Are Ukrainians out there only for gay marriage ? Crazy in gay love, Germans ?

Picture. My book over immigrants in France and Schengen.Swimming inside a nightmarish pool full of can of worms.

 For days now, Ukrainians have taken to the streets to disapprove the president’s choice to join with Russian federation, retracting Ukrainia from its first move towards the EU. Many of them seem to insist on Human Rights. At first sight, it seems plausible. A close look is rendering another picture ; not that tasty.

It may well be to prevent Ukraine to fall inside Russian-anti-gay marriage -nation-and-propaganda targetting children the point of blockade. My Godness. All this for only that : gay marriage !

Democracy has never meant uniformity. The World needs diversity. Life is diversity and freedom is not dictatorship. Western democracies are turning the whole thing around : they want the World to adopt by strenght or malice, their behaviour, their values, their sexuality, their way of life, their technology, their language, their speeches … everything. Whoever doesn’t comply with their rule is sent to Hell.

The pro-jews-gay-lobbying is imposing its poisonous tentacula over the World.

Look, Germany president is out there to weigh in, recalling only 5 days ago that Russia was not a nation of Human Rights. That is why he is going to boycott Sotchi’s winter games. Crazy in gay love, Germans ? This boycott’s calling moment is behind us. We evaluated it and found the move counterproductive and injust for the athlets who have prepared for  their jobs and passion. No confusion between politics and sports, OK, was the final conclusion.

This is a closed debate, since Snowden showdown opposing America to Russia.

Germany president should say outright that he is supporting the Ukrainian Opposition in their attempt to push Ukrainia in a pro-gay-marriage-swimming pool. He is helping the EU to come up to Ukrainians’ minds as the place to be. Why not go unveiled ?

Human Rights are no longer in jeopardy in Russia. Should this be the case, no Snowden would have found any asylum over there. We may be opposed to each other or disagree but refrain from unverifiable accusations or diffamations.

In Ukraine, there is a division inside the nation between those in favor of the EU and the other side favoring Russia. The country is not coming as one. People asking to join with the EU are massively out. The other part is silent. What if this is the silent majority ? We still don’t know the balances of strenght. We are confident they will find the better way out.

One way is mentionned here. But they can make a different choice. Naturally. Nevertheless, if all this comes down to gay marriage, what a pity !

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