America, stop the Naysayers’ GOP agenda in 2014’s polls. Emergency.

Unemployment benefits, GOP had said NO.

Senate GOP Denies Help To The Long-Term Unemployed – Again (the National Memo)

Immigration reform. Speaker Boehner is saying quoteBoehner Doubts Immigration Bill Will Pass in 2014″ (NYT). Another NO.

America, Your mission in 2014 is to give president Obama the two majorities he needs to move the country forward. This is your time to weigh in, for the good of all. The duty is not only for the president and his administration to carry up. As a citizen, your participation and evaluation is a key factor in the Washington’s game. Give yourself a chance.

GOP ideological rule’s bottom line is that each unemployed is a lazy person and immigrants illegal or  not  are parasites and a misery to get rid off as quick as possible and by all means. This is a slaver mentality and a denial of the reality. America hasn’t still yet recovered from the crisis, despite huge steps already made. Compared to other G8 or 20 nations, the indicators are strong and America remains the best place to invest and an attractive place for immigration.  Immigration attractiveness may not only be considered the GOP’s slavery way, but as a strong economic factor.

Those are changes in conception Americans, as a nation and people, should embrace to come out bigger and stronger leading Intelligence in handling with new challenges and rationales, including laws’ adjustments.

Cory Booker, the new elected Jersyan senator is painting a clear picture – below – of  the stakes the naysayers are up to. Feel yourself free to sign in or not. What is important is for you to have the datas.

« This afternoon, the Senate voted on a compromise bill to extend unemployment insurance. I’m frustrated to report that the vote was blocked again by Republican senators. The House of Representatives has not yet even brought it up for a vote.

Every week we delay, another 70,000 people lose their unemployment insurance. That’s more families giving up medications, missing rent and mortgage payments, or unable to find the money to put gas in their cars to get to a job interview.

I respect my Republican colleagues, and I’ve enjoyed working with many of them in my first few months in the Senate. However, I cannot understand how anyone could hear the heart-wrenching stories I’ve heard from families desperate for help and still vote ‘no’.

I’m joining with the Daily Kos community — we’re demanding that members of Congress who have stood in the way of extending unemployment insurance stop blocking legislative action. We can’t give up on this important fight for people seeking jobs in New Jersey, and across the country.

Please join me and members of the Daily Kos community — sign our joint petition demanding that Congressional obstructionists stop blocking the restoration of unemployment benefits.

This is not the time to delay. I’ve heard too many painful stories from people who rely on these benefits as they continue to look for work.

Every member of Congress should know by now that job-seekers aren’t lazy. Right now, there are roughly three job seekers for every job opening in this country, and 21,000 veterans – people who signed up to protect their country – lost their unemployment insurance when we failed to extend them in December. Three thousand more vets join their ranks each month.

The legislation that failed today in the Senate was a compromise bill, and that’s why blocking it was so egregious.

The Daily Kos community and I are demanding that members of Congress who have blocked this bill cease doing so immediately. Add your name.

If we do nothing, it will cost our economy 240,000 jobs and close to 5 million people will be without unemployment benefits by the end of the year. Thanks for standing up for them today.

One more thought: Though the fight to restore unemployment benefits is urgent, it is only the first of many important steps we must take to make our economy work for everyone. Raising the minimum wage and improving job training opportunities, among other initiatives, are also urgent priorities for New Jersey families that I’ll be focusing on this year ». 

Cory Booker.

 Read also at the NYT. Senate Fails to Pass Three-Month Extension of Jobless Aid.

Kentucky and Georgia are key places to change the naysayers holding back the country. EMILY’s List candidates Alison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky and Michelle Nunn in Georgia are there In Dead heats.  Together with Emily’s, I recommend them to your approval. Emergency. Here is why.


Deficit Of Truth: What Republicans Hope You Don’t Know And Never Find Out at the National memo.

Unemployment is falling constantly and what the nation needs less today is sterile opposition.

CNN Breaking News – 

The U.S. economy added 113,000 jobs in January, continuing the growth in employment, but far below what is needed to show that the economy is fully recovering. Economists had expected 178,000 new jobs.

The government also reported that the unemployment rate ticked lower to 6.6% from 6.7% in December.

NYT is c alling this weakness.  Weakness Continues as 113,000 Jobs Are Added in January. This is the goal of the naysayers : bringing policies to failure. If this is the conception of responsability at the national level, then America and Americans have got a lot to lose in the process.

Another reason for the People to stand across the naysayers’ way. Firmly and decisively. Take on your diaries and note it on top of your 2014’s priorities.

Around the World

New York.

Great to see the new General Attorney elected at Brooklyn, Kenneth Thompson. Congratulations ! We still have in mind his heroic defense of Nafissatou Diallo against the wild power of money and institutions’ umbrellas.

Scotland referendum : out or inside UK ? At dead heat.

Picture from
Picture from

Mehdi’s Morning Memo: Cameron’s Message To Scotland

« Here are the five things you need to know on Friday 7 February 2014…


David Cameron is calling on the people of England, Wales and Northern Ireland to send a message to Scotland as it prepares to vote in the independence referendum: « We want you to stay. »

In a speech at the Olympic Park in London, the Prime Minister will channel the patriotic spirit of the 2012 Olympic Games to argue that the whole country will lose out if Scotland votes in this September’s referendum to leave the UK.

While accepting that the decision on September 18 is a matter for Scots alone, Cameron will urge the English, Welsh and Northern Irish to do whatever they can to influence the outcome, telling them: « You don’t have a vote, but you do have a voice. »

Independence would be bad for Scotland but would also leave the United Kingdom « deeply diminished » and would « rip the rug from under our own reputation » in the world, Cameron will say.

Today’s Memo is edited by Ned Simons as Mehdi Hasan has been sent to Somerset in his wellies. The fact that half the trainlines are now underwater means that there will also be no Memo on Sunday ».


David Cameron: The importance of Scotland to the UK – From N° 10.

Speaking at the Olympic Park in London today (Friday 7 February), the Prime Minister set out a positive vision for the future of the UK and urged people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to use their voice, even if they don’t have a vote.

The Prime Minister said:

« This is a decision that is squarely and solely for those in Scotland to make. I passionately believe it is in their interests to stay in the UK. That way Scotland has the space to take decisions, while still having the security that comes with being part of something bigger. From Holyrood they can decide what happens in every hospital, school and police station in Scotland and in the UK, Scotland is part of a major global player.

« These are the arguments we will keep on putting till September 18th. It is their choice, their vote. But my argument today is that though only 4 million people can vote in this referendum, all 63 million of us are profoundly affected.

« There are 63 million of us who could wake up on September 19th in a different country, with a different future ahead of it. That’s why this speech is addressed not to the people of Scotland, but to the people of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We would be deeply diminished without Scotland. This matters to all our futures. And everyone in the UK can have a voice in this debate.

« We come as a brand – a powerful brand. If we lost Scotland, if the UK changed, we would rip the rug from under our own reputation. The plain fact is we matter more in the world together.

« With just 7 months to go until the referendum, the Prime Minister will tell the audience that there can be no complacency over the result of the referendum as the outcome is still up in the air. »

Appealing to the rest of the UK, the Prime Minister said:

« We must do whatever it takes. You don’t have a vote, but you do have a voice.

« Those voting are our friends, neighbours and family. You do have an influence. Let the message ring out from Manchester to Motherwell from Pembrokeshire to Perth from Belfast to Bute from us to the people of Scotland – let the message be this: We want you to stay. »

Read David Cameron’s speech: the importance of Scotland to the UK.

Read more about the Scottish referendum.



For this end of week, I have a gift for you, on those times were we lack the kind of great singers and breathless music. Worst, pop music is so boring with clone musicians and music. We miss the likes of voices of Joan Baez or Nana Mouskouri where you could hear the beatings of their hearts – through their singing – litteraly bursting out of theirs breasts to catch yours for a traveling and a kiss until the end of the song. Barbara Streisand with her hypnotic memory song just flee you high up through the staring Sky, holding your body in her arms smoothly before landing you with care on the ground. At this stage, you open your tearful blinking eyes and whispered this to her ears : Thank You, Madam. I really enjoy the captivating travel.

Music today is breathless and heartless. Whitney « I’ll always love you » – Nelly and Kelly « what a dilemma« , Snoop, No diggity, Mr. Boombastic unverse (Shaggy), the pussy cat, the black eyes peas, R. Kelly… ? who are the successors of this great spiritual music full of emotion ?

Celine  Dion Titanic song is grandiose, Maria Careh used to be great…

But this is not my gift, it is about two World class countertenors. The only stand where Germany and France are equal. Germany vs France enjoy both. Philippe Jaroussky in la Havanaise and Andreas Scholl. Philippe Jaroussky’s interpretation is qualified as orgastic whereas Andreas sounds more angelical. Haendel baroque music is so emotionnally intense. The classical Mozartic is more aerial and whirling.

Enjoy them. Both are Great and Powerful.

In so saying, have a nice w.e. Till next week. Bye bye.…