Dallas, American Zero Justice System and the NATO’s summit in Varsaw.

First, there were the emailgate outcome and the Minnesota outright murder plus Louisiana.

Then Dallas.

The USA’s Trifurcated Legal System – OpEd

« The system is trifurcated: there is effectively one set of rules for the great mass of white, middle-class citizens; another set for blacks, Mexicans, and poor whites; and, most notably, another set for the powerful and connected members of the ruling elite ».

It is not a justification, but an explanation : Dallas violences look like an exasperation of the American people with members of establisment immune of crime. Self-Justice could well be the future of this Criminal Justice system original sin.

⇒The emailgate. How the elite escapes the realms of legality with institutional dispensation.

⇒ Plus Web of deceit.

Plus. Israeli Poll Finds Strong Support For Annexing West Bank, Denying Palestinians Rights – OpEd

Denying others people rights with the support of the international community. Yeah !

⇒ At Their Own Peril, Americans Are Fuzzy On History – OpEd

Hence Orlando. Calls for transformational changes are in question today at Orlando, inside the Democratic Party. Read below.

Meanwhile the NATO is holding a summit in Warsaw (Poland), Russian next door. If the summit is set to reflect on terrorism, the first cause of terrorism around the World is Zero International Justice.

One zero (American Criminal Justice) for another zero (International Justice) leads to criminality inside and terrorism outside and vice versa.

U.S. to send 1,000 rotating troops to Poland, Obama says

« By using rotating battalions, the U.S. is technically living up to a 1997 treaty with Russia that prohibits « additional permanent stationing of substantial combat forces » in eastern Europe, while reassuring Poland and other NATO allies that it has a « solemn, binding » duty to help defend them ».

This is a fabulous exercice of duplicity and deceit : how to betray your own commitments right away.

⇒NATO Leaders Agree to Deploy Four Battalions to Poland, Baltic States

At the first working session on Friday, the leaders agreed to bolster the collective deterrence and defence capabilities of the Alliance.

They decided that Canada will lead the battalion in Latvia, Germany will be in charge of the one in Lithuania, the UK will be responsible for the battalion in Estonia and the USA will lead in Poland.



The Federal Reserve must work for the public, not just Wall Street.

The Federal Reserve is the most powerful economic policymaking institution in the country that is supposed to protect the economic well-being of all Americans.

But has far too often the Fed has pursued policies that favor wealthy interests over working families.

There’s a simple reason why: The big banks and financial institutions that the Fed is supposed to oversee literally own the Federal Reserve System, and dominate the Fed’s leadership.

This week, the Democratic Party’s platform drafting committee is meeting to finalize the Party’s platform for the next four years.

This is our chance to make the Fed accountable to the public again and ensure its policies actually support its mandate to foster full employment for all.

Click here to sign on to The People’s Fed and to make our agenda part of the Democratic Party’s platform.

The financial crisis left many of our communities devastated, and, years later, workers are still struggling to recover what they lost.

And income inequality is only getting worse – a new study shows that income inquality between the top 1% and the bottom 99% is the highest in US history.1

Yet despite these unsettling realities, Wall Street-backed Fed policymakers continue to claim we are “near full employment,” and are pushing to raise interest rates.

In a true full employment economy, wages would be growing, millions of part-time workers would be able to find a full-time job, and existing racial and gender disparities in unemployment and pay would be reduced.

With millions still struggling, the Democratic Party platform should lay out a clear plan for how our economy will return to full employment, and what structural changes must be made to ensure that America’s central bank supports that objective.

Join us to demand the Democratic Party puts full employment back into its platform and call for “A People’s Fed.”

In solidarity,

Kate and the team at Watchdog.net



The Democratic Party must make full employment and a publicly accountable Federal Reserve key aspects of its platform this year. Tell the DNC: Make the People’s Fed agenda part of the Democratic Party’s platform!

1. CBS News, “The rich get richer, and the poor get…,” July 4, 2016.