A surprising bilingual Ban Ki Moon has opened the 68th General Assembly.

The last time we have heard French language resonating loudly inside the UN’s assembly, it was with Dominique de Villepin, a former French PM, sent by president Chirac to advocate a ‘no war in Iraq’. Yesterday’s sounding of French by the SG was kind of subliminal reminder of the message sent at the time by Mr. Dominique de Villepin : no military intervention as military intervention has never been a solution for a lasting peace. Nowhere.

Those words were on the speech of the SG Ban Ki Moon who took the stage to recall the world its commitments of reducing extreme poverty by 2015. A goal set in common, years ago. 2015 will also mark another deadline related to climate change. Inequalities, human exploitation were also marked on the SG’s speech. It was worthy insisting on economic and social issues as key roads for long lasting peace.

The Millennium programme is rarely put forward. One of the reason why is wide spread terrorism either in scale of violence and in occurrences. In Iraq, it has even become a daily reality. Alas. Nairobi and Pakistan’s horrors have been recalled. So was the rule of law and the International criminal court that should be strengthen.

Indeed it was refreshing hearing the SG.

Then the ball of Head of States started with president Dilma Rousseff (Brazil), angry because of the spying round revealed by Snowden’s leaks. Mrs Rousseff is asking for a new internet protocol. She claims 20 millions of Brazilians out of extreme poverty. We will not comment more on this speech: the backbone of it is deeply rooted in a history of malversations inside the continent. An internal affair first, eventhough the Snowden row embodies global ramifications.

Just after Dame Rousseff, president Obama was announced at the stage. This was the moment everybody was waiting for. Rightly. The speech matched the expectations. To avoid a comment which could lead to misinterpretrations or look like a debate with the president, I suggest this is not a debate but a friendly discussion.

Who am I to dare discuss with the president of the USA ?

Looks like the Pope’s question about protecting the new basilica : homosexuality and gay marriage.

Basically, I have the privilege of the skin of color. For once, it is helpful. Thanks GOD. This is a short explanation, would you say and I’m the first to agree with you. So forget about the color of the skin.

Think about consistency and substance.

Think about American exceptionalism.

Think about how many times we have been promised a two-states Palestinian and Israeli inside an agenda of endless peace-talks to guarantee the security of Israel – ‘which is there to stay’, president Obama said – and to mark the commitment Palestinians would not be displaced.

Think about the silence over what is happening right now inside Lybia, where apparently a de facto partition of the nation is silently taking place. Far away of the World sight. In the darkness.

Think about the root causes of terror.

Think about ex Egyptian, Tunisian, Iraqi and Lybian Western allies in the region protecting Israel from any Arab’s aggression ; think about those leaders (Ben Ali, Moubarak, Gaddaffi) are now presented as ‘Tyrants’ and abandoned on their own on the field of war, facing a crowdy angry public in thirst of blood.

Think about how Mrs Rice under G. Bush reintegrated Gaddafi in the UN, in exchange of his help as a go-between to end its nuclear programme and nuclear proliferation and others in the region : a Reason of conflicts and detestations between Gaddafi doing the bad job for the West and president Ahmadinejad, the great absent of the day. President Hourini will have too much to do to get out of the shadow of  Ahmadinejad.

His ‘advanced conciliatory’s words’ are just the first step of a long and shaky road ahead. Here is an advice for president Hourini : Gaddafi has played the game of ‘Je t’aime moi non plus’ (this is French)  with the West, pouring his money and Lybian inside Italian economy, Switherland and everywhere in the World especially inside the EU that has frozen his assets and in the USA. Lybia was even given a chair in the Human Right’s council of the UN.

In the end, guess what he has received : a shot in the head. Bang !
Isn’t it High Hypocrisy ? Machiavelism perhaps ? Or a Greek Tragedy ?

The good point of president Obama’s speech was the explainer he brought to the World. Despite the holes and the jumps, it was the right thing to do to show :

– first, that the president is listening  the critics of the people members of his cabinet don’t know who they are to ask for the reason why
– second, the president was and is not disconnected of the reality and

– third, the president is still determined to take any action necessary, if needed. Here the tune left no doubt or hole except that a word was loudly resonating in silence : TERRORISM. Nairobi was the code name of that unpronouncable word the like of ‘You-know-Who’ (Voledemort – Harry Potter).

The ban of the word terrorism is a tactical approach. Naming Nairobi attack a terrorist act would have lessen the charges on chemical weapons. But even Israel, in the name of who, all this chemical weapons’ obsession is conducted, is no longer there. Israel is already helping Kenya to fight terrorism in Kenya. By the way, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the ultimate horrors ever and will remain as such, before the Holocaust. The crossing line was not red, but deep black.

Times ahead, the president will thank us asking for explanations and for a roadmap dressing.

The World was waiting for it.

Africa was waiting for it.

America was in need of it.

America will provide the 1 Billion required to destroy Assad chemical weapons and an additional $340 million in humanitarian assistance.

Who I’m ? The unauthorized wild voice of the silent or silenced majority. Polls confirm.

Yesterday, Ban Ki Moon was delightful hearing ; just like good music played with two cords in harmony to tell a story : the story of the World today. Kind of barometer. And then, we recall, this is precisely the intonations the Obama’s 2008 promises were driven towards the people and we voted for that.

5 years later, the president is looking tired, probably of political correctness. It is even more, the status quo has never been so accurate and the president may feel it in the bellicose and manichean outdated rhetoric always put forward for at least 20 years now by American presidents. In the meantime, Putin has changed a lot as well as Russian leaders as a whole. Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister looks far progressive than Secretary Kerry.

Cleary something is wrong inside the WH’s  write speech and the WH’s staff is desperately White and White and White,on the exception of the exception. Crazy. On their insistence to keep intact the White Supremacy Machine gun even through the rhetoric and with the help of some journalists outside the WH I will not named, they are keeping the president behind his 2008 promises of real changes. The World has not come as it should be. Instead it remains an insecure place :  Financial terrorism, Racial Terrorism, Spying Terrorism, Social, economic and Inequalities terrorism, Poverty terror, Men exploitation terrorism, Slavery terrorism, democracy turning into an oligarchy confiscation of powers and wealth. All these woes are still operative. The World has never been so rich, but nearly everything is turning wrong.

Radicalisation is the main result of it. Even more so is the age inside which this radicalization is increasing. Kenyan horror, if any, is there to remind us of our irresponsibilities.

Kadhafi ObamaPiers Morgan (CNN) has asked some questions to Tony Blair who looks astonished how now people ‘kill without mercy and massively and die without regret’. Here we are, how many people were massively killed in Iraq (under Tony Blair’s tenure) and in Lybia by bombs pouring on them ? Did he regret going in Iraq, ordering the massive killing and, in the end, being rewarded by a post of special envoy in the Middle East ?

Leaders failed to lead by example. Instead, they made evil choices and passed them on to the young who have learnt one lesson of how the World has been ruled specifically since the 80’s when money and corruption were established as Kings of the world. One of Fifty cent’s song tells ’get rich or die trying’. Alternatively, you may say  ’get rich or kill trying’.

‘Who are we to turn a blind eye when a dictator is gazing its own people ? This is not a regime change, but Assad must understand he can’t continue with a country so much divided ?’ Words from president Obama’s speech. In the meantime, the US has claiming they are not the ones who are going to chose Syrian leaders at their place. The message contradicts itself and leave no doubt over the White House intentions insisting it is not taking side like during the Arab Spring. Messages like this don’t help apeasement. Eventually young people are not attacking to get rich, but to pay back for their painful conditions of living.

The World Today

Earthquake in Pakistan. God has punished the nation after the massive killing of Christians inside the Church. Some coincidences are not.

Everybody assessing how bad the World is shaped today will agree chemical weapons are not the top priority particularly when a Palestinian State has been promised by president Obama since 2009 and nothing in sight. It even started with president Carter and until now the only thing left is too much fake promises. Neither Israel nor its eternal American ally have moved one inch. Talks and talks and talks. Zero action. But the president criticized the UN of slowness over Syria.

Who are we to turn a blind eye when a Head of State is killed by an unidentified source and order ? We should never tolerate what happened to president Gaddafi and until this question is sort out by a proper investigation, Gaddafi’s blood would be calling for Justice. The same goes for Ambassador Stevens and the other diplomats killed in mission awfully and illegally. When will the new leadership in Lybia bring them to the international court ? The ICC has not been created only to be met by wield killing of people who should be judged there, if Guilty. Killing Gaddafi was a red line crossed in total impunity. Killing the American diplomats in Benghazi also.

Kenya. The operation is over. Three days of national mourning has been declared by president Uhuru Kenyatta. 11 suspects are in custody. 61 civilians killed and 6 security officers. More to come.

Mandela was jail for 27 years, the president recalled. Today’s jails are civilized so that you can be jailed in plain air, looking free of your movements and decisions. To which extent ? Invisible chains and prisons are still at work. I promise you to talk about me and I have started so – here in French – I have already spent 28 years in France where I came in 1985. I sustain here that I thought I was totally free whereas I was not. I didn’t know for example people of my color couldn’t be journalist, writer, politician, teacher, in short hold any position involving talking to a public or addressing students in a University. On the exception of the exception tolerated. Those places were already booked by the ‘Who-You-Know’ : the Aryen race.

I didn’t know that, generally speaking, people of my black race origin were persona non grata on any board of directors, researchers or managers. I did not know black people in France were second zone citizens, etc… I really thought I was free until I discovered the invisible barriers of those invisible prisons hidden in plain sight.

It is really sophisticated. The same as peoples of the World discovering with the Financial crisis they were nothing but slaves and meat. By the way how many people, Greeks or elsewhere have died because of bankruptcies caused by that Financial crisis. Mass murders have changed nature. Wherever chains are still existing, there are killing people and their dreams rendered impossible in the process. Social Discriminations and Injustices are chains. Inequalities are chains. Racism enchains. The crook Financial system is chains. Political Oligarchy’s rule is chains. High cost of living Ed Miliband has raised up in the Labour party’s conference yesterday, enchains. Ed Miliband is asking ‘temporary price freeze’ for businesses and consumers. He is announcing a cap over gas and electricity prices, should he be elected to give British people a respite. Poverty is the ultimate chain. The extreme poverty being a double chain.

Obama was elected because he was not a classical politician. As a lawyer and an Intellectual Figure with a social community knowledge along with a teaching background and his sensibility to the History of Black people, we projected in him all our hopes those chains would, at last, be broken. ‘Unkept promises’, American people told polls.

So ‘Who are we ?’ We are People fed up of politicians leading far away from the promises upon which we elected them. French president is encountering the same opposition for the same reason : fake promises.

How are we still talking about chemical weapons as an emergency amidst those scandals?

Is it to say nothing new happened during Obama 1 ? Not at all. Regulating Wall Street is a huge achievement. Fining the cheaters-in-chief eventhough some are still running is a considerable achievement. But fondamentally, structural reforms related to economic working and social mobility are still at stake. American Foreign Policy has still not lifted its wheels from muddy tracks. American leadership has remained conservative. We were expecting a Revolution and Exemplarity on that critical issue, because, for the World to change, America must switch on the New Light.