A Tour of Sochi : smart and class magical places to visit after the games.

Welcome. This is Sochi and its paradisiac sites of pure style.

After the games, bet on Sochi as one of the best touristic destinations for the refreshing air due to an extraordinary mountainer environment, really inspiring and ressourcing. I’m absolutely fired up with the magic of the sites. I Wish you would also : Sochi deserves it.

This is a clear proof, Sochi has planned the city not only for the 2014’s winter games, but also for it’s glorious future, as the next place to travel to in the World. Why not envisioning even staying in ?

Sustainable development describes best Sochi’s project. Beautiful.

Watch. Three words to describe Sochi : Harmony. Serenity and Quietness. 

For a better view and display, open them on a new tab and enjoy the peace of mind.


Welcome to Soch 2014 Olympic games

Map location of Sochi.

Sochi is Staline home place : here is his villa

The Large view of Sochi’s games sites below the mountain : a beautiful landscape, jewel like

Another one where you can see the beach. Sochi has got the longest one in the World 118 kms.

Zooming to see the  village of athlets

Wide angle again inside the architecture of the complex

A close up of the dome

Then the opening of the dome and the ceremony shot in diving

The paquebot of Sochi ready to slip into the sea

Sochi’s Winter Theater by Night. Kind of Greek Athena’s arena. Pure Gold.