American law of Tallion vs Russia chess game. And the winner is ?

 South Carolina. Do you play chess ?

Are you a Kasparov’s fan or admirer ? I am and frankly I need to learn chess game. Iran is the nation who invented this highly intellectual game combining long term strategy, lures, time and the ability to shift from plan A to B and to C without losing the sight of horizon.

The article below staged this Russian chess game at perfection. What is the future for Russia ? Many options lie ahead.

Russia is playing a clever chess game, diplomacy at its best. 

Excerpt. Under another arrangement by bully Obama, Middle Eastern oil producing puppets like Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States are overproducing and flooding the market with petrol and gas, thereby driving the price down to the ostensible detriment of Russia and Venezuela, both countries where Washington vies for regime change. A double whammy thinks Washington, buying kudos with the stooges. The sheiks that control their energy output apparently have been promised enough goodies from Washington to bite the bullet and take their own losses.

Russia needs rubles. Thats her currency. That is the currency Russia needs for future trading detached from the western monetary system.

When Russia deems that her currency has reached rock-bottom, she will buy back cheap rubles in the market with massive amounts of dollars. Russia may then flood the western market with dollars, euros and other western-allied currencies and gold. Lets not forget, the ruble is backed by gold. By now we know what flooding a market with currencies may do to these currencies and simultaneously buy back rubles from the West. A brilliant move to reestablish Russias currency in a new emerging monetary system which Europe would be welcome to join, but willingly, no by Washington style arm-twisting.

Surely, Russia is not interested to cause the sudden destruction of the dollar-linked financial world. She is not interested in a sudden death of the many countries that are potential new trading partners in a new monetary system. Instead, the fall of the western economy of deceit may be planned as a gradual slide, so that countries have time to switch switch their reserves to rubles, yuans and other BRICS and SCO currencies. This move is on its way. Only ten years ago, dollar denominated securities constituted 90% of reserves worldwide. Today the rate is 60% and declining.

After all, perhaps as Plan B, there is also a pact of monetary alliance between Russia and China. China holds currently about 1.5 trillion dollars and in total more than 3 trillion dollar equivalent in western currencies and undefined but huge gold reserves. Chinese, BRICS and SCO solidarity with Russia is a solid security for the ruble. Imagine the first major action of the new BRICS Development Bank with a current capital base of 100 billion dollars would launch a massive ruble rescue operation. No worries, Russias economy is on firm course.

Read the whole article here : Free Fall of the Ruble: Who’s Behind it? A Ploy of Russia’s Economic Wizards? Whose Chess Game? – By Peter Koenig – Global Research, December 19, 2014.

Sanctions, sanctions and sanctions as diplomacy standard. And european economies playing the Abraham lamb ready for sacrifice. The law of Tallion vs chess game. And the winner is ?… Always trust time. Or Intelligence.

Read the trading place of Cuba inside this pattern of sanctions as diplomacy here in our previous post : American global war for oil. Consider also inside this global frame the lies of gulf states over global oil output.

Cuba worth only to the extent the deal is weakening Venezuela. Knowing that Venezuela is a long standing friend of Castro, this is another form of revenge over Chavez. Divide to reign : western globalism, imperialism and slavery multisecular ruling. Even more so, Cuba is a friend of Russia and has always been. What is the necessity to establishing good economic and diplomatic ties with Cuba when you fight its Big Brother and friend : Russia ? Terrific. Why now ?

The other ruling is : « it is not enough you win until you make sure the other guy loses ».

War in Irak was the first step of what time is revealing today with America becoming the number one oil producer.

Cutting Sudan in two parts and halting their oil installations was the second step for the same objective. Clooney was the deadly weapon : shame on him forever. Actors and artists are used to get nations into bankruptcy, exactly like banksters, multinationals and other predators.

Lybia was the third step.

Russia attacked through Ukrainian puppets is the four step.

And now Venezuela, the fifth step.

In between Syria miraculously escaped the same fate : thanks to British MPs.

Iran is that other target using nuclear talks as a pretense.

Still EU’s nations are playing the Egyptian mummies role. The price for WWII liberation is higher and higher and infinite. Poor EU. Helpless and sheepish.

Number one producer is easy when all the others have been halted, silenced, killed, divided and weakened. This is even beyond the Tallion law and cynicism put together. It is terrifying or terror. Compared to this, Sony hacking is anecdotic.

Bottom line : environmental unbalances and planet in jeopardy with those savage oil drillings on Earth where oil is floating and abundant elsewhere. Climate change ?

What is going on with Sony ?

CNN. « In an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, Lynton also reopened the door to a future release of the controversial comedy, saying the company is considering some sort of release on the Internet.

Sony followed up on Lynton’s remarks with a statement that read, in part, « It is still our hope that anyone who wants to see this movie will get the opportunity to do so. »

The company declined to comment on whether any distributors have agreed to help the company with that.

In his CNN interview, Lynton said « the president, the press and the public are mistaken » about what actually led to Sony’s decision to shelve the « The Interview. »

« We do not own movie theaters, » Lynton said. « We cannot determine whether or not a movie will be played in movie theaters. » (Watch the entire interview on « Fareed Zakaria GPS » Sunday at 10 am or 1 pm.)

Lynton said he would be « fibbing » to say he « wasn’t disappointed » in Obama’s remarks ».

Meanwhile the lack of Justice inside America for black people being killed like dogs in the streets has come to an horrible deadlock with the ambush of two police officers killed at Brooklyn this afternoon. This issue remains unexplicably untackled.  Great Indifference by the federal gov is the message sent by the administration, after people marched, marched and marched in with zero result and reaction from their gov. Instead, they were met with disdain and contempt resulting in tonight’s burst of anger.

CNN. Two NYPD officers have died after being shot ambush-style as they sat in their patrol car in Brooklyn, law enforcement sources say. One of the sources said both officers were shot in the head.

The alleged shooter was found dead in a nearby subway station from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to a law enforcement official.

Cops didn’t waiste time to jump in the tragic event to reclaim the « blood of their colleagues on the major’s hands » alleging the lack of his support to them on Eric Garner’s brutal throtlling asking for air to breathe. Blackmailing the Mayor of the City is incredible. And those are cops speaking trying to influence the Mayor’s judgement, adding to those bloody words their turning the back attitude to the Mayor. It is awesome. NYs cops have the blood of Eric Garner on their hands along with that of their two colleagues.

Now this is not to say Cops are bad or useless. But when they make a mistake or commit a crime (not a suicide as previously written), Justice must be told. As the cornerstone of our Democracy, Justice is not a choice, but a due and it was overdue for Michael Brown and Eric Garner. The farcical version delivered has worsened the situation. Blame the Prosecutors for the failing justice and for the blood of those two cops also.

When will all this stop and how ? Only Shakespeare can tell today.

The explainer is no justification

No crime is justifiable except self-defense. Nobody has ever called for violence or for cops’ murder. Things don’t operate this way. When an event like this occurs, commonplaces condemnations would flare up. This is the first degree of the argumentation. Then you have to move further to look at the motives. Why does the man did it ? The explainer is not a justification. It helps us to read the causalities between some events. Unfortunately this explanation doesn’t take into account our beliefs. The actor is not caring at pleasing us or  not. He acted. That’s all. More, he posted his motives. So, we know the story. Our good willings and feelings – as best or strong as they can be – will not solve the problem or fix it. So far, the only answer we had on those latest incidents were words and a task force which is going to bring a report within 90 days and here we go again with talks and administration’s procedures.

What is needed are acts and reforms and a clear roadmap for that. To tell it differently, we need a cape. The president called it criticism and said to Candy (CNN) « this was not news for africans-americans who should recognize progress made on the race issue ». Is it to say those progress justify the first part of the sentence ?

Having said that politicians and writers may have or encounter different constraints and perspectives. It is absolutely understandable and good for all of us.