DSC_0245[1] DSC_0248[1] DSC_0246[1]Apparently Neymar has said “Brasil didn’t deserve this defeat” ? Come one guy. This was written on the Sky.

First of all, Neymar accident is a big shame for the FIFA’s “Chum-ocracy”

Chum-ocracy is the definition of the paedophilia scandal in UK meaning “too many people with the same interests and the same out-of-touch sense of entitlement coming together to protect their own’. » Read Mehdi’s post below.

The body’s archaisms are plain clear : a lazy and deeply corrupt board, an old ruling accommodating ruthless and primitive assaults of the players and, above all, the transformation of a sport universe – which should be green – into a red camp inside which business has long time ago replaced football. This staff must go and resign collectively for poor results and multiple incidents thrown at their ugly faces as a mockery. And indeed it is.

How is it Matuidi and this Neymar aggressor can go on playing football while those they have aggressed are in bed or sitting home. This is unacceptable.

Rule 1. As long as a player injured is off the playing field, the injurer will stay off for the same length and face a penality proportionate to the pain inflicted. Matuidi and Naymar aggressor must be fined and stay out until Neymar and the Nigerian player are back.

Rule 2. Consequently, if the player didn’t recover, the aggressor is bared all the same.

Rule 3. Any intentional aggression of a player on another one deserves a yellow card.

Rule 4. The same for the pulling of the maillot.

Some have argued on how to judge an intention to hurt, taking hold on Matuidi and Neymar aggressors’ excuses. First, it is obvious, you just need eyes. Second, those excuses, after intentional assaults, are plain hypocrisy and they stand for zero.

Then you have got that ultimum phase of hypocrisy, staged the day France was ousted by Germany, in order to give more shelter to the aggressor Matuidi who sent a Nigerian player to the hospital, the match before. At a minimum, that Matuidi shouldn’t play the match following his assault. But, not only he played it, the Platini coverage inside FIFA brought that mystifying blue banderole staying “FIFA condemns racism”. Gee! Since those monkeys and chimpanzes’ acts have been surrounding the soccer around the World, mainly in Europe, where was the FIFA, only good at delivering smokescreen actions ?

Yes, racism exists in the West side and in South America. Is FIFA discovering it ? Brasil is a racist society. Clearly. Proof of it, those of you not siding with the hypocrits can testify : the only teams without truly black people in this soccer contest were… Brasil and Argentina. Ah ! Isn’t it a big surprise ? Even Italia, Portugal, Belgium and Germany who used to be racist have got at least one.


Brazilian President can cry wolf on CNN’s microphone talking about a nightmare, the fact is her ruling is more of the same like the FIFA’s. Full of nonsense and smallness thinking and ambition : Brasil is the only one society in the World where you can witness such an horror like the Favelas and, alike South Africa, organizing a soccer event came first before Human Well being and Wellfare. Totally crazy. Nearly everything is crunching in Brasil, but the priority was organizing a show, another big lie, a smokescreen to hide Brasilian huge societal and infrastructural decomposition. Education, Health centers, infrastructures falling in limbo, the favelas to eradicate and bring people in the mainstream society, all this was deprived for the stadiums to play the comedy of a World Cup.

Brasilian Team is the perfect reflect of its society : on the fall, erratic, hazy, nut, weak, winning by chance – Chili, Colombia were able to defeat Brasil ; that is why they sorted it at random by penalties – and a racist selection by Scolari just add to the weakness and the impasse. It’s a chance Brasil was not eliminated earlier. This team didn’t deserve to reach the semifinal. Yes Neymar, you didn’t deserve to be in the semifinal. And you know that from the bottom of your heart.

By the way, Scolari has said, “Neymar’s presence would have change nothing”. I give him the point. It will just have made the defeat more stressing. Scolari is perfectly aware at his errors of selection.

Errors like in France where, because of racism and hate, they can ignore a player like Anelka. More, they have fought him and kept pursuing him inside the other soccer corrupt land, the UK, actually mired in a paedophilia scandal from their lawmakers – read the previous post here – look how things coincide ! After the 2010 South African WC, French players were summoned to bring apology to the french soccer body, for a poor representation of France oversee by black players. You remember the « civilisation mission » I guess. Anelka, Henri and Evra were accused of leading the semi-revolt inside the team. Ribery also. As usual, white players inside the team went hypocrits. Hypocrisy is a basic trend in France. It shapes nearly everything in France explaining why in turn French people have lost the sense of courage and audacity. With this, the ability to dream. An hypocrite society is a highway for lost dreams. This is the point of connection between Brasilian and French societies.

Anelka didn’t bow down and no apology. Impeached to play for not abiding to the rule of the « civilising mission », he went back to Britain prematurely. Cameron, the French friend, for the best and the worst,  went ahead with the racist hunting, taking the quenelle so-called hitlerian sign as a pretense. I’m not sure Israel is still looking at those kinds of puppets who are tarnishing it’s reputation.

Henri flee to America.

Ribery went to Germany where he is having glorious times. France ousted by Germany is a revenge of Ribery through Germany. God is alive ! Really, you just need eyes to watch the show and the crossings drawn from the sky.

Evra is the only survivor of this and, considering his Brasilian performances, the staying looks more as a lost of time and experience.

Without players with international skills like Anelka, Ribery, Henry and Nasri, French team was looking as a second zone team and, indeed, it was. As a perfect French post-colonizer, Didier Deschamps, the French coach, is looking for smallness and the players matching this psychology. Otherwise, nobody on earth can convince me that those are the best black players in France. When my son, Jeff, 18 now, was 7 to 11 or 12, he wanted to be a footballer and we, the parents, used to bring him to his local clubs for weekly training sessions and for the matches. I know how organized the football is in France with many little schools all over the nation. Those Pogba, Matuidi are not the best of them. Ask Guy Roux, the man knows the issue well. But may be he will contradict me, just for the sake of racial order. I don’t mind.

Look, if I’m wrong, French team has got the high percentage of black players in the World. A gag ? In the beginning, we were incline to think black were playing better like they run the 100 athletism mythic distance best. But, European teams have proved this equation completely wrong. So, what ? Here is the punch : French national team is compensating its discriminant and racist society excluding immigrants. This is Hypocrisy at its highness. If you are a foreigner looking at the French team and at the number of black players, you will just applaud the French multiracial society model. Don’t misled yourself, this is all false. The mirror is a total inversion.

Nationally, French is the worst racial society ever.

7-1 Explainable and higly merited. It will even have been worst something like 10-0.The last shot from Brasil went at the 90’s minute, when players were starting getting the feet off the field and the heart off the tension.

You can lie to yourself, to your society and to the World sometimes, but not all of the times.

In a previous article, I announced … And the winner is …The FAVELAS. Here we are : they won on Brasilian team.

This defeat is a huge slam at the face of Mrs Rousseff. Humiliated for her Big Lies and Bad Ruling. Racist, racist and racist. Shame on Brasil. This is the message of Jesus looking at Brasil from the Sky mountain.

What you do in politics or not in economy or in social cohesion can hit back in sport. What you do or not domestically can hit back internationally. Lessons from Structuralism.

Ribery lost the golden ball award to Ronaldo, because of Platini acting under the French hypocrit and hate order, in memory of 2010 South African Cup. Politics can endamaged sports and vice versa. Thanks God, French and Brasil were ousted by Germany : The Emperor of this World cup.

Corrupt, racist, hatred, slavery, highly discriminant –look at the Favelas and French banlieues – a weak selection, all the ingredients of declining societies are present. Not surprising, France is facing rogue times. And, the total reverse announced has landed before even taking off.

Last, but not least, widely shared suspicions that the 1998 French World cup finale between France and Brasil was fixed. At the time Ronaldo was looking the ball hands on his hips. When asked why this counterperformance ? They talked about the lunch. Incriminating the food.

Cursed is Brasil if that is the ultimate true. Since then, those of you who have the blessings to eye have seen a Brasil looking more as a shadow of itself than ever, at this finale and since then on.

Next time, south american players should remember to play their football – instinctive not the european. We are what we are, unfortunately. Changing nature is not an easy task. If you play the game of  your adversary, a game you don’t master, surely, you will lose.

Is Neymar still wondering why Brasil was down ? It seems pretty clear. We wish him a strong comeback from illness and a good recovery.

There is a big chance Netherland could beat Brasil. And then, the sky went ORANGE. Jesus !


The NYT. Break the Immigration Impasse – Sheldon Adelson, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates on Immigration Reform

The train of death crossing a bridge with south americans immigrants on the roof on their risky journey to America (CNN capture).
The train of death crossing a bridge with south americans immigrants on the roof on their risky journey to America (CNN capture).


AMERICAN citizens are paying 535 people to take care of the legislative needs of the country. We are getting shortchanged. Here’s an example: On June 10, an incumbent congressman in Virginia lost a primary election in which his opponent garnered only 36,105 votes. Immediately, many Washington legislators threw up their hands and declared that this one event would produce paralysis in the United States Congress for at least five months. In particular, they are telling us that immigration reform — long overdue — is now hopeless.

Americans deserve better than this.


>>> IN THE HUFFPOST. Was There A Paedo ‘Chum-ocracy’?

The five things you need to know on Friday 11 July 2014…


From the Sun:

« The Westminster elite ‘protected their own’ on child sex abuse for years, a Government whip declared yesterday. Claire Perry hit out amid growing fears a paedo ring has been stalking the corridors of power. She said: ‘Part of the problem can be traced, in my view, to the ‘chum-ocracy’ that for too long has been at the heart of the so-called Establishment.’ The junior member of the Government — promoted to assistant whip last year — said it meant ‘too many people with the same interests and the same out-of-touch sense of entitlement coming together to protect their own’. »

More on the topic, read the previous post.

BREAKING : BASKET BALL – NBA LEBRON IS BACK TO CLEVELAND – “My relationship with northeast Ohio is bigger than basketball. I didn’t realize that four years ago. I do now.” (James Lebron)

Curiosity : the previous text has disappeared and changed the morphing. I have to type it again.

Excellent news : my son is a Great Fan. So, am I. As I wrote before (see above): « We are what we are, unfortunately. Changing nature is not an easy task. If you play the game of  your adversary, a game you don’t master, surely, you will lose. » Good. Lebron has come to realise what his truly nature is.Never fight against it or you lose. Perfectly OK. It is a great honour when something an author can write from the bottom of his/her heart, mind and soul reverberates to somebody else as an evidence, kind of a mirror giving him the evident choice he knew he had to make.

That is why I’m writting. Really. 

ANOTHER GIFT : PUTIN IS REACHING OUT TO CUBA with 32 billion in debt relief. Another great news for fighting poverty in South America.