9/11 Connection.

DSC_13841. Ask a US House of Representatives bill to force the declassification of the 28 pages.

2. Earlier, CNN has reported « FCC approves « net neutrality » rules to assert more government authority over the Internet and provide equal opportunity for Internet speeds ».

3. « President Barack Obama, exercising his veto power for the first time in five years, rejected a measure green-lighting the Keystone XL pipeline ».

Obama’s signature denying the Keystone bill kicks off what’s expected to be a flurry of vetoes on measures that Republicans will send to the White House now that they control both chambers of Congress.

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« As pressure builds to make public 28 pages of a joint congressional inquiry on 9/11 which was classified by President George W. Bush, the Bush family’s well-documented relationships to Saudi and other foreign terror suspects are again coming to the fore ».

North Carolina Republican Congressman Walter Jones told the New Yorker last September, of the what is now commonly known as the “28 Pages”:

“I don’t think a nation like America will remain strong if we do not demand the truth…We need you to put pressure on your representatives back home to join in this effort for the truth.” North Carolina Congressman Jones said last March in a press conference:

US House of Representatives bill to force the declassification of the 28 pages so far has 13 congressional co-sponsors.

>>>  For the whole story, folow the link : Bush Family Ties to Terror Suspects Re-opened by the 9/11 Classified “28 Pages”.

Global Research, February 24, 2015