A scientist caught in plain delirium. Since when science and love are contradictory ?

Stop the spreading of the sneaky rat culture. I applaude YOU GUYS.

When a scientist is lost trying to do petty politics, then he fails the Kingdom Intellectual and Political Standing dramatically. A chance, he has resigned  trying to support democrats US cheating attempt on democracy.

Look, He who fails Democracy or try to sword it will in turn be sworded by Democracy. A lesson for the US Democrats denials, the UK scientists was trying to defend, indirectly and at a distance.

Some of you may ask what is behind this soul-perdition charming operation looking as a vulgar porn movie taking place Inside a research temple and a place of knowledge ? Here is the tracking and the explanation. Remember, recently, I wrote down I was in love and at the same time, I really put into question the rat culture in many ways.

One of them was the robbery of the primaries process in America.

The other was the rapt of « intellectual property » by the new gang of advertisers, just sitting around the corner waiting for some writers to quote something they will grab improperly, by strength, under the covert of institutional impunity, to go on with the legalised intellectual piracy advertisment.

Alternatively, unable to write anything interesting on a world changing game issue so as to enlighten the debate, publicly, they will use ads not to argue [they lack the know-how and competence required, eventhough they are sitting inside those glass offices: that other lie, after having bought or corrupted nearly everything worldwide and domestically, by cheating, stealing and hijacking the competition]…in their hands, ads are being used for sabotaging other people and for big thefts. They use ads the rats way, meaning to either insult, harass (they think so), discourage, frighten or terrorise you through the webs underground and invisible cables. As we are talking about History, the process began with « marginilisation, racism, discrimination and ethnic cleansing ». In French, there is a big picture captured by this saying : « shooting under the belt ».

Add the criminal banks activity on it, and you got the sabotaging job of those entanglements.

The BBC World. Sir Tim Hunt resigns from university role over girls comment.

Corruption has been the cancer of the 20th century and is impacting growth negatively. Read the Russian Minister comments on the issue at the BBC – Hardtalk.

Always bring the light on those snakes trying to distort thinking, science and research. Intellectual corruption must not be tolerated or exonerated. Good job indeed.

Look at what I quoted yesterday about the manipulation of History. View our previous post in French, as the alert came into my facebook account in french.

Note the similarities between Bildeberg session and the 3/4 Hogwarts dock only Harry and his pars can see : you know, those people with extrahuman powers. This is a perfect metaphor for the Bildebergiens, our Alliens.

See how France History has wiped out the role of a Black Minister in France to assert and confort the myth of black nullity and zero historical impact in the scale of Universal history and encyclopedia. Ethnic and Ethical cleansing in History bears a name : Negationism and extermination. So who is the terrorist ?

How many historical books have been racially cleaned up to fit some epic narratives ?

Consider also that other two standards around the FIFA’s corruption scandal. Hardly do you hear about the 1998 french corruption. What is behind this ? Who is the other SrTim Hunt equivalent trying to escape the droplets ?

Many  couples have met during studies courses or in their workplaces ? The rate of couples exercising the same profession is tellingly on the point. Had those professions or high  schools crunched down since ? Sociologically, you met your partner where you are living, working or going out. If not, go to the Web or register into marital agencies. This is not science, it is just life. Simple.

By the way,  scientists make poor politicians. Now, imagine may be I was just joking saying I’m in love or exaggerating the whole thing. Ah han. A perfect trap, isn’t it ?

He who fails Democracy or try to sword it will in turn be sworded by Democracy

Read our previous post here. From 26 to 6 debates, democrats are taking democracy respiration away. Locking the game is dangerous. Remember : « if you are too-big-to-fail, you simply are too-big-to-exist » (B. Sanders). Beyond economy, it tells about Human condition linked to the original failure. Even the greatest of us is doomed to die one day. Simply put, the too-big-to-fail notion is « incomprensible and incomprehensive ».