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Ukraine on perillous shifting sands. Prosperity under EU integration and bailouts is just a myth.

Under the title « Ukraine’s Sickness and Europe’s Cure: Neo-Liberalism and Neo-Fascism Join Hands », Eric Draitser, Global Research (February 25, 2014)  has painted a foresight of the Hell sold as the promised land full of free and abundant honey and milk awaiting Ukrainians tomorrow.
The hardcore goes like this : Prosperity under EU integration and bailouts is just a myth.
« The myth of prosperity to follow EU integration and bailouts is just that, a myth. The reality is pain and suffering on a scale far greater than the poverty and unemployment Ukraine, especially the western portion of the country, have already experienced. The most highly educated, those most equipped to take up the mantle of leadership, will flee en masse. Those leaders who remain will do so while lining their pockets and ingratiating themselves to the European and American financiers who will flock to Ukraine like vultures to carrion. In short, the corruption and mismanagement of the Yanukovich government will seem like a pleasant memory » – Eric Draitser.
Ukrainians, ask Latvia and Greece. Beware of the rude awakening !
Get the whole story below.

The situation in Ukraine is evolving by the hour. Right wing ultranationalists and their “liberal” collaborators have taken control of the Rada (Ukrainian parliament) and deposed the democratically elected, though utterly corrupt and incompetent, President Yanukovich.

Former Prime Minister, and convicted criminal, Yulia Tymoshenko has been freed, and is now making common cause with Noe-Nazi Right Sector, Svoboda, and other fascist elements, while the opposition’s nominal leaders such as Arseny Yatsenyuk and Vitali Klitschko begin to fade into the background.

In Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin undoubtedly watches with anxiousness. In Washington, Victoria Nuland and the Obama administration rejoice. However, perhaps the most critical development of all is soon to emerge in Europe, as the forces of Western finance capital prepare to welcome Ukraine into the fold. They will come bearing the usual neoliberal gifts: austerity and “economic liberalization.”

With the overthrow of the Yanukovich government, the $15 billion of promised Russian financial assistance to Ukraine is in doubt. According to Moody’s rating agency, “Ukraine will require $24 billion to cover a budget deficit, debt repayments, natural gas bills and pension support just in 2014.” Without Moscow’s continued bond purchasing and other forms of financial aid, and with pro-EU forces taking control of the country’s economic and foreign policy, the outcome is not hard to predict: a rescue package from Europe and the IMF with all the usual austerity conditions attached.

In exchange for European “aid”, Ukraine will be forced to accept the driving down of wages, significant cuts to the public sector and social services, in addition to a rise in taxes on the working class and slashing of pensions. Moreover, the country will be compelled to accede to a liberalization program that will allow Europe to dump goods into the Ukrainian market, deregulation and the further opening up the country’s financial sector to predatory speculation and privatization.

It doesn’t take psychic powers to predict these developments. One merely has to look at the wave of austerity in European countries such as Greece and Cyprus. Furthermore, Eastern European countries with similar economic and historical conditions to Ukraine – Latvia and Slovenia specifically – provide a roadmap for what Ukraine should expect.

The Model of “Success”.

As Ukraine’s pro-EU “leadership” under Tymoshenko & Co. (and the fascist Right) begins to eye the future, they will immediately look to Europe to address the most pressing economic concerns. The Ukrainian people however would do well to examine the precedent of Latvia to understand what lies in store for them. As renowned economists Michael Hudson and Jeffrey Sommers wrote in 2012:

What enabled Latvia to survive the crisis were EU and IMF bailouts…Elites aside, many emigrated…Demographers estimate that 200,000 have departed the past decade – roughly 10 per cent of the population…Latvia experienced the full effects of austerity and neoliberalism. Birth rates fell during the crisis – as is the case almost everywhere austerity programs are imposed. It continues having among Europe’s highest rates of suicide and of road deaths caused by drunk driving. Violent crime is high, arguably, because of prolonged unemployment and police budget cuts. Moreover, a soaring brain drain moves in tandem with blue-collar emigration.

The myth of prosperity to follow EU integration and bailouts is just that, a myth. The reality is pain and suffering on a scale far greater than the poverty and unemployment Ukraine, especially the western portion of the country, have already experienced. The most highly educated, those most equipped to take up the mantle of leadership, will flee en masse. Those leaders who remain will do so while lining their pockets and ingratiating themselves to the European and American financiers who will flock to Ukraine like vultures to carrion. In short, the corruption and mismanagement of the Yanukovich government will seem like a pleasant memory.

The “liberalization” that Europe demands will create massive profits for speculators, but very few jobs for working people. The best land will be sold to foreign corporations and land-grabbers, while the resources, including the highly regarded agricultural sector, will be stripped and sold on the world market, leaving farmers and city dwellers alike in grinding poverty, their children going to bed hungry. This will be the “success” of Ukraine. One shudders to think what failure would look like.

In Slovenia, another Eastern European country that has experienced the “success” Europe strives for, the economic dictates of Brussels have ravaged the country’s working people and its institutions. The Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) issued a 2013 report in which it recommended that, as a first step, Slovenia act to “help the banking sector stand on its feet again,” adding that, “additional and radical measures are necessary as soon as possible.”

Furthermore, the OECD recommended the full privatization of Slovenia’s banks and other major firms, despite predicting a more than 2% contraction of the economy. In laymen’s terms, Europe recommends that Slovenia sacrifice itself and its people to the forces of international finance capital, nothing less. Such is the cost of European “integration.”

Ukraine is undergoing a transformation of the worst kind. Its political institutions have been trampled upon by a motley collection of delusional liberals, slick politicians in fancy suits, and Nazi extremists. The social fabric is tearing apart at the seams, with each region searching for a local solution to the problems of what used to be their nation. And, in the midst of it all, the specter of profit-seeking financiers with dollar signs in their eyes is all the Ukrainian people can expect.

Eric Draitser is the founder of He is an independent geopolitical analyst based in New York City. You can reach him at [email protected].

Copyright © 2014 Global Research


Kiev. Panic on board : the ICC is called for help by the interim parliament.

Kiev supposedly gov was awaited this Tuesday. The announcement was delayed to Thursday. To fill the vacuum, the interim parliament – acting under european and USA joint influence – is flying forward with the claim of the day to the ICC, the Perfect Body devoted to the US-EU influence. You just need to see who are the accused overthere to come along with the public opinion on how partial and biais this ICC has turned into. No more credibility, until further notice.

The interim president in Ukraine is thus opening a door already wide open. If this is the answer to the yesterday’s question mark asking if « the interim parliament is substituing itself for Justice ? », it is just a flight forward and more auctions.

Ukrainian Opposition is not clean. Those « mass murders » are the outcome of their erratic businesses. It is part of the massacres its members contributed to push by acting underground fiercely and constantly, using neo-nazis bands as weapons of « mass killings ». They were hoping that chaos which would inevitably unfold the crisis, or their hijacking would have served like a terrorist shelter everyone would have to abide to.

Yet, things are moving differently. The scheme is too big to cope with. And sometimes, the flight forward could be the first step backward, because it sends the message of febrility.

Russian Foreign Minister has got an advice : the respect of the agreement signed by members of the Opposition with president Yanukovich, before going to the barricades to tell the protesters to « stand  their ground » and « be prepared to stay in the Maïdan place till no delay given » – this last call was a Tymoshenko cry on her wheelchair, coming straight right from jail to the Maïdan place.

You dont sign a peace agreement and the hour after, rush into the barricades to set demonstrators in fire and pretend to ask the ICC to judge somebody else for your mean activism and fire settling.

You don’t sign a peace agreement where all your demands are been fulfilled and the minute later, enter hooligan’s behavior to wreack havoc the Nation. And pretend to cease the ICC to judge a scapegoat, at your place.

You can not be for peace and an agent of trouble at the same time.

This Parliament can not rule the nation. The only way he can do it is – as Russians has settled it rightly again – by referendum. The actual parliamentary  majority is not the choice of the people. Therefore, whatever decision they could be making are power abuse. Starting with the date of the next elections to any transitional gov, each decision should be adopted through a general referendum summing up the principal issues to tackle :

First of all : they should demand to the Ukrainians to chose between the initial deal failed by members of the Opposition and the rule of an interim parliament bearing powers for those only three things

– Earlier elections date

– Reform of the constitution

– and the fate of the president, admitting Ukrainians reject the deal burried under a coup led by the Opposition.

Had those members of the Opposition calmed down their militants and asked demonstrators to leave the barricades, the lifes of 86 people would have been preserved.

Time for Justice would come. This is not time for it. It is time for legacy and legitimacy. If president Yanukovich is wanted and illegitimate, then this parliament is as well. They didn’t hesitate to send neo-nazis militias to terrorize some parliamentaries who, therefore, didn’t show up to vote the exceptional powers the parliament granted itself. Alternatively, they came in, but fearing hard retaliations, like the Ukrainian Ambassador in US, denied themselves, espousing the opinion of the Opposition.

Time for delation in Ukraine is underway. Those times are announcing the entrance of darkness in Ukraine.

Yesterday, was a big day as Prof Michel Chossudovsky opened a wide corridor with pictures of the real  executors  roaming in Kiev for summary executions without any sommations. Watch the pictures of that Symphony macabre here.

Then Catch up with this Stuning Analysis at Eurasia.


FEBRUARY 25, 2014

By Oriental Review

“There are many who do not know they are fascists but will find it out when the time comes.” — Ernest Hemingway, For Whom the Bell Tolls

After signing a void agreement on “crisis settlement” on Friday, the situation in the Ukraine has rapidly got out of control of its signatories and “witnesses”. No provisions of this document were fulfilled. The legitimate authorities fled (or tried to flee) the country, the governmental buildings in Kiev are taken by the revolutionary mob. The radicals are dictating the new rules to façade opposition “leaders” who desperately try to bridle the Maidan.

What happened to the Ukraine on February 21, 2014 is essentially a criminal coup committed by the radical armed anarchists and Ukrainian Nazis who have been enjoying a comprehensive financial, military, diplomatic and even religious support and instigation from the Western power groups for the last two decades. Many of the Ukraine’s cities are now falling into the chaos of lootings, unprovoked violence, lynch law and political repressions.

The first signs of upcoming chaos were clearly seen as the Ukrainian authorities wavered at the three-month siege of the centre of Kiev by the radical guerrilla elements from Galicia and local criminal gangs. They watched silently when furious fanatics were burning unarmed riot police Berkut officers alive, lynching them and pulling out their eyes. They did nothing to stop frantic “freedom fighters” from storming regional administrations, humiliating the officials and looting police and military arsenals in the West Ukraine. They were paralyzed when unidentified snipers were cool-bloodily killing militia personnel, protesters and casual passers-by from the roofs of Kiev’s buildings. They even declared amnesty (twice!) to those guilty of the brutal crimes against policemen and public order. Thus Yanukovych’s regime itself paved the way for a sinister ghost of the war-torn Libya to come to Ukraine.

Have more on Eurasia.

Kiev. How can an illegal and transitional gov and parliament issue any warrant arrest ? Are they Justice’s substitutes ? Under what legality ?

Vagabonds in power in Kiev are not losing time in doing business like rats. For three months, those members of Opposition in Kiev have asked many concessions from President Yanukovych, making a moquery of him and of some protesters who really thought at the time, this Opposition was trying to negociate with president Yanukovych. During three months, rareley had those members of the Opposition responded to President Yanukovych’s openess to dialog and discussion with them.

Times ago, the president offered them the post of PM and deputy PM, they refused.

The last round, they pretended signing an agreement handling them everything they had demanded for : , they obtained earlier elections, a referendum to change the constitution and restitutes it at its previous stage.

The morning after, the Opposition staged a coup.

Without any clear explanation, the Opposition became the Majority at the Parliament, overnight, in the absence and resignations of some parliamentaries fallen into silence straight away, under assets freeze’s threats from the Westside and the beatings of the new coalition comprising neo nazis-hooliganists-antijews and anti-russian pactising with the new Majority of crooks in the Parliament.

Then the hold up entered its active phase : Tymoschenko freed from jail, the Speaker became the interim president, etc. You could’nt have missed that Big Lie and Fake outrageously and arrogantly conducted under the eyes of the World. Methods of bandits. Period. During three months, those bandits pretended they wanted the president to take their claims into account, knowing perfectly that, in the end, they will set a coup.

All that time, Yanukovych tried his best to keep the situation under control, until the latest days of the coup, where it became clear for those bandits actually in power in Kiev that they had to provoke crimes and kill people so that the World, along with the Masterminds behind-the-scene would seize the occasion to raise the stakes and the auctions.

When those puppets in transition in Kiev will leave the stage they are occupying abusively and illegaly, time for Justice will come starting with Tymoshenko who should go back to jail : she has fueled the rebellion behind bars and set the tone and the fire that ended with the blood of Ukrainians demonstrating in Maidan.

She, Tymoshenko, and the theftmen of her party of backshich are ultimately the truly responsibles for the bloodshed president Yanukovych avoided by all means from the very beginning, eventhough, at a certain point, he has to warn  people « the gov will have to take strong and though measures to keep the nation functioning ». This was his responsibility and he did nothing wrong.

But the Opposition did : demonstrators, under Opposition obediency, had fired on police forces with life amunitions. What did they expect ? For the police and the army to wait the bullets and die to please the usurpated glory to come of those bandits presently in power ? Previously, the Opposition has asked for the annulation of though laws preventing demonstrations and president Yanukovych accessed to their demands.

If Yanukoviich is guilty of something, it is that he was too conciliatory with the Opposition ; which hurt back turning him as an indecisive – therefore – as a weak leader. He got trapped by western media’s comments and misled by western politicians bad faith.

When Justice is back to in this nation, Members of  Opposition are the ones to jail and to sue. Assuming, Ukraine will not part. The Eastern part is not recognizing this lying government as representant of the people of Ukraine. Unelected, illegitimate, criminal and transitional.

Who are they to issue warrant arrest against a democratically president elected they have pushed out of the nation ? Who are the real criminals ? Course they are and they want to blame their thefts and flaws to the others. Kiev and Tripoli, more of the same. With the exception that in Tripoli, the masters behind the scenes moved naked faces whereas in Ukraine, they chose the party of Vagabonds associated to extremists members ( the case in Syria) to do the dirty Job. Their place is in jail. Tymoshenko, first.

Ukrainians, don’t let Vagabonds in Power steal and lie to you again and again. Stand your rights and your land. You are under a gross hijack pretending to free you from a so-called tyranny. Open your eyes. You’re being cheated upon.

Here is the good news : you still have time to react. Tomorrow it could be too late to renew your political representants. The ones in place are corrupt thoroughly. The point for Ukraine is not to be pro-EU or pro-Russian. Ukraine needs to stay Ukrainian. That is first and last. Watch out !


Excerpt from CNN. Up to speed: Uncertainty reigns in a divided Ukraine.

« We have a legitimate source of authority in Kiev, which is the democratically elected Parliament and a democratically, constitutionally elected speaker of parliament, who is acting president, » Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski, who helped broker a peace deal between the government and the opposition, said on CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS.

Is Poland now speaking for Ukraine ? This is first.

Second. The legitimacy of the Parliament is indissociable from the President’s. Either Yanukovych is out and the actual parliament is no longer legitimate to decide anything else than short-term measures consisting to hold on until next elections. Either president Yanukovych is still the legitimate elected source of power and the decisions taken by the « new » parliament in his absence are nul and void.

The way of legacy is this one : president Yanukovych in place as president and the parliament is free to vote for earlier parliamentaries and presidential elections and for the change of the Constitution. In the process, they can also start the long walk of « impeachment », encoded by law.

Third, the peace deal is dead. Does anybody tell that to the « Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski, who helped broker a peace deal between the government and the opposition » ? I guess Fareed Zakaria had updated him with his GPS.

THERE ARE NO NEO-NAZIS IN UKRAINE. AND THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION DOES NOT SUPPORT FASCISTS. Really ? Read here. The funniest thing is the association of pro europeans, therefore pro jewish with neo-nazis enchained together.

Watch the faces and images of innocents and peaceful demonstrators wearing the masks of Death. Then try do imagine the scene of crimes and who is behind that geant Symphony of Death. Horribilis.

Read also. ARE US AND EU BACKING NEO NAZIS IN UKRAINE? From  Eurasia news via Macedonia Intl Agency News. Interesting the faction in power vows to fight Jews as well as Russians till death. Symphony of Death, I told you.

Dmitry Medvedev said Monday, according to Russian news agencies, that the new authorities have come to power as a result of “armed mutiny,” so their legitimacy is causing “big doubts.”

He said Russia would be ready to resume relations with Ukraine once it sees a “normal, modern government based on laws and constitution of Ukraine.”

“If you consider Kalashnikov-toting people in black masks who are roaming Kiev to be the government, then it will be hard for us to work with that government,” he said.

Quotes from Total Collapse, citing the AP


Ukraine. Hold up of power on a wheelchair. Kiev government is illegal throughout.

Yesterday, the entire World witnessed an unthinkable event of power hijacking in Ukraine. Just hours after the signature of an agreement by the former gov and the then Opposition, the latest moved quickly changing the game into a despicable hold up.

The Parliament voted special powers to itself, ruling without the consent of the people, out of law. « The Ukrainian parliament moved to free jailed billionaire oligarch Yulya Tymoshenko, the rival of Yanukovych who became prime minister in the Orange Revolution. She was convicted in 2011 of embezzlement in connection with natural gas deals with Russia. The parliament decriminalized the article of the criminal code under which Tymoshenko was prosecuted ». Global Research has drawn a timeline of noticeable events of this hijacking.

Meanwhile dame Tymoshenko is advocating for Justice. Which one ? She is adding Ukraine is back to Democracy. Which one ? The kind of which Ukrainian Parliament is implementing right now, in total illegitimacy and illegality ?If you call this Democracy, therefore we need to redefine what democracy is about.

« Words must mean something » ? (President Obama).

The fact is Tymoshenko’s party holds all the powers in its hands. And that power is looking like a cake to share between friends.

Eh, Tymi, don’t you want a post of PM ?

Tymi : No, it is not wise. You take it for now. Next row, I’ll be the president.

French foreign minister. Eh, Ukraine, we have got some money for you. Just say a number and we will flow the money at your place immediately. In exchange, you belong to us forever.

Now, the interim president is claiming the pro-european choice of the nation, without consulting ukrainian people. Those Tymoshenko’s boys are perfect democrats. A lying crew.

Separatism, autonomy and partition, even chaos are not excluded, at this stage. They may well be end of the road. Pactising with the Devil is the highway to Hell.

Take a look at the timeline of the Global Research.

Ukrainian Government Bows to Pressure from Washington, EU and Far-right Opposition.

Global Research, February 22, 2014

 Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych bowed to the demands of the fascistic Western-backed opposition yesterday, signing an agreement curtailing his own powers, allowing the opposition into government, and calling early elections.

This came a day after the bloodiest day of protests in Kiev, the Ukrainian capital. At least 77 protesters and riot police were killed and hundreds injured amid street clashes and gun battles between the far-right protesters and the security forces. Fighting has escalated since the Ukrainian parliament voted down an opposition bill to curtail the president’s powers earlier this week.

After Thursday’s fighting, Yanukovych backed down and gave in to the opposition’s key demands. Within 10 days, he will form a national unity government, including opposition representatives. The 2004 constitution passed after the US-backed Orange Revolution is to go back into effect in September, depriving Yanukovych of control over the chiefs of the security services. That power will be held by the prime minister. By December, early presidential and parliamentary elections are to be held; the presidential election was originally scheduled for March of 2015.

Adrian Karatnycky, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council think tank, told the PBS news program in the US that he expected Yanukovych to lose power in a matter of weeks or even days. Yanukovych left Kiev late last night and flew to Kharkov, a city near the border with Russia, the main backer of Yanukovych’s regime.

The Ukrainian parliament moved to free jailed billionaire oligarch Yulya Tymoshenko, the rival of Yanukovych who became prime minister in the Orange Revolution. She was convicted in 2011 of embezzlement in connection with natural gas deals with Russia. The parliament decriminalized the article of the criminal code under which Tymoshenko was prosecuted.

Yanukovych signed the agreement after negotiations lasting throughout Thursday night and into Friday, as bloody battles raged on the streets of Kiev. The foreign ministers of Germany, France and Poland, having arrived in Kiev on Thursday, worked closely with the opposition leaders—Vitali Klitschko of the Udar Party, Arseniy Yatsenyuk of Tymoshenko’s Fatherland Party, and Oleh Tyahnybok of the fascistic Svoboda party.

Signers of the agreement, besides Yanukovych and the three opposition leaders, included Foreign Ministers Frank-Walter Steinmeier of Germany, Laurent Fabius of France, and Radoslaw Sikorski of Poland. However, Russian negotiator Vladimir Lukin, who was originally supposed to sign, declined to do so.

Before the agreement was signed, the German and Polish foreign ministers travelled to the Maidan (Independence Square)—the centre of opposition protests, where tens of thousands of mostly middle-class protesters had gathered—in order to obtain the protesters’ consent. They met in a hotel with 30 members of the Maidan Council, which represent the protesters.

It appears that even the right-wing opposition leaders were straining to control the far-right thugs unleashed by the imperialist powers in Ukraine. When Klitschko tried to speak to promote the deal with Yanukovych, he was shouted down by the protesters, who called out, “Shame!”

Oleh Tyahnybok, whose Svoboda party openly espouses anti-Semitic and racist views, was received at the German Embassy and presented along with Foreign Minister Steinmeier for a photo opportunity.

Yanukovych’s surrender has encouraged the fascistic forces leading the opposition to act even more aggressively. The leader of the neo-Nazi “Right Sector,” Dmitry Yarosh, said on the Vkontakte social network that his movement regarded Yanukovich’s statement as a “deception” and would continue the fight. “The national revolution continues,” he wrote, adding that it would end only when the regime was overthrown.

Washington, while not formally a party to the negotiations, applauded the outcome in Kiev. The White House issued a statement declaring that the Obama administration “welcomes” the agreement, calling it “consistent with what we have advocated.”

These statements underscore the utterly reactionary and reckless policy of the imperialist powers, which have worked with fascist groups to drive Ukraine and the entire region to the brink of war. In November last year, Yanukovych cancelled the signing of an association agreement with the European Union (EU) at the last minute and instead moved closer to Russia. Since then, Germany and the United States have systematically sought to destabilize and divide Ukraine.

The US and European press are covering up the fascist politics of the forces they have imposed in government upon the Ukrainian people. The New York Times euphemistically refers to the Right Sector as a “hardline nationalist” group. In fact, it is a pro-Nazi group that criticizes Svoboda—itself a fascist party that celebrates Ukrainians who joined Nazi SS units that carried out mass killings of Jews in the western Ukrainian region of Galicia during World War II—as too “moderate.”

Separatist tendencies are raising their heads throughout Ukraine. The western city of Lviv, the centre of Ukrainian nationalism, has declared itself autonomous.

In the southeast, the parliamentary speaker of the Crimean peninsula, which was tacked onto the then-Ukrainian Soviet Republic in 1954 and is inhabited mainly by Russians, has threatened secession from Ukraine. Speaker Volodymyr Konstantinov said secession “is possible, if the country breaks apart.” He added, “And everything is moving towards that.”

This also raises the possibility of Russian military intervention in Ukraine. The Financial Times of London cited a senior Russian official who said, “If Ukraine breaks apart, it will trigger a war. They will lose Crimea, we will go in and protect it, just as we did in Georgia”—referring to Russia’s 2008 war in Georgia after the US-backed Georgian regime attacked Russian peacekeepers in the separatist region of South Ossetia.

Another Russian official told the Financial Times, “We will not allow Europe and the US to take Ukraine from us. The states of the former Soviet Union, we are one family. They think Russia is still as weak as in the early 1990s, but we are not.”

Germany, the US and the EU share imperialist and geo-political goals in Ukraine, as a commentary that appeared on Spiegel Online two days ago openly noted. “It is no longer just the association agreement with the European Union that is at stake,” Uwe Klußmann wrote. “Nor is the future of President Viktor Yanukovych, a man surrounded by rumours of corruption, the focus any more. Rather, geo-politics has taken centre stage and the question as to which power centres in Europe and the Eurasia region will be dominant in the future has become paramount.” (GR)

More. Washington’s Hegemonic Ambitions in Ukraine: Sleepwalking Again into A Destructive Conflict.

Berlin and Washington Foment Civil War in Ukraine.

Ukraine Opposition members : Vagabonds in Power (the new VIP).

“There is no political solution in the Middle East neither in Ukraine without Russia” : Dominique de Villepin, Former French Foreign Minister.

 Those latest days, as I was revisiting Fela Kuti’s songs, I selected a festival from Berlin (follow the link). A telling stroke me : it was the definition of V.I.P. – from Very important personality to Vagabonds in Power. He explained it well : some people, once in power, dramatically change their attitude towards people. They start superbly ignoring the people, because they have gotten rich. Alternatively, they bullied them and in the case of Ukraine, they play the people like chess pawns in their political game aiming at one objective : their selfishness and Sufficiency.

Vagabonds in Power are leading the  Opposition in Kiev. They prefer watching the country in flames, destructions and even turn hell, for the sake of their own satisfactions presented in the political field as the ones of the people. Alike Syria where the opposition is now clearly divided, Opposition vagabonds leaders in Kiev do not control the extremists elements they opened the door to, in the first place ; in total irresponsibility.

They are claiming the momentum is on their side. Easy, when your vagabondage politics is to set institutions buildings and police security forces in flames. The kind of savagery we thought would not be back too soon in the Eastern European part, after years of communism repression. It is easy to claim momentum, when you use tools as, fire, mass manipulation, blackmail, ultra populism, coping with extremists groups, lies such as European choice is better than the Russian – which is not the center of the problem by the way – All this to earn an undeserved post of PM and to lead a coup, puppets of hidden masters.

Next year will see Ukraine engaging into elections for presidential choice. What is that much important – within one year- that the vagabonds’ opposition members can’t wait, if they are assured they have gotten the majority of the people voice ? It is not as if they would have to wait too long. What is one year on the scale of political time today for a party sure to be elected in the next round up?

Why is it so urgent to stage a coup d’Etat against president Yanoukovich now, urging him to quit power, whereas he has been democratically elected ? Who are members of the Opposition to set the country in fire for illegitimate requests ? Time ahead, one day or another, those vagabonds should be judged for the murder of those Ukrainians who have already lost their lifes, abused by vagabonds leading a revolt in Kiev.

« Ukraine should not be in this position of showdown between Russia and the UE », former French Foreign Minister, Dominique de Villepin, the only person with former president Jacques Chirac opposing war in Iraq which comes to be a dramatic failure.

As the best foreign French minister ever, a man of great culture, he his warning this :

The EU should not weigh in to ask the departure of president Yanoukovich. Each time the West has come to play the game of regime change – they did it in Iraq and it ended with a catastrophe. They repeat it in Lybia : another catastrophe. They went on with it in Syria : catastrophe again. We must think first at the people, he said.

The EU must engage into a dialogue with Russia, at the highest level. Let get out of diabolisation. We should lift ourselves out of another cold war we are setting, because there is no political solution in the Middle East neither in Ukraine without Russia”.

Read the AFP Depeche here where the former french foreign minister is responding to Europe 1 Questions.

The interview started with the congratulations of France-Germay and Poland’s historical format to go to Kiev. Yesterday, the Ukrainian foreign minister, speaking to CNN, has wellcomed europeans in Kiev.

But allow me, really, allow me. French president is in a worst situation than president Yanoukovich. With less than 20% of french people saying they support the president’s politics, 80 % defiance, French people are tired asking the president to step down. He is still refusing. In other times, with such numbers of defiance, other presidents had reshuffled the government in a format close to the people’s aspirations or to the essential reforms, or dissolve the parliament to set a new one in accordance to the people’s choice.

Neither of those institutional building’s exigences is on the table. Instead, the president is superbly ignoring French people and even laughing at their faces going Muslim’s militant in a disgusting praise where the president just congratulated Muslims’ fighters during the WWII to help France. He did so during an invitation by a National Muslim’s association, one of the sacred cows in France along with its Jewish equivalent.

Not only French president’s party has been elected – and criticized for – instrumentalising Muslim’s votes, praising them, one month ahead of majoral elections the government party is said to be loosing if the vote sanction or abstention played out fiercely as forcasted, you just ask yourself why Muslims’ appeal ? Answer. Clientelism.

Moreover, gay marriage has been criticized by Christians. Consequently, Christians’ soldiers coming from French colonies during WWII are brushed out of the WWII french bataillons.

The addition of Dieudonne – a black french-Cameroonian humorist criticizing president Hollande’s Jews masters and White and Black Christians are packed into the same discriminating box – by the government and its best tool :  dogged media – to throw away as contesters of the regime calling for a regime change.

In a sense, French governance is even worst than Yanoukovitch’s. Dictatorial, not playing social cohesion, not appeasing the nation, partial and sectarian, all about winning elections without a clear political roadmap and a substantive program of reform, playing propaganda and communication where you need actions, lot of talks for nothing, ignoring the spirit of the institutions which commands the president to reshuffle now or to dissolve the parliament, maintaining a plethoric government consisting in a bunch of friends and members of the socialist party, suppressing freedoms of speech with  media tools that are now turning Inspector Gadget to oversee Dieudonne Mballa shows, without any authorisation. Yet, they have got one : freedom to denigrate and to frighten people.

This is a government, many parties have helped to win – the far right of Marine Le Pen, the center right of Mr. Bayrou who have (the two of them) since earned the nickname of traitors-in-chief for leaving president Sarkozy – from the right wing like them – down, and even Dominique de Villepin and president Chirac called to vote for Mr. Hollande.  But guess what, all the ministers and nominations are coming exclusively from the socialist party. There is no one single person in the government coming from the Opposition. President Hollande, the provincial president is as provincial as Bourvil and Fernandel were : closed up, working with only people he know well : friends, mistress many, wifes and mistress of friends, obedient members of the party. And those are leaders and people who want to tell president Yanoukovich how to rule a country  including members of the opposition in the governement, whereas in France, nothing like this ever exists, on the exception of president Sarkozy who was the first president to try to open the government and its control to other parties.

DSK was then proposed for the IMF Director’s post by president Sarkozy.  He was a socialist and  president Sarkozy who proposed him was a rightist president. You may argue, this is a Jewish connection, a supra-framework. Coïncidentally, I may say yes. But, president Sarkozy did more than proposing DSK at some high-level functions. For instance, the man in charge of supervising the use of public funds, Mr. Didier Migaud, the president of la « Cour des Comptes » and the president of the house’s financial commission was a socialist one, during Sarkozy’s tenure.

Shamefully, president Hollande adopted that Sarkozy’s tradition.

When you talk about all this, the sitting PM would call for an end of French-bashing  claiming Unity, in the name of Patriotism. Patriotism as last resort for a non reformist and an exclusive and sectarian government ready to lecture Ukraine, Syria and another governments on how to govern a nation.

I mean, when it comes to exemplarity in governing people and nations, The EU is clueless.

Many vagabonds in power, just like those in Lybia and the actual opposition in Syria and in Ukraine. More of the same wrong masters.

« Ukraine should not be in this position of showdown between Russia and the UE ». Members of Ukraine Opposition are just Vagabonds. That is what they have been doing from the very beginning, fooling Ukrainian people. Dramatic.

We recommend this alternative EU stand.

How Ukraine Can Be Saved ? From The NYTimes

By ROMANO PRODI – European leaders should schedule talks with Moscow to stop the bloodshed and find a way for Ukrainians to determine their political destiny.

« Europe needs Ukraine as a bridge to Russia more than ever ».  « A bridge to Russia » – Not against Russia. Apparently, the EU economy remains DURABLY in bad shape, prompting desperate conducts. As part of the recovery, the EU really looks kind of breathless without Ukraine. Help Ukraine not to be the EU/Ukraine opposition’s hostage. Help !

Ukraine. Syria. Central African Republic and regional geopolitics. Venezuela. The World today.

Today may be the landmark of Ukraine renaisssance, after months of standoff. Should this be the case, it may be useful and appropriate to throw this article from Sofia News in the ballot, to update some Ukrainians unaware at the role of the Sea Trade and Development Bank.

We appreciate the good news of an understanding Opposition embrassing the hard road of peace. Making war is easy. When it comes to peace, people must transcend themselves and their basic instincts and primary interests for the good of all. Not that easy.
The Sea Trade & Development Bank is now part of the equation. Great news.
« Sea Trade & Development Bank to Boost Post-Crisis Econ Growth »- from
The Black Sea Trade and Development Bank will participate actively in the post-crisis development of the economies of its 11 members, according to Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister.

Speaking Sunday after a sitting of the Board of Governors of the BSTDB, Deputy Prime Minister Daniela Bobeva reminded that the BSTDB included 11 countries, including Turkey, Greece, Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania, as well as five smaller shareholders.

She said that all of the 11 member countries had acknowledged that the BSTDB had coped with the crisis but that it was time to ensure more active lending.

Bobeva informed that the 15-year anniversary of the BSTDB would be marked with a prestigious business forum in Bulgaria.

« There will be a special session on energy, during which the projects from Azerbaijan and Russia will be discussed, as well as the gas grid interconnections between the countries in the Black Sea region, and a number of other projects in the sphere of industry, » Bobeva stated in an interview for the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR).

She pointed out that there had been a proposal to promote the participation of Bulgarian companies in the privatization process in Greece, adding that some of the more interesting privatization announcements would be published in Bulgarian media outlets.

The BSTDB was established by Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine which are the 11 founding countries of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) as a financial pillar of BSEC.

– See more.


From Geneva, Syrian talks apparently ended in a stalemate. The fact that, for the first time, since the beginning of the hellacious civil war, Syrian belligerents were brought together to the table of talks to discuss the matter face-to-face is a first step not to brush off with neglect or disgust.
Immediate peace was expected. This miraculous expectation was really to high to happen, at this preliminary stage of engaging each with another. The  UN special envoy in Syria should continue to push for a breakthrough. Eventually, he will meet the challenge.

A Tour of Sochi : smart and class magical places to visit after the games.

Welcome. This is Sochi and its paradisiac sites of pure style.

After the games, bet on Sochi as one of the best touristic destinations for the refreshing air due to an extraordinary mountainer environment, really inspiring and ressourcing. I’m absolutely fired up with the magic of the sites. I Wish you would also : Sochi deserves it.

This is a clear proof, Sochi has planned the city not only for the 2014’s winter games, but also for it’s glorious future, as the next place to travel to in the World. Why not envisioning even staying in ?

Sustainable development describes best Sochi’s project. Beautiful.

Watch. Three words to describe Sochi : Harmony. Serenity and Quietness. 

For a better view and display, open them on a new tab and enjoy the peace of mind.


Welcome to Soch 2014 Olympic games

Map location of Sochi.

Sochi is Staline home place : here is his villa

The Large view of Sochi’s games sites below the mountain : a beautiful landscape, jewel like

Another one where you can see the beach. Sochi has got the longest one in the World 118 kms.

Zooming to see the  village of athlets

Wide angle again inside the architecture of the complex

A close up of the dome

Then the opening of the dome and the ceremony shot in diving

The paquebot of Sochi ready to slip into the sea

Sochi’s Winter Theater by Night. Kind of Greek Athena’s arena. Pure Gold.

America, stop the Naysayers’ GOP agenda in 2014’s polls. Emergency.

Unemployment benefits, GOP had said NO.

Senate GOP Denies Help To The Long-Term Unemployed – Again (the National Memo)

Immigration reform. Speaker Boehner is saying quoteBoehner Doubts Immigration Bill Will Pass in 2014″ (NYT). Another NO.

America, Your mission in 2014 is to give president Obama the two majorities he needs to move the country forward. This is your time to weigh in, for the good of all. The duty is not only for the president and his administration to carry up. As a citizen, your participation and evaluation is a key factor in the Washington’s game. Give yourself a chance.

GOP ideological rule’s bottom line is that each unemployed is a lazy person and immigrants illegal or  not  are parasites and a misery to get rid off as quick as possible and by all means. This is a slaver mentality and a denial of the reality. America hasn’t still yet recovered from the crisis, despite huge steps already made. Compared to other G8 or 20 nations, the indicators are strong and America remains the best place to invest and an attractive place for immigration.  Immigration attractiveness may not only be considered the GOP’s slavery way, but as a strong economic factor.

Those are changes in conception Americans, as a nation and people, should embrace to come out bigger and stronger leading Intelligence in handling with new challenges and rationales, including laws’ adjustments.

Cory Booker, the new elected Jersyan senator is painting a clear picture – below – of  the stakes the naysayers are up to. Feel yourself free to sign in or not. What is important is for you to have the datas.

« This afternoon, the Senate voted on a compromise bill to extend unemployment insurance. I’m frustrated to report that the vote was blocked again by Republican senators. The House of Representatives has not yet even brought it up for a vote.

Every week we delay, another 70,000 people lose their unemployment insurance. That’s more families giving up medications, missing rent and mortgage payments, or unable to find the money to put gas in their cars to get to a job interview.

I respect my Republican colleagues, and I’ve enjoyed working with many of them in my first few months in the Senate. However, I cannot understand how anyone could hear the heart-wrenching stories I’ve heard from families desperate for help and still vote ‘no’.

I’m joining with the Daily Kos community — we’re demanding that members of Congress who have stood in the way of extending unemployment insurance stop blocking legislative action. We can’t give up on this important fight for people seeking jobs in New Jersey, and across the country.

Please join me and members of the Daily Kos community — sign our joint petition demanding that Congressional obstructionists stop blocking the restoration of unemployment benefits.

This is not the time to delay. I’ve heard too many painful stories from people who rely on these benefits as they continue to look for work.

Every member of Congress should know by now that job-seekers aren’t lazy. Right now, there are roughly three job seekers for every job opening in this country, and 21,000 veterans – people who signed up to protect their country – lost their unemployment insurance when we failed to extend them in December. Three thousand more vets join their ranks each month.

The legislation that failed today in the Senate was a compromise bill, and that’s why blocking it was so egregious.

The Daily Kos community and I are demanding that members of Congress who have blocked this bill cease doing so immediately. Add your name.

If we do nothing, it will cost our economy 240,000 jobs and close to 5 million people will be without unemployment benefits by the end of the year. Thanks for standing up for them today.

One more thought: Though the fight to restore unemployment benefits is urgent, it is only the first of many important steps we must take to make our economy work for everyone. Raising the minimum wage and improving job training opportunities, among other initiatives, are also urgent priorities for New Jersey families that I’ll be focusing on this year ». 

Cory Booker.

 Read also at the NYT. Senate Fails to Pass Three-Month Extension of Jobless Aid.

Kentucky and Georgia are key places to change the naysayers holding back the country. EMILY’s List candidates Alison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky and Michelle Nunn in Georgia are there In Dead heats.  Together with Emily’s, I recommend them to your approval. Emergency. Here is why.


Deficit Of Truth: What Republicans Hope You Don’t Know And Never Find Out at the National memo.

Unemployment is falling constantly and what the nation needs less today is sterile opposition.

CNN Breaking News – 

The U.S. economy added 113,000 jobs in January, continuing the growth in employment, but far below what is needed to show that the economy is fully recovering. Economists had expected 178,000 new jobs.

The government also reported that the unemployment rate ticked lower to 6.6% from 6.7% in December.

NYT is c alling this weakness.  Weakness Continues as 113,000 Jobs Are Added in January. This is the goal of the naysayers : bringing policies to failure. If this is the conception of responsability at the national level, then America and Americans have got a lot to lose in the process.

Another reason for the People to stand across the naysayers’ way. Firmly and decisively. Take on your diaries and note it on top of your 2014’s priorities.

Around the World

New York.

Great to see the new General Attorney elected at Brooklyn, Kenneth Thompson. Congratulations ! We still have in mind his heroic defense of Nafissatou Diallo against the wild power of money and institutions’ umbrellas.

Scotland referendum : out or inside UK ? At dead heat.

Picture from
Picture from

Mehdi’s Morning Memo: Cameron’s Message To Scotland

« Here are the five things you need to know on Friday 7 February 2014…


David Cameron is calling on the people of England, Wales and Northern Ireland to send a message to Scotland as it prepares to vote in the independence referendum: « We want you to stay. »

In a speech at the Olympic Park in London, the Prime Minister will channel the patriotic spirit of the 2012 Olympic Games to argue that the whole country will lose out if Scotland votes in this September’s referendum to leave the UK.

While accepting that the decision on September 18 is a matter for Scots alone, Cameron will urge the English, Welsh and Northern Irish to do whatever they can to influence the outcome, telling them: « You don’t have a vote, but you do have a voice. »

Independence would be bad for Scotland but would also leave the United Kingdom « deeply diminished » and would « rip the rug from under our own reputation » in the world, Cameron will say.

Today’s Memo is edited by Ned Simons as Mehdi Hasan has been sent to Somerset in his wellies. The fact that half the trainlines are now underwater means that there will also be no Memo on Sunday ».


David Cameron: The importance of Scotland to the UK – From N° 10.

Speaking at the Olympic Park in London today (Friday 7 February), the Prime Minister set out a positive vision for the future of the UK and urged people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to use their voice, even if they don’t have a vote.

The Prime Minister said:

« This is a decision that is squarely and solely for those in Scotland to make. I passionately believe it is in their interests to stay in the UK. That way Scotland has the space to take decisions, while still having the security that comes with being part of something bigger. From Holyrood they can decide what happens in every hospital, school and police station in Scotland and in the UK, Scotland is part of a major global player.

« These are the arguments we will keep on putting till September 18th. It is their choice, their vote. But my argument today is that though only 4 million people can vote in this referendum, all 63 million of us are profoundly affected.

« There are 63 million of us who could wake up on September 19th in a different country, with a different future ahead of it. That’s why this speech is addressed not to the people of Scotland, but to the people of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We would be deeply diminished without Scotland. This matters to all our futures. And everyone in the UK can have a voice in this debate.

« We come as a brand – a powerful brand. If we lost Scotland, if the UK changed, we would rip the rug from under our own reputation. The plain fact is we matter more in the world together.

« With just 7 months to go until the referendum, the Prime Minister will tell the audience that there can be no complacency over the result of the referendum as the outcome is still up in the air. »

Appealing to the rest of the UK, the Prime Minister said:

« We must do whatever it takes. You don’t have a vote, but you do have a voice.

« Those voting are our friends, neighbours and family. You do have an influence. Let the message ring out from Manchester to Motherwell from Pembrokeshire to Perth from Belfast to Bute from us to the people of Scotland – let the message be this: We want you to stay. »

Read David Cameron’s speech: the importance of Scotland to the UK.

Read more about the Scottish referendum.



For this end of week, I have a gift for you, on those times were we lack the kind of great singers and breathless music. Worst, pop music is so boring with clone musicians and music. We miss the likes of voices of Joan Baez or Nana Mouskouri where you could hear the beatings of their hearts – through their singing – litteraly bursting out of theirs breasts to catch yours for a traveling and a kiss until the end of the song. Barbara Streisand with her hypnotic memory song just flee you high up through the staring Sky, holding your body in her arms smoothly before landing you with care on the ground. At this stage, you open your tearful blinking eyes and whispered this to her ears : Thank You, Madam. I really enjoy the captivating travel.

Music today is breathless and heartless. Whitney « I’ll always love you » – Nelly and Kelly « what a dilemma« , Snoop, No diggity, Mr. Boombastic unverse (Shaggy), the pussy cat, the black eyes peas, R. Kelly… ? who are the successors of this great spiritual music full of emotion ?

Celine  Dion Titanic song is grandiose, Maria Careh used to be great…

But this is not my gift, it is about two World class countertenors. The only stand where Germany and France are equal. Germany vs France enjoy both. Philippe Jaroussky in la Havanaise and Andreas Scholl. Philippe Jaroussky’s interpretation is qualified as orgastic whereas Andreas sounds more angelical. Haendel baroque music is so emotionnally intense. The classical Mozartic is more aerial and whirling.

Enjoy them. Both are Great and Powerful.

In so saying, have a nice w.e. Till next week. Bye bye.…

Immigration GOP’s standard. Using blackmail : A doomed strategy – too weak and stupid to succeed.

As the look of things, a once again dephase GOP is  using blackmail to impress Obama : « Halt Deportations, And We Might Halt Immigration Reform » (Huffpost).

Should this be the new horse GOP’s congressmen would straddle for the elections to come, I wish them good luck with the people.

Anyone considering with a cold head the situation, from a juridical perspective including humanism and Justice, will come to this elementary principle and order : first come up with a workable law ; second, review and check up each request prior to deportations. It is a reasonable way to avoid legalisations looking like another National Lottery.

The fact that supporters of reform on the Republican side warn against halting deportations shows the tough spot the White House is in. If the president does nothing, thousands of people will be deported who could have received legal status if Congress passed a bill. If the president acts, it could increase political tensions and doom a potential bill entirely.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, who supports reform, told The Washington Post last week that in his estimation, Obama could strengthen his hand by halting deportations.

« If I were president, I would have said the following: ‘It’s a broken system. Except for violent criminals, no more deportations until you help me fix a broken system,' » Trumka said.

Pure common sense.

In France, many illegals bet over time.

Twice in the recent history, illegals were given a chance throught a general amnesty for all the immigrants present in the French soil, at this very moment. They just had to prove it.  President Mitterand did it in 1981 and, under a PM socialist coalition with president Chirac, Mr Chevenement, the then  Interior Minister did it also. People were given a 10 years residential card, unconditionally, under Mitterand and the second time, on condition of ressources guarantee by a job and of social integration meaning a place to live in or some familial attaches in France – for instance assuming a parenthood living,  helping as a volunteer associative’s activities devoting to helping some other people in need, being part of family regrouping circle between sisters and brothers or mothers for instance.

There were a mix of multiple parameters considered from differents aspects of human life. Humanity as ground for Justice first.

The thing is and still is, from those two general amnisties, socialists have mounted kind of an electoral unpriced political value which tends to give them victory on elections undeservely. In France, residential papers are the path for citizenship. And, it may well show up that the more immigrants you give papers to, the more voters you add to your party. May be this is ultimately why GOP’s congressmen are so afraid at and not telling loudly.

If so, then their blackmailed equation conditioning deportations’ pursuits to their agreement is twice dead. The more deportations the more anger for the voters in America who will disregard this for their relatives and friends. Eventually, when, after those deportations, GOP’s congressmen would come to stick to their promise – which is another question –  and passed the law, they will draw zero benefit out of it.

All in all GOP’s congressmen opposition to immigration reform is working against them. May be twice than Once. Time to implement some kind of Political Intelligence is  now for the GOP’s congressmen. Tomorrow, it may be too late. Their savage dealing with social matters may hurt them with the same savagery. In the end, Obama wins. Fatal Boomerang.

Read also. The GOP’s Suicide Pact on Immigration.

Concerning government efficiency, here is how job’s market is recovering and how the deficit is lowering faster than forecasted.


Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

« The deficit is down more than 50% since president Obama took Office.

After years of over thrillion dollar deficit, we have cut the deficit in half by cutting spending, winding down two wars, and beginning to ask the wealthy to pay their share ».

Source. Go to the White for more over the State of the Union.

From the NYTimes. « Detroit’s Immigration Solution ».

The governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder, wants to fix Detroit with smart immigrants.

He proposes to attract 50,000 of them over five years using a visa program for people with advanced degrees or exceptional abilities in the sciences, arts or business. Get more at the NYT.

Last stand. 

CNN Breaking News.


Read the long interview by Mehdi and Dame Tessa Jowell at the Huffpost.  Highly informative.

We the people supporting Liberty and Freedom of Speech and Dieudonné are persona non grata in UK.

According to French newspapers and TV info, the spokesman of the UK Home Ofice has  confirmed Dieudonné Mballa (the humorist)  is persona non grata in UK, to visit his friend Nicolas Anelka, the british football federation is suing for sanctions, after he did the « quenelle gesture » lately in a stadium, in the playing field (picture).

Because some Jews in France and the nearly all-French Jewish government along with french medias owned and managed – most of the time – by Jews people,  and political parties led by similar jews leaders – add to this list, public sponsored communitarian bodies such as LICRA (allegedly fighting racism and antisemtisim) or CRIF (a religious jew’s body) have declared the quenelle is a gesture recalling nazi’s salute : Heil Hitler ! Indeed.

Also, because those are the leading forces in France : once they have decided this is it, no contradiction is authorised. This is where dictatorship begins, censorship, rule of the jungle : the powerful win all the times, eventhough they are wrong. While you may count on freedom of press, forget about it : a once journalist is publishing a book « the mediatic horror » arguing any sense of free criticism has vanished inside the profession and easy  journalism – may I say corrupt or interested – is the outcome of this. All the  networks are aligning one to another, reducing the choice of news on the air to a short list all of them will go on commenting all day long, in the same way.

One size fits all

Ukraine for instance : western medias and even the new Big one Muslim network are chanting against president Ianoukovitch.

In USA, Gov. Chris Christie is hunted by the same mediatic consortium, before being condemned by Justice –  if guilty for the lane closures. Just remember that Chris Christie had helped Obama respectfully with Sandy storm during the presidential campaign. Probably republicans are going to make him pay for praising Obama’s commandement-in-Chief at the time. On the other side, democrats are fighting him to kill him down as a serious contender for 2016.

In the end, Gov Christie is standing at a crossfire.

NY Mayor, Bloomberg also joined forces with Obama, during this Sandy episode and endorsed him, for the handling of the Storm damages. Gov Christie and Mayor Bloomberg Republican and Independant leaders, have played by the interest of State – setting themselves above partisanism lines and mediatic connivence.

Back to Dieudonné, not only Britain is the place where Extremist muslims were given public stage to preach Islamic principles, Britain was having a reputation of a nation of freedoms. This storytelling belongs to the past, with this announcement.

Who and why so many leading figures are so afraid of  Dieudonné knowing perfectly that Hitler scale of murder is just impossible today ? Myths are worst than lies, particularily when they are groundless. 

Don’t tell a word of the murdering of Jews. But laugh at Indiens of America, mass murdered by all the european nations. On top of them Spain, Portugal  and UK, Pirats. So when you hear « Born in  USA », just laugh at it. The sentence is incomplete : « born in USA from immigration descendance », is the complete sentence. Each American, All of them, on the exception of  Indiens, are descendants of Immigrants. The land is Indiens’.

British, Italians, Irish, Jews chased from Germany and the wanderings, Germans, black slaves, hispanics, chinese and asiatic, Indians and Pakistanis, each American family comes from Immigration. Senator Rubio from Florida is not disqualified for supporting the immigration law. He is making a good inspiring choice. By the way, instead of repeating the game  that let them out of the presidential race :eliminating the best presidential profile in the primaries session, GOP should think twice : scoring politician KOs or racing to win.

Now that Britain, under Jew’s influence, have declared Dieudonné personna non grata, who is next on the move ? With such practices, UK is sending a wrong message to the World, as far as  Israeli/Palestinian talks are concerned and legitimating the state of Apartheid inside Israel. Fear for  racial cleansing targetting immigrants inside the Jews state, especially Black People.

May I say, UK is racist ? I’m afraid yes. This interdiction of territory is contrary to European treaty on the point of free european circulation inside the EU. A point of law. What’s happening with this end of tenure in UK ? Terrific.

The Good News is the World is bigger than UK. Thanks God. This move is a big shame.