Benghazi hearing. Who is Blumenthal, the man behind the Lybian chaos ?

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Blumenthal in Washington is Bernard-Henry Levy alter ego. Both were shadowy advisers behind Gaddafi murder.

Looking at CNN, I got the information on the man. He is the perfect mirror of the man who conducted the mission of convincing president Sarkozy to go to Lybia, under the accusations of mass murders conducted on some rebels in Benghazi by president Gaddafi. The Brutal Dictator, they added, the like of Saddam, just hanged by G.W. Bush coalition.

Before French people knew it, president Sarkozy was already calling to Gaddafi to go and for the recognition of the National Council of Transition in Lybia. Before French people knew it, the parliament already voted a green-light for War in Lybia to president Nicolas Sarkozy.

Meanwhile the press was reporting on Gaddafi brutal crackdown over the nascent opposition, fragile enough to deserve the backing of the international community. The untold story was this :

⇒ First, great suspicions are surrounding the 2007 presidential election in France, in which, president Gaddafi could have funded Nicolas Sarkozy’s campaign and the man was apparently threatening to reveal the documents and how the scheme went on.

⇒Second, French people learnt after all this, that Benghazi boys, the so-called opposition were a fabrication of the French president – along with the US ? Ask senator Mc Cain about his trip in Benghazi, before the first french bombings.

We learnt nothing in the hearing Rep Adam Smith ?

What about learning that, when France started the campaign, Secr. Clinton was in Paris, sitting with president Sarkozy at some dinner ? In a sense, the launching was a co-production of those two leaders, members of the Bildeberg network.

Bernard Henry Levy was/is a « writer » and an editorialist for Le Point, a french journal. Just like Mr. Blumenthal was writing for the Washington Post.

The two men and the outlets they were writing in are Jewish. How things match!!

Secretary Clinton told the committee that the man was not her official or unofficial adviser. But half of her emails during 2011 are with him. The man sent those emails to her personal email box. He got direct access and great influence on her, while not being a member of the administration.

In fact, alike France, many Jews advisers are around the Elysee Palace and the lawmakers with their toxic advice. Alain Minc and Bernard-Henry Levy are the best of them. You find them everywhere, with no titles inside the gov. One day, they advise the left, and the day after, you find them on the right side and vice-versa, depending of the direction of the wind and the best carpets auctions at play.

Blumenthal was an advisor of Bill Clinton administration, writing in the Washington post and now working for the Bill Clinton foundation where he probably got the knowledge of the business going on behind the so-called humanitarian foundations ; in fact a coverage for big business.

Blumenthal has no official position in the gov – he is a friend of mine,  Sec. Hillary told the commitee.

So, how is it he, Blumenthal, could reach you anytime he wishes and Ambassador Chris Stevens couldn’t ? The question was asked by two members.

Democrats have raised their eyebrows at the point of invoking the Bill Clinton’s foundation in the hearing. Come on. During the Clinton’s nomination process in 2008, it was important to check the donors list of the foundation to avoid CONFLICT OF INTERESTS.

If a lawmaker is not aware of things of that importance, it is a despair.

Blumenthal role remains totally unclear and requires more investigations.

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