« As you go, we go » : Jeff Weaver, Bernie 2016.

Bernie Sanders for President

« But [Bernie Sanders] is still out raising us by large margins, and if that continues, we could see more results like we saw in Michigan last night. » – Hillary Clinton’s message to the donors who finance the majority of her campaign

Sisters and Brothers –

Here’s the truth: one of the reasons we are doing so well in this campaign is because Bernie supporters – like you – are stepping up every day, in unprecedented and historic numbers.

So Hillary Clinton’s message to her donors is right: if you contribute this week, before the five very important primaries next Tuesday, we’re going to see more victories like the one in Michigan earlier this week … and we’re going to win this nomination.

As you go, we go.

Make a $3 contribution to our campaign and we’re going to keep winning elections, the Democratic primary, and the White House, and take our country back from the billionaire class.

We are moving up in the polls in the March 15th states, but we still have more ground to cover. Yet what we have proven time and time again is that our campaign finishes strong and wins. But that will only happen if supporters like you keep stepping up. That’s why your contribution is so important.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016


Vote with your heart and reason, not with the polls which are biaised.

See this clear latest example full of reverse facts in the Atlantic and the Obama Doctrine.

First of all, you may easily spot all the copycat of this.

Number one. The choice of Atlantic and it could only have been them. Remember my Transatlantic travelling which is scaring everybody, beyond everything. So the spying business have increased terribly. Now it is my car which is vandalized and carrying mic  and may be cameras, after my apartment totally occupied by the rats and worms to follow me night and day, the way News of the World used to do and was rightly condemned for in GB (under Cameron One) for extreme worming.

Why my car ?Just in case, I will be talking about something looking like a book with an editor inside my car. So they set the clock for me, to show me they were in. It cames after the text of « small balls ». And if you was questioning the characterization, here you are.

So small balls went in the car to set their stench in my car. But, I suppose they were looking for a perfumed soap to clean themselves from cursed dirtiness.

So, first the Atlantic.

Second, the Obama Doctrine, the same title as the Clinton Doctrine. Are you surprised by the plagiarism and mediocrity out there. Some people are journalism, solely by looking something around to copy and try to sell shits out of it.

Of course, why Obama Doctrine to overwrite the Clinton Doctrine ? Asking the question equates to  answering it : the band are acting collectively to manipulate the information.

That is why, Nicolas Sarkozy is totally incriminated, whereas we all know that, without America stepping in, to take a revenge on the Lockerbie crash, may be Kaddafi would still be alive in the ICC. But, the whole thing is out there to help Hillary not to sink right away, Next Tuesday, after Michigan big show.

That is what, actually, you can see polls announcing Hillary will beat Trump, in a standoff. They have already declared the winner of democratic primaries and the winner of the presidential election.

As usual, a black man is at reach to do the job for the white corrupt people, along with the so-called medias. Look, the day after the « small balls » text, Robert Murdoch was everywhere wedding anew. Come on ! A man of 84 years with balls ? Which ones ? I’m talking about mother nature. This is first manipulation. It was a very bad example. Not convincing at all.

A 84 years man married with a  woman 30 years of age difference should be wise enough to know that it is not about love, but money, money, money. Simple. I know the story. My late father did it. In the end, he admits this was a huge mistake.

Now, Who is Mr. Murdoch ? The man who set tracking people in their privacy to the point of getting them mad and breaking political careers, personal, familial life and marriages using detectives as journalists to spy and harass high profile leaders  and to bring them down, based not on their professional faults but personal. Ultimately disgusting, when you know that nobody is entering those rats’ personal lives, families, apartments, homes or cars.

Blackmail, Scotland Yard plain corruption, tracking, systematical and systemic violations of privacy, including phone hacking, emails, everything possible, including children of those  people tracked illegally and blackmailed in order to get everything possible from them. Call it submission by Evil on Earth.

This was the guy on promotion by the mediatic World of manipulations of all sorts.

Not surprising, Clinton has already judged her case –  no justice – she is claiming there would be no indictment. How does she know ? She is the accusee and Justice. And you want a Justice at the Supreme court for life, named by her friends in lies and justice denial ? Come on. Stand against the mafia-style ruling.

Now, Sarkozy is going to pay to save Hillary, her former friend. With friends like these, you need no enemies. You know what Sarkozy can win the next presidential election in France and people like me are supporting his candidacy. Naturally, the entire corrupt mediatic class, under Wallstreeters owners, fighting me and tracking me day and night, as worms, are organizing to lie to you. Don’t buy this cash. Watch out.

Why me ?

I’ve not been given the authorisation of public existence by  their gatekeepers. And, just because of that, I’m a scandal to their eyes and an insult to their system.

By the way, what is important by now is not  the past. We know everything about its uglyness and stench. We are looking forward to write a new page of American History. A clean one, not the constant fraud American has become, due to the betrayal of its high profile leaders – under the evil influence -which has  been elected  or appointing  them for so long.

Did you see how the same distortion is trying to pull Mr. Trump down. They are discovering only now that a model, of course a black one – again – was treated as a slave inside Trump’s model agency. Come on ! Nearly all the models are sex- or drugs slaves.

Those skeletons – morbid – made women are not free. They are clones obeying. The latest example speaks for itself: it concerns the worms you have seen naked on the web, the wife of another black – again – man. Bankruptcy.

That a woman aged  55, can create such a panic among the 20-35 years is extraordinary. Watch how, technology was  created to protect us. It has been diverted into self-interests, tracking and attacking the people and our democracy and freedoms.

And reversing the truth. May be Clinton didn’t ask for this, but this is how the degenerated System and World we have been living in works. Many careers have been built on and by This Horror.

« BENGHAZI HORROR IS THE BABY OF THE CLINTON’S DOCTRINE ». Rep. Peter Roskam in the Benghazi hearing.

The latest comedy in France inside the socialist party is looking much more like an african congolese or cameroonian pre-election theater. The First Secretary of this french socialist party is calling socialist members, either to mount a movement in support to Hollande’s candidacy – if they want him to candidate anew – or a movement against his candidacy. Real despair, when men and women can not forfeit power, but instead are hanging on it, unable to serve without cligging on to power, at all costs, including shame, lies, corruption, threats, destructions and violations of people’s properties and belongings or relationships and families.


Obama hits out at Cameron, Sarkozy over Libya intervention.

Power wears out !

We need to know only one thing. Who was behind the no-fly-zone ? Cameron and Sarkozy and the nations that voted for this including Russia of Medvedev who regretted his foolishness and stupidity. He wasn’t expecting a middle-age croisade to go on in Lybia, the next day.

Yes, France was the first damned country to bomb Lybia. Then the UK followed. And because of the  heroic resistance/resilience opposed by the Lybian people and its leadership, the US has to weigh in to avoid a big shame for its european allies, should Gaddafi’s regime survived the shocking and hidden campaign.

We are now aware of the so-called international community tactics consisting in creating, training and equipping a fake opposition militarily- which ends fatally into terrorists to match their mission and what the IC brought them up for – to reclaim a humanitarian intervention, when the standoff between this IC fabricated opposition and the leaders leaders gets fierce.

At this stage, the United Nations convenes an emergency meeting to vote an ingerence and an intervention. Lybia and Syria have underwent to same surgery by the IC.

In Benghazi, the UK and Italia, at least the entire NATO’s members other than France and the US agree to get out of the coalition. The question is who have ordered and gunned the Lybian president, after the no-fly-zone legal period of time expiration ? From 3 months initially voted, three other months were required, under troublesome circumstances. This was the starting point of Lybian slippery slope nobody is ready to take responsibility for the nightmare. UK was there at the launching of the process, walking side by side with Nicolas Sarkozy. But, who ended the whole movie is ultimately the one who should have taken care of Lybian future and transition for a « better shot ».

The truth story of the no-fly-zone remains to be told, from the establishment perspective to confront it with the expertise. So is the Iraqi’s and the Syrian and the Arab Spring. We are eagerly waiting for Obama State’s memoirs. This will be a Great moment.

Post-mortem democratic times. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Rubio are Israeli agenda hidden runners. Blumenthal = Israel.



Ben Carson is endorsing Mr. Trump. Yeah !


Bernie Sanders for President


I think it’s very important that you read what The Washington Post wrote yesterday about Hillary Clinton’s distortions:

« But it’s striking that, as Clinton has doubled down on the attacks, she has with some regularity played pretty fast and loose with the facts.

« She’ll take a vote Sanders has made during his 25 years in Congress and gloss over most, if not all, of the details about it. The result is a carefully worded insinuation or even outright accusation that Sanders has voted against his base on everything from immigration to the auto bailout to fossil fuels. »

All this week in the press and Wednesday night on the debate stage, Bernie has had to defend himself against mud-slinging and distortions about his record and our campaign. That doesn’t even count the super PACs funded by Wall Street and a billionaire class determined to see us lose.

Bernie’s running a positive campaign. He doesn’t have a super PAC. We are only doing so well because our supporters have contributed more than 5 million times to help Bernie win.

So I need to ask you directly one more time: please make a $3 contribution to our campaign now to help Bernie defend against our opponent’s attacks.

Five big states will vote on Tuesday – Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, and Ohio. We’re doing everything we can to correct the record about the attacks on Bernie and turn out the millions of voters we need to win.

Your contribution will be so important for Bernie doing well on Tuesday. We’ll put it to use immediately to talk to voters in every state. This is how we’ll win.

Rush your $3 contribution to Bernie now.

Thank you for being a part of this.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016


Bernie Sanders Said Something We Weren’t Ready to Hear Last Night : Monroe Doctrine was an excuse for land-grabbing. Yeah !

Vénézuela is ok with the analysis.Yeah !

 Now, we have to beg for the Tech Industry to do something nice to us. Crazy ! Who is responsible for the respect of the Constitution bill of rights ? The president begging at Austin or the criminal and morbid  tech monopoly, gansta rimes comprising the gang of commercials, detectives, paparrazzis, fashion universe, streets and malls’ cams, sattelites and intelligence service combined – not to forget their retailers : medias and gov offices? Crazy, this state of World were the commercials are above the law and politics. Crazy.

This is what happens precisely with the acceptance of those big companies « too-big-to-fail » money during the campaign trail. In office, those candidates end up as the obligates of their campaign funders. No way to escape the fate and the pact.


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