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Time for guns control is over. Disarm America !

Where  there is a will, there is a path. Time for political courage is now. So is time for ending bad faith comments and biaised analysis over guns contol.

Those are times for disarmement. Like smoking, public spaces must be no smoking or no fumes zones. This is a starting point.

We already know who own guns and doesn’t kill : guns collectors and hunters.

There is a simple principle : my freedom is limited by yours and vice versa.

Each gun’s possession negates somebody’s else freedom. This is ground for guns tight interdiction publicly.

Otherwise, people should consider taking action against the State for non-protection of citizens lives.


More here and next.

Guns control’s debate : the factory of absurdity rationale.

You can compare guns’ reduction to the fight against Obesity, if necessary.

Debating over guns control, many « experts », exposing their non scientific argument and non-demonstrative  rationale seem to team themselves into a factory of absurd reasoning.

I’ve noticed some of them.

The absurd of the absurd is that equivalence – false – saying : dying by a bullet equates car accident death, alcohol or drugs abuses or abortions accidents.  Prohibition didn’t stop people from drunking, they argue. Hence the absurd conclusion : the more you put a stop or a ban on something, the more people will be doing exactly that.  From this absurd position, you draw the automatic conclusion. Banning guns is not the right answer to address gun violence.

I’m not going to bring up all the arguments of the same ilk based on empiric observations and absurd subjectivity. Everything is not wrong with Empirism.

Analysis and Expertise are about Objectivity, Generalisation and Exemplarity. A good expertise is ground for Modelisation.

You can not argue that, for each citizen to feel secure, every one should possess a gun for preventive self-defense. Meaning, the more guns are out there, the best dissuasion. This other absurd rationale requires a pre-supposition : each of us should have his/her hands over his/her guns, all the time we are out of our homes. Crazy. Even then, the first shoot is going to kill you, before you know it.

The latest helpless rationale concerns the repetitive rhetoric calling for more backgrounds for mentally affected potential buyers. To our knowledge, the Charleston serial killer is not a mental-illed man. Much of the time,  the equation of sprees caused by people with mental problems remains unverifiable. Lots of suppositions ; little verifications. It is easy to dismiss a killer who had shot himself dead, as « mentally illed ».

The untackled question is the motives behind the crimes.

And most of all, prior to those motives, it is indisputable, society free of guns such as Europeans are free of gun’s violence. This has already been mentioned here.

Now, there is a problem with arms smuggling linked to drugs trafficking and activities and even with prostitution. Whenever you have a huge amount of money in circulation, you have guns. This is not a problem of gun’s control, but one of HOMELAND Security, dealing with gang’s criminality, eventhough it reverberates over gun violence.

The TV case presents us with another rationale : social insecurity and injustices – discriminations – are the motives. No one could have stopped the man to find a gun – underground – to APPLY his own Justice, where the Nation is looking helplessly « the hidden manipulators factory » high-scale vampiric work destroying people of color.

We will talk about this another time. – Follow the link on what President Obama said over the devastating Katrina lack of prevention and accurate response 10 years later (Eurasianews).

For now, it is enough to say that, you don’t build law or enforce them starting from their breaking point. In Law, Legality preceeds illegality not the reversal. And it is precisely because rules and norms exist first, that other things can be declared illegal.  You can not start any rationale by quoting « illegality is impossible to contain, so I’m going to let things be the way they are and accept sometimes to times, people would succomb under bullets ; just at random or through accounts settings ».

Illegality can not and must not prevail. There should be a norm. Concerning Alcohol and Prohibition, the comparison doesn’t stand. Deciding to kill oneself with alcohol is not the same thing as having your life taken away from you by somebody else decision. In one case, it is your will and freedom on your body. In the other one, it is a negation of the right to life to another person. This is not the translation of the second amendment.

Look at the plane : you don’t board a plane with a gun or a cutter or something looking like. Aviation prevention and screenings and Michelle Obama fight against Obesity are other reasons to consider instead of this choregraphic rhetoric stating : « gun’s control is guns for all of us ». Looks like gay marriage dubbed in France « The right of Marriage to all of us ».

Culturally America is an Obese society. Unconsciously, Guns irrational demands mirror this. In fact, this is going to be a big educational issue ahead. It starts with a New Ruling.  May I say a New Deal ? The previous one is no longer operative.

Ask yourself, what would President Roosevelt have done today ? First, keep yourself away from Absurdity rationales. Many of them are polluating the debate with idiot comments dressed as Analysis. Previously I warned you : « Arm Yourself with Knowledge and awareness ».


(CNN). – A jury has returned a mixed verdict in a sexual assault case at a prestigious New Hampshire boarding school.

Owen Labrie was found not guilty on the most serious charges — three felony counts — but guilty on five charges, including three of misdemeanor sexual assault.

He was also found guilty on a charge of using a computer to solicit a minor to commit an offense related to sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

At the time, the accuser was 15 and Labrie was 18. Labrie has since graduated.

The jury, made up of nine men and three women, deliberated for 7½ hours.

Get complete coverage of breaking news on CNN TV, and CNN Mobile.

The morning after.

Hidden persuaders fueling Egyptians high-scale manipulated mass demonstrations: the case of al jazeera’s reporters :

(CNN reports). « An Egyptian court on Saturday sentenced three Al Jazeera journalists to three years in prison.

Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed were present for the proceedings. Australian Peter Greste, who was freed in February, was sentenced in absentia.

The journalists were charged with aiding a terrorist organization — a reference to the Muslim Brotherhood, which was outlawed in Egypt after the army overthrew President Mohamed Morsy amid mass protests against his rule in 2013 ».

Get complete coverage of breaking news on CNN TV, and CNN Mobile.

Gun violence and the hidden persuaders factory.

Despite the horrible news, here is a Big one.

« Dow surges more than 600 points, snapping a 6-day losing streak with the biggest daily point gain since 2008″ (CNN).

Wall Street is a financial gun. You can kill for financial purposes or for racial tensions. In both cases, it is inexcusable. That discriminations are violent and sort of social terror is indisputable. That this is a form of terror which could lead to desperate actions is an evidence. In this case, there is a hole in tackling discriminations wherever, whenever.

The man who killed a TV news crew in Virginia said in a 23-page fax received by ABC News after the shootings that he was a « human powder keg » angered by discrimination and that the Charleston church massacre in June was a « tipping point, » ABC reported (CNN).

Concerning Huge Discriminations, when you know that nearly all TV are « Zionist vehicles and properties », it is not difficult to assess the degree of discriminations overthere and the psychological problems caused by this.

Read here :

Guns’ controls. Is Poverty a case of disability. Is dangerosity a problem of poverty or social sufferance ?

and here : Israeli power in the US operates through various political instruments in different institutional settings. The pro-Israel mass media moguls at the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and all the TV networks unconditionally defend Israel’s bombing, dispossession and repression of Palestinians while demonizing any Arab or Muslim states which has opposed its brutality – frequently calling for the US to impose sanctions and/or to launch armed attacks against Israel’s critics.

Yesterday, I’ve labelled this factoring of dispossession as the hidden persuaders factory.

“Thoughts and prayers” can not replace real actions to stop gun violence. The case is multifactorial.

« The NRA has a chokehold on Congress that keeps most bills about gun control from even coming to the floor for a vote ».

“Thoughts and prayers” or real action to stop gun violence?

Tell Senators Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Lindsey Graham:
« Your ‘thoughts and prayers’ for the families and friends of victims of gun violence are not enough when your hearts and votes are with the National Rifle Association. It’s time to put your constituents before the NRA. »

Add your name: Sign the petition ►

Dear Elise,

Push back against the NRA
Senators Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Lindsey Graham are all staunch National Rifle Association supporters. When they tweet that they are “heartbroken” and that their “thoughts and prayers” are with the victims’ families, it doesn’t mean much because when they vote on gun laws, their hearts are with the NRA.It’s happened again. A tragic shooting, this time horrifically broadcast live on the news. And just like after every mass shooting, right-wing politicians, who have no intention of doing anything to make people safer in the face of gun violence, were quick to offer their prayers and condolences to the families and friends of the victims.

Tell Senators Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham: Your “thoughts and prayers” are not enough when your hearts and votes are with the NRA. Click here to sign the petition.

Read their tweets in the wake of this latest gun tragedy:

Tweet from Ted Cruz: All of our thoughts and prayers are with the family, friends, and loved ones of @WDBJ7’s Alison and Adam.

Tweet from Marco Rubio: Saddened by the deadly shooting in Virginia this morning. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the victims.

Tweet from Lindsay Graham: My thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families, and #WDBJ7.  Absolutely heartbreaking.

Now consider how all three senators have helped block common sense gun laws including universal background checks and a ban on semi-automatic assault weapons.

There’s one reason why Congress consistently fails to take real action on gun violence: the National Rifle Association.The NRA has a chokehold on Congress that keeps most bills about gun control from even coming to the floor for a vote. Politicians beholden to, or afraid of, the NRA are willing to turn their backs on their constituents when it comes time to implement reasonable limits and controls on guns. But you can count on them for a “heartbroken” tweet about their “thoughts and prayers” when a tragic shooting makes the national news.

Tell Senators Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham: Your tweets about your “thoughts and prayers” mean little when you consistently vote with the NRA. Click the link below to sign the petition:

If you’re on Twitter there is something you can do in addition to signing the petition:

Tweet at Sen. Ted Cruz: .@tedcruz « Thoughts and prayers » for victims of gun violence not enough when you vote with the @NRA via @CREDOMobile.

Tweet at Sen. Marco Rubio: .@marcorubio « Thoughts and prayers » for victims of gun violence not enough when you vote with the @NRA via @CREDOMobile

Tweet at Sen. Lindsey Graham: .@LindseyGrahamSC « Thoughts and prayers » for victims of gun violence not enough when you vote with the @NRA via @CREDOMobile

Thanks for standing up to politicians who put the NRA before our citizenry.

Heidi Hess, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

Add your name:

Sign the petition ►

Benghazi gateway. European migrants and the syndrome of Benghazi.


1 – Hillary Clinton Criminal Charges Coming On Eve Of New Hampshire Primary? – OpEd (EURASIANEWS).

2 – Eurozone policies. “Euro area policymakers have lived on one myth after another,” says Ashoka Mody, a former deputy director at the International Monetary Fund. “A process of groupthink coalesces around these myths: ‘We know it’s not going to work but we need to make it work and we need to seem supportive’ — and before you know it they start to believe it. And because there is no democratic accountability, they are free to make one error after another in terms of economic and political logic.” -Eurozone: The case against ‘cash for reform’ (FT).

3 – Bemol.  Unless you make no difference between a vicious circle and a vertuous, Structural Reforms are Key. Words mean something. Otherwise, they will become empty and insignificant. Any serious demonstration can prove the gains of structural reforms, unless the word Reform is considered mere decoration. By the way if you can measure the impact of ‘public trust to their leadership and way of governance’ on the economy, then you got one powerful element of cement in the building of a business friendly environment. How do you measure the positive effects of a boosted moral ? Everything inside economy is not economically-centered ; there is more inside Economy than Economy, for economy speaks about entire nations. It speaks about the World and Humanity.

For instance. ‘People’s dignity is worth more than illegal, illegitimate, odious and unsustainable debt’.

NY city is exposing this case like a flower deploying its petals to the sun.

Another example. Fights could resume in the Northern Mali: the peace deal signed at the beginning of the summer has brought no changes (reforms). For instance, Hospitals are not working in those regions under armed groups clashes and frequent terrorist’s attacks that injure people regularly. A singer is trapped somewhere without any medical care. Help ! (Read El Watan)

4 -Statement by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde on Greece

Press Release No. 15/381
August 14, 2015

Ms. Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), made the following statement today:

“The policy package specified in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) recently agreed between the Greek authorities and European institutions, with input from Fund staff, is a very important step forward. It not only reverses much of the policy backtracking that caused the previous program to run seriously off track, but puts in place wide-ranging policies to restore fiscal sustainability, financial sector stability, and a return to sustainable growth. I particularly welcome the authorities’ efforts to overcome the serious loss of confidence in recent months through strong upfront actions. Most of these actions have been fully specified in the MoU, and key measures including in the fiscal structural areas will be implemented as prior actions for the disbursement of the first European Stability Mechanism (ESM) tranche.

“In two areas that are of critical importance for Greece’s ability to return to a sustainable fiscal and growth path—the specification of remaining parametric fiscal measures, not least a sizeable package of pension reforms, needed to underpin the program’s still-ambitious medium-term primary surplus target and additional measures to decisively improve confidence in the banking sector—the government needs some more time to develop its program in more detail. This is understandable, and I am encouraged in this regard by the government’s commitment to work with its European partners and the Fund on completing these essential reforms in the coming months. With the detailed specification of these outstanding reforms, the recently agreed MoU will entail a very decisive and credible effort on the part of the Greek authorities to restore robust and sustainable economic growth.

“However, I remain firmly of the view that Greece’s debt has become unsustainable and that Greece cannot restore debt sustainability solely through actions on its own. Thus, it is equally critical for medium and long-term debt sustainability that Greece’s European partners make concrete commitments in the context of the first review of the ESM program to provide significant debt relief, well beyond what has been considered so far.

“In conclusion, I believe that the actions to be taken by the authorities by the time of the first review, in conjunction with the policies specified in the MoU, once they have been supplemented by the above-mentioned fiscal structural and financial sector reforms, as well as by significant debt relief, will provide the basis for a credible and comprehensive program to restore medium-term sustainability. We look forward to working closely with Greece and its European partners in the coming months to put in place all the elements needed for me to recommend to the Fund’s Executive Board to consider further financial support for Greece.”

5 – Greek PM, Alex Tsipras is resigning over gross misunderstanding with some MP’s inside his party  – who have seceeded from Syriza to create their own political party – and the Greek people who voted « no » to the referendum over whether or not to accept the EU set of constraints-deal. Elections are due to take place within a month.

6 – When will Big Oil companies state’s subsidies end ?

« Every year, BILLIONS of our tax dollars go to Big Oil companies. These are the same ones that pollute our air and harm our environment – even though they made $93 BILLION in profits in 2013 alone!

You and I shouldn’t be subsidizing one of the most profitable and negligent industries! » : Senator Bob Menendez (read below).

Click here to add your name: Tell Congress to stop unfair tax giveaways for Big Oil!


The Benghazi Syndrom. Each Lybian road leads to Roma

Lybia is a stoneage nation, dating 10,000 to 8,000 years before J-C. It was part of the block of antic nations along with Greece, Maghrebin nations, Kenya, Egypt and Palestine.

Lybian history is one of successive occupations, due to its geopolitical location.

First, the nation was occupied by Greece. Lybia was Greek in the antiquity.

Then, it was Roman. Its history with Italy began long long time ago.

Thereafter, the Land turned Byzantin, Arabic, Ottoman and Italian again until 1952 when the nation became independent. (Read Wikipedia).

This is to say Lybia is like a cat : this nation got 9 lives.

Benghazi is the last attempt of recolonisation. Apparently the attempt is a dramatic failure for the two parties : Benghazi’s once rebels, helped with the EU to bring Kadhafi down, are unable to build a functioning and credible state and to contain the new militias that have emerged overnight, just as the Benghazi’s boys did, during the Arab Spring.

The then ‘no-fly zone’ project is becoming clearer : the mediterraneen sea is the next focus. To be there, German industrials and financials have bought Greek’s ports as the advance frontier and position in the race to come. With the Suez Canal (Egypt), watch the next big move on sea, already initiated by the SPYING SHARK conceived by Israel to spy on Gaza. The Hamas has spotted one, off its coast’s.

The question is why are the EU’s citizens and leaders whining in the face of the consequences of their insane politics ?

Some commentators have preempted the questions arguing this is about morals, and nobody should lecture other people about morality. This is exactly the kind of rationale that hangs us on the cliff. Morality is about Justice. It is like an analysis as opposed to ideology. There is a barometer in sciences : when each honest ‘analyst’ can make an analysis and agree with the conclusions, then the analysis is valid. You can not cheat with this. For instance, those who have opposed the Iraqi war were correct. The disaster is there to see.

We are free to make our own choices, including to be gay. What is incorrect is to cheat on the procedures to reach one’s goal such as gay marriage – resorting to a hidden ‘configurations of cumulative power’ including lobby-paid lawmakers – read the Al Franken’s bill (2). Wherever this has been ruled in, in the conditions exposed in the previous post – read below  the ‘zionist configuration and agenda’ – the whole thing is immoral.

Gay marriage, Benghazi, Iraq, Gaddafi elimination, Ukraine coup, those are things we got to avoid repeating, in the future.

Frankly, Iran/US deal is doing just that. The challenge is simple. It is whether Americans are willing to reclaim their Greatness or not. Contrary to the past, the next story is a story of REPOSSESSION (OF ITS GRANDEUR or GREATNESS – READ THE NYC PATH BELOW) as opposed to THE DISPOSSESSION which was ruling the World, until now.

Americans are faced with this big challenge during this primary session of presidential election.

Naturally, this includes ‘guns control’ and public spaces free from guns.

How can a nation reclaim its Greatness in the 21st century with all its youth bringing guns to the colleges and schools ? Climate Change is not only about the air we breathe or the dark holes either on Earth or in the Atmosphere, it is absolutely related to the way we leave together = Togetherness (1).

For those who are advocating guns are the best self protection against other guns owners possible attacks : meaning, the best defense is anticipation or prevention, people are not GI’s or the Police and they are not at war against each other.

Eventually, guns’ advocates are going to create a society of anxiety: the more people will keep on permanent alert looking at the neighbor or the schoolmate as a potential criminal or shooter, the more they would feel insecure and, by the time, this feeling could effectively becomes a cause for either depression, isolation or unconscious but harmful anxiety. That is how a free guns society could end creating psychological problems.

We are heading toward a society where guns owners will increase in the same proportion mental illnesses would. If you are looking how to create a chain of irresponsibility, criminality, insecurity and mental disorder, keep on promoting guns at schools like fools.

By the way is it possible to be a more perfect nation with guns in the pocket of the citizens at every corner of the road ? You call it Perfection ? What is the symbol of perfection ? The  immaculate conception and it is White. What is White as a color ? Serenity, peace, love, maternity, oxygene, purity, sanity, papyrus, or paper book, education, knowledge.


The City of New York

We’ve talked a lot about affordable housing this year, New York City.Here’s why: More New Yorkers than ever are struggling to keep up with rising rents, leaving less and less of their paychecks for things like food, healthcare, and other essentials.This is not a niche issue; it affects everyone from those struggling at the bottom of the economic ladder to middle-class working families. New York City must remain a city for all — it’s what gives our city the dynamism and diversity that attracts people from all around the country and all around the world. It’s what makes New York, New York.That means we have to keep New York affordable — watch this video to see how we’re taking action.To combat this housing crisis, we’re building more affordable housing than at any other time in New York City over the last 40 years.Our commitment: build or protect 200,000 units of affordable housing — enough to house the entire population of Miami.Watch this video and share it with your friends so all New Yorkers know how important it is to keep New York City affordable for,Bill de Blasio
MayorP.S. To learn more about our long-term plan to keep our city affordable, visit

Alert from CNN. Donald Trump says it won’t take amending the Constitution to change birthright citizenship, which grants citizenship to all children born in the United States.

« The 14th Amendment is very questionable as to whether or not somebody can come over, have a baby and immediately that baby is a citizen, » the Republican presidential front-runner told CNN’s Chris Cuomo. « Amending is too big a deal… I believe you can win it legally. »

Trump also said Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s role in handling emails while she was secretary of state is « devastating » to her campaign. Her actions were « either gross incompetence or criminal, and neither’s acceptable to be president, » he said.

In the wide-ranging interview, Trump also comments on trade, the Pope and the role of his wife and daughter in his campaign, among other topics.

Watch the full interview tonight at 9 ET on CNN and CNNgo.




This is big: Senators Al Franken and Michael Bennet introduced a bill this month to BAN the corrupting practice of former members of Congress becoming big money lobbyists.

A rapidly rising number of ex-members of Congress are cashing in by becoming well-paid lobbyists – 45% of those who left the 2014 Congress and took another job, according to a recent study by the Sunlight Foundation.

Public service should be for the public good – not an audition for a lavish lifestyle as a corporate lobbyist. Click here to tell Congress to pass the Close the Revolving Door Act immediately.

Members of Congress can get more than a 10 times pay raise as lobbyists. With their insider connections, they’re a key part of the armies of lobbyists corporations use to rig the game in their favor.

A Senator or Representative thinking about starting a well-paid lobbying career after retirement isn’t likely to take tough votes benefiting the public but opposed by special interests that might hire them later.

Tell Congress to pass Sen. Franken’s bill to stop members of Congress getting rich off their “public service” careers by becoming lobbyists.

The Close the Revolving Door Act has even more good features than banning members of Congress becoming lobbyists. It also:

  • Increases penalties for breaking the Lobbying Disclosure Act
  • Extends the ban on congressional staff becoming lobbyists, from only one year to six
  • Gives the public better online access to information about who lobbies Congress

It’s not complicated: Serving in Congress shouldn’t be a tryout for a career as a lobbyist.

Sign here if you agree:


Kurt Walters
Campaign Manager


Sometimes everyday people file for bankruptcy.  It is a long, exhaustive process with long-lasting and far-reaching consequences, and it is always the last resort. But when those individuals finally settle their debts, they should have plenty of help rebuilding their credit and maintaining financial stability.

But that’s not what’s happening.

Financial institutions make a lot of money from buying and selling consumer debt. So when a person does file for bankruptcy or pay off their credit debt, banks have very little incentive to report it.

The result is “zombie debt.” It is debt that a consumer no longer owes, but that continues to negatively affect his or her credit scores or remain subject to collections. This makes it harder for people to move forward.

Banks and debt collectors should not be able to burden consumers with debt they do not owe. Add your voice to mine and demand Congress end zombie debts.

Having a good credit score is important. It can impact your ability to buy a house or a car. You need it to rent an apartment or sometimes even to get a job.

In Ohio alone, more than 20,000 Ohioans filed complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau — roughly 8,000 of which were regarding debt collections and credit reporting. The Federal Trade Commission has reported that as many as one in five Americans has an error on their credit report, which can lead to less favorable interest rates or no credit at all.

These errors are dragging down honest, hardworking families. Once a debt is discharged, it should disappear from a consumer’s credit report. And consumers shouldn’t continue to be dogged by lurking debt, collection agencies and bad credit.

Congress needs to step up and put an end to zombie debts — sign on if you agree.

Thank you.



Menendez For Senate

Tell Congress: Close Big Oil tax giveaways! Add your name.Elise,

This makes my blood boil: Each year, taxpayers spend BILLIONS of dollars subsidizing big oil and gas companies!

These companies don’t need taxpayer dollars, period. In 2013 alone, the Big Five oil companies posted profits of $93 BILLION. But that didn’t stop the industry from lining its pockets with BILLIONS of your tax dollars that same year. No wonder the Big Five oil companies were able to pay their CEOs $125 million last year alone.

What’s more, even as these often-negligent companies walk away with your hard-earned money, they pollute our air and water, hurting our families and damaging our environment! Remember the BP/Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico?

We need to put an end to these unfair subsidies. Add your name: Tell Congress to stop unfair tax giveaways for Big Oil!

The other sad thing is that these loopholes aren’t new. Some of them have been on the books for 100 years! Big Oil companies have had a century of taxpayer money unnecessarily lining their pockets, and it’s time for them to pay their fair share.

Let’s send a strong message to Congress: We won’t stand for these unfair loopholes and waste of tax dollars.

Stand with me today and call on Congress to stop these ludicrous tax giveaways for Big Oil!

Thank you,


P.S. In the time you’ve spent reading this email, thousands of your tax dollars have gone to Big Oil! Add your name now to the petition, and let’s stop this madness.


‘Tel Aviv-dominated Zionist power configurations’ ARE our modern pestilence. THE PLAGUE OF THE 20TH CENTURY.

Ladies and gentlemen. Fellow citizens of America and of the World, including Israelis, this is a text everybody should read and share, for the sake of the New Age of Humanity. 

As I posted the french text over the Israeli undisputable supremacy – HERE, ON THURSDAY -FRIDAY, AFTER THE TEL-AVIV SHOW IN PARIS’ FABRICATED BEACHES AROUND LA SEINE – I already enjoyed the first reactions coming from America, posted HERE, advocating for clean practices.

This is another marvelous continuity to frame the conflicting logics shaping the World today. From A to Z, those logics are rooted in the Zionist agenda, synthetisized by this formula : ‘The Tel Aviv-dominated Zionist power configurations’. 

I really apologize to Eurasianews for the lenght of the excerpts. Please, please. Do accept my apology. This text echoes and confirms many observations and feelings I’ve been talking about. 

Israel’s Proxies And The Obama–Iran Nuclear Accord – OpEd

By James Petras

Sunday, August 16th, 2015

In the village of Duma, an 18 month old Palestinian baby died following the fire-bombing of his family’s home by Israeli settlers. The father of the child died of burns a week later and the surviving mother and young sibling are barely alive – covered with burns from racist Jewish arson.

The United Nations Special Committee to investigate Israel’s practices toward Palestinians in Israeli occupied territory have revealed that the ‘root cause’ of the escalating violence is the ‘continuous policy of Jewish settlement expansion (financed and defended by the Netanyahu regime) and the climate of impunity relating to the activities of the settlers (financed and defended by the Presidents of the 52 Major American Jewish Organizations). (UN News Centre, Aug. 10, 2015).


The 52 organizations brazenly announced a $40 million budget to fund an Israeli front group “Citizens for a Nuclear Free Iran” to undermine President Obama’s (and the other members of the P5+1) push for diplomacy.

Netanyahu’s ‘megaphones’ in the US mass media spread his message in their daily reports and editorial pages. The Zionist power configuration ran roughshod over dissident Jewish voters and Congress people who dared to support Obama’s Iran agreement – an agreement which has majority support of the war-weary US public and strong support from US scientists and Nobel Prize recipients.


The motor force of Israeli foreign and domestic policy is their drive for unchallenged regional supremacy: Military dominance through wars, territorial occupation, brutal armed interventions, extra territorial political assassinations of opponents and favorable one-sided treaties. To ensure its unquestioned dominance Israel has developed the only nuclear weapons arsenal and largest missile launch capacity in the region and has openly declared its willingness to use nuclear weapons against regional rivals.

Israel’s repeated mantra that it faces an ‘existential threat’ from its Arab neighbors and subjugated Palestinians has no factual basis. On the contrary, history has taught the world that Israel, directly and indirectly, has engaged a series of aggressive wars devastating its Arab and Muslim neighbors. Israel has bombed and/or invaded Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Palestine and Sudan.

Israel has assassinated scientists in Iran and Palestinian political leaders as well as intellectuals, writers and poets in the Gulf, Jordan and Europe. Even family members have not been spared Israeli terror.

Israel can brutalize its neighbors with total impunity because of its vast military superiority, but its real power is found in its overseas proxies, the Tel Aviv-dominated Zionist power configurations, especially in North America and Europe. The most important proxy organizations and individuals operate in the United States. Thanks to them Israel has received over $150 billion dollars in economic and military grants and loans from US taxpayers in the past half-century. Each year Israel rakes in billions in tribute, billions in tax-free donations from billionaire Israel loyalists with dual US citizenship, who extract their wealth from American workers, investors and gamblers, and hundreds of billions via unrestricted investments, privileged market access and technology transfers.

The economic and military transfers to Israel result from the cumulative build-up of political power among powerful US Zionists. No one disputes today that what is dubbed as the ‘pro-Israel lobby’ is the most powerful configuration inside Washington DC today. Focusing primarily on the ‘Israel lobby’ overlooks the powerful role that influential, Zionist political officials have played in deciding issues prioritized by the Israeli leadership.

Israeli power over the making and implementing of US Middle East policy has led to the US invasions of Iraq, Syria and Libya; the current economic boycott and blockade of Iran; the breakup of Sudan; and the bombing of Somalia.

Israeli power in the US operates through various political instruments in different institutional settings. The pro-Israel mass media moguls at the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and all the TV networks unconditionally defend Israel’s bombing, dispossession and repression of Palestinians while demonizing any Arab or Muslim states which has opposed its brutality – frequently calling for the US to impose sanctions and/or to launch armed attacks against Israel’s critics.


There have been scores of public and private meetings in the US and elsewhere, where Netanyahu’s regime “informed” (or rather dictated to) the entire Zionist power configuration to launch an economic and military attack against Iran with the open aim of ‘regime change’ and the ultimate aim of breaking up and destroying the Islamic republic – similar to the destruction of Iraq, Libya and now Syria.

I Can’t wait to tell you to shift immediately to the entire text. AWESOME. The Centrality of Israel’s Unchallenged Regional Supremacy.


AGAIN. ‘The economic and military transfers to Israel result from the cumulative build-up of political power among powerful US Zionists. No one disputes today that what is dubbed as the ‘pro-Israel lobby’ is the most powerful configuration inside Washington DC today. Focusing primarily on the ‘Israel lobby’ overlooks the powerful role that influential, Zionist political officials have played in deciding issues prioritized by the Israeli leadership’.


‘There are going to be some Democrats who end up opposing this deal, partly because as I said yesterday in the speech, the affinity that we all feel towards the state of Israel is profound, it’s deep.

And you know when Israel is opposed to something a lot of Democrats, as well as Republicans, pay attention.

The difference though, is that most of the Democratic senators have taken the time to actually read the bill and listen to the arguments. A sizeable proportion of the Republicans were opposed before the ink was even dry on the deal before it was even posted, and that gives you sense of the degree to which this is driven by partisan politics or ideology as opposed to analysis’ (President Obama, The Mic Interview).


In the meantime, they are still operating in total clandestinity trying to invade Russia with products under a reciprocal embargo. European and US Zionists were first to declare an embargo against Russia. But, they also are the first to circumvent it desperately.

While ‘Greek economy surprises, returns to growth in second quarter’, French growth is zero. See the map here : French economy stalls as Germany sees growth. Among the 8 nations compared, only Spain and Sweden hit the 1% growth.

Ukraine US zionists driven coup is hitting French fragile economy badly. With zero reform and domestic defiance toward the governance, the confidence index is not favorable to business settlement domestically. Forecasts are foggy. And there is no sign of an electro choc ahead, as the Labour Minister is set to resign early in September to take back his mayorial seat. President Hollande has declared that, without results on unemployment reduction, during his tenure, his candidacy to run again becomes void. At this time, next year, the moment of truth will be knocking at the Elysee Palace.

As for Greece, there are reasons to fear that the recipe could fail to succeed. Tax raises along with pensions and wages cuts could dry up private sector’s health while impoverishing people. Those two factors combined could bend the curve of national wealth and affect the GDP. How do you raise the GDP so as to pay your debt ? This is an Euclidien equation. Hoping the equation will be solvable.

>>> QUARTZ – The euro zone’s pathetic economic recovery, in eight pitiful charts.


00.30. Paris time. Google is alerting me somebody has used my gmail account in Paris, while I was at Villefontaine. View below (2).


Excerpt : ‘Cette vermine  sait pouvoir compter avec le laxisme étatique qui, par peur, leur garantit tout : l’impunité de Wall Street, celle de tous les parasites qui polluent le net et s’incrustent partout où on ne les a pas invités, celle qui laisse vendre les armes au tout venant et celle qui autorise l’Etat lui-même à être un Etat-Voyou, à la solde de cette pestilence’.

Keep in mind that this state’s lax turning thug or hooligan-like under ‘Tel Aviv-dominated Zionist power configurations’, counts The NYT, as one of the first hand members, topping the System. What the NSA and the AT&T knew, the ‘Tel Aviv-dominated Zionist power configurations’ knew it as well. The medias, the ‘entairtainment society’ including fashion, Hollywood, cultural circles, govs, Wall Street, some intellectual circles, secret societies as freemason or Bildeberg, publishers co-sponsoring the NYT’s book awards and ranking are the nucleus of the Global Perverted System. That is why, inside the devilish circle, you hardly found one person against gay so-called marriage.

For them to come out and brand themselves as discovering – at the same time as you and me – what Snowden or Wikileaks have revealed publicly, is another simulacrum. The dice are rigged and fake as the whole system is.

When the coin toss reveals that heads or tails, you always win, then you’re duped twice. That is how to interprete the NYT’s discovery.

The absence of a net police is related to State permissiveness. Lawmakers are the ultimate responsible.

Credo. Yesterday, the New York Times ran a front page story about a special, decades-long partnership between the NSA and AT&T.

AT&T customers in particular need to read about their telecom’s « extreme willingness to help » carry out unconstitutional surveillance programs for the U.S. government. Please read and share the news reports below.

— Becky Bond, CREDO


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‘None of the CEOs who tanked our economy have gone to jail’. Advocate for clean practices and bank accountability with Senators Brown and Elisabeth Warren..

Stand with Sen. Brown: Tell Congress to make banks fix credit reports
Petition to Congress:
« Pass the Consumer Reporting Fairness Act to protect Americans from paying higher costs or even being denied housing or a job due to bank failure to correct credit report mistakes. »Add your name:

Sign the petition ►
Dear Elise,

Millions of Americans have been harassed by debt collectors, refused loans, charged more to borrow money, denied jobs, and rejected from housing – all because of debts they no longer owe.1Worst of all, some banks have been accused of holding people’s credit reports hostage, forcing them to pay back these “zombie debts” in order to wipe mistakes from their records.

Right now, the burden is on consumers to contest errors on their credit reports and prove that debts have been discharged.2

Sen. Sherrod Brown is leading other progressive champions in the fight to protect our credit reports from shady lenders, and he needs our help. He has introduced a new bill that would force banks to report debts that have been discharged, and save millions of Americans money – now, it’s up to us to raise our voices and make sure it passes.

Stand with Sen. Brown: Tell Congress to make banks fix credit reports. Click here to sign the petition.

After big banks crashed the economy through fraud and illegal schemes, millions of Americans fell on hard times. Overwhelmed with debts or facing unemployment and unable to pay, many turned to bankruptcy. While a bankruptcy remains on your credit report for years, the debts that were discharged are supposed to be removed. But for millions of Americans, these “zombie debts” they no longer owe have lived on.3

Nearly 20 percent of Americans have had an error on one of their last three credit reports, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Stuck with a false debt? You can be denied a loan or charged a higher interest rate because a lender believes you owe a significant sum of money, in addition to a past bankruptcy. You could have trouble finding a place to live because rental companies deny your application, or you can’t get a mortgage. Some employers even review credit history, which means the banks’ mistake – or deliberate scam – could cost you a job.4

A mistake is one thing, but deliberately trying to collect on zombie debts is just despicable. Yet, Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase have actually been accused of refusing to fix credit reports, and instead demanding payment for debts that were already discharged.5

Last month, the nation’s largest bank settled allegations that it had intentionally sold inaccurate credit card data to debt collectors, who then illegally tried to collect on the debt.6

Stand with Sen. Brown: Tell Congress to make banks fix credit reports. Click here to sign the petition.

Sen. Brown has a long record of fighting Wall Street on behalf of struggling Americans. His new bill would force banks to report discharged debts to credit reporting agencies, instead of forcing consumers to jump through hoops. It would also give consumers the right to legal action to fix the mistake.7 This is a simple, commonsense fix to a problem that plagues millions of Americans, and we need to get behind it in a big way.

Sen. Brown is also pushing prominent regulators, including the Federal Reserve, to investigate how banks sell debts to debt collectors and crack down on illegal and shady practices.8 This issue has wide appeal — even people who have never had a debt discharged understand the importance of good credit and accurate credit reports. We need to show that we are paying attention, demand immediate action, and dare Republicans and corporate Democrats to pick banks and Wall Street over struggling Americans.

Stand with Sen. Brown: Tell Congress to make banks fix credit reports. Click below to sign the petition:

Thank you for speaking out,

Murshed Zaheed, Deputy Political Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets

Add your name:

Sign the petition ►
  1. Office of Sen. Sherrod Brown, “Brown Introduces Bill to Strengthen Credit Reporting Accuracy,” Brown.Senate.Gov, July 15, 2015.
  2. Gene Melchionne, “Is Your Credit Report a Mess Post-Bankruptcy? A New Bill Could Help,”, August 3, 2015.
  3. Office of Sen. Sherrod Brown, “Brown Introduces Bill to Strengthen Credit Reporting Accuracy.”
  4. Melchionne, “Is Your Credit Report a Mess Post-Bankruptcy? A New Bill Could Help.”
  5. Jessica Silver-Greenberg, “Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase Agree to Erase Debts From Credit Reports After Bankruptcies,” New York Times, May 7, 2015
  6. Office of Sen. Sherrod Brown, “With Thousands of Ohioans Affected by Errors in Their Credit Reports, Brown Urges Feds to Take Action Against “Zombie Debts” That are No Longer Owed But Linger on Credit Reports,” Brown.Senate.Gov, August 5, 2015
  7. Office of Sen. Sherrod Brown, “Brown Introduces Bill to Strengthen Credit Reporting Accuracy.”
  8. Office of Sen. Sherrod Brown, “With Thousands of Ohioans Affected by Errors in Their Credit Reports, Brown Urges Feds to Take Action Against “Zombie Debts” That are No Longer Owed But Linger on Credit Reports.”


Elise–We got an incredible response the first time we told you about this campaign–but it will be a long, uphill fight. Click here to chip in today.

Elizabeth Warren is demanding an end to Wall Street insiders running the Securities and Exchange Commission. Will you chip in $5 for our grassroots campaign?

Dear Elise,

When Elizabeth Warren was elected to the U.S. Senate, we were thrilled—because we knew she’d take on fights that no one else had the guts for.

Now she’s in one of those fights, and we’re standing with her.

Here’s the deal: Two years ago, President Obama appointed Wall Street insider Mary Jo White to run the Securities and Exchange Commission—the agency in charge of enforcing the rules on Wall Street. Her tenure has been a disaster of non-enforcement.1

Now, there are two new openings at the SEC, and we’re demanding that President Obama stop appointing Wall Street insiders to run it.

Will you chip in $5 to stand with Elizabeth Warren and say no to Wall Street lapdogs at the SEC?

With your help, we’re turning this seemingly obscure issue into a major public debate.

You see, just like with Net Neutrality, the mainstream corporate media thinks issues like Wall Street enforcement are too complicated for the general public.

But that’s nonsense. Voters across the political spectrum are still outraged about the Wall Street bailouts—and the fact that none of the CEOs who tanked our economy have gone to jail.2

By using savvy online organizing, we’ve defined this as the next big fight to rein in Wall Street.

Our strategy is already having a huge impact—not long ago, Wall Street insider Keir Gumbs was seen as a shoo-in nominee. But the White House just announced they’re reconsidering the Gumbs nomination and interviewing noncorporate candidates.3

We’re so close to victory. Will you chip in $5 to help tell President Obama: No more Wall Street insiders?

Yes, I’ll chip in $5.

Thanks for standing with us.

Kurt Walters
Campaign Manager

Rootstrikers is a new generation of activists taking a stand against the corrupting influence of money in politics. We are a project of Demand Progress.


1. SEC chief is latest target of Elizabeth Warren’s ire, The Boston Globe, June 2, 2015

2. Five Years Later, Poll Finds Disapproval of Bailout, The New York Times, September 26, 2013

3. Elizabeth Warren allies delay Obama’s SEC pick, Politico, July 7, 2015


  • Mbock Elise

The ‘fabulous destiny’ of Mr. Trump.

Watch this before we speak.

Buffalo Yamado and SingaFoumbwa. The two stars dancers of Ferre Gola. Singa Foumbwa is a mix of Fred Astaire elegance and slides and  Michael Jackson flamboyance and shining talent. Excellent. Taste it abusively.

And read this in the same move.

From CNN. « I’ll keep « whining until I win, » Donald Trump said on CNN’s « New Day » this morning.

The GOP presidential candidate said he is « the most fabulous whiner » in response to an opinion piece that criticized him using that label.

« I do whine because I want to win and I’m not happy about not winning and I am a whiner and I keep whining and whining until I win, » Trump told CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

Trump was pressed for specifics on the issues he’s raised on the campaign trail, touching on topics from abortion to equal pay for women to foreign policy during the interview.

Watch highlights from the interview on and get complete coverage of breaking politics news on CNN TV and CNN Mobile ».

Keep holding on  much more to come.  Just relax and shake your buts in the meantime.——————————————————————

I like Mr. Trump unhypocritical speech over blood remark.

1403981744362Blood remark ? I approve this message a 100% and I say Bravo, Bravo.

You know what, sometimes, when people are attacking You organising into a cowardly and massive pack, you can retaliate and you may and should. You can also wait and just keep silent, because at a certain point, God would do the job for You using His impenetrable ways. Mr. Trump is one of those God’s Hand backfiring to justify YOU, when abusively attacked. Indeed, he has justified Me.

You may say – and I expect you to : I want to hear more.

Long time ago, before some politicians discovered it last week, – at least one of them here in France, a woman for sure ; in the process, she also discovered the word « parasitation »(1) after « the deparasitation mission » of the World I forcecasted for the next US president. This is a permanent trend of the woman whose politician career is based on three tools :

– the father’s heritage. The man is qualified today as a parasite.

– the copycat habit.

– the gays mediatic propaganda and hiring into the far-right party. Gay Marriage is the road for the French presidency. Apparently. You thought you were voting for gay marriage. In the end, you discover you was voting for a gay president. Double language and tongue. Always.

(1) The debate and contradiction is fair. What is unfair is to use your opponents words against him. It is dishonest.  When an opponent is using your words, his objective is to introduce confusion and chaos. Words mean something and make the difference.  Naturally, if you are engaged into a « positive co-productivity » scheme, then sharing the same strong words can be profitable to advance the cause and the argument.

So, long time ago- I told the story about how our computers are spying on us mentioning the example of a discussion I had about a baby with a male friend of mine. The minute after, I was receiving ads of babies crying and so forh. And I told my friend : OK, you have won it all, now the entire World is going to speak about that.

I didn’t know how right it will be. Since then, I’m bombarded by the gang of advertisers on babies tools, families and women with babies… Some will go on with messages like « sterilised cats or dogs » to laugh at me : a woman unable to give birth again, meaning a woman no longer menstruated, a woman facing menopause.

The gang of medias along with that of advertisers are allies on that. The message is you stop being a woman with your seniority and menopause. I wander what Hilary Clinton is. Is she a Woman or a false woman ? Is she into menopause ? How is it she got only one child since then ? To conduct this wickedness process, women are on the forefront.

And these are people who are playing the victim’s role of Mr. Trump talking about blood coming from wherever. They should be applauding and chanting ‘Jesus, our colleague is menstruated ; she is a real woman because she can still give birth. She is the perfect woman’.

Why are they lying to you with their crocodile tears and fake horrifying cries. Those journalists, medias and so forth women are totally disqualified when it comes to criticise Mr. Trump over blood comment. So are their male colleagues. Those are Pigs. A pig is a brute. A man without class. An Uncivilized person. For instance, you can eat like a pig. It means eating yourself to death.

Journalism and Hypocrism are twins. It is not their fault. The causes run deeper.

Mr. Trump is an easy target, because He is succeeding where the establishment candidates are backtracking or standing still. Trump is the anti-establishment candidate and this is enough to bring  fresh air as for now. The others are all professional politicians. In America, this is meaningful in terms of « political systematic corruption ».

Donald Trump: No apology on ‘blood’ remark amid GOP backlash (CNN)

… hold on.

‘In honor of Cecil’: Bob Menendez.


Menendez For Senate

Prevent senseless trophy killings. Take action! Mbock,

The killing of Cecil the lion was cowardly and senseless.

When one man and his hired guides lure a lion from a sanctuary, shoot it, and then track it to its death over the span of 40 hours, they’re taking away a beautiful animal from all of us.

That’s why last week I introduced commonsense legislation in the U.S. Senate named in honor of Cecil. The CECIL Animal Trophies Act will curb the trophy hunting of animals proposed or listed under the Endangered Species Act.

Many of us were horrified and upset by Cecil’s killing, but we need to be more than upset: We need to act now before the next animal is needlessly killed.

Take a moment to be one of 10,000 people rallying now to tell Congress to pass the CECIL Animal Trophies Act and prevent senseless trophy killings.

Click here to add your name to our petition demanding Congress protect endangered animals.

When we’re concerned enough about an animal that we think we need to list it as an endangered or threatened species, we should not be killing it for sport.

There’s no way around it: This was a selfish act. By passing this law now, we can prevent another event like it from happening again.

Please, add your name to call on Congress to pass the CECIL Animal Trophies Act.

Thank you,



>>> Une chaîne de télé camerounaise suspendue pour avoir accusé la France et les Etats-Unis de soutenir Boko Haram (Yahoo).

On sait depuis que la France arme Boko Haram et que la France et les US se couvrent mutuellement dans les coups en Afrique : Côte-d’Ivoire et les élections truquées sous le regard des ‘Observateurs Internationaux’ complices du coup – Assassinat du Président Libyen, main dans la main – Et, depuis peu, après cet assassinat, le complot Daesch contre l’Irak l’insoumise et la Syrie, la rebelle. Dans la foulée, la reconquête des territoires africains déjà perdus : le Mali, le Centrafrique, le Cameroun.

C’est que la décolonisation de l’Afrique francophone n’est pas close : d’un côté, les chefs d’Etats africains installés par la France sont tributaires de leur argent planqué en Occident et dans le business européen. Installés par le colon et couverts par lui. Il suffit que le Maître demande et l’autre s’exécute. Même qu’au Cameroun, il existe une loi contre ceux qui oseront critiquer le gouvernement.

Du côté de la France, la rapacité est telle qu’alors qu’on pille l’Afrique allègrement, on insulte les Africains ici. La faute à qui ? Aux Africains qui doivent reprendre le contrôle de leurs territoires. Malheureusement, il faudra attendre que la génération des dirigeants placés là disparaissent. C’est affaire de cycle. L’alternative c’est la guerre civile et je reconnais que ce n’est ni raisonnable ni souhaitable. En langue bassa, on dit « il y a un temps pour chaque chose ». Chanson de Jean Bikoko, le Pape de l’Assiko. Pour le dire autrement : « rien n’est Eternel ».

Ce qu’il faut craindre, c’est un scénario à l’Abidjanaisel’après-Gbagbo s’est soldé par une guerre civile suivie d’un coup. Ce serait le pire des scénarios.

C’est là où l’Afrique attendait beaucoup d’Obama et reste sur sa faim. Malheureusement, pour l’Afrique, on avait sous-estimé l’Ordre Supérieur et Suprême qui lie une certaine Amérique à la France dans un pacte secret contraignant. Et C’est seulement à la fin de son règne qu’Obama se souvient de l’Afrique. Très tardivement. Certains diront mieux vaut tard que jamais.

Quid du double jeu de l’Amérique et, pour la France, quid du double langage où le président Français va féliciter son homologue camerounais sur l’action du Cameroun – à Yaoundé – dans l’Alliance contre Boko Haram, alors qu’ils en rigolaient intérieurement.

Lorsque l’Afrique francophone va stériliser la France, en lui coupant l’accès sauvage à son sous-sol, que deviendra la France ? Ah. Je vous rassure tout de suite : il y a toujours une solution. Always. La France doit commencer à s’y engager sérieusement, en utilisant ses autres atouts.

L’Afrique a intérêt à couper le cordon ombilical avec la France et réciproquement.

On ferme Afrique médias pour que les organes de la désinformation et de la propagande néo-coloniale, façon France 24 Afrique, profitent de la situation et du vide que ces instruments d’une colonisation dégradée et dissimulée propagent autour d’eux. Avez-vous déjà vu un média africain qui se propose de parler pour la France, ou pour tout autre pays ? Non. Cela n’existe pas. Le commerce international, les droits de l’homme justifiant tout et rien, y compris les guerres immondes, et le tribunal pénal international sont les instruments d’une colonisation déguisée.

C’est une constante que la France veuille toujours parler pour l’Afrique.

C’est une constante que cette France-là veuille donner des leçons de tout et sur tout à l’Afrique.

Ce faisant, elle étouffe tout ceux qui ne rêvent pas de la France en Afrique et bloque l’Afrique francophone à l’état de cadavre.

Mais, il y a un temps pour tout.

Fermer et faire taire « Afrique Médias », un média africain qui ne doit rien ni au gouvernement camerounais, ni à la France, c’est un rêve du gouvernement Français depuis toujours. Cela ne vous rappelle rien ? Ca devrait pourtant tant les menaces, les tentatives d’intimidation, les pressions avouables et non avouables, la volonté de nuire et de détruire sont identiques. Coups bas et harcèlement permanents. Tout cela ne vole pas très haut. Cherchez l’erreur.

Il y a un temps pour tout y compris pour les Traîtres à la Nation, à la conscience Noire et aux pères des Indépendances Africaines. Remember Um Nyobé.

    • Zulu  •  

      Frederic, 90% de camerounais savent que la France soutient boko haram d’une maniere ou d’une autre et votre ambassadeur au Cameroun connait l’avis des camerounais sur ce sujet. Afrique Media a démontré par A+B que Boko Haram est le cheval de Troie pour déstabilise le Kamerun qui est désormais tourne vers les partenaires plus crédibles tels que la Chine, la Russie, La Turquie et autres. Nous Cameroun avons un contentieux historiques a régler avec la France car votre gouvernement n’a pas encore reconnu la sale guerre que vous avez mené contre le Cameroun ou il y a eu environ 100 000 morts de 1956-1964. au lieu de venir exposer ta carence intellectuelle tu ferais mieux de lire pov con

  • Vejuru-Lumumba-Sankara  • 

    les Africains nous font honte, les gouvernements qui n’existent presque pas; un média au moins qui essaye de mettre la lumière sur les complots de l’occident en collaboration avec nos dirigeants soumis et qui se prostituent intellectuellement auprès de leurs patrons arabes et européens est scellé ; la jeunesse africaine vous dévoile tous les jours, attendez-vous a une vague d’indignation. comme ça en fermant ce médium Afro-centriste, Biya fait plaisir a ses patrons occidentaux qui vont le niquer en guise de remerciement; les idiots en Afrique ne finiront jamais pour laisser notre continent avancer.

If one question was worthy asking tonight in the first Republicans debate, it would be about ways to end political bribery in elections’ processes.

Sometimes ago – that was in April 2007 – I issued a study over « Institutional clonage » operating in France and Worldwide in the Westside, which ended with the necessity of tackling the Institutional building issue anew. What went for sure was present institutions are corrupt at their core. The vehicle of it is the DNA indefinite replication. As the French Philosopher, Michel Foucault, previously cited, has described the process : it is about the sign and its similitudes.

7 years later, in April 2014, it was another similitude I noticed through a reflection on African development, where also, I hurt the institutional building issue and named the study « Africa : the institutional defiance ». Contrary to France and the Westside where the challenge is one of lack of divergences inside Administrations or governments working complementary and in mirror,

sense and efficiency is not an exclusive matter of homogeneity or non-contradiction ; it may even be the opposite, since more of the same has led the World to the cliff hanging

in Africa, institutions are disparate. Clearly, there is a vacuum of convergence and projects or projections don’t reach the full extent of either their potential or deployment.

In both cases, what you miss in terms of public policies efficiency with nearly zero convergence inside African institutional building, you got the same lack of lucre in the Westside story, in particular, when it comes to dealing with inequalities issues or fiscal problems.

Concerning Africa, those interesting can consult the ebook of the study at Amazon.

This article is not about Africa. it concerns the US presidential first republicans debate tonight and the problematic of Greatness Anew in America. Yes, the slogan is now shared between Jeb Bush – the initiator – and Donald Trump wearing a cap stamped « making America Great again ». OK. Let’s say,  we can agree on that. The problem is how do you do that.

Frankly, of all the stuffs I’ve come across since the beginning ot the campaign, nothing is stronger than Jimmy Carter’s declaration reported by the Intercept.

Jimmy Carter: The U.S. Is an “Oligarchy With Unlimited Political Bribery”

« Former president Jimmy Carter said Tuesday on the nationally syndicated radio show the Thom Hartmann Program that the United States is now an “oligarchy” in which “unlimited political bribery” has created “a complete subversion of our political system as a payoff to major contributors.” Both Democrats and Republicans, Carter said, “look upon this unlimited money as a great benefit to themselves.” THE INTERCEPT. 1st August.

We highly recommend the listening of this interview and the reading of the transcript.

If only one thing was to be done to make America great again, it is this one. A Big One indeed. From Political corruption aiming to pick up the president, in order to satisfy selfish interests – read our previous post -, after the election, to wealthy people not footing the bill for their taxation, there is a broad line of issues whether, guns control or ending, justice broken system to mend, untackled tax havens, racial and social inequalities, fraudulent banking system, dishonest hacking, deloyal net businesses where the people’s profile are sent to the advertisors in clandestinity – based on their activities on the net and without those advertisors being subjected to any code of marketing law or penalities ; founding elections and political elections through super PACs, going war fraudulently… making money the same way.. the society is looking as a Jungle where big animals eat it all and run over the others, in total impunity, immunity granted and free walk from Justice and accountability of all veins.

I mean I would like to sit down, behind my computer and wait for the net spyers and clandestine agents to bring me clients. So easy, while others entrepreneurs are working hard to meet their people.

He or She who talked about this deserves threats – even at a 5 to 10 hours flight distance – threats or elimination.

One way or another, We the People are all responsible for that situation.

We all abdicated our duties – to protect our meat and job. To reach this E.T. stage or Dobby’s (Harry Potter), you ought to throw your conscience off your body to the Water Closet.  In doing so, you abdicated your humane condition to become less than a man. A second zone citizen ; a wandering, a errant, a roarming. It is not about money, but about Transcendancy and Looking Forward and Beyond What you see and what you are. For those disputing territories and national identities appartenances, men are not animals. Marking a territory is not pissing on it ; it is – when your are a man – something superior. You got to transcend yourself.

This is how Greatness comes.

Not the way below :

Steven Spielberg donates $1 million to Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign

Other donors for Clinton’s presidential bid include Star Wars director JJ Abrams and wife Katie McGrath, who each gave US $500,000. 

When it comes to supporting political candidates, investing on them for a pay back as a consequence of that earlier blackmail, wealthy people are quick to react. While president Obama and Democrats including Hilary have been asking them to pay their fair share in tax, they opposed the move fiercely, with the Rep. lawmakers’ benediction.

I acknowledge that laïcity, as a pagan worship doesn’t help ; it even complicates the matter. Nevertheless, you can find the light through extreme Darkness. (Prof. Dumbledore). Just remember to switch on the light the prof. added to Harry’s attention and teaching. Education, Education and Education is the pilar.

This 2016 should mark the shiftaway moment for America and for the World. Americans should not miss this opportunity to reshape Politics and the Union.

Who is going to meet the Huge Challenge ? That is the Shakespearien question.

Corruption in American politics is  like Queen Ant. As I suggested yesterday, guns stop in public was the starting point for guns  criminality, it is a truism that changing America to the Best and  for the Greatness implies to END  POLITICAL CORRUPTION FIRST AND ONCE FOR ALL. Apparently, the candidate who is going to say that would face Death Threats, like the Israeli president is said to – after he dubbed the burning down of a Palestinian baby alive – by Jewish E.T. settlers.

E.T. money is fictional money aiming to weigh in on real political businesses. Just as the Wall Street Revolving Door, etc.  — Read : The revolving door between government and Wall Street helps the wealthiest few hijack our democracy for their own gain.

You know what, some people are God elected and if you say they are ugly, insignificant, liars, murderers, little ass and penis, cheatings, dishonest, plotters, racists, big thieves- proofs of it are as evident as noses on faces… then take care : they will do everything they can to terrorize you. In the meantime, those are people responsible for the transformation of the World into an African Jungle or a Westerner Hell and the people inside into either stooges, larbins or underdogs. Those are the people chasing you on the net with dirty coward adds and  calling you « monkeys », or demonising you. One day, I will show you some vain attacks to discourage me. I laugh at that. Clearly. Each time I’m writing Ah ah ha (*), here in France, I encounter a problem, the very day : the elected people search my life going back up to 3 years or more to find anything I will be owning to the State. The last time I wrote president Hollande will not run again in 2017, the familial body just found out  I own them 3 years of Housing due subsidies – a right in France for all the people, not only me. Three years of fiscal redress. They are looking at a way to kill me and they stop at nothing. Underline NOTHING. And read it in Bold.

(*) Some people are so sad and suffering with a packaging of money, at disposal, fake power and poisonous authority, that they can’t stand any joy or love in the face of another person.

French familial services administration is waking up 3 years later to work in convergence with the establishment to achieve their punishment rallye, in band. A proof of the institutional cIonage I told you before. Interesting to notice the dark connection between French shadowy agents and Americans. Very interesting to see their full coordination, in time and space. Paganism and laicity will always make you low and small, for you always look at yourself or down to earth. Those are not qualities for a leader or for leadership exercice. Village people. They can go on and on and on. So what ? At the end of the day, we all die (Keynes). It is about Human finitude. I told you about non accountability : 3 years later to find out you have delivered a poor job ? Those responsible for this should be fired for blattant incompetence. No, they are sitting on total impunity and others people are sanctionned. A big shame.

In french there is a saying  « le premier qui dit la vérité sera exécuté ». He who tells the truth FIRST shall be executed, persecuted and lynched PUBLICLY AND IN THE DARK.

How can you be great if you tolerate this burden and Sword Damocles over the Head of the People, breathing halfly and under insane and furtive terror ? How ? Free the people from Hawks and from the Hawkish System and the rest will be add on to. I suppose I’m Elie preaching in the desert. Even the Church kept mumed over gay marriage. Political correctness obliged them to. Saint Pope Jean Paul II would have dealt with the issue frankly, in total coherence with the Bible and  the Word. Not paganism, but the Word.

I’m Prophet Elie ghost ? Ask Potter.


>>> Putin Orders “Massive Response” After Alien Space Fleet Spotted Over Japan. (Total Collapse).

>>>> Clinton, Asked What She’ll Do About Money in Politics, Explains…. (The Intercept).

Naturally, like Sen. Elisabeth Warren, I have no animosity for Hilary. I only hope there will be room for free and sincere debate in this presidential campaign. May be I’m a dreamer, not a realistic character. You know what, people against big gambling in politics will be dubbed « Populists ». Watch out.

Hopefully polls will not lie too. Double watch out here.

Stand with Elizabeth Warren: Tell Congress to pass the 21st Century Glass-Steagall ActStand with Elizabeth Warren: Tell Congress to rein in Wall Street with the 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act


IMF Publishes Worldwide Government Revenue DatabasePress Release No. 15/374

August 6, 2015The IMF today published for the first time the World Revenue Longitudinal Dataset (WoRLD), which provides data on tax and non-tax revenues for 186 countries over the period 1990-2013. The database includes broad country coverage and time periods, and it is the result of combining in a consistent manner data from two other IMF publications — the IMF Government Finance Statistics and World Economic Outlook (WEO)– and drawing on the OECD’s Revenue Statistics and Revenue Statistics in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Vitor Gaspar, Director of the IMF’s Fiscal Affairs Department, said the purpose of releasing the database for general use is to “encourage and facilitate informed discussion and analysis of tax policy and administration for the full range of countries, the need for which was highlighted most recently during the Financing for Development conference in Addis Ababa.”

Constructing the database was a challenging exercise. An accompanying background note will be released in the coming weeks to explain the methodology. The database will be updated annually and will include information from IMF staff reports.

The database is available for download free of charge on the IMF e-Library data portal (