Brazil/Netherlands. And then the sky went Royal Blue. Jesus !


3-0 was the Annunciation written in the sky and translated here. In a sense, the Netherlands have finished the Job of scoring 10 goals in total to Brasil. It is not the time to rejoice for those two consecutives defeats of Brazilian team toppled from the Roof of the World of Soccer. So go the Kings and Kingdoms. One time Bright and Stellar and another time Mat.

Yesterday, the King of the Stadium was the Netherlands. It comes with no surprise.

Good to see Neymar.

On both sides, many black players on the field. Many of them playing it ruthlessly. First, while asking for equity, we are not asking for favoritism for any black player. Martins played well. But, in the whole, black players have authored too many aggressions and this is not going to help their cause. Clearly, there is a problem of education around them.

DSC_0285[1]When Brazil starts the restauration of its amazing soccer, this non smart play should be a central point of this effort of rebuilding. Brazil soccer used to be smart and efficient.

DSC_0269[1]For the Netherlands to play in deep blue sky, Royal blue, I consider it a wink and I’m returning it to them. The 10 goals are in. The same wink in return goes to Brazil, for the same reason, during the warming-up session. I wish them all the best for the future, not only concerning soccer and Neymar recovery, but for all the rest of the society.

Argentina-Germany. After the King, an Emperor for the Finale. God willing. And why not ?

DSC_0263[1] DSC_0278[1] DSC_0276[1] DSC_0271[1] DSC_0280[1]

I have a gift for Brazilians to go through this nightmare. The Cool Crooners performing a song « Blue Sky ». They look like Compay Segundo’s band. In fact, they have a similar story of success coming very late. The Cool Crooners are a group from Bulawayo (Zimbabwe) with great singers looking and sounding also like the famous Golden American quartet. Listen the three of them and touch the smooth and the tempo of the slides ; this is how Brazilian soccer used to be.  Robben is a Brazilian.

The Cool Crooners.

The Golden Quartet – You can also watch them at Berlin here.

And then Compay Segundo from Cuba where Putin has just traveled to forgive 32 billion debt from the Soviet Union to help fighting poverty.  Hello Cuba !

Wim Wenders, a German cineast is the Great Man who brought them  from Darkness to the Light. The movie is called « Buena vista social club ».