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To be or not to be. Obama’s Legacy to take on or not. 2016.


Obama had become both a master of military defeats and financial swindles.

When you go in the polls stations, it is essential for you to have the whole cards into your hands, not the hidden persuasion displayed with frantical laughs on the false mirrors staging here and there.

Vote like an adult. Here are the clues and the keys to move forward like a Man not a Pawn.

Here is the Obama’s Legacy Worldwide.

I will not comment it as for now, so as to let the whole room to your Freedom and Respect.

Evidences of the untold, unspoken, and forbidden debate. Without surprise.

It doesn’t mean something has not been done by this administration. But, compared to the promise, it looks like many things have moved forward but the whole picture has remained the same.

Was the President a Paint from, let’s say Malevitch ?

Love you Mr. President. You did my best days.

I was once lost, but now I see.

Closer, a french magazine, posing as a rat inside my bathroom and many many Obama’s miniatures catting my Home, day and night are on their business-as-usual. Without surprise. The moment you’ll hear that a black man or woman have come that low to enter a white rat’s home, it will be the end of the World, eventhough some black puppets, corrupt to the bones, can join the band of those worms. Some because of money, others looking for a so-called fame.

Capture Eva Longoria 2
The hidden message sent to me is Eva Longoria. I took a pot of hair dyer yesterday where Eva is pictured on. The pot is coming from Africa. I did it in my bathroom. This is not the first time a pot of cream is the content of an article selected by Yahoo ; whether it is Yahoo who is ordering it or the water closet paper – people  – the process of rats signaling their presence is more of the same. Come on, my friend, when you consider yourself supremacist and the most beautiful of the World, taking inspiration on me, the black woman, it is a sign of weakness and it tells « you are bowing down » in uglyness. There are two kinds of people in the World: those living horizontally and Real Men standing vertically.

Black people are beautiful and people of dignity. Not rats. Of course, from time to time, a rats magazine – a populace – will bring a black woman out to say she hates her skin she considers as definitely not beautiful.

Capture celebrity 1
When it is not Yahoo in France it is Watch the blonde color and my picture of the previous post. Paste and copy. At least try to pastiche it. Sisters and Brothers, where is the white female problem with skin bleaching of black women ? Are they thinking their opinion is of any value ? Lol. A pity. Black women don’t care about the cream or make up of white females. It is their own problem. But, I will tell you more of this, particularly how it evolves into a muddy business of rats. Please, while we are in, who are the adept of Plastic surgery ? Who can’t live without it ? Come on. The entire class of presstitutes are all fake and rebuilt upside down. Look, the only way they can debate is to try to dismiss you using two channels : one is a derivation to privacy and the body – you recognize atheism here and animality – White females consider themselves as prostitutes first of all. Sexual material. That is why every woman is a bitch. Porn and ladies are parked in the same ice-bucket. The second derivative way is « paste and copy ». I’ve called it « repeat after me to try to debate ». All in all those are zeros. Atheism is the contrary of faith. A beleiver knows that each body is the Temple of God, as we were all created at His Image. So there is a limit. But gay temples as the medias depravated tools can’t get it. Their spirituality is empty and without spirituality, you can’t go that far. You are limited to your primary and basic instincts : Eros and Thanatos. Sodome and Gomorhe or Freud analysis presiding on Mr Hyde’s fate.



Those pictures are from last year.

I suppose you are now able to do some semiology. Compare those pictures with the one above. This is what the medias have become today, a bunch of thieves, homes spoilers, …gangs of rapists suffering from a profound complex of inferiority. Once they have set the cams and stolen your passwords, the purpose is to enter your websites and try to copy your pictures first, then they send them back to you, hiding behind their Master of Gang, Yahoo and sometimes Google to threaten you. And they are walking free. I’ve some bad news for them, the game is for them to loose. When you can  not debate, walk away in defiance sending low blows or shift it to physical appearances where only one law applies : prostitution or flatitude as the norm. Indeed. Alternatively, jump on praising the family – while being and promoting homosexuality and gay marriage. Then backtrack to what you were despising times ago: traditional marriage and women the size of Jane Sanders or old the kind of Hillary – me alike. When I started getting heard, despite the huge hurdles laid all along my way, the entire press and its diluted form dubbed press people, came out like one man, criticising me as fat and old and poor and black and ugly. Oh oh. Thereafter, they started to  copy nearly everything I was writing just like thatn shamelessly; in fact they played cannibalism, but they couldn’t eat me ; I was too big an animal for their small equipments. And, today, I’m the Reference to compare one’s self onto. It can take the form of insults, vulgar language or photos, pastiches, etc.. The system of medias is poor. This will not be consequential if this horror wasn’t reflecting the Hidden system that has sucked out our liberties and freedoms of creativity. In fact the Hidden system is based on either slavery or mass murders.

That a thief can hide inside my home to spy on me and thereafter criticise me on whatsoever, claiming he is not jealous or not interested in me can make you hold your hands up into cheers. Why are you spying if you are not interested ? I’m a Queen by comparison. I’m Nefertiti. And what are they please ? A bunch of keyholes. This is it. Good for nothing except poisoning our oxygen and eating either our flesh or our souls : cannibals. The medias are cannibals and animals without balls. An unidentified specie. A monstruosity.

They can go out and take Sanders on. After the horrifying campaign against Mr. Sanders, this will be a pinprick.

Going further with the analysis of the so-called perfect body, it is all about drugs unavowed business – see the fashion universe – plastic surgery promotion – miss universe, presstitudes and so forth – diets and sports businesses.

Genetically – but the food can reverse the tide such as in America ; food and culture – genetically, whites and blacks are different. Black people have muscles. So are their women. White women have less muscles, that is why they may look tiny compared to black powerful girls.

Talking about weight and pounds, it makes no sense blacks people can be medically aligned to whites on the weighing machine. The weight of the bones and the muscles is a huge difference.


I remember a londonien « expert » describing black women as closer to the prehistoric woman. Meaning that the white woman is the upper stage, compared to that primitive stage. OK. How do you describe those inflated lips, butts and bobs. To look like who please ? Come on. As we are naming things, white women need sports to compensate the lack of muscles that make them flat and wet. To hide this, the shooting  is there to portray a sublime creature or make-up indeed. But the sublimation doesn’t cross the real test of love. You have to touch the body – isn’t it Mariah Carey – And when you touch the flat as or the extreme tiny but, there is a problem for real men.

Let’s be Kasich here, gay people are not all born like this ; white racist men are missing something in their bed to stay in. Women on auction and promotion in the medias or in other supremacist tools are less tasty than men with muscles to enjoy and touch without feeling or hiting the bones.

Black is not beautiful ? Ask Muhammed Ali, the Greatest I watched two days before. Thus the other rats sortie in America trying to denigrate black skin. And Yahoo,  the racist is living in South Africa ? Come on. Reveal what your are there ? A tax evader recycled into the humanitarian business and cannibalism worldwide.


Some White women need intensive sport and plastic surgery to gain some muscles and fill the extreme flatness. This is firt. They need plastic surgery to fight the consequences of this lack of firmness – thus fitness to repair the damages of those genetical gaps. The tinier you are, the worst it becomes. In order word, white females have tried to turn their personal needs into every woman need, they have turned their genetical defaults into a dictatorial business (fitness,…).

Have you noticed the combination of those three factors below?

White women are the only ones coming out again and again to lecture other women on beauty ? Which one ? The cover of their magazines praising themselves? TV lights ? The make-up style ? The plastic surgery ? The screening ? The promotion ?

It is either you follow the order or face dismissal and criticism for being outsize? Lol.

Amazingly, when those white women are with black  men, they set it as a victory over blak women. Come on. How many black women are wed or having an affair with white men, without trumpetting it everywhere ? Complex of inferiority…

Then you have some white men confusing the shape of their abs with their sexual performance. Another Myth.

The ultimate trick is this equation:  a perfect body stands as high intelligence and worth electability. You remember the tale of the  elected people, because of their greater intelligence, beauty, purity inherited directly from a God they have rejected long long time ago. They have rejected the God who crowned them, not the crown. Lol.

…… If you get this, you are getting the whole process including Politics and the Obamas Malevitch moment. Now I’m waiting for the dogs to come out with pictures : you know the language of Mr. Hyde.

This is essential to comprehend the anthropological ground of the economy. White supremacy is a key. The hidden race competition is another key. To keep the Myth alive, business is an invisible gun and tool of slavery and crimes. Do this, watch this, adopt this, speak like this, wear this, look like this, etc…. Fashion universe, sports, the press are more dangerous than the KKK.

When you see that the Obama’s have given way to  this, you say Hello ! How do you do ? Mr. Louis. Black slaves and men of color will never grow up. A black president at the White House was a Myth. The system recycled into  black, for a moment. It is a chameleon order. A Sphynx order, permanently recycling.

Kiss my wardrobe. Prince.


Bernie Sanders for President

Sisters and Brothers –

Here’s the truth: for the past several days, the entirety of the Democratic political establishment has been hoping our political revolution would dissolve, that we would just go away. But one thing is clear, we are only getting stronger:

YouGov National Poll – April 27, 2016
Clinton: 47%
Sanders: 43%

Those numbers represent a four point gain for our campaign, and it comes entirely after our tough loss in New York. Numbers like that can’t be ignored because it proves our movement is resilient and will never stop fighting for the values we share.

And there’s one more set of numbers everyone is waiting to see: what we report when our April fundraising deadline comes to a close in just a few hours. That’s why we have to ask, one last time:

Can Bernie count on you to add a $2.70 contribution to our campaign before our critical FEC fundraising deadline comes to a close at midnight as a way of saying we are still in this fight together?

This fundraising deadline isn’t just about how much money we raise, but how many individual contributions we receive to power this campaign through the remaining primaries and the Democratic convention. That’s why your donation is so important.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016



German democrats have demonstrated yesterday about the nation soul disappearance behind something unknown. (Reuters)

The Iraki Youth have stepped in the Green House to protest the same derivation of their nation (AP) ; a derivation towards dispossession. The response of this transgression was a suicide bombing among them. Remember 2003, Iraqi invasion debut. Crowned and screened like a movie on the TV shows. Meanwhile a mass massacre of babies, infants, mothers and fathers ; an entire population indeed, was crunching under the Supremacist Order.

Isis, the Iraqi war and Lybian heritage is overtaking the criminal game. Who cares about this ?

War in Syria. Ankara/Moscow’s kung-fu fighting.

Round 1. Ankara has shot a Russian helicopter on mission over Syria down, without warning.

Round 2. Responding to Russian eyebrows, Ankara insisted the pilot has been warned  three times and never complied to the order.

Round 3. Russia retaliates by issuing sanctions. Russia to Suspend Visa-free Travel Regime with Turkey from 2016. Sofia News

Round 4. Putin has Ordered Complete Destruction Of Turkish President, Family And Government. (Total Collapse)


According to this MoD report, and as we had previously reported on, the deliberate ambushing and shoot down of this Su-24M was “directed/organized” by rogue elements operating within the Turkish government and United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who were “partners/collaborators” in an oil-for-weapons scheme involving Islamic State terrorists operating in Syria run by Turkey’s President Erdogan’s son Bilal Erdogan.

Bilal Erdogan, this report continues, is the silent mastermind who has been responsible for converting millions of barrels of Syrian oil controlled by Islamic State terrorists into hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue in a scheme so vast that President Putin described it as a “living oil pipeline” comprised of “vehicles, carrying oil, lined up in a chain going beyond the horizon”.

“Going beyond the horizon”. I like that phraseology. Absolutely superb. Naturally this is not a sign of condemnation from me ; it is just that this « going beyond the horizon » is pure metal. The sounding and the picture are wonderful  to my ears and eyes. Close your eyes and imagine the scene, try to visualise the horizon being surpassed and imagine the silence and the flow of the vehicles realistically  translated into a « living oil pipeline » ; this is amazingly reported. « Beyond the horizon » is beyond understanding or may be comprehension. Formidable.

Round 5. Turkey’s Erdogan ‘Ready to Stand Down’ If IS Oil Trade Claims Are Proven. Sofia News.

Round 6. What is next ?

Turkish President’s Son Who Raped And Murdered American And British Reporters Becomes Fugitive ?

According to this report, the SVR was authorized this past week to open an international criminal investigation of Bilal Erdogan, the son of Turkey’s President, after an agreement was made between President Putin and French President Francois Hollande to target the Erdogan criminal cartel after the shooting down of an Aerospace Forces bomber aircraft over Syria that Syrian Information Minister, Omran al-Zoubi, stated was revenge for Russia’s destruction of the Islamic State-Turkey oil smuggling business that has earned these criminals nearly one billion dollars.

App5c Zoran

Ankara vs Daesch. Huge Explosion Rocks Istanbul Metro Station.

Plus the unavoidable. You didn’t ask for, but you will get it twice than once. The new code of Justice : the thief and the Justice are the same person. The previous day, he was the thief of land and the day after you find him at Moscow to ask for a permission to walk with Justice Russia. Where have I seen this before ? Give me a break and I’ll come back to tell you more.

Putin oh la la ! President Putin is unchained.

No more George Sorros’ NGOs in Russia for so-called education grants behind colored revolutions in the region : the yellow Ukrainian and the Rosy Georgian.

The business of foundations and Charity are of the same ilk : the thieves and  the Judges are the same people. The thief needs Humanitarian globe-trotters as a blanket for exclusive and covert businesses. Don’t be fooled by some mysterious donations, all of the sudden (1), the moment those so-called charity businesses and philanthropy alike are being dismantled for what they are : double agents for State’s espionnage. Period. The rest is false propaganda and blatant lies.

At last, we are opening our eyes to see the reality behind the curtains, piles of money and the exibitions of good wills through multiple screens and channels.

Hopefully Africa will open its eyes too and get realistic and pragmatic to spot those post-colonialism and post-Imperialism tools.


Burkina Faso has elected a new president.

Hopefully this new president will change this Nation for the Best, as promised.

So far, politicians are the best, when it comes to promising the Moon to the people… Before elections.

After the elections, you got another story. The consensuel tune is replaced by silence and indifference if not contempt.

We give this president the benefit of the doubt. So good luck, Mr. President Roch Marc Kabore.

What about Central Africa ?


What about post-Lybia, Syria and Terrorism conceptors ?

« The European Commission has adopted a set of measures to scale up the common response to terrorism and the illegal trafficking of firearms and explosives in the wake of November 13 Paris attacks ».

⇒ EU Commission Acts to Step up Fight against Terrorism (Sofia news)

Where the International Community got it wrong ?

Algerian Foreign Minister, Ramtane Lamamra, has delivered the unsurpassable Truth : qu’«une intervention militaire étrangère peut devenir une partie du problème et non une partie de la solution».

Military Intervention can be part of the problem and is not at all part of the solution as testified by the nightmare of Lybia. While Benghazi’s boys were dancing with Western guns, they failed to see the real target behind Lybia was Assad and the grabbing of the Golan Heights, already occupied partly.

Until Israel is back to its 1967 frontiers and conceed to handover the stolen land, going unpunished by the ICC and the international community siding at the UN, peace in the region is going to be an impossible task.

Yes History is full of examples of lands grabbing and mass killings of the people living there. This is a cultural pattern : land grabbing Israel didn’t invent. Before Israel, America, Australia and south Africa are noticeable examples of definitive expropriation of the original people. Israel is following in their footsteps. After all, the ICC is there, as another tool of Imperialism and colonialism to  jail African Leaders not other leaders from aggressive nations killing and displacing people by the millions.

International Justice and Peace ? When will the veto-right end ? Impossible to answer, as it is inconceivable.

Excerpt from El Watan.

Les risques d’une intervention militaire

Quatre ans après le renversement de Mouammar El Gueddafi, les pays du Maghreb et du Sahel en veulent d’ailleurs beaucoup encore aux Occidentaux. Ils considèrent que le chaos généralisé actuel aurait pu être évité si la situation avait été gérée autrement. Autrement dit, la Libye n’aurait pas été ce qu’elle est aujourd’hui si la communauté internationale avait laissé l’Union africaine régler la crise pacifiquement, comme elle avait proposé de le faire. Et El Gueddafi n’y était pas opposé.

C’est l’idée, en tout cas, que le ministre algérien des Affaires étrangères, Ramtane Lamamra, a défendue hier dans un entretien accordé au journal britannique The Independent. Il a soutenu que «l’intervention militaire étrangère en Libye a empêché les Libyens d’aller vers une transition pacifique». M. Lamamra considère, en outre, qu’«une intervention militaire étrangère peut devenir une partie du problème et non une partie de la solution».

Celle-ci, a-t-il affirmé, «augmente la probabilité d’activité terroriste et de déstabilisation dans les pays qui sont opposés à une telle démarche».


Affaire de l’avion militaire abattu en Turquie – Les mesures de rétorsion contre les Turcs se multiplient en Russie.

« Ouvriers turcs expulsés, hommes d’affaires interpellés, centre culturel fermé : une semaine après le crash d’un bombardier russe abattu par l’aviation turque, provoquant une grave crise diplomatique entre Moscou et Ankara, la communauté turque de Russie commence à ressentir les effets de la colère de Moscou ».


(1) Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg’s Donation to Charity a Ploy to Dominate Politics. Total Collapse and Zero Edge.

« There you go. As many expected, it appears this move is less about charity, and more about ensuring that Zuckerberg, the oligarch, is able to frame U.S. government policy in any way that he, and his billions, so desire ».

It appears Zuckerberg has carefully studied the Warren Buffet playbook

Tax dodging, the extra profitable game and gambling. Follow up this link over the 10 Corporate Tax Dodgers You Should Know About. recalled by Credo’s call not to use private debt collectors to collect delinquent taxes.

Plus, UK Launches First Syria Air Strikes.

Flash sur le monde. Et si l’Etat Palestinien c’était pour bientôt ! Time for a Palestinian State is APPROACHING.

album US 770
Je vois, je vois….hmm – Photo prise devant le Pentagone (Washington, DC)

Annonce d’un Etat Palestinien (7 min.)
Le leader du Hamas Khaled Meshal est en Afrique du Sud, sur invitation de l’ANC.
Il rencontrera le Président Jacob Zuma. Qui mieux que l’ANC, le libérateur de l’Afrique du Sud, sait à quoi ressemble une colonisation sauvage ?
Inutile de préciser que le PM Israélien est vert de rage. (Correction : Shimon Peres était Ministre des Affaires Etrangères.)

Ecoutez Radio silence. Le flashWorld.

Signature d’un protocole d’accord entre la Russie et les Etats-Unis sur la sécurité des opérations aériennes en Syrie – Moscou salue le mémorandum russo-américain (El Watan).

LEADING BY THE POWER OF EXAMPLE AND NOT THE EXAMPLE OF POWER (Joe Biden) – A message to the UN for the recognition of a Palestinien State. The UN must lead by the power of example contrary to the Jewish leadership by the example of Power.

From Oslo (1993) to 2015, a Palestinian State have been a long due but unfulfilled promise. As usual, PM B. Netanyahu has been unable to keep his words and his 1998 signature, on behalf of Israeli people. So who is the liar ? The representant or the people ? Who is the forfeiter ? Israeli people ? Jewish harsh and American politicians corruptor in America ? acting in tandem with Wall Street Big money ? The United Nations’ legendary incapacity ?

Listen Radio Silence, our WorldFlash.

Concerning the president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, whose nation has just signed a great compact of bilateral cooperation with the UK in London, his party, the ANC (African National Congress) helped during its fight for Apartheid’s liberation by Late President Gaddafi, has a revenge to take on the Israeli leadership behind the corrupt Lybian-no-fly zone voted on March 2011, by the UN’s assembly. It was a vote of Terror. In fact a gross Error that ignited fire in the region from Tripoli to Damas.

History has established that the then French President, Nicolas Sarkozy was the Initiator of the move. He quickly was joined by PM David Cameron to ask the croisade in Lybia. France was the first to throw bombs on Lybia and they stay in there until they killed Gaddafi, helped by a squad of death co-lead with the United States.


From the beginning of the intervention, the initial coalition of Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, Norway, Qatar, Spain, UK and US…

Read the chronology of  the events in 2011 military intervention in Libya (Wikipedia). An excellent article.

President Gaddafi agreed to bow (to step down as the rebellion mentors were asking) to only one mediation : the African Union. When that delegation came into Lybia to build that mediation, they were ousted by the so-called progressist rebels lying publicly and on purpose there were bombed by Gaddafi, accusing the AU for doing nothing in the first place. As a consequence the AU delegation, led by Jacob Zuma, has to go back home, as invited by the so-called progressist rebels unable today to form a gov of national unity between the two parts of them : the Tobruk parliament and the Tripoli one. Two Parliaments are ruling in Lybia. One in Tobruk has been legally voted and the other has not.

Nothing can prospere in Lybia right now.



Damas, Cairo, Tripoli, Teheran, have always been considered by Israel like  enemies. As such, they were first targets of the international community, entirely under Jewish obedience, through corrupt elections and awards mirroring each other inside a big game of lies, cheatings, mass medias manipulations, and others pawns placed at each corner of the roads around the World.

The hidden game’s ambition was to reinforce Israel and to support this terrible nation by all costs while demonising the Hamas as a terrorist group. Today, The Hezbollah is part of the coalition engaged in freeing the Syrians from Syrians rebels funded by the Israeli supporters and grooms such as the Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordania and the entire Western bloc.

Time for a Palestinian State is NOW. The UN’SG qualification of palestinians’ stones as « arms of despair » or « desperate » sounded so strange to hear. When you fight for your liberation, everything is justified and blessed, and, as such, it becomes a tool of HOPE.

Rose GardenToday, speaking from the Rose Garden at the WH, US Vice-President Joe Biden has declared he is not running for the 2016 presidency. Too short in time to organise the kind of campaign needed to find a path for victory. The Timing is important. As I was listening to him, it was kind of desolation to miss his presence during this campaign. But Bernie Sanders is echoing J. Biden’s words and wishes perfectly.


Among many strong sentences, I’ve picked this one up : Democratic candidates should run on Barack Obama’s legacy, to win. Obama is the power of example and not the example of Power. Times ago, I talked about this as those talking change instead of being the quintessence of it (1) ; instead of examplifying the change they are talking about.

It reminds me the reason why Democrats have lost the House Majority in 2012. Most of the candidates competed far away from president Obama’s agenda and they lost, because doing so, they succeeded in doing only one thing : digging beneath their feet.

The Opposition is not the enemy of the Majority. Joe Biden noted.

And then you got the Power of Hope for the next generation. How many parents can look into the eyes of their children today and tell them « tomorrow it is going to be allright » ?

The good news is Joe Biden is not going to keep silent, because « we are coming a long way and there is still a long way to go ».

So long then.

Starting with a State for the Palestinian, the sooner, the better.

(1) – Trader. Traitor. Razor and Defensor. After the debate, the debate.

ps. As Hillary is candidate for the US presidency, so are former president Nicolas Sarkozy and his foreign minister during the Benghazi catastrophe, Alain Juppe candidates for occupying Elysee Palace. Mr. Fillon, a Sarkozy PM is also on the starting blocks. The World of Politics is so small.

The good news in Frrance is there is an outsider named, François BAYROU. It will be his fourth participation in the race. He got a real chance in 2007. This time could well be His. The rose socialist carpet is empty : no credible candidate. Until then, many things can happen…

For instance, yesterday, the french sitting president tried to measure his popularity in a suburbian area (Saint-Denis, at la Courneuve). He was booed by the young people asking him to go  back to his Elysee Palace : « casse-toi ». I told you about this time ago…


Mr Bayrou fits the Joe Biden standard : leading by the power of example and not by the example of power. This is HIGH positive co-productivity, not its monkey’s formatage or compil. If you say « I need you », the  next day, you will see the monkeys paraphrase « We need your help ». Indeed. And this is the peak of the announce, We need you help for what please ? Then the answer : for the freedom project of ending slavery around the World. This is a mossad agencies speaking. The Slaver of Slavers. Some people know no shame : they are miserable for their permanent ill-intentions and distorsions.

The same are behind Hillary Clinton scandalous emails erase – in total fraud – and they are ignoring Bernie Sanders. Here is it : this election is not going to be made by the mainstream medias, those torturers and detractors of the truth. Candidates should check their own polls : this is a precious advice to Ms. Fiorina. Don’t believe any mainstream outlets polls. Much of them are paid for to manipulate the opinion by exaggerating the positive numbers of the candidate of the System and the status quo while minoring others.

For them to support unconditionally Hillary is tellingly of the degree of their compromission and subjection to the candidate. The Bildeberg order obliges them. Note that those billionnaires handling money to the candidates are in fact lending this money to them. Time for a payback will come after the elections. This is Hijacking.

The New Canadian Leader is ending the Canadian participation in the ISIS bombing campaign. Apparently, some bombs are thrown into the sand, totally blind to ISIS positions….as quoted here.


Now, what is the similitude between Mr. Sarkozy,  Juppe, Fillon and Hillary ? And the similarities between politicians, artists including porn and fashion, journalists and big multinationals ? They belong to the BILDEBERG UNDERGROUND HIDDEN AND PARALLEL WORLD POWER. In fact the true Example of (hidden) Power. Their iron rule over the World is implemented by public institutions working as Mossad agencies : mass medias, all the TV networks, the CIA, the FBI, the NATO, nearly all the world stage instances are subjected to the Bildeberg order. Needly to say Wall Street, Hollywood, AIPAC, the NRA are the visible part of the Iceberg.

In a book of mine, I named the process : Institutional clonage affecting :

  • the men and women chosen by the inner cycle,
  • the structures
  • the processes
  • the tools

Democracy ceases to be a democracy when counterpowers are eliminated and diversity erases. In other words, the Opposition is the essential part of a democratic regime. Opposition is there to fluidize power which tends to solidify in the hands of the Majority arrogance or abuses of power. It is in the human nature to override the powers into their hands. That is why power necessary corrupts. Bildeberg and all the clones participants are the perfect examples of confiscated powers used maliciously.


It is said that Qatar and the Emirates ? have founded the Lybian War, acting as Israeli proxies. After president Sarkozy’s tenure, he was frequently invited by the Qatar to deliver some conferences paid one hundred thousands dollars each. May be this was given as sign of acknowledgment. Who knows ?

From whereever you look instability in the region, Israel is everywhere behind with Bildeberg, the World hidden decisional underground center, ruling the World, out of the people sight, contrary to the rule of Democracy hereby HIJACKED LONG LONG TIME AGO STARTING IN THE 80’s on, with a peak in the 90’s, 2000’s when the medias entered the field of high propaganda back to the future ?

Ukraine is another reason why Syria was besieged by disloyal forces.  Why Ukraine ? Again, the US/Jewish coalition is implied in the coup that ousted Ianoukovitch illegaly.  Syria is at the center of that damned geopolitical big gamble from Ukraine to the Arab Spring, around Iran and Russia, the final targets after Assad.

Thanks God Assad’s regime has been able to resist and to thwart the Bildeberg World project of Slavery and jail. Heroic resistance indeed.

Syrian President, Assad was in Russia.

To end with Bernie Sanders have open a field office of campaing in Greenville – my pleasure -. This is the third office campaign in SC, after Charleston and Columbia.

List of participants at the last Bildeberg 2015 session. INTERESTING AND HIGLY INSTRUCTIVE.


Presently, there is a problem of double nationality denial awaiting them. Kabila the DRC is moving forward strong those latest day : double  nationality is now authorise, schools are free on charge, he has promised to bring power shortages to zero starting from January.

Many positive signs are out of DRC.

In Cameroon, things are still looking gloomy and sadly to say, president Biya is holding the nation back : Kribian port on the Atlantic Ocean has been sold out to Bollore, another Bildebergien, to the dismay of the Cameroonians who are going to see those big slavers stealing and robbing the nation again, in total impunity.

It is a big shame for ex french colonies including Senegal, Benin, Ivory Coast and so many where Bollore is holding the best of natural resources. That is how Boko Haram is getting some credit. What to do against the global Bildebergien spoliation ?

Foreign policy will be a big one during the final three debates opposing the nominees.

Athens under eurozone’s blackmail. Should I stay or should I go ? Greek dilemma. About Terrorism and Healing.

DSC_0079_-_Copie[1]On one hand, the Eurozone and the Golden Lords fighting to get their money back.

On the other, Greek’s leaders acting on behalf of their people. Cut short, THE PEOPLE OF GREECE fighting for their respiration.

The two sides are not looking in the same direction. Neither are they pursuing the same objectives. This is a deaf dialog. You can’t even call it a dialog, since the funders are putting a lot of pressure on the Greek PM Alex shoulders, for an immediate response.

Yet, the conditionnality is such a big deal for Athens that it was wise for the PM to call a referendum, in emergency, to let the people of Greece decide in conscience. The 5 July is the date of that referendum. You couldn’t do better than that.

On Saturday, this referendum was met by an ultimatum and a deadline from the eurozone’s negociators, calling upon Greece to meet it requirements on Tuesday, the 30th June. The message is clear : if at the end of this month, Greek is defaulting, then Greece should consider the deal off, meaning the end of its eurozone’s membership.

Nevertheless, Athens is going on with the referendum process. It is so important for the future of the people and, for this reason, any sensible man and responsible leader can understand the necessity of it : people easily cope with decisions they make by their own rather than those made by some people, far away, who are not going to face the heat of the consequences.

Proof of it is the EU has been built without the people consultation. Parliaments, under bankism (as a System) have been deciding for the people just to find out that, in the end, those parliamentaries are the first beneficiaries of the EU wealth, whereas the eurozone translates as a ZONE OF MASS POVERTY AND MASS UNEMPLOYMENT.

Neglecting the People was the original sin of the eurozone which took wrong decisions after ill decisions. This is Institutional Betrayal. The people of the EU didn’t sign in for that type of governance.

Apparently, Big Money or Macro Economy and Democracy are incompatible.


For Greek people, deadly impoverished, there is little to lose, walking away from the eurozone.

The question is : have they a lot to win staying in the eurozone ? What is that lot ? And when are they going to be there ?

The question bounces back into the future of the EU with the 2017 UK’s pending referendum which will be a game changer, a crucial moment.

What will be the EU without the UK ? And what about the Eurozone without Greece ? And Greece without the euro ?

To be or not the be. We need Shakespeare here.

As for Greece, Shakespeare would have advice : don’t be afraid of greatness. Greek Tragedy was a moment of Greatness. Athens should look back into its past to find Strenght, Knowledge and Inspiration.

May I say Grace ? Listen Nana Mouskouri performing that Grace amazingly.

Alternatively, there is this interpretation of freedom.


Read at Eurasianews why Roof’s terrorism at the Mother Emmanuel Church is just called a massacre and not « An Act of Domestic Terrorism ». Media Treatment of white terrorism in USA. By Habib Siddiqui.

One terrorism can hide another or many others.

1. When a white man kills black men, it is just a massacre and regrettable.

2. When those gangs of medias are commenting arabic or black terrorism, it becomes jubilatory. Not surprising… sexually, there is a real misery for many compensated by magazines’ images.

Proof of it, I’ve just unscribed from CNN. Guess what, they have been sending me shits in connection with their french mediatic inner circle support on cheating and blattant copying on me and other bloggers.

They just sent me something ending it with BFM, the master TV property’s stealing over VIVENDI. If you underlined it, they move on even further. Yesterday, they went into a publication of mine to steal a title. CNN did it before titling « the past, the present and the future ». BFM just found out that a politician woman is a politician man. (In French, les femmes sont les hommes comme les autres or une femme politique est un homme politique). CNN is going to impose me what BFM is saying. What for ? Zero interest, it is just a TV of pasting. We say in French « copier-coller ». Zero originality or self reflection. I’m not looking at this TV anymore. 


Today, french Sunday’s mass was aired from Saint-Etienne Church (France 2). Not only the mass was about my writings, they would like to show me how far they went in stealing the « Transatlantic traveling ». They are not alone.  Those nulls – I’m not talking about the Church that certainly was totally surprised – are lagging behind and following my ass like flies. Rats is better. Rats follow your footsteps.

Then you got that minister of education in France, another complete zero, who was chosen because she is arabic. Segolene Royal told her so publicly. Chosen to attract the Muslim vote, like flies. Chosen also to please Morocco, the new French Florida where French people are retiring in peace and in joy, while french people in France are asking immigrants to « go back to their countries » just like Roof voiced to his victims.

Each time I will write or say something, she will then find something to follow in. The pseudo-minister is so laughable. She went on with a word « pseudo-intellectuality » stolen from my summary of a book I first posted at Amazon « calling their reforms pseudo-reforms ». Today, she is out there parading on what I’ve been writing yesterday – can’t they read somebody else, those nothingness ? – She is discovering the power of « rumors » and finding something interesting to comment on.

I wish those people can bring something new in the debate instead of coming here to find things to talk about with their poisonous lips and minds. Be creative, bring new thinking.

She can’t even start underestanding how things are formated with her lost so-called reform also trying to paste the project of « Growing Citizenship » I launched and experimented inside a High School. (View La Voie Lactee –

She has just pasted what I did in this High School to try to implement it on a grammar school level. Copier coller again. And for yesterday’s french terrorism, I’m leaving nearby, in the neighborhood and she is thinking she can tell me about my territory. Rubbish. She has declared « she has underestimated « the power of rumors ». French socialists, the masters of lies and fuzziness are going to tell somebody about Truth : the World upside down.

So stupid. She can’t get two things :

– first of all, I have chosen to comment this event from the sayings of the people, in order to stage their emotions and opinions.

– Second, this is the best way to talk about, not the event itself or its consequences, but the causes and the origins.

What can she understand ? She is primary. And you call this Minister of Education. In France, everything is possible. Always be prepared to the Worst and the farce inside the Gov. This is the same touristic minister who was in charge of the Minister of City Governance, where nothing happened concretely. How do you conduct a policy of township  without implying THE VOICE AND THE FEELINGS OF THE PEOPLE ? Schitt.

In French we called people like the French Minister of Education, « l’Arabe de service » to make a clear distinction between larbins ready do ridiculise or sell their brothers out and the sane part of them. L’Arabe de service will always try to please white medias to be invited at the TVs shows, radios talks, etc… Those are people without personnality. Slavers happy to be enchained. Minister ? My ass. Ask french people what they think about this zero nomination.

And French taxis are paying to support that nullity and gangsterism.

Notice how CNN TV’s and elsewhere women have painted themselves in blonde and with a lipstick as red as possible to ressemble me. They have done this in support to their counterpart presstitute here in France.

Note : I will no longer cite a Presstitute outlet. I’m writing for the Free Citizens of the World and for a better leadership, not for the western corrupt press acting in band to threaten people like Terrorists they are.

Those zeros were out there, when everything was about entertainment, to distract people from their nullity. Now that they are naked, they are getting wild. This is the old Jewish inspired game : no competitor or we organise with the pseudo-politicians and bankists to kill that competitor. Ask Jazzy.





Starting from now, watch them and admire the art of Piracy and lack of inventivity combined =  vampirism. « Capitalize on it ! » is a (Scene property).

Now, the latest rumor is saying this : the boss of the killer was having an affair with the wife of the killer, working in the office, also. Another development. We don’t question the veracity of it. This is not the issue. The issue is, and I know the fact to be true, white bosses are fond of black and arabic ass. They wait the maids inside their office – during their service – and get sex with them in there. In  exchange of money. Sometimes, it becomes true love and the boss will really help the women to meet the ends. Women, maids, but not only, are dealing with this sexual demands/Harassments from the white bosses, as black women slaves had to do with their White Southern Slaver Master, 200 hundred years ago in America.

If they say « no » definitely, they are fired. In those days of jobs scarcity, it is a gun on their heads. A Damoclès sword.

That is the other reason why I titled yesterday SQF (Saint-Quentin-Fallavier) was the new plantations of Sugar American-style.

Again, it is not only the rumor which is to be considered here, but the « cathartic » function of free talk in unveiling hidden facts or untold realities.

The Catharsis is a Greek concept and practice whose aim is to apease a society allowing people to speak up everything they have in mind. In a sense, it is a collective therapy.

This brings another dimension to Greek’s Referendum.



A comfortable silence?

Friend —We’ve had to come together as a nation too many times to mourn after horrific acts of gun violence. And right now, it’s not good enough simply to show sympathy.We need to acknowledge that there’s more work to do — that these tragedies have become far too commonplace. This is a conversation that folks need to have, and organizers like you are the ones who will move it forward.

People across the country are stepping up, and OFA supporters and volunteers are working to prevent gun violence state by state and city by city —

As we take the time to heal in the shadow of this most recent tragedy, we have to ask ourselves what more we can do as individuals and communities to prevent guns from getting into the hands of dangerous individuals.

The lack of movement in Congress on this issue is incredibly frustrating. But their refusal to act won’t stop progress. Because of organizers like you, states like Washington and Oregon ​have introduced successful restrictions on gun purchases, like common-sense background checks.

No single reform will eliminate violence. But we can’t give up, or act like this is some kind of new normal. We have to make progress where we can, and OFA and other groups have a real path forward.

There’s much more to do — so join OFA in working for it.

I’m not giving up, and I hope you won’t either. Every voice​ is important.​

Thank you,

Barack Obama


El Watan is reporting on the lobbying already going on to replace Sepp Blatter by Michel Platini at the Head of the FIFA, to block the road to other non-european potential candidacies (read the ps about indulgences).

Germany, UK and France are hands by hands to fulfill that.

Read El Watan. What is behind Sepp Blatter’s demand of resignation ?

But hold on, the best is to come. Warner is Warning.

Jack Warner, former FIFA president, the man Sepp Blatter ousted from the super soccer structure, is warning : I will tell it all meaning the whole truth, only the truth, but the truth. Those days, I’m remembering my laws lessons freshly.

He is welcome.

Go to the CNN for the announcement. Will I say, for the annunciation ?

Sepp Blatter did a coup against Jack Warner. Now is his turn to face cynicism, uglyness and snakes.

The story of the Pandora Box is underway. Hold on. Apparently, Jack Warner is under an Interpol warrant arrest. And Qatar is in the crosshairs. London is ready to host the 2022 World Cup. Now is the time for Justice procedures. Within 7 years left, the game is wide open. Asian Football Federation is weighing in in favor of Qatar, a respectable world cup hosting nation, among others, they underpin.



Some years ago, Cameroon staged a similar spectacle of horror at a railway station, in a place known as Nsam Efoulan.


Texan Gov Rick Perry is candidate for a revenge over himself. He has declared « leadership is not speech, but what you have done ». Show me your accomplishments. I guess this is a hit for his opponent, Texan Senator Ted Cruz, the first to throw his Hat in the presidential bid.

Four years after his first presidential campaign was crushed by stump speech mishaps and a devastating debate gaffe, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry launched his second bid for the White House on Thursday.

« We don’t have to settle for a world in chaos or an America that shrinks from its responsibilities, » Perry said during a rally in an Addison, Texas, airport hangar.

Former Navy SEALs, veterans, and the widow of « American Sniper » Chris Kyle surrounded Perry as he spoke. His announcement expands the Republican field of presidential candidates to 10.

Get complete coverage of breaking news on CNN TV, and CNN Mobile.

Yesterday, « Former Rhode Island Governor Lincoln (1) Chafee, announces he is entering the presidential race, becoming the third Democratic challenger to Hillary Clinton.

Chafee, a former Republican and former senator, has been differentiating himself from fellow Democratic contenders by taking jabs at Clinton over her vote in Congress to authorize the war in Iraq ».

Lincoln like Abraham, one of my Savior cited in « I’m the Amtrak » Read here, despite apparition-disparition of the text in the front page. 

>>> CNN. « U.S. officials believe the recent hack of federal employee data could be the biggest breach ever of the government’s computer networks.

Officials initially said 4 million current and former federal employees may have had their personal information hacked. But the breach is beyond the Office of Personnel Management and Department of Interior, with nearly every federal government agency hit by the hackers, government officials say. An assessment continues, and it is possible millions more government employees may be affected.

American investigators say they believe they can trace the breach to the Chinese government ».


ps. Sorry for the « endless indulgences ». A chance and a blessing, some advertisers are learning elegant AND SMART words AND LANGUAGE like « Indulgence » here to oppose IT TO me. Ah ah ah. Thefts as heritage. My name is Jane. Listen how this first name is so inspiring right now and is going to be in the days ahead. When the time comes, you’ll know why ? But I suppose all the big sniffers already know why Jane will be so famous soon, etc…


By the way, when you rule systematic personal datas’ collection, would you mind being targetted ? It is the game and the rule : don’t do to the others what you aren’t ready to accept for yourself. US, UK, France are playing it like the rubbish people magazine. In France, one of those is stating today that « may be Michele Obama got a facial light plastic surgery for her 51st anniversary and this went untold ». When you reach this breach in personal life, led by rats sparing nothing to earn a living, the rat-style searching the dustbin  and families secrets and personal affairs, you are in the red zone.

What is the next stage ? Introducing themselves into the intercourses moments ? I suppose this is already the case. Governments would have been well-inspired to stop those birds of pray to continuing harming and hurting people. Instead, they are legalising the unacceptable. The consequence of it is a hit back or an anticipation. This is War, because it is Plain Insecurity.

Positive co-productivity is for public debate ; it is not the advertisers, sitting on the side of the public debate avenue to pick words here and there and go on commercially with this. This is unfair and disloyal business implying « intellectual property ».

FIFA corruption is not new. What about the Nobel Peace Price ?

First of all, Condolences to the Vice-president Joe Biden for the lost of his son Beau.

>>> « Beau Biden, son of Vice President Joe Biden, has died after battling brain cancer, according to a statement from the White House Office of the Vice President. He was 46.

Beau Biden formerly served as Delaware’s attorney general. He and his wife, Hallie, have two children » (CNN).

Secretary Kerry was in France ? 

>>> « U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry had a bicycle accident in France on Sunday and was taken by helicopter to a hospital in nearby Geneva, Switzerland, for examination, said State Department spokesman John Kirby. Kerry has been alert and conscious throughout, Kirby said ».

Get complete coverage of breaking news on CNN TV, and CNN Mobile.

Western Long Knives Out for FIFA’s Sepp Blatter? US Wants Russia’s Status as World Cup 2018 Host Rescinded

Global Research, May 29, 2015

A separate article discussed US Justice Department indictments against 14 current and former FIFA officials.

Blatter wasn’t named but isn’t out of the woods. US prosecutors indicated what’s announced isn’t “the final chapter. It is not over,” they said.

FBI Director James Comey indicated “work will continue until all of the corruption is uncovered and a message is sent around the world.”

Swiss Attorney General spokesman Andre Marty said Blatter “could be questioned. (E)very person involved in the allocation of the World Cups might be questioned.”

What’s going on appears more than what meets the eye. US officials want Russia’s status as World Cup 2018 host country rescinded.

Israel wants Palestinian efforts to suspend it from FIFA competition quashed – because of unacceptable abuses committed against its footballers.

Blatter may be today’s Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who was IMF managing director from November 2007 – May 2011. Washington wanted him ousted for urging austerity conditions imposed on countries receiving IMF loans be softened. He publicly opposed making ordinary people pay the price for financial crisis conditions caused by banksters and other corporate crooks. He was also favored to be elected French president over America’s choice.

He was set up, unjustly framed in a sex scandal. Washington got corporatist Christine Lagarde appointed IMF chief. Right-wing Nicolas Sarkozy became French president (*).

(*) read  : A left-wing opponent, largely outpassed by Dominique Strauss Kahn, François Hollande, became French president. Nicolas Sarkozy, the man behind DSK candidacy was downed by an international man-hunting campaign led by the medias worldwide corporation. As a firsthand witness of  this « political public and collective assassination », I seize at immediately, when the attempt started during the 2012 Obama 2 presidential campaign and knew how to respond. I just ask myself this : « where had I seen this operating fully before » ? Answer : in France. A hidden panel seems to be ruling democratic elections manipulating the people through the medias channels and puppets. Not only. DSK ambush is another tactic.

It is worth noticing, for the same invisible panel is presiding the Nobel Price Award – in exchange for what from the awardees ? That is the Question, Shakespeare would have said. « To Be or not to Be » converted either in advance or afterwards, recognizing « gay marriage », obliging anybody else to say « yes » through « hidden persuasion methods » including the use of mass medias to spread the « word » and to present it as « civil rights or progressive » ; Irish referendum apart.

Gay marriage is the visible aspect of the iceberg, that is why it matters. Being gay doesn’t ; it is a personal choice concerning freedoms. You got married before God and the People. When the people was not concerted, where is the validity of this marriage ? Mayors are outpassing their prerogatives – given by an election – with gay marriage attributions, Irish referendum apart. The Constitution is hijacked.

Tit for tat, FIFA’s inquiry and the desire to rescind the decision allowing Russia the World Cup 2018 had brought the corruption process over the 2009 Nobel Price Award forward, THE DAY AFTER. What is behind the 2009 Nobel price deal ? Gay marriage ? Attacking Syria ? Killing Colonel Gaddafi ? Invading Ukraine ?

Go ahead with Global Research reading.

Is history repeating? Instead of a sex scandal, its FIFA corruption with Washington overstepping by acting outside its legal jurisdiction.

FIFA officials charged aren’t US citizens. They don’t live in America. Blatter is a Swiss national. In June 1998, he was elected FIFA president.

He was reelected three times. He’s up for a fourth on Friday, May 29.

Britain’s Tory MP Damian Collins called him “the most despicable man in sport.” He urged new votes for 2018 and 2022 World Cup host nations – challenging current ones Russia and Qatar respectively.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron called for Blatter’s resignation. He supports his opponent – Jordanian Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein.

He’s FIFA vice president for Asia. He has close Western ties. In January, he announced he’d challenge Blatter for FIFA’s top post.

In response to US corruption charges, he said “(w)e cannot continue with the crisis in FIFA, a crisis that has been ongoing and is not just relevant to the events of today.”

“FIFA needs leadership that…accepts responsibility for its actions and does not pass the blame.”

European football association UEFA head Michel Platini called for Blatter to step down.

He wants Friday’s election postponed. So does French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius. Platini blustered “(w)e cannot continue like this.”

If Blatter is reelected he threatened UEFA would consider pulling national teams out of FIFA.

“(A) majority” of UEFA associations will vote for Ali,” he said, if elections proceed.

English Football Association (FA) chairman Greg Dyke said “Blatter has to go. He either has to go through a resignation, or…be out-voted or we have to find a third way.”

“(D)amage…done to FIFA…can’t be rebuilt while (he’s) there so EUFA has got to try to force him out.”

Credit card giant Visa said it would “reassess our partnership (if) swift and immediate steps to address (ongoing) issues aren’t taken. It stopped short of calling for Blatter’s resignation.

FIFA sponsors Adidas and Coca-Cola called for its reform. Hyundai Motor and Anheuser-Busch expressed concern. McDonald’s said it’s monitoring the situation.

Long US knives got Strauss-Kahn ousted on fabricated charges to install Washington’s favorite.

FIFA corruption isn’t new. Is Blatter heading for the same fate using extrajudicial FBI indictments as a pretext?

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at [email protected]. His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.” Visit his blog site at Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network. It airs three times weekly: live on Sundays at 1PM Central time plus two prerecorded archived programs.

US prosecutors indicated what’s announced isn’t “the final chapter. It is not over,” they said.


Where the Hell is this World heading ? Is anybody in command or are we embarked in another TITANIC BOAT LIKE ?

Higlights. ISIS and the SEC.

How is the Power of silence doing today ? And Yesterday ? What about tomorrow ? What is the end of the road ? Here is a brief roundup.

First of all, concerning SEC Nomination.

Credo. « President Obama is poised to nominate two new commissioners to the powerful Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), but according to reports his shortlist consists of two corporate lawyers with no track record of being Wall Street reformers.1

If the president wants to show he’s serious about cracking down on fraud and abuse, he needs to pick a nominee like current SEC Commissioner Kara Stein. Known as “Elizabeth Warren’s ally on the inside,” Stein is the one SEC commissioner who hasn’t been afraid to take on big banks, and had a proven track record of reform before being nominated.2

But instead, SEC Chair Mary Jo White is reportedly pushing President Obama to help “dilute Stein’s influence” by appointing someone closer to Wall Street.3 We need to speak up before President Obama makes his decision – and demand another nominee just like Commissioner Stein.

Tell President Obama: We need Securities and Exchange Commissioners who represent Main Street, not Wall Street. Click here to sign the petition.

Petition to President Obama:
« Nominate strong, independent voices with proven records of reform to fill the two open seats on the Securities and Exchange Commission, looking to current Commissioner Kara Stein as the model of a tough reformer who puts Main Street first. »

Add your name:

Sign the petition ►

Second.  Another train-wreck on the Horizon. Read the Global Research and get the confirmation of the Amtrak car crash-like reported in our previous post.

From Global Research. Newly-Declassified U.S. Government Documents: The West Supported the Creation of ISIS.

In other words, the powers supporting the Syrian opposition – the West, our Gulf allies, and Turkeywanted an Islamic caliphate in order to challenge Syrian president Assad.

Sure, top U.S. generals – and vice president Vice President Joe Biden – have said that America’s closest allies support ISIS.  And mainstream American media have called for direct support of ISIS.

But the declassified DIA documents show that the U.S. and the West supported ISIS at its inception … as a way to isolate the Syrian government.  And see this.

This is a big deal.  A former British Army and Metropolitan Police counter-terrorism intelligence officer and a former MI5 officer confirm that the newly-released documents are a smoking gun.

This is a train wreck long in the making.

 Go to Global Research for the whole story. Here is the press review.

Benghazi Scandal: Obama Administration Knew Weapons Were Being Sent to Al-Qaeda in Syria, New Documents Show

Judicial Watch

The DOD documents also contain the first official documentation that the Obama administration knew that weapons were being shipped from the Port of Benghazi to rebel troops in Syria.

America is Behind ISIS: Washington Confesses to Backing « Questionable Actors » in Syria

Tony Cartalucci

Looking at maps recently produced by the Western media and Western policy think tanks, it can be seen clearly that Al Qaeda/ISIS is streaming out of NATO and US ally territory, forming up in these two safe havens, and aimed both at the Syrian government and Iran.

Newly-Declassified U.S. Government Documents: The West Supported the Creation of ISIS

Washington’s Blog

The government just produced documents to Judicial Watch in response to a freedom of information suit which show that the West has long supported ISIS.
US and Allies have Created a Transnational « Islamist » Terrorist Network, Head of Russia’s Military Intelligence (GRU)The Saker

With financial and military assistance from Washington and its allies, rendered in order to eliminate the regime in Syria, unwanted by the West, the ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’ and ‘Jabhat al-Nusra’ were created.

« The Islamic State » (ISIS) is Made in America: The Pentagon had Planned the Fall of Mosul and Ramadi in 2012

Steve Chovanec

Despite the fact that the rise of an Islamic State was predicted to have dire consequences for Iraq, including the fall of Mosul and Ramadi, support from the US-coalition to the Syrian opposition continued to manifest, leading to the conclusion that this was either the expressed intent, or an accepted byproduct of these policy decisions.

US-Supported Islamic State Terrorists Seize Palmyra

Stephen Lendman

Syria is Obama’s war – naked aggression by any standard using IS and other takfiri terrorists as US proxy foot soldiers.


When we were advocating for Syria, we were far from knowing all this and how the issue was so important to America. Sorry.  The question is What is Syrian leader crime apart from the grotesque Western pretense characterizing any leader against their Imperialism as a Dictator. According to the narrative, Lybia was a dictatorSHIP. So was Saddam Hussein killed without a serious motive. Some are deeply regretting now.Nevertheless,  Assad is still in the Western crosshairs. It becomes Shakespearien to distinguish the Terrorists from the Others. Crossfires.

Where the Hell is this World heading ? Is anybody in command or are we embarked in another TITANIC BOAT LIKE ?

This was not what I was expecting to speak about today…

Goodluck félicite son adversaire pour sa victoire aux présidentielles – Lufthansa fait son mea culpa – Coup d’envoi de l’Election Britannique.

Le Ciel nous envoie deux cadeaux planétaires.

1. Germanwings 9525. CNN rapporte que « Lufthansa says it knew in 2009 that Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, had suffered from « previous severe depression. »

La responsabilité de la compagnie était plus qu’établie.

2. Nigeria. L’Afrique embrasse la démocratie. Respect au président Nigérian qui félicite son adversaire au lieu de tripatouiller les suffrages. Félicitations au Président Nigérian sortant. Lire aussi notre billet précédent ici-même. VICTOIRE COLLECTIVE.  ON A TOUS A Y GAGNER. AFRICA JE T’AIME.  NIGERIA I LOVE YOU PEOPLE.

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan phoned rival Muhammadu Buhari to congratulate him on victory, says Buhari’s party.

*Get more from CNN International – Log on to: for the latest news.

Le nouvel homme fort s’appelle Muhammadu Buhari – Lire son portrait chez CNN (photo). Who is Nigeria’s Muhammadu Buhari? Son mot d’ordre était « la corruption ou le Nigéria : il n’y a pas de place pour les deux ».

Story highlights

  • Muhammadu Buhari is a 72-year-old retired major general from Daura, northern Nigeria
  • Buhari led Nigeria from 1983 to 1985, coming to power and leaving power through coups
  • Against a backdrop of violence in the North, he has vowed to make security a priority
 Selon CNN, Muhammadu Buhari, a dirigé le Nigéria en tant qu’homme fort du pays pendant les dictatures militaires dans ce pays entre 1966 et 1999. Arrivé au pouvoir par un coup d’Etat en 1983, mettant fin au règne très bref d’un gouvernement populaire civil. En Août 1985, il fut chassé du pouvoir à son tour, par un autre coup d’Etat.

Les 20 mois au pouvoir de Buhari sont inscrits dans la mémoire comme les mois d’une « guerre contre l’indiscipline ». Ce qui ne pouvait être possible qu’avec une dose de ce que les opposants considéreront comme un abus d’autorité, apparemment. Non respect des droits civiques dirait-on aujourd’hui et de la liberté des gays de se marier. Je plaisante pour la dernière proposition. Le gouverneur de l’Indiana (US) est sur la sellette pour une énième revendication de lois anti-discrimination des gays…

Buhari a 72 ans. L’effet Boko Haram a certainement joué en sa faveur.

 Un général des armées c’est mieux qu’un civil, en temps de guerre.

Et puis, il y a une loi non écrite dans ce pays : celle de l’alternance automatique qui exige qu’un Chrétien succède à un Musulman et vice-versa. Cette photo de CNN qui me pardonnera l’emprunt, parle d’elle-même : avantage à la Gandoura.

Nigerian economy weighs on voters' minds
Nigerian economy weighs on voters’ minds

Cette année, poursuit CNN, 1,000 civils sont tombés sous les coups de Boko Haram, indique Human Rights Watch. La violence continue au Nord-est du pays a placé la sécurité à jeu égal avec la corruption et l’économie en haut de l’agenda de cette élection.

En savoir plus, suivez le lien.

3. BONUS. Cameron a lancé la campagne pour les élections générales qui désigneront le prochain PM. Il a présenté la démission de son gouvernement à la Reine, hier. Ce qui signifie que le Parlement britannique est dissous jusqu’à l’élection du nouveau parlement issu du prochain scrutin du 7 Mai et à sa convocation le 18 Mai. Le 27 Mai inaugure officiellement le nouveau mandat du Parlement.

Coup d’envoi de la campagne électorale au Royaume-Uni.

Voici les enjeux de la campagne britannique présentés par CNN.

De retour de Buckingham Palace, le premier ministre s’est adressé aux médias – qui l’attendaient – au 10 Downing St., en ces termes : « la Grande Bretagne était au bord de la rupture lorsqu’il est entré en service. Bien sûr, nous n’avons pas  tout réglé, mais la Grande Bretagne est de nouveau en état de marche ». Il a ajouté que la Grande Bretagne doit faire face à un choix difficile dans 38 jours. Le prochain premier ministre qui traversera cette porte sera moi ou Ed Miliband du parti travailliste.

« Vous pouvez choisir une économie qui croît, qui crée des emplois, qui génère l’argent pour financer et améliorer notre système de santé le NHS (National Health Service) … et un gouvernement qui supprimera les impôts pour 30 millions de ceux qui travaillent dur… ou alors choisir l’économie du chaos de la Grande Bretagne de Ed Miliband ».

« Après cinq années d’efforts et de sacrifices, la Grande Bretagne est sur la bonne voie. Cette élection consiste à aller de l’avant et, en tant que PM ici au Number 10, c’est ce que je ferais ».

Labour: ‘Clear and present danger’ – Le parti travailliste parle d’un danger manifeste.

Miliband a lancé le Manifeste du Business des travaillistes ce Lundi, en indiquant qu’un second mandat des Conservateurs constituerait une menace pour l’appartenance de la Grande Bretagne à l’UE. Ce qui constitue un véritable danger pour les entreprises britanniques et pour la prospérité.

« Il y a deux visions du futur en option à cette élection », selon Miliband. « Poursuivre avec le Plan des Conservateurs sur l’idée que aussi longtemps que les plus riches et les plus puissants gagnent, tout le monde gagne ou choisir le plan des travaillistes, un meilleur plan qui dit que c’est uniquement lorsque les travailleurs gagnent que la Grande Bretagne gagne ».

Miliband a aussi fait référence à la déclaration de David Cameron du 23 Mars selon laquelle les Conservateurs ont exclu de solliciter un troisième mandat de premier magistère avant l’élection qui décidera s’ils auront éventuellement un second mandat à ce poste, ajoutant à cela cette autre idée que les Conservateurs seront en compétition sur qui se montrera le plus extrême sur l’Europe, tant ils sont hostiles à l’UE.

Coalition partner – Alors Nick Clegg ?

Allié de Cameron, en tant que vice premier ministre dans un gouvernement de coalition et à la tête des Libéraux Démocrates, Nick Clegg n’a pas la partie facile. Il affirme pourtant la différence de son parti en disant ceci :

« Pour la première fois depuis, les libéraux démocrates vont à cette campagne avec un bilan sur leur action au sein d’un  gouvernement dont ils peuvent être extrêmement fiers ». a-t-il déclaré ce lundi. « Nous avons conservé le gouvernement au centre et prouvé que nous sommes le seul parti qui peut construire une économie solide et une société plus juste ».

UK ‘tea party’

Pour l’UKIP qui a chipé les voix aux Conservateurs et fait un score remarquable aux Européennes, c’est une première fois. On attend de voir comment ils vont s’en sortir le 7 Mai, car certains des électeurs de ce tea party à la britannique ont surtout fait un vote de protestation et il se peut bien qu’ils retournent à leurs bases d’origine : le Labour et les Conservateurs, lorsque les enjeux sont plus importants.

A noter que le parti veut la sortie du  Royaume de l’UE.

Lundi UKIP leader Nigel Farage tweeted: « UKIP is the party of real change for real people. If you #VoteUKIP on May 7th, you’ll get MPs willing to hold the government to account. »

L’UKIP est le parti du vrai changement pour le vrai peuple. Si vous votez pour UKIP le 7 Mai, vous aurez des parlementaires prêts à demander au gouvernement de rendre des comptes. Tweet de Nigel Farage.


On se souvient du référendum sur l’indépendance de l’Ecosse. Cette élection pourrait aussi avoir comme un parfum de revanche avec une inconnue :Pour qui penchera la balance ?

Les Britanniques ont jusqu’au 20 Avril pour s’enregistrer au vote.