UK. David Cameron is the Lion of London. Scottish you know I love YOU. Burundese, calm down.


Without surprise, Cameron has eaten up his opponents.

Yes, it was clear that Cameron will come up in first position. Whether this stems from his record or for the lack of alternative, the result is HE IS THE BOSS.

Lib dems positioning was blocked by the tiny shooting angle left between the Tories and the Labour. The only strategy for them would have been to assume their entire responsibility in backing and operating inside the coalition, for the best and for the worst.

Ed Miliband, going frenchy and a Hollandist’s groupie  – read the French presidential rafale here – was doomed to fail. Actually, France is not an example to follow or to praise and support. It may even be the exact opposite : stay far away from France and you’ll survive. Should I add stay far away from the European Union facing waves of migrants boats due to Schengen totally blind unconsciousness, « Hiding heads in the sand » ?

Schengen is a Big Failure Design. A Broken Veil. It has open a pandora box (3).

Cameron is going to ask this to the British people in two years time. Book the date on your agenda : 2017. It will be a great moment of truly democracy again.

Talking about a vibrant democracy, Scottish National Party has got its revenge on the referendum and Alex Salmon is certainly a very happy man today. He finally got the success he was looking for… after a resignation. In French, there is a saying: when you think you have lost it all, this is where you finally win.

Because of our implication in Scottish matters during the Scottish referendum debate seeking independance from Westminster, we share the huge success of the SNP and praise the excellent candidate. A woman. Nice.

As for Nigel Farage, the miraculous european election outcome simply vanished into the sand. But the man is sympathetic : during the first debate, I really enjoyed the moment he said « politicians never had a real job ».

Everything is ending well in Great Britain and the Union Jack is saved. So is the Queen.

With zero unemployment rate and lower business charges, UK has seemingly found the road to growth. In the meantime, in France, unemployment is skyrocketing, no jobs creation in the horizon because of zero economic policy, business creation is down and many of those existing are closing doors, companies are suffering a need of cash, the way for a loan or a credit for entrepreneurs remains cloudy… Charges are the highest in the world… Selling Rafales to Qatar is the essential line of the foreign trade ; the trade balance is deficitary. How could Ed Miliband won anything, taking this France as a model ? Did Ed Miliband hear about  French soldiers sexually molesting young children in Central Africa, in exchange for food and water? Poor and black people ass are good and juicy for white fuckers who are crazy of them.

Bemol, the idea consisting in blocking rent increases is not that bad for a city – London – known as being one of the costly in the World, along with New York – even New Jersey, I was told recently – to reside. There is an important question to tackle here : by how far should we let rents increase go ? Housing matters a lot, for it can be caused for more wild repartition of the people between the haves and the haves-less – possibly leading to an apartheid policy style.

Housing and the cost of living are the next steps to tackle. Singled out, I wonder why NJ Gov. Chris Christie, a potential presidential GOP primary contender, is going to bring on the table on the issue.

Now, Burundi is opposing a third term for the sitting president. Africans are porous to automatic ideas. The problem with presidents – either in Africa or elsewhere – is not two mandates. This is not that much important. The issue is the regularity of the electoral process. Museveni, the Ugandese leader is a good president. He can stay there as long as the people are voting for him and as long as the election is not rigged. Kagame also and even Kenyatta. Those presidents are posing no threat for development and democracy in their country.

It is important for Africa to learn how the West and the East (Russia, China, Japan, India…) and even Arabic nations such as Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, have built up their nations. At the very beginning, there were Kings, Emperors, Tzars, Supreme Guides . Their longevity was key for the stability and for long-term projects.

African people should focus on transparent and clear elections not on the number of mandates which, in the case of an emerging Africa could strip great men – a rare species in Africa – for adventurers in politics. Earlier stages of the creation of nations requires visionaries and long-sitting leadership.

A third mandate, four or five, why not ? The election is there to select rightly and to eliminate, in case of fatigue or rejection  of the People.

Back to France to conclude this : four days ago, on Tuesday, I announced my desire to follow the Washington On line on Twitter. Coincidentally, from that day now, my TV has turned  blind. « No input » is the permanent message. This is the latest news on the oppressive invisible activities in France, when you disagree with the leadership. Gangsterism conducts are displayed at each level, localy and nationally. After all, a new law is legalising all forms of public services cutting and rationing on your communications, editing and telecommunications. Snooping is official and legalize just like sniffing.

The Mayor of the country side I’m still living it – I hope this to come to an end soon – was chosen – on my back – by Nicolas Sarkozy to represent his party in the county level. And guess who is in charge of the problem of TV turning blind for instance ? Nobody precisely. It starts with this and too many disturbances on a daily basis, and, in the end, they make life impossible for you to breathe. Sophisticated oppression poses maximum pressure on the people. Fear and stress have never given birth to freedom necessary to innovate and create.  And those are people lecturing Democracy to African people and dreaming for Growth.


There is a cost to harming people, harassing them using oppressive policies. THIS COST IS ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL IMPASSE. Everybody loses.


« Now is the time to come together and ensure that an economic recovery reaches all parts of the country »: David Cameron.

After his victory. (quote from CNN) – « British Prime Minister David Cameron met with Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace and announced he will form a majority Conservative government after his party’s election wins.

Cameron said at Downing Street that now is the time to come together and ensure that an economic recovery reaches all parts of the country. « We are on the brink of something special, » he said » .

— U.S. economy added 223,000 jobs in April, and unemployment ticked down to 5.4%, the government reports.


—  CNN. « The Justice Department plans to investigate the Baltimore Police Department, a law enforcement source says.

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake on Wednesday asked the department « to investigate if our police department has engaged in a pattern or practice of stops, searches or arrests that violate the Fourth Amendment. »

Her request came almost a week after six Baltimore police officers were charged after Freddie Gray died in police custody ».

— CNN. Attorneys for the Baltimore police officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray have filed a motion for the recusal or dismissal of State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s office from prosecuting the case. Six officers have been charged.

The lengthy motion cites a variety of concerns, including conflicts of interest and questions about the office’s independent investigation.

CNN. « On May the 7th, The Senate has passed a bill to give Congress the authority to review an emerging nuclear agreement with Iran, despite vocal opposition from some conservative Republicans that the bill is not strong enough. The vote was 98 to 1.
The measure will now go to the House, which is expected to take it up next week. President Barack Obama has said he would sign the bill as long as it didn’t change dramatically from when it was approved a few weeks ago by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on a rare unanimous vote ».


While in Washington, I was involved in a car crash as a passenger. We were taken to the Washington Hospital. I was suffering from a contusion on the neck, as the crash was violent. Three months later, Progressive insurance which I gave the authorisation to consult my file in the WH, after sending them a copy of the consultation, three months later, the company is still asking for ground to sustain a compensation claim.

In France or elsewhere, any injury or prescription of rest due to a car crash is case for compensation. You don’t even beg or argue indefinitly for that. Apparently, in America, you need to be disabled to be eligible for a compensation.

Interesting to notice that WH didn’t charge the care he provided me. He offered me the consultation for free. Many thanks. So far, Progressive Select Company Insurance have not been able to reimbursed even the small amount of medicines prescribed by the WH’s doctor.

There is a gap between Noble Institutions such as the Washington Hospital and the private scammers putting the lifes of people in danger. Next time, before entering in a car in America, I will ask the name of the insurance. At the end of the day, you don’t know whether the Company is doing politics, trying to control my project or doing their job. I came in America without even knowing their existence. Why are they so confident I need them to come back ?

During this first transatlantic traveling in America, I was fascinated by two antiquities : the Amtrak and the School buses. Both are telling the story of the beginning of the Industrial era with rail transportation and auto-designing. Watching the fume of the Amtrak rolling forward, I was amazed by the cough of the train expectoring its agony (at) each sliding of the wheels. The Amtrak is kind of a poem of the agony.  Agony is its engine and essence. This train is ageless. Even in that endless agonising Armtrak, I’m sure to be more protected and secured than in a car insured by Progressive select company insurance. Talk to me again about Progress. They are asking questions already answered previously in a detailed letter sent to them. And this is not the first time they are doing so to buy time.

Time is money.

At the WH, we spent 8 hours in observation. After that, the pain continues for days. The doctor told me I need a 10 days rest to go along with the pain. And the insurance is asking me questions just as if I was in a Court confronting a Judge. Should I swear on the Bible ?

During this travel, nothing was spared to me. From treasons to deceptions, I experienced all kinds of wickedness, but I survived them. At a certain point, I felt like being discouraged. Now, I know, it was just the acceleration of time. A blessing. Indeed.

Here is the latest gag of the Progressive Select Company  insurance. Mr, Deutcho is my « attorney » in Washington. A case of study for Law students and departments. Apparently, this is how they play the game  in America.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Sara Eichorn <>
Date: Thu, May 7, 2015 at 2:46 PM
Subject: RE: Progressive Claim # 15-2903184
To: Hermann Deutcho <>

Good Afternoon Mr. Deutcho,

 Thank you for getting back to me regarding Miss Mbock’s bodily injury claim.

 In order to properly evaluate this claim, I need some additional documentation/clarification on a few things.

 I have reviewed Miss Mbock’s letter documenting her professional situation, and  I understand that it is a very unique situation.  If you could please clarify the following questions with her that will help us in moving forward.

·         Does Miss Mbock have documentation indicating the loss of income/revenue she experienced as a result of this incident?  Is there a dollar amount that she would like us to consider for this claim?

·         Did the doctor/medical provider at George Washington Medical Center provide any note/instruction/disability slip about missing work?  I understand that Miss Mbock previously stated that they did not as it was  not necessary, but with 10 missed days of work noted in the letter we would just like to confirm the type of instruction that was suggested by the physician during her visit.

·         What type of physical activities does Miss Mbock’s research entail?  What is the reason behind the research having to start anew?   

 Thank you for your time and assistance.

 Sara Eichorn

Progressive Select  Insurance Company

Personal Claims Representative

Glen Burnie, MD


410-412- 9198 (fax)

Regular Hours: Monday- Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:45 p.m. 


I have kept the best for the end. Here it is. What is the real cost of British recovery ? Austerity ?

« There is a legend that says the land is a sleeping giant waiting to wake up.  There is a legend that says King Arthur lies sleeping under a hill not many miles from my home and that, when the country has need of him, he will rise again to defend it ».

Read the whole story here : Britain – No longer “Great” but Doomed to Another Five Years of Pain and “Austerity” and make up your mind.

In France, austerity has been waved as a red flag and as a justification for doing nothing.

Prince releases ‘Baltimore’ protest song – Singer-songwriter Prince records ode to Baltimore in the wake of Freddie Gray protests (CNN).

I particularly appreciate this strong sentence : « Peace is more than the absence of war ».

Said differently : Insecurity is War.  What is war ? War is a state of permanent insecurity.

— Racism is War.

—  Discriminations are War.

– — Organised groups to terrorize the population or to monopolize either the economy, politics or anything else is War.  

— Illegal snooping and aggressive State violations of civil rights and laws such as the one France has just opt for to steal on the innovators is War. Are we back to Inquisition ?

According to Global Research, Britain is running a similar program, the « snooper’s charter », otherwise known as the Draft Communications Data Bill, which Binoy Kampmark describes as « the usual spawn of a misguided security establishment. »

Surveillance Britain: Toryland and Police Prying

– Net insecurity is a Declaration of War

– Guns savage spreading is War.

– … Predatory conducts such as sexual slavery or human trafficking are Wars.

Those are Wars of Civilisation.

Frankly, Prince has  superbly unfolded my thinking. First, concerning « co-productivity » – see the previous post –  and second about « non-automaticity » and false equivalences. I’m delighted. Call it the Promethee effect.

« Peace is more than the absence of war ». The more I think about this sentence, the more I’m telling to myself « Prince is killing me ». Softly. « Yu boy I luv you so, never never let you go, once I get my hands on you » (Shaggy) – I hope Prince loves Shaggy.

Inculture and wickedness are the illnesses of the century.

By contrast, today, I read in « Yahoo » that « plastic surgery is vandalism » (a quote from an actress). Vandalism defines public properties destructions or damages. It does not concern privacy or personal belongings. If you want to criticize plastic surgery – I don’t even understand why – you’re going to interfere into private property businesses : the domain of freedom.

Education, Education. I like those yellow /orange Cuban-style school buses. Those are colors of the Sunshine till the sunset. Timeless.

Now is the time for me to tell a word on my writing. First of all, I’ve to be moved by something. In a sense, the subject speaks to me first. This is the starting point.  What is unknown to me, at the moment I start writing, is where I’m going to end it. Take this text you have just finishing reading, for instance: it started with PM David Cameron bold victory and is ending with Prince and Education in America.

The first moment, I’m focused on the dynamic of the ideas. Ideas are like waves. As you catch them, so you build the story.

The second moment, I look at the right spelling.

And there is a third moment when I’m no longer in command. The text starts existing by itself and obliges me to come back again and again to add more precision or ideas. Some texts can be really exhausting, calling you back a lot of times to please them.

Naturally, every step of the way, your voices are at the background of the stage.

So, I’m asking for your indulgence.


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