From 26 to 6 debates, democrats are taking democracy respiration away. Locking the game is dangerous.

A Vital and vibrant society needs a living democracy. As it stands, the big maneuvers for electoral manipulations are underway to favor the medias corps and the institutional candidacy, undoubtebly. But, this time, no favoritism will play out ; it is even in the interest of the favorite – the running away candidate – to ask for a full democratic campaign ; after all, those are times when the entire nation comes together to debate and speak up.

Nobody should impeach this. The fact is, in this election, democrats have much more to lose than Republicans, clearly ahead, without saying a word. This situation, instead of advantaging the clones classes’ favorite, can be a perfect trap. Unknowingly and due to favoritism and institutional clonage, democrats are digging their own tomb. Slowly but surely.

This silence plays against them. Should the situation stand still, the Rep. will be the winner. The race is only beginning and we are all ears open (as in the case of officer Slager killing a man. Coldly).

That is why the non-institutionalised chosen candidates should avoid falling into the trap or in a hole-too-big-not-to-be-seen.

Wake up ! Don’t get asleep if you don’t want to end like Dr. Calligari’s funambulist murderer.

Locking the game is dangerous. Trafficking the game is knocking democracy down : democracy denial and deniers can not run away with this.

We must get rid of two dogmas :

Winning by cheating or robbery. First. I’m not referring, in any way, to either Qatar or Russia reasonably cleaned by the FIFA’s body. Reasonably means Qatar and Russia are not better or worst than the others nations players.

Second, the too-big-too fail philosophy or the « New Mediocre ». 

Read how they sold us out.

Secondly, HSBC is restructuring.  HSBC To Axe Thousands Of Jobs In UK (Sky news)

Plus the debate over the UK referendum on staying alive inside or out the EU.

Again, a small win of time can end up into a big loss. Hardly did I write this sentence that my computer turned blue before turning out. I can’t count the number of times my laptop had been turning blue to protect the system from fire attack to bring the laptop down and silent.

Tell the Democratic National Committee: Let the candidates debate! Click here to sign the petition.

Tell the Democratic National Committee:
“Don’t restrict Democratic candidates’ primary debates. A meaningful primary requires a serious discussion of issues among the candidates themselves. Either add more debates starting this summer, or don’t bar candidates from participating in additional forums.”Add your name:

Dear Elise,

Now is the time to start presidential debates, held on on purpose. Holding democratic debates is cheating on the people voice.

In 2008, the Democratic candidates debated 26 times during the primary. This year, the Democratic party has announced only six debates, and has gone even further, introducing an exclusivity clause which disqualifies from the debates any candidate that participates in additional, unsanctioned candidate forums.1Informed debate is at the heart of our democracy – but the Democratic National Committee appears to be going to great lengths to severely limit debate between the 2016 Democratic presidential candidates.

In a campaign environmentdominated by unlimited spending on 30-second television ads and media coverage that obsesses over the “horse-race,” the debates are one of the few opportunities to hear a conversation about serious issues between the candidates on a major stage.

Tell the Democratic National Committee: Let the candidates debate! Click here to sign the petition.

In 2008, Democratic primary debates started in April. But while the 2016 Presidential campaign is already well underway, the schedule released by the DNC doesn’t hold the first debate until this fall, meaning it could be another five months until voters have a chance to hear directly from the candidates.

The political media has shown repeatedly that it is far more interested in manufacturing political scandals or deeming who is and is not “viable” than carrying on a serious conversation about the candidates’ positions on the vital challenges we face as a nation.

Voters decide who will be the nominee. Not the media, not the Democratic National Committee,3 and hopefully not whichever billionaire is writing the biggest superPAC checks. But those voters need to actually hear from the candidates.

Unlike 30-second television ads, debates are a vehicle to spur voters political engagement, which in turn encourages more voter participation and voting. Heading into the general election, educating and energizing voters should be the primary goal of the Democratic Party, not restricting important conversations between candidates.3

Tell the Democratic National Committee: Let the candidates debate! Click here to sign the petition.

Thanks for taking action.

Elijah Zarlin, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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