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Hong-Kong. Democracy is not a choice, but a fact. Hang on it.

DSC_0429As people of Hong-Kong are opposing the selective electoral rule by Beijing, holding a sitting on a business highway, CNN is relaying on the reaction of — Hong Kong’s leader C.Y. Leung on city protests: « China will not compromise to the illegal threats of some people. » « Hong Kong’s leader C.Y. Leung urges pro-democracy protesters to call off action for the sake of public safety ».

If, on one hand, the people of Hong-Kong are considering « democracy in not negotiable » and the answer of Beijing’s representant is « no compromise », where do we go from here ? The blockade is total. The fact is,  it is not about « compromission » or « negotiation »  ; it is about Civilisation. It is about Humanity.

Article number one of the Human Rights Constitution quotes : « we are all born free and equal in rights ». This sentence is related to Civilisation.

To Humanity, freedom is attached with the process of Creation, Conception and Birth. Which explains why every human being is kind of a sanctuary. Every Human Being is created out of God image. As such, freedom is not a gift by Civilisation, but a gift of God to each of us, as kind of Heavens’ descendants.

This goes beyond any authority on Earth and Beijing is not an exception. Hong Kong doesn’t need a transitional period of time to accomodate Democracy. Before Beijing is thinking to land the place « Democracy », Hong-Kong, through « British Imperialistic Law », was there long time ago. Hong-Kong people know the rule of democracy, this is not something new to them.

What Beijing is asking them is a returning back one hundred years ago, when their rulers were appointed by Great Britain.

People of Hong-Kong, let me give you two reasons why you should not be intimidated.

The first one is, whatever we might think of British guardianship in its old colonies, the British colonisation was always accompanied with the emancipation of local people and economic development which, in turn, led those territories, under British law, to a genuine spatial planning and building.

Africa showcases the two colonialist systems : the french and the british. Territories under French colonialism earned very little, from French colonialism, compared to British colonialism.  On the exception of Algeria, considered French, France has left its colonies in desolation. Nothing consistent was built, everything was in shambles and tumbling. South and Eastern Africa, under British colonialist rule emerged ahead of Central Africa and West, under French colonialism. Inside western African nations, Ghana and Nigeria are exceptions, precisely because they were under British guardianship. Sadly, Nigeria has declined a lot. This is not British ruling responsibility, but Nigerian highly successive corrupt leadership, since the nation was granted Independence.

Hong-Kong. Take care of a corrupt leadership and leaders : they will always fooled you. Hong Kong’s leader C.Y. Leung is wrong, because he is trying to backtrack Hong-Kong.

Don’t forget:  Amateurism in politics is a highway of woes for a nation.

Second example, in Africa again, is Beijing mines exploration hand-by-hand with African presidents,  most of whom have been there by cheating elections, using all means at disposal. The latest row concerns « the manipulation of the Constitution », raised here before as a warning for you to keep you on alert. It is a secret to none of us that Africa is now under Beijing rough exploitation, in the name of Business and Beijing marching in on top of the World Economy.

Coincidentally, Congoleses  have taken to the streets to prevent the sitting president from another attempt to falsify the Constitution. This Congolese president is a close ally of Chinese – who sold out lot of miners to Chinese when Congolese are facing huge unemployment and Congolese themselves are bared from the business. China dirty business in Africa thrives at the detriment of Democracy in Africa. The Republic of Congo subsoil is extra rich of all sorts of raw material : cobalt, an essential piece of Iphones and smartphones comes from there. While Apple, Samsung and so forth are piling dollars with shovels, – see the latest arrogant success of Iphone 6, after 2, 3, 4  5 etc… – 45 to 48 % of African people live under the poverty line meaning less than 2 dollars a day. This is scandalous.

That is why it is imperative to nationalize all the mining fields within Africa  – a key tool – including the De Boers diamond’s historical hijacking in South Africa, traveling to Anvers, (Belgium) and from there to theJewellry financial and design markets. The chain starts in Africa and ends at the stock markets around the World with huge profits from everybody except African people. Actually, China is extracting diamonds in Cameroon and Central Africa on both parts of their shared frontier. Cameroonians are not been told a word of that secret deal. Where on earth is that money flowing to ? Shocking ! 

It looks like Beijing is going to spare nothing to get there, ON TOP OF THE WORLD. Among them, sacrifying democracy, as Beijing is doing in Africa is the least of their concerns. When you sacrify democracy, you walk on the people, indecently. That is exactly what China is doing in Africa, walking OVER the Heads of African people who, consequently, have zero say in the business of their countries savagley exploited by Beijing, on total impunity.

Put simply, Beijing has and is renewing Slavery in Africa along with its desks of spices, species and slaves. Don’t let it be in Hong-Kong.

Concerning species, CNN is reporting over the appalling decline of animal populations in Africa and in South America. Whereas in South America, deforestation is responsible, in Africa the casaulty is multiple. Take the elephants for instance, their extreme decline is due to poaching for their Ivory. China has been spotted as the first market and smuggling place for this criminal business. African nations are unable to regulate hunting and to eradicate poaching. A curiosity. Incompentence after irresponsibility of African leadership are holding African nations behind. China is prospering on those African woes.




The expression « not a choice, but a fact » is inspired by Former French President, Nicolas Sarkozy’s comeback speech characterizing the relationship between France and Germany, inside the eurozone. He said to France, inside Europe, « Germany is not a choice, but a fact ». They have started the journey together ; so must they pursue the route tied to each one.

What is at stake is the sitting french president, François Hollande, would like Germany to give priority to bailout as a growth booster tool – french governement calls it policies favoring growth and recovery. For Germany, this is out of question. Having experienced the road of economic reforms as a preamble to anything else, German authorities are committed and inviting all the eurozone members to follow this successful path they underwent previously, at the time of the reunification of the two parts of Germany. It took 10 nightmarish years to see the end of the tunnel.

Faithful to their reputation, French gov are not taking the road of reforms, as Spain or Italy did. Instead, by asking a plan for recovery vs austerity (according to them), they are omitting to tell the truth. They had to, for the matter worth questioning the real value of the euro as a currency valued above its real worth. The euro currency is indexed on its diplomatic value or on its demography. At the origin, the calculation went that simple : we represent 600 to 700 hundred people of the World, more than America. Consequently, our currency must worth more than the dollar, because all our economies reunited best American.

Do you agree ? I doubt so. This is pure arithmetic, far very far from truly Worldwide economic balances. With this rationale, India or China or Indonesia could claim the pole economic position.

Neverthless, French gov is hesitating to put the question plain on the table. Here is it : Devaluation. Why not  devaluated the euro to allow a respite of the eurozone economic area by making the zone competitive ? Hot topic for another scenario inside the eurozone.

To this question, Germany has already put its departure on the balance. Without Germany, the eurozone becomes an  empty pot. Remember, Nature abhors a vacuum. (Book)

This is an interesting topic for Students in Hong-Kong. Watch out and stay on alert.

Hong-Kong, hold on like Palestinians and Eastern Ukrainians. Discours de l’Autorité Palestinienne aux Nations-Unies.

Hong-Kong. Universal suffrage is not negociable. Get Mahmoud Abbas speech at the U.N. General assembly. Here below in French.

Watch also Kinshasa demonstrations against the modification of the Constitution by President Joseph Kabila willing to stay in power forever. He has been president since 2001.

Watch the video here of Congolese, around the country, asking to end the manipulation of the Constitution, on the verge of presidential elections. This is not the first time the exercice is launched in Kinshasa.

Cameroon is examplary of the practice. As a consequence, its president is sitting since 1984. The Constitution has been changed twice to allow exceptional extra-times.

Originally, the Constitution opens up for two mandates. The phenomenon would have been tolerable if African conditions of life and great poverty were improving in such a way that they do not need to emigrate in the West – where they are viewed as parasites – to make a decent living. Yet, this is still the case.

Universal suffrage is freedom and sacred. So is The Constitution. Manipulating it for electoral purposes requires to resort to a referendum, at least.

Elise Mbock


El Watan. Le coup de colère de Mahmoud Abbas –

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	Mahmoud Abbas &agrave; l&#39;ONU.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

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Mahmoud Abbas à l’ONU.

C’est un discours marqué par le ras-le-bol de la colonisation et d’un processus de paix stérile — qui en plus de vingt ans n’a pas réussi à mettre un terme au conflit avec Israël — qu’a prononcé, vendredi dernier, le président palestinien Mahmoud Abbas devant l’Assemblée générale des Nations unies, à New York.

De notre correspondant

Le président Abbas, alias Abou Mazen, a vivement dénoncé l’occupation israélienne des terres palestiniennes en 1967, y compris la ville sainte d’El Qods (Jérusalem-Est), annexée par l’Etat hébreu la même année. Il a réclamé haut et fort la fin de cette occupation et l’indépendance immédiate de l’Etat de Palestine. «Dès maintenant il est grand temps de mettre fin à cette occupation (israélienne) accompagnée de colonisation», a martelé le président palestinien. «L’occupation doit cesser maintenant, l’heure de l’indépendance de la Palestine est arrivée», a ajouté Abou Mazen, sur un ton inhabituel exprimant une colère qu’il avait du mal à cacher.

M. Abbas a présenté, sans  précisions, le plan palestinien de la paix, se résumant en la remise du dossier du règlement du conflit avec Israël aux mains des Nations unies, mettant, du coup, un terme à l’hégémonie américaine sur le processus de paix. Les Etats-Unis en sont le parrain depuis son lancement en 1993, avec la signature des accords d’Oslo à la Maison-Blanche. En plus de vingt ans et des milliers d’heures de négociations, les Etats-Unis ont échoué (par manque de volonté) à convaincre ou à obliger Israël (leur principal allié dans la région) à conclure un accord avec les Palestiniens devant mettre fin à l’occupation et permettre l’établissement d’un Etat palestinien indépendant, comme le stipulent les résolutions pertinentes de l’ONU. Le dernier cycle de négociations de neuf mois, sous les auspices du secrétaire d’Etat américain, John Kerry, a capoté fin avril.

A ce propos, le président Abbas a rappelé que la Palestine est le seul pays encore occupé dans le monde. Il a décrit le futur Etat palestinien libre et souverain sur ses terres, son ciel et ses eaux territoriales. Il s’établira sur l’ensemble des terres occupées en 1967 et aura la ville sainte d’El Qods pour capitale. Le leader palestinien a ainsi lancé un défi à Israël et son protecteur américain. A rappeler que l’Etat hébreu refuse actuellement l’implication d’une tierce partie dans le processus de paix. Même l’Organisation des Nations unies est indésirable.

20 ans de négociations pour rien

Le discours a, bien entendu, inclus le refus de la direction et du peuple palestinien à un retour à des négociations qui n’ont servi qu’à la construction de centaines de colonies israéliennes sur les terres palestiniennes. Abou Mazen a dit que les Palestiniens avaient fait assez de concessions et que dorénavant ils n’accepteront plus d’être mis en examen. Il a aussi dénoncé la manière avec laquelle Israël perçoit le règlement du conflit. Pour Tel-Aviv, le futur Etat palestinien sera un ensemble de bantoustans isolés totalement contrôlé par Israël et sans la ville sainte d’El Qods. Bref, le futur Etat palestinien sera pire que le régime de l’apartheid. Dans sa partie du discours évoquant la récente agression sanglante et destructrice contre la bande de Ghaza et sa population, au cours de laquelle plus de 2140 citoyens ont été tués et plus de 11 000 autres blessés, Abou Mazen a accusé Israël d’avoir perpétré «un génocide», promettant de tout faire pour châtier les coupables.

Le discours franc et clair du président palestinien lu devant l’Assemblée générale des Nations unies n’a visiblement pas plu aux dirigeants israéliens et américains. Le ministre israélien des Affaires étrangères, Avigdor Lieberman, chef du parti Israël Beitenou, hostile à la création d’un Etat palestinien viable, a accusé le président Abbas de mener une campagne de «terrorisme diplomatique», un nouveau terme qu’Israël veut introduire dans le jargon politique international.

Lieberman a, par ailleurs, éloigné toute possibilité de règlement du conflit tant que Mahmoud Abbas sera à la tête de la direction palestinienne. «Tant que Mahmoud Abbas sera président de l’Autorité palestinienne, le conflit continuera», a dit Lieberman dans un communiqué. C’est le comble. Par ces déclarations, les Israéliens veulent peut-être faire oublier que ce sont eux les bourreaux dans l’histoire et qu’ils tuent des Palestiniens tous les jours en toute impunité. L’histoire ne s’est pas arrêtée là. Toute honte bue,  alors même que la plaie ouverte des derniers massacres de Tsahal à Ghaza n’est pas refermée, l’Amérique insulte les Palestiniens.

La réaction scandaleuse de l’Amérique  

La porte-parole du Département d’Etat américain, Jennifer Psaki, a en effet aussi souligné dans un bref communiqué que son pays rejetait certaines «descriptions» du discours. «Il y avait dans le discours du président Abbas des descriptions offensantes qui sont profondément décevantes et que nous rejetons», a dit Jennifer Psaki. Elle a également dénoncé des déclarations «provocatrices». Par contre, il n’y a pas eu un mot sur le génocide perpétré par l’armée israélienne cet été à Ghaza.
En faisant des déclarations aussi scandaleuses, Washington légitime encore une fois les crimes israéliens en Palestine et pousse à la radicalisation du Hamas.Les Etats-Unis encouragent Israël dans son génocide perpétuel du peuple palestinien.

La honte absolue ! La réaction américaine est tout simplement criminelle et montre que Washington ne veut pas d’un règlement du conflit.  Par contre, dans les milieux populaires palestiniens, le discours a été bien accueilli. Le changement de stratégie de la direction palestinienne survient au lendemain d’un accord interpalestinien permettant au gouvernement de l’Autorité palestinienne d’exercer pleinement ses pouvoirs dans la bande de Ghaza, pour la première fois depuis le putsch armé du Hamas en 2007. Une réunification des rangs permettra aux Palestiniens de relever les prochains défis que leur lancera Israël et de faire échouer leur nouvelle démarche dans les couloirs des Nations unies où visiblement Tel-Aviv peut compter sur l’appui des Etats-Unis.

Lire l’Accord Fatah-Hamas sur le gouvernement d’union nationale.

Source Al Watan.

Note de World Class. Il faut ajouter à tout ceci le transfert de toutes les données  brutes de l’espionnage de l’Amérique dans la Région à Israël, en temps réel. Le double jeu de l’Amérique est donc avéré, puisqu’au moment où elle prétend servir de médiateur/arbitre, en fait, elle est de mèche avec Israel. Règle de droit universel : On ne peut pas être partie et Arbitre en même temps. Suivant cette règle, Mahmoud Abbas a raison de demander le déssaisissement  du dossier des mains de l’Amérique pour celles des Nations-Unies. Problème : les Nations-Unies sont sous la tutelle des Etats-Unis.

Et là, on est Mal. Très Mal.

Ebola, entre la peste et la rage. Nom d’un chien ou d’une antilope !

Ebola va-t-il nous rendre fous ? On n’en est pas encore là. Après le déploiement des hôpitaux mobiles ordonné par Obama et l’envoi de 3 000 militaires Américains dans les pays frappés, le FMI a annoncé 130 millions d’aides ou de prêts à ces mêmes pays. Cela suffira-t-il ? Peu importe, il faut bien commencer  quelque part et, chemin faisant, on trouvera le plan d’ensemble.

Il conviendra d’envisager le problème sous plusieurs angles. En ce qui me concerne, j’ai choisi de me concentrer sur : l’urbanité ou l’aménagement urbain qui m’a inspiré le titre du document que je vous ai annoncé et dont la couverture figure chez Amazon depuis l’annonce. Elle annonce la couleur. La voici.

Les scientifiques veulent remonter au patient zéro. Je leur souhaite bonne chance. Ce qui m’insupporte c’est la mise en cause des animaux et de la forêt africaine un peu comme si les Africains et tout leur territoire étaient bestiaux. Des pestiférés donc. Mon Dieu, depuis la nuit des temps, les hommes chassent les animaux de la forêt pour se nourrir.  Partout dans le monde. A-t-on assisté à leur mort ? Non. Pourquoi la chasse en Europe ne rendrait-elle pas malade ?

Et Astérix et ses sangliers ? Et les tables des Rois de France regorgeant de gibier.

On a incriminé les singes, puis une guérisseuse, puis une antilope et les chauves-souris. On voit bien que cette science-là se nourrit des clichés primitivistes et des thèses colonialistes insupportables. Lorsque le virus du Sida est arrivé, on a tout mis sur le dos des singes et chimpanzés africains. Quelque part en RDC (République Démocratique du Congo). Le contraire aurait été étonnant.

Le lobby gay était déjà influent dans l’underground des milieux politiques, culturels et scientifiques. Le sida est un virus créé avec l’homosexualité masculine. Par la suite, ce virus va exploser avec des rapports sexuels impliquant des déchirures et donc le contact avec le sang. Ce virus est devenu incontrôlable avec l’explosion de l’homosexualité. C’était quand même une coïncidence notoire. Le noter valait condamnation pour homophobie. La science devenait de la Politique. C’est bien après, qu’on a assisté à la contamination chez les hétéros. En Afrique cela s’est soldé par une hécatombe.

Ajourd’hui, avec Ebola, à force de trop se concentrer sur un foyer originel, le virus mute avec des pratiques à risques. On connaît le mode de transmission – par les fluides (sang évidemment, selles, urines, sueurs, salive sûrement) – si vous regardez tout cela, sachant que la Vie tourne autour des fluides et que l’Eau est certainement l’élément vital qui représente le mieux la Vie qui s’écoule, il y a de quoi retenir son souffle.


Une eau contaminée c’est l’horreur absolue. De la même façon que l’eau est propreté et guérison. Au moment où j’écris ces mots, mon esprit s’est envolé vers l’INDE avec la catastrophe de Bhopal – catastrophe industrielle déjà.

J’ai repensé à l’excellent livre  » Il était minuit cinq à Bhopal » – voir ici chez Amazon.

Dans la nuit du 2 au 3 décembre 1984, se produisait dans l’antique cité indienne de Bhopal la plus grande catastrophe industrielle de l’histoire: une fuite de gaz toxiques dans une usine de pesticides, qui fit entre seize et trente mille morts et cinq cent mille blessés…

 Le site est revenu sur cette catastropheCatastrophe de BHOPAL, 26 ans de laisser-aller criminel.

S’est-on penché vers l’eau en Afrique ? A-t-on regardé du côté des différents polluants industriels qui entrent en Afrique, sans contrôle ? Et ceux qui polluent l’environnement, en déversant tout et rien dans les eaux déjà souillées et parfois stagnantes.

La leçon de la catastrophe de Bhopal arrive à la fin du livre comme un boulet : l‘antidote à la mort était l’eau. Tout simplement. Mais de l’eau propre et potable. Au même moment, les scientifiques étaient lancés dans des hypothèses de recherche de vaccins compliqués, alors que la solution était gratuite, simple et à portée de la main.

Pendant que la communauté scientifique cherchait la potion magique, les gens mourraient à la pelle, d’excès de chaleur corporelle, de diarrhées, de déshydration et d’épuisement. La source du virus peut être extraite du virus lui-même. Je ne suis pas scientifique en médécine, mais si la logique nous a appris une chose, c’est que la déduction et l’induction sont des protocoles scientifiques efficaces, quelle que soit la Science d’ailleurs. Derrière la diversité des Sciences, il y a des protocoles en miroir.

Livre sur Ebola – prochainement.

Why president Obama is in New York ? Here is Secretary John Kerry briefing.

Picture. Obama, last year. Bombing Syria or not was the Topic of the moment. Today, same place but a different enemy.
Secretary Kerry’s letter comes after the speech of president Obama at the U.N today, a strong speech with a reserve concerning Russian accusations – but the president must assume the horrible situation his friends of Kiev has placed him into with their mishandling of the post-coup. The Malaysian crash alone tells all about the poor inspiration of Kiev’s authorities totally overwhelmed by the task. Amateurism in politics is a highway of woes for a nation.
Earlier in the day, we asked « Why Isis war stands for? ». Obama speech was clear : those ISIS people understand only one language : the language of force.  Many other issues dominating the World agenda today were also higlighted by the president.  This is where the briefing of Secr. Kerry comes in.
I had to pass it on to you. You, readers of this international forum we share together.

Secretary John Kerry, Department of State

Good afternoon,

Each and every year, the world’s leaders gather in New York for a session of the United Nations General Assembly. Earlier today, President Obama spoke to them directly in an address that warrants the attention not only of those leaders, but of all Americans. It was clear, candid, and compelling. The President talked about the world as it is, and the world as we all hope it can be.

The President said that, for all the hard-won progress we see in the world, there is also what he today called a « pervasive unease. »

A deadly Ebola outbreak ravaging West Africa, Russian aggression in Ukraine, and the group of medieval murdering terrorists known as ISIL, which, left unchecked, could pose a growing threat beyond the region — including our homeland.

So when President Obama addressed the leaders of more than 140 nations this morning, he posed two fundamental questions that will help define both the world’s future and our own: Can the major powers set aside their differences and meet their responsibilities as leaders? And can the world reject the cancer of violent extremism?

The President knows the answer is yes — if we make it so. The way he answers these questions is an important illustration of the principles we stand for as Americans, and a window into the future we look to help build. See what he had to say.

He described the compelling need for a global response to global issues. For fighting violent extremism requires a broad coalition of nations willing to stand up for their citizens, and unite against those who seek to « divide us among fault lines of tribe or sect, race or religion. »

Defeating this extremism means defeating its false promise, instead embracing the real promise we see in the Middle East: investing in civil society and in the groups and people who are rejecting hate and division in favor of peace and tolerance.

In the past 20 months, I’ve traveled more than 550,000 miles through 55 countries. I have touched down in Iraq and Jeddah to focus on defeating the threat that ISIL poses. I’ve flown to Kiev and stood in the Maidan to reaffirm our commitment to supporting Ukraine’s efforts to shape their own future and make their democracy a success. I’ve worked with the leaders of Afghanistan to help secure the gains for which so many Americans have sacrificed so much over the past 13 years.

From Kabul to Cairo and Beijing to Juba, here’s what I can tell you: The world’s nations have more in common than sometimes we realize — particularly at a time when every turn seems to present a new danger. Everywhere I’ve gone, no matter how precarious the society or volatile the situation, I have seen the « longing for positive change » that our President spoke of today.

The United States, he said, « will never shy away from the promise of this institution, and its Universal Declaration of Human Rights — the notion that peace is not merely the absence of war, but the presence of a better life. »

Nearly six years into his presidency, President Barack Obama is as committed as ever to the potential of that promise to light the world. And he’s right. And that is precisely why we are taking action against immediate threats wherever they threaten our security at the same time we work towards a world in which those threats will one day be replaced by opportunity.

This is a speech you need to hear from the President himself. Watch the whole thing below, and please make sure you pass it along to someone else who needs to see it.


Secretary John Kerry
Department of State



What is ISIS war standing for ?

A pretext to fullfil Israeli regional domination agenda ?

War to eradicate terrorism ?

An extension of American influence ?

May be the war combined those three reasons.

What about the legality of this war ? Is the war legitimate ? Of legitimity or legality, what comes first ? War against terrorism is a moral obligation. But, when this goal is diverted for other purposes, such as the two mentionned above, the global feeling is one of malaise.

Secretary Kerry has reiterated the necessity of a free Iran nuclear weapon – a desire dictated by Israel which posesses the bomb. But, America is good with that exclusive possesion in the region, in the name of a racial division inside Humanity. The terms of this fascist classification rank Israel among the Aryens.

America and Israel have turned History upside down. So are principles and values.

Secretary Kerry is calling Assad rule illegitimate, because the president, according to him, has killed an uncounted number of his own people. Naturally, America has nothing to do inside the rebellion that brought war in Syria, arming the rebels and equipping them with all kinds of destructive weaponery. This ingerence of Saudi Arabia (funding the rebels) and America inside Syrian State will ultimately set the foundations for ISIS now threatening Saudi Arabia and all the Arabic Nations joining the coalition for their own security and survival.

Arming another group of Syrian rebels today and training them inside Saudi Arabia is a dangerous choice. Noone knows the consequences tomorrow.

Defaulting on morality intensifies the questioning over legality ? Who cares ?

« Defeating ISIS in Iraq will take time, in part because the Iraqi military needs to be reconstituted, and because it will take time to arrange the kind of local support like the Sunni Awakening years ago, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says. 

U.S. airstrikes aren’t designed to defeat ISIS by themselves, he said. « You and others should not be looking for some massive retreat in the next week or two, » he tells CNN’s Christiane Amanpour.

The fight against ISIS not only will include ongoing strikes, but also foreign fighters, cutting off financing, and a major effort to « reclaim Islam by Muslims, » he says ». (CNN quotes)

So we got the last reason from Secr. Kerry. « A major effort to reclaim Islam by Muslims ». I like that one. It sounds like something familiar to me. 

In the meantime, it may be worthy to read the following analysis by Global Research.

Violation of International Law: Where is Obama’s “Authorization to Use Force” in Iraq

Global Research, September 22, 2014

There was much enthusiasm in 2008 that President Barack Obama would bring a saner and more lawful approach to issues of foreign policy and war and peace. Six years later with Americans still being killed in Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay still in active operation, US drones killing people in several countries and even American citizens, and now new mischief in Iraq it is clear that President Obama has done little more than expand the already large war-making powers of his predecessor and fully enabled the vision of a unitary executive with unfettered powers in war and peace.

Where is, for example, President Obamas domestic authorization for the use of force in Iraq against the Islamic State? Obama has taken the position that the 2001 Authorization of Use of Force (AUMF) passed by Congress in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, as well as the 2002 AUMF against Iraq passed before that war provide him with the legal basis for further air strikes. None other than John Yoo, the famous ratifier of torture in the George W. Bush Administration, has rushed to Obamas defense, claiming that Obama has all the legal authority he needs under the 2001 and 2002 AUMFs.

But the notion that these Authorizations support current military action against the Islamic State more than a decade after they were initially passed is highly flawed. The 2001 AUMF was specifically limited to terrorist groups that had planned or aided the 9/11 attacks. There is zero evidence (and no government official has yet argued) that the Islamic State is somehow tied to 9/11. The 2002 AUMF, which provided the domestic legal basis for the Iraq War, is also untenable as justification for this war as it was based on the purported threat posed by Saddam Hussein. Indeed, through his National Security Advisor Susan Rice, Obama himself called for the revocation of the 2002 AUMF in July, mere weeks before now claiming it as a renewed basis for the adventurism in Iraq.

The attacks are also bereft of any basis in international law. Under the United Nations Charter, a country may only use armed force against another country in self-defense, or when approved by the United Nations Security Council. There is no resolution that has authorized the US strikes in Iraq; and the notion that the United States must lob bombs into Iraq as a matter of self-defense is simply not credible.

While not made explicitly (at least not yet), the White House will likely rely on a tenuous theory in international law called the responsibility to protect, which argues that countries may involve themselves militarily in other countries in order to protect civilians or prevent other imminent humanitarian harms. This was the basis of the bombing campaign against the former Yugoslavia, which never had UN Security Council authorization. Obamas current Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, is a well known advocate of this doctrine and she has recently argued that the US has all the legal authorization it needs for the air campaign.

But there is no basis in international law for such a theory, and more clear-minded observers have rightly concluded that the so-called responsibility to protect is a thinly-veiled excuse for Western meddling in countries thousands of miles away. As Antony Loewenstein notes:

We never hear any [responsibility to protect] backers pushing for a military intervention in Gaza to protect the Palestinians from Israeli missiles. Nobody is talking about protecting Egyptian civilians from the brutal, US-backed dictatorship in Egypt. Barely a word is raised to protect the repressed activists in Bahrain or Saudi Arabia. Whether its dressed up as solidarity, a responsibility to protect, or an intervention to prevent breaches of human rights, from Iraq to Libya these are grotesque experiments on helpless civilians, the conclusions of which are clear for us to see.

The Nuremberg Trials, which outlawed wars not conducted in conformity in international law, made no exceptions for responsibility to protect, and in fact labeled any war not conducted with a solid legal footing as the crime of aggression, considered the supreme international crime largely because of the horrific consequences that take place when wars break out. Yet here, too, this White Househas recently argued to the Northern District of California that the Nuremberg Trials are irrelevant to the determination of whether Presidents can be held accountable for their actions with respect to war and peace.

From a historical point of view, it is ironic that a young senator from Illinois who campaigned in large part agains the Iraq War and who showcased his credentials as a constitutional scholar would be the handmaiden of the permanent state of exception described by the National Socialist philosopher Carl Schmitt, who argued that sovereigns should have the right to suspend the legal and juridical constraints of their societies so that they may act outside of law. This is the opposite of the legal constitutionalism that forms the philosophical basis of the American legal order, which can be summarized with the words of Edward Coke: The King himself should be under no man, but under God and the Law.

Even six years later, the stings and scars of the Bush-era wars still haunt those who favor civilization over barbarity, and certainly continue to physically affect those who fought on either side, as well as the millions of civilians who always suffer when wars take place.

The failure of President Obama to seek a more rational foreign policy is a disquieting but important lesson: those pressing for a lawful, constitutional government that resolves international conflicts instead of initiating them have far more work to do and cannot rely on the promises falsely given by politicians from any political party. The last Administration was wrong, but it was openly wrong and harbored no pretenses that it sought an imperial Presidency. In contrast, this Administration has cloaked itself in sanctimony even while consolidating the grave excesses of its predecessor. Both parties remain committed to imperialism and the wars that accompany them, or in the immortal words of Tacitus, writing two millennia ago of those who dismantled the ancient republic in Rome in order to create a dynastic and militant empire: To ravage, to slaughter, to usurp under false titles, they call empire; and where they make a desert, they call it peace.”

D. Inder Comar is legal director at Comar Law. Comar Law is currently litigating a lawsuit against members of the Bush Administration for allegedly committing aggression against Iraq (Saleh v. Bush, N.D. Cal. Mar. 13, 2013, 13-cv-1124 JST).
Copyright © 2014 Global Research


Scotland. The referendum has ended spectacularily. No loser. Only winners.

Scotland referendum was expected to end either through a thunderstone YES or a flat status quo NO. In the first case, nothing less than a tsunami in the markets was awaited. And in the second case, a boring business as usual was lying down the corner. Yes, the maths will set the NO as the winner. This is an optical effect.

Watching the numbers from another perspective, if you add the Yes voters and those who didn’t cast their votes – particularily in Glasgow, then the 45 %  represents bigger than that. The vote ended in a toss-up. The PM knew, even before the D-day, what was at stake and he started to answer the wake-up call properly. He handled it wisely and carefully. He is the first winner.

What was at stake was Democracy. And shaking up the coconut tree, Alex Salmond brought many coconuts down. In the end, this is a win-win game.

The people of Scotland, the leadership, the sharing of powers within the Union, the markets and even Westminster and the EU. Everybody has won something. And the Union has come forward strong. The federation is no longer a taboo.

Renewing the Union alliance through a referendum is inspiring. Former president Sarkozy, back into politics in France, is considering resorting to referendum in the future to advance the debate and bring about a fairer ruling.

Concerning the markets and the economy, he said in an interview aired by France 2 TV, on Sunday  that « France economy’s shortages in generating growth and competitiveness could setback the eurozone and eventually the EU into another economic crisis ». He added : « The eurozone was in crisis and is healing from it. Yet, France economy is standing still ». A chance for Scotland, the UK is not member of the eurozone. A double chance Scotland would not have to use the euro, as its currency.

We are confident PM David Cameron will deliver, as promised. If not, hold the following engagement from Downing Street with you and, next year, during the general elections, you’ll check the boxes.

Number 10.

A better, brighter future for our entire United Kingdom – 

On 18 September 2014 the Scottish independence referendum took place and Scotland voted to stay part of the United Kingdom.

Voters in Scotland were asked to answer Yes or No to the question “Should Scotland be an independent country?” 55.3% voted No and 44.7% voted Yes.

Prime Minister David Cameron gave a statement at Downing Street following the outcome.

Watch a video of David Cameron’s statement.

Read the statement

« The people of Scotland have spoken. It is a clear result. They have kept our country of 4 nations together. Like millions of other people, I am delighted. As I said during the campaign, it would have broken my heart to see our United Kingdom come to an end.

« And I know that sentiment was shared by people, not just across our country, but also around the world because of what we’ve achieved together in the past and what we can do together in the future.

« So now it is time for our United Kingdom to come together, and to move forward. A vital part of that will be a balanced settlement – fair to people in Scotland and importantly to everyone in England, Wales and Northern Ireland as well.

« Let us first remember why we had this debate – and why it was right to do so.

« The Scottish National Party (SNP) was elected in Scotland in 2011 and promised a referendum on independence. We could have blocked that; we could have put it off, but just as with other big issues, it was right to take – not duck – the big decision.

« I am a passionate believer in our United Kingdom – I wanted more than anything for our United Kingdom to stay together.

« But I am also a democrat. And it was right that we respected the SNP’s majority in Holyrood and gave the Scottish people their right to have their say.

« Let us also remember why it was right to ask the definitive question, Yes or No. Because now the debate has been settled for a generation or as Alex Salmond has said, perhaps for a lifetime.

« So there can be no disputes, no re-runs – we have heard the settled will of the Scottish people.

« Scotland voted for a stronger Scottish Parliament backed by the strength and security of the United Kingdom and I want to congratulate the No campaign for that – for showing people that our nations really are better together.

« I also want to pay tribute to Yes Scotland for a well-fought campaign and to say to all those who did vote for independence: “we hear you”.

« We now have a chance – a great opportunity – to change the way the British people are governed, and change it for the better.

« Political leaders on all sides of the debate now bear a heavy responsibility to come together and work constructively to advance the interests of people in Scotland, as well as those in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, for each and every citizen of our United Kingdom.

« To those in Scotland sceptical of the constitutional promises made, let me say this; we have delivered on devolution under this government, and we will do so again in the next Parliament.

« The 3 pro-union parties have made commitments, clear commitments, on further powers for the Scottish Parliament. We will ensure that they are honoured in full.

« And I can announce today that Lord Smith of Kelvin – who so successfully led Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games – has agreed to oversee the process to take forward the devolution commitments, with powers over tax, spending and welfare all agreed by November and draft legislation published by January.

« Just as the people of Scotland will have more power over their affairs, so it follows that the people of England, Wales and Northern Ireland must have a bigger say over theirs. The rights of these voters need to be respected, preserved and enhanced as well.

« It is absolutely right that a new and fair settlement for Scotland should be accompanied by a new and fair settlement that applies to all parts of our United Kingdom. In Wales, there are proposals to give the Welsh government and Assembly more powers. And I want Wales to be at the heart of the debate on how to make our United Kingdom work for all our nations. In Northern Ireland, we must work to ensure that the devolved institutions function effectively.

« I have long believed that a crucial part missing from this national discussion is England. We have heard the voice of Scotland – and now the millions of voices of England must also be heard. The question of English votes for English laws – the so-called West Lothian question – requires a decisive answer.

« So, just as Scotland will vote separately in the Scottish Parliament on their issues of tax, spending and welfare, so too England, as well as Wales and Northern Ireland, should be able to vote on these issues and all this must take place in tandem with, and at the same pace as, the settlement for Scotland.

« I hope that is going to take place on a cross-party basis. I have asked William Hague to draw up these plans. We will set up a Cabinet Committee right away and proposals will also be ready to the same timetable. I hope the Labour Party and other parties will contribute.

« It is also important we have wider civic engagement about to improve governance in our United Kingdom, including how to empower our great cities. And we will say more about this in the coming days.

« This referendum has been hard fought. It has stirred strong passions. It has electrified politics in Scotland, and caught the imagination of people across the whole of our United Kingdom.

« It will be remembered as a powerful demonstration of the strength and vitality of our ancient democracy. Record numbers registered to vote and record numbers cast their vote. We can all be proud of that. It has reminded us how fortunate we are that we are able to settle these vital issues at the ballot box, peacefully and calmly.

« Now we must look forward, and turn this into the moment when everyone – whichever way they voted – comes together to build that better, brighter future for our entire United Kingdom. »

David Cameron
Prime Minister

What happens next?

Cambadélis, opportuniste, usurpateur et faussaire. Et le vote Ecossais.

Dans un pays  Normal, Cambadélis devrait démissionner, au lieu de faire le coup d’une transparence qui dit tout sauf l’essentiel : pourquoi obtient-il une dérogation pour le second cycle nécessaire à l’accès au troisième ?

C’est légal nous dit-il, comme ces législateurs (députés et sénateurs) qui embauchent leurs épouses en tant qu’Attachés parlementaires voire Assistantes diverses. C’est légal, vous diront-ils, sauf qu’il s’agit d’une interprétation dilatoire de la loi. Et très personnelle.

Dès lors que l’accès est vicié, le reste est annulé. C’était également le cas de Dati qui avait falsifié un diplôme lui ouvrant l’accès à l’école de la Magistrature. Probablement a-t-elle reçu le coup de pouce de Jacques Attali, à l’époque, l’un de ses multiples mentors. Comme Hollande, Sarkozy le savait.

Il faut appliquer la loi et si on l’appliquait, les diplômes de Cambadélis, comme tous ceux des autres usurpateurs, devraient être frappés d’annulation immédiate. Quant au cas du sieur Cambadélis, le président de cette Université devrait être sanctionné d’une manière ou d’une autre. C’est une honte, cette délivrance des diplômes de complaisance.

Où est l’Egalité républicaine ? Cette souillure de l’Ecole, lieu sacré de la République est un crime Républicain. C’est encore pire que Thévenoud. Quoi qu’il en soit, jamais, au grand dam jamais, ce personnage ne devrait concourir à une présidentielle.

Diplômes : opération « transparence » de Cambadélis. L’Obs.


Le No est une victoire quantitative et le Yes est une victoire qualitative. En fait, personne n’a perdu et, curieusement, le No-Vote ne gagne rien, alors qu’ils sont déclarés arithmétiquement victorieux – selon les clous du suffrage universel –

C’est le Yes-Vote qui gagne, alors qu’il est déclaré perdant. C’est ce Yes-Vote qui contraint le PM Cameron à annoncer des changements constitutionnels et institutionnels rapides, dès Janvier, et la réorganisation de l’Union sur cette nouvelle base. Sous la menace d’une dynamique du Yes-Vote, le PM a fait des concessions dans ce sens, avant même le vote. Il s’engage à poursuivre et fait le serment de respecter cette promesse qui est désormais, un Devoir. C’est la principale information de ce vote pour le CHANGEMENT.

C’est un hasard heureux de voir que Londres et l’Afrique se trouvent confrontés au même démon du défi Institutionnel.

Le Yes-Vote obtient l’indépendance de l’Ecosse, alors même qu’ils sont déclarés perdants. 

La leçon est civilisationnelle et va au-delà de la démocratie : le vote n’est pas uniquement une affaire de chiffrages voire de décompte des voix. Les résultats d’une élection ne se lisent pas uniquement à la lettre, mais d’abord dans l’esprit. Le perdant quantitativement peut finalement être le gagnant, dès lors qu’il permet de faire un SAUT QUALITATIF VERS LE PROGRES.

C’est ce que Hollande avait raté ici en 2012. Le saut qualitatif. Mais il ne semble pas prendre le virage adéquat. C’est toute la différence entre la France et le Royaume-Uni où le pragmatisme et un minimum d’honnêteté prévalent sur tout le reste. Pensez-donc que le labour et les tories sont allés faire campagne main dans la main et ont prêté serment ensemble, c’est au Royaume-Uni qu’on peut voir une telle chose.

On aime ce Royaume-Uni. On l’a aimé toujours. Mais, il est devenu un ramassis de suivistes dépravés, de liquidateurs de l’esprit des lois et des prédateurs de ce nouveau capitalisme pillard, esclavagiste à souhait, allant jusqu’à faire des sujets de sa Majesté, des esclaves dans le Royaume. Au nom de la City et de la Finance-Roi. Comme le disait l’article venu du Canada publié hier, ce sont des socio-psychopathes de l’espace public.

En fait, derrière cette campagne, se jouait une autre : celle d’un langage politique codé entre les Observateurs/experts internationaux et le gouvernement de Londres. Oui, on aime le Royaume-Uni. Il est le pays à la pointe de la fin de l’esclavage faisant la police des mers. Jamais un Homme libre ne l’oubliera. Surtout pas un Africain ou un Black.

Malgré ses défauts et qui n’en a pas, le Royaume-Uni était à la pointe de la Morale en politique, du moins de ce qui en restait. Ayant abdiqué cette position, depuis la création de l’Etat d’Israel par lui, il n’a de cesse de protéger Israel et toutes les atrocités commises par ce régime de Tel-Aviv sont cautionnées avec le même aplomb à Londres.

Les US, pays belliqueux, nés dans la guerre ont trouvé en cet allié ayant perdu le Nord, un associé fiable dans la dollarisation du Monde. Depuis lors, le Monde va de mal en pis et les guerres n’ont plus cessé. Le Royaume-Uni, le gendarme du Monde a cédé sa place au nouveau gendarme, l’Amérique et nous y sommes. Nous nous trouvons avec une Amérique qui a voté hier l’armement des rebelles Syriens et leur entraînement dans les camps Saoudiens soi-disant pour s’en servir comme armes de combat contre Isis. Dans le même temps, il est établi que ces rebelles se sont déjà alliés à ISIS. Le double jeu du terrain va encore compliquer les choses au profit d’un objectif plus diabolique encore : réussir à retourner les forces coalisées de Isis et des rebelles Syriens contre le régime d’Assad pour le démolir.

Du reste, ils viennent du même moule d’Opposants à Assad. Probablement que le Califat finira en Syrie, à cette allure.  Les vidéos des scènes de décapitation semblent fabriquées pour justifier la guerre. Vidéos de propagande ?

Et Londres, et Paris soutiennent le plan diabolique. Seul le Législateur Américain Rand Paul alerte sur ce choix lamentable de son pays. Le lobby des armes lui se frotte les mains : la guerre est bonne pour le business et les dollars. Toutes les guerres, quel que soit le motif. Au même moment, hier, le président Putschiste, Poroshenko était reçu à la Maison Blanche et s’est exprimé devant le Congrès Américain pour lui demander de l’aide, en vue d’une confrontation contre Moscou en Ukraine.

Ce même président promet un statut spécial aux Ukrainiens de l’Est. On lui souhaite bonne chance.

Là où Londres parle aux Ecossais à mains nues, Poroshenko lui parle avec les armes.

Le débat démocratique était absolument passionnant à suivre en Ecosse. On a parlé de tout sans tabou. Bien sûr Londres a soufflé le chaud et le froid, a menacé parfois de couper les vivres aux Ecossais, s’ils votaient l’indépendance. Certains ont paniqué pour leur situation personnelle et ont voté Non. C’est la règle du jeu qui inclue tous les bluffs possibles. Bluffs et mauvaise foi comme celle dont a fait preuve l’Union Européenne menaçant de fermer la porte à l’Ecosse et du même coup à l’euro. La même Union Européenne est prête à accueillir Kiev en son sein, après lui avoir accordé un statut spécial. Mais dites-moi entre l’Ukraine et l’Ecosse, qui est la plus européenne ?

Et puis le coup du petit pays isolé, à la merci des requins qui rôdent était un peu gros. Mais, suffisant pour effrayer certains.

Enfin, il y a eu la menace d’une suppression des subventions aux agriculteurs et éleveurs qui ont paniqué et voté No. C’est une conséquence du chantage de l’Union européenne qui tient désormais certaines catégories par le fric. Mais enfin, qui ne voit que les subventions agricoles et d’élevage en Europe et en Amérique déséquilibrent fondamentalement le commerce international et désavantagent les agriculteurs et éleveurs des pays pauvres ? Et ce sont les leaders de ces mêmes pays européens et d’Amérique, à l’origine de ce déséquilibre qui vont plaider pour une réforme de l’OMC. Au fait où est -on de cette réforme de l’OMC? J’en étais restée au round de Doha. L’hypocrisie consistant à prôner une chose – l’équilibre du commerce – en pratiquant une autre – le dumping agricole et laitier – tout en jurant qu’on est prêt à faire de l’aide au développement est représentatif du Capitalisme castrateur (traité dans les 7 clés du développement en Afrique, voir plus haut) qui sévit actuellement. Les  éleveurs, les agriculteurs en Occident en sont réduits à penser ventre et porte-monnaie uniquement. Ce sont des choses qui dépassent l’Ecossais moyen. Après tout, chacun voit désormais midi à sa porte. C’est cela la véritable vulnérabilité et faiblesse. Les hommes ont perdu le Sens Commun et avec lui une vision de longue portée. Dans les zones rurales on a voté No. La peur du lendemain.

Le Monde (la communauté) avait choisi l’Union pour son côté suranné, mais unique au monde. S’il avait été autrement, la campagne aurait pris une autre tournure depuis longtemps. Mais, en cas d’indépendance, la communauté monde n’aurait pas boudé son plaisir pour une grande aventure. Pourtant, cette dernière semaine, il fallait faire payer le PM Cameron pour ses errements et son insondable mépris pour les Gazouis enfermés comme des bêtes dans un vaste parc animalier. Il fallait qu’il ressente dans toutes les fibres de son corps comment une famille Gazouie peut respirer, lorsqu’elle entend l’appel d’Israel lui annonçant que dans 5 mn, un raid va bombarder leur maison ou quartier et qu’ils ont 5 mn pour déguerpir vite fait avant le largage des bombes. Il fallait qu’il entende le son de cette sirène annoncer aux habitants de Gaza d’aller aux abris, car le tsunami Israélite est en route.

Quand on est dirigeant d’un Pays-Monde, alors Votre responsabilité est à la même échelle, car le monde est désormais un Global Village (Mc Luhan l’avait annoncé en 1967). Sa prophétie s’accomplit depuis les années 85-90.

Si David Cameron et d’autres leaders  néo cons ont passé des nuits blanches cette semaine et on pense que oui et rien que d’avoir entendu la plaidoirie heartbreaking de Cameron disant « Please, Please, stay together », je suis ravie tout comme il est soulagé aujourd’hui. Le plus grand ravissement c’est le CHANGEMENT CONSTITUTIONNEL QUI ANNONCE UNE GRANDE REFORME INSTITUTIONNELLE A VENIR POUR L’ENSEMBLE DU ROYAUME – BIEN AU-DELA DE L’ECOSSE.

Cameron avait promis le changement, lorsqu’il est arrivé au Pouvoir et on était content. Et puis, plus rien, jusqu’à ces derniers jours… A son actif, l’initiative de ce référendum. Alex Salmond gagne aussi : il a réussi à générer un engouement pour le débat politique sans pareil. Le taux de participation est extraordinaire 80 % à l’exception de Glasgow qui est à 75 %. Alex Salmond, le leader du Yes remporte une autre victoire en brisant le mur de glace des pouvoirs centralisés à Westminster dont plusieurs seront transférés au Parlement Ecossais renforcé. Serment du Trio : (Ed Miliband (Labour) ; Nick Glegg (Libéraux Démocrates) et David Cameron (Conservateurs) à l’appui.

Il fut un temps où le Royaume-Uni était à la pointe de la lutte pour la liberté. Où est passé ce Royaume-Uni ? Glasgow, le centre de l’Ecosse a voté OUI.



Le Premier Ministre Ecossais, Alex Salmond, porteur du Yes vote démissionne. Les Yes voters sont orphelins aujourd’hui. Mais demain est un autre jour. Il faut dire qu’une chose est de perdre le vote, l’autre est d’assister impuissant aux basses manoeuvres dont ont fait preuve et Westminster et l’Union Européenne qui se sont surpassés dans les menaces de mort du peuple Ecossais, s’il lui prenait l’envie de poursuivre leur chemin seul. L‘UE et Westminster ont fait de l’anti-jeu. Pendant 2 ans, l’UE et Londres ont presque ignoré ce référendum, regardant les choses de loin. Puis est venue l’alerte de l’incertitude du scrutin. Londres a vite fait de céder les pouvoirs exceptionnels que l’Ecosse (Alex Salmond) demandait depuis longtemps sans succès. Ils ont coupé l’herbe sous le pied d’Alex Salmond. Dans la foulée, Londres a menacé avertissant qu’il n’y aurait aucun partage de la livre, des affaires étrangères, des passports, bref… L’Ecosse devait se préparer au pire, s’il lui venait des envies d’indépendance. Quelque part, les électeurs ont été manipulés et le vote corrompu : Alex Salmond l’a donc mauvaise. Les électeurs ont été dupés. Terrorisés presque et soumis à une forme de stérilisation élective.

Le Yes est tombé sur le piège de l’Economie et du Business as usual qui ont fait monter les enchères sur les risques en cascades que comportait le vote Yes pour l’économie Ecossaise.

On a créé l’économie pour l’homme. Voici finalement que l’économie est devenue son Enfer. Sa limite. Sa finitude. Très instructif.

L’Union Européenne ne s’est pas gênée pour ajouter au trouble et accentuer l’angoisse des Ecossais : au moment où Cameron promettait l’Enfer sur terre aux Ecossais, Barosso et ses lieutenants ont dit qu’ils fermeraient la porte à toute demande d’adhésion de l’Ecosse à l’Union. La stratégie de l’encerclement a aidé au No vote. Ce qui fait déjà dire que, contrairement à ce qu’on peut penser, il se peut bien, qu’une fois les pouvoirs transférés à l’Ecosse, autonomisé ; un nouveau référendum soit à l’ordre du jour pour cette fois-ci voter sans influences toxiques extérieures. Doit-on craindre un boomerang au lendemain d’une élection tronquée et d’une Victoire à la Pyrrhus ?

C’est l’éternelle question : la fin justifie-t-elle les moyens ?




Scotland ‘to Remain in UK’ – Last Poll. (Sofia News)

Some 53 percent of voters in a referendum on whether Scotland should be an independent country have chosen to remain part of the United Kingdom, a survey shows.

The poll cited by the Guardian leaves the pro-independence option second with 47%.

Official results, however, are not expected before Friday morning, with the final declaration of authorities in Edinburgh expected between 06:30 and 07:30 GMT.

Some 97% of the electorate (also constituting 4.3 out of 4.3 million Scottish citizens), an unprecedented number of any type of poll in Scotland, are registered to vote.

After weeks of surveys showing the « Yes » and « No » camps are almost tied, many have described the ongoing vote as « too close to call ».

Previous YouGov polls have varied in their results, with the figure of those wishing that Scotland break away swinging between 48 and 52 percent.

 Source. Monovite.

Our Comment. A misopportunity. Highly regrettable. But this is DEMOCRACY and DEMOCRACY is the winner. Scottishs were not ready. So next vote in a century. Perhaps. We were really eager to see something DIFFERENT, CREATIVE AND NEW. Rendez-vous elsewhere. Anytime soon.

Scotland votes ! David against Goliath. Place your bets.

Time is getting Kafkaien. Scotland votes for the Day After. Options for the future. IF…

By Global Research. From Canada.


A Public Bank Option for Scotland

Global Research, September 17, 2014

Scottish voters will go to the polls on September 18th to decide whether Scotland should become an independent country. As video blogger Ian R. Crane colorfully puts the issues and possibilities:

[T]he People of Scotland have an opportunity to extricate themselves from the socio-psychopathic global corporatists and the temple of outrageous and excessive abject materialism. However, it is not going to be an easy ride . . . .

If Alex Salmond and the SNP [Scottish National Party] are serious about keeping the Pound Stirling as the Currency of Scotland, there will be no independence. Likewise if Scotland embraces the Euro, Scotland will rapidly become a vassel state of the Euro-Federalists, who will asset strip the nation in the same way that, Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain have been stripped of their entire national wealth and much of their national identity.

To achieve true independence, Crane suggests the following, among other mandates:

  • Establish an independent Central Bank of Scotland.
  • Issue a new Scottish (Debt Free) Currency.
  • Settle any outstanding debt with new Scottish Currency.
  • Take Scotland out of the EU.
  • Take Scotland out of NATO.
  • Establish strict currency controls for the first 3 years of independence.
  • Nationalize the Scottish oil & gas industry.
  • Re-take control of the National Health Service.
  • Establish a State Employment Agency to provide work/training for all able-bodied residents.

Arguments against independence include that Scotlands levels of public spending, which are higher than in the rest of the UK, would be difficult to sustain without raising taxes. But that assumes the existing UK/EU investment regime. If Scotland were to say, Were starting a new round based on our own assets, via our own new bank, exciting things might be achieved. A publicly-owned bank with a mandate to serve the interests of the Scottish people could help give the newly independent country true economic sovereignty.

I wrote on that possibility in December 2012, after doing a PowerPoint on it at the Royal Society of Arts in Edinburgh. That presentation was followed by one by public sector consultant Ralph Leishman, who made the proposal concrete with facts and figures. He suggested that the Scottish Investment Bank (SIB) be licensed as a depository bank on the model of the state-owned Bank of North Dakota. Im reposting the bulk of that article here, in hopes of adding to the current debate.

From Revolving Fund to Credit Machine: What Scotland Could Do with Its Own Bank

The SIB is a division of Scottish Enterprise (SE), a government body that encourages economic development, enterprise, innovation and investment in business. The SIB provides public sector funding through the Scottish Loan Fund. As noted in a September 2011 government report titled Government Economic Strategy:

[S]ecuring affordable finance remains a considerable challenge and further action is needed to ensure that viable businesses have access to the funding they require to grow and support jobs. The recovery is being held back by limited private sector investment indeed, overall investment in the UK remains some 15% below pre-recession levels. Evidence shows that while many large companies have significant cash holdings or can access capital markets directly, for most Small and Medium-sized companies bank lending remains the key source of finance. Unblocking this is key to helping the recovery gain traction.

The limitation of a public loan fund is that the money can be lent only to one borrower at a time. Invested as capital in a bank, on the other hand, public funds can be leveraged into nearly ten times that sum in loans. Liquidity to cover the loans comes from deposits, which remain in the bank, available for the use of the depositors. As observed by Kurt Von Mettenheim, et al., in a 2008 report titled Government Banking: New Perspectives on Sustainable Development and Social Inclusion from Europe and South America (Konrad Adenauer Foundation), at page 196:

[I]n terms of public policy, government banks can do more for less: Almost ten times more if one compares cash used as capital reserves by banks to other policies that require budgetary outflows.

In 2012, according to Leishman, the SIB had investment funds of £23.2 million from the Scottish government. Rounding this to £25 million, a public depository bank could have sufficient capital to back £250 million in loans. For deposits to cover the loans, the Scottish Government then had £125 million on deposit with private banks, earning very little or no interest. Adding the revenues of just 14% of Scotlands local governments would provide another £125 million, reaching the needed deposit total of £250 million.

The Model of the Bank of North Dakota

What the government could do with its own bank, following the model of the Bank of North Dakota (BND), was summarized by Alf Young in a followup article in the Scotsman. He noted that North Dakota is currently the only U.S. state to own its own depository bank. The BND was founded in 1919 by Norwegian and other immigrants, who were determined, through their Non-Partisan League, to stop rapacious Wall Street money men foreclosing on their farms.

Young observed that all state revenues must be deposited with the BND by law. The bank pays no bonuses, fees or commissions; does no advertising; and maintains no branches beyond the main office in Bismarck. The bank offers cheap credit lines to state and local government agencies. There are low-interest loans for designated project finance. The BND underwrites municipal bonds, funds disaster relief and supports student loans. It partners with local commercial banks to increase lending across the state and pays competitive interest rates on state deposits. For the past ten years, it has been paying a dividend to the state, with a quite small population of about 680,000, of some $30 million (£18.7 million) a year.

Young wrote:

Intriguingly, North Dakota has not suffered the way much of the rest of the US indeed much of the western industrialised world has, from the banking crash and credit crunch of 2008; the subsequent economic slump; and the sovereign debt crisis that has afflicted so many. With an economy based on farming and oil, it has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the US, a rising population and a state budget surplus that is expected to hit $1.6bn by next July. By then North Dakotas legacy fund is forecast to have swollen to around $1.2bn.

With that kind of resilience, its little wonder that twenty American states, some of them close to bankruptcy, are at various stages of legislating to form their own state-owned banks on the North Dakota model. Theres a long-standing tradition of such institutions elsewhere too. Australia had a publicly-owned bank offering credit for infrastructure as early as 1912. New Zealand had one operating in the housing field in the 1930s. Up until 1974, the federal government in Canada borrowed from the Bank of Canada, effectively interest-free.

. . . From our western perspective, we tend to forget that, globally, around 40 per cent of banks are already publicly owned, many of them concentrated in the BRIC economies, Brazil, Russia, India and China.

Banking is not just a market good or service. It is a vital part of societal infrastructure, which properly belongs in the public sector. By taking banking back, local governments could regain control of that very large slice (up to 40 per cent) of every public budget that currently goes to interest charged to finance investment programs through the private sector.

Recent academic studies by von Mettenheim et al. and Andrianova et al. show that countries with high degrees of government ownership of banking have grown much faster in the last decade than countries where banking is historically concentrated in the private sector. Government banks are also LESS corrupt and, surprisingly, have been MORE profitable in recent years than private banks.

Young wrote:

Given the massive price we have all paid for our debt-fuelled crash, surely there is scope for a more fundamental re-think about what we really want from our banks and what structures of ownership are best suited to deliver on those aspirations? . . .

As we left Thursdays seminar, I asked another member of the audience, someone with more than thirty years experience as a corporate financier, whether the concept of a publicly-owned bank has any chance of getting off the ground here. Ive no doubt it will happen, came the surprise response. When I look at the way our collective addiction to debt has ballooned in my lifetime, Id even say its inevitable.

The Scots are full of surprises, and independence is in their blood. Recall the heroic battles of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce memorialized by Hollywood in the Academy Award winning movie Braveheart. Perhaps the Scots will blaze a trail for economic sovereignty in Europe, just as North Dakotans did in the U.S. A publicly-owned bank could help Scotland take control of its own economic destiny, by avoiding unnecessary debt to a private banking system that has become a burden to the economy rather than a pillar in its support.

Ellen Brown is an attorney, founder of the Public Banking Institute, and author of twelve books, including the best-selling Web of Debt. In The Public Bank Solution, her latest book, she explores successful public banking models historically and globally. Her 200+ blog articles are at

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Scotland. Time to disconnect to better reconnect. Reclaim yourself.



Concluding a study over African Development published yesterday – unfortunately in French as for now – but for those of you interested by the issue, you will be interested by topics as depossession, confiscation of power, institutional dysfuntioning at the core of economic failure and social inequalities and so forth, the conclusion went this way :

“Culturally, African nation reasoning is Top/Down. This rationale is totally outdate and behind us. Now is the time for Bottom/Up policies. Time also for disconnection and authenticity. To sum it up, it is time to disconnect to better reconnect. This contribution presents 7 key ways to fullfil this agenda ». Mentions over the cover read : Institutional Challenge – the 7 keys for African development. Reclaim oneself.

One thing was striking in this campaign : the Yes voters for independence are expressing a collective vision of hope whereas the No voters seem to be sticking to their pockets and personal interests.

The no supporters are concerned with the economy and, naturally, the leaders on their side present the economic situation of an independent Scotland as a future catastrophe. Scots are promised Hell : no pensions, no financial institutions or banks staying in Scotland – all of them are going to move in England – ; no food, no water, all will be desolation, no more EU subsidies for farmers and cattle breeders, no army..  In short, Scotland will be left alone in the World, ignored by every state and all the people of the World, waiting to die of starvation and isolation.

Keep strong. In the study over Africa, a soldier told me while in Cameroon “Don’t be afraid Citizen”. I’m relaying it to you “don’t, even if you are walking on a rope over the Niagara falls”. A chance you are not.

Scotland is not Africa. But the World is now interconnected : what happens in Scotland can inspire other people of the World and vice versa. Another chance, a similar song of independence is sounding with insistence in Catalonia who took to the Streets today to express their willing for disconnection, in Eastern Ukraine and in some other parts of the World.


The quest for authenticity is the quest for freedom and creativity. The quest for authenticity is an expression of difference and diversity. Life comes out of diversity. So, the quest for authenticity is the quest for life.


Of course, London is telling Scottishs people “stay with us please, because we are better together and weaker separately”. Unity is Strenght while division is weakness. This is good speech and words coming a little bit late.  If, like many nations of the World, the UK is so divided between the dissatisfied and the satisfied, those who have and the haves not, it is mainly because of the Top/Down arrogant policy.

That arrogance comes with the confiscation of powers by political parties and the assurance of their impunity. They risk nothing. They just have to exercise their two or indefinite political mandates and leave the stage. That their promise of better power-sharing or public delivering is fulfilled or not is not their problem. The most important thing is the pursuing of the arrangements inside big supranational organisations : the EU, the UN and its succursales, the IMF, the Parliaments and Political parties, needly to talk about powerful secret societies devoted to skulls and bones, free masons lodges, clubs, foundations and the banks lobbys.

The inamovibility of political leaders sealed by political parties’ iron grips on Politics is cause of their blindness and contempt. As a consequence, disappointment is everywhere on display.

That British authorities are announcing the apocalypse to Scottish economy, knowing perfectly that Sir Alex Salmond, the PM is an economist is utterly contemptuous from their part. Are there suggesting the Scottish PM is an ass ? This is tellingly of the way Westminsterers treat Scotland’s politicians ? It is not a gentleman conduct, neither Honesty.

Authenticity goes hand by hand with Honesty. And, Honesty is vital to Peace.


Fearing the contagion of Scotland’s referendum to the Eastern part of Ukraine, Ukrainian president has offered a special status to the pro-Russians people of Ukraine. This happened yesterday with the signature of a protocol associating Ukraine to the EU. Note that this Ukrainian president move was not submitted to the Ukrainian people upwards. Instead, in a miraculous discovery, the Ukrainian PM, author of a coup which brought him into power, underlined that “Ukraine was born European”. I guess it was even before the EU existence. This is pure myth.

Who cares for the lies and dishonesty ? Nobody. The EU and this PM associated to his president were partners in  toppling former president, Ianoukovitch who was opposing this counternature alliance between Ukraine and the EU. In other words, if you are not pleasing a member of the EU, either he brings Hell to your place or promised it to you. Eventually, they would not hesitate to commit a coup or a murder.

Would you call it Democracy by the People ?

London is threatening Scotland of cutting all ties, should the people choice independence. London is warning they would not share the currency, the army, the embassies, the passports with Scotland. Nada, nothing. They are warned : no turning back.

You finally know a partner was in love with you, at the moment of divorce.

We would have preferred London authorities coming in Scotland to say : OK, we can have this debate of whether you want to leave or to stay. But whatever your decision will be, don’t worry, we are going to do all what we can to preserve our strong cooperation adjusted inside a new framework including sharing the pound, a common economic zone, sharing diplomacy and embassies abroad, sharing intelligence abroad and inside. And more importantly, we are going to help you achieve your destiny. All what you need to know is “we will always be besides you”.

Did you hear that ? No. Instead, fingers were pointed to accuse, to ashame or diffame, to diminish, to frighten. Hell added onto those fingerspointings.

Alternatively, following Poroshenko hypocritical footsteps offering special status after killing up to 1,000 Eastern Ukrainians and destroying the landscape with shellings, now Scotland is being offered a last-minute decentralized powers they went tired asking for. London is acting under pressure. What about tomorrow ?

You decide. A No vote is not a tragedy so is a Yes vote. Overdramatisation hides this nake truth : A YES VOTE BENEFITS SCOTLAND AND A NO VOTE ADVANTAGES LONDON.

There are still much more that could be said over our post-democratic times that  precipitated us into divisions and into the necessity of disruption. The  drama of Gaza facing imprisonement. And Palestine on the whole. As long as Palestinians are deprived of liberty, Islamic terrorism will go wilder and wilder.




Israel’s N.S.A. Scandal. Is American intelligence data being used to persecute Palestinians?

WASHINGTON — IN Moscow this summer, while reporting a story for Wired magazine, I had the rare opportunity to hang out for three days with Edward J. Snowden. It gave me a chance to get a deeper understanding of who he is and why, as a National Security Agency contractor, he took the momentous step of leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents.

Among his most shocking discoveries, he told me, was the fact that the N.S.A. was routinely passing along the private communications of Americans to a large and very secretive Israeli military organization known as Unit 8200. This transfer of intercepts, he said, included the contents of the communications as well as metadata such as who was calling whom.

Typically, when such sensitive information is transferred to another country, it would first be “minimized,” meaning that names and other personally identifiable information would be removed. But when sharing with Israel, the N.S.A. evidently did not ensure that the data was modified in this way.

Mr. Snowden stressed that the transfer of intercepts to Israel contained the communications — email as well as phone calls — of countless Arab- and Palestinian-Americans whose relatives in Israel and the Palestinian territories could become targets based on the communications. “I think that’s amazing,” he told me. “It’s one of the biggest abuses we’ve seen.”

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