« Anyone who begins a war in the Middle East will never end it”. An Iranian Member of Parliament.

The parliamentary is a Jew, born and living freely and peacefully in Teheran. You may have thought it impossible, in accordance to the noise around the “denial” of Holocaust blamed on president Ahmadinejad along with his provocative prophecy announcing to “wipe Israel off the map of the World”. Two decrees that provoked the outcry of all the journalists and politicians in the “international community’s” side of the World.

What ? Wiping Israel from the map ? The only arm capable of this announced Holocaust 2 is the Nuclear weapon. That is why the “international community” has been hunting Iran to dismantle any ongoing nuclear project, if any. Because, they could not go to attack Iran so diligently, like they may have done in Syria, they started with round of sanctions getting tougher and tougher. Israel, a nation which misses no opportunity to replay the Holocaust’s victimisation role – the one they excel upon – kept on pushing hard the back of its American allies. Any time Israel’s estimation was the “international community” was slowing the momentum, the Jewish State would increase the hardship of sanctions on Iran. Times over times, Israel would threaten to go it alone and bomb Teheran.

How disruptive was the Jew Iranian Member of Parlement speaking at Fareed Zakaria this Sunday ! Listening the ugly mediatic and political campaign against president Ahmadinejad, wrongly portrayed as an anti zionist, it seems pretty certainty to everybody Iran was a country where freedoms were in danger and Jews people living a hell. Absolutely wrong. The Iranian parliamentary said he and his fellows Jews are totally free to worship, to put their students in schools of their choice : 5 Jews schools are available in Iran. They can choose to put their children there or in public school ; they are not discriminated. Their life is better today than yesterday, because, the president considered their demands.

Whenever they were dissatisfied with the president in the past, they would reach out to him to expressed their disagreements. At the same time, the Jew parliamentary was explicit in acknowledging they don’t systematically agree with Israel conducts and behavior. Mr…. recalled a word of the Tora “love your brother and sister as yourself”.

He further mention He was a volunteer during the 10 years’ Iraq-Iran war to defend his country, Iran. If his country faces another situation of war, he would volunteer again. Unless you have listen it, you could not believe that, as the contrast with endless comments was blinding. I invite any of you to go to CNN, Fareed Zakaria to listen the untold story. One of the many silenced ones.

Now, let’s deal with Ahmadinejad two decrees over Israel.

First of all, the so called denial of the Holocaust.  Ahmadinejad didn’t frontally deny the Holocaust. What he pushed forward – I remembered following an Interview of him at CNN with a retired CNN star, Larry King – president Ahmadinejad was questioning the fact that Holocaust is not subjected to a scientific study or overview to confirm its assertion of 6 million Jews killed. Because it was unable to let any study to go into this, as it is the case for other historical facts, it looks like the same fatwa over the Holocaust itself adds suspicious under the same axis : fact checking under university’s protocol for instance. No more no less.

Just because anybody who is asking for fact checks over Holocaust is stamped “revisionist” and antizionist – as media and other elites have always entertained us – was enough to denounce the kind of blackmail and censorship exerted to threaten people instead of encouraging transparency over that criminal part of Human History.

Then you have that second Ahmadinejad, my favorite ‘wipe off Israel of the Map”. Former Iranian president explained it very spiritually. He said the “Soviet Union was a reality, where is it now ? Apartheid was a fact. Where is now ? “. One you translate Ahmadinejad’s enigmatic face, smile and language, and attitude superficially, you may ask yourself “is he announcing the Apocalypse for Israel” ? And if you do, it is exactly the wrong way his smile wants you to go into and he would smile at your lost trajectory and misinterpretation. It is kind of game.  Who is to blame ? The quick and easy comments and commentators. Not Ahmadinejad.

You know the saying : when you point a finger to the Moon, the idiot looks at your finger instead of looking at the sky.

What Iranian president was always pointing at is the spirit of Israel and the values Israel has set and imposed to the World. Partial argumentation, blackmail, corrupt rationale along with threats, savage capitalism coming with recolonisations, cheatings … in fact, the World today is led by those values Israel has contributed to implement and strengthen either throught banksters without any moral code of conduct or through politicians lobbying captured in the nets : over victimization leading to over protection and extreme censorship towards Holocaust. The paradigm has been imposed upon journalists ; some of them, the zelots just embrace the scheme and here we are : the only people of the World that have suffered any Historical nightmare is Jews. Their woes recovered all the others, as they have managed to buy politicians, medias, banks, journalists, edition outlets and so forth, nearly everywhere decision are making to rule the World.

That is exactly what should be wiped off the World, as this is the tomb of poverty ; the credo of Evil. Look how over-protecting Israel has led to tolerate the intolerable Palestinian condition under Israel law of fire.

Look also the fake war in Iraq, the Iraq-Iran 10 years fight, the derailment of the Arab Spring with US supporting religious groups and jihadists to topple secular regimes. Saddam’s regime was a secular regime. Syria provides us with another case Israel is pushing hard to topple. Israel has vowed Iran can not be allowed to have a nuclear weapon. If PM Nentayahu was mindful, he would admitted his nation have got the nuclear bomb before adding he has the right to possess and hide the fact. America will keep silence over that disturbing truth, just as a dog.

This is what Ahmadinejad has asked to wipe off the map. The spirit of lying, cheating, corrupting every think, manipulating the data, false and baseless accusations, …

Israel is communicating over the arrest of an Iranian spy on its soil. Israel the master-in-chief of Spying in the World, associated with America, could not forget how they have killed an Iranian scientific in Teheran, blown up in his car. An Israelite Spy did the job, in the sake of halting Iranian nuclear enrichment – if any – programme.  The two standards of the USA, when it comes to Israel on one hand and to the other nations of the Middle East, on the other, go without saying.  In the meantime, official versions of the fact remains at the headlines of some medias as incontrovertible proofs, times after the real version is known. Look Syria. Global Research has brought a striking proof the videos provided by the rebels in connection with the August 21st attacked was fake. No one single mainstream media has corrected the assertion. Journalism today is the voice of Superpowers. Few check the facts. Lazy journalism is tendency. So is lazy music.

Now, to make your voice heard, you should throw all your clothes off, pimp your bust and pump your booty and walk in bikini to make the music flow not through ears, but through eyes. And from then, you know the rest of the story… Since Lady gaga told us that when she started moving her clothes in a bar where she was singing for a while in total indifference, she started drawing men attention to her body, then to her voice. From that moment, she knew exactly what to do next. Staging nude and going anorexic. The more you are into, the greater artist you are and money flew high in the air before falling into your pockets.

About manipulating the audiences, read also. Fight the Enemies of Truth by Global Research.


Iraq. From one dictator to another

Before I listen the parliamentary at Global Square (CNN), I was about to write something about a documentary aired by Canal plus (France), two days ago, over the Iraqi war –Inside the decision-making to Obama ending war. What was achieved in Iraq is this : replacing one dictator Saddam Hussein by another (Al Maliki). Many criticism voiced against Saddam can be addressed to Al Maliki.

Take Nepotism. Saddam governing with his sons. Al Maliki is doing the same. Think also about how dynasties are built up in America.

Take the brutality vis-a-vis the Opposition, more of the same.

Some members are taking the road of exile after falling into disgrace due to false accusations mounted by the System in order to force them out of the country.

The government is sectarian. Al Maliki is not a power sharer.

The Canal plus documentary brings us inside the making of a war under distorted facts and data manipulated reporting from a member of the CIA. We learnt that, before the Iraqi invasion, there was no one single member of al Qaeda in Iraq. Days after the invasion, al Qaeda militants began operations and they got bigger and bigger, with arms and heavy weapons available everywhere.

Witnessing how Iraq has gone from there to a place of daily bombings, we take the assertion of the Jewish Iranian Parliamentary as absolutely inspired. “Anyone who begins a war…’. (see the title)

The war in Iraq has cost 170 000 lifes. All those for nothing. Syria must not be the next in that blind foreign policy where the president of the USA can decide unilaterally to give 48 hours to Saddam and his sons to live Iraq, their homeland, for exile without any sensible reason, then bomb Iraq, invade it without any clear roadmap for a peaceful and successful transition, and, in the face of that chaotic scenario, set in urgency a Governor of the colony who set himself Calife replacing the former Calife, Saddam. That ignorant Governor has worsened things. Consequently, the situation in Iraq slept out of control. Militias grew up quickly. Where national unity was expected, divisions between communities and inside them deepened and, in the middle, Al Qaeda fighters reemerged from the rubbles of Saddam.

Since 2003, Iraq is far from having recovered its unity. It’s a real desolation and failure.

No one should be allowed to wage that kind of power of nuisance.


The World today.

US. Shutdown.

Political games are staging inside the US Congress between the Republicans, partisans of a shutdown and democrats. In the middle, the president and his veto right. The Mikey Mouse movie is well oiled now. Shutdown or not, this is not the Apocalypse. Tomorrow will tell. What is for sure is at the last minute, there will be a compromise. No panic.

Kenya. Some critical news.

  1. The government has been informed earlier by Kenyan intelligence of an imminent attack of the Mall.
  2. The response of Kenyan securities forces may have been chaotic and added to casualties
  3. The attackers of the mall rent a shop one year ago ; they had time to organize and to inflict the maximum damages. So they did
  4. Somalian president told Fareed Zakaria, young desperate men was the bulk of al Shabaat fighters.


Nigeria. Another voiceless atrocity. Boko Haram Islamists are in plain confusion: killing students is a curse that undermines any fight, even for better redistribution of oil revenues to Nigerian people. Nigeria is getting closer and closer to the Sudanese scenario. At a certain stage, the muslim and Christian communities would have to sit down to examine whether they want to live separately or not.

Centrafrique. The silent civil war nobody is talking about.

I’m Elise Mbock.