autre ici dans l’Isère, conseiller régional en RA et européen – pourquoi se gêner avec le cumul des mandats et les multiples fonctions associées et usurpées, alors que la jeunesse croupie dans les fours de l’injustice sociale et de la discrimination raciale ? Les deux frères officient en haut lieu dans les instances du PS. Au PS et chez ses alliés du gouvernement, quand ce ne sont pas les conjoints et concubin(e)s qu’on embauche à ses côtés, ce sont les frères et sœurs en alternance avec les enfants. Et on dit que c’est le FN où on hérite de la direction d’un parti.

Vivement 2017 pour sabrer le champagne avec le changement, le vrai, qui portera à la tête de la Nation un Chef d’Etat qui ne soit ni sectaire ni simplement un chef de parti ; ni expert combinard. A moins qu’il ne le fasse à l’insu de son propre gré, marionnette obligée de renvoyer l’ascenseur aux acteurs de l’ombre qui ont vendu la démocratie au Diable !

C’est le ton du prochain billet. Il ne faudra pas le manquer celui-là. Il pourrait s’appeler  aussi « pour solde de tout compte ».

Clandestin, un destin.

UK Veil’s controversy. ‘Face-to-face’ or ‘hand-to-hand’ are parts of the Hospital caring Protocol.

During gay marriage showdown in France, huge demonstrations were held to oppose the move upon which the Pope is sending mix messages since then, either to retract the position of the Church or to move Secular. Probably both. I will not judge the Pope neither the Church. To paraphrase the secularian Pope, « who am I to judge » ?

The trouble with the Church today is its ambivalency and ambiguity. One way out is to advocate Tolerance.

Hence you have got the question : to which extent ? To the relativism ?

Relativism leads to Nihilism, a word of a leading figure demonstrating during the gay marriage episode in France. His name is Escada. Some commentators consider the man as an extremist christian. Ah han.

Pope Francis said religion has the right to express its opinions but not to « interfere spiritually » in the lives of gays and lesbians, expanding on explosive comments he made in July about not judging homosexuals.

In a wide-ranging interview published today by Jesuit magazines, the pope also said that women must play a key role in church decisions and brushed off critics who say he should advocate more vocally against abortion and gay marriage.

If Catholic leaders fail to find a « new balance » between their spiritual and political missions, the pope warned, the church’s moral foundation will « fall like a house of cards. » (CNN)


Today is not a day for gay or lesbian actuality. And really, it is not even an actuality. Gay marriage belongs to the past. We have to move forward and consider crucial matters and developments.

First. The fine of Morgan and Chase bank by UK ans Americans regulators.

« JPMorgan Chase agrees to pay about $920M in penalties in « London Whale » trading case, U.S. officials say » (CNN).

Second. Soccer matches were fixed. An inquiry is underway over the World Cup, UEFA and The European Championsleague.

Third. A Nigerian Girl has been chosen as Muslim Miss last night at Jakarta (Indonesia). She was one of the 50 finalists of the competition. (Report of BBC). This is a big step echoing the position we were expressing yesterday as an answer to « Western racism » in electing models. Of course, she will have to go to the World Miss election.  But, really, this matters less.

Four. A BRICS’ cable is announced as an alternative to the US-UK centric-Internet. Read at Global Research. Marvelous !

Five. To destroy Syrian chemical weapons,  1 Billion is required. Is the Israeli-backed US ready to pay for that ? What about the environmental costs of that destruction ? We need to think twice before obeying to Israeli’s ambition to control the region. Israel is the guy who is always looking at the neighbor’s belongings, alerting on them while hiding Jaleously his.

As President Putin put it, chemical weapons were part of dissuasion in front of a Nuclear Israel. The common sense is to reflect on the problem globally or regionaly along with the reduction of chemical weapons stockpiles and nuclear arsenal.  All this with environnementalist precautions. How do you get rid of chemical weapons ? Do we have a safety protocol to handle this ?

Eliminating or destroying Chemical weapons is not a Syrian issue. It requires a global pact and framework.

The Veil’s controversy is taking place amidst those news. Related to Miss Muslim’s World, it is tempting to carry the debate on cultural grounds opposing the UK’s culture superiority to the Muslim’s. This is a distraction.

The other risky task is to talk about Muslim’s women rights and freedoms in the face of their ability to chose their clothing?

For once, I will ask immigrants to consider first, that coming into a society needs compromises. It also needs to give the culture you have chosen to embrace kind of priority. Adopting some norms and codes of dressing are part of them. Especially in the Hospital and public space, despite disappointments and uneases.

No doubt that a veil sets a distance between the patient and the nurse, where proximity and empathy are needed. Sometimes, some patients needs even more, something like a physical contact through hands touching for instance.  An « eyes-to-eyes » contact is essential as a channel for energy and confidence  transmission: those psychological parts of the cure are parts of the duties as well as wearing a uniform.

Regarding to gender, it may be possible to allow women willing so not to take care of male patients.

Veil in the hospital is kind of a problem. Like any Mask, it is contrary to the specifications. Relativism leads to nihilism. At the time, we will be allowed to do whatever we want, reclaiming freedoms and liberties, our Social Contract will be in jeopardy. Living together starts with the neigbor, not with me. It means, I’m free until I’m hurting my neighbor(hood).

If the starting point is the Other not Me, then gay couples might have been told a child to adopt and to put inside this particular configuration of a marriage between people of the same sex – something marginal – is that Other as a last  frontier. It is not about morality or religion, or spirituality, but about Social Contract, the ground of secularism.

Gay’s marriage debate was truncated by the fake fractured line between religion (anti) or secular (pro) ; between believers and non believers. From that wrong positionning, the debate become a discussion of deafs.

The veil’s one could dangerously derivate to these shorelines.

BRICS’ Cable. Image Global Research.

Syrian crisis. Many evidences point to the Rebels’ size.

At least, Russian has expelled the truth : It’s highly probable the rebels have launched the criminal attack of August, the 21st to force the dog-headed international community  of Nato’s alliances and its Arab league’s puppets into military strikes in a last minute effort to find their way towards power.

How do we get there ? Consistent clues were already available, even before the US/UK/French’s unsubstantiated accusations that are watering down, as the truth unfolds. What happened to our cogito ?

From the very beginning, we knew that Assad was winning the war.

Anteriorly to August, the 21st, we knew the habit of using Human beings as military shields.

We could also see the professionnal staging of the scene of crimes with  people helplessly displayed dying alone, without any assistance, either familial, military or medical. Everything was done for the dramatisation of the shotage in order to move people emotionnaly.

The rebels are opposing the US-Russian agreement. On purpose.

Russia is opposing France and US/UK, nations willing to add oil to the Syrian fire. It is no secret that while being in a trip inJordan, a year ago, French foreign minister called for murdering President Assad. As the veto right is a permission to kill, bomb, destroy and decide without the parliament’s voice, those 3 nations are still threatening to go on a rampage shooting.

The veto provides a comfortable democratic shelter for presidents acting without consulting with their parliaments. US, France, none of those countries has received a green light from their parliaments. Shamelessly, they are busy on the international to advocate military strikes, promising Assad the worst, should he failed to respect the ultimatums.

To move further with this syrian case which is turning into obsession for immoral  interests driven states,  here is an important report detailing the events of August, the 21st and what looks plausibly like the right chain of responsabilities.

Rebels are said to be 100,000. Half of them are Jihadists linked to Al-Qaeda or to radical and extremists Islamic movements. The other half is said to be moderated. Half of them are familiar with secular  backgrounds.

All what we know about them is we don’t know them.

The Chemical Attacks in East Ghouta Used to Justify a Military Intervention in Syria.  (Global Research)

Latest on CNN. According to Russia, UN’s report is « biaised » and « one-sided » and insufficiently substantiated. Syria has given evidence to the Russian deputy minister the rebels were being behind the 21st August’s attack. 

9/11: Twelve Years of War, Lies and Deception

By Global Research


Twelve years after the 9/11 attacks, no credible independent investigation has been done to find out what really happened on that day and who was responsible. Independent journalists and researchers have demonstrated, however, that the official version of the event is nothing but a cover-up, an opinion shared by the co-chairs of the 9/11 Commission, Thomas H. Kean and Lee H. Hamilton, who declared the Commission was “set up to fail”.

In fact, 9/11 was a starting point for even more atrocities and was used as a pretext for numerous wars in which too many people have lost their lives or their loved ones. A horrendous theater of the absurd has ensued over the years; as strange as it may seem, today the U.S. is openly supporting Al Qaeda offshoots in the Middle East to further its imperial design, as we have seen in Libya and Syria.

Global Research has been publishing a tremendous amount of articles on the 9/11 attacks and the so-called War on Terror. Today we put together a list of the latest news related to 9/11 and important reports published over the years, which are still relevant today.

Click here for our 9/11 & War on Terrorism dossier.