2016. Donald Trump, the Voice of Hope in America today. Glory Glory Halleluyah !

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Or A Legacy of trickery for a rigged election.

⇒Obama Said Hillary Will Continue His Legacy And Indeed She Will – OpEd

Leading up to Monday’s Democratic Party convention, Hillary chose Blue Dog Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia as her VP. This was followed by the Wikileaks release of Democratic National Committee (DNC) e-mail files showing it acting as the Clinton Campaign Committee even to the point of using the same lawyers as her own campaign to oppose Bernie Sanders.

The response across the Democratic neocon spectrum, from Anne Applebaum at the Washington Post to red-baiting Paul Krugman and the Sunday talk shows it was suggested that behind the Wikileaks to release DNC e-mails was a Russian plot to help elect Trump as their agent. Former US ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul lent his tattered reputation to claim that Putin must have sponsored the hackers who exposed the DNC dirty tricks against Bernie.

The attack on Trump was of course aimed at Sanders. At first it didn’t take off. Enough delegates threatened to boo DNC head (and payday-loan lobbyist) Debbie Wasserman Schultz off stage if she showed her face at the podium to gavel the convention to order. The down-note would have threatened the “United Together” theme, so she was forced to resign. But Hillary rewarded her loyalty by naming her honorary chairman of her own presidential campaign! If you’re loyal, you get a pay-off. The DNC was doing what it was supposed to do. No reform seems likely.

The Democratic machine orchestrated a media campaign to distract attention by attributing the leaks were to a Russian plot to undermine American democracy (as if the e-mails did not show how undemocratic the DNC had operated in stacking the primaries). A vote against Hillary would be a vote for Trump – and a vote for Trump would really be for Putin. And as Hillary had explained earlier, Putin = Hitler. The media let it be known that attacking Wasserman Schultz – and by extension, Hillary’s neocon policies – makes one a Russian dupe. This theme colored the entire convention week.

Endorsing Hillary’s presidential bid on Monday evening, Sanders joined in the chorus that this November will pit Good against Evil – or as Ray McGovern put it on RT’s Cross Talk, at least proxies for Netanyahu vs. Putin. Wall Street Senator Chuck Schumer went on TV to heave a sigh of relief that the party was indeed united together.

Many Sanders’ supporters felt no obligation to follow his obeisance. Many walked out after he closed Tuesday’s state-by-state roll call by throwing his support behind Clinton. Others chanted “Lock Her Up”.

First legacy. Zero Justice or a Proxy one.

⇒Trump’s ‘Putin Connection’ Has Been Outed With Surprising Result

The Putin-scare that Clinton created worked like a charm to paper over the grim fact that the Democratic Party primaries were illegitimate, thus making Hillary’s own nomination itself illegitimate and undemocratic. It’s a very shrewd strategy, and unfortunately many Americans have been tricked by it.

Second legacy. Broken foreign affairs Kerry has been struggling to redress, to no avail.

PLUS — A Formidable legacy of War and Ultra predation, if not Supra.

What Makes Islamic State A Formidable Terrorist Group? – OpEd

The corporate media’s spin-doctors conveniently forget, however, that the formation of Islamic State and myriads of other Sunni Arab jihadist groups in Syria and Iraq has as much to do with the unilateral invasion of Iraq back in 2003 under the previous Bush Administration as it is the outcome of the present policy of Obama Administration in Syria of funding, arming, training and internationally legitimizing the Sunni militants against the Syrian regime since 2011-onward in the wake of the Arab Spring uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa region. In fact, the proximate cause behind the rise of Islamic State, al Nusra Front, Ahrar al-Sham, Jaysh al-Islam and numerous other Sunni Arab militant groups in Syria and Iraq has been Obama Administration’s policy of intervention through proxies in Syria.

A chance Trump is still standing. Demonizing Trump for saying what Bernie Sanders has been saying

⇒Hillary To Deliver Syria To Jihadists? – OpEd

As far as violating international law, the entire two year US intervention in Syria is in clear violation of international law. The US has no legal right to bomb Syria.

How do we know the jihadists will come out on top? Her last great intervention, the “liberation” of Libya should be precedent. Gaddafi was no angel, but until shortly before he was overthrown he was a Washington ally, a secular counterpart to creeping Islamization of the region. After the 2011 “liberation” strongly backed by Hillary, Libya has turned into a hellhole of competing radical Islamist militias and warlords. ISIS and al-Qaeda were unheard of in Libya before Hillary got her hands on it. Now it is rotten with them.

When it comes to Syria, Hillary means war.


Stand with Sen. Warren: Tell the FTC to investigate Airbnb-style rentals. Click here to sign the petition.

Now, concerning the declaration over Sanders’ omission to send his endless Thanks to Wikileaks for the Democratic party leaks, spanning over the primary session, inducing the idea that, Wikileaks is the only one to thank for the dramatic outcome of these leaks : Schultz resignation, I don’t buy in it. This is a false process.

First of all, the moment I sent my million gratifications and gratitutes to Wikileaks, as a close ally and partner of Team Bernie, I did it on this precise purpose. During the campaign, anybody with eyes have seen the perfect coordination and harmony in tune and expression of the team, including me. I said thank to Wikileaks, mentioning « personally », knowing that some – Bernie Sanders supporters first – will give me credit, only because I’m speaking on his behalf, of after Him, or alongside with Him or may be withJeff Weaver. My personally here was for the team. Sanders campaign was a collective affair.

Second. Look at the timeline of the events. When Wikileaks emails were released, the very first day, the press and all the commentators just threw a glance, without even insisting on their duly importance.

Third. It was only the day after,  coinciding with the eve of the DNC Convention – a chance? -, after the post (below)concerning the DNC farce about to stage, that the leaked emails sparked fire. Why ? Because they became representative of the entire farcical primaries session.

Four. The exceptional conjonction linking the emails to the drama the convention was sitting on is the reason why. Why was it the convention was so polarised if not because of what the leaked emails were attesting as evidence of what everybody with eyes have witnessed during the primairies session.

Five. OK. First the leaks. But without a member of team Bernie’s highlight,  and Bernie supporters outrage, marching on the convention site to demand sanctions, the leaks would not be that powerful.

Six. They definitely became decisive with Bernie Sanders asking the DNC Chairman resignation, immediately.

Thanks also to EurasiaReview who selected the news in its digest sent to its readers. To me, EurasiaReview is like the Ron Paul Institute. I need them as confirmators.

Seven. This is a chain of decisions. A case for ‘Togetherness’ making things possible. That is what Sanders have been talking about during the campaign. « There is nothing we can’t achieve, if we stand together ». A rigged election has left millions of Sanders voters with bitterness and anger, having been fooled by the party and deprived from their citizen big moment. This feeling of betrayal was a perfect inflammable ground. And still is.

Nothing surpasses injustices or a mockery of something so Big as democratic elections.

No doubt, Wikileaks have been formidable. But this was a collective operation, with a story. If you loose the past scenario’s disturbancies in mind, then you miss the point.

We must be careful to avoid treating the information – or  non-information as it is often the case – as mainstream medias, whose habit consists in taking the shortcuts or posting more of the same post(s) endlessly, changing the package, but not the trick.

Reductionism or Repetition is so tempting, especially in those times, when cheaper is highly profitable. 

Those cheaper things, as stealing an election, started frantically and systematically at New York and ended triumphantly in California where we still don’t know who was the final winner. Does any one know the exact cheap numbers ?

Can the DNC organisation be sued for running a deliberate fraudulent election? Will there be a jurisprudence ? Who can file a lawsuit ? Is this possible ? Have we ever been in a situation too close of a process of invalidation ? Can we envision a leap on the electoral law, allowing citizens to sue a party staging fraudulent elections, if evidence are brought in ? … Can the media be sued for selling deliberate wrong polls? Selling fraudulent materials to favor one candidate over another ? Be careful with the Polls : they are sheer fabrications. May I say Fabrics ? Ignore them superbly. They are going to lie all along the process.

DNC’s chairman resignation and the woman fired at Brooklyn, have anticipated the issue of the party being sued for malpractices.

Google the fraud
I’m Elise Mbock. Your admin. (WCP)





The farcical Democratic convention. Go to Wikileaks.



Number One. Apparently, a CNN anchor has voiced something insulting. Don’t consider the whole thing, those are people whose expertise consists on Global Plagiarism. They have been  caught in, plainly. And the man have voiced excuses for building and selling a PLAGIARIST book.

Number Two. Don’t buy in the people mag. They know nothing on anything. Unless you’d like to see how women are giving birth inside hospitals (=ultra voyeurism cheap and mean which is everything but new or a news) or see some skeletons to remember you what their world of crimes is about (criminal business) or gossips taken right away from my conversations – See my picture and how I consider them low, low and low.

Be careful, distracting you, is like giving you an apple, before the brainwashing news you will not even notice, because of your distraction.

Number three. For the time remaining, keep concentrate and alert and defiant. The Devil and his mercenaries have got many tricks on their bags of bandits.

Number four. Of the Yahoo’s selection, for instance, half of the selection if not the 3/4 are either propaganda or voyeurism. Do you want a confidence ? Much of those voyeurist « press mercenaries » are cowards and desperates, hiding inside my apart to find something to live on. Those are specialists of sucking and stealing. You can’t change them, unless you decide to stop them by law and by your vote.


America must break with the THUGGERY CULTURE. Indeed, the so called press are mercenaries. Period.


Actually, Obama’s girls are on auction everywhere, under the pretext of promoting youth brotherhood – Martin Luther King’s dream obsolete point: Black and white walking hand by hand has morphed into a very interested friendly business if not very corrupted, enslaved or artificial. See what I mean ? This black and white friendship and the girls are apple given to you to manipulate your conscience.

Never mind. For the moment.

Mind this Big One.

Julian Assange Claims Hacked Emails Include Info On Hillary Arming Islamic State – OpEd


I know that corrections are harming you. But, remember my endless indulgences to you for that. I told you, once a text is written, it starts its independent life ; which comes with many constraints either in style, form or formalisation. Sometimes, you’ll be in a position to rewrite some sentences, in order to fit the breathing of the text which – I emphasize on this – no longer belongs to you, but to all of us.

I’m kind of catalyst. You are the final actors here.

See what is happening to Bernie Sanders, who committed the unthinkable or uncommittable. My respect Mr. Sanders.  How does it feel now, with this other proof ?

Never mind. For the moment.

Once you voice words like ‘the Big Enchilada », you can’t sign any pact with the Enchilada, expecting your people to follow you into Hell. Every human being is a survivor. As such, instinctively, he will keep himself away from the Hellhole – dixit The Ron Paul Institute-. Hellhole like Darkhole.

Bernie Sanders has launched a Political Revolution which doesn’t belong to HIM anymore. He always underlined that this was and is a collective affair. Either, we keep giving our hands to the slavers to tight them up, hands and mouth and souls, or we demand Justice (social, racial, environment and economic).

Kidnapping the feast and joy of the voters was a sin. Any person whose aim is to confiscate your joy, hates you the most, because he eviscerates the energy from your brain and muscles. Joy is the source of Energy. Joy and Hope. Joy brings hope. It is an energizer. Joy makes you a better person, filled of positive energy, ready for friendly relationships, dialogue, openness, progress and cooperation.

Joy keeps fear away from you.

Joy is the engine and the essence.

Let’s end this – for the moment – with the process of the FBI. Inevitable. QUESTION AND BRING THE FBI TO TRIAL.

Why ?

If the FBI can’t bring those damned emails to light, here is it :

Point One. It is either the FBI is incompetent. In the case, our security is in jeopardy. An investigation must be conducted to identify the persons responsible for those shortcomings. Those people must be fired, as Schultz or the Brooklyn woman.

Point two. If they have acted as accomplices, on purpose, to hide the emails, they must be trialed to Justice, for arming a terrorist group. Illegaly. On the back of the gov, without a Congressional decision and lying to the Congress committee, under oath. Apply the code and find the responsabilities.

Point Three. As far as Russia or China competition with the USA is concerned, it comes down to this : Russia can’t have the emails, while the FBI is confessing their ineptitude on the issue. Damned it ! How can the FBI talk those rubbish. It is a big shame and sorrow to see that a criminal can commit crimes, under the FBI eyes and nose. May be they have a Pinnochio nose. The FBI is lying that they have not those emails in their possession. What somebody else can have, the FBI can’t argue he can’t.

If this unthinkable fault have occured, then close the FBI down. They worth zero.

I’m afraid, an agonizing train, billed by the FBI’s and billionaires tankers, has been nominated at Philly, during the farcical convention.

Talking about the agonizing train go back to « I’m the Amtrak ».

I’m the Amtrak.


Capture Glory glory WH

Now that I’m reconciling with Youtube, I have a beautiful song for you to listen and enjoy :

… Glory, Glory Alléluiah – Youtube – by Elvis Presley. But there are too many versions you can chose and enjoy. A beautiful Hymn of the Republic. In fact, a Battle Hymn.

… Joan Baez is also wonderful with her particlar hum hum hum. A wonder of a singer.

This song is for military coming back home and enjoying to stay with their families again.

You must fight for the American Republic. Democratically, i.e.with our votes.

Democracy is a March. Never forget this. The moment you stop marching on, you become vulnerable to the devil’s traps. This is what happened to black people in America. This is what is happening to the white working-class in America : Trapped. Sing the Glory Glory Alleluiah while marching on to take back your Republic on Its father founders’ foundations.

Glory Glory Alléluiah ! Whitney Houston Version. « The beginning of a new understanding and hope for every one ». As usual, the song is explosive in the tune of Whitney. We miss her wonderful voice.



The CEO of the Democratic National Committee and two other high-level staffers left the organization on Tuesday in the wake of the committee’s hacked email controversy.

Amy Dacey is the highest-ranking official at the DNC to step aside due to the matter, a senior Democratic official said. The DNC also announced the departure of CFO Brad Marshall and Communications Director Luis Miranda in a press release Tuesday afternoon.


Emotionally speaking or full logical jacket.

Some are criticizing Trump’s emotional speaking, labelling it as the sign of unfitness leadership. To their understanding, a strong leader is a full rationale machine-gun, cold, and politically correct.

The same causes having the same consequences, the entire establishment – on both side of the spectrum – is going to endorse Hillary. Are you suprised ? History is repeating itself, until the breaking point.

Today, to look trendy, one must keep calm, cool, parroting the cheap and robotic call for unity. What is this hypocrisy ? Calling for unity means nothing. Unity is the result of a positive feeling among the citizens. You don’t order Unity to the people. What you can call and must aim first, is the harmonisation of the relationships. If unity comes with it, it will be added onto.

The Critique of pure reason (E. Kant) is a reminder of logic applying to reality. If you know an emotionally-blank reality, show us.

You can not eviscerate emotions from Politics. You can’t.

And this is good news. Indeed. If we all call for unity, we are saying nothing convincing or new or revolutionary. But, at the moment we decide to focus on the relationships to improve or to harmonize, we start something essential : working the interstices. Mexico, Muslims in America are those interstices to widen and work out.

….Inflation and Exaggeration are part of the game. Overplaying their hands in Khan controversy is the present example among past and future cases to come.

Some are even questioning the mental state of Trump ! This is what happens inside a society where the norm is cheating to win. A clean winner, without billionaires support or outside a proxy panel, is suspected of anormality.

Yes Mr. Trump is not normal. That is why he won astoundingly. He is simply Outsized and unclassifiable. He is off categorie. He is he embodiment of his catch word : Greatness. Can the opposite side tell us about their « togetherness fight ». Together inside the establishment, for sure yes. I know that some will say, this was a past reality. Actually, we promise you to take you into account, they will say. If you beleive in self fulfilling promises, buy it. If not, come back to reality.

Welcome in the Real World Warren Buffet is not living in; sleeping in the five stars altar named Wall Street and Co., the Bubble.