Democracy falsifiers, distorters and counterfeiters : The Lying machine is over.


1 – Nigerian military, presidency claim to have reached deal with Boko Haram on truce and release of kidnapped girls – AFP via CNN. Log on to CNN for the latest news. 

At last. This is fantastic news.

Behind the liberation of Chinese hostages, Beijing and Cameroonian regimes’ propaganda.

Exerpt Oct. 13th. Marvelous for the naives. Where are the girls ? How to explain that Cameroonian government can fight and bring down Boko Haram while Nigerian Gov looks so helpless and captive of the militant’s group ?

Who can believe that having killed one hundred of Boko Haram’s fighters, they will just access the Cameroonian demand of freeing the Chinese hostages ?

What a coincidence, at the very moment Cameroon is under fire for resuming slavery methods exiling Cameroonians, along with the permanent trend of its president in changing the Constitution to keep power for life.

Excerpt from Ebola, an African Allegory.

2 – Ebola. Ron Klain, a former chief of staff to two Democratic vice presidents, named today as the country’s Ebola czar, by President Obama. Get the facts on Ebola’s fight here.

Characterizing the medias as a sect or a new gang – the mainstream essentially – I am sure not to be wrong particularly when the peoples’ perceptions match my view and confirm it. Just as if I had to spell it out before getting a perpicacious feedback, Global Research following article is laying down the map for us to track the sectarian mainstream medias analysis and default on principles.
Elsewhere, I talked about « democracy falsifiers, distorters and counterfeiters », this GR issuance is also a clear picture of that. Now it is never too late to change the course and to get back to the Truth. The media’s reporting of Ukraine crisis has not only worsen the situation inside Ukraine, by taking the wrong side, but has ended in growing the risk of recession for the eurozone already in a dire economic situation. Those sanctions against Russia and the retaliation they provoked afterwards are an economical folly. A suicide. A self-flagellation.


Press propaganda has always brought malediction on the people.

One thing is to be placed in a subaltern position impeaching you to tell the truth ; one thing is to consider yourself the Hitlerian way – meaning the superior race exercising its rights beyond any law, either natural, national or international ; another thing is to impose it perversively as the new normal, whatever the charge of evil it bears as a destructive force.

Some will criticize the hyperbolic tone. They may, it is their right. I will advice them to listen and look Hitchcock’s movies. Others could even dismiss the stance as « wretched excess ». They may, it is their freedom. What is for sure is, when it comes to public debate, relativism is not an argument and much of the times, facts speak for themselves. Ukraine crisis is a polarising moment. It could well be the tipping point.

Pistorius case.

Before you read the GR text, a word over Pistorius case. As a cold killer, the Prosecutor is right demanding 10 years in jail as a minimum. Each crime should be met with a jail sentence. This is the interpretation of the law at maxima. Pistorius Defender has pledged « jail is unsuitable to disability » and, for that reason, prison is not a solution. Both of them are right. But, in the end, the Judge has to cut the apple in the middle.

Is disability a mitigating circumstance, sort of permit to kill without being jailed ? Certainly not and there is a risk « zero jail » could send  a wrong message of impunity for disabled murderers, who could exploit the breach unexpectedly. On the other hand, for people asking full justice, and only that, in Pistorius case, a jail sentence equates to « Death sentence » ; unless Pistorius is placed in a special cell, to brush away the damaging image of Pistorius returning in « his luxurious home », as the Prosecutor hammered out.

If only, we knew the matter of the dispute…was it infidelity ? There is a great chance it were. Admitting it was the case, then mitigating circumstances can help to understand the anger of a disabled man, facing infidelity of an ingrate top model who earned most fame through Pistorius presence by her side. Yes, infidelity is not a reason to kill. Having said that, when disability is implied in such a scenario and a dispute, it may be comprehensible the disabled man got lost for a while. 

In a sense, not only Pistorius may well be a victim either of fame or the part of infamy or cynism of our society and our times, times are assassins for, some of our society’s values act as a killing surrepticious machine.


Concerning Hong Kong, this umbrella revolution may well signal the bourgeonning of a Chinese Spring. Time will tell.


President Barack Obama is expected to name Ron Klain, a former chief of staff to two Democratic vice presidents, as the country’s Ebola czar, knowledgeable sources told CNN’s Jake Tapper today.

Klain is a former chief of staff to Vice President Joe Biden and also to former Vice President Al Gore. Klain is currently president of Case Holdings and General Counsel of Revolution, an investment group. He has clerked for the U.S. Supreme Court and headed up Gore’s effort during the 2000 Florida recount.

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Ukraine Crisis: Pervasive Lying in U.S. & UK News Media- Add French to the list of the lying machine.

Global Research, October 15, 2014

The lying is intentional, and it is systematic; but it is so on only the most important news-topics, the ones that affect the nations aristocracy as a whole, rather than competing interests within it. On these issues, the lying is pervasive.
What, precisely, are the most important news-topics to Americas aristocracy? The questions that arent being asked in a given nations press are what show, in the clearest way, what the most important facts are, in order for an ordinary citizen to be able to understand the world without the oligarchs systematic distortions and colorations of it.

A case-in-point is the events in Ukraine during this year: v=QhrUX53hQOU

And (to penetrate even deeper into the same topic) what about this cover-up, too? (Especially since there’s also this, and this, that seem to be basic to it?) Russia got slapped with international sanctions for this one — for having supposedly caused the Malaysian airliner, MH-17, to be shot down on July 17th, flying over the Ukrainian civil-war zone — but, as you can see there, the entire presentation was a frame-up, and the real perpetrators were Obama and the Ukrainian Government, both of whom lied, and were allowed (by the Western ‘news’ media) to do it and to get away with having done it. (Similarly, Bushs stenographic press got away with spreading his lies about Saddams WMD.)

There’s no demand from Western ‘news’ media to get the evidence (such as the black-box data), much less to investigate it independently (as an authentically free press would be doing); and, when the Ukrainian and U.S. Governments refused to let it be released to the public, Western ‘news’ media simply remained silent about the cover-up, instead of making ceaseless headline news about the government’s lies, until the information becomes forced out, by pressure from the public.

These ‘news’ media, the entire Western press, don’t report certain things at all — they choose instead to participate in the Governments lies about those matters.

The public are clearly being manipulated, not just by the government, but by our free press, which are owned by, and financed largely by advertisements from, Americas aristocrats.

Here is a brilliant, and brilliantly researched and documented, 37-minute video on the history of how this control of the public’s perceptions of public events and of politics in our ‘democracy’ evolved, or came about. You can even see speaking there some of the people who developed it, and who carried it out for the oligarchs — the controlling aristocrats — and who thereby played key behind-the-scenes roles in shaping 20th-Century history. This video comes from the same genius, Aaron Hawkins, who researched and produced the best videos on the Ukrainian coup, and on the resulting Ukrainian civil war, and on the MH-17 shoot-down in Ukraine. Each one of these videos presents the visual and audio evidence, and places it into historical context so that it can be understood truthfully, and it coordinates that evidence with all of the written and other documentary evidence, so as to provide, in each one of these brief videos, authentic history, not myth, regarding its subject-matter. It penetrates through the lies, and gets to the truth about the matters that are being covered.

But, though these videos on the 2014 events in Ukraine were posted to the Internet quickly after the events that they are analyzing, and though each of the videos constitutes, even today, the most-credible reconstruction that’s available about how these historic events actually happened, all Western ‘news’ media ignore them; they ignore the historical evidence. In those videos, you can see and evaluate this evidence for yourself; and, to me, it’s damning against the Western press.

And furthermore, here, from (amazingly, a mainstream news source) the BBC in 1992, is a very long but stunning documentary about the history of “Operation Gladio,” the OSS-CIA operation that started in 1945 and that continues even today, to deceive and manipulate the publics in the U.S. and Europe. Again: the documentation here is of the highest quality; nobody can reasonably contest that what’s shown in this video, and the current applications of it continuing today, are real, are historical, not mythological at all. Moreover, a leading German journalist decided just recently to quit his thriving career and to go public with his having prostituted himself to America’s aristocracy in order to rise to the top in Germany’s major ‘news’ media; and this testimony sounds like a direct extension from what the BBC documentary on Operation Gladio was reporting. (He even explains there the type of non-official cover that is used to pay such outside or unofficial CIA agents. The CIA also operates a network of corporations to handle that.)

In a world that has no government, this is how international relations are handled: by subterfuge, deceit, and corruption. The publics just shed blood and pay taxes to fight and finance their wars, using weapons from their factories; and the news media fool them to do it willingly — or as willingly as possible.

All that has been discussed here is important history, and (except for that BBC documentary) has been hidden instead of reported by the respected news-media.

Another example of that is this, which concerns the 9/11 attacks. (This was on C-span, which is government-financed but not government-controlled, its unique; and the oligarchs consider it to be insignificant, because its audience is small and politically diverse, neither large nor politically partisan nor influential. Anyone who sees this video will recognize that the standard account of 9/11 is mostly lies.)

Sometimes, what a nation’s ‘news’ media don’t cover, is more informative about that nation’s real state-of-affairs, than is what they do cover.

Sometimes, the media actually are the message. They become the message, when they — and not the reality that they claim to be representing — produce or generate the message, which is the regime’s lie, which is then being pumped by all of the regime’s ‘news’ media: thats now effectively all ’news’ media.

The ultimate lie, in such a matter, is that there is no “regime” — that it doesn’t exist; that democracy is what exists.

Are we there, yet? Have we reached that ultimate lie — the lie about whether our country is a democracy?

Have we yet reached the point where the biggest cover-up of all is the one that all of the ‘news’ media participate in: hiding the fact that, even though the media collectively offer a ‘range’ of ‘news’ and ‘diverse opinions’, they’re all really mouthpieces for the very same group: for the oligarchy that own them, and that pay money to them by advertising in them?

Or, have we perhaps been there ever since the non-existent “Saddam’s WMD,” which supposedly “caused” us to invade Iraq in 2003 (producing thousands of U.S. deaths, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi deaths, millions of Iraqis displaced, and over $3 trillion in costs to the U.S. economy), or perhaps even ever since before that (maybe since 9/11, or even before that)?

Why do the public not boycott all ‘news’ media that charge for their ‘news’? These media constantly misrepresent reality. What they charge should be nothing, because deception is actually worth less than nothing.

Why does anyone subsidize any ‘news’ medium any longer by paying a subscription to it, if all of the mainstream, and almost all of the ‘alternative,’ ‘news’ media, are really just propaganda-media — the type of media that cover-up, instead of report about, the Governments lying (such as all that lying about Ukraine)?

If theres something like Obamas coup in Ukraine and subsequent ethnic-cleansing there, thats so central to the American regime as to be effectively banned from the Wests news media, then that must be especially worth the publics knowing about. When the Establishment — both its left and its right — is united in a lie, then that lie has to be extremely important to the individuals who collectively hold the real power in a democracy.

Is this actually a democracy? How can people intelligently vote, if theyre constantly being lied-to about the most-important things?

Where does this con against the public actually end — or is it endless?

Do you subscribe to The New York Times, or Washington Post, or Fox News Channel, or any other propaganda-vehicle? If so: why do you subsidize them?

Here are the authentic news-media that I have found (and though they’re not many, they are all free, and each one of them invites each reader to be skeptical and to check out and verify any factual allegation made, because they’re all online, and most of them issue news-reports that have links to their sources online, and so these news-reports are just a click or two away from being able to be verified or else disconfirmed, which means that the standard form of deceiving the readers of a printed news-medium, which is the inaccessibility of the sources, is not present here; the website cannot so easily deceive, and deceive repeatedly, without suffering a major loss of credibility):

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