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Beyond Net-Neutrality, Net-security. Tell President Obama: Encryption keeps us safe. Sign the Petition.

DSC_0354Friends, I’m relaying a well-inspired petition by Google and several digital organizations asking for a Safer Internet, on our behalf.

Sign it and ask your friends and neighborhood to join in, for, tomorrow, it could be too late.

By the way, what are the Republicans proposals on this ? By the looks of things, the fight against terrorism will suck our liberties leaving us nake after being raped legally, every day created by God.

Where should the gov control start and end ? This is an interesting question for Ms. Fiorina, so far the most articulate candidate asking truly ethical and deontological questions with the planned parenthood. Her presence is higly welcome for this hypocritical taboo debate.

Please sign the following petition running until the end of October, as mentioned. Eventhough, there is a contradictory message stating the petition is close. Please check it out by sending a message to the White House, for president Obama.

Elise, last week, the media reported that the White House has been examining proposals that weaken encryption and give the government a ‘backdoor’ to access your data.

But backdoors create vulnerabilities in the very systems meant to keep us safe.

Sign this petition and tell President Obama to stand up for the safety of your digital life.

Tell President Obama: Encryption keeps us safe

President Obama’s support for encryption would go a long way in preventing policies that would undo all the progress we’ve made toward a safer Internet. So several digital rights organizations, including EFF and Access, have put this timely petition together to support encryption.

We need the White House to know that we oppose laws that mandate backdoors and data retention. These policies put our digital security at risk.

Tell President Obama to preserve encryption and keep your digital life safe.

Thank you for speaking up!

Jess Hemerly
Google Inc.

P.S. Read more about the White House examination of backdoor proposals.

Now to those discussing Ms. Fiorina’s video assertions, here is a terrific image of abortions crimes taken in the backyard of an aborption clinic in Chicago. Don’t you see leg-kicking and so forth ? Open your eyes brothers and sisters !

What happened to our image ? A total disappearance. Hmmm… Here is it again ! Hopefully net security will prevail. Sorry about Chicago.



« RU », le service de presse du réseau UNEC, BP 70114, F 95210 St-Gratien

TEL/REP/FAX 0134120268 – (rubrique RU)

LA GUERRE CONTRE LES BEBES (ru, 26 novembre 2014) – SOS MAMANS publie le communiqué suivant que nous avons l’honneur de porter à votre connaissance :

« L’image horrible ci-dessus montre ce qui a été trouvé derrière un avortoir à Chicago. A en vomir ! Pourtant c’est la réalité qui nous entoure aussi en France. Nous marchons sur presque un million de cadavres de bébés, accumulés dans les poubelles de nos hôpitaux et cliniques depuis 1975 ! Le chiffre officiel des avortements en France est de « 220.000 IVG «  suivant le service statistique des ministères sociaux. Chiffre immuable depuis 10 ans, donc faux.  Mais même ce chiffre donne la nausée.

Black Lives Matter : stop America’s incarceration industry.

Tell Congress: Ban private for-profit prisons

“Fight back against America’s incarceration industry by passing the Justice Is Not For Sale Act, which would ban private, for-profit prisons.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders just introduced a bill to end one of the biggest contributors to America’s broken criminal justice system: private, corporate-run, for-profit prisons.1

Today, the U.S. has the highest incarceration rate in the world, and poor people and people of color suffer the most at the hands of our out-of-control incarceration industry.2 That’s partly because the corporations that operate for-profit prisons are primarily concerned with their bottom lines. To maximize profits, those corporations advocate for increased incarcerations and unreasonably strict parole and release laws. And they win.

Corporations should not be able to profit from mass incarceration. The Justice Is Not For Sale Act, introduced by Sen. Sanders and Rep. Raul Grijalva, bars federal, state, and local governments from contracting with private prisons. We need to come out in strong support of this bill.

Tell Congress: Ban private for-profit prisons. Click here to sign the petition.

Out of the 1.6 million people incarcerated in 2013, over 8 percent of them were in private prisons. Reports show that inmates in these facilities suffer worse conditions, including more assaults and higher recidivism.3, 4 For-profit prisons are also incentivized to advocate for laws that reduce basic rights, benefits, and entitlements inmates receive while in prison.

And when for-profit prison corporations lobby for harsh laws that lead to more incarcerations, incarceration rates rise throughout the entire U.S. correctional system, leaving taxpayers to foot the bill for maintaining the highest incarceration rate in the world.

In addition to banning private prisons, the Justice Is Not For Sale Act would enact a number of other measures to address mass incarceration. One would eliminate the mandatory bed quotas that require U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to hold an average of 34,000 individuals in detention on a daily basis. Another would restore the federal parole system. The abolition of the federal parole system was a major factor in the explosion of the federal prison population since 1980, and makes it impossible for federal prisoners to access parole boards that can look individually at their sentences.

Sign the petition now and tell Congress to get behind a bill that provides real solutions to America’s mass incarceration crisis.

Tell Congress: Ban private for-profit prisons. Click the link below to sign the petition:

Thank you for your activism.

Heidi Hess, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

Add your name:

Sign the petition ►
  1. John Wagner, « Sanders to push a plan to ban private companies from running prisons, » The Washington Post, September 17, 2015.
  2. « U.S. Has World’s Highest Incarceration Rate, » Population Reference Bureau, August 2012.
  3. « Emerging Issues on Privatized Justice, » U.S. Department of Justice, February 2001.
  4. « The effects of private prison confinement in Minnesota on offender recidivism, » Minnesota Department of Corrections, March 2013.

U.S. Presidential Greyhound : Hilarious !

DSC_0295‘Call off your f- -king dogs!’ Hillary rages to Obama.

OH ! was my first reaction. Then, as the Greyhound wolf, I jumped into the reading of the email’s leaks story.

Excerpt :

“What I want for you to do is call off your f–king dogs, Barack!” Clinton allegedly barked at Obama, according to Klein’s account, which cited sources close to Clinton and Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett.

The president was so stunned by Clinton’s disrespectful demands, he needed a moment to compose himself, the book claims.

Obama then responded, “There is nothing I can do for you one way or another. Things have been set in motion, and I can’t and won’t interfere. Your problems are, frankly, of your own making. If you had been honest . . .”

Klein reports Clinton interrupted, “There are always haters out there to get the Clintons.”

OH !

Add this to the picture to be up-to-date.

US Government Reveals New Emails Hillary Clinton Didn’t Hand Over

Nevertheless, Mrs Clinton has a secret weapon named Bill.

Bill Clinton says Hillary would be ‘great president’ despite ‘this email thing’.

PARAGUAY. University scandal

Peralta: Claims Of Fueling Pleasure With Public Money – OpEd

Excerpt. « Claims of influence trafficking, nepotism, corruption and destruction of evidence and a whole network of accomplices — it does not get worse than the office of Chancellor Froilán Peralta at the National University of Asuncion (UNA), Paraguay’s largest public university and the nation’s only university included in the world’s list of 500 best universities.

Chancellor Peralta is charged with nepotism, a number of corruption cases, ill management of public money and for naming a dozen of family members and close associates; without a proper education and training in key positions at the Chancellor’s office. It’s claimed that Peralta led a whole scam of nominations, appointments in key colleges and irregular salaries awarded to his close circle of confidants, a close circle that even Joseph Stalin would admire the way he operated.

UNA’s pimp Chancellor, during his first year in office led over twelve working visits abroad, including Panama, Brazil and other European countries, accompanied by his well paid young and good looking assistants and secretariat staff equipped with false university degrees and others without any degrees ».


Please go ahead with this terrific reading over institutional and structural mismanagement. Every where you got this, you have racism. And racism becomes structural and institutional, like Bernie Sanders pointed it out, brightly.


Wouah ! House Speaker John Boehner is resigning ? Give me a break !

Finally Speaker Boehner is getting Realistic, as his colleagues and tea-partisaners are going mad. No doubt, we are nearing Dante’s damnation Rail Station, with a bunch of extreme Republicans candidates « wars hungers » and « bloodthirstiers », on one hand and on the other, a bunch of extremists Republicans lawmakers ready to shut the gov down AGAIN. This is similar to a collective suicide.

Naturally, Speaker Boehner can not cope with this. So should any sensible man or woman be. DEFUNDING PLANNED PARENTHOOD IS CRAZINESS.

(CNN) – House Speaker John Boehner is resigning as the top House Republican and from Congress at the end of October, two House Republicans said today.

Boehner announced his decision to colleagues this morning.

The abrupt decision comes after he faced heavy pressure from conservatives in his party to take a harder line on their causes.

This is Huge. Speaker Boehner, hat down for refusing to play the ridiculous chicken game, one more time. You have earned my RESPECT. Thank You So Much. Woo ! This is the news of the week.

A close look at the polls ranking, Mr. Trump (1), Ms Fiorina (2), Ben Carson, Rubio and Jeb Bush reflects the Gop hardliners majority profile. The bad news is this hardline has got no chance to succeed in the finishing line. Sorry for the GOP’s voters, who have  certainly missed  an episod of the movie. A civic revolution is out overthere and this is a big changemaker. Don’t miss the train my friends, you are lagging behind the Revolution.

That is why Sen Rand Paul and Mr. Kasich along with L. Graham deserve your attention. May be GOP partisans – pro confederal flag – didn’t pardon the former SC Gov for downing the controversial flag, symbolic of division. In doing so, they are on the wrong side of History. Speaker Boehner resignation is tellingly here.

Speaker Boehner may have been ousted by a coup from the Tea-partisaners.

Fellow Republicans, Hurry up to catch the momentum.

Take example on this Bernie Sanders option for instance.

Sen. Bernie Sanders is proposing a bill to lower the price of drugs. Read below on point 1.

During the last debate, candidates debated over free and open field drugs consumption or total restrictions. Mr. Sanders is cutting the pie in the middle – call it the medium way – consisting in easing the way out of drugs. If you can not cut the consumption overnight, but go into it step by step, at least, you can ease the burden of the injustified high costs impacting the purchase power and the global project of life as well.


Time after.

<<< (CNN) – An emotional House Speaker John Boehner says he decided to resign from Congress to avoid a divisive leadership battle.

« It’s become clear to me that this prolonged leadership turmoil would do irreparable harm to the institution, » Boehner said in his first public remarks since he decided to resign. He will leave Congress at the end of October.

At a separate news conference, President Barack Obama said he phoned Boehner after learning of his impending resignation.

« We have obviously had a lot of disagreements, » Obama said, but he praised Boehner as « a good man » and « a patriot. »

____It is said that « John Boehner will retire from Congress — forced out by Congressman Scott Garrett and his fellow Tea Party extremists.

Speaker Boehner’s exit from Congress means the Tea Party is gaining power — and you can bet they’ll use their momentum to push through their radical agenda ».


Point 1. The greed of the pharmaceutical industry is killing Americans. It has got to stop.

Bernie Sanders for President

Dear Activist,Back when I was in the U.S. House, I was the first member of Congress to take constituents across the border to Canada to highlight the huge disparity between the cost of prescription drugs in the U.S. and other nations.On that first trip were a number of women struggling with breast cancer.I will never forget the tears in the eyes of women who were able to buy the breast cancer drug tamoxifen in Canada at one tenth of the price they were paying for that drug in the U.S.In 2014, the pharmaceutical industry spent over $250 million on lobbying and campaign contributions — far more than any other industry in America. This grotesque spending results in Americans paying more money for medication than anyone else in the world.The time has come to say very loudly and very clearly that enough is enough. The greed of the pharmaceutical industry is killing Americans. It has got to stop.Last year, 35 million Americans could not get their prescriptions filled because they could not afford it.People should not have to go without the medication they need just because their elected officials aren’t willing to challenge the drug and health care industry lobby. Yet that is exactly what is happening.I have a plan to change this. Last week I introduced a bill in the Senate – and when I am president, I will work to make it law – that will stop the soaring costs of prescription drug prices.

Add your name to support my plan to reduce drug prices and send a message to Congress and the prescription drug lobbyists that Americans should not die because they can’t afford drugs. Click here to support my plan.

My plan to reduce prescription drug prices is based around getting a better deal for the American people, and keeping drug companies in check over outrageous and unfair practices.

Medicare should negotiate lower drug prices with the pharmaceutical industry. Due to a provision in law written by the pharmaceutical industry, Medicare is banned from using its purchasing power to lower prescription drug prices. My plan will empower Medicare to negotiate lower costs for our seniors, and save us all money.

Americans should be able to import drugs from Canada and other well-regulated countries. Individuals, pharmacists, and wholesalers should be able to import prescription drugs from licensed Canadian pharmacies. Americans pay 40% more per person than Canadians for prescription drugs. Anyone in our country should be able to take advantage of those savings for medications they need.

We need better transparency around drug costs. Right now, the pharmaceutical industry can arbitrarily set prices for drugs, and the public has very little insight into why certain drugs cost what they do – even though some of the research costs are often funded with U.S. taxpayer dollars. I believe that drug companies should tell us about how much drugs cost to research and develop, how much taxpayer money went towards those costs, what drugs actually cost in the United States, and how much they cost in other countries.

Generic drugs should be widely available, and drug companies shouldn’t be able to pay off competitors to keep cheaper drugs off the market. Brand-name drugs cost, on average, 10 times as much as generics. Right now, it is a common practice for big drug companies to pay their competitors to restrict generic drugs from the public. We need to ban this practice, and make cheaper drugs readily available.

Drug companies that break the law should face severe penalties. If any drug company is convicted of criminal or civil fraud, they should face severe penalties including the prospect of losing their government-granted monopoly on a drug. Over the last decade, most major-branded drug makers have either settled or been convicted of fraud for violations including off-label promotion, kickbacks, anti-monopoly practices, and Medicare fraud. It’s time to step up the penalties for breaking the law.

What good is it to live in the richest country on earth, if so many of our people cannot afford medications that could save their lives?

The American people are sick and tired of paying the highest prices for prescription drugs in the world. The skyrocketing prices of prescription drugs are an example of the greed of the pharmaceutical companies that has got to stop.

Now, I believe that the true solution is a national health care system that puts people ahead of profits and health ahead of special interests, and I will soon introduce legislation to provide a Medicare-for-all, single-payer system to provide health care for all Americans.

But we must also address these outrageous costs of prescription drugs, and my plan that I outlined here will do that.

Say you want to take on the prescription drug companies by adding your name to support my plan. Click here to take action now.

Dear reader, I recommend this to you.

Am I an activist ? I don’t know. I call myself a gamechanger player or actor.


1 –  (CNN) – Sepp Blatter’s tenure as president of FIFA, world soccer’s governing body, suffered a new blow today when the Swiss Attorney General opened criminal proceedings against him on « suspicion of criminal mismanagement. »

A statement released by the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland confirmed it was examining a contract signed by Blatter with the Caribbean Football Union and an alleged « disloyal payment » of $2 million to UEFA President Michel Platini.

Get complete coverage of breaking news on CNN TV, and CNN Mobile.

2 – (CNN) – In a sweeping address to the U.N. General Assembly, Pope Francis presented himself as a champion of the poor and dispossessed, urging world leaders to adopt concrete solutions to combat war, widespread poverty and economic destruction.

Francis said the selfish pursuit of power and wealth is hurting the environment and the poor.

« A selfish and boundless thirst for power and material prosperity leads both to the misuse of available natural resources and to the exclusion of the weak and disadvantaged, » Francis said.

>>>> Thirdly,  Global Development Agenda for the next generation set at the UN’s general assembly (NY). Read here.

At the United Nations General Assembly in New York taking place from 25-27 September, world leaders endorsed new Sustainable Development Goals, an ambitious agenda that aims to end poverty, promote prosperity and to protect the environment.

The too-big-to fail immunity and code of impunity has failed Volkswagen and Scott Walker. Will it fail the SEC and Israel ?


>>> President For Life – OpEd (Eurasia)

Ah han, we are getting closer to Dante’s madness and Hell with this VW’s treacherous scenario, estimated « too-big-to-fail ». Until today.

The « hidden persuaders factories » is the key factor, as the syndrom of total immunity and impunity for the happy few. The systematisation of the process is such that expect more derailments of the kind.

It is so ironical that the present promise land : Germany is the one hurt, as it is absolutely hilarious the Land of Hitler is now the dream land. Unbeleivable but real.

I have some picks for you that do not confused principles and their modalities, i.e how those principles are laid out and deployed.

>>> Why Big Tech May Be Getting Too Big – OpEd (Eurasianews)

Whenever markets become so concentrated, consumers end up paying more than they otherwise would, and innovations are squelched. Sure, big platforms let creators showcase and introduce new apps, songs, books, videos and other content. But most of the profits go to the platforms’ owners, who have all bargaining power. Which is why writers, musicians, visual artists, photographers, videographers, journalists and other content creators are receiving less and less for their work.

Related to presidential candidates, how will they correct this ? Is there an anchor out overthere to ask this essential and crucial question ? Those are places where you change the World and people lives and creativity.

And there are more interesting stuff in this pick, for a presidential debate or discussion.

>>> Ron Paul: Blame America? No, Blame Neocons! – OpEd (Eurasianews)

The US government decides on regime change for a particular country – in this case, Syria – destabilizes the government, causes social chaos, and destroys the economy, and we are supposed to be surprised that so many people are desperate to leave? Is pointing this out blaming America, or is it blaming that part of the US government that makes such foolish policies?

Please read this entire post for a better understanding of the last Republicans debate related to foreign policy.

It resonates with what we said of this here.

>>> Taking No Lesson From The Past: Israel’s Demonization Policy – OpEd (Eurasianews)

It seems that the Israeli leaders take no lesson from the past as they demonize Iran at the expense of regional order and stability. Today the main evil in the international community is ISIS and Netanyahu uses every chance he gets to equate the Iranian regime with the radicals. Yet, unlike ISIS, and similar to the PA, Iran is a rational actor. As Peter Beinart argues in his opposition to the equation of Nazi Germany and Iran – yet another analogy Israeli leaders like to make to demonize their enemies – Iranian officials do not have ISIS’s and Nazi Hitler’s maniacal bloodlust and they often act based on interests rather than ideology.[6]

[6] Peter Beinart, “Iran Isn’t Nazi Germany,” The Atlantic, 6 August 2015 (accessed 7 August 2015).

>>> Another day, another even more outrageous conflict of interest for Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair Mary Jo White. SEC Chair Mary Jo White works for banks, not for you

In her role as SEC chair, White is about to pick the next head of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB), a key regulator created after the Enron scandal to make sure audit companies don’t help Wall Street firms lie about their books.1 But not only does her husband sit on the board’s advisory group, his law firm bragged on its website about John White’s access and influence before deleting the reference when reporters started asking questions.2

Despite the blatant conflict of interest, Mary Jo White, a Democratic appointee, is still considering replacing the current chair with a Republican Senate aide.3 Our friends at the Center for Effective Government are calling for Mary Jo White to instead recuse herself from choosing the next chair of the auditor watchdog, and we need to echo their demands and make it clear that her blatant conflict of interest is unacceptable.4

Tell SEC Chair Mary Jo White: Recuse yourself from picking auditor watchdog chief. Click here to sign the petition.

Mary Jo White’s husband, John White, sits on the auditor watchdog’s advisory group. His law firm, Cravath, Swaine & Moore, regularly defends Wall Street clients from charges by regulators and “often plays up John White’s role with PCAOB,” highlighting it in marketing materials.5 But last week, after Bloomberg News published a story about the Center for Effective Government’s call for recusal, the firm hastily deleted any references from its website.6

An SEC spokesperson claims the commission’s internal ethics review approved Chair White picking the next head of the auditor watchdog.7 But the agency refuses to make the findings public – and if there were nothing at all unseemly going on, John White’s law firm wouldn’t be in such a rush to downplay the connection.

Mary Jo White sparked the attention on this latest conflict of interest by publicly declaring that she is looking at outside candidates to replace the head of the auditor watchdog, even though the current chair, James Doty, is supported by the two Democratic SEC commissioners and a host of others, including former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker and a former head of the auditor watchdog.8,9 White’s shortlist reportedly even includes the top Republican staff member of the Senate Banking Committee.10

At best, Mary Jo White is siding with big business against reformers. At worst, she is trying to force out a regulator who has raised the ire of her husband’s Wall Street clients. If White wants to start restoring trust in the SEC, she needs to recuse herself immediately.

Tell SEC Chair Mary Jo White: Recuse yourself from picking auditor watchdog chief. Click here to sign the petition.

>>> They tried to buy the presidency for Scott Walker, and they failed.

It’s been less than 48 hours since Scott Walker dropped out of the presidential race, and already outside groups are setting their sights on Russ. A right-wing special interest group, Club for Growth, just announced an ad buy in Wisconsin — $700,000 spent in attack ads.

This brings the total outside groups have spent to $1.5 million — well over a year before Election Day — to keep Wisconsin’s Senate seat in the hands of the special interests.

And it’s only the beginning. If they keep spending at this pace, these groups will have burned through tens of millions of dollars in a desperate attempt to beat Russ by Election Day.

There should be consequences for flooding Wisconsin airwaves with attack ads. Money talks, and I’m ready for our grassroots funds to talk back. They think they can take free shots, but they can’t.

They can’t because Russ has an army of grassroots supporters at the ready. Let’s show Club for Growth and other special interests this race isn’t for sale.

They tried to buy the presidency for Scott Walker, and they failed. Let’s make sure their attempt to keep their Senate seat fails too.

Thank you,

Tom Russell
Campaign Manager

Russ for Wisconsin

Ending the blind support to the « Great Israël Project » is key to American Greatness’ relaunch.

DSC_0283First of all, we applaude Secretary Kerry’s announcement of more Syrian migrants to be host by the US in 2016 and 2017. This is Christianity and solidarity at its Best. Being a Christian nation is not only ruling out « a muslim as president of the US » (Ben Carson) which means nothing ; it is about showing your faith through deeds. Black people should stay far away of any form of racism or discrimination. This is not the essence they are made out from.

It is as if you may say « no gay as president » – « no single such as Former SC Gov, L. Graham ». It makes no sense. There are  stupid people and good people everywhere. But may be, we can push forward for « No Jews as president of America ». Meaning disqualification of nearly all of the candidates declared. It tells a lot about some imbalances, cooptations and power confiscation and distortions inside America. Political parties are concerned first.

By the way, where is American christianity – aside of the Evangelical worshippers ? Where is America’s christianity approach in Politics and in Foreign Affairs? You can not be that extreme « wars hunger » (dixit president Obama) and at the same time, advocate for your Christianity. This is plain contradiction.

Political corruption in America is such that one can easily assert, the new religion of America is dollar. The dollarisation of America, [meaning a society where money is the centre of the World and where whoever you are, you are judged essentially by your assets and the amount of your cash and bank account ]-  has downgraded Christian’s values and beliefs.

In other words, any Historian « honest enough » can define the moment America had started to shift towards money, money and money. It coincide with the judaisation of American presidencies. This forbidden exegesis is the untold American story, for it is the moment America started to betray its Greatness and initiated its moral decline and social and foreign affairs downfall.

Since then, American has been used as a tool of Israel to go wary everywhere on behalf of Israeli security.

Religion and politics are brothers and sisters ; not twins.

Israeli lamentations crying wolf with fabricated regional threats and fears of destruction has misled America first.

Then America found this business lucrative and the twins – Israel and America – started a Hellish Journey of wars after wars, destructions after destructions, carnages after carnages… In the end you have those massive influx of Migrants ; most of them Syrians. Syria is that other place of fabricated proofs of mass killings with chemical weapons, performed by western-backed terrorists.

The degree of money’s toxicity in politics is appalling.  Best of all, the latest demoniac creature known as Super Pac came out of a magical hat, pocket and hand to sort the presidential candidates destiny out. Marvelous.

During the last debate, Mrs Trump and J. Bush had a brief exchange over money in politics accusing each other to succumb to the tentation of taking this dirty money, coming from tax havens by the way. Mr. Trump said he has declined billionnaires’ offers of bringing financial support to his campaign. A good point.

Detailing the influence of the Great Israel Project (GIP) in GOP’s speeches through some specifics.

Call it The Influence of Money in politics and the World System of Governance.

 First of all Military forces and foreign affairs. 

« If I’m president, I’m going to bomb Iran ; that is why I disagree with the Iranian/US nuclear deal » : this was the credo of GOP’s candidates.

Jeb Bush added « we shouldn’t have pulled out from Iraq completely » and « we need to support our ally in the region ». You can’t do both in this case, because the pursue of Israeli protection equates to the elimination of Arab’s nations. Devil for a created state. Pure and simple.

More, when you go to war, you go there with a dashboard. When your mission is accomplished, you end the mission. Any other mission is another story and another plan. You can’t come to establish democracy – which you failed to – and advocate for another staying for regional policing purposes. If so, the entire region should share the responsibility.

Wherever a foreign engagement has turned permanent, it becomes Occupation like Israel is doing inside Palestinian territories. Where you got Occupation, you have Slavery and Wars and Militias and… Terrorists.

To end war in Syria starts with a Palestinian State and the end of Israeli Occupation. Back again to Peace in the Region, not only for the Intruder nation, Israel, living on the Holocaust dreamed capital and investments, but for all the people of the region.

The West can come out again with the « Assad must go or is not part of the solution » they have decided to implement in a sovereign country, following the « Mubarak must go » and the « Gaddafi must go » (dixit Obama 1 and Clinton as SS – Secretary of State (1). What they can not ignore is either Saddam, Gaddafi, and Assad, to name the strongest Arabic Men in the Middle-East, didn’t turn mad, the size of Daesh’s exactions destroying ancestral patrimony. People were living under a dictatorship ? But no migrants out there.

History have brought its judgment. It reads Western analysis, under American pilotage in the region, aligned on the GIP’s,  was plain wrong.

How can Ms. Fiorina took that path of wrongdoings and blattant mistakes to threaten the World with another sequence of bombings in Iran ? Adding oil to oil is crazy.

J. Bush has gotten a big problem : his brother ‘s presidency is on his back and neck as a rope or a ghost. He is going to fight against this. If he succeeds, it would be a miracle. And miracles have happened in the past. So why not for Him ? Syrian migrants are the end of a sequence of irresponsibilities which started with the wrong war in Iraq under false accusations of mass destructive weapons possessions (not « accusations » as previously written). 

Then the Economy.

The Economy mirrors Foreign Affairs. Protecting Israel has transformed American society from within. It has produced legal forms of terrorism inside the nation. The subject can not be dealt with as for now… Time will come to tell that story. Just look at the latest Hollywood awards and the global system of those awards in the hands of Jewish masterminders and maître de ceremonies, as french people  say, to get the picture of treacherous spots… Consider the dollarisation of American society… Think about how this has changed and shaped the core of values in America.

The black woman awardee is because of me. She is my alter ego. I am so proud woman over 35 have found a new life in public ranking. They used to be old and good for the trash bin. She is the fourth black woman in the row to benefit from my denounciation of the fake Jewish cultural system. Look around. This is typically Jewish : double tongue and heads. Take it but don’t fool yourselves.

Black Lives Matter. Isn’t it ?

I ordered the shootings of 9 of your people – black women and men – at the Emmanuel Church (Charleston). Thereafter, I bring that little something as a sign of contrition to you : an Oscar to one of yours to ask for mercy. Cynicism in full. The killer always goes back to revisit the place of his murder. Always.

You know what, today, girls of 20 even before had already have plastic surgery. You may be surprised by the number of women under 35 undergoing those plastic surgeries and the system will come out with all those plasticity praising the young bombshells…

Inside the cultural universe (TV anchors, fashion models, miss universe and national, musicians, artists), everywhere you see those inner-circle professionals self-decreed « most beautiful women in the World », the surgery is fully operative. Those are our top models, you know.

That is why, sometimes to times, they will decide to award another girl from Asia, Arabic or Africa. Plastic surgery is and will always be the ultimate winner you can’t compete with. This is a first  glance exploring the Jewish global systematic lying system for blind people. In French, you say, in a kingdom of blind people, the King only needs one eye to govern.

I love money as everybody, but I’m not ready to turn a thieft or a little corrupt something for that. And I have no antipathy for plastic surgery itself. It goes without saying.

Ben Carson was asked by the anchor to explain his Tax codes proposal. I understood a little out of his explainer. May be it is another Herman Cain « 999 » – « jobs, jobs, jobs ». I also guess that the man was defending the wealthiest’s will, not to paid their fair share in taxation, preempting their profits for future investments. Liberals will argue « if this helps creating more jobs, why not give it a try »? Still, the gap between the percentage of tax wealthiest are paying compared to the middle-class remains questionable.

Moreover, tax havens wasn’t and are never tackled. Are you surprised ? The hidden persuaders class is fully operative.


Mr. Carson is so moderate than even about autism, Mr Trump brought more explanations than Him. We wander if being moderate is not hypocrisy or a tactic ?

On Marijuana, Ms Fiorina told something interesting : « stop telling people marijuana is like drinking beer. Just fun ». This is precisely the kind of simplification – led through medias pro-gay and pro-everything propaganda working for some hidden lucrative persuaders factories – worthy debunking. She has lost a love’s one apparently. I’m sure this brought her a great deal of sympathy. Emotion always pay cash in TV’s showcases and confrontations.

Needless to add, she was sincere as she was with Iran.

Gun’s controls

Everybody in America is for gun’s control. But, everybody loves guns. America was built with a colt and a bible in each hand. Because American Greatness and Heroïsm are nothing without guns, wars and mass killings, the fight to put the guns down will be a presidential test. It is their adrenaline : they were born in it ; this is how they are going to die. Archetypes are hard to eradicate. SC’s Confederate flag, bearing more than a century of existence, has been toppled and brought to the Museeum.

Hopefully this will be the case for Guns, one day in the future.

Gov. Nikki Haley: ‘It is time to move the confederate flag from the Capitol’

Who won and who didn’t ?

This is not for me to tell. I don’t like that ranking. During a debate, there are decisive moments and some highlights.

>>> On Foreign Affairs, I will pick Senator Rand Paul.

>>> Concerning Gay ultra legalism which is holding an officer in jail for refusing to deliver gay marriage licences, Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee were interesting hearing, eventhough the two of them were also the most opened pro-Israelite.

You may be interested on a TV documentary by LCP french channel over the origin of « social fabrics’ prostitutionnalisation » stemming from wars, conflicts and brutal embargos. Thaïlande is devastated by this andthe tradition of sexual tourism didn’t help. In this documentary, you’ll be surprised to know that gay marriage started with wars, with the establishment of gay prostitution. Guess who was the pionnier of that gay prostituted hotels ? A woman of an American banker, while her husband was leading the 4 stars hotels building devoted to GI’s sexual healing.

That gay marriage project is older as the Vietnam war concept.

>>> Concerning the latino’s round, Gov. Marco Rubio was good. He also was during the session.

>>> Mr. Patakis – correct me if I’m wrong – has advocated for citizenship. Which dismisses Trump’s obsession on Obama’s birthplace and Ben Carson views over anti-muslim ruling for presidency as cheap and outdate. Looking back at the question of the guy in the room, I’m not that sure Trump was responsible for bringing the Muslim’s issue on the table. There are some exaggerations. Let’s consider it anecdotic.

>>> On Health care approach, Mr. Trump and Ms Fiorina was convincing.

>>> Trump was also firm over money in politics.

>>> etc… You can make your own ranking.

>>> Gov. Graham Lindsey voice and intonation look like presidential. His voice speaks about Authority. He needs to translate this with more specifics. Physically, he has the presidential stature. But, as all of us know, it is not about physical appearance only, or that inspirational voice, ….


>>> Oh, I was about to forget Trump’s remark on « more energy tonight, I like that » to Jeb Bush.

May I say God Bless America? OH YES.

(1) – (CNN) – Hillary Clinton’s lead in the Democratic presidential primary race has grown, and if Vice President Joe Biden decides to stay out of the race, her numbers would rise even higher, a new CNN/ORC poll shows.

Clinton is backed by 42% of Democratic primary voters nationally, compared to 24% for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, 22% for Biden and 1% for former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley.


1 – Wisconsin gov. Scott Walker has dropped from the presidential race for poor polls. Racist people earn disdain. It goes without saying.

2 – Russian consulate has been targeted in Syria. Natürlich, Russia is playing a double game ; may I say a triple one. What is Russia looking for ? To destroy Assad with his enemy on board, Israel. Israel can not be on board, when it comes to bomb another nation in the region. Israel, as all the Jewish institutions, is always on board to spy on other nations, always looking at the neighborhood’s belongings to destroy. As a two heads’ snake, this State will always bring badluck to Syrian.

This is a way out for Mr. Netanyahu, now friend of Russia, shamelessly, after failing to corrupt America’s leadership one more time. Now, Jewish are pro-Russians. Let me laugh at it. As post-nazis, jewish can not be pro-Russians. As the eternal enemy of all the Arabic  nations, including the naïves players, such a Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Emirates and Jordania, Israel can not be and is not friend of Syria.

Israel is the state which was advocating strongly for a NATO intervention in Syria, led by UK-USA. Prime Minister Netanyahu didn’t stop at anything for that.

If Russia is bringing the traitor in the Region in its luggage, then it is a disgrace for Putin who is going to earn his poor moral reputation of unreliability. In this case, America deserves the right to step in, as PM Netanyahu is willing to play the chicken game to complicate the matter.


If this nation is serious, then free palestinians and Palestine. That is what the world is asking and waiting for, not their participation in any form of bombings.

Any other lamentations’ move is high hypocrisy and plain comedy TO DISTRACT THE WORLD FROM PEACE.


Vampires can’t help attending any meeting of blood-sucking. After Russia, the new Ally and former enemy in Ukraine,

After Netanyahu has sent jews post-nazis to dismantle Ukrainian nation using America as a pass ;

This is the same Netanyahu, critics of Russia in Ukrain yesterday, coming like a pet in Moscow to beg Putin to accept him on board.

Russia is so happy of this disruption between the twins brothers that – alike Snowden – it is too good to reject PM Netanyahu miserable offer. Putin has humiliated Netanyahu after the later humiliated itself in the first place, going at Moscow…

Now, America knows who is its friend and ally in the region : Irael reading to sell them out for another friend, depending of the circumstances and of the balance of power.


Its presence is insane and a stain. PM B. Netanyahu is a professional LIAR.

3 – A former peanut company owner was sentenced to 28 years for knowingly shipping out salmonella-tainted products in a 2008 outbreak that killed nine people and sickened hundreds of others.

Stewart Parnell, 61, was convicted last year on 72 counts of federal fraud and conspiracy charges in what food safety advocates are calling a precedent-setting case.

4 – Justice Dept has launched an investigation over Volkswagen cheatings on gas emissions.




Russ for Wisconsin


You’ve probably heard the news: Scott Walker just dropped out of the presidential race.

It’s tempting to take a victory lap. Scott Walker tried to take his « divide and conquer » politics national and he failed. But here in Wisconsin, we don’t have that luxury — because we’re living through the consequences of Walker’s policies every day. He is still governor of Wisconsin until 2019 and today’s news doesn’t change that reality.

But here’s why I’m hopeful. I truly believe Wisconsinites and Americans want to support candidates who believe our elections should be about ideas and a discussion of how to help working families get by in this economy, not « divide and conquer » politics. That’s why I’m running a campaign built on listening to Wisconsinites and taking up their fight with an honest and independent voice.

Scott Walker is no longer running for president, but the damage he and Senator Johnson have done to Wisconsin will take years to undo. It’s going to take everyone rolling up their sleeves and coming together. I’m counting on you to stand with me today and make « divide and conquer » a footnote in Wisconsin’s history.



IMF Staff Release new report for the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee on the West Bank and Gaza

IMF communique
click to enlarge.

Press Release No.15/429
September 21, 2015
The Palestinian economy faces daunting challenges due to rising political uncertainty and a stalled peace process. In this difficult and fragile environment, it is essential that the main stakeholders – the Palestinian Authority (PA), Israel, and donors – work together to maintain macro-fiscal stability, safeguard institutions, and ensure a steady inflow of donor aid to avoid a deterioration in economic conditions, according to the latest report issued today by IMF staff for the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee (AHLC).

“The costs of inaction are potentially severe: sustained recession, rising unemployment, and, ultimately, social unrest,” Christoph Duenwald, Mission Chief for the West Bank and Gaza, said.The AHLC is scheduled to discuss the IMF report and the state of the Palestinian economy at a meeting in New York later this month. The IMF provides technical services to the West Bank and Gaza, including policy advice in the macroeconomic, fiscal, and financial areas, as well as technical assistance. The report reviews recent developments, discusses the risks to the outlook, provides advice on policies to strengthen the economy, and recommends actions to be taken by all parties concerned
IMF staff recommends that the PA retain policy discipline to address fiscal pressures and a large projected financing gap in 2015 projected at US$500 million (or 3.7 percent of GDP). Measures should focus on limiting the rise in the wage bill, introducing new government administrative fees, and strengthening tax administration.

The report also urges Israel to enhance economic cooperation, ease restrictions on movement and access in the West Bank, and to work with other countries in the region to lift the blockade of Gaza, which is impeding postwar recovery. The recent conflict in Gaza has had a devastating impact on all sectors of the economy, in addition to the human loss.

Donors should maintain aid to the Palestinian economy at this critical juncture, the report says.

“Measures by the PA to ensure macro-fiscal stability and a resumption of growth can only go so far. The strong and predictable support of the donor community—notwithstanding other competing claims on aid budgets—remains as important now as it ever has,” Duenwald said.


Media Relations
Phone: 202-623-7100

World deadly influence of Jews billionnaires money floodings in Politics. US and France alike.

Yesterday, I suggested we take a break. In the meantime, before I took the pen to go on with the US presidential debate reflections, the following Oped came inside my box via Eurasianews, our partner.

As I mentioned earlier, politicians are no longer the Servants of the People. They served their employers who happened to be billionnaires and their big money massively poured into political campaigns. Must of those billionnaires, if not all of them – through a legal mafia operative for half a century at least – are Jewish.  Ultimately,  the First responsibles for this chain of slavery and maledictions are the leaders : they cheated on democracy to conduct other people’s personal criminal businesses and big thefts, on total impunity. Our past and present leaders are twice guilty. The future should write down this different story to re-establish the truth behind those treacherous spotlights.

Money in Politics should be capped.

You may understand why none of the CEOs responsible for the 2008 financial crisis has been jailed so far. They bought their immunity during presidential campaigns. In fact, they bought and make the president of the US who  finds himself trapped and totally confused, unless you are an Obama, the man who is resisting to PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

Consequently, last presidential debate, candidates were used as Israeli proxies to do the demonizing business. Mr Trump was the best of them during the debate and afterwards.

Is Israel A Two-Headed Snake In Our Midst? – OpEd


Saturday, September 19th, 2015

Go on at Eurasianews.

Hold on please, we are coming a long way – like migrants in Europe – and we still get a long way to go exploring the matter.

……………….. Without surprise, because of GOP’s voters pro guns’ profile, you have the polls below. The Hardline is the Bestline. To GOP’s voters, Military Forces are first and end to America’s leadership. Consequently, military forces are tantamount to foreign afffairs, meaning foreign affairs are all about War, Coercition, flexing muscles and Ultimatums. The McCain Model Plus = King Kong on top of the World Trade Center. Boom. Boom.

US presidential campaign. Why businessmen (women) are making so poor politicians?

February 2015. Just back from America. Now it is a differend story.

After Trump’s running off the track with his double mistake against president Obama birthplace and Muslims criticism : both referring to Obama Trump’s obsession, here is my take over the presidential last debate to which Trump has brought an excellent starting point summarized with the question above : how is it businessmen understand so little about politics ?

I could have also said how is it politicians are so poor businessmen ? So, whenever I see one of those people trying to exit the lane, it raises my curiosity to see the moment they are going to initiate their fall down, by themselves. The first alert came during the last debate with Ms Fiorina, so articulate, looking so amateur in foreign policy. She is absolutely off track.

By the way, I have a HP plant under my feet, here where I’m still roaming in a France campaign. In a sense, I consider myself LOST. But you know what, this is the moment and the place where your perception is at its highest alert standing. So, the HP plant here has earned poor social credentials and a short moral standing dealing with either territorial development and social inclusion. When I hear « HP », I stand still first and clear my eyes and ears, second, before clearing my throat.

HP in Villefontaine is sort of an abandoned place, just like a wound in a desolated and isolated landscape. The multinational came here for tax codes exemptions. When times came to pay their fair share, they moved away… HP is by far, not a model to sell for change in America, considering the Villefontaine’s plant results.

Nevertheless, Ms Fiorina has underlined a good definition for leadership :

 – Challenging the status quo

– Solving problems

– Obtaining results.

She was so articulate while responding to Gov. Chris Christie’s remark about overselling themselves with their resume and business experiences. « You were all great. Congratulations. Let’s move ahead with the debate », Gov. Christie told them. Somebody added « we are all qualified to stand here ».

The fact is businessmen or women will be encline to do so, to catch up with the knowledgeability factor. 

Which brings us to the relationship between leadership and character.

Again, back to Trump, the animator of this first part of the campaign, untill he started crunching yesterday. Earlier, Trump said « look at this face, who is going to vote for this face » ? Naturally, as every lazy person intoxicated by some basic instints conventional and politically correct comments, Ms Fiorina missed the point. It was not about here « beautiful face » Trump told her, laughing slowly as someone who just  pounded his adversary’s comprehension of nuanced facts – it was about the degree of confidence her face could inspire to the people.

Leadership is about character, i.e. about the ability to produce and draw trust. Is Miss Fiorina trusty ? You are the one to answer. Gaining trust comes in three phases :

First, your words and the flow. Behind the flow lies something you can’t control : your character. The flow is your respiration and it tells another story.

Second, your argumentation.

Third. Your ability to capture and connect with your audience durably. This is the moment when a candidate starts changing his statute from candidate to a may-be-president. Here, something else is required : the aura, an upper standing.

Businessmen heaviness is well known and could be a handicap. Indeed a huge one. When you hear our two outsiders triumphant  businessman and woman, you can see this working around them as a belt ; like a straitjacket.

Businesses and politics are two different universes using different codes. Unfortunately, those latest years, corruption in politics has turned the World upside down :politicians are businessmen subalterns or surrogates. After all, those businessmen are the funders of their poor political campaigns ; in a sense, billionnaires are their employers. Just like Mr. Trump can employ Ms. Fiorina.

Which brings us to money in politics and the consequences of it over the ongoing crisis of migrants in Europe.

At this stage, I suggest we can take a break.



The EU Commission non binding migrants’ quotas. View the European Commission Press Release Database.

From Monovite. EU Parliament Backs Migrant Quotas Proposal

The European Parliament on Thursday gave the green light to a plan put forward by the EU Commission under which 120 000 migrants will be relocated from Greece, Italy, and Hungary.

Germany, France, and Spain will be the countries to take in more than half of these. With smaller countries in terms of population and/or GDP the number varies between a few hundred and a few thousand. Bulgaria is to receive some 1600 people, with Interior Minister Rumyana Bachvarova announcing on Monday that Sofia will insist that the families it is to accommodate should be from Syria.

The exact numbers of people for each country are available here.

A stable « yes » majority of 372-124 (53 abstained), however, is not tantamount to quotas entering into force – the vote as not binding and will be followed by a meeting of interior ministers next week.

Some EU member states are against the introduction of quotas, with Central European states such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland vehemently opposing any compulsory relocation.

Source. Sofia morning news.

EU Press Release DataBase.

How is the Commission ensuring implementation of the common, EU rules?

The flip side to showing solidarity with frontline Member States is that everyone must show responsibility in applying the common EU rules. The European Agenda on Migration is based on a simple principle: help migrants in need of international protection and return migrants that have no right to stay on EU territory. To implement this European migration policy, it is essential that all Member States fully implement the common rules on asylum and irregular migration that were agreed at EU-level.

The question is which migrant can stay and who can not, knowing their common journey ?

Which migrant will finally become a refugee  under « common rules on asylum »?  and which refugee wil be stamped « irregular migrant » ? Under which criteria ?

The fuzziness of admissions under the asylum law is a common trend inside the EU.

Thanks God, 

Who will be returned?

According to the Return Directive, the Programme targets third-country nationals staying illegally on the territory of a Member State. Return does not apply to those who apply for asylum or are in need of protection and fear war or persecution. The Return Directive also clearly states the obligation to respect the principle of non-refoulement (meaning no state shall expel or return (‘refouler’) a refugee to the frontiers of territories where his life or freedom would be threatened on account of his race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion).

+ EU Leaders to Hold Emergency Summit on Migration Sept. 23 – (Sofia news).

Fifa’s SG is on the leave under suspicions of corruption, notably selling tickets for his own profit. 

European Migrants’ crisis. The Institutional responses and the chain of responsibilities.


« UNHCR Urges EU to Set up ‘Effective Reception Centers’ for Refugees »


« The United Nations refugee agency has called for the creation of effective reception centers in Greece, Hungary and Italy to address the worsening migration crisis in Europe.

“The recent successive announcements of different border control measures by a number of European countries impacted by the refugee and migration crisis only underlines the urgency of establishing a comprehensive European response,” UNHCR said in a statement ahead a key meeting of EU’s Interior Ministers on Monday.

The UNHCR also called for rapid implementation of a relocation programme based on binding quotas of migrants each member state should take in as proposed by the head of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker.

“People in need of international protection in accordance with international law should be relocated amongst all European Union countries based on a fair distribution mechanism,” the statement read.

If the EU member states fail to agree on a comprehensive coordinated response to the current migrant influx there is risk of creating a ‘legal limbo’, in which refugees in Europe will be unable to find the protection they are seeking, the UNHCR said ».


Plus. Germany is calling for an extraordinary summit over migrants. (Reuters)

Hungary is criticized for its poor handling of the refugees, contrary to the international law. The UNHCR is considering new routes for trapped migrants at the Hungary borders.

The morning after. Hungarian riot police are using tear gas and water cannons on refugees at the country’s border with Serbia, a CNN team reports, after a group of migrants broke through a barrier in an attempt to enter the European Union.

Closing the borders was/is a wrong decision, since those people are not going to stay in Hungary, an Ukraine-like nation, full of violence. They are on their way to Austria, Germany and Sweden.  Humanitary, this is a disaster, considering those people are coming a long way and have been walking for months.

Thank God, Croatia is giving those refugees a welcome relief.

Croatian PM :  « We are ready to accept refugees ». (CNN)

Hundreds of Migrants ‘Walking toward Bulgaria’. (Sofia news)

Refugee Crises At Dangerous Tipping Point As Hungary Deploys Army, Germany Loses Patience. (Total Collapse)

Refugee Crisis Reminds Europe There Is A Real War In Syria – Analysis (Geopolitical via Eurasianews.

Refugees are not the problem; war is. If the war in Syria doesn’t stop, the flow of refugees will only continue. The refugee wave, marked by the dramatic image of tens of thousands of Syrians trying to reach Germany from Hungary, is a phenomenon that until very recently has been confused, perhaps deliberately, with mass migration. There is an important difference: migrations are frequently driven by financial or social exclusion. What is happening now in Europe is the inevitable consequence of unresolved crises in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, and Afghanistan – all related to the collapse of these countries’ respective states, the result of wars for which the West bears much responsibility.

>>> « ….a phenomenon that until very recently has been confused, perhaps deliberately, with mass migration. There is an important difference: migrations are frequently driven by financial or social exclusion. What is happening now in Europe is the inevitable consequence of unresolved crises in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, and Afghanistan – all related to the collapse of these countries’ respective states, the result of wars for which the West bears much responsibility ».

There is a principle of « non-contradiction » that binds migrations and refugees. A migrant is a person coming from one country and going to another one looking for a better future. A refugee may be looking for a better secured place ; in the end, he is going to be counted as a migrant in the hosting nation. What the two of them have in common is DISPLACEMENT. You come as a refugee you end as a migrant and vice versa. This is how things are dealt with on the ground. In theory, may be there is a difference. In practical, things are overlaped.

>>> Either Germany and the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon have considered Hungary’s behavior « unacceptable » or « non acceptable ». In theory, it looks like the non-contradictory principle between « migrants » (unacceptable) and « refugees » (non acceptable). Which could lead us to « Immigration policy » debated yesterday inside the Republican Presidential debate where the basic line was « criticizing President Obama » compared to Abraham Lincoln by Mr. Trump, I don’t know why ?

Frankly change has begun in America with President Obama on board. To turn things around with tact, has never been an easy task (1).

On the exception of Rand Paul pointed out as the Intruder by another contender –  [Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee] error, not them but Mr. Kasich, on foreign affairs, the panel was « rogue » on the issue. Those are no longer times for old and past foreign politics. Even more so, the place, the Reagan Library,  should have reminded them the lessons of the Man in Foreign policy.

They should read  the Geopolitical post quoted above. Again and again.

 [Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee] were good defending the Kentucky clerk « jailed for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licences ».

What  was disturbing and really pitiful yesterday, in this debate, was the consensus of the GOP partisans, leaders and voters, with guns’ possessions. Warmongers abroad are pro-guns domestically. This is extremely disturbing. When only one person can fall under gun violence, it is too high a price to pay in a Civilised society. Somebody argued yesterday that the Western Civilisation was threatened in America. Of those two characters, who is the threatener: the Mexican migrants or the gun’s sprinters ?

More next…

(1) – GM will pay $900 million to settle a criminal probe over its delayed recall of flawed ignition switches, according to court documents. At least 124 deaths are blamed on the problem. No GM executives have been charged in the probe. (CNN)

News of the day.

Chile Earthquake.  (CNN) –

Chile’s emergency office tweets that coastal evacuations are underway due to a possible tsunami spawned by a large earthquake off the coast.

The U.S. Geological Survey says the preliminary magnitude of the quake is 8.3, with an epicenter about 55 kilometers (34 miles) west of Illapel, Chile.