Benghazi gateway. European migrants and the syndrome of Benghazi.


1 – Hillary Clinton Criminal Charges Coming On Eve Of New Hampshire Primary? – OpEd (EURASIANEWS).

2 – Eurozone policies. “Euro area policymakers have lived on one myth after another,” says Ashoka Mody, a former deputy director at the International Monetary Fund. “A process of groupthink coalesces around these myths: ‘We know it’s not going to work but we need to make it work and we need to seem supportive’ — and before you know it they start to believe it. And because there is no democratic accountability, they are free to make one error after another in terms of economic and political logic.” -Eurozone: The case against ‘cash for reform’ (FT).

3 – Bemol.  Unless you make no difference between a vicious circle and a vertuous, Structural Reforms are Key. Words mean something. Otherwise, they will become empty and insignificant. Any serious demonstration can prove the gains of structural reforms, unless the word Reform is considered mere decoration. By the way if you can measure the impact of ‘public trust to their leadership and way of governance’ on the economy, then you got one powerful element of cement in the building of a business friendly environment. How do you measure the positive effects of a boosted moral ? Everything inside economy is not economically-centered ; there is more inside Economy than Economy, for economy speaks about entire nations. It speaks about the World and Humanity.

For instance. ‘People’s dignity is worth more than illegal, illegitimate, odious and unsustainable debt’.

NY city is exposing this case like a flower deploying its petals to the sun.

Another example. Fights could resume in the Northern Mali: the peace deal signed at the beginning of the summer has brought no changes (reforms). For instance, Hospitals are not working in those regions under armed groups clashes and frequent terrorist’s attacks that injure people regularly. A singer is trapped somewhere without any medical care. Help ! (Read El Watan)

4 -Statement by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde on Greece

Press Release No. 15/381
August 14, 2015

Ms. Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), made the following statement today:

“The policy package specified in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) recently agreed between the Greek authorities and European institutions, with input from Fund staff, is a very important step forward. It not only reverses much of the policy backtracking that caused the previous program to run seriously off track, but puts in place wide-ranging policies to restore fiscal sustainability, financial sector stability, and a return to sustainable growth. I particularly welcome the authorities’ efforts to overcome the serious loss of confidence in recent months through strong upfront actions. Most of these actions have been fully specified in the MoU, and key measures including in the fiscal structural areas will be implemented as prior actions for the disbursement of the first European Stability Mechanism (ESM) tranche.

“In two areas that are of critical importance for Greece’s ability to return to a sustainable fiscal and growth path—the specification of remaining parametric fiscal measures, not least a sizeable package of pension reforms, needed to underpin the program’s still-ambitious medium-term primary surplus target and additional measures to decisively improve confidence in the banking sector—the government needs some more time to develop its program in more detail. This is understandable, and I am encouraged in this regard by the government’s commitment to work with its European partners and the Fund on completing these essential reforms in the coming months. With the detailed specification of these outstanding reforms, the recently agreed MoU will entail a very decisive and credible effort on the part of the Greek authorities to restore robust and sustainable economic growth.

“However, I remain firmly of the view that Greece’s debt has become unsustainable and that Greece cannot restore debt sustainability solely through actions on its own. Thus, it is equally critical for medium and long-term debt sustainability that Greece’s European partners make concrete commitments in the context of the first review of the ESM program to provide significant debt relief, well beyond what has been considered so far.

“In conclusion, I believe that the actions to be taken by the authorities by the time of the first review, in conjunction with the policies specified in the MoU, once they have been supplemented by the above-mentioned fiscal structural and financial sector reforms, as well as by significant debt relief, will provide the basis for a credible and comprehensive program to restore medium-term sustainability. We look forward to working closely with Greece and its European partners in the coming months to put in place all the elements needed for me to recommend to the Fund’s Executive Board to consider further financial support for Greece.”

5 – Greek PM, Alex Tsipras is resigning over gross misunderstanding with some MP’s inside his party  – who have seceeded from Syriza to create their own political party – and the Greek people who voted « no » to the referendum over whether or not to accept the EU set of constraints-deal. Elections are due to take place within a month.

6 – When will Big Oil companies state’s subsidies end ?

« Every year, BILLIONS of our tax dollars go to Big Oil companies. These are the same ones that pollute our air and harm our environment – even though they made $93 BILLION in profits in 2013 alone!

You and I shouldn’t be subsidizing one of the most profitable and negligent industries! » : Senator Bob Menendez (read below).

Click here to add your name: Tell Congress to stop unfair tax giveaways for Big Oil!


The Benghazi Syndrom. Each Lybian road leads to Roma

Lybia is a stoneage nation, dating 10,000 to 8,000 years before J-C. It was part of the block of antic nations along with Greece, Maghrebin nations, Kenya, Egypt and Palestine.

Lybian history is one of successive occupations, due to its geopolitical location.

First, the nation was occupied by Greece. Lybia was Greek in the antiquity.

Then, it was Roman. Its history with Italy began long long time ago.

Thereafter, the Land turned Byzantin, Arabic, Ottoman and Italian again until 1952 when the nation became independent. (Read Wikipedia).

This is to say Lybia is like a cat : this nation got 9 lives.

Benghazi is the last attempt of recolonisation. Apparently the attempt is a dramatic failure for the two parties : Benghazi’s once rebels, helped with the EU to bring Kadhafi down, are unable to build a functioning and credible state and to contain the new militias that have emerged overnight, just as the Benghazi’s boys did, during the Arab Spring.

The then ‘no-fly zone’ project is becoming clearer : the mediterraneen sea is the next focus. To be there, German industrials and financials have bought Greek’s ports as the advance frontier and position in the race to come. With the Suez Canal (Egypt), watch the next big move on sea, already initiated by the SPYING SHARK conceived by Israel to spy on Gaza. The Hamas has spotted one, off its coast’s.

The question is why are the EU’s citizens and leaders whining in the face of the consequences of their insane politics ?

Some commentators have preempted the questions arguing this is about morals, and nobody should lecture other people about morality. This is exactly the kind of rationale that hangs us on the cliff. Morality is about Justice. It is like an analysis as opposed to ideology. There is a barometer in sciences : when each honest ‘analyst’ can make an analysis and agree with the conclusions, then the analysis is valid. You can not cheat with this. For instance, those who have opposed the Iraqi war were correct. The disaster is there to see.

We are free to make our own choices, including to be gay. What is incorrect is to cheat on the procedures to reach one’s goal such as gay marriage – resorting to a hidden ‘configurations of cumulative power’ including lobby-paid lawmakers – read the Al Franken’s bill (2). Wherever this has been ruled in, in the conditions exposed in the previous post – read below  the ‘zionist configuration and agenda’ – the whole thing is immoral.

Gay marriage, Benghazi, Iraq, Gaddafi elimination, Ukraine coup, those are things we got to avoid repeating, in the future.

Frankly, Iran/US deal is doing just that. The challenge is simple. It is whether Americans are willing to reclaim their Greatness or not. Contrary to the past, the next story is a story of REPOSSESSION (OF ITS GRANDEUR or GREATNESS – READ THE NYC PATH BELOW) as opposed to THE DISPOSSESSION which was ruling the World, until now.

Americans are faced with this big challenge during this primary session of presidential election.

Naturally, this includes ‘guns control’ and public spaces free from guns.

How can a nation reclaim its Greatness in the 21st century with all its youth bringing guns to the colleges and schools ? Climate Change is not only about the air we breathe or the dark holes either on Earth or in the Atmosphere, it is absolutely related to the way we leave together = Togetherness (1).

For those who are advocating guns are the best self protection against other guns owners possible attacks : meaning, the best defense is anticipation or prevention, people are not GI’s or the Police and they are not at war against each other.

Eventually, guns’ advocates are going to create a society of anxiety: the more people will keep on permanent alert looking at the neighbor or the schoolmate as a potential criminal or shooter, the more they would feel insecure and, by the time, this feeling could effectively becomes a cause for either depression, isolation or unconscious but harmful anxiety. That is how a free guns society could end creating psychological problems.

We are heading toward a society where guns owners will increase in the same proportion mental illnesses would. If you are looking how to create a chain of irresponsibility, criminality, insecurity and mental disorder, keep on promoting guns at schools like fools.

By the way is it possible to be a more perfect nation with guns in the pocket of the citizens at every corner of the road ? You call it Perfection ? What is the symbol of perfection ? The  immaculate conception and it is White. What is White as a color ? Serenity, peace, love, maternity, oxygene, purity, sanity, papyrus, or paper book, education, knowledge.


The City of New York

We’ve talked a lot about affordable housing this year, New York City.Here’s why: More New Yorkers than ever are struggling to keep up with rising rents, leaving less and less of their paychecks for things like food, healthcare, and other essentials.This is not a niche issue; it affects everyone from those struggling at the bottom of the economic ladder to middle-class working families. New York City must remain a city for all — it’s what gives our city the dynamism and diversity that attracts people from all around the country and all around the world. It’s what makes New York, New York.That means we have to keep New York affordable — watch this video to see how we’re taking action.To combat this housing crisis, we’re building more affordable housing than at any other time in New York City over the last 40 years.Our commitment: build or protect 200,000 units of affordable housing — enough to house the entire population of Miami.Watch this video and share it with your friends so all New Yorkers know how important it is to keep New York City affordable for,Bill de Blasio
MayorP.S. To learn more about our long-term plan to keep our city affordable, visit

Alert from CNN. Donald Trump says it won’t take amending the Constitution to change birthright citizenship, which grants citizenship to all children born in the United States.

« The 14th Amendment is very questionable as to whether or not somebody can come over, have a baby and immediately that baby is a citizen, » the Republican presidential front-runner told CNN’s Chris Cuomo. « Amending is too big a deal… I believe you can win it legally. »

Trump also said Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s role in handling emails while she was secretary of state is « devastating » to her campaign. Her actions were « either gross incompetence or criminal, and neither’s acceptable to be president, » he said.

In the wide-ranging interview, Trump also comments on trade, the Pope and the role of his wife and daughter in his campaign, among other topics.

Watch the full interview tonight at 9 ET on CNN and CNNgo.




This is big: Senators Al Franken and Michael Bennet introduced a bill this month to BAN the corrupting practice of former members of Congress becoming big money lobbyists.

A rapidly rising number of ex-members of Congress are cashing in by becoming well-paid lobbyists – 45% of those who left the 2014 Congress and took another job, according to a recent study by the Sunlight Foundation.

Public service should be for the public good – not an audition for a lavish lifestyle as a corporate lobbyist. Click here to tell Congress to pass the Close the Revolving Door Act immediately.

Members of Congress can get more than a 10 times pay raise as lobbyists. With their insider connections, they’re a key part of the armies of lobbyists corporations use to rig the game in their favor.

A Senator or Representative thinking about starting a well-paid lobbying career after retirement isn’t likely to take tough votes benefiting the public but opposed by special interests that might hire them later.

Tell Congress to pass Sen. Franken’s bill to stop members of Congress getting rich off their “public service” careers by becoming lobbyists.

The Close the Revolving Door Act has even more good features than banning members of Congress becoming lobbyists. It also:

  • Increases penalties for breaking the Lobbying Disclosure Act
  • Extends the ban on congressional staff becoming lobbyists, from only one year to six
  • Gives the public better online access to information about who lobbies Congress

It’s not complicated: Serving in Congress shouldn’t be a tryout for a career as a lobbyist.

Sign here if you agree:


Kurt Walters
Campaign Manager


Sometimes everyday people file for bankruptcy.  It is a long, exhaustive process with long-lasting and far-reaching consequences, and it is always the last resort. But when those individuals finally settle their debts, they should have plenty of help rebuilding their credit and maintaining financial stability.

But that’s not what’s happening.

Financial institutions make a lot of money from buying and selling consumer debt. So when a person does file for bankruptcy or pay off their credit debt, banks have very little incentive to report it.

The result is “zombie debt.” It is debt that a consumer no longer owes, but that continues to negatively affect his or her credit scores or remain subject to collections. This makes it harder for people to move forward.

Banks and debt collectors should not be able to burden consumers with debt they do not owe. Add your voice to mine and demand Congress end zombie debts.

Having a good credit score is important. It can impact your ability to buy a house or a car. You need it to rent an apartment or sometimes even to get a job.

In Ohio alone, more than 20,000 Ohioans filed complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau — roughly 8,000 of which were regarding debt collections and credit reporting. The Federal Trade Commission has reported that as many as one in five Americans has an error on their credit report, which can lead to less favorable interest rates or no credit at all.

These errors are dragging down honest, hardworking families. Once a debt is discharged, it should disappear from a consumer’s credit report. And consumers shouldn’t continue to be dogged by lurking debt, collection agencies and bad credit.

Congress needs to step up and put an end to zombie debts — sign on if you agree.

Thank you.



Menendez For Senate

Tell Congress: Close Big Oil tax giveaways! Add your name.Elise,

This makes my blood boil: Each year, taxpayers spend BILLIONS of dollars subsidizing big oil and gas companies!

These companies don’t need taxpayer dollars, period. In 2013 alone, the Big Five oil companies posted profits of $93 BILLION. But that didn’t stop the industry from lining its pockets with BILLIONS of your tax dollars that same year. No wonder the Big Five oil companies were able to pay their CEOs $125 million last year alone.

What’s more, even as these often-negligent companies walk away with your hard-earned money, they pollute our air and water, hurting our families and damaging our environment! Remember the BP/Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico?

We need to put an end to these unfair subsidies. Add your name: Tell Congress to stop unfair tax giveaways for Big Oil!

The other sad thing is that these loopholes aren’t new. Some of them have been on the books for 100 years! Big Oil companies have had a century of taxpayer money unnecessarily lining their pockets, and it’s time for them to pay their fair share.

Let’s send a strong message to Congress: We won’t stand for these unfair loopholes and waste of tax dollars.

Stand with me today and call on Congress to stop these ludicrous tax giveaways for Big Oil!

Thank you,


P.S. In the time you’ve spent reading this email, thousands of your tax dollars have gone to Big Oil! Add your name now to the petition, and let’s stop this madness.