Detroit initiative for American interests first and not the Israel-firsters agenda. UK academics call to Boycott Israel’s universities.

Ben Carson and the Israel-firsters’ DUALISM

Ben Carson is running over anti-muslim feelings and pro-jewish agenda. We already know the outcome of this : Hell in the middle-East.

‘(1) America First Not Israel’: Detroit billboard urges US to restrict influence of Jewish Lobby.

Excerpt. “The strategy behind this billboard’s statement, ‘America First, Not Israel’, is to drive a wedge between those who feel American interests are not served by fighting wars for Israel, and the Israel-firsters in this country who manipulate our leaders into the false premise that Israel is the ally of the United States,” Henry Herskovitz wrote on the organization’s website. (RT)

Previously, we mentioned this :

3 – Everything a Jew/sionist is the conventional world – but people of sense know it as well – is selling you is dual-face. In fact, he will always pretend to sell you a good thing while the real object on sale is hidden. For instance, to sell gay marriage, he will present it as civic rights progress.

Dualism is a mark of fabric clearly stamped, unless you are blind. It is not a process of intention, it is a fact. More, It is an identity. America has got to fix it. Welcome to the billboard and to Detroit Initiative. AMERICA FIRST NOT ISRAEL. A 100% OK. I SIGN IT.

Comment. Jewry is in the US a state in the state. They have bought the Senate and the Congress as well as the President and the Army. The Press, TV, are their own and have to follow without discussion. I feel sorry for the Americans, they are just nothing, and working for them as B. Franklin said over 200 hundred years ago or a couple of years more.

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« America is Israel’s Bytch and they love being so

Occupation 101 on you tube ..!!! »


>> Big Brother Is Watching You In The Suburbs (Eurasianews)


>> Apple, General Electrics, Microsoft, tax haveners in chief. Go to Yahoo. More of the same Israel-firsters dual agenda

Microsoft is a perfect example of dual face and tongue : philanthropy to cover tax havens hijackings ( (108,3 milliards).  Wait for the report by today from Citizens for Tax Justice. Revelations.

So are New technologic systematic cheating and spying advices.

What about the caritative organisation CNN reported went to North Korea for a hidden spying mission.

In le Figaro, you can also read about Delaware, the fiscal-paradise-State-like. Delaware, the Senatorial place of vice-president J. Biden.

Signs of the beginning of the end of an era crippled with a piracy culture are coming out like a blizzard. So far, some pirats are smiling yellow. A confirmation of the end of muddy times.

The World is turning a page for a New One. The question is can this page be written by people belonging to the past awful merciless order of piracy ? I doubt so. New leading approaches require different writers and actors. It is as simple as that, J. Biden would have said.


JK Rowling leads resistance to cultural boycott of Israel- ‘343 British academics vow to boycott Israeli universities. (RT) – Welcome a 100%.



The real face of World leaders and the dismissal of intellectual and cultural institutions.



After pilots here is a Saudi prince arrested on private plane with 2 tons of drugs – reports (RT)

Tel-Aviv EU Parliament rejects amendments protecting net neutrality. Are you surprised inside the Goldman Sachs Bilderbergien euro currency harshly imposed on the EU citizens to legally suck their money whose face value has been divided by 6. In other words, French people for example have been 6 times duped and impoverished. Good satanic gamble from the snakes profiteering.

To survive, that sucking witchery EUzone has no choice but to suck up more and more sweat and blood and fake money around to keep on bailing out their wizardly surrealistic economic.

They are trying to fight back to keep alive. Too late. Contrary to PM and the likes of him in America – chief cynics –  laugh for me is the precursor of the sword. When I say I’m laughing and dancing at the curious and troublesome death of my sister, I’m telling another story. But the blood sucker are celebrating in face of another murder-like and making joke about it. There is a saying in French « rira bien qui rira le dernier ». Hillary laughed, chanted and dansed after murdering Gaddafi. Netanyahu is singing and laughing after my sister’s death. Plain facts, not process on intentions.

 So let’s keep dancing and smiling. It is a sign of life.

As soon as I quote this, the UN granted us a big smile by voting to end the US blockade of Cuba that have crippled Cuban economy for 50 years now.

UN says US blockade of Cuba needs to end with overwhelming vote with only the US and Israel opposing the move (RT).

Some Kings are getting nake.


Putting the pitbull in leave is not enough. This problem needs no investigation or administrative machine. It is a human problem. No way, whatever insult the teen could have thrown to him such as Jewish, Pig, or son of a bitch, I don’t know, he is not entitled to throw her like this.

This man should no longer come back in any school.

If he does, then demonstrate in front of that school.

He must be fired from the police for extreme dangerosity and ferocity.

His act is one of bigotery and exteme hate towards black people.

So, America, know that people like this Ben have been covered up for such a long time they know no limit or respect. They are merciless and heartless, all muscles full of race obscenity.

Just look at the gesture, you need no word to see his inner intention. Kind of go back to Africa, you parasites. Latinos are the real owner of the land, does this Ben Jewish homeless coming from the wind knows that ? Before he was in America, black men and latinos were there.

Brothers and sisters, this is the kind of brutal jewish men, going unpunished for a long long time, voting for the other Ben Carson. So, I’m calling Black Lives Matter and Black people as a whole, latinos and muslims, Truly Americans putting America first into their mind, not to cast their ballots for Carson, the Ben’s clan and the likes of him, stooges of Jewish failing hidden Empire of dust.

The Benghazi hearing has well stated the role of a hidden Blumenthal conspiracy to destroy Lybia, for the Jewry. Frankly, truly Americans must not vote for a Jewish president. It will be the end of America. When you see what they have done to the beautiful America looking now as ugly as never imaginable, due to the failed transplantation, isn’t it Dr Carson ? America needs a Truly and sincere American at the WH. Not another Israeli’s proxy.


By the way, cops have nothing to do inside a classroom. The teacher is responsible of his class. If necessary, a deputy for life at school is at reach or a mediator to deal with this.

In so saying, a teacher who fails to calm a student and finds expulsion from the class as the only option is a problem for his students. He or She also must be investigated.

Bottom line : sue the Bull in court.

When you think that those people are ready to hold global growth back with the Cuba embargo, you can start having an idea of the extent of damages they are ready to do to the entire World.  Remember 2008 financial crisis.

In Chicago speech, Obama to call for tougher gun laws.

« Tomorrow night, Republicans are set to debate for a third time — this one on CNBC, and we expect it to focus on the economy. So we want to take a different approach:

Ask the moderators of tomorrow night’s Republican debate on CNBC to ask a question about the candidates’ plans to address the $229 billion annual estimated cost of gun violence in our country.

Everyone knows gun violence has reached epidemic levels in this country. Easy access to guns by criminals and the dangerously mentally ill has led to over 400,000 firearms deaths in the United States since 2001. But very little attention is paid to the economic cost of this problem: a price tag that is almost as high as the cost of smoking in the United States.

Tomorrow night is a chance to shed some light on this part of the problem ».

Hayley Zachary
Executive Director
Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC