Beyond Net-Neutrality, Net-security. Tell President Obama: Encryption keeps us safe. Sign the Petition.

DSC_0354Friends, I’m relaying a well-inspired petition by Google and several digital organizations asking for a Safer Internet, on our behalf.

Sign it and ask your friends and neighborhood to join in, for, tomorrow, it could be too late.

By the way, what are the Republicans proposals on this ? By the looks of things, the fight against terrorism will suck our liberties leaving us nake after being raped legally, every day created by God.

Where should the gov control start and end ? This is an interesting question for Ms. Fiorina, so far the most articulate candidate asking truly ethical and deontological questions with the planned parenthood. Her presence is higly welcome for this hypocritical taboo debate.

Please sign the following petition running until the end of October, as mentioned. Eventhough, there is a contradictory message stating the petition is close. Please check it out by sending a message to the White House, for president Obama.

Elise, last week, the media reported that the White House has been examining proposals that weaken encryption and give the government a ‘backdoor’ to access your data.

But backdoors create vulnerabilities in the very systems meant to keep us safe.

Sign this petition and tell President Obama to stand up for the safety of your digital life.

Tell President Obama: Encryption keeps us safe

President Obama’s support for encryption would go a long way in preventing policies that would undo all the progress we’ve made toward a safer Internet. So several digital rights organizations, including EFF and Access, have put this timely petition together to support encryption.

We need the White House to know that we oppose laws that mandate backdoors and data retention. These policies put our digital security at risk.

Tell President Obama to preserve encryption and keep your digital life safe.

Thank you for speaking up!

Jess Hemerly
Google Inc.

P.S. Read more about the White House examination of backdoor proposals.

Now to those discussing Ms. Fiorina’s video assertions, here is a terrific image of abortions crimes taken in the backyard of an aborption clinic in Chicago. Don’t you see leg-kicking and so forth ? Open your eyes brothers and sisters !

What happened to our image ? A total disappearance. Hmmm… Here is it again ! Hopefully net security will prevail. Sorry about Chicago.



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LA GUERRE CONTRE LES BEBES (ru, 26 novembre 2014) – SOS MAMANS publie le communiqué suivant que nous avons l’honneur de porter à votre connaissance :

« L’image horrible ci-dessus montre ce qui a été trouvé derrière un avortoir à Chicago. A en vomir ! Pourtant c’est la réalité qui nous entoure aussi en France. Nous marchons sur presque un million de cadavres de bébés, accumulés dans les poubelles de nos hôpitaux et cliniques depuis 1975 ! Le chiffre officiel des avortements en France est de « 220.000 IVG «  suivant le service statistique des ministères sociaux. Chiffre immuable depuis 10 ans, donc faux.  Mais même ce chiffre donne la nausée.