Don’t let a Big Oil crony take over the Department of Energy. Jews with and against Trump. An inevitable brand. In the name of National Unity and Healing. Just an Illusion?

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Dear Elise,

Don’t let Rick Perry turn the Department of Energy into the Department of Oil. Give $15 to Friends of the Earth and your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar!

Donald Trump nominated Rick Perry to head the Energy Department. 

This is an emergency. Perry is a climate denier and Big Oil crony who once vowed to abolish the very agency he’s been tapped to lead. 

Perry only cares about helping out his Big Polluter friends. If confirmed, he’d have the power to gut wind and solar programs and massively expand fossil fuel production. He’d turn the Department of Energy into the Department of Oil.

Help block Rick Perry from leading the Energy Department: Give $15 to Friends of the Earth. Your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar!

Rick Perry was governor of Texas until 2015. He used that position to champion fossil fuel production.

He wrote that climate science is a “contrived phony mess” and accused climate scientists of manipulating data to get money.

He has fought the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions because of the “devastating implications” for the energy industry.

And he opposes truly clean energy like wind and solar.

It’s no secret why Perry has been so hostile to the Energy Department. After all, he’s received more than $13 million from Big Polluters.

As head of the Energy Department, Perry would have a lot of power to roll back our progress. He has lots of friends in the fossil fuel industry. They stand to make big money off of polluting our planet. And Perry wants to make it easy for them — no matter what the cost to people or the environment.

But at Friends of the Earth, we have a plan to fight back.

Perry has to be confirmed by the Senate. We can push key Senators to stand up and stop this nomination. But we need your help.

Don’t let Trump give control of the Energy Department to one of Big Oil’s cronies! Give $15 to Friends of the Earth today!

Trump’s choices to run the government show how far he’ll go to keep Big Oil happy. It’s not just Rick Perry. He selected Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson to head the State Department. Scott Pruitt, his pick for EPA Administrator, is suing the EPA to roll back its environmental rules. And his top environmental advisor is climate denier Myron Ebell.

At Friends of the Earth, we’re working to expose and defeat Trump’s terrible appointees. So we’ll shine a light on their shady corporate pasts and push Congress to reject them. And if they make it through Congress, we will expose and watchdog their every move.

Friends of the Earth was made for this fight. By making a donation today, you’ll help build the strong movement we need to stand up for people and the planet every time they’re under threat.

Help expose and defeat Trump’s terrible appointees like Perry! Give $15 to Friends of the Earth and your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar — up to $350,000.

Erich Pica,
Friends of the Earth