Cameroon under Orange mecanique Heat.

So after criticising orange in the previous post as the perfect clintonian executor. The entire Community Im staying in in Yaoundé has been punished from  8 in the morning to now 19.30 local time. Meaning all day long.

Who is going to indemnise small businesses?

Who is responsible for the organisation of this shortage ?

What about the responsabilities? Who is the corruptor and the local corrupt underdog?  History always repeats itself. Times after Times, slavers (bandits) will seal a deal  with another bandit, a black one, to perform his coward crimes.

Its said that this can be and is representative of the normality in Yaounde. Power can last three days. And nobody is sanctioned.

The same applies to water supply. Two weeks may be normal… And a frequent reality.

The morning after.

Power is out again since 13 H o’clock. Local time. Four hours later, the situation remains the same. People are laughing at this zero degree service. We were told that french multinationales were better positionned to lead and run African plants and privatizations were the final solution. Indeed it is. Those french groups led by the finalists are implementing the final solution to Africans and to African public properties.

History always..

Hollocausters and Wallstreeters are more of the same.


Latest polls.

According to CNN polls Bernie Sanders is leading in New Hampshire at 58%  to 35% for Hillary, among likely Democratic voters.

Vote Bernie. Go.