Brexit. Democracy denial temptations : the worst case scenario for the EU’s project.

After Brexit Yes vote, we are witnessing the Achille Heel of the EU : Democracy denial. This EU started as a romance and a romantic story, and derailed with banksters executing Nations and sovereignties. This was the original sin : putting nations monetary capabilities under Wall Streets’ representants inside the EU dominium.

That a nation could be dispossessed  – in the name of convergence – was certainly a good ideal, on condition that people has a say, a productive debate and their say being respected. Unfortunately, this has never been the case. Everything went wrong – each « no » vote being overturned by extraordinaries national parliamentaries sessions into a « yes » vote. As the method became extravagant – for the number of times implemented everywhere in Europa -, it becomes the New Normalcy to decrete the vote in total rejection of the people vote, choice or opinion.

You don’t need to be instructed – higly qualified politically – to understand and to see that this was everything but democracy. From this originally failure, the EU was totally disconnected to the real economy and the real people, floating into bubbles from where the superdelegations were sending rulings after rulings to national parliaments for signature.

The economic disaster was not long to show its Pinocchio nose and devastating consequences.

To add to the burden, the euro single currency was a total scam. The french baguette for instance people bought for 1 franc equating to 0,30 euro has jumped to 1 euro = 6,57 francs. It turned out french people were spoliated, while being presented the EU project as the new Eldorado. The discourse and the debate concentrate into macroeconomics factors such as debt, deficit, budget and taxes on one hand, and on the other, the romance went on with words like « convergence » meaning a « more perfect union » ; policies convergence and free movement and settlement of European people inside Europe – including the right to vote locally – was beating the deafening drums and, as some were dancing the Vienna Valse, the clandestine financial scam went properly unchecked.

One scam calling another, democracy was no longer profitable, nor sustainable. When people started opening their eyes to the hard truth and reality : they were done. Banksters specialised on given loans and credits to the States and not to the entrepreneurs. State’s debts became the new golden rivers for cash. The French national debt is costing 50 billion euros in interests uniquely, each year, for a debt evaluated to 1,200 billions euros (more or less).


After the Brexit, there we go again.

First, democratic denials are asking a re-run – or a replay like you play music.  They are insisting on the code of procedures : when you can not attack the nature of a decision in law, you accuse the court or deport yourself from the case to the procedures. Interesting to notice that before the vote, those connoisseurs of the EU law about referendums’ quotas, didn’t mentionned this. They were sure to win.

Before the result was announced on Friday morning, the petitition had only had 22 signatures. After the vote, over 3 million people signed the call for at least 6O% yes over a quorum set at 75% of the turnout.

What the story is hiding, is the EU’s ruling is much more as another « mafia order » : when you enter the order, everything is marvelous. But to get out, the complications are piled up in purpose : they work as a deterrent force, the NATO’s military style. Each time you talk about military, you have uniformity and strenght of terror going with it, and guns and people under iron fists ruling.

There is no place in this kind of order for democracy. Uniformity is not Equality. Uniformity is not even Unity. It is dictatorship. Period. Democracy comes with diversity. Where you lack diversity, you miss unity and democracy.

Diversity is not lucre, but necessity to growth, to creativity, to innovation, to progress, to democracy. The EU got it totally wrong departing from the center of their civilisation. They even denied their own identity and authenticity. It is beyond roots or the Far-right easy and lazy fingers pointing, it is about being truth to themselves and to the Humanity progressive project.

A non-binding referendum leading to a non binding resignation ?

In this regard, the EU has betrayed its own people, enslaved and dismissed in the process.

Now, they are saying the referendum is a non-binding one, it was kind of a joke. What is the cost of this please ?

If it was a joke, why is PM Cameron announcing his resignation ? Is it another joke ?

Political immaturity

The remaining camp is crying after people voting with zero idea about the consequences of their vote : lack of knowledge. Come on! Are we going back to the time when you had to pay a cens to vote ? If some citizens are politically immatured – and we raised up the question with Bernie Sanders political campaign -, why have those people done for  that if not calling all names of birds and monkeys, people like me – or others – who engaged fiercely in giving the proper, educative information to the people so that they can have the whole game in hand, including the hiden parts of it ?

The political establishment is allied to hide the challenges of each election or organisation-in-the making.

Those are fallacious and desperate arguments : very informed or not, people vote with their feelings and standards of living. If they feel discomfort, like in the UE actually, they will leave. It is as simple like that. Even marriages end into divorce.

UK economy will suffer. Who is saying that ? The medias ? The experts who were behind the 2008 financial collapse ? UE politicians ? Or their US counterparts ? The pack of professional liars, manipulators and elections hijackers ? The pack of stooges playing their invisible soldier role for their Hidden Masters, Dr. Jeckyll(s) ?

That UK must brace for the worst is written nowhere. The argument has been used to force Greece to stay in the EU and to join it. Idem for Spain, Portugal, Irland. As a result, Greece is totally sold out to the same pack described above.

You don’t make omelettes without breaking eggs. Churchill and Rudyard Kipling can help in shaping ANOTHER SUCESSFUL road forward OR HISTORY ahead for the UK.

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WCP – Atlantic City. Atlanta. (Oh, the bank of images is working – at last).

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Exerpt. Over 33 million people from England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland voted in the referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership in the European Union. As my Prime Minister said, the referendum was a giant democratic exercise, perhaps the biggest in our history. 70% of the electorate had their say, and now it is important that their decision to leave the European Union is respected.
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In Research, we say asking is already answering.

I took this picture on my other website. Shame, shame shame on the US and the EU.

*** Let me conclude with those four points.

First. When I talk about a « bastard culture » promoted by the EU project, I’m insisting on the consequences of the abolition of either the Beloved Land and the State inside the EU. The State represents the Father and the Land, the Mother. When you disroot those two and dismiss them, people, as God’s creatures – meaning with a Father and a Mother – you have to recreate new figures of Fatherhood (Institutions) and Motherhood (Banksters). Hence the Superdelegations and Superdelegates, all of them being artificial figures (= artificial intelligence). The biggest risk of all this is illegitimacy. Anthropologically speaking, the EU post-Adenauer and De Gaulle project was ill-inspired destroying Nations and Sovereignties. Illegitimacy is the hic and the Achille heels.

Second. Convening the disastrous consequences awaiting the UK, after its Brexit, is another trick. Was UK alive before the EU ? Course yes. How is it now the kingdom is going to die, all of the sudden. During the Scottish referendum, the same hellish threat was promised to Scots people – some of whom backtracked from their yes votes. In this UK referendum, what proved successful with the Scottish referendum was up again in the air to frighten the « Brexit » voters, with a certain success. Remember that, Brexit votes was seen at 10 points ahead, by an independent polls, few days before the 23th June. Not only have they succeeded avoiding a biggest yes vote for the Brexit, now they are asking for a re-run, based on the same tricherous argument : disaster to come for the UK. I wander where all this is written and who wrote this ? The EU illegitimate superdelegates ? Come on ? This is a viper tactic.

Third. Asking a re-run of the election reminds me of all the tactics used during American primaries session on the democratic side, mired by cheatings, distortions and massive public disinformation, misjudgments and manipulations, led by more of the same international conglomerates of people, united somewhere, inside unamed international sects.

May be British Parliamentaries would have to consider or vote for a re-run, it is up to them. But eventhough they chose to ignore the outcome of this vote – they will be buying a time they would have to pay later on down the road. And what about the PM ? The EU project must recalibrate profoundly and structurally and enter the democratic era or burst out. It is as simple as that. The Brexit could be that pain to endure or suffer before it is too late:  ‘blessing in disguise’?

A referendum today in Spain, in France and in Denmark will lead to the same results. What are those sectarian guys going to tell us ? That French people, Dutch and Spanish are all idiots and silly, ignoring the extreme consequences of their exit from the sacro-saint EU ? Come on, you sectarian people!

Four. I’ve learned something bizarre during this US presidential campaign. Sectarian forces have shaped the opinion at their advantage. For instance, don’t or never talk about the past (the accounts of a leadership), the present (the State of the Union as it is not as it should be), but offer another dream based on promises the past of the candidate can’t fit or strongly contradict. In fact, your best passport today is your institutional standing and only that. What you did or not is of zero importance. There is no more accountability, only a show of strenght and powerful positions. People are so admirative of the positions and the money going with it.

If you are rich, you are successful, you are a model of leadership. Show it : get rich or die trying. This is a sentence by Fifty Cent. Amazing.

That power can be used as a public poison or a private prison to jail, hold back, track, harass or terrorize the humanity were never questionned. In California, the toxic use of Tech was a romance of success stories. I have learned – while regretting nothing at all – I’ve learned from Mrs. Christine Lagarde that you must call weakness or annoyances « Forces ».

« Declining labor force participation, failing productivity growth, polarization in the distribution of income and health, and high levels of poverty in the US are four « forces »?

Cheating elections or referendums are the new « forces » = The New Normal.

If you would like to understand why some are calling for a re-run – those behind a last-minute call for the British parliament to consider the EU rule applying to the referendums… – know that the same people are the background and the backbone of organizing rigged-elections in the primaries session in US.

That is why they are upset this time they didn’t succeed. And this is unacceptable to them. They have organized to win and never lose. To do so, they spare nothing and nobody. Hell the World and the Earth, they must win. This is democracy. For sure.

That is why they are all-teeth out there, with crocodile tears to ask for a replay. Did they ask for such a replay in New York ? In the last super Tuesday in California ? And elsewhere where polls stations where abusively closed without voters being informed, or meetings suppressions ? Of course, this was so rational.

A Triumph in fact.

Power is necessary to souls in pain. Otherwise, power is about replenishment and not rough authority.