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The revolving door between government and Wall Street helps the wealthiest few hijack our democracy for their own gain.

As Sen. Warren put it, “Laws matter. But it also matters who interprets those laws, who enforces those laws.”9 We need to show that Americans care about personnel just as much as policy.

Tell Congress: Fight the Wall Street revolving door. Click here to sign the petition.

The head of the Treasury Department and the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative are both former Citigroup employees.10 Securities and Exchange Chair Mary Jo White’s new chief of staff is a former Goldman lawyer.11 Attorney General Eric Holder just recently returned to his old corporate law firm under a cloud of questions about the firm holding an office for him before he left the government.12 The list could go on and on.

Tell Congress: Fight the Wall Street revolving door

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« Strike a blow against the revolving door between Wall Street and Washington by immediately passing the Baldwin-Cummings Financial Services Conflict of Interest Act.”

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Dear Elise,When Treasury Secretary Jack Lew left Citigroup for the Obama administration in 2009, his contract with the megabank guaranteed him a $1 million bonus for taking any “full time high level position with the U.S. government or regulatory body.”1Sen. Elizabeth Warren calls it “paying people off to remember their Wall Street friends while they run our government” – and she’s right.2 Corporate insiders regularly get big bonuses to take government jobs. And the problem goes even deeper. The Treasury Department and regulators like the Federal Reserve and the Securities and Exchange Commission routinely hire former Wall Street bankers, and staffers at these agencies leave their posts for cushy Wall Street gigs.3When Treasury Secretary Jack Lew left Citigroup for the Obama administration in 2009, his contract with the megabank guaranteed him a $1 million bonus for taking any “full time high level position with the U.S. government or regulatory body.”1

The revolving door between government and Wall Street helps the wealthiest few hijack our democracy for their own gain. That is why progressive champions Rep. Elijah Cummings and Sen. Tammy Baldwin have introduced a tough new bill to crack down on the revolving door – and Sen. Warren is calling for all of us to get behind it.

Tell Congress: Fight the Wall Street revolving door. Click here to sign the petition.

Tens of thousands of CREDO members successfully fought to keep President Obama from nominating banker Antonio Weiss to an official position with the Treasury Department, and our campaign received a major boost when the public learned that Weiss was due to receive $21 million in handouts for taking a government job.4

Majorities of Americans in both major political parties support cracking-down on the revolving door between Wall Street and government.5 If we make a major push right now, it will force everyone from Republican leadership to corporate Democrats to make it clear where they stand.

The Baldwin-Cummings bill will strike a blow against the revolving door by:

  • Banning golden parachutes for taking government jobs. New government employees should not be allowed to take bonuses from their former companies when they are supposed to be serving the public.6
  • Limiting conflicts of interest. Bank and corporate regulators need to recuse themselves from any official work that would benefit their former employees.7
  • Toughening up lobbying rules and increasing “cooling off” times. More federal employees should be barred from lobbying their former colleagues and all of them must wait two years, not one, before they do so.8

As Sen. Warren put it, “Laws matter. But it also matters who interprets those laws, who enforces those laws.”9 We need to show that Americans care about personnel just as much as policy.

Tell Congress: Fight the Wall Street revolving door. Click here to sign the petition.

The head of the Treasury Department and the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative are both former Citigroup employees.10 Securities and Exchange Chair Mary Jo White’s new chief of staff is a former Goldman lawyer.11 Attorney General Eric Holder just recently returned to his old corporate law firm under a cloud of questions about the firm holding an office for him before he left the government.12 The list could go on and on.

All over the government, former Wall Street employees fill important positions, bringing with them a biased worldview and the ability for their former co-workers to influence them with a well-placed phone call. Countless more treat Wall Street with kid gloves to preserve the possibility of cashing in on a job in the future, or leave government and use their connections and expertise on behalf of their new employees.13

This new bill won’t end the revolving door. But it will strike a potent blow against it – and rallying behind this legislation will send a powerful message to leaders in both parties.

Tell Congress: Fight the Wall Street revolving door. Click below to sign the petition:

Thank you for speaking out.

Murshed Zaheed, Deputy Political Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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From CNN. Hillary and former President Bill Clinton, from 2007 to 2014, paid more than $43 million in federal taxes, more than $13 million in state taxes and donated nearly $15 million to charity, according to data and a statement posted on her presidential campaign website. Clinton released eight years of tax returns Friday.

The Clintons paid an effective federal tax rate of 35.7 percent and a combined federal, state and local effective rate of 45.8 percent last year, she said in a statement. They also donated 10.8% of their income to charity. It is not clear how much of that money went to The Clinton Foundation, their family’s philanthropic organization.


(CNN)—« Health issues resulting from a blood clot in 2012 are resolved and Hillary Clinton is physically fit to serve as president, her personal physician says.

« Mrs. Clinton is a healthy 67-year-old female » whose current medical conditions include a thyroid condition and seasonal allergies, Dr. Lisa Bardack, Clinton’s doctor since 2001, wrote in a health statement provided by Clinton’s campaign.

Her campaign this afternoon will also post the eight years of Clinton tax returns that are not already public, and the State Department is to release emails from her tenure as Secretary of State.

Get complete coverage of breaking news on CNN TV, and CNN Mobile.

EBOLA VACCINE. The beginning of the end of the outbreak.

(CNN) —A newly developed vaccine against the deadly Ebola virus is « highly effective » and could help prevent its spread in the current and future outbreaks, the World Health Organization said.

Trials of the VSV-EBOV vaccine began in March in Guinea — one of three West African nations at the center of the current outbreak — and have shown such promise that this week it was decided to extend immediate vaccination to « all people at risk, » a WHO statement said.

Killing The Lion in Zimbabwe. White Hunter, Dark Heart. White is Dark.

« A dentist from Minnesota reportedly killed one of Africa’s most famous lion ». Business Insider is reporting on how the coward small man went to Zimbabwe to commit something inexcusable. Killing a lion in a park this way brings disgrace to America.

Zimbabween soil, Africa’s and Africans alike have been soiled.

It looks like Roof : those people you open the door of your home to, and before you know it, they turn against you with their hate, vomit, poison and guns.

But this is possible only with Africans’ endless and historic corruption and alertness.

Africa must fight the neger and slavery mentality with all its strenghts (1). One thing is for the small man of Minnesota to come in Zimbabwe with malicious intentions ; another one is the african men who helped him to accomplish this. Cursed are them all.

I’ve told you, those men have no balls. They always hide themselves like rats or wearing masks and guns as penis.
It reminds me about the movie by Clint Eastwood : White hunter, Dark heart. In other words WHITE IS DARKNESS AND A TRAVESTY.
I pity those people breathing hate, sweating crimes and smelling blood. They are damned as the World Today is.
 No tourist should be allowed to have a gun or to own a hunting permit. Africa should stop being an open air field for whites games boy. And hell the fucking dirty and dark heart money.
Kenya this message concerns you and the safari business ; in fact another stage for slavery and neger animal faces laughing. Open your eyes and lift up to modernity and dignity.
American guns control is spreading Worldwide. Even more so, White Supremacists are turning wild. They are not supreme at all. To be supreme today requires honesty and zero guns or cheatings. For people succeeding through impostures, lies and dark organisations of terror, it is certainly the end of their fake World.
This should be the cornerstone ruling on guns control : nobody should be allowed to have a gun in public.
 Any contravention should be considered as an offense and a case for gun’s interdiction and possession even at home.
With this ruling, new screenings would stop killers like the one of the Lafayette theater at the entrance. Malls, public administrations, churches, schools, Collegesparks, street’s police checkings and detectors should be uncompromising : no guns should be tolerated out of your home.
A new legislation from the Congress can take this as an absolute priority. The second amendment will remain intact.
When you do this, you change the mentality of the people.
America should do its part of protecting Lifes and Life. So must Africa cut this safari’s parodic hunting down.
The morning after  about extirpating the neger mentality out of Africans brains. Uganda and Ethiopia are on the forefront.
(1) Quote : Ironically, corruption, one of the issues President Obama emphasized most frequently in his speeches is partly responsible for the hollowing out of security agencies meant to interdict Al Shabaab. Some analysts argue that countries like Uganda and Ethiopia, which also have troops in Somalia have partly mitigated the blowback because their security machinery, despite some weaknesses, isn’t as dysfunctional as Kenya’s. Media inquiries, for example, demonstrate the extent to which incompetence and corruption facilitated the attack on Garissa University in May this year that left at least 147 students murdered. – Obama’s Triumphant Return To Kenya As President – Analysis (Eurasianews)
That said, animals are not toys for White men hobbies. Animals deserve respect. After all, you can hunt in America and in Europa. Whey don’t those guys hunt at home in America or in Europe ? Have they seen a black tourist man hunting in America or in Europa ? Africa deserves respect. So do African’s people, flore and fauna.
Hopefully the Minnessotan’s lion  predator will be extradited in Zimbabwe for Justice.

2017. Hollande ne se représentera pas. Il bluffe.

par Elise Mbock.

Hollande a perdu tout crédit auprès du peuple de France.

Remarqué sur Yahoo. « Réformes : ces Anglais qui ont tout compris… »(Le Point)

Remarqué également sur la même plateforme. « Même impopulaire, Hollande veut agir « jusqu’au bout » de son mandat » (AFP)

Les deux articles se complètent et se font écho à distance. En fait, l’un est le contrepoint de l’autre. L’article du Point vide toutes les déclarations du Président, rapportées et mises en évidence par l’AFP, de tout contenu autre que discursif.

C’est que Le Point nous parle des Choses et le Président des Mots.  Les Mots et les Choses, titre d’un ouvrage de Michel Foucault. Un classique, c’est-à-dire un basique que tout Chef d’Etat digne de ce nom devrait avoir à son chevet. Et tout conseiller d’ailleurs. Cameron les a ces conseillers.

Quand on parle de la « différence entre la France et ses voisins », il faut savoir dire laquelle.

Quand on invite les journalistes à un banquet ayant tous les signes d’une corruption publique grandeur nature – tradition grotesque au demeurant – plus c’est gros, plus ça passe -, on voit la différence. Il est vrai que les US font encore plus fort, côté banquet, mais au moins là-bas on vénère le Roi dollar et on n’a pas peur de se coucher pour en obtenir. Et puis là-bas on sait qu’entre Wall Street, le Pentagone, les médias et la Maison Blanche, la porte est tournante. On peut travailler un jour à la Maison Blanche comme Porte parole (Press Secretary) et être embauché tout de suite après chez CNN. On peut partir de CNN pour le Pentagone et de Wall Street pour l’Administration et vice versa. Eric Holder – ex-Ministre de la Justice – ferait du pantouflage quelque part entre ses portes tournantes. On dirait des passes-partout ou des tourniquets. Le grand manège quoi.

La France ne recopie que du bas de gamme.

Quant à l’idée que seule la baisse du chômage lui permettrait de se représenter, j’ai peur que les choses ne soient pas aussi mécaniques. C’est même une certitude.

Je vais commenter cette notion de certitude et d’audace.

Ici, je ne résiste pas au plaisir de vous citer cette phrase :


C’est ainsi que débute le titre annoncé ici sur « Le Voyage TransAlantique » (1). Encore en gestation. En fait, suspendu pour éviter le Grand Plagiat Universel qui vous coupe même l’envie d’écrire. C’est ainsi qu’on sabote le job des autres et les Chefs d’Etat rigolent voire pondent des lois sur le renseignement pour encourager tous les pirates de la terre à aller de l’avant. Tout cela ne suscite que du dégoût. Il faudra balayer tous ces minus.
Donc, de la certitude. Le président dit : « Revenant sur l’adjectif « audacieux » qu’il avait utilisé le 14 Juillet pour qualifier son action, il a reconnu que cette qualité ne garantissait pas la réussite car « si l’audace c’était la certitude, il n’ y aurait plus d’audace ».

Premier constat : le Président se contredit lui-même. Si sa définition de l’audace est juste, alors pourquoi c’était-il déclaré « audacieux » ?

C’est que le Président reprenait et c’était de bonne guerre, les mots que Fillon venaient juste de publier pour le critiquer, à la veille du 14 Juillet. J’en avais rapporté la critique que j’approuvais ici même.

Lire. LE FEU D’ARTIFICE DE FRANCOIS FILLON AVANT CEUX DU 13 ET DU 14 JUILLET AU SEIN D’UNE EUROPE SIDEREE ET PETRIFIEE. C’était le 12 Juillet et le président Hollande – 14 Juillet oblige et discours au peuple également – s’était précipité à Bruxelles pour aider à un accord, histoire d’avoir quelque chose à dire le 14 Juillet. Il a donc repris Fillon, mot pour mot.
Rendons donc à César Fillon ce qui lui appartient dans ce débat. C’est le second point.

Le troisième concerne la définition de l’audace. Pardon au Président, sauf son respect et celui de la fonction présidentielle, l’audace n’a rien à voir avec la certitude. Pardon. Nous sommes en France et la langue française a le mérite de la précision. Contrairement à l’anglais, c’est la langue qui n’aime pas les approximations. Et c’est son charme.

L’audace c’est le courage d’oser faire un pas en avant. Lorsqu’on ose, ce qui se joue n’est pas la certitude, mais la confiance et la détermination, des choses supérieures à la volonté. On ose aussi lorsqu’on sait qu’on est dans le Vrai, dans la Justice et sur le Bon Chemin. Est-ce que ce que je fais est Juste et Bon pour le Pays ou pour tous ? L’audace c’est la capacité de se projeter ;  laquelle projection vient avec la connaissance.

Laquelle connaissance est elle même double : il y a une connaissance raisonnée et une connaissance intuitive. Ceux qui possèdent les deux deviennent des Guides ; quelque chose qui dépasse la simple présidence. Le Général De Gaulle par exemple était un Guide. L’audace c’est la zone de la prise de risques qui sont tout sauf de la certitude.

AUDACE. Définition de Larousse.
Hardiesse qui ne connaît ni obstacle ni limite ; courage : Manquer d’audace.
Péjoratif. Attitude de quelqu’un qui méprise les limites imposées par les convenances ; impertinence, insolence : Avoir l’audace d’interrompre quelqu’un.
Acte qui viole les convenances, les règles : Audaces de style.

Quant aux critiques  sur les « crises économiques citant aussi bien VGE (chocs pétroliers de 1973 et 1979) que Nicolas Sarkozy (crise financière en 2008), culbutés par la conjoncture », là aussi, le doute est permis sur la causalité de l’échec.

—-« culbutés », langage de président ? Quelle classe! A force de fréquenter l’élite de la vulgarité, on en arrive à des choses incroyables. La haine de l’Autre, ne devrait pas conduire à cela à ce niveau de la fonction.

Jacques Chirac est le dernier Président élu démocratiquement par le peuple libre en France. Depuis, ce sont les larbins du Système néo-Juif fait des pantins médiatiques vendus et à la solde de ce Système, les antennes Bilderbergiennes, telles les banquiers de Wall Street gouvernant le monde et l’eurozone dont Bilderberg vante la création de la monnaie, ce sont eux qui décident de qui sera le prochain Président.

Déjà, VGE a été le premier président à en payer le prix. Si Mitterand a été élu, c’est parce que les médias téléguidés ont tapé sur VGE avec les diamants de Bokassa. Les chiens d’Israel ont lynché VGE pour y placer un labrador qui se révelera encore plus Voleur pour l’Afrique « allusion à Mitterand et les 40 voleurs », livre de Jean Montaldo.

Au Rwanda où le fils Mitterand et celui de Habyarimana – le président Rwandais tué par avion de retour d’un voyage de Paris où le Rwanda se bradait – le génocide de 1994 est le produit de la gouvernance Mitterandienne faite de pillages juteux surtout pour l’Occident et ses comptes bancaires, etc..

VGE était un excellent président de la trempe de Pompidou, ce sont eux qui ont remis la France sur pied, après le plan Marshall, par le biais de Politiques industrielles ambitieuses.

Où est la politique industrielle du président Hollande ? Et Agricole chère au Président Jacques Chirac ?

Quant à l’élection du président Hollande, d’abord, les comptes de campagnes étaient faux et tout le monde le savait, mais puisque le grand manitou de Sion, planqué quelque part en avait décidé ainsi, que ce serait Hollande et personne d’autre, propagande et mensonges médiatiques à l’appui, alors ses comptes de campagnes étaient bons et leur régularité s’imposait même au Conseil Constitutionnel de la République Française qui s’est empressé de sanctionner Sarkozy et, là-dessus, Copé a été sacrifié, alors qu’au même moment, on apprenait que depuis Mitterand, tous les comptes de campagnes des présidentiables sont invalides.

Copé c’est comme DSK, tout l’établissement en a une trouille panique. Et ce sont les mêmes qui parlent et louent les réformes ailleurs.

Hollande aidé par Valérie Trierweiler pour y arriver. Il n’y a qu’en France que les hommes se servent de leur cul pour buter les femmes et se faire la malle de l’Elysée. Ces hommes-là n’ont pas de couilles.

Ne pas avoir de couilles a un triple sens politique :

1. On profite de quelqu’un pour y arriver. Opportunisme.

2. On y est et on s’assoit sur son cul et on déguste. On se prélasse, en changeant de concubines.

3. On parade avec le butin du vol démocratique ; j’ai dit ailleurs : viol démocratique. Et on nargue à souhait. C’est une marque de fabrique partagée par l’établissement. Regardez les gays parader à la Philippot.  Ils niquent le peuple et la démocratie. Nique ta mère… C’est vulgaire, je sais. Pourquoi se gêner ? Après tout, plus on est des fous, plus on s’amuse.

Sarkozy n’a pas perdu pour la crise, mais pour son comportement à la Hollande du jour. Mépris et foutage de gueule plus arrogance, la recette de l’échec programmé. Mais, ce qui compte, c’est l’enivrement n’est-ce pas et d’y arriver…

Quand on repense à ce qui s’est passé lors des départementales, où la Gauche et le Droite ont pactisé ici dans l’Isère et dans les départements voisins, les uns se désistant pour les autres, au mépris de la loi démocratique violée et bafouée derrière des arrangements mafieux – tout cela parce que le Front aurait eu quelques élus, ni cette Gauche-la ni l’autre droite ne mérite la présidence. Ce sont des fossoyeurs de l’idée Républicaine.

Comme aux US, le jeu de la présidentielle de 2017 est largement ouvert. Sarkozy avait toutes les cartes en main. Mais, il s’est déshonoré aux départementales et son avance a fondu. Il n’est pas possible de recommencer comme  AVANT HOLLANDE. JAMAIS. ON A DONNE ET ON EST A BOUT DE SOUFFLE.




(1) – Comment éditer aujourd’hui dans un monde pollué par le hacking, les détraqueurs et les pollueurs à distance. A l’instant où vous écrivez un mot sur votre ordi, il est récupéré en temps réel. Vous envoyez un texte à Amazon, il est intercepté et ces gens-là sabotent le travail des autres, au moment où ils les pillent via les banques. Tout ce que vous achetez sur le net est récupéré illico presto. Et dans mon cas, les caméras installées dans mon domicile violé par des professionnels de la chose et le Net me le fait comprendre – via des emails et des pubs – suivent pas à pas. La pharmacie de mon coin a été raflée sur un produit que je venais d’acheter. Je suis passée quelques jours plus tard, car je ne retrouvais pas mes échantillons pour en redemander, on m’a dit, « tout est parti comme dans un razzia ». J’ai compris pourquoi sans le dire. A quoi ça sert ?

Ceux qui doivent acheter, volent vos écrits et se les partagent via le réseau underground. Amazon devrait envisager la possibilité que ses e-books ne soient ni transférables, ni imprimables, ni recopiables. Dès que je suis arrivée dans le milieu chez  amazon, immédiatement, l’union européenne Israélite a décrété sur le prix des e-books en urgence – saviez vous qu’il y a un Parlement Juif au sein de l’Union européenne ? Non. Il y est dissimulé, comme tout ce qu’ils font. Toujours à la manière des pédés, dans le dos. La pédérastie est un ordre Israélite et Bilderbergien. C’est par lui qu’on obtient les promotions.

C’est le même ordre qui mène le hacking dans le monde. Lisez le texte d’hier et la référence à l’unité Israélite « 8200 ». Quand on sait que c’est le dollar roi qui finance les candidats à la présidentielle aux US, alors vous comprenez qui est le groom de l’Hôtel ; celui qui ouvre les portes tournantes vous donnant accès à un soi-disant paradis sur terre : en fait un Cercle des Zombies et des déculottés.

Que fait Hollande pour libérer la culture de l’emprise des vampires ?

Que fait Hollande pour sécuriser le net et la vie privée violée par les professionnels du viol public impunément ?

Vous voulez publier, vous ne pourrez pas, si vous n’êtes pas juif, copain des Juifs ou membres des confréries obéissantes et sodomisées qui autorisent à publier, car les maisons d’édition leur appartiennent.

Vous voulez un crédit bancaire pour société, vous n’aurez rien, les banques sont de la même obédience néo-nazie.

Les médias sont tenus par les mêmes.

Médias, milieu d’éditions, banques, milieux culturels, diffuseurs musique et cinéma, tout cela fait réseau et un. Les classements des books au monde ne sont qu’un grand cirque entre eux. Les prix, n’en parlons même pas, y compris le prix suprême délivré à Oslo qui couronne les Chefs d’Etats qui font leur travail et ne font rien d’héroïque faisant cela. Les médailles de mérite etc, rien de cela n’est justifié au fond. Mais, il faut que le cirque continue, comme la terre continue de tourner.

Quand vous savez que ce sont ces choses et cet ordre là qu’il  faut décongestionner pour libérer tout le potentiel congelé et ouvrir les écluses de la créativité, et qu’on vous parle d’économie pirate, vous vous accordez avec Michel Foucault – on dit de lui qu’il  était gay mais il n’a jamais emmerdé personne PUBLIQUEMENT avec cela – on s’accorde avec lui sur l’idée d’un Grand Texte Unique :


Il ajoute que la seule certitude c’est la signature.

Alors je signe et vous souhaite d’excellentes vacances.

15.30. Juste après la publication de cet article, je reçois un coup de fil de SFR qui appelle pour dire que je leur dois de l’argent et qu’ils vont couper les services. Au bout du fil, un black de service menaçant qui me rappelle que la conversation est enregistrée. Un black encore esclave dans l’âme. Envoyé par son Maître Chien.

Remarque : les services de SFR sont arrivés un mois et demi plus tard après la souscription, au bout de plusieurs acrobaties. Depuis, ils fonctionnent bien.

Au moment des acrobaties -multiples appels et attentes – l’interlocuteur du service technique m’a conseillé de contacter le service commercial pour qu’ils fassent un geste commercial pour une attente trop longue alors que les services étaient dus pour une semaine plus tard, après la souscription. Le 24 Avril.

Le service commercial m’a dit qu’il m’accordait deux mois de gratuité. J’espère qu’ils enregistrent leurs conversations, comme mon interlocuteur me l’a rappelé en me sommant de payer tout de suite.

Donc, alors que j’attends la reprise des échéanciers, après les deux mois de gratuité – Un mois a déjà été prélevé avant même la mise en service des équipements, je reçois le rappel des mois de Mai et de Juin POUR UNE SOUSCRIPTION LE 24 AVRIL.

Entretemps, je n’ai reçu aucun courrier de rappel de quoi que ce soit. Je l’ai précisé à notre black de service chez Sfr qui me répond que cela ne se peut pas. Bon, ils vérifieront. J’ai fait appeler récemment, car la ligne était interrompue SUR UNE DEMI-JOURNEE et elle a été remise en service. Pourquoi n’avoir rien dit à ce moment-là ?

Comprenne qui pourra : je vous l’ai dit, dites un mot CONTRE LE SYSTEME DIABOLIQUE et votre vie est fouillée. La fouille va jusqu’aux poubelles.

Juste au moment où je commençais à me faire une idée positive de SFR… Le système s’est réveillé avec ses agents et sentinelles postés partout.

Ah, comme l’Amérique et l’Afrique me manquent. Vraiment. Là-bas, je respire.

Donald Trump’s Hills for 2016 presidential race. And the new challenge of cyber GREAT insecurity. I would rather bet on Bernie Sanders and Jeb Bush, if election were to take place today. They are Reformists.

Consequently, I’m Okaying the following polls results. Donald Trump is beginning strongly ; his past experience speaks for him. He is also a man of direct speech. He may crunch down with the rapist remark concerning latinos (immigrants). Nevertheless, he speaks up his mind without cheatings.

In other words, Trump is not wearing a mask and voters give him credit for that. As a Businessman, Trump is Great. We expect him to come strong forward in the Economy. Tax returns will tell if the man is Tax Havens free, contrary to Romney who was not – with the Cayman Islands hidden deposits.

Will Trump get accross the Foreign Affairs debate and Immigration hurdles ? His presidential fate rest upon those two Hills.

CNN is reporting. « Donald Trump has increased his support among GOP voters and now stands atop the race for the party’s nomination, according to a new CNN/ORC poll.

Among Republicans, Trump has 18% support, followed by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush with 15%. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has 10% support among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents who are registered to vote. The margin of error is 3.5 percentage points.

Trump’s backing has climbed 6 points since a late June poll, while support for Bush and Walker has not changed significantly. None of the other 14 candidates earned double-digit support.

The CNN/ORC poll is the first publicly released national telephone survey to be conducted entirely after Trump’s criticism of Sen. John McCain’s military record during an Iowa campaign event last weekend, drawing rebukes from other Republicans for saying he didn’t think McCain is a war hero.

Among Republican voters, 31% expect Bush will win the presidential nomination, 22% think Trump will win, and 14% predict a Walker victory.

According to the poll conducted July 22-25, most Republican voters say that they want Trump to remain in the race, and that he’s the candidate they are most likely to say they want to see on the debate stage ».

There is another hot topic concerning Cyber security or Cyber Intelligence.

Shir Hever (Eurasianews selection) is pointing the famous « 8200 » Israeli intelligence unit and the misuses of it on Palestinians. Tomorrow the risk of this Unit turning « News of the World 2 » is more than predictable.

Read the conclusion of his article :

« The massive investments in surveillance technology, hacking and cyber-security indicate a change of direction in the Israeli arms-industry philosophy. The arms sector has not been able to sell the tools to achieve military victory in armed conflict, so it seeks to specialise in selling tools for repression. The Occupied Palestinian Territory continues to be Israel’s testing lab, and so citizens of governments who purchase the new cyber products from Israeli companies should consider the possibility that their governments seek to use similar control mechanisms on them, which Israel is using on Palestinians ».

‘Fortress Israel’: The Ups And Downs Of Arms Sales And Cyber Surveillance – OpEd (Eurasianews)

Cyber-security and cyber Intelligence are making foreign affairs home business. In a sense, they tend to suppress the frontier between domestic affairs and international issues. This collision is something NEW. Compared to the dangerous sides of cyber intelligence turning murderous, treacherous and poisonous against potential rivals, the recent hacking of the US’s administration personnel data is a game boy.

When you listen CNN saying that gmails could be self destructive, you can’t help thinking: unless a new progressist and reformist commander-in-chief and a new clean, honest  and responsible board is elected, « This technology is the antichamber of the Apocalypse ».

Apparently Net Neutrality is not that neutral in the EU space or may be it is too much or we need an explainer…

When you build small monsters, take care, for history has proven that those small monsters, like a small fish, will grow up bigger, and having been fed with and by a vicious system, they will surpass their genitors in the scale of monstruosity. You just need eyes actually to see the outcome of this process everywhere. And may be, the Father, Israel, is trying to catch up with this super monstruosity they have propagated all over the World with this simple philosophy : when somebody else is succeeding, I will do everything I can to stop him, including harrassing, threatening people or spying and stealing its works and tools and even more so, I will pretend those are mine and if he/she dares contest the lie, I will make sure I have a powerful underground tool or may be stooges posted on strategic places to make him shut up and stop his/her activities, only because I want to rule the World like a Dinosaure.  Alone. You bow down to my order and desires and wait for me to authorise you to do this or that or you are good for the Dinosaure meal.

The choice is simple : Slavery ( misery, poverty or fake wealth or superficial success) or Death. Chose your fate.

Who have created Israel ? Look at the World since this creation ? It looks like the original sin in the Eden Paradise, the cause of our damned falling.

If you can read some french, some of those ideas were exposed here, two days ago.


Obama is ending his visit in Africa. Hoping his visit will set a New Era in African Businesses and for the Move Forward.

Another interesting excerpt for President Obama  to add on democracy on the Westside : « Governments interested in controlling and containing large, restless, impoverished populations have become the biggest customers of Israeli arms: Brazil, India and Mexico are among the biggest customers. Arms sales to Africa continue to rise, even though the Israeli Ministry of Defence refuses to name specific countries in Africa to which it sells these arms, and refuses to address the evidence regarding arms sales to South Sudan ».

How can you bring about a sustainable development with this criminality prowling around like Vulturs and birds of pray ? Those are destructive forces and vampiric trade. They are developments dissolvents. How you go on Empowering Africa with those predators of development precisely ? May be we need Euclide of Greece here. Euclide like the famous Mathematician to come up with some sophisticated equations and theorems we are lacking of (1).

The new nuclear arm is cyber-attack and the devastating uses of it. It is said that, Snowden leaks may have given a boost to Daesh and Isis… Another devastating outcome. We are just starting to fight inequalities and super criminals immunity and impunity that we are faced with new terrifying « tools of repression » via cyber attack. Crazy.


(1)Statement by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde on Greece

Press Release No.15/302
June 28, 2015

Ms. Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), made the following statement today:

“I have briefed the IMF Executive Board on the inconclusive outcome of recent discussions on Greece in Brussels. I shared my disappointment and underscored our commitment to continue to engage with the Greek authorities.

“The coming days will clearly be important. I welcome the statements of the Eurogroup and the European Central Bank to make full use of all available instruments to preserve the integrity and stability of the euro area. These statements underscore that the euro area today is in a strong position to respond to developments in a timely and effective manner, as needed.

“The IMF also will continue to carefully monitor developments in Greece and other countries in the vicinity and stands ready to provide assistance as needed.

“I continue to believe that a balanced approach is required to help restore economic stability and growth in Greece, with appropriate structural and fiscal reforms supported by appropriate financing and debt sustainability measures. The IMF is prepared to continue to pursue that approach with the Greek authorities and our European partners.”

ps. This is not the first time a link is corrupt directly insde yahoo email box. On my tablet, the link of this mail points at press release N° 15/302 – . On the laptop it is totally different : 15302 becoming 15358.

There is a difference of two hours in the reception of mails. The tablet sets 14h40 (french time) and the laptop 2 hours later.

Please use the gmail box. for more security, even though some have made it a speciality on hacking email boxes and websites and keywords alike. Parasitism.

…..Greece Starts Talks on New Bailout Package with Creditors – Sofia News.

Watch out next on radio silence. A chronicle.  « Du berceau de l’humanité au berceau de la civilisation ». Qu’y a t-il en commun entre l’Afrique, berceau de l’humanité et la Grèce, berceau de la civilisation ? La Démocratie….

At the minute you write it, before you post it, it is already hacked, copied and pasted shamelessly. I told you before about the process and the result is on yahoo to see. Plainly. It concerns some tigers. You just need eyes.

Support Sen. Balwin’s bill to ban “golden parachutes” and stop the revolving door.

Elise –

The revolving door is a big part of the corrupting way Washington works today.

Regulators revolve into government positions from the companies they’re supposed to oversee – often getting huge “golden parachute” bonuses from their former company to do so. And they make sure not to be too hard on their old buddies so they can revolve back out a few years later and cash in with a higher paying job.

Any candidate who wants to be president needs to pledge to fight this corrupting revolving door.

Sign here to call on 2016 candidates to support banning “golden parachutes” and to fight the revolving door.

The revolving door is how we get people like Mary Jo White – a longtime Wall Street lawyer – heading the SEC, where she can give her friends at Too Big To Fail banks “get out of jail free” waivers when they break the law.

It’s the way Washington has worked for a long time, but we’ve got momentum on our side. Antonio Weiss and Larry Summers got blocked from revolving into government positions by grassroots pressure. Opposition to corporate lawyer Keir Gumbs being named to the SEC is growing fast.

Presidential candidates must pledge to look beyond the revolving door and name tough on Wall Street staff to their campaigns and to their administrations if elected.

Join our petition with the Progressive Change Campaign Committee: Tell presidential candidates to fight back against the revolving door.

Just last week, Senator Tammy Baldwin introduced an important bill that would put an end to “golden parachutes” for government positions and take several other steps to end the worst of the revolving door.

Big banks and other companies like to give massive “golden parachute” bonuses to their executives to go work in government for a few years. That way, the regulators know who they’re really working for – their old companies, not the public.

Goldman Sachs even has this kind of “golden parachute” written into their standard contract. Sen. Baldwin’s Financial Services Conflict of Interest Act would ban this outrageous practice – and do much more.

Click here to call on presidential candidates to support Sen. Balwin’s bill to ban “golden parachutes” and stop the revolving door – and to name tough on Wall Street policymakers to their campaigns and future administration.


Kurt Walters
Campaign Manager


Plus : I just took action to demand Congress pass Senator Warren’s 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act, and I think you should too:

Guns’ controls. Is Poverty a case of disability. Is dangerosity a problem of poverty or social sufferance ?

After finishing this reading by Eurasianews :

On Social Security ? Obama wants your gun!

I cleared my throat looking for air and breath. According to the US administraton, people with financial problems are potentially dangerous. Conclusion : POVERTY SHOULD BE TREATED AS A NEW DISEASE. JUST SHOUT HERE AND APPLAUDE HYSTERICALLY OF PLEASURE.

Cynicism in politics can not be that greater or ridicule!

Considering those cases of dismissal :

– first of all, America is a society where inequalities are the highest in the World. Considering that poverty is an illness equates to say half of the American people are disqualified for gun’s possession.

– On the other side, this automatically implies the other part fits the posession. Wealth is health of mind and spirit. Come on, how to characterize industrial espionnage and intellectual property stealings among many institutional-power cover up’s thefts, threats and use of strenght to grab others belongings?

– But, let move even further: of the people going into rampage those years, how many of them were poor ? Were the Tzarnaïev brothers poor ? What about G. Zimmerman and the Police Eric Garnier or Michael Brown and Baltimore excruciating deaths ? Were Roof poor or suffering from money-shortage or disabilty ?

– Selective democracy with some deserving the rights to vote or not ; to posess a gun or not, etc..

– That is probably why gay marriage came in emergency while poor black people mass jailing and social difficulties were not.

When you want to get rid of your dog – meaning to scrap people’s rights – you accuse the dog of having ‘rage’.

NY city has brought up the appropriate response : treat poverty instead of accusing it of all the sins, diseases and criminality of the World. Look at Daesh, are they poor ? Not at all. They used to be as so many politicians used to also.

Look at the age of their Kamikaze ‘young boys’ or men, some of them have been paid a lot of money they left to their loves ones to commit those murders. Did they accept, because of poverty ? I doubt this strongly.

Roof and the Tunisian killer of the same age provided us with a path of research for a  better understanding of the motives behind mass shootings. How aged are those men turning murderers ?

Dangerosity is a slippery notion to handle with extreme precaution.

I suggest here – after Jeb Bush – that ex Senators or House Representants using the Revolving Door to go to either Wall Street or to enter any Lobbying House pose a more dangerous problem to Democracy and Freedom and Public Security than the poor.

Jeb Bush has nailed it. Locking 6 years of non-lobbying activities for those former Senators and HR is a good starting point to clean up Political Thinking. Too many analysis are driven by ideology or lobbyist militancy.

How can we make public space free of guns ? What about our cars ? Some limitations should be set for guns possessions, eventhough you were qualified to have one. When do you need a gun and why ? To protect yourself from aggressions or harm.

The notion that a wealthy man is less incline to shoot at somebody  than a poor one is a way to say that rich people are sane and poor are not. This is unacceptable for it stems from social, human and racial categorisation.

Once upon the time, only rich people or working men could vote and only them. Those people were declared apt to, because they could pay a ‘cens’ = a right to vote (1). The poor couldn’t and went excluded from the vote. Incapacited by poverty. Eugenism also came that way : it is said that Hitler regime experienced some medicines on poor people used as guinea pigs. Some of them turned mad and rogue, because of the drugs and arbitrary captivity they underwent under non-humane treatment.

Poverty can’t be a case of disability or of disqualification. This is dangerous determinism. Knowing that some rich people today used to be poor, in an ideal world, being poor can also be a temporary moment or a transitional period. So, when you got wealthier, would you – the former poor man – submit another application for a gun?

Now for the checkbook, this is our past ; there will be less and less use of it.


Have we asked those people out there why they need a gun for ? Did we check out the neighborhood problems and how they conflicted with the feeling of Togetherness or Security ? I’m sure that action as « downing the confederate flag » would do more on guns killings reductions than policing the poor and criminalising social security – Medicare and Medicaid. Is it how Obamacare would end ? Trapping people ? Sorry, can’t buy this nor believe it.


From CNN. ‘Ohio Gov. John Kasich announced his 2016 presidential bid today, the 16th contender to join the field of GOP candidates.

The 63-year-old Republican has a resume tailor-made for presidential politics: Elected twice statewide in battleground Ohio, he worked in the private sector and served nearly two decades in Congress, including a six-year run as chairman of the House Budget Committee’.

(1) According to the DSCC. ‘Republicans in states like North Carolina, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Nevada are pushing laws to make voting harder — especially for likely Democratic voters. These laws could easily decide key Senate seats (AND the White House) or fall agonizingly short.

Unlike the GOP, Democrats don’t change the rules to win elections.

This isn’t the first time Republicans have tried to suppress the vote. But if they succeed now, likely Democratic voters in MUST-WIN states could find themselves unable to cast ballots’.


How many people have died from the 2008 financial crisis, alone committing suicide after bankruptcy ? Much more than guns shootings. This is for sure.

In 2008, we saw the damage that Wall Street’s big banks can do when we let their risky practices go unchecked. Their outrageous bets went south, leaving taxpayers on the hook to clean up the mess — and they nearly took the U.S. economy down with them.

That’s why, 5 years ago today, Congress passed the Wall Street Reform bill — to stop a crisis like that from happening again. And so far, it’s worked.

But some Republicans in Congress want to dismantle Wall Street Reform completely, and put the big banks back in the driver’s seat. And we already know where that road leads — right off an economic cliff.

I refuse to allow the GOP to dismantle Wall Street Reform. And today, I need your help to let them know they won’t get away with it. Tell Republicans in Congress: We CANNOT put Wall Street back in charge. Sign the petition.

Wall Street Reform wasn’t perfect. Main Street banks shouldn’t suffer under regulations that were intended to rein in Wall Street’s bad practices. And adjustments can be made to fix that.

But here’s what we can’t do: We can’t weaken the protections that keep huge banks from destroying our economy. We can’t weaken the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau — which was created with the sole purpose of protecting American consumers.

And we can’t put taxpayers and hardworking families back on the hook.

Repealing Wall Street Reform is more about politics than best practices — and that is simply unacceptable. The Republicans trying to repeal the law are standing in the way of  honest-to-goodness bipartisan compromise to fix Wall Street Reform in a way that benefits everyone.

I will continue to stand up for reform and for protecting American families. And today, I want Republicans to know that I’m not standing alone. Sign the petition to join me.

Thank you.


Rape of Democracy—Statement by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde on Greece.

Press Release No.15/302
June 28, 2015

Picture IMF
Picture IMF

Ms. Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), made the following statement today:

“I have briefed the IMF Executive Board on the inconclusive outcome of recent discussions on Greece in Brussels. I shared my disappointment and underscored our commitment to continue to engage with the Greek authorities.

“The coming days will clearly be important. I welcome the statements of the Eurogroup and the European Central Bank to make full use of all available instruments to preserve the integrity and stability of the euro area. These statements underscore that the euro area today is in a strong position to respond to developments in a timely and effective manner, as needed.

“The IMF also will continue to carefully monitor developments in Greece and other countries in the vicinity and stands ready to provide assistance as needed.

“I continue to believe that a balanced approach is required to help restore economic stability and growth in Greece, with appropriate structural and fiscal reforms supported by appropriate financing and debt sustainability measures. The IMF is prepared to continue to pursue that approach with the Greek authorities and our European partners.”

….Statement by the IMF on Greece

Press Release No.15/344
July 20, 2015

Mr. Gerry Rice, Director of Communications at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), made the following statement today:

“I can confirm that Greece today repaid the totality of its arrears to the IMF, equivalent to SDR 1.6 billion (about EUR 2.0 billion). Greece is therefore no longer in arrears to the IMF.

“As we have said, the Fund stands ready to continue assisting Greece in its efforts to return to financial stability and growth.”

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde Appoints Maurice Obstfeld as Economic Counsellor and Director of the IMF’s Research Department

Press Release No.15/343
July 20, 2015

Ms. Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), today announced her intention to appoint Professor Maurice Obstfeld as Economic Counsellor and Director of the IMF’s Research Department. Mr. Obstfeld succeeds Olivier Blanchard whose retirement was announced previously. He is expected to begin his work at the Fund on September 8, 2015.

Get more on this nomination on the IMF website.

We have come that long way with Greek referendum, all this supported  by a strong  enthusiasm, to found ourselves helpless by the zero plan B of Greek government. We would have wished and got a lot of pleasure to see Greece trying its own way stepping aside of the  austerity — with full confidence. This audacious plan would have be a heart shock with a powerful blood impulse straight to the brain of the EU’s masters.

This has been a misopportunity. You never go to war without a plan B or C. Basic.

Second, it is not about my way or the Highway. No. It is about innovation and inventing the New Economic and political Freedom. Let’s freedom ring. The IMF was standing nearby all along the process and extending a reliable hand. What was the purpose of doing a referendum, if the result finally got no significant impact, apart from ridiculizing the EU’s technocrats ?

Apparently, the new idea concerning the EU’s integration (political at least) is the creation of a super gov. Another predatory class of greedy technocrats to pay like elephants for nearly nothing. Who even recalls there is a President of the EU and a Foreign Minister ? Nearly nobody.

To end with, Chancelor Merkel has expressed her opposition to gay marriage stating the forgotten evidence : ‘marriage is between a man and a woman’. Civil unions are there to go on with any other type of unions. Yes, some people have said ‘Love is love’.  Where you stop, this is the problem.

By nature and by law, Gay marriage was and is indefensible. Its urgency was heavy handed. Compared to Black people jailed in mass or to inequalities solving – the progressive agenda of NY for instance – global poverty, hunger and peace around the world, gay marriage was a revendication of rich, cultural worlds and wealthy people inside developed nations. This, of course, was the only motives ; not the humanitarian pretending emergency or that other hijacking of civil rights spirit. Meanwhile, vote rights of Africans Americans are captured by the Outdated System.

Gay marriage will remain down History as the last big propaganda moment, a vestige of past ruling time when institutions raped all the power from the people’s hands. This was a rape of Democracy.

Greece last surge is that other moment of a Democracy’s rape.

This summer, I will try to go back to Plato and to Marcel Proust ‘A la recherche du temps perdu’ to try to comprehend the incomprehensible.

I will add Serge Tchakhotine ‘the rape of the crowds by political propaganda’.


 — Cover-up of Gay leaders exploits ?

— Previously, Greek Pretending deal with the EU.

— The EU has issued 7 billion in emergency funds. That money will go back to repay loans from the IMF and euro creditors. Paper money and propaganda.

Tax Havens : the red line.

‘Tell the IRS: Stop hedge funds from dodging taxes’.

At the moment when Greece is under ULTIMATUM and EUs STRANGULATION, one may still wonder why tax havens are kept free to operate. What is wrong ? Is it to say tax havens are part of the New Normalcy ?

May be a RED ZONE of DANGER.


The worst of the 1% are dodging taxes. Here’s how to stop it.

Submit a public comment to the Internal Revenue Service:
Scrap the proposed “Exception From Passive Income for Certain Foreign Insurance Companies” rule that is too vague and weak to crack down on tax avoidance by hedge funds. Take measures necessary to curb all abusive practices of tax evasion including closing of the “reinsurance” loophole used by hedge funds to set up tax dodging shelters in Cayman Islands.

The 25 richest hedge fund managers pocketed nearly $21 billion last year. That’s more than twice the annual income of all kindergarten teachers in America combined.1

But unlike teachers and other working Americans, hedge funds aren’t paying their fair share of taxes. On top of the low tax rates on long-term capital gains that allow Warren Buffett to pay a lower tax rate than his secretary, and the infamous “carried interest” loophole, hedge funds have been setting up shell companies in tax havens to dodge millions in tax obligations.2

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has the power to end tax evasion like this by deeming it “abusive,” but instead it has already bowed to industry pressure and proposed vague and unspecific rules.3 The IRS is only accepting public comments on the proposal until July 23, so we are teaming up with our friends at the American Federation of Teachers to make it clear that Americans demand tough action to end hedge funds’ tax avoidance.

Tell the IRS: Stop hedge funds from dodging taxes. Click here to submit a public comment.

Hedge fund managers are among the worst of the 1%, buying and selling everything from securities to stocks, short-term bonds, and entire companies, all in the unbridled pursuit of profit. Hedge fund managers receive a flat fee of 2% of their entire holdings, and then another 20% of all gains. They exploit all manner of tax loopholes to rake in millions each year, and many then turn around and use their hoarded wealth to buy political power, attempt to privatize and profit off government services, or fund right-wing causes.4,5

Here’s how this tax-dodging scheme works: Hedge funds are able to dodge taxes by moving money through tax shelters to take advantage of different tax rates. For instance, regular income, like a salary, is taxed at one rate. Long-term capital gains, the profits from buying and selling financial products, are taxed at a far lower rate, in order to incentivize people to invest for the future.

Hedge funds set up reinsurance companies – corporations that sell insurance to insurance companies – in tax shelters like the Cayman Islands. These phony companies either have no employees or share staff with the hedge fund, and do a bare minimum of real business. Then the hedge fund takes income and transfers it to the reinsurance company, which in turn invests in the hedge fund. The reinsurance company only pays taxes when the fund is sold, much later, and at the lower tax rate.6,7 Income “magically” becomes long-term capital gains, without ever leaving the hedge fund. It’s a scam, pure and simple.

Tell the IRS: Stop hedge funds from dodging taxes. Click here to submit a public comment.

The proposed IRS rules don’t do enough to stop this behavior. The IRS could have clearly distinguished between real reinsurance companies and phony tax dodges, or used its authority to close the loophole altogether. Instead, the draft rules are vague, unspecific, and an invitation for hedge funds to find new loopholes to abuse the system.8

Financial lobbyists and power players count on Americans not paying attention to rules like this one. They twist arms and use their influence to weaken laws before they even go into effect. We can’t let hedge funds get away with dodging taxes anymore – it is time for us to speak up.

Tell the IRS: Stop hedge funds from dodging taxes. Click below to submit a public comment:

Thank you for speaking out,

Murshed Zaheed, Deputy Political Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets


« Never again. »

That’s what my colleagues in the U.S. Senate and I said after the dismantling of Glass-Steagall allowed big banks to throw our country into a harrowing financial crisis. In 2010, I opposed the Wall Street reform bill in part because it failed its fundamental task: preventing another financial crisis.

But here we are, five years later, and our biggest banks are even bigger. Wall Street is still allowed to gamble with your savings account. And if they make a bunch of bad bets again, taxpayers will once again be on the hook to bail them out — because it wasn’t fixed in 20‌10, the big‌gest Wa‌ll St‌reet banks are still « too big to fail. »

Your savings account shouldn’t be Wall Street’s gambling money, and your tax dollars shouldn’t be their insurance policy. That’s why I am supporting the 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act. It is a tri-partisan bill that would protect taxpayers by once again putting a wall between your savings account and risky Wall Street investment banking and doing the job that should have been done five years ago.

If you believe no bank should be too big to fail, I’m asking you to join me in supporting the new, Warren-backed 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act.

Sign my petition: Support the 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act and help protect ALL American families from another Wall Street-manufactured financial crisis.

The 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act Needs Our Support. Sign on »

I’m proud that in 1999, I was one of just eight senators who stood up and opposed repealing the Glass-Steagall protections in the first place — protections that safeguarded families against these abusive banking practices. When big banks pursue high-risk activities, they must do so at their own risk, not ours. Taxpayers should not be stuck with the bill for a bank’s failed choices.

Senators John McCain, Angus King, Maria Cantwell, and Elizabeth Warren have teamed up to protect taxpayers and I couldn’t be happier to support them. It’s time for renewed protections. It’s time for the 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act.

Sign my petition, and we’ll deliver a strong message to demand that Congress fix the dangerous legal loopholes that allowed our 2008 financial crisis to devastate America’s working class.

This bill would mean real reform. Thank you for standing with me today.


Russ Feingold

Greek pretending deal with the EU. +Sign the petition: Stop voter suppression.

I’m Elise Mbock, the admin.

Before you read this, let say a word over Greek pretending deal with  the EU. Apparently, nothing significant has changed from the deal plan A – before the referendum – to this plan B – after the referendum. It is awesome!

Following what we mentioned yesterday, – in french – sorry, the equivalence between austerity and reforms is a false one.

You don’t need austerity to make reforms.

This should be a permanent concern of each State to constantly reform and stay up-to- date or to keep an edge. By experience and knowledge, the Keynesian born IMF is diametrically opposed to this austerity philosophy built upon an unsustainable debt. They are asking the plan to be real and ambitious, meaning to give Athens much more time for debt repayment or to delete a significant part of it, should the long term delay of reimbursement be off the table.

Without a sustainable debt, the bailout will come as a drop into  the ocean or the mediterranean sea.

Will the EU return to the negotiation table with Athens ? Nothing is less sure. As a consequence – may be it is a real probability – we may be speaking about Greece in a short period of time by now. May be next year. Hoping things would turn out differently. But there is a strong doubt here about the ILL-METHOD.

Today, a former nazi was sentenced. What a coincidence. The new terrorists, the neo-nazis are free to come to my house to steal pictures of my children, when they were 2-5 and mine when I was younger – 25. They have stolen the key of my car. I told you the story of the french man decapitated at Saint-Quentin Fallavier, and the version of that – while I was starting the engine of my car – and naturally, the key has disappeared from my home. Those people are siding with those who bet on a Greexit. As one of those who contributed to derail the Greexit Project, this is the punishment. And those are rats and cowards unable to talk and act publicly but always from behind using proxies.

For the pictures of me – a perfect stylish and refreshing beautiful girl with my children – you know the story: how they are behind me sending pictures of babies and children to say may be they have got a small one, but, they have got babies. OK. Good for them. Why come to my home to steal my pictures and those of my children? In France, black woman with style was not  supposed to be publicised. This defies their logic of white woman exclusive beauty. You hardly see any beautiful black woman on the TV. The three you can see are partnering with them. In a way, they have been authorized by the authorized gansters  to be visible.

« The Society of Authorized gangsters and predators » is an expression of a poet and singer, Jean Ferrat, a French man denouncing the toxic french political system. In french, you say « société des rapaces et des gangsters autorisés ». What is difference between a nazi (1) and those gangsters autorisés ? They are predators of the same ilk.

You know what, in Africa, when you got a thief acting, you (collectively) throw oil on him and set him on fire like a torch to get rid of the vermin and rats thieves who enter you home with their dirtiness and satanism. You want the profile of this thief : a white french man. May be a woman also. And from here, the thing reverbates to the Nation, a newspaper of NY and to the Time asking me to subscribe to their papers, only to show me how the first (the Nation) know I had a glass of wine and supposed idiotly I like wine that much – their offer was a drawing of an old couple having a drink – the legend of the picture says « world class wine » –  and for the Time, not far than yesterday, I took a base foundation and on it the mention « time… » was written. That is why I’m receiving those Time magazine Newsletters offers to show me, that, from America, the thieves they have sent in my home to search it when I’m out, have sent the images and they know my make up, my beauty cream, my nakedness, the pictures of my family and children (a sin) – but this was already done at Mauldin (SC) and Atlanta – since my beauty cream and make up are inside the bathroom.

What else are they looking for ? They want to see how you get sex ? Like those people in need of porn movies to get started ? When they follow black ass and bodies like dogs, they will thereafter send you signs through ads, shamelessly – they were in with you participating like rats to your intercourse and if they are women, they will cry out ‘I was raped by Bill Cosby’. — I too. Come on. Money, money.

Voyeurism is a characteristic of an extreme misery. Now guess, for those who have got a small one or even more, those suffering from performance, guess the next stage ? Terrorism and harrasment because of sexual shortcomings or pure hate nurtured with racism and desillusion. When you discover that what you’ve been told about your Supremacy and intelligence was wrong ;  when you discover you are just a man, an ordinary man, or even worse, a carpetbagger, ready to violate people’s bedroom – and to share the picture with your friends/brothers in  arms – to satisfy your basic instincts, then you are less than a worm.

We have come this long gay-marriage way hopefully people would get definitely satisfied with their love’s and bed’s affairs. But this is apparently not the case.  Was it up to 9 judges of the Supreme Court, link to political partis and nominated by those partis, to rule this ? One Judge clearly expressed his frustration of the Abusive Power of the Supreme Court – a non-elected body – on this specific issue.

 Cover-up of Gay leaders exploits ?

Nevertheless, even gays will find out their cause was manipulated by the same frustrated people ; unfortunately, due to corruption and the lack of Justice and State of law alike conducted by « le laisser faire »  – mutatis mutandis -, those frustrated people have proliferated as a specie.

They are intoxicating people out there in trying to normalize every life : telling people, you need to have a man or a woman at all ages. If you don’t, it is an anomaly. The profile of the man is designed for you. Young girls are urged to find a boyfriend very quickly, starting at age 15. They are creating a generation of sex addicts or insatisfied people through corrupt and stupid norms. Who is out there to tell people how to fall in love, how many times they should have sex in a week, what type of a man or a woman fits the definition of love, etc…

If you are not under 35, you are old and ugly – sum it up,  no more desirable, good for the trash. What a pity ! Meanwhile those men consider themselves young and desirable, naturally. When they marry a woman of 30, being 60, they are IN. Guess the opposite, then people start crying to rape and anomaly. Some have even decreed those are « sex toys » for women in love. Those savage intrusions into people’s lifes are toxic and can generate permanent frustrations.

In France, it is the new normalcy. In fact a communism and a marxism. One size fits all. You must wear this, get this weight, cook like this, drink this, make up like this – before I started posting my pictures, the look prescribed here was the ‘nude’ make up. Now, it is all about my style and every manekins on TV must be cloned. Good, simply, when they are doing so, they behave as if it was an act of defiance and even more, they chanted : they have had a relooking session and the performer discovered it all of the sudden. Thefts and misappropriations are parading. What do you teach to the young people. You are telling them : life is about cheating and if you are an incapable and mediocre, just stand around and cheat or steal everything as reach. The question is who posted that mediocrity in the first place there? The other method consists in spying your online activity to find inspiration. And among them, everybody knows and nobody would dare tell. Ah ha. It is easy to spot the System.

That is how you build a whole society of Big Thefts, mediocres, predators, lazy people and dishonesty passing on from generations to generations. 


One-dimensional man‘, in English. Back to Philosophy and Athens is the place where Philosophy was born. Remember Socrates. Education is first.

So reforming does not refer to economic only. It is a systemic ambition. The Challenge is Huge. Economy stands in there like the visible part of the  Iceberg. It comes to this : dealing with the Greek problem was taken from the wrong side. May be what they call the fundamentals were not the starting point. A refondation of the society is a pre-requisite. The Economy comes at the end of the process, like a cake [if you like sugar and conviviality] or a trophy [if you like sport and competition] or a bonus [if you are a Wall Street machine player]. This is the sense of a realistic and ambitious plan quoted by the IMF. But this is too much of hard-thinking to the EU and consorts. In reality, they don’t care about this: they want their money back ; the sooner, the better.

So, France is becoming a terrorist nation including ‘intellectually’, conducted by its gangs of larbins, mediatic and spys, with the complicity of the State which provide them with the cameras cities images and security.

Security and privacy are violated on a daily basis by rats. And they are talking about a nazi. We are sold out to legal terrorists.

How many people went killed during and under the 2008 economic crisis till now ? Ask Greece. Killed immediately or drop-by- drop ; only the terrorist method changes. At least, we got a Nurenberg Justice for the Nazis. The 2008 ganstas are still walking free and were bailout by gov.  fundings. State cynism, laxism and Immorality convergence magnified with the too-big-to-fail rule in.  From one holocaust to this permanent state of terror and harassment – they come here to still my make up, my dressing, the key of my car, my pictures and I can see some puppets posing like I did in my personal album, and what is next ? You know what « for guns controls », we need a gun inside our homes for this kind of vermin and to defend our privacy and freedoms.

The devil should be met harshly, when the State is there to let them do as will. On the 14th July, I had to call the police here, for nuisance performed by an association the Mayor is housing the flat upper mine ; you know the city is big, but the Mayor is focussed on my place and nowhere else. I’m a hundred per cent sure, the thiefman is one of the member of this association acting in band and under the cover of the Municipality also. So, ask yourself, who is the terrorist in France and you have the answer.

By the way, beauty is about magnetism. There is no age for that and the make-up, eventhough helpful publicly, is a mask you no longer wear in privacy, at the very moment you are face-to-face with your partner. Your face is the door to your soul.


That is why Voting is important to change those pretending leaders who have let the cancer of insecurity and corruption proliferated at such a high level of intoxication. How can you grow with such a society ? It is all about criminality and threatening people :  a negative business and growing environment. Guess how many people fearing the heat I’m facing are terrorised and turned into zombies in order to make a decent slavery leaving.

It is reported that, during the 14th july day of indenpendence in France, the fireworks – a tradition – ended with a « VIVE LA FRANCE » drawn into the sky. Plain Republican proselytism aiming at frightening or intimidating immigrants. Translation : « if you don’t like France, go back to your country ». Political corruption is a gangrena. When people are elected under combinaziones, you got this poor governance potentially dangerous – President Sarkozy came here to commit the ultimate sin of perpetrating negativity and promoting opportunistic politicians and he is paying the price in the polls of potential presidentials. This toxic choice may well cost him a lot, in the end.





From CNN. « President Obama defended the deal that aims to rein in Iran’s nuclear program, telling reporters on Wednesday, « this deal is our best means of ensuring Iran does not get a nuclear weapon. »

« My hope is that building on this deal, we could continue to have conversations with Iran that incentivize them to behave differently in the region, » Obama said during a White House press conference.

Obama spoke directly to the press, but his real audience will be skeptical Democrats on Capitol Hill, who could join with Republicans to scuttle the deal ».

+ « There’s no precedent for revoking Bill Cosby’s Presidential Medal of Freedom award, President Obama said at a White House press conference on Wednesday.

While the President didn’t comment on allegations that the comic drugged women and assaulted them sexually, he did outline a definition of rape. « If you give a woman or a man for that matter without his or her knowledge a drug and then have sex with that person without consent, that’s rape, » Obama said » (CNN). 

(1) « A court in Germany sentenced former Nazi officer Oskar Groening, known as « the bookkeeper of Auschwitz, » to four years in prison Wednesday.

He was found guilty by the Lueneburg county court of being an accessory to the murder of 300,000 people at the Auschwitz death camp » (CNN).

+++++(CNN) —- « NASA has re-established contact with its New Horizons spacecraft after a planned communications blackout and confirms on its Twitter account that the craft’s nine-year journey to provide the first ever up-close data of dwarf planet Pluto was successful ».

(CNN)—NASA on Wednesday revealed images from the New Horizons spacecraft that flew by Pluto on Tuesday.

« Yesterday, America’s space program took another historic leap for humankind. Today, the New Horizons team is bringing what was previously a blurred point of light into focus, » spokesman Dwayne Brown said.

Get complete coverage of breaking news on CNN TV, and CNN Mobile ».


(CNN) –The morning after, The Swiss Federal Office of Justice said Thursday that a FIFA official being held in custody in Switzerland has been extradited to the United States. He was handed over to a three-man U.S. police escort in Zurich who accompanied him on the July 15 flight to New York. The office did not name the official who was extradited.




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Fifty years ago this summer, at the height of the civil rights movement, Congress passed and President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act to prohibit racial discrimination in voting. The law wasn’t perfect, but it frequently stopped states with a history of discriminatory voting laws from preventing African-Americans and Latinos from voting.

But In 2013, the right-wing ideologues on the United States Supreme Court handed down a shameful decision that gutted the Voting Rights Act, ending decades of protection for minorities against discriminatory and unfair attempts to limit voting based on one’s race.

Progressive champions in Congress have just introduced the Voting Rights Advancement Act, which would restore the Voting Rights Act and stop Republicans in states around the country from enacting racist voter ID and voter suppression laws.1 We need to keep the pressure on Congress to crack down on racial discrimination in voting.

Sign the petition to Congress: Sign the petition: Fix the Voting Rights Act now.
“Thanks to the Supreme Court, the Voting Rights Act is weaker now than when it was passed 50 years ago. Fight to pass the Voting Rights Advancement Act, which would restore the Voting Rights Act and block new efforts to suppress African-American and Latino votes.”

While the Supreme Court didn’t invalidate Section 5, a key part of the Voting Rights Act, it threw out the basic formula that has been used practically since the bill’s passage in 1965 to determine where the Justice Department must provide approval before local election rules that would suppress the votes of African-American and Latino citizens can be put into effect. Voter suppression rules can still be challenged by the Department of Justice after the fact, but this often happens too late to prevent minority voters from being blocked from the polls. The court’s decision effectively guts the Voting Rights Act, rendering it useless until Congress updates the coverage formula for Section 5.

Republicans didn’t waste any time in taking advantage of this ruling for electoral gain. Within hours of Supreme Court’s decision, several states in the South immediately announced that they would pursue onerous new voter ID laws that were clearly designed to make it harder for African-Americans and Latinos to vote.2 All told, 395 voting restrictions have been passed at the state and local levels in the past five years alone.3

The Voting Rights Advancement Act is the strongest voting rights bill ever introduced in the United States Congress. It would require states with a history of recent voting discrimination to clear changes to voting laws with the Department of Justice, require any new state voter ID laws are reviewed and approved by the federal government, and block new efforts to suppress African-American and Latino votes.

Crucially, the bill would also give the U.S. Attorney General the authority to send federal election observers to monitor elections in which there’s a risk of voting discrimination.

If Congress doesn’t act, the 2016 election will be the first presidential election in 50 years in which voters don’t have the full protections of the Voting Rights Act. We need to pressure Congress to act now to stop racial discrimination in voting.

Sign the petition: Stop voter suppression and pass the Voting Rights Advancement Act. Click here to sign the petition.

Thanks for fighting to protect and expand voting rights.

Josh Nelson, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

  1. Ari Berman, « Congressional Democrats Introduce an Ambitious New Bill to Restore the Voting Rights Act« , The Nation, June 23, 2015.
  2. « Voting Rights in the Post-Shelby County Era« ,, June 20, 2014.
  3. Ari Berman, « 50 Years After Bloody Sunday, Voting Rights Are Under Attack« , The Nation, March 5, 2015.