Call to end political INACTION on gun violence.Tell the candidates we demand a plan for gun sense in America.

Everytown for Gun Safety


The summer started with nine people gunned down in a South Carolina church. The fall started with nine more shot and killed in an Oregon classroom. We won’t take it anymore.

If this continues, more than 128,000 people will be shot and killed during the next President’s term. So with two Republican debates come and gone — and the first Democratic debate just days away — candidates need to hear from us NOW.

We’re sending a message to anyone who wants to be President: We demand a plan to address our country’s gun violence crisis.

Send a message to the candidates and DEMAND they release a plan to end gun violence in America. Your message will be sent to each campaign’s headquarters.

America Demands a Plan

For the first time in decades, candidates are making this issue a priority and releasing plans to fight gun violence. But ALL of them need to address this crisis — and so far, only a few have taken a stand.

There are common-sense measures that will keep guns out of dangerous hands and save lives. Expanding background checks. Closing deadly loopholes. Keeping guns out of classrooms and off campuses, away from the places our children learn and play.

For too long, leaders have failed to take action because they only hear from one side: The NRA and the cowardly politicians in their pocket. Now, supporters like you are forcing candidates to address these solutions head on.

Send a message to demand ALL candidates release a plan to fight gun violence.

We are parents, survivors and advocates — and we have the power to decide this election. If our leaders don’t take a stand, we’ll vote for ones who will.

Shannon Watts
Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America