War in Syria. Ankara/Moscow’s kung-fu fighting.

Round 1. Ankara has shot a Russian helicopter on mission over Syria down, without warning.

Round 2. Responding to Russian eyebrows, Ankara insisted the pilot has been warned  three times and never complied to the order.

Round 3. Russia retaliates by issuing sanctions. Russia to Suspend Visa-free Travel Regime with Turkey from 2016. Sofia News

Round 4. Putin has Ordered Complete Destruction Of Turkish President, Family And Government. (Total Collapse)


According to this MoD report, and as we had previously reported on, the deliberate ambushing and shoot down of this Su-24M was “directed/organized” by rogue elements operating within the Turkish government and United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who were “partners/collaborators” in an oil-for-weapons scheme involving Islamic State terrorists operating in Syria run by Turkey’s President Erdogan’s son Bilal Erdogan.

Bilal Erdogan, this report continues, is the silent mastermind who has been responsible for converting millions of barrels of Syrian oil controlled by Islamic State terrorists into hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue in a scheme so vast that President Putin described it as a “living oil pipeline” comprised of “vehicles, carrying oil, lined up in a chain going beyond the horizon”.

“Going beyond the horizon”. I like that phraseology. Absolutely superb. Naturally this is not a sign of condemnation from me ; it is just that this « going beyond the horizon » is pure metal. The sounding and the picture are wonderful  to my ears and eyes. Close your eyes and imagine the scene, try to visualise the horizon being surpassed and imagine the silence and the flow of the vehicles realistically  translated into a « living oil pipeline » ; this is amazingly reported. « Beyond the horizon » is beyond understanding or may be comprehension. Formidable.

Round 5. Turkey’s Erdogan ‘Ready to Stand Down’ If IS Oil Trade Claims Are Proven. Sofia News.

Round 6. What is next ?

Turkish President’s Son Who Raped And Murdered American And British Reporters Becomes Fugitive ?

According to this report, the SVR was authorized this past week to open an international criminal investigation of Bilal Erdogan, the son of Turkey’s President, after an agreement was made between President Putin and French President Francois Hollande to target the Erdogan criminal cartel after the shooting down of an Aerospace Forces bomber aircraft over Syria that Syrian Information Minister, Omran al-Zoubi, stated was revenge for Russia’s destruction of the Islamic State-Turkey oil smuggling business that has earned these criminals nearly one billion dollars.

App5c Zoran


Ankara vs Daesch. Huge Explosion Rocks Istanbul Metro Station.

Plus the unavoidable. You didn’t ask for, but you will get it twice than once. The new code of Justice : the thief and the Justice are the same person. The previous day, he was the thief of land and the day after you find him at Moscow to ask for a permission to walk with Justice Russia. Where have I seen this before ? Give me a break and I’ll come back to tell you more.

Putin oh la la ! President Putin is unchained.

No more George Sorros’ NGOs in Russia for so-called education grants behind colored revolutions in the region : the yellow Ukrainian and the Rosy Georgian.

The business of foundations and Charity are of the same ilk : the thieves and  the Judges are the same people. The thief needs Humanitarian globe-trotters as a blanket for exclusive and covert businesses. Don’t be fooled by some mysterious donations, all of the sudden (1), the moment those so-called charity businesses and philanthropy alike are being dismantled for what they are : double agents for State’s espionnage. Period. The rest is false propaganda and blatant lies.

At last, we are opening our eyes to see the reality behind the curtains, piles of money and the exibitions of good wills through multiple screens and channels.

Hopefully Africa will open its eyes too and get realistic and pragmatic to spot those post-colonialism and post-Imperialism tools.


Burkina Faso has elected a new president.

Hopefully this new president will change this Nation for the Best, as promised.

So far, politicians are the best, when it comes to promising the Moon to the people… Before elections.

After the elections, you got another story. The consensuel tune is replaced by silence and indifference if not contempt.

We give this president the benefit of the doubt. So good luck, Mr. President Roch Marc Kabore.

What about Central Africa ?


What about post-Lybia, Syria and Terrorism conceptors ?

« The European Commission has adopted a set of measures to scale up the common response to terrorism and the illegal trafficking of firearms and explosives in the wake of November 13 Paris attacks ».

⇒ EU Commission Acts to Step up Fight against Terrorism (Sofia news)

Where the International Community got it wrong ?

Algerian Foreign Minister, Ramtane Lamamra, has delivered the unsurpassable Truth : qu’«une intervention militaire étrangère peut devenir une partie du problème et non une partie de la solution».

Military Intervention can be part of the problem and is not at all part of the solution as testified by the nightmare of Lybia. While Benghazi’s boys were dancing with Western guns, they failed to see the real target behind Lybia was Assad and the grabbing of the Golan Heights, already occupied partly.

Until Israel is back to its 1967 frontiers and conceed to handover the stolen land, going unpunished by the ICC and the international community siding at the UN, peace in the region is going to be an impossible task.

Yes History is full of examples of lands grabbing and mass killings of the people living there. This is a cultural pattern : land grabbing Israel didn’t invent. Before Israel, America, Australia and south Africa are noticeable examples of definitive expropriation of the original people. Israel is following in their footsteps. After all, the ICC is there, as another tool of Imperialism and colonialism to  jail African Leaders not other leaders from aggressive nations killing and displacing people by the millions.

International Justice and Peace ? When will the veto-right end ? Impossible to answer, as it is inconceivable.

Excerpt from El Watan.

Les risques d’une intervention militaire

Quatre ans après le renversement de Mouammar El Gueddafi, les pays du Maghreb et du Sahel en veulent d’ailleurs beaucoup encore aux Occidentaux. Ils considèrent que le chaos généralisé actuel aurait pu être évité si la situation avait été gérée autrement. Autrement dit, la Libye n’aurait pas été ce qu’elle est aujourd’hui si la communauté internationale avait laissé l’Union africaine régler la crise pacifiquement, comme elle avait proposé de le faire. Et El Gueddafi n’y était pas opposé.

C’est l’idée, en tout cas, que le ministre algérien des Affaires étrangères, Ramtane Lamamra, a défendue hier dans un entretien accordé au journal britannique The Independent. Il a soutenu que «l’intervention militaire étrangère en Libye a empêché les Libyens d’aller vers une transition pacifique». M. Lamamra considère, en outre, qu’«une intervention militaire étrangère peut devenir une partie du problème et non une partie de la solution».

Celle-ci, a-t-il affirmé, «augmente la probabilité d’activité terroriste et de déstabilisation dans les pays qui sont opposés à une telle démarche».


Affaire de l’avion militaire abattu en Turquie – Les mesures de rétorsion contre les Turcs se multiplient en Russie.

« Ouvriers turcs expulsés, hommes d’affaires interpellés, centre culturel fermé : une semaine après le crash d’un bombardier russe abattu par l’aviation turque, provoquant une grave crise diplomatique entre Moscou et Ankara, la communauté turque de Russie commence à ressentir les effets de la colère de Moscou ».


(1) Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg’s Donation to Charity a Ploy to Dominate Politics. Total Collapse and Zero Edge.

« There you go. As many expected, it appears this move is less about charity, and more about ensuring that Zuckerberg, the oligarch, is able to frame U.S. government policy in any way that he, and his billions, so desire ».

It appears Zuckerberg has carefully studied the Warren Buffet playbook

Tax dodging, the extra profitable game and gambling. Follow up this link over the 10 Corporate Tax Dodgers You Should Know About. recalled by Credo’s call not to use private debt collectors to collect delinquent taxes.

Plus, UK Launches First Syria Air Strikes.