Charleston. Expressions of sympathy (and joy) is not enough.

On Friday, president Obama’s tweet was succinct and focused.

Each time there is a rampage in America, the same scenario consisting on appealling for peace, unity, forgiveness, love, clemency, prayers and MLK non-violence prescription calls, are aired to sickness. Whether hypocritical or sincere people are OK with the endless rhetoric repeated to the point of reaching insignificance,  is not the problem.

In fact it is.

The issue is how long will those scenes continue ?

Why is America the only developed nation encountering this repetitive monstruosity ?

How to fix that, for it has to be fix. This time, the scale of horror needs an answer. What is that which is going to cut the problem from its roots.

President Obama blamed it on Republicans refusal to vote « guns controls » advocating « may be this would not prevent Charleston, but at least, it could have prevented others crimes ».


Today’s Emmanuel post-mortem mass was heavy and full of emotions. I knew beforehand the Church will feel attacked or demonised with my words : « prayers are not enough or forgiveness is inappropriate here ».  I was sure they are going to move up onto their feet to retaliate. It wasn’t necessary to focus on this. I could guess the message of love to fight hate and the Refuge and Strenght was upcoming.

Oh my God !  It becomes really interesting.

First of all, I’m not the Church. Their mission is to preach love for hate and to bring people to God or at least to know Him, whether they chose to believe in Him or not.  That mission was not the issue. This was and is a black issue, don’t get confused. As such, it is also a Political one. I wrote it at the very beginning. Quote : « This is a Political crime, contrary to the Evidence ». The Church got involved into this messs, just because it happened to be – this time – the scene of crimes. Something quite unusual to notice.

The sanctuarisation of the Church has been trampled upon. This is a question mark I won’t comment.

The Church mission of healing remains intact. People come to Church to find answers to their problems. They research the peace of mind. They can even fix their problems of soul-searching. That the Church is there to strenghten the people feeling weakeness, boredom or fatigue goes without saying.

In this sense, the Church or God can be a Refuge and our Guide through the Valley of Death. I can’t oppose that and it is not my Role to do so, neither my desire.

The problem is not the Church, but its place inside the life of people. Preaches have given their lifes to God. This is a different topic.

The problem with black people, in France, in Africa with the « Born again churches », and as the looks of things – sorry, I’m not going to please the worshipers, brothers and sisters – is the interpretation of this Refuge somehow overstretched to the point of walling the Church from the Real Life.

Just one thing and I will let the time for burials. How the passion seen in the Church today – I thought the Pastor would collapse at a certain point for over energy and strenght – I’m joking, this is not the time, sorry – translates after crossing the door of the Church, back to Reality. In America, and perhaps I’m wrong here, the Church comprises and engulfs the Real Life of much of the people. There is something important here, a real change compares to the place of the Church during the MLK generation, for instance.

Yes, « Prayers have the power of changing things ». It is an indirect process. Prayers change the men and women who are going to act for those changes. Otherwise – when things start changing alone, we enter the domain of Miracles. Some would say ‘no, it is the grace of Lord flowing through prayer’.  I’m not pretending to be right or not, I am preoccupied to cutting the line of pertinence for a better understanding, approach and resolve of the issue.

The benefits of the exercice are for everybody to share in many ways and places.

I’m afraid, and again, I may get it wrong, the Church is a confortable place to be, because God also said He has given us all the tools to face the evil and the obstacles in our lifes and the power to march on snakes and scorpios ». That is why we were conceived at His Image. What we need to fulfil the program, meaning to take the mission of realising our destiny, is Faith.

Faith to act outside the Church, in our ordinary every day life.

As for Joy, it is the essence of co-positivity in life. In a sense, when you are in joy and moved with love, you are positive and constructive and you can even displace mountains. So what are africans americans worshipers complaining ? They should be making it. What is missing ? Are we going to wait « the grace of Lord » ? We are getting to the point.

There is a principle in communication, let’s say in Sciences, given by Watzlawick in « The Reality of the Reality ». It concerns Togetherness.

« To be understood by the other, we need to understand the other. » [« Pour être compris de l’autre, on a besoin de comprendre l’autre] This is where my narrative comes in. In a sense, I’m already anticipating and giving them clues and some sorts of guidelines apparently absent in their agenda, sort of memo for the next steps.

How much of knowledge Africans-Americans, and Africans alike, have on « that other ». Naturally, « the other »  is not a stranger, or an enemy. The problem got even complicated to Africans-Americans, because of the fog over their past and  roots.

The road out of the tunnel for africans-americans remains fuzzy, if they don’t open their minds up to the Real World. Excuse me to say this.

Now, I’m absolutely aware of the Huge FIGHT to get out of Slavery africans americans have endured in the past and, I also recognised they have come a long way, and may be, they need to pause. When they start moving anew, they should  consider not to rely indefinitely on MLK non-violence patrimony , while the Evolution is in March.

Still America is not a racist nation. This does not exclude pockets of resistance like Charleston. The debate is getting interesting.

Read our previous posts related on the event for more specifications.

[Pope Francis has prayed before the Shroud of Turin today]. Great to see that. It reminds me of the press conference 2 March 2017 in Paris over the subject. I organised the events and edited a very interesting press dossier sent to all the french medias – few came. At the time, Professor Lucotte Gérard, a Geneticien, who discovered the chromosome Y was persona non grata by the media, due to his far-right appartenance. Today, he would have been a King.

The press conference was about the progress of his research on the Shroud and came after a new book publication. Professor Lucotte is one of the exceptional scientific who got a piece of it for deep studies. The platform of researchers on the authenticity of the Shroud worlwide is impressive.

Read here. The event was staged by UNEC. Union of european and christians nations.

Here, in the county I’m residing in, Isère département, you have a replica of the Shroud inside a small chapel in Monastère de la Chartreuse. Also impressive. When you see the Shroud, it looks like the skeleton is going to rush out of the clothe and comes to greet you hello. The effect comes with the special lightening design. If you still need to be convinced  of the resurrection as a fact and reality, visit the site and the chapel of the Monastère in Isère (France).

The Earth is flat. isn’t it ?


The day after, SC Gov. Nikki Haley is calling to move the flag from the Capitol.