Between Mandela and Kanye West, there are two oceans : the atlantic and the pacific.

One is an oak tree and the other a monkey. As an oak, Mandela is staying with us. Alive. For Ever. 

I suppose many of you wandering here and there have met – unfortunately – the zero sense clip video of our sex taped web couple. An ex poor boy getting rich through music, inflated head, ridding a motorbike with only one aim : make the inflated woman bust shake, instead of a booty.

Call it The White sex doll and the Black fucker monkey ridding a motorbike. Clip video of bonobos like.

Usually, we expect a booty to be shaked up. Unfortunately, there is zero booty and the inflated boobs are desperately compensating the lacking best part.

So is it : the mannequins in the World has been designed to ressemble men, to match the gay standard. Women have got to shape their bodies like men. You don’t even know who is a travesty and who is a real woman or man. The boundaries between genders erased, what left ? Drugs, sex and alcohol to compensate the lack of identity and authenticity.

In the Revolutionnary Road, Leonardo di Caprio, a real man an authentic actor, great in the movie – Bravo – is walking in the woods along with his wife –  in the movie , Kate, hysterically gret also – and their psychological unstable guest. Previously, he was a doctor in maths. The long stay in a psychiatric unit has rubbed those maths from his memories. Psychology is now at its highest in his mind and mindset.

At a certain point of a terrific discussion,the guest said to Kate, you can deal with despair. How do you fix insignificance ? Kanye West is synonymous to insignificance and Kim stands for despair. A derailed partning association. Let me put it more clearly. Flat busts – some have got to boost up surgically with reason – flat asses – flat belly which is good for health and for well looking (the belly) –  excessive thinness, those are men measurements. For a woman to go and stay over there, drug is absolutely necessary.

Have you seen Britney at X Factor ? if you haven’t yet, go and you’ll have a better understanding of what I’m trying to figure up. She is getting normal and…

Second, bearing the men uniformised size and standard is not a key for well being or marriage. Many married women are not looking like manequins. Women should think about this, especially young girls. It doesn’t mean you have to go obese or fat, with big belly ; it just means  don’t ever look at that as models to follow ; this is the way to perdition. A fake all along.

Simpson’s OJ case, the South African athletic champion’s, Seal,Tony Parker, Puff Daddy, … so many black people lost their souls looking for lures and mirages before  realising they were only sex toys for material girls looking for some entertainement and some black monkeys at disposal or idiot to fit the sexual expectations.

A White man being in couple with a black woman is sincere. I have never seen the opposite, apart from the exception.

Watch this video  from Jason Derulo – « Talk Dirty » feat. 2 Chainz (Official HD Music Video) – The anti insignificance Kanye.

Jason Derulo – « Talk Dirty » feat. 2 Chainz (Official HD Music Video)

Education is a real benediction. That is why America should react strongly, after the pisa results. Hong Kong, Taïwan, Asia at a whole is now leading the World with their high educated children.

Read .Patrick Buchanan: Is The Sun Rising In The East? – OpEd

And again, Madiba, Madiba, Madiba, bravo, bravo and Thank to Your Highness and Guidance. On Top of the World.

Mandela, 95. Death of an Epic Black Hero.

Nelson Mandela to be laid to rest Sunday December 15 in Eastern Cape region of South Africa, President Jacob Zuma says.  For the latest, go to CNN.



NYT. The Contradictions of Mandela.

« It is ironic that in today’s South Africa, there is an increasingly vocal segment of black South Africans who feel that Mandela sold out the liberation struggle to white interests. » 

The blame-Mandela movement is not by any means a groundswell, but it is loud enough in its vehemence to warrant attention. It is led by individual activists whose main platforms are Facebook, Twitter and other social media, and in its formal sense by such organizations as the September National Imbizo, which believes that “South Africa is an anti-black white supremacist country managed by the A.N.C. in the interests of white people. Only blacks can liberate themselves.” The claim is that the settlement reached between the A.N.C. and the white apartheid government was a fraud perpetrated on the black people, who have yet to get back the land stolen by whites during colonialism. Mandela’s government, critics say, focused on the cosmetics of reconciliation, while nothing materially changed in the lives of a majority of South Africans.

This echoes our MANDELA’S LEGACY. FACE B OF PRESIDENT MANDELA. Political correctness aside.

What is political correctness in reporting and political speech ?

The ability of dealing with a subject in such a way that, in the end, you’ll approve the standardized western line staging as the ultimate criteria of logic and truth. The exercice is like the circus show of an artist walking on a tight rope. On one hand, authors sitting on political correct analysis will start displaying the antithesis (they will called them « contradictions ») before minimising them or dismissing them straight away in their synthese.

In the case of this NYT’s delivery, it consists of putting the blame on ANC’s board of leaders corruption and illicit enrichment, suggesting they are responsible for the derailment of the entire process of South Africans’ Liberation. Mandela was caught in this, helplessly. Read the whole story in the NYT. Another part of the flaw is related to the non institutionalised-settings of critics. Meaning those have got no legitimacy. Eventually, institutions-building is self-justification. It is all. People must shut up. What a scam we have been living on it for so long just to wake up to the disasters of deep rooted corrupt institutions.

If you are able to read French, catch up with my book over « institutional clonage » and its responsibility on a country like France in plain decadence.

In the end, the NYT’s  article is distorting the whole story, minimising the flaws of White leaders still in possession of land stolen during ceinturies of brutal colonisation ending into years of apartheid and of others national wealth, plants and soils.  80% of African soils belong to the 8% estimated White people of South Africa. Correct me if I am wrong. The figures would still be impressive and inadmissible. Stolen properties mired with illegality and rapes should come to light and dealt with by desappropriations. This is Justice. This is what started in Zimbabwe  with President Robert Mugabe, the other Big African Father who resisted and dismissed White Power : a rare Great African still with us and some Africans are ignoring that, because of either illiteracy or under fake propaganda and corruption influence, coming from anywhere. Are you surprised if Mugabe is  persona non grata for Western press and political elites over there ? You might not, if the truth, only the truth, but the whole truth = Law and Justice were truthfully reported to you.

So, read the NYT’s article, but keep all this in mind as a background’s guideline to admire the flaws, the half-truths, lies and contortions. Funambulists and contortionists are great artists… in the Circus.

For a more comprehensive version of the story, read this pick, for instance : « Mandela’s Legacy Of Forgiveness And Hope » on the National Memo.

As we are entering Christmas celebrations, may God bless all of you coming here to share those thoughts with me. I’m grateful for those who have sent really moving comments of appreciations and blessings. My pleasure. I love all of You in return. Kiss and enjoy yourselves : the Christ is coming soon. 


From Global Research. Nelson Mandela: Obama, Clinton, Cameron, Blair – Tributes of Shameful Hypocrisy