American March of Folly. Ask Barbara W. Tuchman for analysis.

The March of Folly is an excellent book from Dame Barbara Tuchman I really recommend to you to get the very essence of policy-making breakdown and governance meltdown – from Troy to Vietnam, it is the same betrayal which have been repeated again and againd, untill today.

What is the March of Folly ?

« A phenomenon noticeable throughout history regardless of place or period is the pursuit by governments of policies contrary to their own interests. Mankind it seems, makes a poorer performance of government than of almost any other human activity. In this sphere, experience, common sense and available information, is less operative and more frustrated than it should be. Why do holders of high office so often act contrary to the way reason points and enlightened self-interest suggests ? Why does intelligent mental process seem so often not to function ?


« Elsewhere than in government man has accomplished marvels : invented the means in our lifetime to leave the earth and voyage to the moon, in the past, harnessed wind and electricity, raised earthbound stones into soaring cathedrals, woven silk  brocades out of the spinnings of a worm, constructed the instruments of music, derived motor power from steam, controlled or eliminated diseases, pushed back the North Sea and created land in its place, classified the forms of nature, penetrated the mysteries of the cosmos. « While all other sciences have advanced, » confessed our second President, John Adams, « government is at a stand; little better practiced now than three or four thousand years ago ».

« Misgovernment is of four kinds, often in combination. They are: 1)tyranny or oppression, of which history provides so many well-known examples that they do not need citing ; 2) excessive ambition, such as Athens’ attempted conquest of Sicily in the Peloponnesian War, Philip II’s of England via the Armada, Germany’s twice-attempted rule of Europe by a self-conceived master race, Japan’s bid for an empire of Asia; 3) incompetence or decadence, as in the case of the late Roman empire, the last Romanovs and the last imperial dysnasty of China; and finally 4) folly or perversity. This book is concerned with the last in a specific manifestation, that is, the pursuit of policy contrary to the self-interest of the constituency or state involved. Self-interest is whatever conduces to the welfare or advantage of the body being governed; folly is a policy that in these terms is counter-productive. »


  1. The Trojans take the wooden horse within their walls.
  2. The Renaissance Popes provoke the protestant secession : 1470-1530
  3. The British lose America.
  4. America betrays herself in Vietnam.

So how to remedy that folly today? Hence, the conclusion.

« If pursuing disadvantage after the disadvantage has become obvious is irrational, then rejection of reason is the prime characteristic of folly.

A greater inducement to folly is excess of power and moral failure.

According to the Stoïcs, reason was the « thinking fire » that directs the affairs of the world, and the emperor or ruler of the state was considered to be « the servant of divine reason [appointed] to maintain order on earth. » The theory was conforting, but then as now « divine  reason » was more often than not overpowered by non-rational human frailties – ambition, anxiety, status-seeking, face-saving, illusions, self-delisuions, fixed prejudices.

Aware of the controlling power of ambition, corruption and emotion, it may be that in search for wiser government we should look for the test of character first. And the test should be moral courage. Montaigne – a french thinker adds, « Resolution and valor, not that which is sharpened by ambition but that which wisdom and reason may implant in a well-ordered soul. » The Lilliputians in choosing persons for public employment had similar criteria. « They have more regard for good morals than for great abilities, » reported Gulliver, « for, since government is necessary to mankind, they believe… that Providence never intended to make management of public affairs a mystery, to be comprehended only by a few persons of sublime genius, of which there are seldom three born in an age. They suppose truth, justice, temperance and the like to be in every man’s power: the practice of which virtues, assisted by experience and a good intention, would qualify any man for service of his country, except where a course of study is required.

While such virtues may in truth be in every man’s power, they have less chance in our system than money and ruthless ambition to prevail at the ballot box – particularly in America, where the electoral process is drowning in commercial techniques of fund-raising and image-making. The problem may be not so much a matter of educating officials for government as educating the electorate to recognize and reward integrity of character and to reject the ersatz.

This is where my narratives, analysis and thinking come in. So far, I have not succeeded in making a career out of it, but a signature which is enough and frankly rewarding for those nearly 30 years (1985 – the moment I graduate as a Doctor in Sciences of Information and Communication to now that I’m writing to you). I’m coming so far away as a Servant first of all. May be Bernie Sanders, YOU and I were given kind of a divine rendez-vous in 2016. Who knows ? 

What is for sure is after this campaign, the World will no longer be the same. The same goes for me. You may not follow my choice, but think about Dame Barbara W. Tuchman well-inspired by Montaigne big informant picture as a Flashpoint, a pass/path for change : recognize and reward integrity of character and reject the ersatz. Get it right ! We are not building career out of this, but intelligence and awareness to conjure up the inexorable March of Folly. Are we up to the task or are we less than the Lillupitians ?

Excerpts in quotes are from « The March of Folly » by Barbara W. Tuchman – From Troy to Vietnam, A Ballantine Book, Published by the Random Houe Publishing Group. Copyright 1984 by Barbara W. Tuchman.


ps. The glass-window of my door has been broken this morning, while I was out for a walk. Clinton’s Supporters are behind the vandalism, as sign of retaliation. This is a cultural package of their world including, threats, censorship and violence. Money is the worst master and slavery.  Money enchains your heart and vision. Want to know about the whole story, read our previous post. This is the world of governments failure. Bandits are out and walking free and immune. President Obama should feel good and proud of his consent and support…. Well done.


CNN « projects that Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has won the Puerto Rico Republican primary.

Democratic voters, meanwhile, are caucusing in Maine to choose a presidential candidate.

Today’s political agenda includes a Democratic debate in Flint, Michigan, broadcast on CNN at 8 p.m. ET, and the premiere of the CNN original series « Race for the White House » at 10 p.m. ET ».


Bernie Sanders for President

Sisters and Brothers –

While many in our country’s political and financial establishment would love to see our campaign go away, tonight proved once again that we are well on our way towards winning this Democratic primary.

We were declared the winner of the Maine caucus during the debate — our 3rd victory out of 4 states this weekend — and we reached 5 million individual contributions shortly before I stepped on stage.

Tonight’s debate highlighted a number of important differences between Hillary Clinton and myself, most notably on the issue of the disastrous trade agreements costing American jobs.

But we are now we are entering the most important stretch of this campaign, starting on Tuesday when Michigan votes. The billionaire class in this country is spending obscene amounts of money to try and stop us, but if we continue standing together, we’re going to win:

Your $3 contribution ensures we’ll have the resources to win, and it sends a powerful message that you have had ENOUGH of the billionaire class buying our elections.

If we can do well in Michigan and again during next Tuesday’s primaries, the map shifts dramatically in our favor. From that point forward, we expect to win the delegates we need to capture the Democratic Party’s nomination. But that plan only works if we continue to stand together against the special interest money funding the Clinton campaign and super PACs.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders


After Hillary loose, then my website has gone corrupt. Again. No possibility to print my own articles anymore. The rats have come in. The attacks by the Jewish-sionist Windows and Yahoo’s gang started yesterday. Back to my walk I told you above, my laptop was not responding at all ; even the cooledit file was corrupt, so that I  can  not record my weekly radio emission.

Since I went back from Africa, that is two weeks from now, Windows 10 has entered my program and erased the previous Windows 7 I  bought my laptop with and kept it, because I know Windows 10 is a hoax and a Trojan horse I don’t want even for free. I don’t understand how they entered my laptop – of course, I do, the corrupt gov gave them the authorisation to kill the others web businesses, our govs are protecting criminals in the name of terrorism, first.

Apparently Acer corruption also paved the way for that – We, the consumers have bought an Acer tool, not Windows 10, the fraud. Windows can not be allowed to impose his program on the people. Now, I can not write – oh the jealous – or print anymore with the corrupt windows 10 program self-imposed on me. I hate the sionist jewry behind Hillary and, today’s affirmation by Sanders that « He is proud of being Jewish’ is not that wise. Jewish, I understood recently was a word not to use, because it is anti-semitism, while saying black is not. This is first. Second, Jewish are assimilated to predators, in the common wisdom. Telling that you  are proud to be Jewish is a very bad idea ; it can scare the electorate. We are all proud to be latinos or something. Today, this sionist revendication is not wise at all. Black people can prefer the ersatz, this time. America is Jewish. What is the necessity to tell this ? It is the jewry – sionists that has caused to much harm to the American people, to the French people including me here in France, to the European people, to the African people, to the World economy, because of their endless thirst of money and dark operations.

The common wisdom tells a Jewish man is said to be a big thief. Coincidentally, WS and the medias are on top of the business.

Jewish are said to be crooked, Madoff scheme for example, eventhough many of his clients were jewish. Not at random.

Jewish are considered fraudulent people and full of hate and jealousy and envy. They are the worst selfish people in the World and ruthless. Always cheating. Look, I will tell you what happened to me, by the sionists and the international Jewry recently, while in Yaoundé and you will see the morbidity of the zionnists. Marco Rubio may be paying off the kiss of death by PM Benjamin Netanyahu. He should have disawoed it, as Mr. Trump did with the KKK.

In some black people’s minds, Jewish and the KKK are more of the same ; that is part of the explanation why Mr. Trump is succeeding. The South of America is feeling like being dispossessed by those  people of the North who have sold the soul of America out. I comprehend that from my black brothers and sisters. I understand that from the KKK. I get it  right from the authentic people of America, not the « so-called born in America », but the truly American people, the  first occupyers.

America will like to turn the Jewry predatory page, big thefts, nuisances, criminality and toxicity.

Want to know the untold true, there it is.

This doesn’t mean, sometimes to times, Jews again can be different. Unfortunately for them, the elites who have organised to confiscate power and the process of decision-making in America are mostly Jewish. To do so, they brought corruption at new levels and set it at the center of the electoral process. Jewish are also Jewish-predators. Hillary would have done a good job, should  she broke this inferno cycle up.

Now, to complicate the issue, Windows 1o super thief and fraud – hidding in Africa – with his gangs destroying the competitors cowardly, as usual – no face only darkness and trouble – those zionists don’t support Sanders, a Jewish, but Hillary, their hostage. That is to say, Jewry has come to represent the new philosophy of plain racket even non Jewish people adhere in while some Jewish do not.

When my or yours laptop is consistently and permanently under attacks, those craps are looking for one thing only : make me loose my money in trying to fix the problems. That is why they are stolen everything on me, including my Xperia Sony smartphone stolen from my suitcase during my travel to Paris, via Bruxels, by Bruxels airlines. That is why they keep going on sabotaging my job to make me loose my temper, my time, my job and my money.

Oh, those are rich people. Frankly,  do you characterize someone a rich when his entire objective is to send people into poverty ? Yes, those are our new rich people ; in fact former poors ; and as you know « poverty is a second skin you wear your entire life », if you remain incult. Most of the times, rich men and women today are incult due to either previous poverty or family immoral linkages.

Those Jewish people have the reputation of being the craps of the World to vomit. Democrats people have a long tradition of Jewry obedience and ambiguous association. It is true in France and in America. Republicans are more independent from  those craps.  More sane. I’ve read that Bernie Sanders is the friend of a Zionist professor at the University of Vermont. This professor is making it public and even promoting Zionism to his students. Nobody is perfect. But if Mr. Sanders and Rubio would like to know why Black voters or latinos may  walk away from them, now they know. 

Jewish guidance and the guys on top of  those Tech machines of rats are not good people. They are  intoxicating the World with their permanent malfaisances. May be Trump is going to do well. And don’t be surprised. You have the reason why. Mr. Trump should fix his latinos problem. So far, among the candidates, his image is less affected by Zionism and its sordid impact on America betrayal of its fathers founders values and heritage.

How to get the worms out of American standing? This is a condition for America to be Great again. America has reached a turning point. A good sign of it is the backing of Russia for Mr. Trump. I can’t wait to hear Mr. Rubio, Israeli-backed, laughing at Mr. Trump as  the man who is going to bring socialism in America.

Question : what has capitalism brought to America ? Corruption and hijackings mainly.

May be this time, my laptop is going to turn blind. If so, let the worms go worming and the rats rating and servile crawling. Capture after me, dog me after licking.

We are looking for a President who is going to stop the craps.

Who is going to stop criminals and craps walking free and immune and making money from this  fraud, while impoverishing other people ?

Who is going to reverse the tide of intrusive laws into personal datas and professional businesses including engines and tools sabotaging nobody is tracking or even taking the claim for a track and sanctions ?

Who is going to guarantee the freedoms of the people and their rights for privacy, secrecy, movements and success ?

Who is going to stop the worming culture ?


We know by now who the worms are. What are we waiting for to tell the law, only the law but the law ? Zionism is the plague of the World. It is Hell in fact.  As long as it is not erradicate, there will be no peace in the World, no Justice and no clean air and power.

Mr. Romney, you have missed the target. The worms who instructed you as those telling Mr. Sanders to declare his Jewry against the tide and the momentum today, just made a fool of Both of You. Dr. Carson is a victim of those incult crew of Jewish advisors. He started strongly just to become another Ben. No thank you. We have had more of them and frankly, we are done with the ruthless Jewry.

All the more so, Africa should stop offering a shelter to the worms of the World.

Welcome to the Ghana’s announced change in visas attribution to African people. The visas will be free on charge. May Cameroon hear and take example on that message for its diaspora who have got to pay 100 euros for a visa to travel to their homeland nation, the place they were born in. The same for the DRC.

Actually, in Benin, a Zionist, known as Mr. Bolloré, a Jewish as Bouygues, as many successful business men in France due to bank connections, is trying to overturn a Benin competitor. Do you know that it is easier for a Facebook Zuckerman –  a Jewish – to get a loan from his WS Jewish brothers to start-up or to boost his activities. Injustices towards credit for starting a business have favored the Jewish people over the others. That is how you can claim to be a Master Race, by organizing your raciality and supremacy. White supremacists, the KKK and  the Zionists Jews are on the same ilk. Don’t get mistaken.

So, in Benin, a Benin business man is fighting against  Bolloré, the intruder, to build a railway – which is a big smart project. Here in France, big projects will never be opened to black africans men. Not even in their dreams. But worms are polluating Africa and that is why they need a stooge at the WH to keep covering the lies and frauds overthere and elsewhere.

Hold on on this Jewry and zionism plague….

The entire zionist  world, plagued with  corrupt leaderships worldwide, due to zionism are all out and together to send alerts on Mr. Trump stances. Apart from Mexico, it is easy to spot the same gangsterism working to oust Kadhafi, Assad, Saddam, Moubarak; to dismiss Iran and Russia.

Yes economically Mr. Trump is calling for a redefinition of businesses with China and Japan. By the looking of the rejection of the TPP, it looks like this is a matter of discussion. Cooperation and bilateral talks are there to sort  those things out.

Who is against the TPP and who is in . And why ? Answer the question to introduce the  debate before pointing the Finger to Mr. Trump.

Hold on with this,

Dear Elise,

We’ve long suspected that Wall Street lobbyists exerted undue influence over the sweetheart deals given to big banks in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Now we have proof – secret documents that will boost efforts to bring down the entire TPP.

We can’t tell you at this time exactly what’s in these documents because we don’t want want our opposition to know what we have until we’re ready to go public.

But once we release these documents, we’ll need to fend off attacks from Wall Street – and be sure to leverage the docs to help kill the TPP.

Will you donate to make sure we have the resources to fight back and help stop the TPP?

I wish we could tell you exactly what these documents show, but for now all I can say is that these documents help illuminate corruption in how Wall Street’s lobbying teams influenced the TPP so they can weaken regulations on the big banks.

Already, political momentum is growing against the deal. Two years ago, we were fighting this deal virtually alone against the entire DC political establishment.

Now Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and Ted Cruz all oppose it.

This evidence of Wall Street corruption at the core of the agreement will advance efforts to put a stop to the whole damned thing.

But once we release these documents, we need to be ready for any attacks that come at us – and to leverage the docs to help kill the TPP. That’s why we’re asking you to donate today so we’re ready to fight back and win.

Will you donate to help fight back and stop the TPP?

Thanks for standing with us.

David and the Demand Progress Team


For him to stand firm against the scandal of Wall Street being bailed out – call it the hold-up of the century – is honorable and must be praised. Moreover, for him to give, as a guarantee he will not lye under the billionnaires to rule America and the World, the refusal of their money, is more than positive. It requires moral courage to come accross the Koch Brothers’ way. Those are signs of tomorrow’s leadership.


⇔ WATCH: Exclusive: Apple CEO Tim Cook Likens iPhone-Cracking Software to Cancer

Apple’s Software Chief Says FBI Wants to ‘Turn Back the Clock’ on Security

Excerpt. « In an opinion piece published Sunday in the Washington Post, Federighi said the FBI has suggestediOS 7 — Apple’s 2013 operating system — should be the standard. However, he noted « the security of iOS 7, while cutting-edge at the time, has since been breached by hackers. »

« Software innovations of the future will depend on the foundation of strong device security, » he said. « We cannot afford to fall behind those who would exploit technology in order to cause chaos. To slow our pace, or reverse our progress, puts everyone at risk. »

« The motion goes on to say by invoking « terrorism, » the government « sought to cut off debate and circumvent thoughtful analysis. »

I agree a hundred per cent.the Apple CEO, Tim Cook represents what should have been done times ago to halt the counterproductivity of the March of Folly.


Sharapova is just a distraction to throw dust on Russia. It happens, after I published this, as a news concerning Australian open. Too late to be given a point. By the way, Sharapova used to be their idols they are ready to burn publicly right now. If Sharapova has been taken some medicine for 10 years, what about the others?

Did you see our Gaga coming back on stage to tell her secret. What was the deal here ? Awards mic in exchange of a rape confession ?

Rape, sexe, prostitution, drugs, exhibitions, nakedness, data robberies, privacy breaches and intrusions, those are the new values for declining economies. Cultivating mediocrity is now hitting the Wall of Ridicule.

« Software innovations of the future will depend on the foundation of strong device security, » he said. « We cannot afford to fall behind those who would exploit technology in order to cause chaos. To slow our pace, or reverse our progress, puts everyone at risk. »

Economy requires freedoms’ protections, as an incorruptible basement.

The FBI should be remembered the principle of innocence unless proven guilty. Suspecting everyone, namely those who are not bowing to the Worming Order Master Race, is a perversity. Liberalism is Freedom. The respect of private properties is key. The FBI knows it as well. So what ? Where is the missing link ?

Barbara Tuchman again. « Misgovernment is of four kinds, often in combination. They are: 1)tyranny or oppression, of which history provides so many well-known examples that they do not need citing ; 2) excessive ambition, such as Athens’ attempted conquest of Sicily in the Peloponnesian War, Philip II’s of England via the Armada, Germany’s twice-attempted rule of Europe by a self-conceived master race, Japan’s bid for an empire of Asia; 3) incompetence or decadence, as in the case of the late Roman empire, the last Romanovs and the last imperial dysnasty of China; and finally 4) folly or perversity. This book is concerned with the last in a specific manifestation, that is, the pursuit of policy contrary to the self-interest of the constituency or state involved. Self-interest is whatever conduces to the welfare or advantage of the body being governed; folly is a policy that in these terms is counter-productive. »

Misgovernance, perversity and counterproductivity.

Now, the FBI may advocate for the principle of prevention. Hence the debate, if by prevention, it means installing cameras and mic inside personal homes, cars and businesses sites fraudulently, or breaching the phones code, the laptops, this is unacceptable.

First, we bailed the Wall streeters instead of letting them fall into bankrupticies. And now, we are told that we should trade-off our freedoms for the fight against terrorism created by acts such as this bailout of WS ? I can’t breathe. Help me Senior Cruz !


The story of the FBI is the pursue of the maligne Jewish strategy, trading off the Holocaust in exchange of their rampant domination of the World. At the times, they were blackmailing the World with their sorrows and lamentations. The consistency in which they kept culpabilizing the entire World for being hollocausted gave them a pass to implement something surpassing Hollocaust in size: enslaving the Palestinians and the whole World, using all forms of criminalities ranging from corruption to banks, from international organisations infiltration to devastating nations corruption, from the futile corrupt EU, known as technocrats to the creation of the ghost money known as the euro, from the devastation of the Middle East and its permanent destabilization to permanent wars overthere falsely flagged « American wars », from Israeli wars for land’s grabbing and eternal colonisation to creating Arabic terrorism. Gansta rimes.

This is pure Jewry malfaisances. Never will they assume the direct responsability on those crimes. They will always resort and hide behind the so-called « international community », already corrupt, as a convenient shelter.

That is how, in the name of protecting Israeli security in the Middle-East, towards Arabs people, Jewish has recolonised the World, inflammed the Arabic World and generated Arabic Terrorism as a form of resistance to this invasion and occupation of the World, conducted in the name of the Hollocaust.

Authorities, acting under this jewry influence, has doing Jewish business and performing their agenda of taking control of the entire planet, in the name of Terrorism they created and are forging day by day.

The World is paying a huge prize for the sso-called danger threatening Israel where this neverland would have never been created. This insertion has brought hell on Earth as never before.

So, excuse me, I and We are not buying the storytelling anew, because we  now know where this is going to end. A World in captivity into Jewish hands. No, Thanks. We are done.

Look the hellish Europe now, with skyrocketting unemployment, children poverty, zero growth and technocrats thieves parading at Bruxels. EU is torn apart with the refugees crisis. Who created this if not Israeli claims for extreme security leading to the false flag of Arab Spring, of the no-fly zone in Lybia and the building up of a fake opposition, in reality, agents of Mossad in Benghazi, in Aleepo, in Bagdad, in Gaza.

Technocrats are Kleptocrats and Kleptocrats are Ploutocrats. A matrix of bad governance. Under a Jewish Parliament, sitting in and on the EU to supervise nearly everything, the EU is doomed to fail. You do not need a chrystal ball to assess it. The EU is doomed to fail, for it epitomizes and embodies the whole spectrum of illness past way of governing and understing the World. To survive, the EU needs a Revolution.

Kleptocrats are visiting my appartment, each time I’m out, and they will displaced things so that I can see they went in. By visiting and searching my stuff, they are looking for some documents or writings to steal. They are afraid I’m writing this book I promised to write on the « Transatlantic traveling ». They need to have control on our creation, homes, bodies, families, health, death, movements, money – I will tell you a story next time to see their dirty hands and facees – Their arm is global spying and robberies. That is what and how they were born, grown up and how they can live and how they are going to die. Miserably as worms they are.

Born to be a Thieve. An eternal curse.

Born to destroy people. See how they sucked Senator Rubio promising victory – after a black president, America was ready to vote for a Spanish one (*) – and see the Hollocausters kiss of death. They did have the courage to endorse Hillary overtly. No. Always hiding and sabotaging other people. No, it was urgent to break Rubio down with that devil Irael support.

Those people are snakes crawling. Their thoughts are bloody and full of  envy. They are the plague, the cancer I agree with this one. There is a Jewish running. He is called Bernie Sanders. Where is Israel to endorse him in brotherhood ? Israel didn’t support Rubio, they killed its presidential bid.

Today, the Majoral bureau – next to my doorstep – has opened. The stage is set for a big coup and search into my home. I have noticed that each time they open the office, my home is vandalized. Thieves are cursed and worms forever . Let them be. Right. After all Life continues and sooner or later, the devil is doomed to loose.


(*) – not a Spanish, but Hispanic I’m thinking of Spain mired into a political crisis and you are asking the reason why ? Good streaming, Sen Rubio, if it is not too late.



World deadly influence of Jews billionnaires money floodings in Politics. US and France alike.


Spain Moves Towards Fresh Elections To Break Deadlock – Analysis


World Stuck With Persistent Stagnation – Analysis


Compare the two analysis by your own. Ah Ah Ah. Good exercise.

Policy Imperatives for Boosting Global Growth and Prosperity

By David Lipton
First Deputy Managing Director, IMF
National Association for Business Economics
Washington, D.C.
March 8, 2016


Judge Napolitano: Indictment Certain In Clinton Email Scandal Before November – OpEd

Shortly after receiving the IMF communique over  growth entitled  »

Policy Imperatives for Boosting Global Growth and Prosperity

By David Lipton » View above,

I received those three others emails successivily to show you the real hidden face of the David Ben something so-called international bodies. In fact Mossad racists hidden agents. Immediate proof. I told you they can’t change their nature ; it is a second skin. Hypocrisy, hiding, etc… Poor America, the siege of International racists bodies. Poor World. My father who just past away was named David Mbog Yebga. I’m Elise. May be, by our firstnames,  in another life, we were Jews. Jewish and probably racists. Come on !

Capture MontenegroCapture Montenegro 2Capture Montenegro 3

Next time, leave this job to the slavery black people crew, the easy route and convoy

Capture Sherrod





Back on the campaign trail in Humanity starting with Michigan.

Bernie Sanders for President

Sisters and Brothers –

Last night, Secretary Clinton said she was ready for this primary to be over, and if you listen to some of our friends in the political establishment and corporate media, it sounds like they’re ready for the same.

Well, let me remind you of how many times they’ve told us our path was too difficult: in Iowa, they said it when we were down almost 50 points. And again when we were down 44 in New Hampshire, 28 in Colorado, and double digits in Minnesota.

Today begins the most important seven-day stretch of our campaign:tonight, Michigan votes. Next week, Illinois, Ohio, Florida, Missouri, and North Carolina follow suit.

If we continue to stand together and fight, what we are going to do in this next week is what we’ve done throughout this entire campaign: we are going to share our message with the American people, and we are going to shock the establishment. That is why I have to ask you directly:

Can I count on you to make a $3 contribution to our campaign before the polls close in Michigan tonight? It could be the difference in the coming elections.

I want you to imagine a world eight years from now where nobody who works 40 hours a week lives in poverty, health care is a right for all Americans, kids of all backgrounds can go to college without crushing debt, there is no bank too big to fail, no banker too powerful to jail, and we’ve reclaimed our democracy from the billionaire class.

That is what our campaign is about, and why it is so important we keep fighting. Because if we do, we are going to win. That is why your contribution before the polls close tonight is so important.

Add your $3 contribution to our political revolution today and we will fight and win in the states ahead.

Real change comes about when large numbers of ordinary Americans speak, vote and get involved in the democratic process. If we stand together, we win. If we are divided, the big-money interests win.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders