Amtrak. The train of Agony. Deadly.

I told you, sometimes ago, in my previous post. On Friday 9, precisely.  The Agony of A Death Train named Amtrak. Sometimes, Writers can be Oracles.

Here is the quote : « During this first transatlantic traveling in America, I was fascinated by two antiquities : the Amtrak and the School buses. Both are telling the story of the beginning of the Industrial era with rail transportation and auto-designing. Watching the fume of the Amtrak rolling forward, I was amazed by the cough of the train expectoring its agony (at) each sliding of the wheels. The Amtrak is kind of a poem of the agony.  Agony is its engine and essence. This train is ageless. Even in that endless agonizing Amtrak, I’m sure to be more protected and secured than in a car insured by Progressive select company insurance. Talk to me again about Progress ».

Today, some are asking Why ? Come on. You just need eyes to see it (*). For experts, naked eyes are trained eyes. Simply put, naked exam is the upper level of expertise, when you need one glance to capture the scene. It requires 10 years minimum of high level expertise to be performant.  The bottom line of this article provides another clear picture of that performance (1).

I also told you about a third moment, when the text is calling me back – like in « Baghdad Cafe » movie. This time, you are witnessing the call back process. First, there is this very bad news concerning the Amtrak derailment. My perception of the facts and the engine were absolutely right. Sorry for the injured and for those who lost their lifes. It reminds me about my own experience with the car crash in Washington, D.C. The moment when I got completely  discouraged. But, you know what kept me confident ? The Voice of Martin Luther King.

The day-night I visited the Memorial at Atlanta, he was asking me this simple question : « Why it took you so long to come » ? And I had nothing to answer. I was totally disarmed by the anger I could extirpate from his voice.

Yes, I went in America totally disarmed and off-guard. I was simply too happy to be there. At last. My dream was coming true. A week after landing, the sound of the phone house at Mauldin rang as the horn of the Amtrak. Agonizing.  At that very moment, my journey slept out of control. It was time to experience the Heat. And you go through it alone, unfortunately. This is the Law of Nature. I was turned upside down, nobody to rely on and nothing solid to stop my Slippery descent to Hell.

Thanks God, by His miracle, I kept on writing an shooting in the midst of that chaos and disarray.

The other unwritten law is, in politics, always count on YOURSELF. Apart from the wink of « Charlotte, Elisabeth, Diana », a noticeable exception from the UK – I had to go to Charlotte, so close to Mauldin, but, the project derailed, – [apart from that triple King size wink] in politics, friends are there to take, not to give. This very specific point turned blank in my brain. I was thrilled and euphoric. Totally unprepared to face the Worst. When time starts its brutal acceleration, it totally caught me by surprise.

I share the pain of the families. I know this road.

The « black box » of the Amtrak train that derailed Tuesday in Philadelphia has been recovered, and it is being analyzed at an Amtrak operations center in Delaware, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter says.

At least 6 people died and 200 people were treated at hospitals after the train went off the tracks, the mayor says.

National Transportation Safety Board investigators will look at a number of factors to try to determine what caused the derailment, including the track, the train signals, the operation of the train, the mechanical condition of the train, and human performance, NTSB board member Robert Sumwalt says.

« Traveling in excess ? » – High Speed ?  Human Performance only ?

(*) –  (CNN) « The Amtrak train that derailed Tuesday in Philadelphia is believed to have been traveling in excess of 100 mph as it approached a turn that is rated at 50 mph, according to a source briefed by investigators.

The death toll in the Tuesday night derailment of an Amtrak train has risen to seven, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter said in a news conference ».

What about the state of the railways and the engine underperforming, because America has sacrified its train modernization, under the automakers lobbying ? And it shows.

Yesterday, the Trans-Pacific Partnership went under the Heat of Republicans. Interesting to notice the fear of Growth evaporation abroad behind the vote.

« Senate Democrats delivered a blow to President Barack Obama today when they blocked debate on a major trade bill that the White House has championed.

On a 52-45 vote, the measure fell short of the 60 votes needed.

The rare filibuster by members of the President’s own party speaks to the divisive nature of the bill.

Opposition to the measure, which would allow for quick approval of the 12-country, free-trade agreement known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, has been building among progressive Democrats for some time.

Many Democrats and some Republicans believe past trade deals have hurt the U.S. economy and led to jobs moving overseas » (CNN).

 Not only the Big American Five are piling huge amount of money out of America, holding back the  scale of  Home recovery as well as the World, we have the case of Nike explained by Eurasianews. TransPacific Partnership Will Undermine Democracy, Empower Transnational Corporations – OpEd

Auto-lobbying, railways antiquity, Transpacific Partnership, Democracy and Growth. Add them up and you end up with a derailment.

This train of Hell still has a lot to tell us. It is only the beginning of the Hearing. Hold on with Germanwings and Lubitch, the co-pilot. (1)

Talking about growth, in France, a zero per cent plus something growth has been miraculously reached. Growth without jobs and a decrease of investments. Some economists are asking French people to wait for a miraculous adjustment within three months. Perhaps yes or no. Rendez-vous in September. Clap your hands.

In Germany, growth is lower than the French zero per cent plus something. Clap again.

You may ask where the French miracle comes from and you are right to. It comes from oil crubbling prices. According to some experts, the miracle is the outcome of rising gas consumption. Thanks to America blowing the wall of oil production. This is the miracle president Hollande has been waiting for, for so long. Equivalent to the Manna from the Heaven. God bless America !

Read. Praise The Lord Oil, by Oil Price.

God is a God of Miracle and He is Alive ! HAlleluiah !

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(1) Listen and read Global Research Horn sounding the alert to the next Hellish station. Brace for the slippery descent. Credit Markets have Melted Overnight. Derivatives are a $1 Quadrillion “Ticking Time Bomb”.

The Budget Crisis, Treasury Bonds and the US Dollar: Breakdown of the Global Economic, Financial and Monetary System …. Excerpt.

“Credit” is what our entire system is based upon. It has become the basis for all paper wealth and the lubricant for all real economic activity. Should credit collapse (it will), everything we have come to believe in (been fooled by) will change. Credit has come to be viewed as “wealth”, it is considered an “asset”… with just one problem, it is neither! Credit is only an asset and can be considered wealth as long as the borrower “can pay”.

And herein lies the rub, Greece cannot pay which means the holders of Greek debt (along with issuers of CDS) cannot pay and so on. It is not just Greece of course, it is the entire Western world, it just happens that Greece is first because they lied the most with the help of Goldman Sachs and other “benefactors”.

Read the IMF press briefing below assessing the Greece question (2).

Moving ahead, after the drama with our condolences to the families who lost their loves ones and compassion for those injured. So far « The death toll in Tuesday night’s Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia has risen to eight, and all 243 people that investigators believe were on the train have now been accounted for, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter told reporters Thursday afternoon » (CNN).

« Former Gov. Jeb Bush on Thursday clarified — again — his position on the Iraq War, saying, « Knowing what we know now … I would not have gone into Iraq. »

The comments marked the fifth time this week that the prospective 2016 presidential candidate sought to explain his position on the war, which was launched during the presidency of his brother, George W. Bush » (CNN).

 (2) In its traditional IMF Press Briefing, Greece has dominated the discussion. Burundi, Ukraine and the BRICS Bank were also at issue.

Transcript of a Press Briefing by Gerry Rice, Director, Communications Department, International Monetary Fund

Washington, D.C.
Thursday, May 14, 2015

MR. RICE: Good morning, everyone, and welcome to this Regular Press Briefing on behalf of the International Monetary Fund. I am Gerry Rice of the Communication Department.


QUESTIONER: Good morning. Just first on the Greek program credibility, that includes the debt, correct, the debt burden has to be sustainable and also credible by the IMF, does it not?

And secondly, since the IMF has outlined the preparations that the Fund is helping some countries take in the event of a Greek default, can you outline what the contingency planning that the IMF is making for Greece for default?

MR. RICE: As I said before, we do various scenarios for various countries. We don’t disclose the details of that information for obvious reasons. On your question about the debt, well, you’re right. Of course, it’s a big part of the credibility and that’s why we have the Debt Sustainability Analysis (DSA) updated on a regular basis, and we will be doing so in the course of this review as it continues.

QUESTIONER: Gerry, can you just take one more on Greece?

MR. RICE: Okay. QUESTIONER: Thank you. I have two questions. First of all, will Madam Lagarde be meeting with Mr. Draghi today and can you give us a sense of what they’ll be discussing?

Secondly, do you have any update on Greece’s liquidity situation? Obviously, they did some interesting maneuvering to make the last IMF payment. What is your sense of their liquidity situation and their ability to make the next payment?

MR. RICE: We still don’t have like the last time, the granularity on the liquidity situation in Greece. On the Managing Director meeting with Mario Draghi today, she certainly will because he’s coming to, as I mentioned, give this lecture. And, of course, they’ll have many interactions in the course of the day. And I don’t know what they will talk about. I would imagine that they will discuss developments in Europe, including Greece. But you’ll see him here for yourselves very shortly.

QUESTIONER: Thank you, Gerry. I actually have a follow-up on Greece also. QUESTIONER: No, no, it’s not a first. I sometimes veer off my usual path. We were discussing with my colleagues here before the briefing that Greece has been offered a membership in this BRICs Bank and I wanted to ask you whether it sounds to you as a good idea for them to sort of — it looks like they’re looking for additional arrangements that maybe used in the current situation and, again, diluting. Does that look like that to you? What would you like to say about this.

 Visit The IMF website for the whole topic.


Here are the latest reverberations.

A King is dead.

« Riley B. King, the legendary guitarist known as B.B. King, whose velvety voice and staccato picking style brought blues from the margins to the mainstream, died Thursday night, his daughter said.

He was 89.

King was admitted to a Las Vegas hospital this month after suffering from dehydration, his daughter, Patty King said » (CNN).

From one slope to another

« A U.S. military helicopter missing in Nepal since Tuesday has been found on the steep slopes of a mountain east of Kathmandu, a top Nepali army officer said. A Nepali army helicopter spotted it at an altitude of 11,200 feet » .

Minister: 3 bodies found with wreckage of missing U.S. helicopter in Nepal. (CNN)

Burundi’s descent into chaos.

« Burundian authorities arrested the military generals behind an attempted coup, including its leader, a government spokesman said » (CNN).

This coup was stupid. Coups are behind us and on the right side of History.

Adventurism in Politics, an african speciality, illness and particularity. And some civilian activists are asking more of that. Crazy Burundese civil society. What are they going to do with the Humanitarian crisis and more poverty and instability not only in Burundi but in the neighboring countries impacted by those irresponsible « leaders » looking at their own interests : the Benghazi rebels foolish model.

African people should focus on transparent and clear elections not on the number of mandates which, in the case of an emerging Africa could strip great men – a rare species in Africa – for adventurers in politics. Earlier stages of the creation of nations requires visionaries and long-sitting leadership. Quote from our previous post.

Acceleration of time for the TPP ?

In respect to Democracy, here is a warning by Monique Teal of the Daily Kos. I will let you decide what to do.

« Elise, the Senate just voted 65-33 to fast track the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). This is incredibly disappointing, but the fight against TPP is still on in the House of Representatives.

Currently, there are not enough Republican votes to pass fast track, but House Democrats are feeling the pressure from the White House to make up the difference.

Whether we win or lose on fast track now hinges on how many members of the House stand up for working people and say “no” to a secret corporate trade deal that you and I are not allowed to read.

Please take a few minutes to call your member of the House of Representatives today at the number below, and leave the following message:

Unfortunately we could not identify your legislators.

“I am one of your constituents. I am urging you to stand up for working people and say NO to a secret corporate trade deal that will ship jobs overseas and endanger our environment. Please vote NO on fast-track approval for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement.”

This vote will come down to the wire. Members of the House are under a lot of pressure from the White House to support this secret trade deal. We must remind them that they work for us, and must reject fast track ».

I respect Monique’s statement and I understand the challenge. Not to mention that I’m cheering her calling back.

FAST-TRACKING THE TPP –  I would rather agree with the Senate vote, regarding the latest Amtrak breakdown, probably due to delays and  backwardness. Hopeffuly, there will be no derailment with the acceleration of the TPP speed. Let’s go for a try, if the House is OK. If  we don’t try, how do we know, it works ? 

Here is where we are going to park the Amtrak. 

Untill Monday. Happy Mother’s Day for mums of the World and time for prayers for the Amtrak victims.