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Trump is changing the atmosphere. Follow the money.

Painting. Steve Penley, copyright RNC.
I just delivered a fiery speech attacking Hillary as the corrupt candidate bought-and-paid-for by special interests.

You and I know the media is going to lie and tell a different story. But I need your help getting the truth out to the American people… And there’s one easy way:

Follow the money…

Hillary has received millions of dollars from Wall Street hedge funds. Meanwhile, 96% of my contributions just last month came from small-dollar donations.

Follow Hillary Clinton’s money and it leads to special interests.

Follow my money and it leads right back to YOU — the American people.

This election is our last shot to take back our country for the American people. Now is our moment to step up and make sure we win.

Please contribute $100, $65, $50, $35, $15 or $5 to stand up to the special interests trying to buy America.

Don’t forget about the closed-door speeches where she received $4.1 million in speaking fees from talking to financial focused audiences.

And if she ever got the chance, she’d put the White House up for sale.

Because I’ve shut the door on so many lobbyists and special interests who want to buy their way into a Trump presidency — not going to happen — I need your help going the extra mile with me by making a contribution to win.

Together, we can beat the mega donors bankrolling Crooked Hillary’s campaign.

Please contribute $100, $65, $50, $35, $15 or $5 to stand up to the special interests trying to buy America.

Thank you,

Donald J. Trump




To begin with, here is a BIG ONE coming from Nigeria. By Akinbode Oluwafemi of the Corporate Accountability International. It looks like everything in Nigeria is not Nollywood, the corrupt and enslaved TV, hiding a board of Hoax, more of the same International thieves whose businesses is all about spoliating the people, worldwide.

Nollywood looks like a Nigerian tool, but it is not. It is just another Troyan like BFM TV in France, and the entire press owned by the same international gang, immuned from any kind of accountability. Needly to say honesty, morality or decency or to talk  about the poor ads sector, reduced to the status of dogs and rats, surrounding the apartments and bedrooms of my whereabouts.

Many things in Africa are deemed Africa, whereas they are pure facades.

Here is a counter example – the voice of authenticity :

Corporate Accountability International


Dear Elise,

I know you’ve recently heard from my dear friend Patti Lynn about the work of Corporate Accountability International. I met her in 2000 when we worked shoulder-to-shoulder to challenge the tobacco industry, which was addicting youth across the Global South to its deadly products.

I saw firsthand Corporate Accountability International’s power and passion, and I quickly learned what an invaluable ally they are to people around the world standing up to corporate power. Together, we secured international law that curbs the power of Big Tobacco and makes it harder to prey on young people in my country and around the world.

I hope you’ll join us. Make a monthly donation today to fuel the campaigns that are challenging the most dangerous corporations in the world.

I’ve been challenging corporate power in Nigeria for all of my adult life. Right now, my organization is challenging the private water industry in Nigeria — and we’re partnering with Corporate Accountability International to win.

In the village where I grew up in Nigeria, I was taught that water is the essence of life. So I have a sacred connection with water. I don’t waste it, I don’t take it for granted, and I don’t treat it as a commodity to be bought and sold.

You can imagine my outrage when I learned that, for decades, the World Bank has been pushing for water privatization in Lagos, the mega-city I now call home. Privatization would allow global corporations to sell our Lagos water back to me and my family for a profit. When water is privatized, water rates skyrocket. While a corporation reaps the profits, my neighbors who struggle to feed their families may be forced to choose between paying for clean water or sending their kids to school.

When you make a monthly gift to Corporate Accountability International, you’re supporting lifesaving work. Monthly giving provides critical ongoing support. It’s easy and convenient, and you can change or cancel your gift at any time.

Challenging entrenched corporate interests in my country is life or death. I’ve stared down the barrel of a gun more times than I care to count. And each time I get up and continue on, it’s because there is so much work to do to bring about a just world for all people.

It means so much for me to know that Patti, her colleagues, and the members of Corporate Accountability International have my back and are in it with me. Together, we’re challenging the biggest and most dangerous corporations in the world. It gives me hope that thousands of people around the world — just like you — are with us.

Please pledge your ongoing support to challenge corporate abuse around the world by making a monthly gift today.

Thank you for standing with me,

Akinbode Oluwafemi
Executive Director
Environmental Rights Action/ Friends of the Earth, Nigeria

Make a monthly gift[ Facebook ][ Instagram ][ Twitter ]

 Photo credit: Babawale Obayanju

Corporate Accountability International is a member-powered organization that protects human rights, public health, and the environment from corporate abuse around the world.

Corporate Accountability International Campaign Headquarters
10 Milk St, Suite 610, Boston, MA 02108

Every sane body have understood the Trump message : ASK FOR ACCOUNTABILITY. From Boston to Nigeria.

TO MOVE FORWARD, ASK FOR ACCOUNTABILITY to  the Crooked Hillary’s campaign.

img_1351You may not start beleiving it, but I’ve recorded a flash of the world radio emission to air at radio, as usual. No way to import the flash from the Iphone 6 to my laptop who has been totally corrupt. No email received neither in yahoo box or in google mail box. I can receive anything except a mail with this 13mn flash record attached. Unec email box by wanadoo or orange is also mute. No email coming in, with this apple 6 file joined to.

This is pure boycott and those are the people who are going to lecture Mr. Trump about demagoguery, calling people names and all the lazy things any primary school boy or girl can come up with, repeating more of the same popular tiring swan songs.

But, this is the best part of the crooked campaign : while they are sparing nothing to block my flash of the the world emission, to disrupt it and to bring it down – while they are shamelessly working into the darkness, behind-the-scenes as usual – to render any external media (such as a USB device, any phone either iphone or those run by the microsoft criminal software and hardcore, and others), – look at it works those days : the first connection, the laptop recognizes the devices, just to tell you the files are empty. When you reconnect, the device doesn’t appear anymore. It becomes invisible and unexploitable.

It started with the shootings. Are you surprised ? To win, they have to cheat or to sabotage and to keep monopolising the game, by all means of terror.

Any update of the system ends up with this inevitable mention : « windows was not able to repair or update the access to those external devices ». So windows 10 is failing itself ? WINDOWS 10 IS A CROOKED THING. SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED AND EVENTUALLY FORBIDDEN AS A SPY AND DESTRUCTIVE OUTLET. UNFIT TO PROGRESS AND COMPETITIVITY.

Time after writing this, there is a little amelioration…


But, here is another shame from the gangsta alliance : while they are occupied to cut the email down and to cut any road to it, they have listened – how can they help ?  the emission and started broadcasting on the content and the issues raised up inside the flash. What do you call those craps ? So BFM, yesterday, was all about unemployment, taxes – I’ve raised it up – and Sarkozy break down (I didn’t).

BFM is a crooked TV: from 3 p.m to 3 a.m, I followed them on a TV inside a friend flat, and it was the same short report repeated infinitely, with a Arabic host to cover the whole thing, just like Nollywood board is performing in Nigeria, while the real masters are hiding somewhere.

This TV deserves only 2 hours per day to broadcast. Otherwise, it is all about propaganda and brainwashing. Yesterday, it was all about Sarkozy bashing and « Hervé Mariton » opportunistic support to Alain Juppé, the main opponent to Sarkozy, for those Republicans primaries, french version.

Any earlier support in French politics is awarded with a post of Minister. The Valls model. 

They said Juppé is leading the race with 59% against Sarkozy rated at 41%. To add to Sarkozy woes, his former adviser who failed him, in 2012 with racist stands, just published a so-called book ; in fact gossip –  in which he is accusing president Sarkozy of mounting what he is assimilating to a ponzi scheme of false promises intentionally piled up, knowing perfectly those promises will never come true.

You call those kind of timely sorties a lynching mission. Mr. Patrick Buisson is pathetic. Not that he is not entitled to do whatever he wants, but, he is totally discredited when it comes to judging president Sarkozy. A traitor always ends up desperate. Watching the nerve of the man, you couldn’t beleive it. But, guess what ? The medias are going to keep on inviting him to chant loud and clear all his hate and contempt for former President Sarkozy. Patrick Buisson was Sarkozy’s gourou. Pathetic, I’m telling you.

The medias, Troyans than never : they are in again to destroy Sarkozy and to anoint Juppe. Oh, Juppe is a gay marriage supporter, just like Nathalie (NKM) he has helped to collect enough parrainages to candidate. It was a trick turned into some kind of solidarity. Personally, I know the word for this kind of solidarity. I call(ed) it, political corruption and preemption.

Juppe is aiming to build an alliance against former president Sarkozy comprising Himself, François Fillon, and NKM and Bruno Lemaire. Because of Gay marriage. You see what was behind gay marriage ? Another Troyan to hijack democracy and elections. Another hidden army walking hands-by-hands with  the army of journalists.

What is laughable is : All those people, except Jean-François Copé were appointed Minister by… President Nicolas Sarkozy.

What is laughable is the collective amnesia of the french people who are ignoring that Juppé was the foreign minister, Fillon, the Premier and NKM the environment minister plus the inaudible spokesperson of candidate Sarkozy in 2012. Patrick Buisson being the uncompromising GOUROU. The decision of going into Lybia was a collective decision of them. Alain Juppe voted for the no-fly-zone in the UN. How can they pretend representing anything different from president Sarkozy if not the quest for selfish power ?

Our petty journalists are out to destroy Sarkozy and to promote gay supporters. Lobbying is hitting the road.

Apparently, Henri Guaino will probably candidate, as an independent candidate. He failed to collect enough parrainages from the militants inside the Republican party. Previously, in also used to be a pivotal advisor on the board of president Sarkozy. He was his speech writers. Oh my God, people are getting mad for power. This is were the crony capitalism is ending : into a septic tank.

Here is the morality of the story : any organisation whose aim is to cheat the people and to steal on their back is digging their own graveyard. Sooner or later, confusion appears among them and the project becomes self-destructive. The Babel model.


Not surprising, president Buhari is having a great deal of work to do to cut corruption down. Abruptly. Nigeria has been dubbed the most corrupt country in the World for  many consecutives years. It is not randomly.

Watch Nollywood and the other African TVs, there is a stark contrast. Black people are slaves for many years to come. Unfortunately. Should this not be the case, they could not start to thinking of voting for the Troyan Democratic party which hates them and despises them. They are lying to themselves if they think Democrats care about them. They don’t. Democrats are a facade for Yahoo’s, Google’s, Orange’s, Western Union’s, Wall Street’s, and many more spying industries and agents’ sabotaging and antiprogressist orchestration.


When you have settled an  alliance to block the access to success to the outsiders, if by random, some people have thrived to get their heads above the waters, you come with a masssive band to storm the intruder(s) to silence and disappearance, using illegal means the gang were given to by the lawmakers and the administrations.

See the Atmosphere ? I have talked about that anti-progressist atmosphere inside the flash to lead the way Forward, and naturally, those crooks operating and running the public stage have screwed the flash.

And some people are writing this :

Excerpt. The latest opinion poll shows that among registered voters, 39 percent view Hillary Clinton favourably while 57 percent view her unfavourably. Donald Trump is viewed by 38 percent of the registered voters in a favourable manner while 57 percent of them view him unfavourably.

One more significant point to note is that the media has come out dominantly in support of Hillary Clinton. The same media has come out in full strength against Donald Trump. This has been the case right from the beginning when Donald Trump was contesting the Republican Primaries. Then, columns and articles used to be dominated with titles like ‘Why Trump can never become a Presidential candidate?’, ‘Why it is important to stop Trump?’ etc. Once he was elected as the Presidential candidate, the topic shifted. But the tone did not. It is about ‘How America cannot afford to have Trump as President.’ The New York Times published an editorial a couple of days back endorsing Hillary Clinton as its President titled ‘Hillary Clinton for President.’ It followed it up with another editorial ‘Why Donald Trump should not be President’. The Washington Post posted an editorial with the heading ‘It’s beyond debate that Donald Trump is unfit to be President.’ There is another group that has named itself ‘Historians against Trump’ which published an open letter to the American People to warn against the dangers of electing Donald Trump as President of the USA. Everyone seems to have ganged up against Trump these days.

Is a Trump Presidency all that bad for the US or the rest of the world? To begin with, Trump gave out a lot of dangerous statements initially. His remarks about Muslims, Mexicans and women were extreme and dangerous. But it is also true that he has moderated himself enormously in particular after his new campaign team came into force. Now he has started talking about how he won’t allow people from ‘enemy countries’ instead of saying that Muslims will not be allowed in. Earlier, he compared Mexican immigrants to rapists and mentioned that Mexico is sending people who commit crimes, who are killers and who are rapists and that he will build a wall along the border for which the Mexican government will pay. Recently, he went to Mexico, met the President there and came back and gave out a statement that ‘Mexicans are great people and they will pay for the wall.’ Lastly, he has stopped making the ‘misagonystic’ statements that he used to make. These are all improvements. It is all about moderation. Of course, not many in the liberal media have pointed these out!

Many people accuse Trump of being a populist. But if one looks at his statements, it is clear that in many of the issues, his stand goes against the mainstream stand of the Republican Party.

Rethinking Donald Trump.

ANALYSIS. You may have noticed the incapacity of those so-called mainstream medias of so-called journalists to bring up a substantiated analysis. They can’t. The only thing they are apt to is to say rubbish such as « that one is qualified and not that other one ». Who is telling this ? Who is qualified for the presidency ? A politician ? A journalist ? Rubbish. I’ve said, those gangs have turned intellectual matters into bathrooms affairs. Today, journalists and politicians are pretending to be our new intellectuals. Lol. With the results we all can see : a global crisis and bankruptcy.

An intellectual is a person who brings new ways of conceiving the world and doing politics. Sanders is an intellectual, before being a politician.

The Brexit is turning them crazy. First former president Nicolas Sarkozy said he would like to see things accelerating. Now, they report he is saying the exact opposite.

Politically yours.

The Brexit is a headache, because they have organised the entire economy and financial affairs as a maffia. The key rule inside a maffia is « once you are in, you can’t go out unless dead ». See the atmosphere to change ? See why ? It is because all those rubbish and shits are against FREEDOM as a philosophy, as a rule of clean and efficient governance, as the way for progressist reforms.

Hold on here, I have a lot to write on this, now that the flash has been hacked by Yahoo, Google and Orange – wanadoo.

You should know that your entire email boxes are consulted by either Yahoo or Google as will. This should change. How?

Hold this one on.

Let’s go back to the excerpt quoted above :

⇒Number one.


The latest opinion poll shows that among registered voters, 39 percent view Hillary Clinton favourably while 57 percent view her unfavourably. Donald Trump is viewed by 38 percent of the registered voters in a favourable manner while 57 percent of them view him unfavourably.


One more significant point to note is that the media has come out dominantly in support of Hillary Clinton. The same media has come out in full strength against Donald Trump.


mathematically, Trump is ahead. We have witnessed this during the Brexit campaign. Without the intoxication of the media, the Yes to leave vote would have been even greater.


This has been the case right from the beginning when Donald Trump was contesting the Republican Primaries. Then, columns and articles used to be dominated with titles like ‘Why Trump can never become a Presidential candidate?’, ‘Why it is important to stop Trump?’ etc. Once he was elected as the Presidential candidate, the topic shifted. But the tone did not. It is about ‘How America cannot afford to have Trump as President.’ The New York Times published an editorial a couple of days back endorsing Hillary Clinton as its President titled ‘Hillary Clinton for President.’ It followed it up with another editorial ‘Why Donald Trump should not be President’. The Washington Post posted an editorial with the heading ‘It’s beyond debate that Donald Trump is unfit to be President.’ There is another group that has named itself ‘Historians against Trump’ which published an open letter to the American People to warn against the dangers of electing Donald Trump as President of the USA. Everyone seems to have ganged up against Trump these days.

Frankly, I’m not a supporter of Clinton, but It is absolutely essential to remind those Clinton’s friends what former president Clinton said about this false claim : « NOBODY IS READY FOR THE FUNCTION ». Meaning,  » THE FUTURE IS WRITTEN NOWHERE » unless you have a chrystal ball.

Now, it is legitimate to introduce rationality into the debate, the kind of Hegel. And this is precisely why and where TRUMP’s approach during the debate has scored a significant point and made the essential difference.

Thesis: You have been there for 30 to 40 years with the disastrous results anybody can see clearly. And, after 40 years of wrong politics and poor judgment (choices), you are asking the American People to grant you another bail(out) ? To do what ? May be, you’d like to ask for a redemption. Why not, Trump said. Why not ? You can. Redemption is for all of us to ask.

The first step to redemption is asking the American people you offended for mercy and pardon.

The second step is to follow the honorable code of conduct implemented by the British politicians. When you have failed the people or your mission, you leave the stage for the successors. You don’t monopolised Power. It is neither fair, nor responsible. It makes no sense, particularly when there is things like the email scandal pending like the Damocles sword or the non entirely elucidated Benghazi Ponzi scheme, still rolling on through Syria.

Ask for accountability first.

⇒ Number Three

Is a Trump Presidency all that bad for the US or the rest of the world? To begin with, Trump gave out a lot of dangerous statements initially. His remarks about Muslims, Mexicans and women were extreme and dangerous. But it is also true that he has moderated himself enormously in particular after his new campaign team came into force. Now he has started talking about how he won’t allow people from ‘enemy countries’ instead of saying that Muslims will not be allowed in. Earlier, he compared Mexican immigrants to rapists and mentioned that Mexico is sending people who commit crimes, who are killers and who are rapists and that he will build a wall along the border for which the Mexican government will pay. Recently, he went to Mexico, met the President there and came back and gave out a statement that ‘Mexicans are great people and they will pay for the wall.’ Lastly, he has stopped making the ‘misagonystic’ statements that he used to make. These are all improvements. It is all about moderation. Of course, not many in the liberal media have pointed these out!

The Mexican issue is behind us. Trump meeting with the Mexican president should have sufficed to close this round and the Wall. Oh sorry, the gap. Not the wall.

I like the muslims transformation into « enemy countries ». It is the kind of the word nobody should pronounce : VoldeMort = Vampires.

Vampirism is at the core of the World. That the UN boss is nominated or elected within a board of hoax politicians is a mistake.

… Diversity should be a prerequisite. And the UN needs profound reforms to perform.

Mexicans, women, muslims are distraction. Unfortunately, this is how mean politics have come to be. A second zone thing for any lazy commentator willing to play the gameboy. If you wanted to see how politics have dismissed themselves and politics, the media attempt to comment the impossible – because they got very little background or morality to run the debate in an appropriate manner – those main stream soldiers (of the hidden power) lazy statements are a powerful testimony.




Tony Morrison has said that « Anger brings nothing to a writer ». Anger or Ire. This is for the IMF sender.

Anger brings nothing, but indignation does.

1 – Dishonesty and impostures are leading the game. Journalists are not intellectuals. The NYT book’s list has distorted litterature. Now, every novel becoming a best seller is dubbed intellectual. See what I mean ? Surprisingly, the more books are becoming best sellers, the least people seem to be instructed and free to exercice critical thinking. The more best sellers are out, the more people are eating medias briefings and quick recaps. How do you explain the gap ? Either those book sellers are pure marketing products brought up in support of an untold agenda or there is a missing link.

The cult of voyeurism has led people to adopt ready-made products and thinking. Some would tell, Mr. Trump was in the business. Sure, it was a businessman. Now that he is entering politics, the horizon is changing, naturally.

But to those who are calling for Mr. Trump modelist workers or TV reality, I understand the stand. It is part of the game. That said, the same people should also recognize Mr. Trump experience as a businessman, who, despite some inevitable bankruptcies – ask Mitt Romney about the business ups and downs – is a man who knows, contrary to the politicians, how to create jobs and who have created them.

Like it or not, our politicians are strong when it comes to cling on to power for 30-40 years. Noone, even those who are out of the business, like our former presidents, is capable of turning businessman to create jobs. A businessman can do politics whereas the opposite seems impossible. How is it ? Thanks to the revolving door.

I hope, the revolving door issue between members of the administrations and Wall Street or members of Congress will come to the table of the next moderator. It is a critical issue for a fair governance. Fair and clean. No cheatings or cronism.

End of the game : intellectual thinking has been missing, during those 36 latest years of American democratic, french socialism and the EU endless openess combined Troyanism. During this period, journalists and politicians coup against intellectuals have failed the people. In the 60s and the 70s, people were better equipped to deal with crooked politicians. Intellectuals like Jean-Paul Sartre (like him or not) were hitting the road. Ideas and debates were booming. So were the baby boom. Unfortunately, alcohol and drugs and abuse of sex, due to the liberation of women, followed the boom. And there porn industry joined the boom. And so forth.

The worst and the best always fluck together. But at least, you got a best and pretty fair competition. Starting to the 80’s, things got worsening until we found ourselves totally jailed by the former victims and historic prisoners. This is crazy. We all know how we went there : our politicians sold us out. The establishment jailed us in exchange of their own well-being. It was a shameful trade of human beings for money. Slavery business as usual.

See how France is getting down.

French children are the last inside the OCDE evaluation and Gerard Depardieu is calling France the « fabric of idiots ». He may probably include immigrants on board, may be, but it doesn’t matter. After all, former jewish people who entered France, centuries ago or recently are pointing fingers to the immigrants. Mr. Cope is against an automatic path to citizenship, for immigrants children.

In France, when you are born in the country, your naturalisation is automatic. Mr Cope wants this automaticity to be reconsidered. It is disturbing. When you are born somewhere, you automatically have the nationality of this place. And this should be an inalienable and incontestable human right. I mean this is precisely the job of the UN to bring about some lawful solutions regarding the Progress of the Humanity or the Humanity in progress.

Cameroon is engulfed into the same contradiction, denying Cameroonians the indisputable right coming with their birth place. Of course, this is not contradictory with having a second nationality depending on where you are or have been living. Mr Cope used to be the friend of president Omar Bongo, the father of Ali Bongo, new sworn in as the elected president.

It is said that, Jean Ping, the Ali opponent, was a French hidden candidate. French was looking for a coup, the size of America in Turkey, with General Gulen ? See the atmosphere again. See what democracy has evolved into ? A system of sophisticated coups. And there is also some eyebrows raising questions over Cameroon signature of a deal with the IMF, making it alone without the CEMAC.

Yes, the CEMAC is decimated by French recolonisation ambitions. Central Africa, the two Congos and Gabon today are destabilised. Brazzaville is on its way out of the crisis. Tchad, Guinnee Equatoriale and Cameroon look quite stable. With a broken CEMAC which is historically weak – compared to other regional blocs such as the West, the South and the East – and historically desynchronized, with a real lack of convergence  or common projects, we don’t really know what are Cameroonian motives.

img0013aOn one hand, it looks like Cameroon didn’t want to penalised itself while waiting for the broken countries to heal their wounds and insider conflicts. After all, somebody has to take the lead of the CEMAC zone, especially with a striken Gabon. May be Cameroon is willing to keep the path forward.

Nevertheless, this Cameroonian move is perceived as a treason by the other partners. In the past, the lack of solidarity inside Africa has frequently been met with a negative boomerang effect. Namely, divide to impera. So watch out ! Cameroon has declared an Emergence Agenda by 2025. Will the IMF deal help to fullfil the agenda ? Wait and see.

How do you reconcile a president Cope for instance refusing to grant citizenship to Cameroonian immigrants children born in France and president Biya same refusal to recognize dual citizenship to the Cameroonians born who have added a french nationality on to the first one ? France recognizes dual nationality. Becoming French is not a repudiation of your nationality of origin. In Cameroon, it is. Cameroon is more royalist than France. But France will not say a word, because they don’t want open-minded people of the diaspora to go back to their birther places. Bouygues, the colonizer and Bolloré don’t like that diaspora competition. Opposing dual citizenship is really cynical and counterproductive.

Bottom line. The two men, Cope and Biya, are opposed to dual citizenship. OK.

Meanwhile, America and other great nations are OK with dual nationality.  You can be  American, Canadian and French like Mr. Eric Jennings, the author of a book « La France libre fut africaine ». Jeune Afrique n° 2779 – 13 -19 Avril 2014 (photo cover) and be on the top.

We should be encouraging people to be empowered rather than restraining them with regressive laws. President Kabila has Okey dual nationality for the congolese.  Ironically, he is the one under the heat. A progressive president can face injustice and ingratitude from his people. Kabila is not that worst president depicted by his people. Unfortunately, this is life.

The lenght of power should not be a deadline in Africa. It is not about the lenght, but about the delivery. It is not about the lenght, but about transparent and clean elections. In Africa, people are fooled with the two-terms limit set by exported Constitutions. Africa needs long term strong presidencies, if fairly elected.

The contribution of African diasporas in African development is priceless, but so neglected. I wonder how Cuba is doing with its Cubans Americans diaspora, now that the two nations have reopened their bridges.

I’m Fidel Castro.

I’m Che Guevera.

I’m Patrice Lumumba.

I’m Thomas Sankara.

I’m Robert Mugabe.

I’m Hugo Chavez.

Law brings order. Justice brings order.


WCPI’m Toussaint Louverture. Follow the money in Haiti under the UN-Clinton’s guardianship. Check our previous posts.

I’m Aimé Césaire, the voice of the downtrodden.

2 – Ending mercenarial practices is a duty.

⇒ From the press organisations and others partisan cheatings.

Following the deal between Cameroon and the IMF, it may be interesting to recall Keynes philosophy over a progressist economy. Naturally, in that regard, press counts for zero. Any press endorsement, coming after the first rigged debate, Trump successfully managed to get throught, is void and desperate. During the debate, Trump has pointed to his multiple endorsements. The press is responding to that vacuity on the other side.

If you have been able to see the picture on the Yahoo article talking about death threats the Arizona paper has received for its endorsement, you’ll see the gesture of the threat from the Clinton picture telling « OUT ». Subliminal messages are what Mc Luhan was calling the massage. And the Canadian Prince and Pope of knowledge [not empty paid parades by the British people money to fill vacuity and the boredom  of fatal improductivity] has set a cardinal principle in communication : the massage is the message.

Looking at the picture of the woman in 50 nuances of grey, another subliminal message – vaginas and porn always – you’ll find yourself asking where the death threats are coming from ? From Yahoo to me and you: Trump voters or supporters, or from the Arizona press readers to their press. I wish they will not change the picture. It is a very interesting picture from those who are supposed to be immigrants friends, while in fact, they wish them « out of America ».

The medium is the message and the massage is the message. Mc Luhan. The medium is a massage, a mass morphing.

⇒ Mercenarial pacts to recolonize Africa and Africans

Out of America but dying to recapture Africa. Hence, back to the Cameroonian/IMF deal. A key point on Keynes economy is its philosophy : each nation must play a positive role in relaunching world economy, by boosting the demand. Which presupposes to boost the offer, as those are inseparable twins.

The Cameroonian Emergences agenda by 2025 will remain a slogan, if the diaspora is impeach to participate into its implementation. Something absolutely crazy. How do you fix the problem, with dual citizenship interdiction ? This interdiction is an obstacle to progress in Cameroon and will remain so until tackled. How is the IMF signing a deal with Cameroon, knowing that this Keynesien key factor is not respected ?

There are two answers. The first one is the IMF is not aware of the blocade and the humanitarian issue resulting in Cameroonians suffering a double ayslum (inside France or elsewhere and out of Cameroon). This is humanely condemnable.


Second, the IMF knows but they are totally indifferent ; after all, this is not for them to do the job for the Africans. Their job is to build another frame of slavery with privatizations allowing foreigners to settle in Cameroon, depending on the money you have to invest. Wall Street, the owner of nearly every bank on earth has that big extensive money, including the money packed into tax havens.

The CEMAC is concerned with this probable treason by Cameroon. You know how it works : once you draw wolves into the hence’s place, it is too late to reverse the course. The initial step is the sin.

It is and must not be acceptable that foreigners can occupied Africa as guise, taking the lion part, while Africans and black people are blocked in and out of Africa. This is an African problem. It is also an international issue.

⇒ Mercenarial coups.

Now, two close members of Kabila are facing sanctions from the USA, under the accusations of murdering Congolese people. Hmm. How many people get murdered in America ? How many from American wars around the World ? How many from the US-lead international institutions and presidential foundations ? Haiti again.

I mean the USA should lead by example. They should do for themselves what they are preaching or asking other people to do.

The US (and the EU) have a tradition of mercenarial coups, using proxies as presidential candidates.

Using western proxies as candidates

In Cote d’Ivoire, Ouattara was their hidden candidate and they managed to do everything to set Ouattara by strenght as the winner of the election against Laurent Gbagbo. The actual Gabonese scenario opposing Ali Bongo to Jean Ping is a repetition of this Ivory Coast showdown.

Jean Ping was the powerful man of the AU. Yet, this AU is a EU tool, because they are funding it. An african recolonisation due to African nations incapacity.

In DRC, Gov Katumbi, the powerful man of the rich Katanga province is suspected to be a foreign flag.

Tsisekedi Etienne was not that transparent.

In Angola, where total was fueling the civil war on both sides, daylight (to Dos Santos troups) and night times (to Joseph Savimbi- led rebellion against occupation), Joseph Savimbi was mysteriously killed, after the reconciliation agreement, on a plane crash. Total lied to him.

In Burkina Faso, Sankara Thomas, the revolutionary was killed by Blaise Campaore, the french sponsored president, until Burkinabe people revolted demanding to oust Blaise Campaore, who was sicking another reform of the Constitution to remain in power for life.

In Lybia, Benghazi boys was mounted, founded and equipped to topple president Gaddafi and the no-fly-zone did the rest.

In Iraq, Collins Powell lied to the World, he and Tony Blair – under unknown forces who adviced them to do so – and Iraq was down.

In Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe has been under heat. Morgan Tsvangiraï, a western flag has fought him for years in the opposition. Mugabe and Gaddafi have seen their assets frozen.

In Ouganda, Museveni has come under huge criticism for its duration into power. But Biya didn’t. The fact is this is a non pertinent issue in Africa.

Reforming the Constitution to adjust to the African reality and state of development.

The limitation of mandates brings nothing to democracy. It was settled to avoid the confiscation of power by a gang, the size we are witnessing actually in America, with less debate but personal attacks and process of intentions.

Unless you are blind, you may have noticed that some politicians can stay into power for 30 to 40 years.

Biya has reformed the constitution twice to be able to candidate. 32 years in power, since 1984.  Compared to Kabila, the latter is a new comer. He totalised 10 years in power and is bared to reform the Constitution.

In Rwanda, president Kagame mandate was prolonged by the Rwandan people, speaking against the constitution.

Ouganda needs Museveni. And it is all right.

Leading by the example.

In Brazil, suspicions remain over the constitutional coup.

Sudan partition was a divide to rein solution.

Boko Haram is armed by the French-American alliance.

Frauds during democratic primaries and no sanctions, but sanctions elsewhere.

Sanctions for Gaddafi and Iran not for Israel.

Threatening whoever opposed the rampant ghost snake regime.

Attempting to cheat again, through a mic trickery during the first debate, to cut Trump voice. Shut that mic. I know this way.

I also know those are games of power. Dangerous games. Criminal activities. This is the road to nowhere except co-extermination and Hell.

When Mohammed Ali came in Kinshasa for his epic fight – organised by Don King – against Foreman, the strongest man in the World at that time, he said « This is my people ». And Africans responded « Ali Boma Ye ». Meaning « Yes we are your people ».

Bob Marley have asked Africa to unite and we didn’t tell him « GET OUT ».

You are my people. I’m standing for knowledge and science.  Knowledge and science know no frontiers. Only barriers.

I’m Umberto Eco, the other Italian Pope.

I’m Marshall Mc Luhan, the Canadian Prince.

Crony capitalism is the road to nowhere.

Privitazing public assets like the unelucidated email scandal the press would like to disolve – is missdemeanour. We are still waiting for explanations. Why ?

Subliminal death threats to threaten who ever opposes Mrs Clinton are deplorable. You don’t debate with threats of death or bodies expositions. Normally. But, nothing is normal today.

A debate is all about ideas and thinking. Let’s concentrate on this. A debate in a so-called democracy is about speaking out one’s mind without the other camp in pain, trying to bully you.

Go Away ! Shall Africans ask American people to go away ? Rubbish !

Don’t be intimidated by those people who know how to force their way into other people’s places and lands, how to violate and rape anybody, while transforming their own places into bunkers or irradiated places. A lying crew is so low.

Mercenarial coups, the size of Lybia, Syria, Ukraine,  are  international gangsterism. Kuccinich has paid a huge price for telling that.




Hold on… Please.

In the meantime, I have this interesting article by Eurasia Review over the spread of terrorism, since ISIS was created, just after Benghazi disastrous no-fly-zone NATO’s bombings. Good expertise. Things have dramatically worsen.

Two-And-A-Half Years After ISIS’s Rise: Global Jihad Spreads And Morphs – Analysis

Plus – Shimon Peres: Obituary Of A ‘Peace Politician’ – OpEd  -93 years is good. I wish my father would be 93 before dying. No chance, he died at 82. 82, the age of president Biya. May he rest in peace.

« Shimon Peres received together with Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat the Nobel Peace Prize for the so-called Oslo peace process, which brought only havoc and desperation upon the Palestinian people. It’s not unusual in our world that former terrorists such as Menachem Begin or war criminals such as Henry Kissinger will be bestowed with this distinction. Immediately after taking office, Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, i.e. before he reneged on his promise to close Guantánamo and started extra-judicial executions around the world.

In obituaries, only good and beautiful things are written about the deceased. May mine only serve to complete the picture of a man who authentically personified Zionism »

ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Ludwig Watzal

Dr. Ludwig Watzal works as a journalist and editor in Bonn, Germany. He runs the bilingual blog “Between the lines”. He can be reached at

I swear to you I, Barack Hussein Obama, pardon, I, Dr. Elise Mbock, didn’t write to Dr. Ludwig Watzal – I was about to write Van Beethoven after Ludwig for the beautiful Letter to Elise – but our spirits got connected by telepathy.

If I May, I would add this final note to the crocodile tears obituary : God is a living God. Even Satan can be blessed, after his passing away. Thank you Jesus !

I’m Beethoven.

I’m Mozart.

I’m Johanes Sebastien Bach.

I’m Bob Marley.

I’m the Undertaker, the dead man. How can I die twice ? I’m a survival, I told you. Died long time ago. I’m a ghost.



Momentum is clearly on our side — just look at the national polls. Even taking liberal media oversampling of Democrats and independents into account, Donald Trump is building his lead — nationally and in key battleground states:

  • In the L.A. Times daily tracking poll, Donald Trump scored a record high, leading Hillary Clinton 47.8% to 41.1% — a lead of 6.7 points.
  • Rasmussen has Mr. Trump leading by 5 percentage points nationally, and even Reuters has him leading by two points.
  • In North Carolina, Fox News has Mr. Trump leading by 5, Monmouth has him up 8 in Iowa, while CNN has him leading by 5 points in Ohio and 4 inFlorida.

So you can see that we’re getting through to the voters in spite of the massive advantages the Clinton campaign has in cash and media support.

And Mr. Trump understands that, so he’s challenging us to do even more.

Doubling our September fundraising goal means a bigger field program in all of the key battleground states, more ads focusing on how Mr. Trump will Make America Great Again, and greater resources for our critical Get-Out-the-Vote operation.

Help us keep our momentum rolling and make history by setting a new record — make a contribution of $25, $50, $75, $100 or more right now.

Team Trump


At this stage, you can now understand why hidden cams and mics are placed everywhere inside an opponent flat, businesses, friends, families, cars and why the bandits have organised together with the administrators and the  malls to share your images, whereever you go… They are piling those things to use them – in difficult times -against you, as low blows. Worms tactic.

The environment is totally polluated with toxines.


Hold on… We are entering another braun zone. Not braun, grey zones. Trump is facing the crooks in action. 



Bill de Blasio for Mayor

Sisters and Brothers –

Fighting for progressive change isn’t easy. It never has been, and it never will be.

There are a lot of people who are much more interested in rewarding wealth than work and are prepared to spend a lot of money to defeat us next year. People who don’t share our vision for a more just and equitable city, one where everyone has the opportunity to thrive regardless of how much money they make or where they live.

But real change is always possible when working families from all walks of life come together and get involved in the democratic process.

That’s how we established universal pre-K for every 4-year-old in New York City, ended the overuse of stop-and-frisk, launched the nation’s most ambitious municipal ID program, expanded paid sick leave, and so much more.

And that is how we are going to run this re-election campaign.

We have some modest fundraising goals for the month of September, but we need your help to meet them. My hope is that we can get there by having a lot of people contribute small amounts of money. As a New York City resident, your contribution of up to $175 will be matched six times over through our public financing system. So, I have to ask:

Your $3 contribution to my re-election campaign before midnight will help us hit our goal and ensure we’re ready to fight back against those dead set on stopping our progress.

We are going to build a campaign that puts working people first and empowers them to make a difference in their communities. Not only is that how you win elections, but it’s how change happens.

Thank you for adding your contribution before our midnight deadline.

In solidarity,

Bill de Blasio
Mayor, NYC

I’m a Ghost New Yorker, lost in France. A Real Chance.


⇒ Universal Surveillance.

Read Libertarianism and War: The Rothbard Rule (Ron Paul Institute)

« Freed of the scourge of internationalism, think of the tremendous resources that would stay in this country – in the pockets of American taxpayers – instead of flowing out to every petty despot and Third World hellhole on earth. During the first presidential debate, Donald Trump opined that “We’ve spent $6 trillion in the Middle East, according to a report that I just saw. Whether it’s 6 or 5, but it looks like it’s 6, $6 trillion in the Middle East, we could have rebuilt our country twice. And it’s really a shame.”

It’s not just a shame – it’s a crime, one that has consequences far beyond the specter of impending bankruptcy.

The domestic spying program exposed by Edward Snowden – perhaps the greatest incursion on our civil liberties ever — is entirely the consequence of our foreign policy of perpetual war. The more we hit the hornets’ nest the more terrorist attacks we see on the home front – and this provides the justification not only for universal surveillance, but also for even more draconian restrictions on our basic rights as the pace of terror and retaliation picks up. For those who value liberty above all else, this cannot end well ».

Conditional liberty.



« Hillary is falling in the polls, and we keep rising — our message is sticking with the American people » (Donald Trump)

Make America Great Again

So, apparently the so-called press is endorsing. Frankly, the press is below zero and their endorsement tells only one thing : their appartenance to the Zionist alliance.

The Grey Zones

Number one. Press and journalists are double agents even triple.

The latest over Wikileaks emailgate delay is tellingly about criminality and cowardice. Those are people who are asking for security and protection of their double identity (the official (Dr Jeckyll) and the hidden (CIA agents) – a 100% sure journalists are on the list of those the FBI is trying to protect. That is why, the entire press is endorsing Hillary. They got to protect each other from Justice, Jail and final revelations.

Number two. The Revolving door.

The revolving door between the Pentagone, Wall Street, the press, the White House and the administration is a coercive force and alliance. That is how you should interpret establishment endorsements. From the WH to Wall Street and from CNN to the Pentagone, examples abound.

When you enter a mafia, you can’t get out of it, without the gang doing everything to frighten you or more. Theresa May is then caricatured as desperate or helpless to conduct the Brexit. There is a paramount law in politics « where there is a will, there is a path ».

The Zion order.

Trump tax return just surfaced, the very days Wikileaks revelations were expected or due. Coincidentally, when the tax return is hacked, the same Zionists are begging and negotiating with Wikileaks not to publish the emails. Plus, the Zionist NYTimes is behind the hacking. Don’t you see clearly who is behind the orchestration ? Trying to set Trump’s tax return on the headlines to cover – once again – the emailgate and the undiscolsed fees before Wall Street speeches nobody can even get the transcripts of the speeches. May be those were ghost speeches paid for with monkey money. Where is the press ? Is there a press in America except Zionists and Mossad double agents ?

Covering High criminality and each other systematic thefts is the essence of the Zion Order.

Don’t get mistaken, ask for the transcripts, ask for the fees, ask for the privatization of the State Department, ask for the Foundation businesses in Haïti and in the pay-to-play invisible lining, lineage and tracking.

I can’t beleive those people harrassing the others, stealing from them on a daily basis and threatening them are the same cowards asking for protection and begging. Some are killers and they will like to live, isn’t it ? This is the Zion character : life for them, wealth for them and death for the others including poverty.

Here is a Chinese poem to the Zionists.

img_0960With money, you can buy a bed not sleep.

With money, you can buy a watch, not your time on Earth.

With money, you can buy a book, not knowledge.

With money, you can buy a Position, not Respect.

With money, you can buy a Doctor, not Health.

With money, you can buy Blood not life.

With money, you can buy Sex not Love.

With money, you can buy a Position, not Respect.

May I add this :

With money you can be an author, not a writer.

With money, you can be a politician not a Stateman or Woman.

With money, you can buy a corrupt Justice not Credibility.

With money you can buy wars, not peace.

With money you can buy diplomacy, not security.



Now compare the comparable : the debate over tax loophole is not the same as organizing a ponzi for self-enrichment using the administration as a convenient and totally illegal shelter.

The “carried interest” tax loophole lets Wall Street billionaires pay a lower tax rate than millions of teachers and nurses.

Tell Congress: Close the carried interest tax loophole now >>

Hi Elise,

Ever wonder why millionaires and billionaires have so much money to spend trying to buy elections?

A lot of it comes from gaming the tax code. And one of the most egregious ways the super-rich avoid taxes is called the “carried interest” loophole.

The carried interest tax loophole lets billionaire Wall Street money managers pay a lower tax rate than millions of teachers and nurses – but there’s a groundswell of momentum growing against this insane loophole.

Sign the petition to Congress: Close the “carried interest” tax loophole now!

Here’s how the loophole works:

Normally, super-rich people pay a top tax rate of 39.6% on their income. But Wall Street hedge fund managers pay 23.8% – nearly half off! – on most of their salary by claiming their job of managing other people’s money makes their pay “investment income.”

Closing the carried interest tax loophole would bring in at least an extra $1.8 billion a year – enough to replace every lead-corroded pipe in Flint, Michigan, or send hundreds of thousands of kids to college. Some estimates project it would bring in 10 times that much!

The Wall Street money managers funding political campaigns have been able to keep this special loophole in place for decades, but things are changing.

With a rising public outcry against special treatment for the super-rich, everyone fromBernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren to Republican Jeb Bush has come out for closing this loophole.

Before elected officials face the voters on Election Day we have a huge opportunity to get members of Congress to come out in favor of the Carried Interest Fairness Act (S.1686 / H.R.2889) to close this egregious tax loophole.

Sign the petition to Congress: Support the bill to close the “carried interest” tax loophole!

Thanks for taking action,

Kurt Walters
Campaign DirectorRootstrikers is a new generation of activists taking a stand against the corrupting influence of money in politics and Wall Street’s attempts to rig the game against everyday Americans. We are a project of Demand Progress.






Closing the carried interest tax loophole would bring in at least an extra $1.8 billion a year – enough to replace every lead-corroded pipe in Flint, Michigan, or send hundreds of thousands of kids to college. Some estimates project it would bring in 10 times that much!


there is no need to raise taxes. Just close the loopholes first. Bring about fairness for the rich and cut the taxes for the working class.


It is essential to underline this principle : no voter is contemptible regardless to your choice. I will not criticize you nor insult you. I respect your freedom of choice as a free citizen and man. 

Lebron is voting for Hillary. Good for Him.

Don King is voting Donald Trump. It is better.

I’m here to show you :







Hold on…



Starting with the IMF communique to help relieved poverty and to lift up the basement-dwellers.

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde Welcomes the Extension of Zero Interest Rates on all IMF Concessional Loans

October 3, 2016

  • IMF interest rates on concessional lending will continue to be set at zero for as long as and whenever global interest rates are low

Ms. Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), welcomed the decision taken today by the IMF Executive Board to set interest rates to zero for all of the Fund’s concessional lending facilities for at least the next two years, through end-2018.

The decision is based on the Executive Board’s approval of a modification of the mechanism governing the Poverty Reduction and Growth Trust (PRGT) interest rates. Under the modified mechanism, rates will continue to be set at zero for as long as and whenever global interest rates are low.

In noting the development, Ms. Lagarde stated: “Many of the Fund’s low-income members have put in place significant efforts to strengthen their economies and continuously fight poverty. While they have made progress, they continue to face challenges related to current global economic developments.

“The continued availability of zero interest rates on all IMF concessional facilities will be crucial in helping many of them absorb future shocks and continue their efforts to achieve deeper and more sustainable economic growth in line with the sustainable development goals. I wish to thank all our members for their support in this important effort.”

More information:

Factsheet: Financing the IMF’s Concessional Lending to Low-Income Countries

Key Issues: Low-Income Countries



Make America Great Again

Sc?¿ne,My father delivered a victory for the American people in the historic 1st Debate.

Hillary Clinton had no answers for why she has spent 30 years as a politician without getting any results for working Americans, and that’s what this election is about: who can shake up Washington and start delivering for the people.

And if anything, the next debate will be even more important, and my father needs all the support he can get from patriots like you who are such loyal allies in our campaign.

Debate #2 is on October 9th on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis.

This debate is going to have a town hall format, giving my father an advantage because as you know, Hillary Clinton really struggles to answer questions from real voters. And my father’s advantage will be even stronger with your active support, Sc?¿ne.

Thank you again for everything you’ve done to help my father. Maybe I’ll see you soon!

Eric Trump

Hillary Clinton had no answers for why she has spent 30 years as a politician without getting any results for working Americans, and that’s what this election is about: who can shake up Washington and start delivering for the people.

That is why you have seen the Zionist NYT’s desperately hacking Trump’s tax return. That is also why, the same morning you got the false flag of the zero model called Kardashian so-called attack – in fact, a Zionist touch of falsification and rebranding, in chocolate or grey hair or something.

Kardashian was never attacked by unknown french gangs. She has been coming in France, the zionist occupied land, times and times again. As the fabric of idiots, prostitutes and improductivity pionneers, this is a perfect land for a fashion week, for nullities and for bloody red carpets stooges.

Wikileaks sortie caused them to mount two scenarios to counterbalance the sortie : Trump tax return and Kardashian zionist inspired robbery.

Yesterday night, my daughter – who is buying everything going on in the public stage like the brainwashed citizen the Zionist medias has brought up throught their fraudulent machine of lies and distortions – was telling me about the robbery of Paris against K. She stated that « social medias occupation was a perfect tool for the robbers to follow those social medias occupyers looking for endless promotion » to fill vacuity and emptiness.

She phoned me from Meaux and, as I told her not to beleive what she sees, she maintains those prostitutes just had what they deserve. People are asking how is it our time was able to produce such zero something as models or celibs ? It tells you about the mediocrity of our times and about the Zionist vision of Excellence in the World. A plastic butt and as : the Jane and Tarzan model. Back to the Jungle.

I told you you need eyes to see, and ears to listen. Dangerously.

This morning, I watch and guess what the header was about « Did social medias help track the fraud model ». While I was discussing with Alice, the carpets dogs were listening and shamelessly, they put it on top of the News for me to signal the point.


They excell in robberies and thieves. They know how mediocre they are, so they have to settle as cable operators to follow your conversations  later translated into headlines.

Yep, they fought alltogether, led by the crook-in-chief to separate me with Samy. Now, they are founding themselves nake, without stuff from my life with Samy turned int « a reality movie » without my consent. Shit and bitches can’t go without blood sucking, penis or vaginas sucking either.

See how they have destroyed Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, turning their lives into a telereality. And those are the rats and worms who are going to hit their heads against the wall of lamentations, crying their transformation into rats during the Hollocaust.

Half of the Jewish people are Zionists. Half of the non-Jewish people are Zionists. The first are Zionist by heart. Incurable. The second are Zionists by corruption and prostitution. Also incurable. French collaborationists abound in the second category. Israeli’s firsters abound in the first category, namely in America. and Yahoo. french are working together in the business. Let me tell you this : Microsoft is a the Devil, a satanic organization. If you can, as a nation, boot them out, as Russia did. This is a nuclear tool. Android and Windows are spies and, as such, they are leading the global surveillance.

India, Russia, China, Africa and South-America including numerous Islands in the Southern Hemisphere should take all kind of measure to stop the gangrena named Microsoft.

God didn’t pardon the snake. Never. Instead, He cursed it forever.

The Bible says, scandals can emerge. This is a possibility. But cursed shall be the one who causes the scandal. Microsoft and Yahoo are only that. Imagine a world free from Microsoft, what a fresh air should we breathe then.

The Occident is home for Satan.








Press owners are Zionists. The big four are the NYT, CNN, Washington Post and Fox. Murdoch and Madoff are more of the same Ponziers.

The entire press in the Western World is Zionist owned or presstitutes.

The Fashion Universe is Zionist.

The Book publishers are Zionist. Amazon and Co. Not surprising, you find them buying the WP.

Politicians are Zionists funded.

Political partis are a puppet industry.

Multinationals are Zionists.

Cable operators are Zionists.

Banksters and Wall Street are Zionists.

The Congress is Zionist ownership.

Financial markets are Zionists.

Rating agencies were Zionists.

Big brands on Earth are Zionists.

Social media are Zionists.

America and the EU are Zionists.

The West is Zionist.

Advertisers are Zionist.

The World Music (producers and awarders) are Zionists.

Theater and cinemas are Zionists.

Malls are Zionists.

Hollywood is Sion led.

The Porn industry is Zionist.

The non profit, including the AIPAC, multiple Think Tanks, Institutes, NGOs, Foundations whether presidential or private, Galleries….small businesses.

I mean, when they are not owning something, they are infiltrating it such as administrations, govs, the military, defense, diplomacy, trade deals, international organisations….The NRA

TECH INDUSTRY – PHARMA GROUPS – INSURANCE SECTOR -BIG FOOD PRODUCERS OR ALCOHOL BREWERS – Hopefully the Whisky is still Scottish. Not bought inside a bastard financial place.



Their arm is co-funding members of the red Circle. You are a member, you find a job inside the circle and the money keeps on circulating inside the circle from one hand to another. They enrich themselves while impoverishing you.

To get there they have to steal, every day. This is their curse. They have beds but they can’t and don’t sleep. Vampires forever. The supremacist tale comes with inhumanity. 

Zionism is anything but Humanism. It is a inhumane machine. Zionism is a gang and a mafia. It prospers where the law and the ruling is corrupt.


First. Use your vote to change the system. Your Citizenship is the starting point.

Second. Elect new politicians to lead the country. What do you have to loose ? 30 years of nothingness should cause you to think twice.

Third. Once you have elected those new politicians, it is not a blank ckeck. Keep on board.

Four. Track the frauds everywhere, starting with Tech tools you should ask to change for new inviolable tools.

Five. Cut ties between hidden Zionists cams  and their dark markets and exchanges, which allow the zero degree advertisers to follow you in the malls and to advertise on your choices. So mediocres. I keep on calling them small balls. Look, now they are following me inside bedrooms to track my sexuality. How I know ? The next day, I’m watching TV somewhere, the exact picture of the bedroom promoting the bed inside – similar on every point including the mattress – will be advertised for me to see they preceeded me in the room and were inside the intercourse. Those rats never show themselves up, without hiding behind institutions or models you can’t attack. I challenge each of them – woman or man- to show up. Don’t dream. Rats are forever. It is an eternal curse.

Flat as and small balls never show up. Zero courage. That Satan exists is not a surprise. But, for us to fall down onto its knees is a treason of  the Message and the Promise of God. Jesus definitely won over Satan.

I’m telling you, track them, those are snakes and get no pity. This Kardashian episod is a smokescreen preparing something else in America. Watch out ! Do you remember Tulsa crime all of the sudden ? Do you remember the teen girl killed beaten in the face to death by a worm still on the run ? Do you remember the 61 disabled black woman killed inside her flat ?…

So the next day, le Monde, got this article out « don’t be ashame to masturbate ». Le Monde, like Slate, like le Point, like Atlantico, like all the pisspot piple magazine, pop sugar,  were focused on Samy’s penis. Yahoo was in bloody tears of envy every day. After succeeding to separating us – no problem, I’m focused until the 8th November victorious landing, after that we shall see – there is no more Samy penis to admire and suck via hidden cams. No. It means no more subjects of articles to sell.

To celebrate their destructive success – that is how I know my life was worthy –

I was born to down Zionism and that shall be – Brexit is the Go shot To bring them down, I had to know who they are and beleive me I know who those species are : snakes. A race of vipers.

They have organised to impeach any sexual course for me, without their interferrence. As long as I will be having no sex, they are happy enjoying theirs. No problem, as for now. As long as I will try, they will be there with me, a way to disturb me and to set discomfort into it, it was the case with Samy.

Man Claims Bill Clinton Is His Father –

Excerpt. « A few days later, Clinton allegedly jogged by the housing project again and paid Bobbie $200 for her to have sex with him behind some bushes.

After that, Bobbie says that she and Clinton regularly had sex, sometimes alone, sometimes with other female partners ».

Don’t get sex. I do for you is the Clintons humanism.

As far as I can think about it, knowing that cams were around, unwilling dogs roaming inside the flat everywhere – Yahoo will highlight the pictures the day after – sometimes, yahoo will send a thief (living in my neighborhood, I have spot three of them) when I’m out to check my dressing and, they will find a model wearing something looking alike – Michelle Obama for instance, a slave of saloon, a teacher or an anonymous – in order to let me know « we visited your flat ». What are you going to do ? Not only, you can’t prove « it was us », but if you talk about it , »you’ll look miserable or deplorable ». On both sides, you  find yourself talking or working for them. Either they stole it and promote it as theirs. Or you tell your story on your own, without them being obliged to do so.

The new paparazzism is beyond vampirism.

Social media are rapists. Everybody is requested to tell his/her story or be forced into, through tech spying or tools and Zionist bands of thieves. Kardishian knows it, she has no choice but to submit to the ultimatum. Can’ t you see how this criminal Zionist brotherhood in blood alliance is destroying the people including celibs ?

Those are the rapists in act, not in talk only.


The World is Hell. Zionists are Hell. Israel is Satan on Earth. As long as this wound, darkole or hellhole place is dephasing the World with its foul smell, we « Can’t breathe ». Remember Eric Garner. But, one day, they will payback for their satanism. This is for sure. And the best way to do so is to start making them pay, by using their methods. Keep on tracking them, whenever, wherever. Do their separation jobs.

Law and order will do the rest. 

Zionists are pets. Period.  I’ve told them never should I pactice with something resembling them, never pactice, never anything with shits like them.

Six. Help the new policing to shape up in order to track the  systematic privacy violations. Privacy violations or professional spying are homes for cowardice threats.

Seven. Cams and mics detectors should be available everywhere, as tools for homes and businesses privacy protection. The system should stop giving bandits an advantage over the citizens.


Indigenous Solidarity Brings Chevron to Trial – An end to corporate immunity ?


Tomorrow is the last day to get your comment in to say NO to glyphosate, a.k.a. Monsanto’s Roundup®!

This highly toxic pesticide is terrible for people and the planet. It’s leading to the decline of monarch butterflies by wiping out milkweed — the only food young monarchs eat. And FDA tests confirm that it’s turning up in oatmeal and baby food, despite being a probable carcinogen!

The EPA is meeting to consider your comments on October 18th. This is your chance to speak up and say NO to this pesticide — but you have to act NOW!

Tell the EPA: Get Roundup® out of our food system!

Dear Elise,

Tell the EPA to pull the plug on Monsanto’s Roundup®!

The EPA will decide this spring whether to pull the plug on glyphosate — a.k.a. Monsanto’s Roundup®. 

If the EPA renews Monsanto’s license, it would put monarch butterflies even more at risk. These pollinators are declining largely because Roundup® wipes out milkweed — the only food young monarchs eat. And all signs are that the EPA is poised to make the wrong decision.

We still have time to change the EPA’s mind — but we need you to act now!

Tell the EPA: Listen to the science and pull the plug on Monsanto’s Roundup®.

The EPA’s track record on glyphosate is troubling. In May, it published a report claiming that glyphosate is unlikely to cause cancer in humans.

The media questioned the agency on the legitimacy of the report’s findings and the fact that it relied on industry-funded research from chemical companies. 

How did the EPA respond? By pulling the report and claiming it wasn’t ready — despite being labeled “final.”

The EPA’s abrupt reversal in the face of media scrutiny raises questions about whose interests the agency is focused on serving: the American public or the pesticide industry?

The agency just re-published the report claiming that glyphosate is not likely to cause cancer in humans.

But EPA’s actions this spring show that the agency is nervous about its image. So by showing the agency that you care about its decision on glyphosate, you can help change its mind!

Sign the petition now! Tell the EPA to protect the public interest over Monsanto.

The science is clear. Roundup® is terrible for people and the planet. It’s used to douse our food, including common crops like soy and wheat. These chemicals are likely ending up on our plates. 

Independent studies have found Monsanto’s toxic herbicide in human urine and breast milk. There’s evidence that glyphosate has the potential to be even more harmful in combination with other chemicals — bad news given our chemical-intensive food system.

And the news is even worse for pollinators. Monarchs are on the brink of extinction — and we’re in real danger of losing them for good if we don’t get Roundup® out of our food system!

Tell the EPA: Stop caving to Monsanto! Take a stand for monarchs and the planet!

If Monsanto gets its way, we’ll keep using more and more Roundup® regardless of its harm to people and the planet. The chemical giant has a lot at stake — in the past 19 years, glyphosate use in U.S. agriculture has increased 20-fold. And Monsanto rakes in $5 billion every year in profits. 

So Monsanto is fighting to stop countries in Europe from pulling glyphosate from the market — calling the debate “political” and denying that the chemical poses risks to human health or the environment when used correctly. 

The company is willing to do whatever it takes to delay regulatory action here in the U.S., too. It even sued the State of California for proposing to include glyphosate on its Prop. 65 list of cancer-causing chemicals.  

We can’t let a giant chemical company manipulate our government officials like this. We need to send the message to the EPA: stop caving to Monsanto’s demands and put us ahead of its profits!

Tell the EPA to pull the plug on Monsanto’s Roundup®!

Standing with you,
Tiffany Finck-Haynes,
Food futures campaigner,
Friends of the Earth


Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf got $200 million richer when his bank defrauded millions of customers.

Demand accountability. Tell Wells Fargo to fire Stumpf immediately!

Wells Fargo, California’s biggest bank, just got caught red-handed opening more than 2 million bank and credit card accounts in its customers’ names without their consent. In response, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau fined the company $100 million.

Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf personally got $200 million richer from this fraudulent practice, while the company’s value was inflated by billions of dollars.(1)

Since it was discovered, more than 5,000 low-level Wells Fargo employees were fired due to this fraud. But Stumpf, who literally made millions of dollars peddling the results of this fraud to investors, still has a job. That’s not accountability — it’s passing the buck.

We’ve seen it time and time again: big banks have no incentive to change their behavior without meaningful consequences for blatantly illegal or unethical behavior. Stumpf needs to be fired immediately.

Click here to tell the Wells Fargo Board of Directors to fire Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf.

Wells Fargo has taken a beating since the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced its fine last week. Stumpf was embarrassed in a Senate hearing by sharp questioning from Sen. Elizabeth Warren.(2)San Francisco removed Wells Fargo from a low income banking program and is urging cities around the country to do the same.(3) California Treasurer John Chiang announced that the state treasury won’t do business with Wells Fargo for at least a year.(4) And members of Congress from both major parties called for Stumpf to resign in a brutal House of Representatives hearing.(5)

This is just Wells Fargo’s most recent brush with illegal behavior. In 2009, former employees accused Wells Fargo of racial discrimination, steering black and Latino borrowers into expensive subprime loans, even when borrowers made just as much money and had similar credit qualifications as their white counterparts. Wells Fargo loan officers referred to black borrowers as “mud people.”(6) Stump had been CEO for more than 2 years when the scandal came to light. And more recently, Wells Fargo agreed to pay more than $4 million after federal investigators found the bank illegally repossessed vehicles owned by American servicemembers over the last seven years!(7)

Stumpf has argued that their fraud wasn’t a result of the company’s culture. But if low-wage bank employees didn’t meet aggressive quotas for “cross-selling,” or getting current customers to open more accounts with the bank, they were fired. These directives, and the resulting culture, came from the very top levels of Wells Fargo’s leadership.

Click here to tell the Wells Fargo Board of Directors to fire Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf.

In response to growing criticism, the Wells Fargo Board of Directors punished Stumpf by taking back $40 million in earnings and docking his pay for the next year.(8) This shows that Wells Fargo is getting the message that the public demands real accountability. More importantly, it shows that they’ll act to prevent further damage to the company’s reputation.

But given the bank’s scandal-ridden past, reducing Stumpf’s pay isn’t enough. If we continue to pour on pressure by further damaging Wells Fargo’s brand, the bank’s board of directors will have no choice but to part ways with John Stumpf once and for all. This is much bigger than punishing Stumpf — if we win, we’ll strike an important blow to the financial industry’s culture of irresponsibility.

Click here to tell the Wells Fargo Board of Directors to fire Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf.


William, along with Annie, Caitlin, Eddie, Emma, Katie, Kelsey, Lindsay, Moonyoung, Scottie and Tim (the Courage team)

It’s up to citizens like you and me to fix the rigged system and take our country back (Donald Trump).

Make America Great Again

Sc?¿ne, attending a Presidential Debate is usually only reserved for the media, lobbyists, and special interests. But our campaign is different. It’s a movement fueled by hard-working everyday patriots, not lobbyists.

Crooked Hillary has been in politics for nearly three decades and has done nothing.

I’m not a politician; I’m a businessman. I don’t make excuses; I lead by example.

And in this next debate, I will lead by example. I will show America that we will fight for the forgotten men and women that Hillary has done nothing for – the tens of millions of Americans Hillary calls deplorable.

I want you to accept my invitation so you can see this extraordinary event for yourself.

It’s up to citizens like you and me to fix the rigged system and take our country back.

Join me today in the fight to Make America Great Again!

Thank you in advance.


Donald J. Trump :

I’m not a politician; I’m a businessman. I don’t make excuses; I lead by example. Donald Trump.




Our Revolution


Together, we were able to accomplish something incredible. Thousands of our supporters made nearly 100,000 contributions last week split between almost fifty candidates endorsed by Our Revolution.

What we did in the last week is very real, very significant support for our candidates. For some candidates you funded practically their entire campaigns. For others you gave them critical support — both financial and personal — before one of the biggest deadlines of their campaigns.

This is the power of our political revolution. We have the power to change our country so that it works for everyone, not just the billionaire class; the power to elect progressives who will fight for all of us and pass ballot initiatives that will empower people to get better health care and get big money out of politics.

I know that we have asked a lot of you, and you stepped up beyond what anyone thought possible. With just five weeks until election day, our job is to continue to do all we can to fight and win elections that will continue our political revolution.

Thank you for all you do.

In solidarity,

Shannon Jackson
Executive Director, Our Revolution



THE POPE OCTOBER SURPRISE : Pope Francis’ Latest Prayer Intention Is For Journalists To Be Truthful


“For years there has been talk of an economic crisis, but the Church and concretely Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Pope Francis have said on many occasions that there is also a crisis of values,” he noted.

Within this crisis, “ethics and morality have been forgotten and have been discarded in many environments and in important questions,” de Juana said, explaining that because of this, a journalist “has the duty to respect ethics and morality.”

“There is no journalism without ethics,” he said, explaining that if ethics were removed from the equation, “it would be to dirty and undermine this profession that has the truth as its foundation.”

Communication also plays a fundamental role in evangelization, he said, noting that “the Church is universal and we could say that communication is, too.”

Christ used words and actions to make God’s love known to the people, and in doing so communicated, de Juana said, adding that communication is “a very important instrument” that can be used to reach those far from the Church.

When asked how journalists themselves can collaborate with the Pope in helping to ensure his prayer is answered, de Juana said the answer is simply “being faithful to this principle of the truth” and by carrying out one’s work with the conviction that “not everything goes.”

“The Pope asks that all journalists and people who work in communication to be faithful to these principals,” regardless of whether or not they are Catholic or not.

The theme Pope Francis chose for 2017’s World Day of Communications was released late last month, and is titled “’Fear not, for I am with you’ (Is 43:5): Communicating hope and trust in our time.”



Victory is in sight. 

“America First — On to Victory.”

In August, commonsense American patriots like you helped Team Trump set a Republican Grassroots Donor fundraising record. More than any past Republican nominee and it wasn’t even close.

In September, you went even further, doubling our monthly goal with a tidal wave of donations to power this movement — our movement — to Make America Great Again.

Now it’s October — just a few weeks remain in this great effort to defeat Hillary Clinton, take back our government, and end the corruption destroying our country.

That’s why I’m counting on you right now to get behind this final, decisive push to Election Day by making an immediate grassroots Team Trump “America First — On to Victory.” Contribution of at least $25 today.

We’re not going to be controlled by the elitist, ruling class anymore.

We’re going to take our country back and it’s going to be a beautiful thing. We have a real, patriotic American movement going on that Hillary and the Washington & Wall Street insiders have never seen before and victory is in sight.

It’s time to put this thing away. But we’ve got to make one last great push to make absolutely certain our voter outreach and Get-Out-the Vote programs actually get it done.


You know what we’re up against — all you have to do is follow the money: from the globalist limousine liberal elites’ bank accounts straight to Crooked Hillary’s $2.5 billion Clinton Ca$h war chest.

Hillary Clinton has been selling us out to the highest bidder for years — and that must stop – our once-Great nation cannot afford 4 more years of the same.

That’s why I need YOU to help counter the gigantic checks she gets from the Hollywood glitterati, the Wall Street bankers, the anti-American special interests and the rest of her pay-to-play elites.


Donald J. Trump

We have to take on the special interests, the lobbyists, and the corrupt corporate media that have rigged the system against hard-working, tax-paying Americans — so stay with us to the end — make a Team Trump “America First — On to Victory.” contribution today. Thanks again, Donald.


“Fear not, for I am with you’ (Is 43:5): Communicating hope and trust in our time.” 

God Bless You.



⇒ No blank check anymore. Example : Ending corruption in Afghanistan. – Transparency, Accountability: People’s Agenda – OpEd

⇒ Plus the “Private Email/Server-gate”.

The Best is Yet to come. It is time to tell the truth about the Carnaval parade and the killing American machine cesspool.


Me or my sosie ? Me or my Double ? Me or my decoy ? My so audible and visible invisibility. Falling down and running. Fainting and posing with another double decoy : a young rosy girl.







It is time for the Clinton’s campaign staff to tell the truth behind this substitution, the truth on the Health file of the candidate and the truth on how long this theater of shadows have been going on ?

Were Hillary always on stage during the campaing trail or was it her double staging and performing a role as she did « I’m feeling great. It is a good day in New YorK » – Posing with a prepared young girl sent on purpose, and then, entering the car alone.

A real sleight of hand – Pure magic.

This campaign is looking like a Comedy show with people wearing masks like the Carnaval of Venice.

Julia, the 3 plus years old of my friend was present, wearing rose. Oh oh.

Click on the picture and see how they have been manipulated to stop their expansion. And thing about who is behind the whole restriction if not a constrictive something. They rule : what I can’t do, I cut it down. What is above me and superior, I eat it. Wear it and destroy the source. You see what I mean now ?

No way a pneumonia can faint you.

Impossible to collapse because of a pneumonia.

No way, you can be able to speak loud and clear and kept in bed. Your voice tells about your state of health.

Georges Pompidou, a french president was under cortisone for such a long time that  at a certain point he started losing his memory.

Hillary can keep moving forward until she reaches this point or amnesia or she can stop the campaign.

But, she has pulled the game so far to accept a  turning back. If she must be there, may be even her ghost must, should it be. That is to say her determination will go until death.

Why not ? We all are free.

After all, her slaves have entered my pictures box for a sabotage mission. The mission is  not ending there, they are all teeth out to steal around.

Sabotaging mission is a mean to send illnesses to people.

It is not for money, but their way of playing the game. They are looking for ill-doings, their DNA. Forgive them, they are so weak and miserables. Journalists, models and so forth, before wearing a dress must come first inside my laptop, through hacking to contemplate my private pictures or send mall’s advertisers and spies for an espionnage. Isn’t it despair and weakness ?

Oh some are shooting the wardrobe, forcing their way through my home. Isn’t it comic. I told you to go back stage and you have started doing it. Great finding.

God is Grace, Misericord and a God of Pity. Look how pitoyable they are looking like. Frankly ? My pictures have shown them what a photography is. Sorry, unlike those impostors, I learned photography at the university, among many things. And more is needed to catch a photo.

Starting from now, we will no longer look at the smallness things such as dressings or colors or little wardrobe thieves or rats. It was done to show you how mean those people can be and how low they can go deep inside the mud.

Let’s bring the debate to a serious level. Semantic for instance.

Yesterday, in  an attempt to say a word over my writing – as if they can – a doctor briefed by a fake club of journalists engaged herself into the definition of sounding inarticulate. I learned that « Hillary was sounding inarticulate like lawyer language using terms as « as far as » – helplessly referring to my use of it yesterday at the end of the article.

Sounding inarticulate like lawyer language such as « as far as ». Indeed. What a nonsense.

Inarticulate. You sound inarticule when you are non audible. This is first. In this case, an orthophonist is there to help you.

Second. You sound inarticulate when you talk nonsense such as « regretting the Half » not the « Deplorables« .

Third, if law’s language is inarticulate, then throw the Constitution into the dustbin for inarticulation and nonsense.

But, the doctor was playing the role of a parrot. Remember the parrot « I don’t know ».

Hold on…

To contact us –


“I would like to thank the authorities and the Canadian people for their gracious hospitality.” (Christine Lagarde)



US, Israel sign massive military aid deal; $38B, 10 years (AP) – a clear sign Trump is going to win. In advance, some are pre-empting American vampiric policy with Israel sitting in the center of the circle of death. Trump will be force into a pre-vampiric order of bandits.

And who is president actually ? A black man, surrounded by a gang of Shoah Administrators. Not only surrounding, but elected with their agreement. Obama is responsive not to You, the people, but to this order of bloodthirstiers.

Bloodthirstiers are racketeers and liars.

Last week, we were told that America and the Russsia have reached an agreement for a cease-fire in Syria. This week, the same America is arming Israel to weigh proxy wars wherever, whenever. Double  language, double face. Dualism, falseness.


  1. Hillary = Bouteflika. 

During the last Algeria election, Bouteflika, the sitting invisible president was elected, without campaigning one single day. Ahead of the election, he underwent a heart surgery and became « inarticulate » (unable to speak distinctly). A mute candidate became candidate and president. How ?

Just like America has been doing so far. Using a double as Hillary. Remember the cough and the pause pipi.

Was it the same Hillary who came back from to pauses ?

Was she standing on the podium every time ?

Was she the woman walking with her husband (I forgot the ceremony they attended together, wearing the same blue glasses) to hide their eyes. You know, eyes don’t lie.

… Was Mr. Sanders briefed over the trick before accepting the ice -bucket challenge ?

While unavalaible, a boyscout, president Obama, is campaigning for her. Her husband is speaking to the donors. And General Powell is sending tantrums to Trump. The Republicans have descended to Hell with Trump’s humiliation who knocked them out, one after another, without a single ounce of cheating. This is the ultimate nightmare those Reps must deal with, day and night.

We would be very interested to know how Gen. Powell feels about the 10 years, 38 billion arm’s deal with Israel ? Arming Israel is arming the Satanic Order eating the Earth piece by piece, colonising it portion by portion, like you eat a cake.

Bouteflika didn’t have to campaign in person. Boyscouts did it. This is the new code of democracy : a ghost can be a candidate and starts commanding its predecessor. Here we are.

A ghost candidate in a ghost democracy, meaning a tyranny, can become a ghost president of a real nation or empire.

        2 – The gang of Shoah (=Sharks) is a Vampiric Order.

Starring the Gang are,

Wallstreeters (Banks, and hedge funds)


Political Partis and politicians.

The medias.

Tech industry.

Multinationals and financial corporations.


Book Publishers.

Advertisers. We will insist on them specifically, because, those are worms of the worms. Vomitive little balls and flat as. (Racailles)- Riffraff, we call them in French. Meaning the underworld. Real miserables setting hidden cams or hacking them or buying their contents, anywhere, wherever. A gang of lice and ratty. The lice’s home are YAHOO, the Master-paparazzi, the master thief, my carpet, my domestic.

Those rats are more of the same people who are asking France to suppress the path to citizenship (= le droit du sol). Question : Had this been the case in France for centuries (le droit du sang), how many of those members inside the Gang of Shoah occupying France and colonising everything there would have accessed citizenship ?


Fashion and porn universe.

Add the entire collection of Troyans (see our previous post) to the band of automats conducting crimes, diffamations, rackets and so forth…

They need NGOs and Non profits, as a way to clean up their dirty conscience and global criminality.

The Red Cross for example is that body in charge of helping wounded soldiers not to die from their injuries. The same people who are heavily arming Israeli, the Angel of Death around the World, the same leaders who created that Angel of Death like Frankenstein did with its creature, are the same people who have settled the Red Cross to clean up the bloodshed.

It is a real carnaval parade. Except that, this one is a satanic procession.

‘This Is Much Deeper Than Pneumonia’: Ed Klein on Hillary’s Health Issues. (Fox)

Today, we are going to see if « climbing the podium » will not pose some sort of a problem.

So donors to the Clinton campaign was giving money to a ghost candidate and campaign. This is first. And we are learning that Hillary refused to go to the hospital to escape the Frankensteinien order, American lawmakers and politicians contributed to created, conceding to bandits (wallstreeters and the medias-tech awful industry), the right to implement an awful environment and to build a degenerative society, where nobody can keep his or her medical files secret – where is the medical secret and how to enforce it ? –

All what commentators are up with is telling us that « forget about your fucking privacy » – under hyenas applauses, namely, the presstitutes gangs of dark holes. Not surprising, with this lawless society, the US has descended into, its productivity is close to zero.

Interesting to hear that from the Harvard Professor of Economics analyzing the US worst nightmare. In a mediocre environment, where the entire gang of Shoah, authoring the nightmare: hate nothing more than excellency, class, distinction, innovation and fair competition conducted with intelligence, respect, speed and cutting edge knowledge, and Honesty in reconizing who is the best – as we are not equal in mediocrity -, get surprise about the result.

Zero. See the graph.

And the speed has been accelerating since 2000. Now, the US have hit a new low. Consequently : poor arms’ deals with the Devil in Chief. Lucifer, Israel.

The press is the showroom of a society. Watch the press and you know this is a falling empire wormed by the collection of dead-eaters fueled with hate.

        3 – The riffraff order

Watching how they are sending Clinton to the tomb, fearing those worms – of her majesty, hers –  discovering her real state of illness, is heartbreaking. Bill Clinton should be proud of himself, as a Troyan, he brought Hell into America. And now, he is badly hurt.

In Cameroon, leaders are afraid to enter hospitals. Inside there, they become an easy prey. Guess the kind of societies we are building ? Hells on Earth. Hospitals the place of grace are becoming homes of disgrace, for leaving the pressitutes free to wolf and commit crimes. Jesus, Stop the gang. Punish them. Protect privacy and all those toilets piple « press », the pissport of the humanity should be regulate.

Freedom is not Anarchy or Chaos.

Everyone can feel free to organize as a gang of official thieves. What must also be awaited is, first of all, a preventive shot to protect privacy and another one to investigate and call the thieves publicly. How ? By law and a public assignment and statement.

The simple way to go after it is deterrence and aggressive sanctions towards hackings and paparazzism which is parasitism. Public denunciations can be awarded and encouraged. Treat privacy violators as criminals they are.

Deterrence through sanctions associated to a collective protection is the winning combinaison. At least, it can bring some restrictions and may help in reshaping a better environment.

Now, concerning hackings, if it is the remaining way to dig institutional criminality out, the like of Wikileaks, the door is open for a debate. Otherwise, if it is to exploit personal datas or to give a green card to illegal espionnage and systematic intellectual property grabbing, it amouts to crimes.

Hold on…

As soon as I wrote this, I have received a newsletter from a local antenna, inside Shoah occupied Earth, France. An immediate confirmation of what I’m telling you. Remember. The criminal always comes back to the site of crimes. So, what is inside the letter so urgent for me to know ? The amount of the RSA, the social minimum allocation attributed to unemployed people in France – here is the information – for A SINGLE person. That is to remind me that : I’m leaving in their territory – shoah occupied and governed. This is first.

Second, I’m enlisted as beneficiary of the allocation. Meaning I’m a poor.

Third. Oh, my god, poor me, I’m a single. Han han, this french occupied institutional reminder, coming right on time, responding like a dog to an invisible and irresistible call – of my soul – is offering us a perfect occasion for an insight inside their mean and low methods, all of them including malls like Carrefour and others like Vima, Chausséa, Mc Do, etc.. locally, in the Northern Isère of Francia. All of them being another Yahoo’s substitutes besides the groups of press, considered nationally.

Advertisers, press, yahoo, institutional mags, the french presidency, Israel and its tech Californian based society selling global hackings to govs, french espionage hidden cams inside my flat walking hand by hand with the same circles of suckers, local authorities pass, mean white men -peasants – and some of my neighborhood, so-called private home surveillance societies, all this is going to coalesce right under your eyes.

And you will see the craps at work. Their inner circle of venon pulse.

Hold on and if you can warm up. Even if you are single, may I insist particularly if you are single flat as or not ; small penis or not.


Thanks God, writing is not a « basket of deplorables ». The FBI, Assange, Bill de Blasio, and the IMF have reacted in achieving the pursuit of key objectives.

The FBI.

As we wrote this : Deterrence through sanctions associated to a collective protection is the winning combinaison. At least, it can bring some restrictions and may help in reshaping a better environment. FBI Chief Advises People To Cover Their Web Cams. It is not to soon, but better late than never.

Assange on the next batch of leaks over truth talking. Fox News.

So where privacy begins and where does it end ? How to consider public racketeering businesses emails, breaching the law. Even more so, who gives the right to govs to tape into our personal datas, emails and phones without referring to and obtaining a judge mandate to do so ? This itself is a justification to call our regime out as a Tyranny.

Where Justice is dismissed or expelled by the rulers, those rulers are Tyrants. Unless we don’t ever know about the meaning of words, systems and characterizations.

This is first.

Number two is: the same tyrannic govs around the world have let a global spying tool – Israelite based, killers of teens and babies using Americans idiots puppets, cowards and on the hide for extreme cowardice and debasement – free to conduct A global spying business. Not only that, those govs are clients of the lawless shit. Governments and administrations are the first out-of-law globe-trotters and they are accusing terrorists and Muslims or Wikileaks. They are worst.

Those participating into the whole scheme know how to protect themselves while organizing and giving a free pass to privacy violations including espionage. You said Espionage Act or High Hypocrisy?

« Absolute privacy would interfere with law enforcement to keep the public safe », the FBI’s director has said. To which extent this remark is opening a wide highway to arbitrary and to political or economic or ethnic or racial-motivated targeting.

The best way to prevent crimes is to let people know cams are watching or securing them on the streets. Visible cams are the best dissuasion or persuasion. Nobody can do anything under visible cams. May be many people would choose to walk under cams surveillance than the opposite.

What is so upsetting is that those datas end up into the hands of the press and from there to the advertisers and competitors. How is it ? Those sons of a bitch will use it afterwards for low and hidden attacks with the consent of those who handled them private informations or allowed  the crew of enraged dogs and prostitutes free licenses to hunt, rob, attack and even kill free people.

No way you can attack those dogs into Justice. That is why, sooner or later, people will go back to self justice. Ryan Lochte case is a precursor. Where officials are the first betrayers of the Law, where those officials are the first to sell the people out to the gangs of wolfes waiting for their dayly portion in blood and human meat, when govs are the first to open the doors to savagery, pillaging and village people… those practices are unacceptable.

Is it privacy or security or both ? It looks like thieves are dictating the rules, including the Law. The right to steal is becoming the norm. A thief is a killer.  Instead of stopping the craps, you are told to relinquish your privacy. This is Huge and a Lie. Those are the same people who are going to criticize Wikileaks.

As long as the establishment – add public servants (the permanent) to the list – will cover their shortcomings, treasons of the people and criminality, Wikileaks should be out there, watching and hunting them, exactly as they are hunting the people around the world.

As long as govs, administrations and lawmakers will abdicate their duties to stop, crackdown and punish the craps out there, crimes will continue to be an everyday story in America.

The medias are hate builders and racist cementers.

Harvard Professor in Economics, Michael Potter, just issuing an interesting study about US stalled and even declining economy is underlining an evidence : « the key barrier to progress is the political system and the political rhetoric is the problem at the core. Because of the political gridlock we have not been a ble to make any progress on a lot of the basics ».

The rhetoric is the core of the political game. It is necessary to build a vision and to ask the people to take ownership of that vision. In politics, we need storybuilding to project ourselves and our dreams into the future, beyond and far away.

The rhetoric is what set the frame of new possibilities and hopes for changes. The rhetoric brings new breathing in politics.

Unlike political rhetoric which leaves room to gambling, political will is not a gamble. It involves action. That is why there is a saying in politics « where there is a will, there is a path ».

But will and rhetoric in politics are not so easy to disentangle.

Rhetoric also expresses willness. It is not fair to open the door – as I did before – to the idea that the rhetoric is an empty cup of promises, eventhough, it has been the global trend during those latest decades.

The rhetoric is vision and action. That is why it is the core of politics.

Politics is a coin. Tails, the magic of the rhetoric and its poeltry. This is the appeal that makes politics looking so « sex-appealing ». Heads, politics is action. Will and action. The problem of nowadays politics is the rhetoric has lost lucre, magic, sincerity, passion, poeltry and appeal, because of flat bad faith, selfishness, opportunism introduced into the game through crony capitalism, and… capping the cake, incompetence.

Arrogance due to endless skyrocketing corruption has sealed the deal of mediocrity on top of the Nation. How to expect progress in such a mediocre environment where the so-called press – hiding murderers – and co are bullying the people, including the politicians ? Mediocrity feeds predatory behaviors and a culture of impunity.

So, yes the political system is the key barrier to Progress, not only economics, but also social, ethical and anthropoligical. Everything has degraded rapidly since 1951. Decrescendo.

Which bring us to the teen killed on wednesday and to the rate of criminality: an American seemingly helplessness task to tackle once for all. America can’t explain to anybody on Earth (out of Americans) how this super military power can’t fix and stop murders on its soil. It is that, there is no will to end criminality.


Hang them up and short into a packed stadium where people would be called in attendance for a free shot. Stamp their picture ahead of the hanging session all over the nation and you’ll start watching a quick decrescendo.

Yesterday, I called on the black community, the main target, to organize their security, watching after each other and around. How is it only black people are killed by ghost white men – or ostensible black men? How ? A teen was killed and a disabled black women of 61.

Yahoo has posted the news for me to see  how resembling the people killed are with my family. The 61 old woman is me and the teen could be my daughter. Remember the « Trayvon could have been me son ». They didn’t forget to post another one on a living father posing with his Raphael-baby like. It was not an information, but a threat by hidden tyrants, member of the Jewish brotherhood alliance owning press groups and TVs, criminal tech industries,  including their boss, Bill Gates. In short, the group of Hillary donors.

A simple profiling is telling you about the storyboard. First, they are the ones who have killed Raphael, to set me unhappy and – to cut down my desire of a baby. This is their thinking. I told you about the killers psychology. And I told you about the panic. When an elephant is dying, its fall down is cause to the destrution of many trees around him.

Confirmation, Hillary and her donors are killers. Billionaires like these shits are hollocausters. They are more of the same like their ancestors, who lent money to Hitler to kill Jews, and, times after, they came mourning about Shoah, before capitalising on it with storms of documentaries aired into their own TV’s, radio stations, cable networks, pictures, academics, worldwide.

This was very good for touring Israel. Tourism was booming.

Second, they will not stop at that. They are going to confront me directly with messages of death. I don’t care.


Yesterday see above (Thursday’s section), was a big deal. I mentioned my RAMers (Repeat after me) and provocateurs here in this small location named Northern Isere between Grenoble and Lyon. Carrefour, Vima, Chaussea, Yahoo, Amazon, the entire press and TV rats – taking stuff from me in the hide and I must shut it up. Come on, those are the same people who tried to steal my educative project on Citizenship, performed here into a high school (Leonard de Vnci). The success of the project was so huge that public servants, jealous to death, broke it into pieces, tried to grab it, leaving me indebted.

The project was subsidized, as complementary to student’s education. I designed it, initiated it, mastered it.  And implemented it along with some teachers willing to open their minds and the horizons of their students. There were not many of them, but those who collaborated to the project found it extremely refreshing and innovative. They confessed to me how boring they have become, years afer years of more of the same rigid decontextualised academics.

Yes to the academics. No to frozen academics. This was the hit of this education over citizenship. Sort of an horizon-widener or redimensioner.

Reporting on this Action on my first website – created in 2008 in support to the Obama’s campaign – I ended the report with this call : WELCOME INTO THIS SPACE. Read Scene Publique Internationale.

Beleive me or  not, since then, everything here  locally, is named « welcome ». WELCOME has become the generic store-brand or neon-brand. Carrefour exhibits its version.

Now consider the timing of the event between America and France and access.


Hold on..

Let’s consider  those macro-economy data before coming back to the criminal environment.

 ♥ On Immigration.

We must always remember that we are a nation founded, built and sustained by immigrants. – Read Our Work, Our Heritage by the U.S. Departement Labor Blog.

♣The IMF agenda

Transcript of a Press Briefing with Gerry Rice, Director of the IMF Communications Department and IMF Spokesman – September 15, 2016

 ♦Bill de Blasio initiative for a fair workweek.

The City of New York

My fellow New Yorkers,

Imagine if week after week your employer changed your schedule on a whim, forcing you to work impossible hours at the last minute. Well, that is exactly what tens of thousands of New Yorkers – including 65,000 who work in fast food – live with today and every day.

After taking on paid sick leave, paid parental leave, and a $15 minimum wage, we are now taking aim at one of the most painful and damaging aspects of the contemporary workplace: scheduling that treats human beings like cogs in a machine.

Today we begin the fight for a fair workweek.

We’re going to join forces with the City Council, advocates, labor groups, and the business community to:

  • Require fast food employers to set a full schedule two weeks in advance, and post it where workers can easily see it.
  • Ensure that employees are appropriately compensated if hours need to be changed on short notice for reasons within the business’ control.
  • Regulate the practice of “clopenings,” or shifts that require people to work a closing and opening shift with fewer than 10 hours between them.

It’s about lifting up all New Yorkers, and, in doing so, creating One New York.

Video: Mayor Bill de Blasio begins the fight for a Fair Workweek for 65,000 fast food workers in NYC.

Click to watch our Fair Workweek video, and find out more about why this matters so much.


Bill de Blasio





Could Trump Become President Of The US? – OpEd


First of all. An intention unintentionnality has willingly targetted and killed 86 Syrians soldiers  and wounded 120 others.


Friends, you were told God doesn’t exist, only sex and drugs are good for you. In the end, your dechristianisation has led you direct to gay’s lands and impasses of chronic insatisfaction.
Friends, you have been told, Muslims Brotherhood was a terrorist organization. In the end, you find out that there is another Terrorist organisation surpassing and totalizing the entire web of terrorists around the world: the Zionist Brotherhood Alliance, conducting terror around the World including Nigeria and Boko Haram.

Hold up !

With this chant. Desperate me.

Mirror, mirror,

Help me please. How can I do to look like Elise living in France, while I’m desperately living  in America, looking for something to steal, as I was born for that : thieves and crimes.

Mirror, mirror, help me to look as a human being. Like Elise. Oh my God, I can’t get asleep without buying and watching her everyday life activities and whereabouts.

I’m damned to follow her, like a dog. Including following her into the WC. and into the bathroom.

Oh my God, I was the one insulting and laughing at Elise as an old woman. Infertile, jailed and unsuccessful. Me, the fertility, the tampon user, the free woman, but so enslaved and pathetic.

How is it I’m so desperate to search her outfits day and night and to run the entire world to find the exact copy of it ?

How it it I’m such in need to see her nakedness and vaginas or sexual intercourse I’m dying to participate into.

I’m so young and so beautiful and so successful and so in love with my man, how is it I’m all eyes fixed on Elise, an old, ugly, black, single, poor something ?

Born in Africa.

I want her to answer a Canadian job’s offer, where a wild bathroom is awaiting her, in a no man’s land. From my satellites, I’ll be watching her on her Robinson Crusoe Island, alone, eating brambles and worms.

That is how we treat people disagreing with us. The Earth is our to govern and to destroy at guise and nobody, no single person should interfere into our slavery businesses destroying the humanity and the planet.

Martin Luther King Memorial site (Atlanta). Non violence was yesterday. Today, we should resist a global evil. Non violence was effective while fighting a visible enemy, whether the KKK, the police or the supremacists institutions. An invisible mafia, using Troyans can not be fought against with Martin Luther King non violence only. You need knowledge, discernment, judgment and intelligence and this is why Farrakhan is a Guidance. Don’t watch without seing and don’t hear without understanding.

Monday, the 19 th.

Translation. My man got small ones. I’m a frigid pale rose. I’m an incurable kleptomane walking with a nake complex of inferiority. To hide those deficiencies, I have to run a gangsta machine to commit crimes ranging from conceiving a scheme to kill a black teen of 16 in the darkness – styled or looking as Elise or her daughter, – beaten to death – on the head and face – and the FBI or the police are unable to find the killer…crimes ranging from killing black girls to young men and disabled women of 61 (echoed in France by Carrefour’s TV ad), babies and men around the World, not to mention Muslims people in the Middle East, including Syrian soldiers trapped by a false Obama’s agreement on an imaginary ‘cease-fire’, inspired by the Devil on Earth.

Obama is not instigating any racial race. False and another black police manipulation. Black men are weak and empty of any political conscience. The black police man suing Obama and Minister Louis Farrakhan is like Michelle Obama. Totally instrumentalised.

Louis Farrakhan and Obama are diametrically opposed, when it comes to political vision and responsibility. Louis Farrakhan is kind of a Black Conscience, whereas Obama is a supremacist pawn and his beautiful wife another fashionable model, meaning an evil distraction. May be she is not aware of her image serving the cause of supremacists, may be… but she knows and she sent messages of this shift of side, while campaigning,, in 2008. The pant showing the drawing of her sexual engine while parading on a podium was the signature of the pact. Such a vulgar dressing could only have been inspired by who you know.

You recognize those people by their focus on women vaginas. Sexual obsessions walk hand by hand with sexual slavery, insatisfaction of frigidity. This is a package. That is why you have nakedness everywhere. It is the ultimate stage of slavery and submssion. They call it Women freedom. Of course, the code of Inversion is operating as usual.

Slavery = Freedom in their language.

A confiscated democracy = democracy.

A rigged freedom of press = Free press.

A cease fire = another round of massive killings in Syria.

A black president  = a smokescreen hiding white supremacists and zionists ruling and governance.

A journalist =  a hidden soldier, a sentinel or a terrorist makers

Press =  terrorist agencies. Thieves among us.

Politicians = double agents. Zionists stooges.

Wall Street =  The Hollocaust Temple.

Antisemitism  = Censorship, Tyranny

Governance : a maffia.


You can not mix Farrakhan and Obama in the same pale rose pisspot. It is like mixing oil and water, totally dissociated. Farrakhan stands for research, truth-telling and black conscience awakening. Obama stands with proxies, liars and criminals.

Our Father founders told us not to kill anybody. The black policeman officer, acting on behalf of the supremacists, should worry – had he listened to Farrakhan about who he is and where he is coming  from and what his priorities should be – the black policeman should have been caring about Black Lives and How they matter.

But, Black men seem to be the perfect embodiment of submission and slavery mentality. They fit the register perfectly. Fit for eternal slavery.

Now who is fit for presidency ?

Interesting to see the recursivity of this topic, by one side.

Question : Is there a diploma for presidency ? or for political competence ? Where do you earn it ?

The Dallas policeman is another Troyan the weak people on Earth are using to confort their predestined self-fulfulling mythology – always hiding behind weak and ignorant people.

Dismissed. I told you to track them. And don’t compromise.

Journalists are criminals. They are home for hidden terrorists you will never start guessing. The more their visibility, the worst their dark side. Their red carpets are rivers of blood.

If I’m lying, just try to know  more about them. Snoop their phones conversations and their employers alike – remember the multiple scandals of ‘News of the World’, breaking  politicians careers and families, snooping a dying teen phone, weighing a high scale scheme of Scotland Yard corruption and so forth. Hack their laptops and those firms, install mics inside their cars, businesses – They are doing all this to me, so don’t hesitate to hitback using their methods and only that – I told you to watch after each other, inside your communities, around your famlies and friends entourage, identify all the strangers and stains, you’ll  see the rats running out of the holes.

Yesterday, I portrayed the group of killers – read above – and, naturally, overnight, our black policeman got the idea of talking about reconnecting with our father founders.

Here is the rule : they are out there to wait at what somebody else, you are going to say. They got zero progressive idea. Their productivity either intellectual or other is close to zero. Immediately, they steal the idea and start the devilish job of reversing it for misappropriation – called it distorsion. The next day, the fathers founders you called upon are sold out to a parrot, a black pawn preferentially, the laziest and corruptible brainless and memoriless people on Earth.

Plagiarism is criminality. Press value is zero. That is why they have to turn thieves and killers. Pathetic.

The next day again, there will issue a lawsuit – a class action – towards those you name as criminals instigators. Rediscovering America, after you land them on the beaches. This is another trend ot theirs : stealing from a creator, an innovator, robbing ideas publicly and attributing them to an improductive tool. Example : Apparently Marine le Pen and Mr. Trump are going to merger ( Follow in my footsteps and get in the fight, when there is no more risks to take. Affabulators and political opportunism used to be fruitful. The kind of missapropriations aiming to harm Trump. Trump is not a racist or something. This so-called press represents hate. You can see the same process working for dressing copists. Rob it from Elise or from the Youtube videos she is watching and wear it for TV’s shows parades : misappropriations, or pick some ideas for next articles. Example : pentecotist success in Nigeria through YeshuaThe laziest part of it consists on taking a black man or woman as the recipient of the robbery. Dividing black people to advance a criminal divine agenda, is a basic line. So pathetic.

Black people or black characteristics (big as, butts or lips or anything including penis) are fit for the job. Naturally, journalists behind the scheme are not concerned. They want to be cleaned up. The scheme mirrors money-laundering their employers excell on. They know how to escape Justice and Taxes. Death and Taxes. Remember.

Manipulation, you can easily spot the hands of the institutionalised gangs. You named it, they reverse it and they think this is that simple. Lol.

It is a proof I’m telling you the truth and here is how they react in the darkness, using puppets. You can’t missed them.

They have used the same tactics to diffame Michael Jackson, they killed him with drugs and dependency, and now he is accused of « organizing a vast scheme of children rape ». OK. This has been aired, after I initiated those daily journals of campaign pointing out the culprits of crimes and their hidden tunnels, namely Troyans.

To react to the evidence, they sent a choregrapher, an errand gay, to tell « I knew about Michael Jackson Neverland history with massive rapes of children ». Massive rapes to hijack and reverse their massives crimes, lies and predation.

Friends, the timing bears the truth. Where was the boy – the choregrapher – since then ? They waited me to accuse them of mass criminality, in and outside America, to bring the story of a massive rapist Michael forward. What a bunch of bandits.

So, boy, where were you when Michael Jackson was alive ? You were profiteering you and people of your race, including the rapist press. The brotherhood alliance got rich with Michael. He even let you, bloodthirstiers people, with fake children, heirs of a big Theft organized by the same Zionist brotherhood alliance compiling music awards, world producers, theater owners, the Staples center, concert organizers, choregraphers and others.

Those people know no shame, they have no morality, no human conscience. They are empty pots of evil, kleptomania, and criminality. Born to be killers, destroyers, nuisances, evil on Earth, predators, simulators, liars and so forth. Anything mastered by them is doom to regress and to end into bankruptcy. Here we are.

Princess and models have no additive value. No productivity. They live on citizens and the people blood and work. They are bringing nothing valuable in the World. The fashion universe and the porn industry, including the press have been a substractive economically force. They brought negativity all over the society. You thought it was about nakedness or dressing or showroom or fashion ? You were overwhelmingly mistaken and abused.

In fact, you were dreaming. Satan was dancing in front of you and you, the blind mind, couldn’t see him dancing.

It was about distracting your attention, using a derivative way towards basic instincts promotion. I went across something astonishing that other day. That was on Sunday. I discovered a TV reality show called ‘E’. Ah han. I was visiting a brother in Christ and his wife was watching this. Woo woo! The entire collection of girls was barbie looking, clones. You hardly could even sort out who was black, metis or white. Men and twins dollies. In fact matricule numbers.

« Where everybody is a master, everyone is a slave ».

This is where feminism is ending into global slavery of happy slaves women, into a regressive form of plastic bust and everything on auction to satisfy the men basic instincts. Into systemic prostitution.

The global pattern of slavery is culminating with Homosexuality – men without virility, souless totally eviscerated from their vigour and a Harem of prostitutes (women and men alike). Meanwhile, the initiators of this global scheme were left free to kill using three big forces : Culture, politics and military.  The cultural universe is there to wash the brains – through lies, propaganda and basic instincts promotion, Facebook for instance is a narcissistic tool, others are big places for gossip… and shared entertainment.

You know about the political corruption.

And about military forces depending on arms manufacturers lobbying.

The three forces are convergent. We are going to unfold them.



Before even I start writing anything, here are my snoopdogs – Hello Snoop I love you even if you are a Hillary voter. At least, your image is not used by the rats, to capitalize on like worms. So, hardly have I announced the cultural universe exploration and french/american muddy connection, that two articles are highlighted by the criminal in chief machine, Yahoo.

One of them is telling this : Elodie Gossuin, draguée par Leonardo DiCaprio, elle dit non. By a dog of my carpet : Paris Match, the matrix of french presstitutes. Apparently every emptiness is willing to be cited here by me to gain visibility and value. Paris Match is a pisspot, giggles or pop sugar like, or closer or M6 in France, the phone hackers, including Public and others ads.

Naturally, those prostitutes, helpless flat as are all dying for the King of the World, Leonardo di Caprio. Remember, Leonardo has sent me a sweet postcard with firestorms behind the scene starring a glass of flashy champagne. I don’t remember if the color of the champagne was rose or fine gold.

Since then, journalists got panic. Why not me ? And now, we have the anonymous, former Miss Elodie Gossuin, talking about refusing Leonard di Caprio demand for sex. I told you, every desperate woman would like to measure up to who ? To the Queen of the World. Everybody and everything is bowing down in respect or disrespect to the reference.

Paris Match have spent all those latest 6 months reporting on Macron’s couple, for its similitudes with my life. Poor them. A little something. And Macron is thinking that with this worm behind him, he his going to run for presidency ? Lol. He can try, but he got no chance. He is one of the hidden brotherhood alliance agency. Exit.

Leonardo di Caprio, compared to a miss, is like a God compares to a rat.

No comparison ever. You don’t compare streets products with the finest cultural and actors on Earth. This world have mixed princess, first ladies and worms in such a way that you may always be confused. This is a World of intertwined cloned. Desidentified and equal in criminality. Those non-frenchy values are all about arrogance and cheatings. Miss competition in France sits on cheatings and politics. Ask Mme Genevieve de Fontenay. Prostitution and parade. It reflects the entirety of France. Elections are more of the same cesspool. See the picture of our Miss, and tell me if you call this beauty. Leonardo should have been drunk at the moment, if the storytelling is true.

When Prince died, we got the same impostor.

Frankly if I’m waiting for the Elodie judgment to take a decision, it will be such a regression I can’t start imagining.

France is a Third World country actually, when it comes to culture and politics. Needless to talk about journalism. Mediocrity and laziness is everywhere.

I will tell you about Slate, later on, acting in the same model like the poor M6 channel, the non existant TV created by Mitterand, while people were asking for a diversified press – to no avail – The results are terrifying. French TVs are good to copying the US inventions.

M6 is quoting a ceremony with a woman who have lost three members of her family. Yesterday I was discussing about it with a friend of mine. I told her, after three members of my family passing away, within a 9 months period of time, it was really hard times. Bingo, see the timing and the selection. A woman who lost three members of her family... I told you those are criminals, hackers, thieves and rats. I told you Yahoo is running a gang of criminals. Follow his board of administrators. The message is aiming also at the FBI and privates, prosecutors investigators alike looking for the scoop of their life or for more intelligence.

Criminals are surrounding as quicly as possible. The dogs are running away from their hidden places. Cursed they are. They will pay for their criminality and diffamation, one way or another.

I’m their reference. Poor them. Fake elected God’s people of thieves and copists.

Who is the black teen behind Hillary, the killer ? My daughter Claudia picture to frighten me? OK. Come in France to kill her or something. You killers of black girls. While your Shoah babies are aired wherever. Kill her, you criminals. Having killed the young teen in America is not sufficient. You went through my pictures to find how my children was looking.

Alice in her bikini just killed your supposedly high beauty. Fake and plastified from A to Z. If somebody is talking, naturally, you kill the baby inside her family, you kill her children before killing her. Please yourself. But know this : someone is going to pay Raphael’s blood in your ranks of Killers. Anywhere. That is first. I command it to the World over.

If Hillary is suffering Parkinson or something, is it our fault ? If she can feel appease, Laurent Fabius, is suffering the same illness and crisis of hysteria, due to the disease. It is not our responsibility and capacity to cause illness to the people. Not even death. We are here to explain, teach and tell the state of the World today.

Second, each murder shall now be followed by another inside your camp. What is a young black girl doing behind Hillary. In this picture ? Under the radar ? A threat of death ? Directed towards my daughter Claudia ? OK. I wish I’m wrong and it is only a ressemblance. Like the teen cowardly killed last week, by a ghost.

The FBI is prompt to find the NYC bomber. Right. What about the teen hidden killer ? What about Yahoo and Politico death threats upon my daughter ? What about the killer of Raphael ? Some are free to kill anyone they dislike. Come to Africa openly and kill people over there. Black people of America are weak. Really. In Africa, this is impossible. Judge gives State Department tongue-lashing over Clinton classification training records (Politico via Yahoo). Just after my post of the day.

The first competence of America is murder. 86 Syrians soldiers killed and more than a hundred injured and some are believing it was a mistake ? Come on. They don’t care about human beings except for themselves. This is America today. Killing soldiers, teens, veterans, black people, and intimidating free citizens worldwide, threatening anyone who is exposing the Shoah regime.

The killer of the black teen in America should surrender to the police, unless he is willing to be killed by those who gave him the mission to beat the girl to death. It is a classic pattern inside any mafia.

Hack and post it is the new code. So mean I told you. They are dying for. What the Judge should know is the press is not out there to tell the news, but to deliberately intimidate, bully or threaten people including sabotaging their tools and outlets and harassing them. I’m able to speak up. How many are silenced and tortured with this hidden and tolerated oppression named Press ? Mr. Trump has a lot of work to do to clean up American multiple dirtiness and illnesses. America is in chaos, total disorder where killers are walking free. The economy is stalling, the only thing prospering is the killing machines. The press is one of them.

Standing With Syria – OpEd.

Plus How Keeping A Foot In Two Worlds Can Lead To Success In Both.

‘American police are given tacit permission to kill three people every day’.

Our Revolution


Throughout our work on Bernie Sanders’ campaign for president one of the most indispensable things that you and other volunteers did was contacting voters on the phone. You placed millions of calls to voters and helped turn them out for our political revolution.

Now we’re bringing back the dialer to help the candidates endorsed by Our Revolution. Here’s why this is so important: some of our candidates have won by as few as 17 votes in their primaries. Even a few phone calls can make the difference to help them win in November.

The more voters we contact, the more races we’ll win. The more races we win, the stronger the message we’ll send to the political establishment about the power of our political revolution.

We’re going to get started as soon as this week. Are you in?

Yes, I want to help call voters before the election!


No, I’m not going to call voters, but I can chip in $3 to Our Revolution.


Our Revolution will endorse around 100 candidates and ballot initiatives in this election, and each week we’ll rotate through different races and voters that you can call using the dialer.

We’re going to call voters for races for everything from local school boards to the U.S. Senate, and even statewide ballot initiatives.

This is an easy and effective way you can help candidates win who support the ideals of our political revolution. The first step is letting us know you want to call at some point before Election Day. Are you in?

Yes, I want to help call voters before the election!

No, I’m not going to call voters, but I can chip in $3 to Our Revolution.

Thanks for all you do to help our political revolution.

In solidarity,

Shannon Jackson
Executive Director
Our Revolution

Friends, this is a call to all of us. A call of conscience awakening.


Politicians are so scared of ‘so-called journalists’ they fabricated for their eternal reelection they can’t sanctioned them. Instead french lazy press is subsidized to grilled them and to post porn stuff. A real misery for politics and freedom of information. Another west side story the likes of Citizen Kane.

Do yo know a drink called bébé rose ? It is a french drink. Now, watch how amazing some non- singers – pure marketing creatures – are compared to Marie Antoinette ! I told you about usurpation of french creators. Marie Antoinette was one of them. My rose shoes have inspired a body. And musicians would like to be politicians ? Just like that. I told you about some DNA. Unmissable. You can not lie eternally. At a certain point, you are caught like a rat. Nowhere to escape the Light.

If they are looking somebody in France to drive Rihanna – watch CNN – they should know about Alice Sapritch. A good reference. Not Marie Antoinette. Yo don’t compare singers to politicians. No way this comparison can hold ground.

It is not about Rihanna, but her instrumentalization. White people like to fuck with black slaves. It is a classic story.

Now, seriously. Enter the Clinton’s Golden Ghost Empire. I, Hillary Rodham Clinton: Haiti’s Pay-to-Play IHRC.

Excerpt. For six years of a full dictatorship of the Clintons and their surrogates, on earthquake anniversaries Haitians at home and in the diaspora have made a ritual of searching through the rubble for the reconstruction funds that were donated by good people from all around the world. “Where did the money go?” everyone asks. The answer is simple: for a while it probably sat in the Swiss and Caribbean offshore banks where dictators stash their loots.

Go on with the reading, this article is superb by its wildness, for the investigations and the song of the New Era.


Where has the money gone ?

Gone into the Wind.

Marie Antoinette was not a drug addict, nor a sex and alcohol consumer. She was sober like a camel and a tea drunker. Alice Sapritch was a drug and smoke addict and alcohol worshipper. And she was GREAT.

You thought they were singing ? No, they are Troyans for modelism. Poor models down in the process.

You thought there were singers ? No those are hidden porn actress.

Sing and do sport, you may end up first lady – who knows – or something like a president of Haiti, under Bill’s obediency.



That said, see the outcome of the last grammy session, mired with politics and Beyonce has been ignored by the same gang of awards and world music producers. Beyonce just hit them with a Masterpiece show against Police mass killing of black people. I give her a triple A. The awards can go Hell ! B. is a born Queen. With a pure talent. Gold. She is not a Jewish junk product overanked like the rating agencies did with the satanic result : too-big-to-fail crocodile tears.

You don’t compare plagiarist and emptiness to full talented singers. You don’t compare a slave with a Queen. This is a permanent trend : using an ignorant black as a baton to hit another black. Divide to impera. Always hiding behind a smokescreen.

Oh, at the age of 35, I already given birth to three babies and I did too many abortions, from age 16 to 35. It was a permanent fight not to be pregnant. When I start taken those pills, I was relieved. I started taken them in France, after 25. The moment I came in France for studying. I got my first daughter at the age of 19. 4 months before turning 20. It was in Cameroon (Yaounde), in 1980. My second daughter was born in 1994 and the son in 1996.

I did three abortions in France. The last one was really painful. The intern was brutal and incompetent. In Africa, we were praying each month to avoid undesirable pregnancies. But sometimes, we were faced with the consequences of miscalculating the days of fecondity. It was a drama, when this occured. Many girls didn’t survive clandestine abortions. Most of them were poor. With money, abortions were not at risk. You could pay for a sane one.

My experience is this : girls avoid abortions. Give birth to your baby, what ever the circumstances are or the conditions. It is a blesssing to give birth. You’ll end up feeling better. I promise you. Even if you are raped, keep your baby. After all, it is also yours, OK. Don’t abort. You gain nothing out of it. Or very little.


In 1995, I was graduated Doctor in Sciences of Information and Communication. The Key Word is Sciences. Sciences of Information and Communications are Studies of Civilisation and its impact on knowledge, progress and the formatting of the Public Space.

Habermas and Watzlawick are North and South, Christian Metz and Roland Barthes are West and East – Around them, the Lights shine from everywhere. The clock is always ticking along with flashes.

A society talks and people speak through many languages, using many scenarios and narratives, songs and pictures, words and ideas, arts … Sciences of Information and Communications are located at the intersection of those languages and connections. It takes 10 years at the University to get through the mirror. If you survived the test, you become a Rainbow Warrior. An illuminati without satanism.

To tell it straight away : I’M A SURVIVOR.

And I pray the little church « Arche de l’Eternel » oppressed here in a no-man’s land named Northern Isere (Grenoble-Lyon) will find a place to locate. Local authorities, atheists, are fighting the Pastor, Alain Mutombo, to Hell. They want him to sign their Free mason pact or go away with his demand for a place to set the Church. Villefontaine has many unoccupied places, but they are refusing to rent him one. This is the reality inside a land void of holy spirit replaced by satanism.

Wake up France ! Jean-François Cope is calling.

He has called Chirac’s memory of 1995 presidential campaign, when he was betrayed by a hidden gang behind his former friend and PM, Edouard Balladur. At the time, the entire press was supporting Edouard Balladur without french people knowing this PM was a Troyan. This was the first attempt of the zionists to occupy french gov. and administrations.

Chirac stood firm. The coup failed to hold on.

Flashback. In 1968, the zionists infiltrated a students revolt headed by Daniel Cohn Bendit, a Deutsch. Hitler and the Jews are tied forever. This was their first attempt and it was successful. They downed General de Gaulle and started the occupation of nearly every thing of interest in France. The press is theirs. Book publishers. Political partis. The economy : Leclerc, Carrefour, Vima, Chaussea, supermarkets, Lagardere, Pinaut, L’Oreal, Free, SFR, Bouygues, Bolloré, Lazard banks and all the banks, presidencies of Universities, everywhere they are the masters in France.

The only thing left in this big hold up was the gov.

They entered it progressively and in 1983 with Mitterand and his first Premier, Laurent FABIUS imposed to him by the economical strenghts of the occupied land, the infiltration landed with a french supreme statute. Hollande have accomplished what started with Mitterand : he was elected by the gangsta zionist press through lies and Hitler style propaganda.

Today, Hollande gov looks like Obama’s : 90% Jewish with a smokescreen as President.

The same process working with world music using stooges and puppets is staged in politics.

The United States of America and France are occupied by Zion. Those are Zionist regimes or Shoah Empires. France is no longer France. America either.

Wake up France ! Wake up America. Disconnect to better Reconnect to your soul.

How this negatively impacts Africa ?


From De Gaulle Kinshasa retreat, settled as France capital to Valéry Giscard d’Estaing presidency ending in 1981 with a Central African scandal namely, Bokassa the First Emperor of Bangui diamonds, France has been some kind of a father image to Africa. Kind of a genitor.

With Mitterand arrival, the pillaging of Africa gained traction and became the priority number of the Elysee Palace. The Mitterands and the Habyarimanas – former Rwandan president – were friends. Until the plane of President Juvenal Habyarimana was downed, in the vicinities of Kigali, by an unknown rocket, lately attributed to the Opposition Army fighting the gov.

This resulted into a genocide drama. In 1994. France organised the Turquoise humanitarian mission to cover the retreat of Hutu’s leaders, some of them were responsible for the disaster. It is told that this Rwandan friendship with French presidency enriched the Frenchy friend.

Rwanda brought destabilisation in the Democratic Republic of Congo, ending with the ousting of the Leopard President Mobutu Sesse Seko, who was another Belgium target.

Mitterand arrival unleashed french adventurers in Africa, many for fake humanitarian reasons. In fact, all of them were gold seekers sitting besides the golden river named Africa.

Mitterand also changed the regime in Cameroon, ending Ahmadou Ahidjo regime replace by the actual sitting president, Paul Biya, who was Ahidjo PM. One can only say that Ahidjo was betrayed by his friends, like he betrayed Um Nyobe during the fight for colonisation. Messmer, a french minister beheaded Um Nyobe and exposed his headless body publicly for everybody to see. It was plain terror.

We, My village and Um Nyobe’s known as « Mpodol », means the Voice (of the Leader), the light, the guide, the shepherd – belong to the same locality. This story has left a deep scar on the land… This was done during the decolonisation war. Prior to 1960. In 2011, in Lybia, NATO’s forces repeated the beheaded scenario. 50 years later.

In 2000, it was the turn of Ivory Coast to face civil war. A decade after, president Sarkozy an Obama removed president Laurent Gbagbo from presidency, after a disputed election (2010) the size of the recent Gabonese outcome between Ali Bongo and Jean Ping. Since then, Laurent Gbagbo is emprisoned at the ICC.

In 2001, Kabila, the father, who succeeded to Mobutu Sese Seko, was killed in Yaoundé, during an african union session. His son, Kabila took power and is now under fire: The Congolese are asking his departure, despite an agreement of power sharing with the opposition. The delay asked for the election is a hot issue. So is the respect of the Constitution. Tough times lies ahead of the DRC.

You also have the case of Sudan, savagely raped by an illegitimate partition. John Kerry led it.

Then Hell broke loose with two big events : The Arab Spring and Lybian destruction by the no-fly-zone, another pretense to kill Gaddafi and to bring the OPEC down. The Sudan partition was a preview of the OPEC woes.

Watch Zionist Murder of Muammar Gaddafi. Roth Charles banking cartel. The Zionits west chokehold. Money is the God of Zionist. Tech was so helpful for the killing mission.

Kadhafi ObamaWe came, we saw, he died. What a joy. The murder of Gaddafi by the New World Order.

Mali was contaminated by the arms smuggling in Lybia. The Touaregs decided to seceede. Niger was threatened. The two nations are uranium producers. France decided to invade this poor nation, advocating military cooperation.

Central Africa is under the same guardianship.

Nigeria is under Boko Haram heat. Amazingly, the group is armed with french weapons.

Cameroon has caught some in the hands of Boko Haram fighters.

Britain was the nation who settle the demon on Earth. It is not a surprise mother Nature has sent the Brexit to cut the satanic ties with the devil. That itself is a sign, times are reversing the course.

The conservatives gov would like to hijack the British people. They can try, but this will be the way for them to be ousted in the next general elections round. The clock is ticking for the Brexit. Each day lost clears the path for the conservatives Exit. In 2009?

Gaddafi and the  Muta – Lybia has vast reserve by Gold. The euro was in jeopardy. The NATO destruction of agricultural lands. How to starve people. Listen.


Mass Graves of black people performed by Wall Street Hollocausters in Lybia. Black people killed in their beloved land: Africa ! Cry the beloved country. The roots of devil are so deep God needs to come back again.




Hillary Clinton email reveals Gold dinar was behind Gaddafi’s murder.


‘A Sh*t Ton of Famous People’ Telling You to Vote for Hillary (PJ Media)

Charlotte, Hold on. Oklahoma, ask for the indictment and don’t compromise. This is hidden threat from the gang of cowards people : when they don’t post picture to threaten you or to speak about other people lives, hiding behind Tech tools, so convenient for the weak desperate inarticulate worms in errand, they send the corrupt policemen to kill you on the streets.

You have my entire support.


Cleveland has given a big Thumb to Donald Trump yesterday. The thumb was as powerful and high as the Statute of Freedom. Sing it: Freedom, Freedom, Freedom.  Break the system of control with its « right wrong » and « wrong right » dead wrong philosophy.

I like this description by Don King –System of Control. Absolutely RIGHT ! 100%+


⇒Snowden: Stay Away From Google Allo.

To Brad Pitt, each divorce is erroneous. Talk to Jolie and don’t listen to voices of hate. Those are desperate hawks. Sure you have  tried. But, beleive me, try again and again and again. We always fail to try, while beleiving the contrary. I’m talking to married people.

I’m a divorce woman. I filled for divorce in the last quarter of 1998. Three months later, the father of my two younger children (Claudia and Jeff)- and I were separated by the Judge. I asked for that, while he was opposed to the divorce. I’m not regretting, for it was the right thing to do. There was no alcohol, no drugs (as far as I can tell), no visible cheating, but permanent disconfort due to what I felt like secrecy and excessive selfishness. We were not sharing some sort of complicity or friendship, but many disputes and disagreements.

I don’t regret, but as far as I can recall, and after 50 years plus of experience, I can tell, you don’t change a man, he is the one to decide on that. You can be happy, if you consider things differently, and remember marriage is for the better and the worse. Most of the times, we are not ready to confront the worst. If we are willing to play the unease down or to avoid exaggerating this feeling, frankly, marriage is not Hell.

Marriage is closer to paradise than to Hell.

Here is a secret for you, a married man always holds his wife high into his mind. But women don’t know this, because their husbands will rarely show this respect to them, but critics again and again. It is boring and discouraging. We, women are so emotional. We must learn to be different, but it is not that simple and I’m the first to succumb dramatically and to play the tragic Phedre role (a character by Racine, a french writer).

Good luck to both of them. After all, a failure can be salvatory.


world class pictures
Emptiness is controlling YOU. Wake up and Arise !


I’ve been told that a city have exhibit a dreamt penis ostensibly. A parody of art ? A change of law, authorizing public Exhibition, using Art as a Troyan horse? This city is just confessing its submission to the hiding people and their project of enslaving people through unrealistic dreams. Unattainable objectives. Dreams exist to become real. Otherwise, they are no longer dreams, but illusions. Dreams are « impossible becoming possible ».  A monster penis. For who ? Unrealistic dreams work like false promises in politics, fantasms in sex and lying ads. The system is an empty cup.

Fantasms work like Sisyphe stone. An exhaustion without a project. Voltaire (another french light) has described the process this way : you were promised a land called El Dorado. The quest for it results in two different ways : down to the valley – for the red sheeps – or emptiness, if you survived the Valley of Death.

Conclusion : As a concept, the El Dorado, the promise land is a lie, according to Voltaire. Globally or generally speaking, It doesn’t exist. Where is it then ? Your garden is your promise land. Your every day life is your promise land. Work is your garden. Your job is your garden.

Let’s Trump be that greatest Job creator in America. And, who knows, the positive effect of the ball of snow, could spillover elsewhere also ? In Mexico for instance. Or in Cuba. Or in China.


Our Revolution


Native American tribal nations are leading some of the highest-profile efforts to stop the Dakota Access pipeline for fracked oil. They’re joined by farmers and activists who know that the pipeline is a huge threat to the future of our planet.

We want to do more than organize against the pipeline. We’re also endorsing two Native American leaders and a pipeline-fighting farmer in their elections this November, as well as supporting the Standing Rock Sioux Nation in their pipeline occupation.

Chase Iron Eyes is a member of the Standing Rock Sioux tribal nation running for Congress in North Dakota. Vernon Miller is a pipeline fighter running for the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska’s School Board as its chair. Brian Whitecalf is a farmer and steadfast ally of tribal nations who is running for the Grand Island County Board of Supervisors in Nebraska. And we’re going to help the Standing Rock Sioux Nation buy critical supplies for their continued occupation in the path of the Dakota Access pipeline.

We can send a strong message to fossil fuel companies and polluters if we help Iron Eyes, Miller, and Whitecalf win their elections while supporting the fight against the Dakota Access pipeline. That’s why splitting a $2.70 contribution between their campaigns and Our Revolution will make a difference.

Every contribution you make to Our Revolution from this email will be directed straight to the Standing Rock Sioux Nation to help them buy critical supplies in their continued occupation in the path of the pipeline in North Dakota.

Chase Iron Eyes’ race for Congress is especially important. His opponent is a big advocate for the pipeline, and it shouldn’t be surprising why. In just the last financial quarter, Iron Eyes’ incumbent opponent received tens of thousands of dollars directly from oil companies like Hess, Exxon, and Valero. Your contributions to Chase Iron Eyes will go straight to fighting the influence of fossil fuel companies in our democracy.

We’re going to take the fight to climate polluters and elect candidates from our grassroots movement. This is the power of our political revolution. That is how we will change America.

Split a $2.70 contribution between Chase Iron Eyes, Vernon Miller, Brian Whitecalf, and the Standing Rock Sioux tribe via Our Revolution now.

Thanks for being a part of this movement.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Our Revolution


SATURDAY, THE 24TH. Justice for Terence Crutcher!

Late on Monday afternoon, video footage surfaced of another man being murdered by police simply because they perceived his Blackness to be a threat. This time, it was Terence Crutcher, a church-going father of four who was seeking help after his car broke down.

We need our elected representatives to take immediate, direct action and intervene in our racist law enforcement system in order to protect Black and brown people. That’s why we’re joining with Color of Change to make sure that the officer who shot Terence Crutcher is held accountable.

Officer Betty Shelby shot and killed Terence Crutcher.

Indict Officer Betty Shelby.

Indict Now!


Dear Elise,

Terence Crutcher was on his way home from class when his truck stalled in the middle of the road in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Four police officers responded to this call with guns drawn. A helicopter hovered over him and his car as he walked with his hands up. Seconds later Terence was shot and killed by officer Betty Shelby.1 His crime was being a large Black man.

Officer Shelby shot and killed Terence because she saw him not only as a threat due to his Blackness, but as a disposable being. She saw her racist projection of a big, Black “bad dude”.2

Demand Officer Shelby be indicted for her barbaric “shoot first” tactics. There’s no room for officers who see Black bodies as threats!

This is a story that went “unnoticed” in the media until the extremely disturbing video footage was released and it showed Terence clearly cooperating and officers blatantly racially profiling him to death. It’s clear that the image of a big Black man with his hands raised was a threat for Officer Shelby, a threat that informed her it was ok to shoot and kill Terence. Shelby didn’t see Terence’s humanity, she didn’t allow him the benefit of being a person in need of help.

Officer Betty Shelby needs to be indicted immediately for the killing of Terence Crutcher.

Terence was one of many Black folks killed by police last week including 13-year-old Ty’re King in Columbus, OH.3 It’s heartbreaking and traumatic to experience this reality so frequently with no justice or accountability. Officer Shelby’s fatal reaction to a Black body is something that seems to be ingrained into the psyche of most officers across the country. We must hold officers like Betty Shelby accountable if we are going to change the violent and racist culture of policing.

Paid leave is not justice for Terence or any of us! Indict Officer Shelby NOW!

Until justice is real,

Scott, Rashad, Arisha, Scott, Malaya, Enchanta, and the rest of the Color Of Change team



  1. “Tulsa Police shooting investigaed by Justice Depatment,” CNN, 09.20.2016.

  2. “Terence Crutcher’s twin sister: ‘that big bad dude was my brother’,” The Griot, 09.20.2016

  3. “Ty’re King likely running away at time of shooting, according to Forensic Pathologist,” Walton+ Brown, 09.19.2016.

All I’ve been is your messenger. This is your movement.

Make America Great Again


You are America’s only hope.

We’re approaching our FINAL end-of-quarter fundraising deadline before the election. This is our last chance to secure the resources we need to stop Hillary’s Money Machine from buying this election.

By this time next month, it’ll be too late. We’ll only have a few days until Election Day.

Look at the polls. Look at how big we’re winning in states the media said we were destined to lose to Hillary Clinton.

That’s all you. All I’ve been is your messenger. This is your movement.

I don’t have lobbyists bankrolling our campaign like Hillary does. But I do have the resilience, courage, and pride of the American people. And there’s NOTHING in the world I’d rather have.

Our campaign has raised hundreds of millions of dollars — all from Americans contributing whatever they can to take back our country.

Now let’s end the quarter stronger than ever before, and make our FINAL end-of-quarter FEC fundraising report the greatest one ever filed.

Please make a contribution and I will write a MATCHING CHECK up to TWO MILLION DOLLARS right this second.

Thank you, and God bless you,

Donald J. Trump All I’ve been is your messenger. This is your movement.

Donald J. Trump


News from France

Plagiarist politicians, specialists of unproductivity, due to systematic porn promotion, alternatively arabic, are now trying to sing and even to dance. Many thanks to our Label everybody is trying to take inspiration on.

A french real singer is something exceptional. Think about the Mayor of Paris, former Hollande call-girl, becoming Mayor of Paris like you inherit from your father, french institutions have been privatised for personal fuckings, long time ago.

Women in french politics are « womanised », you accept it or get nothing from the partis. Political partis are inner circles with co-opted members. What prevails overthere is not competence or experience or results, but body sucking.

Once elected with zero idea or political background of effective actions, you rest on cheatings and dispossessing citizens intiatives.

You are going to laugh at the recent gag in my no-man’s land.

Years ago, I asked the Mayor of my city for a financial help, the Mayor and the County to publish a book an Editor accepted to publish. « Hervé ». The City Hall and the county answered « this was not on their agenda ». Then I asked the Local State (In French, you say La Region), they used hieroglyphes writing to answer negatively.

I required the help of a professor of University Lyon 2, who was in charge of the cultural department inside La Region Rhône-Alpes. He was elected under the Green party colors. He used the same hieroglyphes style answer. Pathetic. Intellectuals in France are either Israelis’ firsters, Paris Mayor is one of those Israelis firsters – politicians are the same occupiers – the former Mayor of Villefontaine, actually sitting at la Region and inside the county, newly elected in the club,  is mastering a gang locally. He is a Portuguese Jewish. The PM, Valls, is a Spanish Jewish. Daniel Cohn Bendit, who mastered the 1968 French so-called students revolution – in fact a Jewish hidden coup on General de Gaulle – is a German Jewish. Anne Hidalgo, the Mayor of Paris is a Jew. Those are some chief political prostitutes in France. Needly to talk about their terrorist press and medias.

France is the antechrist land. Engulfed in hard and criminal racism, the medias are pushing hard forth.

France Academie française has been hijacked by Jews-firsters. It is no longer a French academy, but a Jewish academy.

Everything looking intellectual has been captured long time ago.

To hide the stinking racist system, one or two arabic are picked as second zone players or cartoon, to fill the holes of the governing board.

This is how American Jewish-firsters and French alter ego are joining their strenghts to try to pastiche, copy or intimidate this label. The gang of ads are there to double down the hidden terror. And their Vehicle is Yahoo. Was they hacked ? Double down, those are pathetic terrorists.

You will hardly see a coward and hypocrit man or woman, full of hate, envy and jealousy like an enslaved french by the occupiers incurable mentality ; corruptible from generation and generation to fill mediocrity. Not suprising, France is on free fall for blatant unproductivity and systematic frauds. The wrong people are hired to fill the assimilation mission. A fiction.

There is no more intellectual in France. Only fake politicians writing shits and pretending being intellectuals. French people are getting more and more stupid, for the lack of an intellectual class whose project is: extending The great Israel frontiers up to the Sky.

Ironically, the Town Hall of Villefontaine, the one who told me years ago, there were not helping local writers to publish a book, this was not their mission. Since I initiated an educative project of citizenship for the youths and local families, the city has changed its name into « A city of Poeltry ». OK. Then, two days ago, I saw a poster, two in fact : the first one is saying the Town is hosting a Festival of police novels and the second one is about a competition on singing, like the Voice.

Pinch me twice. I’m always singing, at home and when I’m walking. I also dance, when I’m happy. This didn’t go unnoticed by the Jews puppets followers, ranging from local gangsters to national press. You can easily spot why they have set hidden mics and cams. It is for global thefts. Every talent of yours would be translated into a game of money for those fleas – and racial propaganda will do the rest. Alternatively, they will use a black model to fit the role. Examples : Michele Obama, Rihanna, Serena and any black willing to play the game  the young Biles or a man, usually West, the tool of the tools. I can tell how much they are paid for that.

If you sing Opera, you’ll see opera music inserted in the TV programmes – all of the sudden.

If it is religious songs, idem. Nobody will invite you to instruct them or even to participate. You could get rich and famous. No, they will behave as if they discovered on their own. Naturally. When you watch them, you really feel like becoming sick. And you find yourself asking is this shit the ELECTED DIVINE PEOPLE ? A club of gangsters ? Unbeleivable.

Models. Playing black vs black. Divide to rein in.

Rihanna. If you dance African dance, somebody will come up with a clip on this. Work for instance. And the performer will be granted a music award and pictured with a panoply inspired from the stuff you promoted elsewhere. Ice on the cake, the model will be compared to the Queen of the nation you are living in : France. Message : I’m your smoking Queen. Shut up !

Yeah ! When a thief is trying to impress you.  Here is their message to you.

Rule number one. The public stage is ours. Nobody enters it without our authorisation. We are the gatekeepers and we set the rules. This is our land. This is our territory. We are the ones who choose who is to promote, who is to awarded, who is allowed to been seen. We make the photos.

We are. Not you.

We are and you are not.

Now, if your photos are really beautiful or original, then they paste and copy them. All of them. It includes the dressing, the make-up, the pose, the size, a photocopy indeed. They have all the rights on your copyright.

And you should shut up, watching them eating on your creativity.

If you dare show the plagiat, then brace for the entire gang of medias: British, French, Americans alike, some researchers, Yahoo, Google, ads, celibs, alas, politicians also… institutions, all of them are going to come together as one man and start shooting at you with pictures or a vocabulary related to what is destabilising you or simply going on into your personal life or within your inner circle of relationships so as to threaten you.

Each conversation I get with my son is immediately translated into subjects of articles. Then you will find something like « Valls, the PM, has been impressed by his president who listened to his son (the son of the PM) before taking a decision ». What a news ! Come on! It is so huge ! Can we get some applauses here ?

The same goes on with my friends, when I’m with them.  That is how they are entering your privacy. May be, you are going to cry at your friend’s places, not inside your flat. They must be there and capture and hear this. The next morning you’ll see an article on « Michael Jordan was crying about this or that ». The news will be multiplied with stories related on celibs crying. They need to capitalize twice or more – out of thin air – and to bring up a story looking like coming from them, whereas it is not at all the case. In fact, it is a stolen story. It is not even a story. It is a provocation. It is not even a provocation, it is a threat willing to be a bullet.

May be you have had an argument with your boyfriend? An article will tell about a couple of their celibs having an argument.

May be your boyfriend and you are now separated, oh oh, there are going to be an avalanche of celibs couples everywhere….so happy, so in love, so pretty, so desirable, so enviable, so every rubbish. We all know how ephemeral celibs couples on permanent auction are and what links them : a pathologic existential desire to be screened.

If you buy a dress, you’ll see an article saying « this actress is showing her underwear here ». When you look at the pictures, the dress is exactly a copy of what you bought yesterday, here in France and Yahoo is promoting a Katy Perry on a bicycle wearing a similitude ? Are those people awared of the misuses of their pictures. This tactics is a massive trend.

Michelle Obama. Countless of times, her image serves this duty of protecting the stooges of the hawkish system. That Michelle Obama, the first lady, a black women, descendent of a family of slaves, can accept to be part of this bloody system of terror is something only black slavery can explain. Otherwise, I’m unable to understand what has changed a black lawyer – woman of law – into a clone of stupid celibs and the fashion universe icon derivation into porn industry.

No more creativity in the fashion World. So, they are retreating and regressing into nakedness.


Look Italy, 61 years and mummy for the first time and the same gang is applauding. Yeah ! Thanks Elise has come to change the idiocies. Before I came here and the moment I entered the game, they was saying, too old women of 50 plus. Dimissed, you are no longer a woman, nor fertile, nor sexy. You are good for the dustbin.

After reading me and looking at me, they started plagiaring. Whenever underlined, a picture of a young woman or many of them (Rihanna or B. or any black younger model, metis journalists in France including Naomie Campbell used to support the gay lobby cause), will be aired everywhere. Message, you old woman, watch the young fresh beauty. Naturally, they will shoot with white models. One of them came with a claim « I’m sexually fluid ». Women of 50 plus like me are not. See the devil working ?

Then they shifted size – for the same purpose – they resorted to women of 50, Janet or Basic Instinct Star, Sharon or somebody else and Twitter and snapshat and … porn post… Global panic to show up who deserves to be highlighted.

Then, they calmed down, starting to praise women of 50 and oh my God praising a mother of 50 plus, Janet. Ah han. I’ve opened a space of longevity for women as women.

Milk. Baby. Phallus. Pregnancies. Giving birth. Couples. The place of sexuality in our society.

Rule number two. I supposed you’ve seen the athlet sucking milk from her breast while running ? Lol. This is a phallic symbol. Do you thing this athlet got the idea alone ? Think about the gang behind. The flat brain and the flat as getting the milk. Think about Phelps post with his baby, his son, during the Olympics. Think about how the young father just killed in Oaklahoma, was pictured with his son. Think about me, unable to give a son to my three years boyfriend relationship. Thing about my infertility after my last visit to the doctor, an article of the US press titled. They got my medical files here in France. Hillary let them do and know she is a victim of the carnivors beasts.

Think about me, at the time, crying for the death of my 15 months old nephew in Africa. The timing is still questionnable. I went to Cameroon to burry my father. Obama laughed at it in the beginning of a speech, using the Dracula smile. I took some pictures of my nephew with a smartphone bought to Orange which used to hack it on a permanent basis. In Yaoundé, one day, I thought the phone would explode inside my hand bag. It was so hot… It was an Xperia by Sony. Contrary to Samsung, I’m not aware Sony has encountered some kind of burning problems.


Just like this, the pictures of Raphael have disappeared from my phone. I came back in France on 27th February. Three months later, on May, the 10 th, I received an anonymous phone call with nobody answering my « hello ».  I repeated it three times. Nobody answered. At the moment I was intending to end the anonymous call, distinctly heard the voice of a woman with an American accent who said to me « GOOD BYE ».

As far as I can recall, I’m a hundred per cent sure of the synchronisation : the voice on the other side  didn’t speak until somebody told him « now », for that somebody was watching my movements and was able to see I was about to put down the phone. I have noticed the same coordination for another nuisance, sometimes ago or after.

I didn’t care. Until those two events happened :

The first one. One week later, my boyfriend, Samy is his name, told me he was going to leave to another place.

The second one. Two months later, Raphael died. May be, it was because Samy kept seing me. And this was not into the programme. Coincidentally, my book « Hervé » is subtitled « This was in the programme ». They were looking at something destructive to get me down. Samy didn’t get it this way. So, I had to suffer a heat. Raphael, the baby they have and that they have decided I should never have has been killed just by pure jealousy and hate. Criminals.

I told you about the timing. This timing can’t lie. That is why I’m accusing those Clinton’s board of supporters of being the killers of Raphael and behind the destruction of my family. My brother, Raphael’s father has gone from heat to heat. When I left the villa, his owner – a woman living in France – came back as quickly as possible – all of the sudden – and urged him to leave the flat rapidly.

As far as I’m recalling, I noticed that, at the end of my staying, hidden cams was set. Cameroonian national TV starts airing ambiguous ads, the style of french TV’s ads, anytime I’m watching TV, which is rare.


The owner of the villa mounted the pressure, despite my brother’s efforts to pay the arrears. She categorically refused to let him stay, after clearing the arrears. My brother has been living there for such a long time. I called her and she was pretending all sorts of exasperations. Why after my visit ? Why such a hurry ? The Sous-Prefecture of Yaoundé 4ème is a place where my father had officed as the Sous-Préfet. What is the role of the Sous-Prefet of Nkodengui in my little brother’s woes ?

Has he been bribed by the gangs of Jewish : Bolloré, Orange, Enéo, Western Union, Eneo, the medias? Who is behind all this pursuit ? Never can I support Hillary. She knows about this criminality and oppression of my family including the death of Raphael. Phelps knows. Western medias knows. The French and American brotherhood criminal alliance knows. David Cameron knows. The UK minister promoting his fertility as an argument of campaign against Thereza May knows. It is a collective crime. I wish the to feel the same loss into their families and lives, if not this generation, the next, and the next and the next and the next.

But, I know for sure, somebody will pay with  his blood. I know for sure that the entire gang who performed the murder of Raphael, disturbing my brother this way including the landlord – this grotesque woman who is not paying taxes either in Cameroon or in France as usual – are going to answer about it, if not before the people, before God. I have swear Hillary never become president of the United States, until I know, we know the true story.

We are in the 20th century and leaders out there would like to be elected, while disrupting families, love affairs and killing babies, just because they are Jewish sponsored to go on murdering and murdering people they dislike or would like to rob each day created by God or to enslave ?

And when I’m talking about this, Amazon, the Jeff horse will send me ads on the tablet I bought in their store, not to be a helpless receptacle of their ads of hell, but what can I do, lawmakers are paedos, fucked by people like Jeff Bezos, free to fuck you whether you want it or not with their fucking ads.

Here is a short list of some of my hidden carpet dogs.


So, the last time I had another dispute with Samy, Ah, somebody wrote in Eurasia Review pick « play it again Samy »  while we were separated… See the connection ? Another one mentioned the « second chance » when we reconciliated …The Jewish society hacking activists and people of interests to sell it to its clients worldwide, namely pitoyable governments.. When he told me, after a reminder by me telling him he must care for himself, for his food and drinks – this has been a point of dispute for a year plus now – Samy stood up in anger and told me « I’m not coming back again ».

I answered nothing. In fact, since he left the flat without telling me in advance he was looking for a place to go, but telling the contrary – oh it is such a complicated story. Perhaps, those rats from Yahoo, the press and that jewish shit worming our tech stuff and mean governments in the planet know more about it : they certainly possess kilometers of films and pictures, including my vagina and his penis.

… He has been advised by the Mayor staff on my back. This same Town city knows about his expulsion from his apartment and they did nothing to prevent it. At the time, they were too happy to dislodge him like a dirty thing. I took him home, for we were having this affair for more than a year, each of us living separately, but in the neighborhood.

So, we could see each other every day. We didn’t plan to live together or something. It was a smooth and free affair. Then the expulsion. Brutal. At 6h30, he called me to alert me at the presence of the police inside his flat – they were a crew of three or four men and they ordered him to quit the flat immemdiately, leaving everything inside.

Before any expulsion in France, the Sous-Préfet and the Mayor are consulted. They gave the green light and there it went.

We have been living for a year inside my apart. While with me, he could not find a job: Jewish are masters here and with their brotherJewish as the Mayor, he was completely blocked. I never bowed to this crooked Mayor and this is why I’m the woman to hunt and to block, in accordance with the national gang of more of the same ilk. No job equates to no possibly of finding another flat and no money.

For one year, no help. Until this « Flash of the World » when I mentioned the word « my couple ». I said it like a joke. I was not aware of the sexual obsession and addiction or jealousy of this small gangs dying to see other people having sex. Apparently, this was the moment the Mayor convoked him to help him with two propositions : a flat and a job. The two were tied, meaning if you you are serious about a job, we can do that, on condition you move from Elise flat to 30 miles away.

Guess the name of the street : The White House Impasse. My address is Impasse de la Frênaie and I’m writing on the presidential race to take the White House. They have forcasted my quest will be an Impasse. Then we started going from success to success with Sanders to the point of pulling the DNC to dishounarable cheatings.

The scheme was mounted with the WH Jewish entourage, from Washington to Villefontaine and Ikea located at Saint-Quentin-Fallavier (an annexe of the site where a terrorist attack failed with the beheading of a boss)and others (agencies of temporary work of La Verpillière and Bourgoin Jallieu). When everything was OK, I got the phone call telling me « GOOD BYE ». That was on May.

Three months later and three weeks ago, Samy and I stop seing or looking for each other. In fact, the devil has entered the relationship and poisoned it. The Jewish Judaic world have pulled Samy into Treason promising him french nationality and so forth.

The day after the « I am not going to come back again (because you are no longer kind with me) », first article by yahoo french.

The journalist, a metis, Audrey Pulvar, the former girlfiriend of Arnaud Montebourg, the former french finance minister, was there and the article was saying « the breaking of the couple was so violent ». Remember. And the black slave complied. Like Michelle Obama, like Rihanna, like Serena, like the entire panel of black journalists on Earth including the comedy show host who inherited the desk.

Black is Black. There is no hope. A song of Johnny Halliday, a pure talented man. Today, a man like Johnny would have no chance to exist as a singer. Jewish people are not there to award or recognize the talent and talented people. They are there to enslave everybody with mean models. In fact, they are out there to fullfil the myth of their divine supremacy on Earth. That is all.

Now that you have the background, I’m going to open your eyes. Samy is younger than me. Women like me are called Cougars. That is why the Macron couple was constantly promoted by Paris Match and others pisspot press piple mags as a double weapon against me.

First weapon: Macron’s wife has given birth, two sons to his husband. I can’t for technical shortages. Technical but not hormonal. We will be talking about it another day. Samy who is 41-42 to 50, you never know the precise age of immigrants… I’m 56. We met three years plus ago like a joke and we felt in love immediately forgetting to ask for age. I told you, I was ageless. Before being engulfed in politics, I was pretty well looking and boys from 35 plus are asking. Much of the times, I can spot them and say no. But with Samy, I forgot to ask. And may be, If I had asked, I would have said to myself, let’s do it only one time.

One day, I made a mistake trying to join a debate over Cougars and I said, I have found myself in such a position I don’t regret of course – you know who I’m by now – but what was complicated is Samy was asking me insistently to make him a father. This was not in the programme. At least into mine. He told me « I’m the first woman he feels that deep desire ». This one nearly took my breath away. A feeling of culpability caught me. In fact a third person was needed for help, to cary the pregnacy for me. Personally I told her to wait a little bit, for we don’t have money.

But this invisible baby has been sitting and lying between us. Sometimes taken as a pretense, particularly since Divine, a friend of mine, gave birth to the little Kate. Samy wants things to be done alone. You do it. He is not responsible for that.

How can I find the courage and the concentration, particularly after jumping on the campaign trail. When I saw Raphael, I was thinking of Samy and laughing at this alone. I was not planning to adopt Raphael in  whatoever. But I really liked him and he too. We were friends. We used to take our breakfast together. Before I came, he was having his milk and only that. When I came, we started eating those Cameroonian fritters and beans, natural and bio.  Cameroonian breakfast is energetic and sane. It includes a unique porridge. You gain no weigh from the package (fritters, beans and a milky porridge) but pleasure. And it helps a lot of housekeeping women to earn a decent living. In fact, it is an industry. A booming one. Little capital is needed to get started.

I’ve seen houses coming up from the business.  Children are going to school with beans.

So, I terribly miss Raphael.

What about Samy ? It is a mix of feelings : sometimes, I say to myself, as a beleiver, you should have endured the Cross like the Christ, without saying a word, without complaining and go through the experience of death (= extreme humility) until the final  victory coming with the Resurrection.

Another time, I feel like I was fed up with such bad faith and … the treason is hard to swallow. Without confidence, I don’t know. Then I think about my enraged dogs laughing at my doorstep : Ah, poor you, unable to give birth to the young man, you were doomed to fail. Poor old woman, let Samy go and find a white desperate flat as. They are the ones entitled to tell us who to love, and how and why. Young is beautiful and successful. Eternal youth isn’t it. Until…

They have decreed, if you have no penis to fuck you two or three times a week, you are not a woman. You are alone. Solitude will kill you. The bible says the opposite : when you are alone, your strenght is renewed, your spirit is regenerated and your mind is florishing like a rose flower. But you have to get it. Solitude is not being single or standing alone. You can be alone physically. But your spiritual identity is the equivalent of an army, or a people. When you are a fucking Sodome and Gomorrhe promotor, you miss the Mystery and the secrecy of replenishment.

Here is one secret, the devil can only succeed where one member of the family or the couple is weak or a traitor. So, what D.C and French collection have put together to corrupt Samy, is amazing. Only time will tell.

My question : until I took Samy with me, nobody  knows about him and he was not so desirable. In France, Arabic people are considered terrorist and thieves. All of the sudden, every white woman is showcased to say I’m with an Arabic or with a Black man. Meaning, I have the same penis like the one fucking Elise. Thanks to Elise, Arabic and Black are pure blood. Why are they unhappy when I’m calling them small balls? They are the first to conceede this, dying to see which one was inside my flat.

So Macron’s couple was a double weapon to hit me. First the message was, a white woman has done better. 22 years old of difference. So, you are not the first or the best. We, white women are.

Second message, she gave two sons to her husband, what about you ?

Who is giving that shit and rats the power and the authorisation to enter the lives of the citizens and to destroy it ? For this, you should hunt the bitch down. Jewish firsters are real poison. You can’t guess how dark is their minds and how they turn the Earth into Hell. The medias being the stinking places ever. Think about it.

A chance, meteorites are doomed to explode into the atmosphere. Sooner or later. Those ill-adviced celibs are lost. See Brad Pitt self destruction. See Michael. See Whitney Houston. See Prince. See Amy Winnehouse. See Elvis Presley… See Marvin Gaye. See Miles Davis. Adviced by the Worms.

In the meantime, they have used countless methods of intimidation…strenght. They dispossess the people by rapes and the institutional power which provides them immunity and the courage of gangs. After dispossession, i.e, impoverishing the people, the authors, creators, innovators, they challenge you to dare speak or claim your intellectual property.

The gang of wolves is always prevalent. For how long ? End of the road : France is bankrupt by its bastard culture. No occupied land can prospere. Occupation is colonisation. Colonisation is a subtractive force. When you suck, you don’t replace. You dry the wealth of a nation.

The only solution remaining is to go and Kill a Gaddafi, to rob Lybian tons of Gold and bring them back to France or to America or to England.

The remaining solutions consist in maintaining colonisation – or recolonising Africa, to compensate the endless sucking of France and America.

The only solution resting into your hands is to sell useles and countless arms and war equipment.

The only  remaining solution is to equip terrorist groups, to mount fake moderates rebels to topple legitimate governments.

The only remaining solution is to corrupt anything including themselves.

The only remaining thing is to organize a gang to reign on the public scene, killing every person who doesn’t want to comply with your hellish system and systematically dispossessing them by strenght, terror and harassment. Most of the times using invisible tactics – the ghost-snake style.

The only remaining thing is to settle and protect the philosophal stone : « THE SYSTEM OF CONTROL ». Remember Potter with the three headed dog :

Head one : the class of private sector (the medias and their owners, the cultural sector (Hollywood or Nollywood due to Nigerian incurable corruption, world music, book publishing and their distorted awards), the banksters, techs, cable operators, …)

Head two : The class of Politicians and Lawmakers – And the Justice Dpt.

Head three : Military, Police and Intelligence Forces.


Example. HEDGE FUNDS. Tell Congress: End the “Carried Interest Loophole”

Courage Campaign

A hedge fund manager in Chicago gets paid $4 million per day and pays a lower tax rate than many middle class families.(1) Outrageous, right? It makes no sense and it’s all because of something called the « Carried Interest Loophole. »

This is unacceptable. It’s time to end it once and for all.

Click here to join us and 21 partner organizations in telling Congress: Stop letting Wall Street billionaires pay lower taxes than working families.

Closing the tax loophole would generate a minimum of $1.8 billion per year in tax revenue — enough to replace all of the contaminated pipes in Flint, Michigan, or to pay for public college tuition for nearly 200,000 students a year.(2)

You might be wondering, “What specifically is the ‘Carried Interest Loophole?’” It allows private equity and hedge fund managers to pay a 20% capital gains rate on the bulk of their income, rather than the 39.6% ordinary income tax rate.(3) As a result, some of the wealthiest Americans pay a lower tax rate than millions of our country’s teachers, firefighters, and nurses.

Voters from across the political spectrum agree we need to stand up to Wall Street billionaires who have rigged the economy so they keep getting richer and richer while the rest of us struggle to get back on our feet. But too many members of Congress hear more from lobbyists and wealthy contributors than they hear from working people they represent.

It’s up to us to change that. This election, members of Congress will come to you to ask for your vote. What better time to ask them for their commitment to stand up for working families and Main Street, not Wall Street banks and hedge fund managers?

Click here to sign our petition and tell Congress: End the « Carried Interest Loophole.”

Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton agree that we need to end the loophole. What’s more surprising is that so do Republicans like Jeb Bush.

The point is that this shouldn’t be controversial. Many prominent Republicans have admitted that this kind of special treatment for the super rich isn’t acceptable to the vast majority of voters.

But far too many members of Congress — Democrats and Republicans alike — have stayed silent for too long. Now is the time to ask them, « Whose side are you on? Are you standing up for the working parents who are trying to balance saving for their kids’ college tuition? Or are you with the hedge fund manager who just bought his second vacation home? »

Tell Congress to stand up to the billionaires on Wall Street and stand up for the hard working families they represent. Sign the petition to end the carried interest loophole.

Yours in the fight against Wall Street greed,

Caitlin, along with Annie, Caitlin, Emma, Eddie, Katie, Kelsey, Lindsay, Moonyoung, Scottie, Tim and William (the Courage team)

2. and

Courage Campaign fights for a more progressive California and country. We are an online community powered by more than 1.3 million members.

Back to France, among the presidential candidates, none of them is thrilling. France is poised to elect a president, but who will come out of the hat?

So far, the game looks much more as one where each candidate is willing to counter another one. The revocation of pure merit and excellency and fairness in french politics is ending with all of them denying primacy to each other. They know the system from within. They know what it takes to win : cheatings and gangsterism first. Intimidation second. Prostitution and corruption third.

Dramatically, France is now aligned with mediocrity and medium sized obligation. No one should be the best. Everybody should lie down and bow down to the Jewish master. As François Mitterand has the obligation to appoint Laurent Fabius as PM, after appointing Pierre Mauroy as a lying puppet, Hollande starts appointing Jean-Marc Ayrault, the Troyan for Manuel Valls whose earlier alignment to candidate Hollande, was a hidden pact of Hollande’s allegiance to the Jewish agenda and order.

With a Jew abider as the Mayor of Paris – Watch the Jewish session of Paris Plage – and another Jew as PM, a 90% plus government of the same nationality, the intellectual class of more of the  same, the banksters Rothschild, lazare, the French financial market of the same people,…France is under occupation.

Everything is under control. That is why you can not have a Theresa May in France. In France, political women exist to fill the gap. May I say the vaccuum ?

When I’m recalling the fight I have to undergo against  this collection of classes who rejected me in the first place, just to come and set mics to see what I’m eating, what are my cosmetics, if I’m getting asleep alone or not, who I have sex with and how they participated into my intercourses, eating my vagina and my body without my consent – remotely. And making money with that !

When I recall those are people who are spying my job and everyday life, promoting systematically everything I touch when I’m doing shopping or entering a shop, for their profits ?

When I recall those are people who brought down my phone, because they stole the pictures on it to promote their own corrupt models and shits, and they didn’t want me to show it to you.

When I see that, their new tactics consist in taking pictures of my dressing – when I’m out of my apartement – so that before I wear them or take a picture with them, they will have preceeded me.

You can’t start imagining the systematic aggression aired by the gangster in chief… YAHOO.


When I think that Arabic people and black people are discriminated by the so-called white  supremacist elites, dismissed and despised… When I think that People of Paris consider themselves the capital and provincial are peasants… When I think that those are billionaires, millionnaires in thefts, privileges and disproportionate wages and advantages, rich through prostitution and crony capitalism, when I think that those models are focused on one person : a black women like me or the Arabic [unemployed] who used to be my boyfriend, I know THE POWER RESTS WITH ME.

Since when an arabic is interesting Jewish people ? Since when rich white men, racist and high profiled are snooping arabic and black people’s life, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and since when are they setting cams inside my friends houses to post pictures related to our conversations ? Those rats know no shame, selling and promoting stuff of robberies taking out of private immigrants lives is an ultimate low.





I deeply apologize to Eurasianews for taking those illustrative comments. I’m down on to my knees asking for mercy. Please, please, don’t get angry.

President Obama has embarrassed all of us. He has never done anything to the American people, and particularly the African Americans. He has not created jobs for people and African Americans have the highest rate of unemployment. More than one million African Americans are in prison. They have been exploited by the prison corporate industry, working at a very low wage rate per hour. It is slavery behind bars. The surplus value is more than 10000 percent for prisoners. President Obama has given bailout to Wall Street and corporate America in billions but the American people and the African Americans have received nothing. Yet, he tries to recruit them to fight for US imperialism to kill brown people. President Obama has never demanded the change of the US National Anthem which is the symbol of slavery, Islamophobia, and killing.

My comment is applause. I always felt that Obama was not representative of the African American plight in America. His roots are not those of slave ancestors. I think if a president were chosen from the nonelite and advocacy bastions, we might have had a more powerful voice as a people. However, on the other hand, who is to say? Presidents in America seem required to tow a certain line, like in remaining allies with Israel and giving them massive aid (but no reparations for slavery), protect Israel when at the UN–including walking out, if someone complains that they are terrorists, etc., Keep cigarettes on the shelves even though their use, abuse, and danger is worse than marijuana (which is still outlawed at the national level), and to allow our infrastructures to erode and become ripe for privatization, including clean air and water and national parks. I don’t know what these presidents are threatened or inspired by, but their decisions of law and restrictions follow a trend of destruction and not the will of the people on the ground, i.e., 99%, but it evidently shows the will of the corporatists.


Bill de Blasio for Mayor

Sisters and Brothers –

On my first day of office, I promised that we would take dead aim at the Tale of Two Cities. That we would fight, daily, to make our city better and fairer, no matter how much money you make or where you live.

I am proud of what we have accomplished since then — it’s more than anyone would have expected in just a few short years.

Together, we are going to build a campaign that puts working people first and empowers them to make a difference in their communities. We are going to do that because real change never comes from the top down, it always comes from the bottom up when working people come together to make their voices heard.

Whether it’s winning an election or transforming a city, I cannot do it alone. It will require all of us working together and organizing to build the power we need to take on the wealthy interests dead set on stopping our progress.  That’s why it’s so important to me that you add your name to say that we’re still in the fight together to build a better, fairer New York City.

The strength of this campaign, this city, and this country is derived from the working people that make it great. Thank you for recommitting yourself to fight to build one city, where we all rise together.

In solidarity,

Bill de Blasio
Mayor, NYC



Having endured this, some will come out swimming to tell me to dive into hot waters. What have they sacrified ?

Now that your eyes have been wide opened, sit down and deport yourself back to 2012 or 11 when Dominique Strauss Kahn was trapped in a french Sofitel Hotel at New York. Think about the hook which was Nafissatou Diallo. A black woman paid by white people to bring an opponent down, or a Jewish different from the Israelis Firsters, the like of Sanders, down.

Watch the similarities with my Samy broken affair, you are able to draw those conclusions  :

Jewish people counting for 90% of the American and World establishment including International organisations, are responsible for the organisation of this fall.

The crime of Dominique Strauss Kahn was his naïvity and beleive in free debate, dialogue, speech and in reforming the World wide criminal system and justice.

He was deadly wrong to think that the system was democratic and civilised. As the managing director of a great Institution like the IMF, his universe was not stubbornly confrontational, nor mediocres. He recalled the ugly truth this night : World leaders can be cruel. Unable to debate, they resort to low methods to win : always hiting in your back or utilizing proxies.

They have killed Martin Luther King.
They have killed President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Stopping Dominique Strauss Kahn, by all means was an emergency and they organized to do it.  So it went.

The nake true is this : you follow the instruction and you are elected president of a nation of you are eliminated or members of your family. And your couple is broken. In fact DSK couple broke up, after the organized disaster.

Who did this ? Who got the benefice from it ? Ask Hollande. Ask Valls. They know everything about it, particularly Valls, who was a DSK close friend and ally. You always have a Juda next to you. A Juda easy to approach ( by the killers and destroyers) and to buy to fail you. Not surprising Eva Jolie, the green candidate refused to join the clan of puppets.

Unable to debate, they take your family or privacy as a target. Including yourself.

Kennedy memorialI’m Dominique Strauss Kahn.

I’m President John Fitzerald Kennedy.

I’m Martin Luther King.

I’m Malcom X.

I’m Rosa Parks.DSC_0370

I’m Myriam Makeba.

DSC_0871I’m Gandhi.

I’m the Amtrak.

All what the Jewish were and are fighting against. Are you surprised ?

DSK was erroneously condemned. The show must have to go on. In reality, there was no such a thing as racism. Everything was arrange in advance.

Traitors never end successful, Nafissatou knows about the burning story. She can tell. She must tell before they got her down. D.C – New York – Paris.

The Ways of Lord are infinite. God moves in mysterious ways.

img_1348SUNDAY, the 25th.




Concerning DSK, Ask the other closest friend of DSK, Pierre Moscovici, who was promised a gargantuan seat inside the EU Jewish-led board of  Commissionaires Ogres. Closest of the closers : Juda.

Ask about New York City’s fool games of pay-to-play.

Read Galates: 4-5


Photo du profil de Courage Campaign

Yesterday, a judge rejected our lawsuit and ruled that Nestlé can continue pumping tens of millions of gallons of water from the San Bernardino National Forest using a permit that expired 28 years ago.(1)

California is in the middle of the worst drought in decades, but this judge called it « reasonable » to allow Nestlé to keep taking our water.

This decision is wrong, outrageous, and not legally sound — you’d better believe we’re going to appeal it.  But we need your help to fund the legal fight if we’re going to overturn this awful decision.

In 2015 alone, an estimated 36 million gallons were piped away from the San Bernardino National Forest to be bottled and sold under Nestlé’s Arrowhead brand of bottled water.

The permit expired in 1988, but the piping system remains in active use, siphoning about 98,000 gallons of water a day out of the forest in the past year.

Reports from the end of 2015 and the summer of 2016 indicate that water levels at Strawberry Creek in the San Bernardino National Forest are at record lows, threatening local wildlife that is already dealing with the ongoing drought in Southern California.

This judge ignored the environmental impacts. He ignored the public’s right to input. In fact, the only interests he apparently considered were Nestlé’s! It was a shocking bow to corporate power — but this fight has just begun.

In addition to appealing the decision, we’re continuing to push the Forest Service directly to stop Nestlé from taking our water through the environmental review process launched in response to YOUR activism.

But to replenish our legal fund and keep up the grassroots pressure, we need your help. 

Yours in the fight to protect our water,

Eddie, along with Annie, Caitlin, Emma, Katie, Kelsey, Lindsay, Moonyoung, Scottie, Tim, and William (the Courage team)



OFCCP has filed a lawsuit against Palantir Technologies, for systematically discriminating against Asian job applicants in its hiring process and selection procedures.  For more information, check out the press release available online.

News Release from OFCCP

Having trouble viewing this email? View it as a Web page.

Department of Labor, United States of America

News Release from OFCCP

U.S. Department of Labor  |  September 26, 2016


PALO ALTO – The U.S. Department of Labor has filed a lawsuit charging that Palantir Technologies, a Palo Alto technology company, discriminated systematically against Asian job applicants in its hiring process and selection procedures.

Filed with the department’s Office of Administrative Law Judges, the lawsuit seeks to end the company’s alleged discriminatory hiring policies and practices. Palantir provides software and data analysis services under federal contract to the U.S. Department of Justice’s Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Special Operations Command and the U.S. Department of the Army.

The suit also seeks complete relief for the affected class, including lost wages, interest, retroactive seniority and all other lost benefits of employment. The department filed the complaint after the department and Palantir were unable to resolve the findings through the conciliation process.

The suit follows a compliance review by the department’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, which found that from January 2010 to the present, Palantir violated Executive Order 11246 by:

  • Using a hiring process and selection procedures that discriminated against Asian applicants for software engineering positions on the basis of their race.
  • Maintaining a hiring process in which Asian applicants were routinely eliminated in the resume screen and telephone interview phases despite being as qualified as white applicants.
  • Hiring a majority of applicants from a discriminatory employee referral system. The overwhelming preference for referrals, combined with the contractor’s failure to ensure equal employment opportunity for all applicants without regard to race, resulted in discrimination against Asian applicants.

“Federal contractors have an obligation to ensure that their hiring practices and policies are free of all forms of discrimination,” said OFCCP Director Patricia Shiu. “Our nation’s taxpayers deserve to know that companies employed with public funds are providing equal opportunity for job seekers.”

The full complaint can be viewed here.

If Palantir fails to provide relief as ordered, OFCCP requests the cancellation of all of the company’s government contracts and debarment from entering into future federal contracts.

In addition to Executive Order 11246, OFCCP enforces Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974. These laws, as amended, make it illegal for contractors and subcontractors doing business with the federal government to discriminate in employment because of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or status as a protected veteran. In addition, contractors and subcontractors are prohibited from discriminating against applicants or employees because they have inquired about, discussed or disclosed their compensation or that of others, subject to certain limitations. For more information, please call OFCCP’s toll-free helpline at 800-397-6251 or visit