After Cecil’s murder. Delta, United Airlines and American Airlines’ ban. (Time)

Frankly, I had to wake and jump up immediately, after reading this news – received through Google alerts. What a News ! When Big Companies are heading the way forward, far beyond the guns supporters, it obligates me.

From Time Magazine. Airlines Ban Big Game Trophies from Cargo After Cecil the Lion Death

« Excerpt. The ban is on all lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros and buffalo « trophies »
The international indignation ignited by the death of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe last month is persuading some airlines to consider their policy on the shipment of big-game carcasses and body parts (known in hunting parlance as “trophies”).

On Monday, Delta, United Airlines and American Airlines announced that they would no longer allow such shipments ».

I can not be more grateful and happy. Indeed, it is an unexpected gift. I love you gentlemen.

Look, this is exactly the way forward in dealing with guns control. Prevention and alert come first. At the moment we are talking about climate change which celebrates the quality of the environment and life not only for the present time, but also for the future, it is asthonishing some people are compromising with guns games and gambles.

All the more so, I find it astonishing that some people lack so much far-sighting. When you think about prevention, ask yourself this simple question :

-What is the only nation in the World where people are gunned down like beasts on a daily basis – not by terrorists, but by ordinary people, their fellows counterparts ?

Answer : America.

– What is the particularity of this nation’s dreadful shootings spree compared to the others ?

Answer : Guns are free on sale and to carry everywhere.

When you have the exact diagnosis, the answer comes as an evidence.

No guns on public stage and you cut the problem at the roots. Dissuasion and prevention coupled, you got the winning formula for the safety of everyone.

This is a starting point.

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