Alaska (82%), Washington (73%), Hawaii (70%). Next Major battlefield: Wisconsin. Thereafter New York, …

Can we call it the Battle for Wisconsin or the Big Alliance ? Both are eligible depending on everyone’s sensibility and mood of the moment. Staying together requires to look at the same direction and to fight for the same objectives. That is why love itself is a struggle and a challenge.

If we keep focus on the horizon and on the so-needed transformational change required of this moment, we will deliver, holding the back of Bernie Sanders and pushing forth for many affordable Victories with New York in sight.

Bernie Sanders for President

Sisters and Brothers –

You have to see this Wall Street Journal headline from late last week:

« Hillary Clinton Begins Shift to the General Election »

Unfortunately for the Clinton campaign’s plans, voters got in the way. We’ve won six of the last seven contests, and took 82% of the vote in Alaska, 73% in Washington, and 70% in Hawaii.

Here’s the truth: the Clinton campaign and their allies in the financial and political establishment are desperately trying to write us off. Their goal is to get you to stop fighting — to stop volunteering, to stop donating — because they know that if we continue to stand together, we can win.

Now we have to focus on next Tuesday’s primary in Wisconsin, another large state where we can do very well.

Make a $3 contribution to Bernie’s campaign ahead of our critical FEC fundraising deadline, and we are going to win Wisconsin and move one step close to the Democratic nomination.

For the past several years, Wisconsin has been ground zero for worker’s rights, women’s rights, and voting rights. Those people cannot afford to wait for incremental change — they need a president who will think big about the transformational change required of this moment. And that is what Bernie will deliver.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016



Bernie Sanders for President

Elise –

When you think about the Koch Brothers, one person you should think about is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Not only has Governor Walker been helped throughout his career by huge financial support from the Koch Brothers, but he has enacted their ideology while in office – to the detriment of workers’ rights, women’s rights and voting rights.

Scott Walker has attacked the minimum wage, gutted unions, made it much harder to vote, and restricted access to abortion.

I can think of no better place for our political revolution to continue its momentum than in Wisconsin. The latest poll has us down just a few points, and I know that if we work together right now, we can pull off a huge victory.With a huge FEC fundraising deadline on Thursday at midnight, there has not been a more important time for you to support our campaign.

Make a $3 contribution to our campaign now ahead of Thursday’s deadline and we can shock the political establishment with a victory in Wisconsin.

When our campaign first set foot in Wisconsin this past summer, we got a very warm welcome from the people of Wisconsin. I spoke to more than 10,000 people in Madison about our corrupt political system, our broken economy, and how our political revolution can take back our country from people like the Koch Brothers in the billionaire class.

Scott Walker and the Republican Party weren’t as happy to see me. Governor Walker issued statements against us, and the GOP even put up billboards calling me an « extremist. »

Well, let’s talk about extremism.

When you deny the right of workers to come together in collective bargaining, that’s extremism.

When you tell a woman that she cannot control her body, that’s extremism.

When you tell a woman can’t purchase a contraceptive, that’s extremism.

When you give tax breaks to billionaires and refuse to raise the minimum wage, that’s extremism.

Our views, which represent the views of the vast majority of the American people, are a little bit different. We believe that the time has come for the people of Wisconsin and all over the country to create a movement that tells the billionaire class: YOU CAN’T HAVE IT ALL!

And what we are saying to the Koch Brothers and Scott Walker is that this great country belongs to everybody, and not just a handful of very wealthy people.

Let’s show the billionaire class our power before Thursday’s critical FEC fundraising deadline.

Contribute $3 right now to say you stand with our political revolution and help us win in Wisconsin next week.

When the people stand together against the Koch Brothers and the billionaire class, we can win.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders




Bernie Sanders for President

We sent a letter to Hillary Clinton’s campaign over the weekend asking for a debate in New York before its battleground primary on April 19.

Add your name to our letter to say you want to see Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders debate in New York.


You can read the full letter to Clinton Campaign Manager Robby Mook here:

Dear Robby,

I am writing to you about the remaining, agreed-upon Democratic primary season debates in April and May of this year. As you know, Secretary Clinton agreed to three additional debates – one in March, one in April, one in May – in return for our campaign agreeing to the late-scheduled debate in New Hampshire prior to that state’s primary.

At Senator Sanders’ request, the March debate was held in Michigan. As I understand it, there was previously agreement reached by our representatives for the May debate to be held in California. I trust that commitment remains on your part.

However, there has not been agreement on the April debate in terms of date or location. Our campaign continues to believe that the people of New York deserve to have the debate held in their state, and that it should be held prior to the New York primary.

Given the outcome of electoral contests since March 15th it is clearer than ever that New York will play a critical role in determining the Democratic nominee. However, your campaign has consistently chosen to deny the people of New York the opportunity to see Senator Sanders and Secretary Clinton debate in the Empire State.

It is difficult to understand your motivation. I have received calls from numerous news companies seeking to sponsor a New York debate so I know the media interest would be high. Can you please explain why New York should not host the April debate? Is the Secretary concerned about debating before the people who twice elected her to the U.S. Senate?

Perhaps there is some tactical advantage you are seeking by avoiding a debate in New York but I would remind you that Senator Sanders agreed to debate the Secretary in New Hampshire when he was well ahead in the polls.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience so we can schedule the New York debate in April.


Jeff Weaver

Add your name to say you want to see Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders debate in New York before the April 19 battleground primary.