Assad will stay alive as the Head of Syria in the years to come. No Head of State is qualified to ask for His departure.

Knowing what we know by now about how presidents of Western States, especially in the US  and in France are elected, through an INVISIBLE HAND or a HIDDEN PERSUADERS FABRIC leading the puppet industry of so-called democratic elections in the West side, it is shocking to hear those puppets standing to call Assad’s departure.

By the way, what is Hillary Clinton doing, if not clinging into power, like the once accused Saddam Hussein (Iraq) ; Kadhafi (Lybia), and today Merkel and African dictators lost (African dictators totalising more than 30 years into power) in recycling an odd ancient african tradition of selling its people as slaves to the Western masters. Lost into the inferiority neger complex washing the feet of their western puppets masters.

How does it look like being the carpet of the puppets, I don’t even know how to call those kinds of so-called leaders.

Democrats have agreed underground to bring Hillary Clinton, the master puppets (read our previous post) into power in America. They have already organised for that. At least, for her to be the nominee. I guess many candidates were threatened to death or blackmailed with some compromising videos, or sex tapes with some prostitutes recorded without them knowing about the trick.

Or something else…

As for today, I have a selection for you to catch on with the chess game.

1 – An Invisible US Hand Leading To War? Turkey’s Downing Of Russian Jet An Act Of Madness – OpEd – Turkey vassalisation is boundless.

Unless saner heads start prevailing in Washington, this could all quickly spiral into the kind of situation in 1914, where a lot of ill-conceived treaties led to a minor incident in the Balkans turning inexorably into World War I.

2 – President Obama: ‘Americans Will Not Be Terrorized’

3 – NATO Urges Restraint after Downing of Russian Warplane by Turkey

4 – And my favourite : Plagiarism, the new cancer and its metastasis nobody is ashamed from. Because of laziness and rabbit-holed culture.

« «L’absence de la crainte du déshonneur et de l’image qu’on reflète dans la société a conduit à de graves résultats. Le plagiat est devenu un cancer qu’il faut éradiquer avant qu’il ne métastase».

Who is going to do this business ? Nobody. Corruption is not only individual, it is cultural and it embraces the entire society from scientific research to industrial or tech spying. Not a single sector is spared by the metastasis. It is a plague. A sign of decay. Worldwide.

En 1998, l’université britannique de Berkeley a mis en place un système appelé Turnitin pour vérifier l’originalité des travaux de ses étudiants. Aujourd’hui, ce programme «trois fois plus vaste que Google», selon M. Qahwaji, est adopté dans 10 000 universités de 126 pays et est exploité par 80% des périodiques scientifiques certifiés. «Au-delà de sa fonction dissuasive, le système installé dans les universités a contribué à donner les bons réflexes aux étudiants et enseignants. En Angleterre, aujourd’hui, le plagiat est devenu presque invisible dans les universités.

Plagiarism is the Invisible Hand of grifters. Unfortunately, this group forms the Majority today. And because the presidents are under the same Invisible influence organisers, they are unable to implement Justice in order to sweep the dirt off.

Not surprising, the only nation where Morality, Law and Sense of Grandeur and Honorability are part of their culture is the United Kingdom. The rest of the World has turned vulgar, mean and sickening.

Once upon the time, there were paparazzis. Today, everybody has turned paparazzi and is operating alone or in bands. No Justice inside and outside. No law, no rule. Those nations are Big Jungles. The International law is no longer existing. Gangsterism (Kucinich) is everywhere and Western states and their affiliates are leading the game of destruction.

Isn’t it shameful ? It is said that « les premiers seront les derniers » and the « devil is in the details ». Those times have arrived and we are living in them. Sadness and poverty and again back to Sodome and Ghomorre.

Hell always preceeds The Renaissance.

Get more cultural stuff here to move forward in confidence.

Invisible hand.


This could mean creating alternative political parties, for instance or entering a new phase of public negotiation. That’s what I’ve been doing here, for those with no understanding telling you that I’m just talking with the lips. Nobody can buy education for them.

Public negotiation pays, have paid and is paying and working for a better citizenship and cooperation between nations… Unions have a great part to do, avoiding endless corporatist and selfishness quests.

Students have another great share into the fight.

And so forth….


Terrorism in Tunisia. A bus has been attacked. Members of the presidentiall guard were on board.