Al-shaabat terrorism in Kenya. Horrifying !

Since Saturday midday, the World is suspending to Kenya’s Mall attack in Nairobi. Each minute passing since then has heightened our tension and the feeling of sickness. When 9 names of some members of the group of 10 to 15 al-shaabat terrorists were issued, on Sunday, the horror could not be worst. Young lost people, most of them around the 20’s years old, coming from America, UK, Finland and even Somalia and Kenya in support of a crazy illegal group responsible for widespread acts of terrorism in Somalia.

The toll is devastating : 62 to 69 people dead. Nearly the same amount unaccounted. 177 persons injured. Compared to the 1,000 rescued safe, it may look as a miracle. Unfortunately, each life lost is a tragedy to all of us, Kenyans and the families first.

Solidarity in Kenya has never been so higher :

– people lining up to give their blood at the hospitals in need.

– Muslims Kenyans leaders condemned the terrorist attack denying the al-shaabat’s militants and their masterminders the Jihad claimed.

– The two final contenders of the presidential race : the president, Uhuru Kenyatta and former PM, Raila Odinga, joining hands and voice to condemn the horrendous criminal act, calling for Kenyan solidarity and unity as a nation. And the president himself announcing the ‘death of his nephew and his fiancee who were shopping at the mall’, that very day. Were there specifically targetted ?

Also, the president has expressed his will not to let this terrorist attack unpunished. His Minister of Interior has been more precise : ‘they will take it to the the doorsteps of the attackers’. Back to Somalia.

–  President Kenyatta added two remarks of  great importance.

First, he deplored that ‘nobody should lose his life so needlessly and senselessly’. Second, he stressed the obligation for the international community to come and deal with the terrorist issue. In fact, Israeli, UK and US experts and advisors were already on the ground, to help Kenyan securities forces in conducting the rescued missions of hostages, still held in the mall, without  casualties and little damages : a real challenge.

Terrorism, an international fight.

We have noticed that, for once, Israel is on the forefront in an attack concerning another country than Israel. Huge surprise : Israel can help another nation not named Israel. Thereafter, we learnt that Israel and Kenya are old friends. Another surprise. We are eager to see Israel coming in the front line of the fight against terrorism, not only where its nation is looking for regional leadership and using any tools to diminish the influence of its neighborhood. What Israel should know is a weak Syria doesn’t serve its interests. An Al-Qaeda infested Syria neither.

Israel is missing the right target : it’s not the chemical weapons its best enemies – whether located in Syria or elsewhere, but international terrorism. Reminders of Holocaust gazes are  holding Israel hostage form its past. By the way, chemical weapons belong to the past. Buried or sealed, they are no longer a threat, unless in the hands of terrorists. Back again to the real target.

But, sometimes, legitimate powers and international community also carry out acts of terror : destabilizing sovereign nations abroad [by  setting rebels and assisting them to topple the regime in place, the cases in Lybia and Syria, Yemen also] and signing contracts over raw material behind closed-doors with leaders, to the detriment of the people are another pattern of the same ilk.

In a sense, what is happening in Nairobi today has something to do with the Lybian/Yemen/Syrian configuration. In pactising with al-qaeda or rebels linked to that group, western powers have reopened the can of worms and reinforced terrorism. Either you are friends of terrorists either you are not. Once you have walked with terrorists in Lybia, Yemen and Syria, crossing the red line, then be prepared for the worst elsewhere. Kenya is the outcome of the day. Whose turn is it tomorrow ?

If, I may, I could not help – hearing Former PM, Raila Odinga – to go back to 2011, with Laurent Gbagbo’s ousting and Kadhafi killing under the Former PM Odinga’s watch handing a kind of blank check to the US/UK/France’s axis. The former PM was not alone in this. The president of Burkina Faso and Jacob Zuma were on board of that AU’s green car. They were acting to please the ‘international community’ leads by the US-UK-France veto nations that have settled themselves as representatives of the international community, because they have the majority inside the veto nations club.

If African peacekeeping mission acting under a UN [the World] mandate is going to end by retaliation inside countries participating to help the World to be a peaceful place, then, it is really an international business. French president, F. Hollande has made a breakthrough with the ongoing chaotic situation in Centrafrica were Rebels have took power illegaly, self installing themselves as rulers of the country and terrorising the population.

Oh, mon Dieu, I couldn’t believe I will be saying good things for president Hollande. But here I am. Having asked for it, I can not stand up and oppose a right decision. For the sake of peace in Africa and in Centrafrica only ? No. Intellectual honesty commands to recognize a good and strong move of a leader, even though you don’t agree otherwise.

Blind terrorism

On the exception of Boko Haram in Nigeria where the share of the Wealth of raw material, especially oil, is a critical issue that worth a fight, in Egypt, in Pakistan, in Kenya, in Syria, and previously in Lybia and in Yemen, terrorism is no longer supported by an attractive cause. The fight for power grab only is not a reasonable excuse.

The dreadful Church attack in Pakistan was stupid and needless. Some Muslims of Pakistan has condemned it as nonsense. How can you kill people because they are Christians ? The killing mission is blamed to the Talibans.

Today, Egypt has ruled out the Muslim Brotherhood as a non-governmental organisation. The movement is banned and all its activities are concerned, as those are installing ‘chaos which in turn brings terrorism’ (a word of president Hollande). My Godness, here I’m in it again : citing the french president as an example.

The urgence may not well be in Syria with chemical weapons agenda, but FIGTING TERRORISM, not only in Somalia to restore Hope that failed short, in the 80’s, but everywhere.

The clock is ticking.

On the front of the economy

Kenyan economy seems to rely overwhelmingly on tourism industry. If true, isn’t it time for diversification ? First, there was the international airport, today, it is a mall. Watch out.

Minimum wage is cause for the garment industry’s workers huge demonstrations in Bangladesh. They are asking an increase of national minimum wage from £38 to £100 per month. Exploiting the poor to enrich the happy few of the upper class is another form of terrorism. Financial terrorism.

Merkel has been reelected for a third term. Her election was clouded by the Kenyan horror. But, at the same time, her victory has not been in danger all along the election course. She is looking for a new partner, as the previous one has collapsed. People who were waiting a change of course, kind of ralliement to a plan for ‘growth vs austerity’, inside the eurozone crisis debate, will have to fall on their knees and, even so, Angie has already ruled out : « Nein. Entschuldigen Sie » is the invariable answer of the Chancellor.

Our prayers go to the mourners in Kenya. Hold on. French people say ‘tenez bon’. We are in this together.

(From CNN). Six British nationals were killed in Nairobi mall attack, British PM David Cameron tweets.

UK’s PM has had pretty strong words to condemn the horror of the siege of Nairobi.