CNN polls and Co were plain wrong in New-York. Medias polls are simulacres.

Rose GardenOh Yes, now we are getting the picture of the already set « Hillary victory pack », before the race even started.

The medias, some politicians and Wall Street billionnaires bowing down to The Hidden Master, always on the run somewhere underground, have promised her to take every lawless way to get her elected.

Watch the process of self-groundless electability organisation:

  • A chameleon candidate, holding up the presidential campaign to avoid a federal investigation on a State’s scandal to stifle -namely the « hidden email private pack affair » and the « Benghazi’s attack » ; both culminating in one.

Second, some politicians at hand, ready to cheat on the voters rights using a subterfuge : polls suppression the federal gov should condemned and sanctioned to avoid election turning into a simulacre.

Baudrillard, a french philosopher has written a book over the new era of simulacres ruling the World nowadays.

We are witnessing the end of this pitiful ERA of travesty and pastiches looking like something.

To cheat an election in plain sight, you need a chameleon candidate ready to throw tears of crocodile or to cry out web’s bullies,

Then fraudulent medias, led by the big four you know, to build up lies after lies.

Plus politicians ready to lead street ambushes and to strip polls stations and voters from their Constitutional rights and duties.

Plus some colleagues such as the MCC (from the State Departement) to come and give a helpful hand to the cheatings.

CNN and the entire mediatic class were on knowledge of the organised fraud by the State. This is first.

To accomodate the fraud and to lie to the entire World and to the people, they had to publish wrong polls telling Clinton is leading on Sanders. The big surprise was, their lying storytelling about the lead widening as the vote was coming closer. This was contrary to every evidence regarding the people effervescence and fever around Bernie Sanders rallyes in NY.

The more you say Clinton is leading or widening her lead, the more you set it as an evidence, the more, afterwards, the whole scam diminishes the fraud, should it be revealed. The cheaters would always say : « it makes no difference, after all, Clinton was leading  the polls ».

Thus the perfect hold-up. The medias and their fabricated polls, on one hand, and on the other, politicians organizing a suspect election, are abusing the people and substituting themselves to the People. Shit.

…and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. – Abraham Lincoln.

Concerning Yesterday Ohio shooting, actually, I’m reading a  magazine (by le Monde) over American presidents. The magazine is opened on FDR. The page is praising the big projects of infrastructures launched, conducted and supervised in person by President Roosevelt, namely equipment on the valleys of the Tennesse, Ohio, Mississippi. In total, 20 dams on construction, and about 1,000 kms of waterways were built there. The picture of the president visiting a site, on April, 8th, 1935 at Bonneville (Oregon) is illustrating the comment.

Surprise, the shooting happened in the Ohio, enlisted in the magazine lying on my desk, the same day we knew the New York electoral shaming process. Yesterday. Who is bullying who and who is the bullying organisation ?

I told you about invisible guns going visible. Those are more of the same people and masters of crimes and frauds.

Bottom line, contrary to the evidence, mass shootings are not there at random ; an organised mob is leading those so-called psychologic fragile mass shooters, like robots remotely guided.

Mitt Romney polls were wrong all along the 2012 presidential race.

Today, it is Clinton’s turn to follow the guerilla street simulacre.

WCPSanders is 100+ Class and High to say ‘backing Clinton in this race is a two-streets way’.

I approve this powerful and clear message. That goes without saying, according to the evidence.

Politics is not a Simulacre or a Spectacle.


Tell Google and Microsoft not to sponsor Trump’s hate in any bathroom inside American homes. When a candidate is telling his mediatic friends that his wife can bathe in any bathroom ; he is joking with the law. A theft can not come back to lecture you on what he discovered inside your privacy where he should never be in the first place. This is how the presidential function has been diminished to a jungle scenario or on to a bathroom theatre or a porn movie, sometimes into a dance floor, or a red carpet of endless propaganda, year after year.

Politics is not a reality show.

Trump is his best enemy and sometimes so vulgar.

There is a saying :when you show the moon with your finger, the wise looks at the sky, while the fool looks at your finger. The medias always look at the finger. A president-to-be looks at the sky. Aiming High.


« The Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act almost three years ago, and Republicans haven’t looked back. 

They’ve passed law after law to block votes – PROGRESSIVE VOTES.

his is not who we are. Americans believe in one person, one vote – not one party GAMING THE SYSTEM to block votes it doesn’t like. 

There is too much at stake for Dems to sit back while extreme Republicans trample over our basic right to cast a vote. Social Security, women’s rights, the future of the Supreme Court are all at risk – unless we step up RIGHT NOW ». 

Voter Protection Project (dga) irony.



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The society of spectacle is trying to sell the story of a straight Prince, whereas he and Michael were gay first. Why that simulacre of Prince being in couple ? Yes, Elton John was married with a woman before assuming his homosexuality openly. He got that second marriage with his boyfriend. No problem. Michael Jackson was married twice with some white impossible children, but this is it. The simulacre ended at his death. His children will remain his. From there to advocate he died for an overdose of conventional medicines, something is wrong with the storytelling of Prince’s death. The autopsy will tell ???

I retain the excellent show performer and its Purple Rain. Pure magic. Prince was a truly singer and musician. Now, we have more body movers first and plenty of noise. Prince instinctive scene-capture and scenography is shivering. An exceptional danser.

May be rock’s bands are best musicians, singers and performers. See Queen.

Kiss. Another Great. By Prince with this  unmatchable gay’s voice and confession. Prince clips were neat, refined and artistic. His secret weapon was frugality.

Usher and Alicia Keys also got that secret weapon: Delicacy. Tenderness.

It reminds me about Amy Winehouse death. Drugs and talent.

I’m sorry, I can’t name all the musicians, this is not the purpose here. Please, don’t look at me with raising eyebrows. You all earn your excellency.

Boney M. My Baker, woo ! Something in common with Prince. Rivers of Babylone – Unforgettable. Raspoutine. Daddy Cool. Performer were engaged at this times. Courageous and free. Today, they sing and dance besides the real World. Boney M and Prince were twins at a distance.


Bernie Sanders for President

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Together, we are the most powerful force for change in American politics today. Our political revolution has already forced a former U.S. Senator and Secretary of State to change her mind on matters as critical as international trade, the Keystone Pipeline, and the federal minimum wage. And with every vote and every victory, we grow stronger. That’s why I have to ask:

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The New York Times reported that just this week the Clinton campaign « hosted hundreds of bundlers » at a Manhattan hotel to « focus on bolstering her fund-raising for the contest against Mr. Sanders. » Her millionaire and billionaire backers are still fighting, because for them our campaign is about more than an election — our success threatens their way of life. That’s why the head of Goldman Sachs said Bernie is « dangerous. »

He is right. We are dangerous for Wall Street and the billionaire class of this country. And with every contribution, every vote, and every delegate, we become even more powerful. That’s why your contribution matters.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
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