Authenticity, Evidence, Deschooling the society, choreographed medias responses, doctors’ standing, Philosophers attitudes….


Here we are, journalists are starting learning the writing, words and some comprehension of the World, social and economic challenges. We have levelled the ground of speech, culture and information. Eventhough, « shining through plagiarism and intellectual rapt is now the new normalcy ».

As a generous person and the Educator of those collective impersonal mass of what used to be parrots, with zero authenticity and personalisation – I’m proud and happy to see that everyone is coming here helplessly to find some smart language to repeat after me, as an evidence.

Nevertheless, it is not necessary to repeat the word evidence five to 10 times, unless you are making yourself a farcical evidence of what you are indeed : a plagiarist. Period.

So far, many of those specimen were officing, hiding behind the blind wall of that collective mediocrity, where everything belongs to everybody. In a sense, the nulls and zeros were comfortable with the foggy system of stooges and shadows as a shelter.

« Charleston. Expressions of sympathy (and joy) is not enough » speech text has saved too many of them, in that regard. They gained a more perfect vocabulary learnt from a foreigner. Normaly, it is the opposite : nationals teach the foreigners. This is Huge, you remember Huge.

Now, about authenticity, don’t try to copycat the style, you’ll never match it. It is above your reach. You born with it or not. You got it or not. You don’t buy it. Forget about that : it is about Breathing. When you are a big thief and manipulators, and only that, your respiration can never get you at a certain level. You don’t have the exceptional feeling needed for that. You can run an run again, it is a lost of time.

But I praise all of you for your will to try hard.

Read again.

>> Charleston. Expressions of sympathy (and joy) is not enough

>> And Shining through plagiarism and intellectual rapt : the new normalcy.

And that whole site of Evidences over the Evidence and Certitudes.

Go ahead buying « le clonage institutionnel » – just order it – if you have not managed to read it fraudulently in the dark market. Inside the book,  I’ve theorized how to deschoolarised the society. As a matter of fact, all those parrots writing stuffs here and there are the perfect products of immaturity from people still stuck into elementary scholar practices. Isn’t it Dear Watson ?

Bottom line : while looking the tonight Democrats’ Debate, try to be mature and men DSC_1058enough. Don’t do like French jewish book publishers acting in band to publish rubbish and after they fail to publish my book, their larbins dare stealing the contenu of my book to title their stuff. This is Hell those people brought upon us. Eventually your book ends up being published by some of a member of their gangs.

Oh, the old lady is so inspiring to gay non married creator

Just as I’ve finished writing this, I saw at Yahoo the picture of the so-call more sexy women wearing the style of the dress I got at Washington DC this winter, on January, on the 21st, the day I had that accident (picture above). This was after visiting the G. Washington monument. So, today, the criminals are out to assume their attempt of assassination that day.

Not so far than yesterday I challenged those people coming into my house and following me everywhere to look at anything I buy or my dressing, I challenged to show up as the thieves they are. So here is the result. Just watch the two pictures and make a mix of both of them. Paint it into black and white like the shirt I’m wearing on the first picture and you got the photocopy of those so-called big societies. Nulls and zeros I told you. Just good at following me like domestics.


I’m warning you, as the Doctor of Sciences of Communication and Information including sciences of languages (political, marketing, social…) arts (photography, cinema, theatre, …) and ethno-psychology, I’m going to correct your copies.


Start learning your lessons of writing and understanding not the TVs reality shows way, but the Substance and how this is challenging tomorrow. Point out the transformational factors. There after, we are going to add more sense and beauty, for we need both of them : poesie is magic. You got it or not. Impossible to suck it from anybody else.

I appreciate your allegiance. But don’t think one second of threatening somebody. It is another sign of weakeness. This is not how you learn something useful and worthy. Isn’t it hilarious?

> Presidential campaign 2016: US media ‘congenitally allergic’ to issues of substance.RT-Question more.

> Why I would rather bet on Bernie Sanders and Jeb Bush, if election were to take place today


>> South Africa threatens to withdraw from ICC, alleging anti-African. Al-Jazeera Via Google GPS. The US are not member of the ICC, just like Israel in not a member of the Atomic Agency. Think about it.

> We need more than talks about debating over guns control and we need more than polls, We need a vote on gun control.